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Full text of "Descendants of Robert Lockwood : colonial and Revolutionary history of the Lockwood family in America, from A.D. 1630"

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3 1833 01750 9172 GENEALOGY 







KRO]\4: A. D. 1630. 





Entered accordiug to Act of Congress, in the year 1888, by 

E. DuxBAB LocKWOOD and F. A. Holden, 
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 





1. M:ip of Watertown, Mass., showing where Eobert Lockwood resided 
1634-36, Frontispiece 

2. Lockwood coat of arms, xxii 

3. Map of Norwalk, Conn., showing where Ephraim Lockwood re- 
sided in 1664, 1-1 

4. Tombstone of Gershom Lockwood and the Ann Millington chest, 
sent from England in 1660, 16 

5. Fac-simile of di.stribution of estate of Still John Lockwood in hand- 
writing of Abraham Davenport, 175S, 26 

6. Hannah Betts's tombstone, 1751 55 

7. Fac-simile of gun roll of Capt. "Waterbury's Co. in 1758 (two pages), 74 

8. Photograph of house at Wethersfield, Conn., presented Rev. James 
Lockwood in 1767, ..... . . ... 99 

■■ ^ 9. Photograph of tombstone of Rev. James Lockwood at Wethersfield, 

\ Conn., 104 

; 10. Thirty -two pages of fac-simile of original subscriptions made to build 

a house for Rev. James Lockwood in 1767 100 

11. Fac-simile of title-page of a sermon delivered by the Rev. Samuel 
Lockwood, D.D., in 1772, now in the Pennsylvania Historical So- 

; ciety's Library, 103 

■i 12. Fac-simile of Admiral Whipple's letter alluding to David Lockwood 

of the ship " Bi-icole," Charleston, S. C, harbor, 1780, . . . 133 
>^ ' 13. Photograph of tombstone of Major Ebenezer Lockwood, of the Com- 
j mittee of Safety of N. Y., during the Revolution, . . . . 152 

14. Facsimile of commission of Kathan Lockwood, 1782, . . . 174 

15. Tombstone of Andrew Lockwood, 1S2 

16. Fac-simile of a Continental note issued by the State of Delaware 

in 1777 and signed by R. Lockwood, 196 

17. Fac-simile of muster roll of Capt. Waterbury's company in 1758, 

showing twelve Lockwoods in his company, including a lieutenant, 
sergeant, and corporal, and two husbands of Lockwoods, viz., one 
lieutenant and one private, 204 

18. Portrait of Assistant Commissary of Issues, Capt. Eliphalet Lockwood, 209 

19. Fac-simile of bond for §5000 given by Capt. Eliphalet Lockwood to 

the President of the Continental Congre.'5s in 1778, . . . .210 

20. Fac-simile of letter of Brigade Major James Lockwood, Chief of 

Stafif to Major-General Wooster, dated Quebec, 1775, . . .238 

21. Fac-simile of letter signed by Gen. D. Wooster, Quebec, 1775, but 

written by Major James Lockwood, of his staff, .... 240 



22. Fac-siniile of an extra issued by W. & T. Bradford, in Philadelphia, 

April, 1775,givingin full the letter of James Lockwood, detailing the 
particulars of the battle of Lexington, which letter was countersigned 
by Committees of Safety in every city and town from Connecticut 
to South Carolina. (From original in Pennsylvania Historical 
Society.), 228 

23. Portrait of Horatio Lockwood 298 

24. Residence of Epenetus Webb Lockwood in 1832, . . . .307 

25. Portraits of Mrs. Elizabeth Webb Lockwood, Epenetus Webb Lock- 

wood, and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Lockwood, 308 

26. Portrait of Col. Buckingham Lockwood, 3-52 

27. Portrait of Mrs. Polly G. Lockwood, 352 

28. Portrait of Mrs. Betsey Mather Lockwood, granddaughter of Rev. 

Mo^es Mather, D.D., who was dragged from his pulpit in 1781 by 

British troops, 362 

29. Portrait of Attorney-General and Justice Samuel Drake Lockwood, . 410 

30. Portrait of John Lockwood, 426 

31. Residence of William E Lockwood, Glen Loch, Pa 433 

32. Portrait of James Lockwood, living (1888) aged 95 years, . . 449 

33. Portrait of Richard Lockwood, of Delaware, ..... 452 

34. Portrait of W. B. E. Lockwood, . . .- . . . .476 

35. Portrait of F. St. John Lockwood, 478 

36. Portrait of Deacon James Lockwood, 510 

37. Portrait of Amos D. Lockwood, 526 

38. Portrait of Judge David B. Lockwood, 556 

39. Portrait of Brigadier-General H. H. Lockwood 564 

40. Portrait of Major General John M. Corse, Division Commander, on 

Gen. Sherman's " March to the Sea," 574 

41. Portrait of Lieut. James Booth Lockwood, Arctic explorer, of 

Greeley's expedition, who discovered Lockwood Island, the 

farthest point north yet reached by man, 624 

42. Lieut. J. B. Lockwood and natives in the Arctic regions, . . . 624 

43. Lieut. J. B. Lockwood taking observations at Lockwood Island, . 624 

44. Portrait of Commodore Samuel Lockwood, ..... 688 

45. The naval battle at Fort Macon, commanded by Commodore Samuel 

Lockwood, 688-689 


The name of Lockwood is of very ancient origin. Lockwood 
is mentioned in Domesdaj Book, which dates it back over eight 
hundred years. 

A place of the name in Staffordshire, Enghind, is celebrated 
for the medical quality of the water of its springs. 

There was also a town of Lockwood in Yorkshire, England. 
In the reign of Edward III. one John Lockwood was attached 
to the royal party, fought at Naseby, and was there wounded, 

In 1392 the name of John Lockwood is mentioned. In 1470 
the Lockwood estates passed to the Ilenshaws by marriage. la 
1530 Dews Hall, County Essex, and Gayton, County North- 
ampton, Rev. Richard Lockwood, Rector of Dingley, in said 
Northamptonshire, had a Coat of Arms granted to him : " Argent, 
a fe.sse between three martlets sable." The martlets indicate that 
he was the fourth son. 

The writer was told more than twenty-five years ago, by that 
greatest of all American antiquarians and genealogists, the late 
Samuel G. Drake, Esq., of Boston, Massachusetts, that "Anti- 
quarian labors are labors of love." 

In December, 1858, the Hon. Edward Everett stated in an 
address: " I have never known a person self-reliance was 
of so austere a cast that he did not take pleasure, when it was in 
his power to do so, in tracing his descent from an honored line." 

The undersigned has, for forty years, taken a great interest in 
genealogical researches, and has prepared family records fur sev- 
eral New England families. 

In 1877 he turned his attention to the name of Lockwood. In 
1881 the "Lockwood Historical and Genealogical Society" was 
formed at the Astor House, in the city of New York, with Mr. 

Amos. D. Lockwood, of Providence, Rhode Island, as its Presi- 
dent. That excellent gentleman was very much interested in 
the object of the work of the society, but, unfortunately for it, 
died before its work was completed. 

Circulars were sent, with direct questions to be answered ; and 
they were very generally promptly replied to. A large corre- 
spondence ensued. Letters came to me, with the circulars filled 
up, from almost all the States in the American Union, and finally 
letters and records came to hand from England, Scotland, and 
even Germany. 

Such an amount of information was collected that it surprised 
the subscriber and many of his friends. 

In January, 1888, Messrs. John W. Lockwood and E. Dun- 
bar Lockwood contracted with me for the Lockwood papers, 
and arranged with the subscriber to complete the records. Both 
these gentlemen reside in the city of Philadelphia, and it is to 
them that the descendants of Robert Lockwood are indebted for 
a work that will compare favorably with its kind among the 
over six hundred family records already printed in the United 

It is impossible for me, after twelve years of labor on the 
Lockwood family history, to make personal mention of the par- 
ties to whom I have been greatly indebted for assistance; all have 
done nobly. They have cheerfully, promptly, and warmly replied 
to my interrogatories, and have offered to render any further 
assistance in their power. 

To my friends, bearing the honored name of Lockwood, I 
respectfully return ray heartfelt thanks for aid in this work. 

Fjrederic a. Holden, 

Cor'g Member of the New England Hist, and Gen. Soc. ; 

The Rhode Ishind, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Wisconsin 

Hist. Socs.; and New York Biog. and Gen. Soc. 

Also, the Pilgrim Society, at Plymouth ; 

and Author of several Genealogies. 


February 5th, 18S9. 


Ix 1878 Mr. F. A. Holden commenced to compile tlie " Lock- 
wood Genealogy," and called upon the writer for information ; 
but he had little to give, except that contained in the Family 
Bible, as his life had been a busy one, spent at a distance from 
most of his relations, and he had never met ten persons named 
" Lockwood." 

Some months later, researches were made in the Pennsylvania 
Historical Society by the undersigned, with the result of discov- 
ering that the early Colonial and Revolutionary histories and 
manuscripts were full of the good work done by descendants of 
Robert Lockwood. An examination of this Family History will 
show how honorable that work was. 

Meeting with success, the researches have been constantly con- 
tinued, each new discovery increasing the desire to secure further 

In 1881, the Lockwood Historical and Genealogical Society 
was formed, which collected a number of family records, but 
after a few months the enthusiasm of its members abated, the 
funds gave out, and the work was stopped. Thus the matter 
remained until January, 1888, when the writer and Mr. John W. 
Ivockwood, of Philadelphia, purchased from Mr. Holden all his 
papers, and arranged with him to complete the work for publica- 
tiou, while the undersigned renewed his search in the various his- 
torical and biograpliical societies for additional information, and 
much of the early Colonial and Revolutionary history of the 
family has been obtained as the result of a careful reading of 
a large number of works relating to the early history of the 
Colonies, etc., and the examination of valuable papers iu the 
Pennsylvania Historical Society, and elsewhere. 

Interesting historical facts, occupying but a few lines in this 
work, have been brought to light by many hours of careful read- 
ing of ancient works either not indexed at all or only parti^dly so. 


Such, in a few words, is the history of this work. It is 
the first effort of the writer in this particular line, and would 
have been a failure but for the thorough and conscientious work 
of Mr. Holden, who has a well-earned reputation as a genealogist, 
and to whom the family are greatly indebted for his untiring in 
dustry. It is also due to Mr. John W. Lockwood to say that, 
while unable to give his personal attention to the work, the family 
is under great obligation to him for his very generous contribu- 
tion towards the expenses of the publication. 

The writer realizes that errors must have crept into this work. 
The information having come from numerous sources, and so 
many discrepancies having been found between the dates given 
in family Bibles, on tombstones, church and court records, it has 
been difficult at times to determine which is correct. 

It was not believed that this volume would exceed five hun- 
dred pages, but so much valuable information has been discovered 
lately that it has grown beyond our wishes or expectations. It 
was the intention to give a list of the descendants of Kobert 
Lockwood who served as soldiers in the late war, but this 
Genealogy having assumed such vast proportions, and the time, 
labor, and expense required to examine the hundreds of volumes 
published on the war, have forced us to leave that work to some 
future compiler. 

While we are indebted to many persons who have aided in this 
work, we are especially under obligation to Messrs. F. D. Stone 
and John W. Jordan, of the Pennsylvania Historical Society; 
to Wm. H. Lockwood, Esq., of Hartford, for generous contribu- 
tions of plates of various kiuds ; Jeremiah Colburn, Esq., and 
the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, of Boston ; the 
Executors of Rev. Edwin Hall, deceased ; Prof. H. P. Johnston, 
of New York, editor of " Connecticut in the Revolution ;" Jus- 
tin Wiusor, Esq., of Harvard College; Messrs. D. Appleton & 
Co. ; Admiral D. D. Porter; the Sherman Publishing Company, 
and Prof. John Bach McMaster, for favors shown or information 


^ E. D. L. 

Philadelphia, 251 South Third Street, 
February 11th, 1889. 



[by KEFERRING to the pages given, the VOLOiIES WHERE THEIR 




James Lockwood, 1751, 74 


Amos Lockwood, 1749, 121 

David Lockwood, 17-52 63 

Gilbert Lockwood, 175S, 74 

Reuben Lockwood, 1758, 72 

Samuel Lockwood, 1758, .......... 75 

Timothy Lockwood, 1761, 204 


Jonathan Lockwood, 1672, 7 

Gershom Lockwood, 1692, ......... 15 

James Lockwood, 1731, .......... 47 

Daniel Lockwood, 1750, 63 

Timothy Lockwood, 1758, 75 


Robert Lockwood, 1657, 1 

Joseph Lockwood, 1685, 12 

Abraham Lockwood, 1758, 205 


James Lockwood, 1762, 247 

Michael Lockwood, 1773, 193 

Jonathan Lockwood, ') 
Robert Lockwood, i 
James Lockwood, | 

James Lockwood, j- 1753, 75 

Moses Lockwood, i 
Moses Lockwood, 2d, | 
Jeremiah Lockwood, J 





Joshua Lock wood 139 


John Mead, a son of Elizabeth Lockwood 190 


1st Major Ebenezer Lockwood, 149 

Brigade-Major James Lockwood, 227 

Assistant Deputy Quartermaster-Geneeal. 

Capt. Lambert Lockwood, 212 

AssisT.iNT C0MMIS.SARY OF Issues. 

Capt. Eliphalet Lockwood, 209 


Rev. William Lockwood, . 246 


John Lockwood, 246 


Samuel Lockwood 122-124 

Gilbert Lockwood, 74 

Joseph Lockwood, Jr., 148 

Gilbert Lockwood, 2d, 1.34 

Epliraim Lockwood, 139 

Keuben Lockwood 171 

Nathan Lockwood, 173 

Isaac Lockwood, . 203 

Timothy Lockwood, . . ' 204 

Ephraira Lockwood, Jr., 216 

Abraham Lockwood, 260 

David Lockwood (navy), 133 

Timothy Lockwood, 2.53 

Joseph Lockwood, 643 


James Lockwood, Jr., 179 

Samuel Lockwood, 217 

Adam Lockwood, Jr. 261 

Joseph Lockwood, . 149 


Jesse Lockwood, 185 

Moses Lockwood, 243 


James Lockwood, 
Jacob Lockwood, 
Eliphalet Lockwood, 
Jared Lockwood, 
Abraham Lockwood, 

Gershom Lockwood, Jr.. 
Millington Lockwood, 





Ezekiel Lockwood, 
Nathan Lockwood, 


Moses Lockwood, 

Timothy Lockwood, 
Jacob Lockwood, 


Eeuben Lockwood, . 


David Lockwood, 
Jeremiah Lockwood, 
Isaac Lockwood, 
Millington Lockwood 
Josiah Lockwood, 
David Lockwood, 
John Lockwood, 
Eeuben Lockwood, 
Elnatlian Lockwood 
Jesse Lockwood, 
David Lockwood, 
Titus Lockwood, 
Ezra Lockwood, 
David Lockwood, 
Stephen Lockwood, 
Samuel Lockwood, 
Job Lockwood, . 
Moses Lockwoo^ 
Joseph Lockwoou, 
Benajah Lockwood, 
John Lockwood, 
Drake Lockwood, 






Enos Lock wood, 
William Lockwood, 
David Lock wood, 
Ebenezer Lockwood, 
David Lockwood, 



Joshua Lockwood, ........... 323 

Isaac W. Lockwood, 341 

Timothy Lockwood, 385 

Charles Lockwood 386 

Joseph Lockwood, 
Joseph W. Lockwood, 
Moses Lockwood, 
Moses Lockwood, 
Moses Lockwood, 
Nathan Lockwood, 
Nathan Lockwood, 
Nathan Lockwood, 
Natlianiel Lockwood, 
Peter Lockwooil, 
Reuben Lockwood, 
Reuben Lockwood, 
Samuel Lockwood, 
Daniel Lockwood, 
Jacob Lockwood, 
Isaac Lockwood, 




Lambert Lockwood, , 646 

Gershora Lockwood, '] 
Joseph Lockwood, 
Joseph Lockwood, 
Hezekiah Lockwood, 
Daniel Lockwood, 
Reuben Lockwood, 
Joseph Lockwood, 
Ebenezer Lockwood, 
Stephen Lockwood, 
Abraham Lockwood, 
John Lockwood, 
Caleb Lockwood, 
Charles Lockwood, 
Philip Lockwood, 
Ephraim Lockwood, 
Samuel Lockwood, 
Nathaniel Lockwood, 
' .nies Lockwood, 
Moses Lockwood, 
Azariah Lockwood, 



Araos Lockwood, 
Benjamin Lockwood, 
Daniel Lockwood, 
Daniel Lockwood, 
Daniel Lockwood, 
Daniel Lockwood, 
David Lockwood, 
David Lockwood, 
David Lockwood, 
Ebenezer Lockwood, 
Ebenezer Lockwood, 
Ebenezer Lockwood, 
Ephraim Lockwood, 
Henry Lockwood, 
Hezekiah Lockwood, 
Isaac Lockwood, 
Jacob Lockwood, 
James Lockwood, 
Job Lockwood, 
John Lockwood, 
Ezra Lockwood, "] 

John Lockwood, I 

Titus Lockwood, ! 

Jacob Lockwood, I 

James Lockwood, 
Ephraim Lockwood, I 
Nathaniel Lockwood, J 
James Lockwood, 
Jehiel Lockwood, 
John Lockwood, 
Justice Lockwood, . 
Silas Lockwood, 
Samuel Lockwood, . 
Joseph Lockwood, . 
Benjamin B. Lockwood, 
Caleb Lockwood, 
John R. Lockwood, . 
Timothy Lockwood, 

John Lockwood ^ -r ■, a 

On Committee to look after the families of soldiers, Enos Lockwood, 






Charles Webb, son-in-law of Daniel Lockwood (was probably the colonel), 83 





Nathaniel "Webb, husband of Deborah Lockwood 83-84 

Henry Waring, husband of Hannah (Lockwood) Ferris, . . . 696 

Walter Hough, husband of Martha Lockwood, ..... 339 

Epenetu3 Webb, husband of Elizabeth Lockwood 119 

Committee to Supply Clothing. 
Thaddeus Hoyt, husband of Sarah Lockwood, 292 


Silas Hoyt, husband of Sarah Lockwood, 141 

Uriah Hoyt, husband of Elizabeth Lockwood, 208 

Alsop Hunt, husband of Betsey Lockwood, 294 



Served during Served during 

the colonial ttie Revolu- 

Rank. wars. tion. 

Brigadier-General, 1 

Commodore, ...... 1 

Lieutenant-Colonel, 1 

Majors 2 

Captains, 4 14 

Assistant Quartermaster-General, . . 1 

Assistant Commissary, ..... 1 

Chaplain 1 

Paymaster, 1 

Lieutenants, ....... 5 4 

Sergeants, 3 ' 

Corporals, 2 

Drummers, . 2 

Ensigns 1 2 

Privates, 9 106 

Teamster 1 

Gunner, 1 

23 147 

Add husbands of female Lockwoods, . • 9 





1654. Susan, wife of Robert Lockwo.>i, and her daughter, Deborah, tes- 
tify on the trial of goodwife Enapp for a witch, . . . 6-12 

1657. Lieut. Jonathan Lockwood and others sign a paper in the New 

Netherlands, promising allegiance to the Dutch Governor of 
Manatas, 9 

1658. Inventory of the estate of Eob'ert Lockwood, 2 

1674. Lie. It. Jcmithan Lockwood appointed by tlie General Court of 

Connecticut on the Commission to run the line between the Col- 
onies of Connecticut and New York 11 

1685. The General Court of Connecticut grants the "Fairfield Patent" 
to Joseph Lockwood and otbers, the proprietors of Fairfield, 

Conn., . . . . 14 

1643. Lieut. Gershom Lockwood, one of the 27 proprietors of Green- 
wich, Conn., marries Ann Millington, whose chest, sent her 

about 1660, is now in Connecticut, 16 

1758. Distribution of the estate of Still John Lockwood, ... 27 

1719. Copy of will of Eliphalet L'-)ckwood 45 

1731. Copy of will of Daniel Lockwood 41 

1733. Copy of wiil of Jabez Lockwood 65 

1739. Copy of will of Edmund Lockwood, 49 

1741. Copy of will of Daniel Lockwood,. ...... 41 

1748. Copy of will of Joseph Lockwood (estate, £12,052), ... .51 

1753. Copy of will of Eliphalet Lc>ckwood, . . . . . .117 

1761. Copy of will of Nathan Lockwood, 67 

1769. Copy of will of Sarah Lockwo<:^, 68 

1775. Copy of will of Peter Lockwood, 87 

Rev. Jajies Lockwood, A.M. 

1758. Eev. James Lockwood, of Wethersfield, Conn., tendered and de- 

clined the Presidency of the College of New Jersey to succeed 
Jonathan Edwards, ........ 95-98 

1766. Tendered and declined the Presidency of Yale College to succeed 

President Clap, 95-102 

1754. Delivered a sermon at the General Election, . . . 95-98 

1759. Delivered a sermon to the General Assembly of Connecticut, . 99 



1763. Delivered a sermon at General Election, and a Thanksgiving 

sermon, 95 

1767. Presented with a hoase by his congregation. — Fac-simile of the 

original subscription list, including a contribution of rum, . 99 

1774. Eev Samuel Lockwood, D.D., preached the annual sermon before 

the General Assembly of Connecticut, . . . . .107 

1790. Receives the degree of D.D. from Yale College, .... 107 

Major Ebekezer Lockwood, of tlie Committee of Safety and Pro- 
vincial Congress of New York. 

Sketch of his services during the Revolution, . . . 152, loG 

Oct., 1775. Cfjmraissioned First Major of the 2d Regiment of X. Y., 156, 103 
Nov., 1775. Elected delegate to Provincial Congress of N. Y., and the 
associate of Pierre van Cortlandt, E. R. Livingston, Mr. .Jay, 

and Mr. Morris, 157 

Dec, 1775. On committee to revise militia laws, 156 

April, 1770. On committee to erect saltpetre works, .... 156 

May, 177C. Elected to Provincial Congress for twelve months, . . 150 
September, 1776. Ordered by N. Y. Committee of Safety to confer with 
the Cfdonels commanding troops, with power to order regiments 
to repair to King's Bridge, etc., and to impress horses, . .157 
Sepjtember, 1776. Ordered to forward resolves of the Committee of 

Safety to the Colonels of regiments, 158 

October, 1766. On special committee of the Convention to purchase pork 

for the Continental Army, ....'... 159 
Oct'jber, 1776. Ordered to inquire into the state of the prisoners of war, 

and to issue paroles and settle with prisoners, . . . .160 
October, 1776. Ordered "to cause the public records to be conveyed to a 

place of safety," .161 

November, 1776. Ordered to inquire into the cause of the sick and desti- 
tute Connecticut troops, 162 

November, 1776. Reports to the Convention as to the landing of the 

enemy at Greenwich, Conn., and their being driven off, . . 162 
December, 1776. On committee to furnish ammunition to General Clin- 
ton, 163 

Administers the oath of allegiance to the inhabitants of West- 
chester Co., N. Y., 163 

1776. Ordered to concert a place of rendezvous for those willing to serve 
on a secret expedition, and to appoint a Commissary, and to wait 
upon Gen. Clinton on behalf of the Provincial Congress of 

N. Y. 161 

July, 1776. On committee with Mr. Jay " to call out the militia," etc., . 166 
April, 1777. Votes in the Provisional Convention of N. Y. for the first 

Constitution of that State 167 


1779. The British soldiers burn his house, maltreat his wife, and offer 40 

guineas for his head, 167-16S 

Capt. Xathan Lockwood thrashes a Torv 174 

1777. Lieut. James Lockwood was at Horse Neck with Geu. Putnam, 
and at the execution of Major Andre, and with Gen. Wooster 
when he was killed, 179 

1775. Bris;. General John Mead, a son of Elizabeth Lockwood, commands 
all the troops at Horse Neck, Conn., the border fighting ground 
of the Revolution for three years, 191 

August, 1776. Eichard Lockwood, a member of the Convention of Dela- 
ware held " to declare the future form of government for that 
State," . 197 

October, 1777. Also present at Council meeting called " to raise militia 

to defend the State," 197 

May, 1777. Signs the Continental notes issued by Delaware, . . . 19S 

July, 1778. Eliphalet Lockwood gives a bond to the President of the 
Continental Congress for §5000 as Assistant Commissary of 
Issues in the American Army, 210 

1751. Mrs. Hannah (Lockwood) Betts' tombstone may decide the owner- 
ship of a laj-ge estate, 55 

1758. Muster roll of Capt. Reuben Lockwood's company, ... 73 

1758. Muster roll of Colonel Waterbury's company containing the names 

of twelve Lockwoods 75 

1763. Chancellor and Chief Justice Kent, of New York, a grandson of 
Hannah Lockwood, with whom he lived when young, says " his 
grandparent's family were orderly, quiet, and religious." Tells 
of his marrying without a cent at twentv-one year*, while his 
wife was si.xteen, ......... 377-379 

1774. Eleiiur Lockwoo<l, a pioneer in the settlement of Ohio, whose 

house was entered by a bear, etc., ...... 331 

1775. Eliphalet Lockwood signs his approval of Mr. Goddard's plan for 

establishing a post-office in America 211 

1775. Robert Lockwood and others send a memorial to the Provincial 

Congress of N. Y. in opposition to the Tories, . . . 78 

1776. Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, and Isaac Lockwood sign resolution to 

resist the cruel acts of the British Parliament " at the expense 
of our lives and fortunes" "if our duty to our God and our 
country require," ......... 144 

1776. Lieut. Joseph Lockwood commands an expedition to Ticouderoga, 149 

Capt. Samuel Lockwood. 

1775. Acts under orders from Gen. Montgomery at Quebec, and ap- 
pointed Assistant Engineer, 123 

1775. Commended in an article in The New York Gazette for his firm- 
ness at Quebec, where " he was crowned with honor," . . 124 



1776. Gen. Benedict Arnold commends him in a letter to Gen. Washing- 
ton, 124 

1776. The Continental Congress orders payment to him for his services 

in Canada 125 

1776. Taken prisoner at Quebec where Gen. Montgomery was killed, and 

lieads an efl'ort to escape from prison 126-127 

1779. Commanded a privateer which captured a British brig in Long 

Island Sonnd 127 

1779. One of the commanders of nu expedition across Long Island 

Sound to Stony Brook, L. I., marching 52 miles with his men, 
and captured the British Justice, Jones, of the Supreme Court 
of New York while a ball wa3 in progress at his house, . . 128 

1780. Commanded his company when De Lancey's dragoons were 

captured, 130 

Brigade-Major Jajies Lockwood. 

April, 1775. Sends the letter (2d Express) by messenger carrying the 
news of the battle of Lexington, which arouseil the colonies, and 
which letter wa^ published in an e.xtra in Philadelphia, and en- 
dorsed by Committees of Safgty in 37 cities and towns from 
Connecticut to South Carolina. — Endorsements given in full, . 227 

May, 1775. Appointed military secretary to Major-General D. Wooster, 

with rank of Brigade-Major 227 

1776. Chief of Staff to Gen. Wooster at Montreal and Quebec, with 

copies of original military letters written by him, . . . 238 

1776. A member of the Council of War at Quebec, 238 

1776. Sarah Reynolds, daughter of Sarah Lockwood, defends her 

father's cattle, and tells the British soldiers who threaten to 
shoot her, to " Fire, then," 282 

1777. Enos Lockwood on a committee to see that "the families of those 

who enter the Continental Army shall be supplied with the neces- 
saries of life," 137 

1777. Lambert Lockwood captured by the British while conveying in- 
telligence of the burning of Danbury, Conn., to the American 
General, 213 

1777-78. Timothy Lockwood at Valley Forge, and afterwards a sailor 

on the ship "Trumbull" when prizes were taken, . . .138 

1779. Joshua Lockwood, one of the forty-four soldiers mas.sacred by 

tories and Indians under Col. Brandt, near Minnisink, and for 
whom a monument was erected at Goshen, Orange Co., N. Y., . 323 

1780. David Lockwood, of the ship "Bricole," under Admiral Abraham 

Whipple, of Rhode Island, at Charleston, S. C 133 

1782. Commodore Joshua Lockwood brings much needed food and other 
articles for the starving soldiers of Gen. Marion, out of South 
Carolina 139 


1782. Correspondence between Gen. Francis Marion and Commodore 

Lockwood, who cooperate in South Carolina, .... 141 

1783. Rev. William Lockwood, chaplain of the First Massachusetts 

Brigade and member of the Society of the Cincinnati, . 244 

Judge Samuel Drake Lockwood, Attorney General, Secretary of 
State, and Judge of the Supreme Court of Illinois. 

1818. Goes to the West on a flat-boat.— Walks 120 miles across the 

prairie. 1821. Elected Attorney-General of Illinois. 1823. 
Appointed Secretary of State.— Appointed Receiver of Public 
Moneys at the U. S. Land Office at Edwardsville, - • .410 
1824. Elected Judge of the Supreme Court.— 184S. Delegate to the Con- 
stitutional Convention.— 1851. Trustee of the Land Department 
of the Illinois Central R.R., 411 

1855. Helped to found the Republican party, 411 

1856. Revised the laws of Illinois, 412 

18.55. Helped to found Illinois College, the State Asylum for the Deaf 

and Dumb, Insane and Blind, 413 

1795. Henry Lockwood and his sister, Mrs. Daniel Gibbs, tells the story 

of their trip from Connecticut to Ohio in a wagon, and their 

privations in the wilderness, 363-370 

1802. Judge and Professor William Kent, Professor of Law in Harvard 

University, 377 

1819. Judge James H. Lockwood, one of the founders of Wisconsin, Ex- 

tracts from his account of the settlement of that State, publisiied 

in the Wisconsin State Historical Collections, .... 332 

1S34. Rev. Henry Lockwood, the first missionary sent by the Protestant 

Episcopal Church to China 448 

1S84. Rev. Mrs. Jessup (Miss T. D. Lockwood), missionary in Syria, . 481 

1811. Amos D. Lockwood, of Providence, R. L, one of the foremost 

men of that State, ^-'^ 

1861-1864. Brigadier-General Henry H. Lockwood commanded a bri- 
gade at the battle of Gettysburg, the Middle Department at 
Baltimore, and tiie provisional troops against Gen. Early dur- 
ing the Rebellion, ^^^ 

1861-1864. Major-General John Murray Corse (a grandson of Gertrude 
Lockwood), commanded a division during Gen. Sherman's 
march to the sea ; waa in many battles, and his bravery in 
" Holding the Fort" at AUatoona caused Gen. Sherman to make 
it the subject of a general order, ^'4 

1849. John William Lockwood heads an expedition to California in 1849 
and digs the first well in Sacramento ; also, plaintiff in the first 
lawsuit. — An interesting account of his adventures, . . . 606 

1862. Lieut. James Booth Lockwood, Arctic explorer and second in com- 
mand of the Greeley expedition, discovers Lockwood Island, the 
farthest point North, and dies in the Arctic regions, . . .624 




1630. Edmund Lockwood, foreman of a jury in 1630, came in Governor 

Winthrop's fleet, who describes him as yoodman Lockwood. — 

One of the first inhabitants of Newtown, Mass., and a member of 

the first representative assembly' of the Massachusetts colony, 632-637 

List of Lockwoods who were soldiers from New York during the Eevo- 

liition, 642 

List of Lockwoods who were soldiers from New Jersey during the Revo- 
lution, 644 

Partial list of Lockwoods who were sokliers from Connecticut during the 

Revolution, 645-647 

Capt. Richard Lockwood settles in Maine about 1663, .... 646 
List of volunteer ofBcers named Lockwood during the Rebellion, i861-G5, 651 
List of Lockwoods who served from Connecticut during the Rebellion, . 654 

List of Lockwoods in the Navy, 656 

Lockwoods in Vermont, 656-671 

Capt. Robert Lockwood is an Episcopal church vestryman in Maryland 

in 1694, 672 

Rufus A. Lockwood (J. A. Jessnp), his strange career in California, . 670 

Places named Lockwood 683 

Commodore Samuel Lockwood commands a steamer during the Mexican 
war, and is commended by his commanders. — Interesting incidents 
related by him. — Commands the naval forces at the capture of 

Fort Macon, N. C, 687 

Works referred to, etc., 705-703 

Three sermons preached by the Rev. James Lockwood before the Gen- 
eral Assembly of Connecticut and elsewhere, 1754, etc., . . 709 


No effort has been made by the compilers to obtain information 
in England as to the ancestors of Robert and Edmund Lockwood 
(who came to America in Gov. Winthrop's fleet), but an exam- 
ination of such English works as were accessible in this country, 
gives some information as to their origin, and such extracts are 
printed, so that those who feel an interest in their English descent 
may have a basis from which to trace their line. 

The Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, vol. i. p. 182, gives 
the pedigree of the Lockwoods for six generations, and it is also 
given in Part ii., p. 676, of the Visitations of Essex County, 

Further references to the name may be found in Surtee's Society^ 
vol. xxxvi., 107 ; Burke's Commoners, vol. iv., 81 ; Foster's Vis- 
itations of Yorkshire, 549; Wright's Essex, vol. ii., 400; and 
Morant's Essex, vol. i., 174. 

Charters Relating to Elslack, etc. 
[T. 106.] Johera Dantry, militem ordinasse Johem Henryson, 

Dantry, de Carleton in Craven, et Willm Helmesley, 

de Skiptou, conjunctim & divisim deliband Johi Lokwood, de 
Ridilsden, & Johi Larabe, de Skipton, plenam & pacificam sesi- 
uam in manerio meo de Carleton, & in omibz alijs terris & tene- 
ments meis in eadeni villa cu reversionibz omiu Erap & tenement 
in quibz Emma, que fuit ux Godefri Dantry, & KaEina, que fuit 
ux Johis Dantry, militis, teuuer ad Emium vite eoru cu omibz 
aliis reversionbz Eris & tenemet in Lothersden, dicto mauerio 
ptinentibz cu omibz suis ptia secundum vim & effectu cujusdam 


carte feofaraeti inde pfat Johi Lokwood & Johi Lambe p per 
me confecte. 

Dat Ebo., 26 Dec, 16 Ric. II., (1392). 

(Collectanea Topographica, vol. vi., pp. 309, 310, Congressional 
Library, Washington, D, C.) 


Charters Relating to Elslack, etc. 

[T. 106.] John Dantry, soldier, ordained (or confirmed) unto 

John Henryson, Dantry, of Carleton, in Craven, and 

William Helmesley, of Skipton, in conjunction with John Lok- 
wood, of Ridilsden, and John Lambe, of Skipton, full and peace- 
ful seizin in my manor of Carletou, and in all ray lands and 
tenements in the aforesaid place, and the reversionary interest in 
the tenements in which Emma, who was wife of Godfrey Dantry, 
and Katharine, who was wife of John Dantry, soldier, held during 
their lives, with all other reversions, lands and tenements apper- 
taining to the aforesaid manor of Lothorsden, with all their 
appurtenances, with all the force and effect of the charter of 
enfeoffment which John Lokwood and John Lambe conferred 
on me. 

Given at York, 26 Dec, 16 Richard II. (1392). 

(Collectanea Topographia, vol. vi., pp. 309, 310, Library of 
Congress, Washington, D. C.) 

Encyclopaedia of Heraldry, or General Armory, by John Burke, 
Esq., and John Barnhard Burke, Esq., London, 1851 : 

Arms of Lockwood. 

Dews Hall, Co. Essex, and Gayton, Co. Northampton. 

Derived from the Rev. Richard Lockwood, Rector of Dingley, 
Co. Northampton, in 1530. 

Arms : Argent a fesse between three martlets sable. 

Crest : On the stump of an oak tree erased proper a martlet 

Motto : Tutus in Undis ; means secure against the waves. 





Differences, or marks of cadency, are the distinctions used to 
indicate the various branches or cadets of one family. The fourth 
son, during the lifetime of his father bears a martlet. 

In "The Parish Registers of Kirkbinton, Co. York, England," 
vol. i., p. 269, references are given to persons named Loekwood, 
Lokewode, Lockewode, Loe\yod, Lockwod, Lowed, Lockood, 
Lockode, Lokwod; see index, p. 288. 

The names of the persons they married, also dates of baptisms, 
marriages and deaths are there given. The first recorded was a 
baptism in 1540, and the last a burial in January, 1653-4. 

In the Register of Christenings and Marriages, in the Parish 
of Clarkenwell, London, appears the marriage, in 1683, of 
Leonard Loekwood and Mary Rogers; and in 1603, Susan 
Loekwood ra. Henry Faxar, pp. 10 and 27. 

In tlie Register of St. Michael's Cornhill, London, p. 11, 
Elizabeth Loekwood m. Robert Clayton, February 7th, 1575. 

Gosfield, Hinckford Hundred, Essex, Morant's History of 
Essex, vol. ii., p. 382: 

" Sir Thomas Millington, Knight, M.D., President of the 
College of Physicians, etc. He dying January 5th, 1703-4, in 
the 74th year of his age, was buried in Wentworth's Chapel, in 
this Church ; leaving a son and heir — Thomas, and 2 daughters 
Anne and Mary. 

"The son was sheriff of this county in 1708, and elected in 1710 
one of the burgesses in Parliament for the Borough of Great Bed- 
wiu. He dyed July 17th, 1714, without issue, leaving by his will 
his estates to his two sisters just now mentioned." 

Here is a Millington, a Knight who was born about 1630. 

F. A. H. 

-.™ I 





.Ha s'^ >; 


c^i ^-= 

[5 => 

r: > 


00 OS'S 


5 5--3 W gS 


"j^ "r 

c > P 



"^ X ~ 

_ 3 ^ 


^ 1 













f >• 







^ = 

g r") 


















^'~' X ,• 

_i _■ 




^1 >. 

II --- 

_ =-■ §'5=' £ 







JCt_ _= 








oi s r- -^ 2 « ■ 
^1, 2 "" '^ I 

- ■- ^ „ .:; ^^ 




A. D. 1630. 


came from England about 1630 and settled in Watertown, Massa- 
chusetts, ivheresix of his ten children were born, and where their 
births are recorded. lie was made a freeman March 9th, 1636- 
37. (Mass. Rec, I., 372.) He was executor of the estate of Ed- 
mund Lockwood, supposed to be his brother; see Appendix. 
About 1646 he removed from Watertown, Mass., to Fairfield, 
Conn., where he died 1658. (Bolton's Hy. Westchester Co., K Y., 
p. 103.) He was made a freeman of Connecticut May 20th, 
1652. (TninibuH's Conn. Col. Rec, I., 231.) " This CourtGoun'r 
John Winthrop (of Conn.) presiding, doth confirme Mr. Gold to 
be Leiften't. ^'ehe. Olmstead and Robert Lockwood to be Ser- 
geants at Fairfield." (Conn. Col. Rec, I., 299.) He was ap- 
pointed Sergeant at Fairfield in May, 1657. (Rev. Bouton's 
Hist. Dis. in 1851, p. 59.) His name is recorded as a settler at 
Fairfield as early as 1641. (X. E. H. and G. Reg., 7, 157.) 

The names and date-s of the births of his first six children are 
printed in nearly all the early historical works of jSTew England. 
An inventory of his property was made Sept. 11th, 1658, by 
Anthony AVilson and John Banks. Ho left no Will. 

Aprile ye 30lh, 1646, he sold to Bryan Pendleton all the 
land granted to him by the town, also four acres of remote 
meadow, bought of Mr. Bridge, except one acre of patch meadow, 
sold Sept. 29th, 1645, to Edward Garfield. Soon after this he 
moved to Xorwalk, Connecticut. (Bond's Watertown.) 

In 1650 Robert Lockwood, of Fairfield, deeded to Rev. John 
Bishop the house and lot which he had purchased of Elias Bay- 
ley, Rev. Mr. Denton's attorney. (Hy. Stamford, p. 50.) 


Eleven Lockwoods had been graduates of Yale College in 
1834. (Savage.) 

IS'oTE : Edward Garfield, above mentioned, is said to have 
been the ancestor of James Abrani Garfield, President of the 
United States. His widow, Susannah, was appointed adminis- 
tratrix. The estate was administered upon by her October 20th, 
1658. The widow, Mrs. Susannah Lockwood, married JeflPrey 
Ferris, and died at " Grinwich," December 23d, 1660. (Hy. 
Stamford, Conn., p. 158.) 


1. Jonathan Lockwood, born Sept. 10th, 1634. 

2. Deeokah Lockwood, born Oct. 12th, 163G. 

3. Joseph Lockwood, born Aug. 6th, 163S. 

4. Daniel Lockwood, born March 21st, 1640. 

5. Ephraim Lockwood, born Dec. 1st, 1641. 

6. Gershom Lockwood, born Sept. 6th, 1643. 

7. John Lockwood. 

8. Abigail Lockwood, m. John Barlow, of Fairfield, Conn. 

9. Sarah Lockwood. 

10. Mary Lockwood, m. Jonathan Hiiested. 

Town Clerk's Office, Fairfield, Conn. 

April 5th, 1381. 

Page 42. Inventory of the estate of Robert Lockwood. Recorded. Probate 

Records, Vol. 1648 to 1656, pages 42, 43 and 44, taken Sejitember 
11th, 1658. 

£ s. d. 

In Waring Cloths, 03 10 00 

In A Bible 00 05 00 

In A piece of Stuff and Cloth, ... 01 07 00 

In Bedding to one Bed, 07 10 00 

In two other beds and bedding, ... 06 00 00 

In one bed more and bedding, ... 06 00 00 

In four pillow cases and Sum other linen, . 01 15 00 

In three table cloths, 01 03 00 

In Sheets, pops, cotton, wool, and other ness., 12 10 00 

In Wooden Ware 01 15 00 

In Brass and peuter 04 10 00 

In Chayres, Cushings, and table, ... 01 06 00 

In 3 painted dishes and looking glass, . . 00 10 00 

In pot hangers, frying pan, lounges, . . 01 00 00 

In 2 ferkins of butter with some pork, . . 03 10 00 

Page 43. " 


In . . 05 


In Working tools, 03 

In Cart, plow, Harrow and chaines, . . 06 00 00 

In 3 old axes and a candlestick, ... 00 08 00 

In Spinning Wheels and Cradle, ... 00 12 00 

In 4 Oxen, 30 00 00 

In 11 Cous, 40 00 00 

In 5 three year old, 15 00 00 

In 4 two year old, 10 00 00 

In 5 three vear old 10 00 00 

InSCalves, 03 00 00 

In horses and Mares, 84 00 00 

In Sheep, 03 00 00 

In Suine, 20 00 00 

In housing and lands, 110 00 00 

In Corn and hav 40 00 00 

Sum debts due, ^° ^ ^ 

464 63 00 

To a colt of this year, a poor one, ... 03 00 00 

Page 43 At a Court held at Fairfield, 1658, 20th of Octo- 

continued. ^^^^ ^^^ Widdow Lockwood takes oath the inventory 
of her husband's Estate taken by Anthony Wilson and 
John Banks, hath all of her husbands estate included 
in it to the best of her knowledge. 
The Court admits the widow, Susannah Lockwood, to be ad- 
ministratrix, the deceased having left no will, the Courte orders 
as followeth, That the widow shall have a third part of the estate 
and the rest of the children, being nine in number, their names 
are— Jonathan, Joseph, Daniel, Ephraim, Gershom, John, 
Abigail, Sarah and Mary-, shall have the rest of the estate 
divided among them as followeth, the eldest son, Jonathan, is to 
have a double portion, only that Estate which the said Jonathan 
received of his father before his death, being here made to ap- 
pear to be fifty-seven pounds, twelve shillings, it is to be reck- 
oned to be part of his double portion, and what the said £57, 
12s. falls short it must be made good, out of the estate, the rest 
of the estate is to be divided among the rest of the children, 
only each of the sons are to have a third part more than each of 
the daughters, the sons are to have their portion at twenty-one 
years of age, the daughters at eighteen years of age, unless they 


marry sooner, then to have it at marriage. Deborah, being 
married, hath received her portion of her fatlier before his death. 
Mr. Ward anc] Alexander Knowles are appointed to be over- 
seers. Test me : 

r Town of Fairfield ] ^yILLIAM HILL, 

< SEAL V Secretary. 

( Connecticut J 

I, Daniel Moloney, Town Clerk of the town of Fairfield, do 
hereby certify that the foregoing Inventory of Robert Lockwood, 
late of Fairfield, who died in 1658, is true and correct according 
to the Probate Records of this Town. 
Attest : 


Town Clerk. 

An inventory of the goods and chattels of Robert Lockwood, 
deceased, in Fairfield, Conn., taken September 11th, 1658, 
amount £467 3s. Od., taken by Anthony Wilson and John 
Banks. ^ 

At a court held at Fairfield October 20th, 1658: 

The widow Lockwood makes oath that the inventory of her 
husband's estate, taken by Anthony Wilson and John Banks, 
hath all her husband's estate included in it according to the best 
of her knowledge. The Court admits the widow, Susannah 
Lockwood, to be administratrix. 

The deceased, having left no will, the Court orders as followeth, 
that the widow shall have a third part of said estate, and the 
children shall have the rest of the estate divided among them. 
Their names are : 

1 Jonathan, 6 John, 

2 Joseph, 7 Abigail, 

3 Daniel, 8 Sarah, 

4 Ephraim, 9 Mary, 

5 Gershom, 10 Deborah. 

The eldest son, Jonathan, is to have a double portion, only 
that estate which the said Jonathan received of his father before 
his death, being here made to appear to be £57 12s., is to be 


reckoned to be part of his double portion, and -n-hat the said 
£57 123. falls short it must be made good out of the estate. The 
rest of the estate is to be divided among the rest of the children, 
only each of the sons are to have a third part more than each of 
the daughters. The sons are to have their portion at twenty-one 
years of age, the daughters at eighteen years of age, unless they 
marry sooner, then to have it at marriage, Deborah, being 
married, has received her portion of her father before his death. 
Mr. AVard and Alexander Kno^yles are appointed to be over- 
seers. Per me : 


Here follows the estate of Jonathan Lockwood received of his 
father before his death : 

£ s. d. 

1 Mare, IS 

2 oxen, 16 

2 steers, 10 

3 swine 3 

A pair sheets and pillows and a blanket, . 2 

A chest 6 

A gun and sword, 2 

A cow, 5 

A pot 6 

In tools, 1 

57 12 

Per me : 



Wliereas Jeffrey Ferris stands engaged to pay unto ye children 
of Robert Lockwood, deceased, certain portions according to ye 
administration entered upon record by said Jeffrey, being now 
removed out of this jurisdiction, he desires to pay ye said legatees 
equally, and to be freed of his engagement in that line for ye 
future, provided he be paid. It is agreed with ye consent of the 
court that, upon estimate, ye said Jeffrey shall pay to William 
Ward and Joseph L. and Daniel L. or any of them. That such 
payments shall be recorded by the secretary, and what is so paid 
shall be esteemed received from ye said Jeffrey for ye said chil- 


dren's use, and when all ye legacies are so paid, the said Jeffrey 
and his heirs shall be quit from any further demand of the said 
legacies. And the said William, Joseph and Daniel, according to 
what they do receive, they are to pay it to the several children of 
the said Lockwood, deceased, according as they shall attain their 
respective ages, as in the former administration is recorded. It 
is agreed that what household goods that are left at Fairfield 
shall be paid at the same price as it was valued at in the inventory, 
and that it be settled. 

Two men, indifferently chosen by them, are to appraise them. 
(Fairfield Records.) 

Deposition of Susax Lockwood. 

Susan Lockwood, wife of Robert Lockwood, May 13th, 1654, 
gave evidense in a witch case, at a court held at New Haven, 
Connecticut, and stated that she was present when goodwife 
Knapp was hanged for a witch. (Xew Haven Colonial Records.) 

Elizabeth Brewster, goodwife Staples and goodwife Odill were 
also present, and examined the body of goodwife Knapp after she 
was executed, and stated that goodwife Lockwood was with them 
on that OGcasion. 

Note. — Mrs. Susannah Lockwood subsequently married Jef- 
frey Ferris. "Mrs. Susannah Ferris, wife of Jeffrey Ferris, died 
at ' Grinwich ' Dec. 23d, 1660." (Hy. Stamford, p. 158.) 

A.D. 1650, Robert Lockwood, of Fairfield, deeded to Rev. 
John Bishop the house and lot which he had purchased of Elias 
Bailey, Rev. Mr. Denton's attorney. (Hy. Stamford, p. 50.) 


Made a freeman in Boston in 1635, came with the first settlers, 
is on the list of those who paid for the survey, and received ten 
acres at the first assignment of land. 

Savage says he was from Watertown, Massachusetts, where he 
was made freeman, probably May 6th, 1635, whence he came to 
Wethersfield. He sold his lot in "Wethersfield, of forty-five acres, 
to John Deming. He came with the first colony from "Wethers- 


field, and in 1656 is one of the eleven Greenwich men who peti- 
tioned to be accepted under the New Haven jurisdiction. His 
will, found on the probate records at Fairfield, is dated January 
6th, 1664. He wills to the four boys he brought up, £10 apiece, 
if they live with any of his children until they are eighteen years 
old, the money then to be put out for them until they are twenty 
years of age. His will names also his wife Judy, sou James, son 
Jonathan Lockwood and Mary Lockwood, son Peter's three chil- 
dren, and son Joseph's two. Judy Bowers, his widow, receipts for 
her widow's portion, March 6th, 1667. His marriage contract 
with his wife Susannah, widow of Robert Lockwood, of date 
May 28th, 1661, pledges certain legacies to the children of Robert 
Lockwood, deceased, and mortgages his Greenwich lands and 
"housings." He died in 1666. The name Ferris is from 
Leicestershire, house of Feriers, from Henry, son of Gualchelme 
de Feriers, to whom William the Conqueror gave large grants of 
land in the three shires of Stafford, Derby and Leicester. (Hy. 
Stamford, p. 31.) 

1. Lieut. Jonathan Lockwood (Robert), born September 
10th, 1634,in Watertown, Massachusetts; died May 12th, 1688, 
in Greenwich, Connecticut, in his 54th year. Son of Robert and 
Susannah Lockwood. He signed a paper January Lst, 1657, at 
Easttowue, in the N. Netherlands, promising allegiance to the 
Dutch governor "so long as we live in his jurisdiction ;" was of 
Stamford, Connecticut, October 16th, 1660, and resided there until 
1665; when he sold his estate there and removed to Greenwich. 
He there became a freeman in 1670; was assistant in May, 1671, 
and in 1672, " one of the twenty-seven proprietors." He became 
a prominent citizen,* and represented the town in the Legislature 
four years. Up to 1688 Lieutenant Lockwood had been a lead- 
ing influential man in the town. This year he died, and the 
people met in town meeting and passed resolutions deploring the 
loss of so valuable a citizen. f 

His wife was Mary Ferris (sometimes called Marah), daughter 
of Jeffrey Ferris. 

llj. Stamford, pp. 31, 56. t Hy. Greenwich, p. 69. 



11. Jonathan Lockwood, Jr. 

12. Robert Lockwood. 

13. Gekshom LocKvrooD. 

14. Joseph Lockwood 

15. Still John Lockwood. 

16. Sarah Lockwood, born ; m. Michael Lounsburr. 

17. Abigail Lockwood. 

Jonathan Lockwood's wife was named Mary Ferris, and Jeffrey- 
Ferris in his will calls him "son Jonathan Lockwood." It is 
proper to state that Jeffrey Ferris married late in life Mrs. 
Susannah Lockwood, widow of Robert Lockwood, deceased. 
Susannah was Jonathan's mother, so Mr. Ferris was his step- 
father. But June 21st, 1687, Peter Ferris, Jonathan Lockwood 
(for his wife Mary), Joseph Ferris and James Ferris, being 
administrators of our deceased father Jeffrey Ferris's estate, 
sign their names as such, hence Mr. Ferris was Jonathan's 

" Ye horse that goodraan Slawsou hath taken up for a stray is, 
he doth verily believe one of Edward Jessupp's horses, because 
he is so like his breed. 

" By me : 


"Taken upon oath Oct. 17th, 1659, before me, Francis Bell." 
(New Haven Colonial Records, 1653 to 1665, pp. 322, 323.) 

"Jonathan Lockwood of the age of above 24 or 25 years, 
testifieth that at Stamford that Dutchman that went with 
Mr. Raymond in the vessel which he said the capers had 
taken, he said that Dutchman told him in discourse, that part of 
the vessel which he said the capers had taken, it was his own, and 
that they had taken from him £50 starling in goods. 
"Sworn to Feb. 24th, 1659-60, in Fairfield. 
" Before me : 


(New Haven Colonial Records, 1653 to 1665, p. 340.) 


Documentary History' of New York, Vol. 3, pp. 921 to 926. 
(Translated from the Dutch.) Journal of Capt. Lieut. Brian 
JSTuton : 

December 29th, Anno 1656. Capt. Lieut. Brian Nuton, with 
a Secretary and Commissary appointed by Heer Director General 
Stuyvesant, went in a boat to Oost-dorp in "NYeschester County, 
New York, on a mission. They landed, and heard an Indian 
call. On arriving at Oost-dorp, they requested that the inhab- 
itants be summoned the next morning, but were answered : " 'Tis 
our Sabbath morning; the Inhabitants will not come. We 
asked him to. learn the opinions of the principal settlers at 
once, as we could explain our business in half an hour with- 
out hindering their service. Which he proceeded to do. But 
brought us an answer, No ; that they were in no way so 
inclined. Although we would fain reach home by Sunday 
noon, we were obliged to remain there until Monday, as they 
would not be prevailed on to assemble on Sunday. 

" 31st ditto, Sunday. After dinner they went to the house 
to observe their mode of worship, as they had not as yet any 
clergyman. There I found a gathering of about fifteen men and 
ten or twelve women. Prayer was offered, a, printed sermon was 
read, composed and published by an English minister in Eng- 
land ; after another prayer, they sung a Psalm and separated." 

The day following they met the people, told them of the elec- 
tion of three magistrates from the six named by them, etc., etc., 
and after some objections as given in full, " all the inhabitants 
then present offered to subscribe" to the writing then drawn up, 
" and it was signed as appears therefrom by fifteen persons," etc. 
" Six persons were gone from home, and one was sick," etc. 
" These are all the present inhabitants of Oost-dorp, but they told 
us that three or four families more would soon come." Then 
complaints were sent by the people to the Heer General and 
Council about the insolence of the Indians, and they had never 
been well supplied with arms, and were stripped of the few 
which they had, and requested " some muskets, powder, lead and 
match." And so, after taking " breakfast with Mr. Ferris, they 
left, passed Hell-gate, and landed at the Mauhatans the 1st 
January, 1657." 


The paper was signed as follows : 

"This first January, Ao. 1657, In east towne in the IST. Neth- 
erlands, Wee hose hands are vnderwritten do pronies to oune the 
gouernor of the Manatas as our gouernor and obay all his mag- 
istrates and lawes that ar mad acordin to god so long as we Hue 
in his Jurisdiction." 

This is signed by fifteen persons, including 


Jonathan Lockwood. 

Rev. J. ^y. AYood's Hist. Discourse, Dec. 22, 1841. 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 38. "On Apl 22, 1665, the Stan- 
ford records show one Lockwood as having a horse." 

Col. Records of Conn., vol. 2, p. 1677, May 12, 1670, Green- 
wich. Jonathan Lockwood was " Propounded for freeman." 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 147, May 11, 1671. Jonath: Lock- 
wood was a Representative or Deputy of the Court of the 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 174, May 9, 1672. "Jonathan 
Lockwood and three others were appointed by the Court," a 
Committee to measure on the East northeast lyne from Mamore- 
nack River to the west bounds of Fayrefield, and to make re- 
port to this Court, etc., etc. 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 159, Oct. 18, 1671. Jonathan 
Lockwood appointed Representative or Deputy for Greenwich. 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 192. Sargt. Jon. Lockwood, Deputy 
for Greenwich, May 8, 1673. 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 236. Lnt. Jonathan Lockwood, 
Deputy for Greenwich, Oct. 8, 1674. 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 242. Jonathan Lockwood, Deputy 
for Greenwich, Oct. 12, 1676. 

Col. Records of Conn., vol. 3, p. 115. Jonathan Lockwood, 
Deputy for Greenwich, May 10, 1683, and Oct. 13, 1681. 

Col. Records of Conn., p. 242. " The Court appoynts Lnt. 
Jonathan Lockwood and 3 others to runne the lyne between 
this Colony and the Colony of New York from Momoronock 
River to Hudson's River." 


Col. Eecords of Conn., p. 83, vol. 2. " This Court being moved 
to grant liberty to erect a plantation upon the Hopp ground (after- 
wards named Bedford) and adjacent lands, about 12 miles to the 
northwards of Standford, doe grant their request and appoint 
Capt'n Eichard Olmstead, Ln't Jonath. Bell, Ln't Jonath. Lock- 
wood and Mr. Joseph Theale, to be a Committee to entertain 
such persons as shall plant there, and to manage, order and dis- 
pose of the affayres of that plantation, according to their best 
skill and so as may best advance the welfare and growth of the 
sayd plantation, and they are to take care that there be a suitable 
lott layd out for the first minister of the place, and a lott for the 
ministry to be and belong to the ministry for ever." 

Ln't Jonathan Lock wood. 
Vol. 2, from Boundaries of the State of New York, Pratt. 
P. 232 (Conn.). October 8, 1674, " This Court appoynts Mr. 
John Bankes, Ln't Jonath. Sillick, Ln't Jonathan Lockwood and 
Ln't Joseph Orton, or any three of them, forthwith to runn the 
lyne between this Colony and the Colony of Xew York from 
]\Iomoronock River to Hudson's River (Conn. Pub. Rec, p. 212). 
Jonathan Lockwood, of Greenwich, exchanged lands with 
Joshua Hoit in 1683. (The Hoyt Family Hy., p. 301.) 

Jonathan Lockwood's Deed, division of property, ^Nlay 9, 
1688, he names wife Mary, and children Jonathan, oldest son; 
Robert, second son; Gershom, third son; Joseph, fourth son; 
Still John, youngest son. 

Note. — Joseph and Still John were minors at this date. 


Acknowledged same day. 
This was only three days before his death. 

Mary Lockwood, of Greenwich, widow of Lieut. Jonathan 
Lockwood, about to marry Serjeant Thomas Merritt, of Rye, on 
the 5th day of June, 1696, made provision for her children by 
Jonathan Lockwood. 

Thomas Merritt agreed to this on the 18th day of June, 1696. 


2. Deborah Lockwood (Eobert), born October 12th, 1636, at 
Watertown, Massachusetts ; daughter of Robert and Susannah 
( ) Lockwood. She was married before October 20th, 1658, 

at which date she was twenty-two years of age. On that day the 
inventory of her deceased father's estate was probated, ''at a Court 
held in Fairfield." In the action of the Court this language 
appears : 

"Deborah being married hath received her portion of her 
father before his death. 

"Deborah Lockwood, aged 17, in 1654, said in a Court held at 
New Haven, Conn., she was present when Goodwife Knapp was 
going to execution." (Vol. 1653 to 1665, N. H. Col. Eec, p. 83.) 

Goodwife Knapp was hanged for a witch. 

This Court was held May 13, 1654, and Deborah was seven- 
teen years old the October before. 

April 26th, 1654, Bethia Brundish, of the age of sisteene, or 
thereaboutes, maketh oath, as they were going to execution of 
goodwife Knapp, who was condemned for a witch by the court 
and jury at Fairfield, there being present herselfe and Deborah 
Lochwood and Sarah Cable. She heard goodwife Staplyes say, 
that she thought the said goodwife Knapp was no witch, and 
goodwife Gould presently reproved her for it. 

Jurat' die & anno p'dicto. 
Witness : Coram me RO. LUDLOWE. 


Deborah Lochvood, of the age of 17 or thereaboute, sworne 
and examined, saith as followeth, that she being present when 
goodwife Knapp was goeing to execution, betweene Fryes and the 
mill, she heard goodwife Staplyes say to goodwife Gould (55) 
she was pswaded goodwife Knapp was no witch ; goodwife Gould 
said, sister Staplyes, she is a witch, and hath confessed had had 
familiarity with the Deuill. 

Staplies replyed, I was with her yesterday, or last night, and 
she said no such thing as she heard. (May 13th, 1654.) 

3. Joseph Lockwood (Robert), born August 6th, 1638, at 
Watertown, Massachusetts. "Serjeant Joseph Lockwood de- 


parted this life April 14th, 1717, aged 78 years, S months and 
8 days." (Fairfield Records.) 

Son of Robert and Susannah ( ) LockTvood ; married 

Miss Beacham, only child of Robert Beacham. 

Freeman at Fairfield, October term, 1664. Mr. Gould and 
Mr. Sherman were appointed to administer the oath. (Vol. 1 
Col. Rec, 432.) 

Deputy for Fairfield May, 1696. (Vol. 3, loS.) 


18. Joseph Lockwood, Jr. 

19. Egbert Lock-wood. 

20. Susannah Lockwood. 

21. John Lockwood. 

22. Sarah Lockwood. 

23. Richard Lockwood; born about 1678. 

24. Judith Lockwood;* m. Daniel Maulstrom. 

Joseph Lockwood was made a freeman October 13th, 1664, 
and on the list of Freemen of Fairfield, Conn., October 10th, 

''October 8th, 1674. 'The petition of Major Xathan Gold 
and others being duely considered, this Court sees good reason 
to approve of what the County Court of Fairfield have done, 
in settleing and passing over Henry Greye's farm at Maxemus 
to Joseph Lockwood the heir of Robert Lockwood, it being the 
most prudent course in present view to reserve any estate for 
the children of the sayd Grey/ etc., etc., and 'hereby impower 
the administrators of the sayd Grey,' etc, etc., 'to pass over the 
said farm at Maxemus to the sayd Joseph Lockwood the heir of 
Robert Lockwood, and their said deed being made, signed sealed 
and delivered according to law shall be suflBcient for the holding 
of the sayd farm to the sayd Lochcood, his heirs and assigns for- 
ever.' " (Conn. Col. Rec, p. 239.) 

Joseph Lockwood testifieth that when the vessel which is 
reported to be taken, that Mr. Raymond was in Fairfield harbor, 
that Mr. Raymond's Sonne told him that his father had hired the 

* This marriage is on page 236, "Names of persons for whom marriage 
licenses were granted in the State of New York previous to 17S4." 


vessel for about three months, until his father's vessel came from 
Virginia. Sworn to February 24th, 1659-60 in Fairfield, be- 
fore me Xathan Gold. (New Haven Col. Eec, p. 340.) 

" The General Court of Conn, granted to the proprietors of 
Fairfield, the 'Fairfield Patent,' and full copy of the same is 
given here (p. 9) and among those to whom granted is Joseph 
Lockwood, 26th May, 1685, and signed by Robert Treat, Gov- 
ernor, and John Allen, Secretary." (Hubbell Family Hist., 1881, 
p. 9, 1685.) 

P. 12. "In February, 1688 (?). In a deed from Puchard 
Hubbell to Samuel Hubbell (given in full on p. 12), he deeds 
seven acres of land in ye common field over ye creek commonly 
called Lockwood's Land, etc." April 4th, 1687. 

4. Daniel Lockw^ood (Robert), born IMarch 21st, 1640, in 
Watertown, Mass., died Fairfield early in 1691. Son of Robert 
and Susannah ( ) Lockwood. He died 1691, and left a widow 
and three children. Admitted Freeman at Hartford, May, 1668, 
Conn. Rec-., 2, 83. Married Abigail , died, 1692. 


25. Daniel Lockwood, Jr., born 1669, m. Abigail Burr. 

26. Abigail Lockwood, born 1674, m. Samuel Roberson. 

27. Mart Lockwood, born 1681, m. Guier. 

Vol. 16S9 to 1701, page 55. Date of Inventory of Daniel 
Lockwood, son of Robert Lockwood, November 3d, 1691. Abi- 
gail Lockwood, widow of Daniel, died in 1692, and left her 
property to her son Daniel, 

her daughter Abigail, 

her daughter Mary (Guier). (Savage Biog. Dicy.) 
On list at Fairfield, October 10th, 1669. 

5. Ephraim Lockwood (Robert), born December 1st, 1641, 
in Watertown, Ma-^sachusetts, resided in Norwalk, Connecticut. 
Son of Robert and Susannah ( ) Lockwood. He removed to 
Connecticut with his father, in his youth.* Married June 8th, 

* History Cambridge, p. 599, 


A.TPiK.rr' HHTruiXfi.-rr. 


1665, Mercy Sention, now written St. John, daughter of Matthias 
Sention, Senior, of JSTorwalk, Connecticut.* Mr. Lockwood's 
name is " In the Table of Home Lots."t Made a Freeman Oc- 
tober, 1667. On the list October 13th, 1669.^ 

"Ephraim Lockwood, December 30th, 1664, bought the home- 
lot of § Jonathan Marsh, ' For and in consideration of one mare 
and sucking colt,' ' his howse with the shefes, dress-boards, etc' 
Also the yards, hovells, and tenn fruit trees growing upon the 
orchard ; and also the home-lot containing one acre more or less." 
In 1673 his estate was valued £70, and in 1687 £120.|| 


28. John Lockwood, born March 19th, 1665-66. 

29. Daniel Lockwood, born August 13th, 166S, m. Charity Clements. 

30. Sakah Lockwood, born November 3d, 1670, m. John Phxtt. 

31. EpHRAiii Lockwood, born May 1st, 1673. 

32. Eliphaxet Lockwood, born February 27th, 1675-76, m. Mary Gold. 

33. Joseph Lockwood, born April 1st, 1680, m. Mary Wood. 

34. James Lockwood, born April 21st, 1683, m. Lidia Smith. 

35. Edmund Lockwood, born , iinm., made a will. 

36. Mary Lockwood, born , m. Joseph Garnsey. 

37. Abigail Lockwood, born , ra. Cook. 

6. Lieut. Gershom Lockwood (Robert), born September 
6th, 1643, in Watertown, Massachusetts, died March 12th, 1718- 
19, in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Son of Robert 
and Susannah ( ) Lockwood. 

*' Gershom," for he said, " I have been a stranger, in a strange 
land." (Exodus ii. 22.) 

He removed to Greenwich with his father before he was nine, 
and was only fifteen years of age when his father died. 

" Lieut. Gershom Lockwood was the principal carpenter and 
builder in the town of Greenwich, and filled many offices of trust 
and importance." (Mead's His. of Greenwich, p. 113.) 

" Gershom Lockwood was one of the twenty -seven proprietors 
of Greenwich." (26.) 

* History Norwalk, p. 184. t History Norwalk, p. 18. 

X C. Eec, vol. 2, p. 73. Barber's His. Coll. Conn., Willis's Manuscript. 
§ History Norwalk, p. 25. || History Norwalk, pp. 61, 83. 



'^Gershoni Lock wood and son in 1694-95 were taxed on 
£153. 15s." He made his Will November 22d, 1692, and was 
at that time called " Gershora Lockwood, Senior." 

The plain blue slate headstone which marks his grave is well 
preserved, and bears the following inscription : 

" Here lyes ye Body 
OF Mb. Gershom 
Lockwood, aged 


March ye 12th, 

Lieut. Gershom Lockwood married Lady Ann Millington, 
from England, daughter of Lord Millington. This lady came 
to this country in pursuit of her lover, a British army officer. Fail- 
ing to find him, she taught school, and subsequently married 
Gershom Lockwood of Greenwich, Conn. 

In 1660 her parents sent her a large oak chest, ingeniously 
carved on the outside, and strongly built ; tradition says " it con- 
tained half a bushel of Guineas, and many fine silk dresses," etc., 
etc. This identical chest is now (1888) at Mr. Samuel Ferris's 
house in Greenwich, Connecticut. Lady Millington's grand- 
daughter, Ann Lockwood, born 1713, married Samuel Ferris. 


38. Gershom Lockwood, Jr., 1st son. 

39. William Lockwood was dead when Lis father made his Will Novem- 
ber 2'2d, 1G92, as he is not mentioned in it. 

40. Joseph Lockwood. 

41. Elizabeth Lockwood, m. John Bates. 

f 1. John Burwell. 

42. Hannah Lockwood, boru 1667, m. -j „ ^, ^^ ,. , 

' ' 1 2. Thomas Hanford. 

By her father's Will 
she received " a certain 
twins, born 1669. ^ negro girl being now in 
my possession." 

43. Sarah Lockwood, 

44. Abraham Lockwood, 

Note. —With reference to the statement as to Lady Millington, the compilers would 
say, the only information they have is from the memorandum on the cover of the, 
and the statements of elderly persons, now living, to whom the tradition has been 




It is said that Lord Millington had but two children, both 
daughters. The title may have become extinct in him, or gone 
to another male branch of tlie family. 

A memorandum taken from the New York Observer in the 
year 1866, of a meeting held at the Society Library of New York 
city, says the foundation of the Library was in a great measure 
owing to a gift of books left by the will of the Rev. Dr. Milling- 
ton, Rector of Stoke, Newington, London, England, to the "So- 
ciety for the propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts," and by 
this society it was presented to the Public Library of New York, 
now known as the Society Library. Dr. Millington died about 
1720, and his Library came over in 1729. He left no heirs, and 
his will gave other property or funds to this "Society" for mis- 
sionary purposes. 

Note. — Lieut. Gershom Lockwood and Rev. Dr. Millington 
died within about one year of each other; there has been a tra- 
dition in the Ferris family that the doctor was a near relative of 
Lady Ann Millington, and as he died about the time of her hus- 
band, who was 77 years old, he may have been her brother. 

Gershom Lockwood marri-rd Elizabeth, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth (Montgomery) Townsend, of Oyster Bay, Long Island, 
New York. In the Townsend Memorial, pp. 87, 88, 91, and 
132, I find the following : 

John Townsend died in 1668, and, as he died intestate, his 
widow according to a prevailing custom divided his estate. " The 
23d year of the reign of Charles II. King of England, and the 
tenth day of the fifth month 1671," i.e., July 10th, 1671. 

In .speaking of her daughter Elizabeth, she says : 

"To my eldest daughter Elizabeth, although not above men- 
tioned, yet she is to have with what she hath already received, 
£30, all at such pay as pa.=ses between man and man, after the 
rate of Indian Corn at 3 shillings a bushel, and wheat at 5s." 

" 2d. To the .said Elizabeth or her husband, Gideon ^yright, 
towards her portion, I give with what her father had before given 
her already, first two cows, 10 pounds, a young horse 5 pounds, 
a bed and furniture 10 pounds, 2 sheep 1 pound, 1 kettle 1 pound, 


in all .£'27, and Gideon her husband is to have £3 more, and that 
will be £30 in all." 

" Elizabeth, daughter of John Townsend 1st, married Gideon, 
son of Peter Wright, and had eight children. After his death 
she married Gershom Lockwood, who came from Connecticut, 
and returned there after his marriage to her." 

11. Jonathan Lockwood, Jr. (Robei-t,^ Jonathan^), born 
about 1663?, died November 9th, 1689, s.p., son of Jonathan 
and Mary (Ferris) Lockwood. 

"Jonathan Lockwood, Jr., son of Leftenant Jonathan Lock- 
wood, deceased, departing the world, upon ye 9th day of Novem- 
ber, 1689." (Greenwich Records.) 

12. Robert Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan'), born in 
Greenwich, Ct.,died between May 7th, 1731, and January 23d, 
1732; son of Jonathan and Mary (Ferris) Lockwood, married 
Mary . 

Calls himself ''Husbandman " of Greenwich, Ct. 1694-95, 
Robert Lockwood was taxed on £61. March 1st, 1698, town sold 
him Hosick meadows. May 17th, 1731, made his will, wife 
Mary and son Jonathan, executors. January 23d, 1732, will 

Robert L. signs articles of agreement on behalf of citizens on 
east side of Myanos river (Greenwich), in 1705, about tlie divi- 
sion of ecclesiastical property. 


45. Phebe Lockwood, born March 13, 1693, ra. Austin. 

46. Deborah Lockwood, born August 19, 1694, died July 20, 1695. 

47. Jonathan Lockwood, born March 6, 1696, m. Hannah Priss. 

48. Mary Lockwood, born February 8, 1693, m. Nathaniel Wiatt. 

49. Samuel Lockwood, born 1700, m. Mary 

50. Susannah Lockwood, born m. Stites. 

51. David Lockwood, born August 1707. 

52. Debor VII Lockwood, born ni. Eliphalet Peck. 

Calls himself " Husbandman," of Greenwich, Ct. August 13, 
1694, appointed to take town list in Greenwich. 1694-95, 
Robert Lockwood was taxed on £61. May 25, 1696, he deeded 


land to his brother, Gershora Lockwood. March 1, 169S, town 
sold him Hosick meadows. 

1704 or 1705. " When the separation of the town into two 
societies, had become a settled fact, the town through committees 
agreed upon a division of ecclesiastical property. Robert Lock- 
wood on agreement in 1705 to divide church property." (Hy. 

"Apreel ye 15th day, 1707, then recened (reckonetl) with 
David Renalde, and there is due to me, Robert Lockwood, in 
cash 00.03.04." (3s. 4d.) 

Vol. iv., p. 282, Conn. Col. Rec. Robert Lockwood on com- 
mittee to call Rev. Mr. Jones. October, 1711, he was then of 

" May 17, 1731, made his will, mentions wife Mary, and .son 
Jonathan as Executors." 

(See Joseph L., heir of Robert Lockwood, p. 239, October S, 

Vol. p. 509. "May 10, 1705. Articles of agreement 
made between the inhabitants of Greenwich and Myanos river, 
and signed by Robert Lockwood as one of the committee on tlie 
east side of Myanos river, and the petition signed by Robert 
Lockwood and others is in Eccl. I., 166." 

Vol. p. 282. " The assembly orders that Robert Lockwood 
and six others (who were a comaiittee of said inhabitants at the 
time of their calling the said Mr. Jones to preach among-t them), 
or the major part of them shall be and are hereby authorized and 
impowered forthwith to levy and collect the said sum of =£20 
upon the said inhabitants, according to the list of their estates 
for the year 1710, etc., with power to collect, etc." 

Vol. iii., p. 33. Records at Greenwich, Conn. — Know all men 
by these presents that I Robert Lockwood, Inhabitant of the 
town of Greenwich in the county of flfairfield in his majesties 
Collony of Connecticut have for a valuable Consideration in land 
by me said Robert i-eceived and to me Secured as by bill of sale 
may appear have sold and do hereby bargain sell alienate assign 
sett over Surrender and Confirm from me the abovesaid Robert 
Lockwood my heirs assigns Exec? for ever unto my Brother 
Still John Lockwood of the same town, county and Colony, I 


say an acre of Laud lying and being in the Town of Greenwich 
it being part of Bullocks Lott, said acre to be laid out as fol- 
loweth viz. : to begin at the SmuiIi East corner of said lott and 
from thence to runaBevie Line, said acre being bounded by said 
corner Stake South East or South and bounded by said Still John 
Lockwood's home lott, Easterly bounded, and by Daniel Mead's 
home lott Westerly and Northerly, and bounded South West or 
South by my said Robert's Laud, I say sold unto the abovesaid 
Still John Lockwood with all rights privileges thereunto belong- 
ing, for him said Still John Lockwood his heirs assigns and 
Executors, etc. To have to hold occupy possess and improve 
foreverj hereby ingaging to warrant and defend the abovesaid 
sale from all former bargains, Sales, Taxes, Rates or incum- 
brances of what nature or kind soever, before the day and date 
hereof, for the confirmation of which I the abovesaid Robert 
Lockwood do hereunto sett my hand and seal in Greenwich Anno 
1702 June i7th. 


Signed sealed and delivered iii presence of us witnessing, 


This bill of sale acknowledged by the grantor Robert Lock- 
wood in Greenwich the date hereof to be his act and Deed — 
before me. SAMUEL PECK, 

Justice of the Peace. 

Entered December ye 28 daye 1724. 




In the name of God, Amen. The 17th day of May A.D. 1731. 
I Robert Lockwood of ye Town of Greenwich, in ye County of 
Fairfield and in the Colony of Conecticut, husbandman, being 
weak in body but of perfect minde and memory thanks be given 
unto God therefor, calling unto mind ye mortality of my body, 
and Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, make 
and ordain this my Last Will and Testament that is to say — 
princijially and firit of all I give and recommend my soule into 


ye bands of God that gave it, and ray body I recommend to ve 
earth to be buried in descent Christian buriall at ye discression 
of my Executors, Nothing doubting but at ye genorall resurrec- 
tion, I shall receive ye same againe by ye mighty power of God ; 
and as touching such wordly Estate wherewith it hath pleased 
God to bless me in this life, I give, demise, and dispose ye same 
in ye hereafter mentioned manner and forme. 

Imprimis : I give and bequeath unto my Dear and Loving 
wife Mary — the sum of £70 — £40 thereof to be delivered her of 
such estate in Moveables she shall see occasion to make choyce 
on upon appraisement. 

I give unto my dutiful son Jonathan Lockwood £6 by which, 
with what I have already given him, is ye whole of his portion 
of my estate. 

I give unto my son David Lockwood, and my son Samuel 
Lockwood a pair of two year old steers in equal parts between 

I further give to my said two sous David and Samuel to each 
of them, a fire lock gun, David to have ye Musket, Samuel to 
have ye fowling piece. 

I will and give unto my dutifull daughter Pheby Austin, £15, 
to be delivered her out such estate as my Executors shall see 
cause to deliver her. 

I further will and give unto my Loving and dutifull daughter 
Mary Wiatt £15. 

I further give unto my dutifull daughter Susannah J se Stiles 
the sum of £20. 

I will and give unto my loving and dutifull daughter Deborah 
£100 — to be paid out of my estate. 

Furthermore my will is that if my moveable Estate fall short 
to make good ye severall sums that I have given them as above- 
mentioned, that each of my abovenamed children have and abate 
iu equal part : but in case my moveable estate surmount what I 
have given to each of them, ray will is that such moveable estate 
be equally divided between my natural daughters. 

Furthermore my will is that my just debts be paid out of my 
estate; and for ye ratifying and confirming of this my last will 
and Testaraent, I, ye above mentioned Testator Robert Lockwood 



do hereunto set my hand and fix my seal, the day and date above 
written. It is to be understood that before signing and sealing 
this my Will, that I said Testator Robert Lockwood do hereby 
make choyce or ordain and appoint my dear and loving wife 
jNIary, and my dutifull son Jonathan Lockwood my Executors to 
this my Last Will and Testament. 


Signed & Sealed pronounced & delivered in presants of us. 

Know all men by thos presents that I Robard Lockwood of 
grinwich in the County of feierfield in his majesties Colony of 
Connecticut of & in consideration of Love good will and afeciti- 
cons which I have and bear 

to my Louing & dutyfuU sone Jonathan Lockwood of the same 
j)lace & Colony have given & granted and by these presents Do 
fuely Clearly & absalutly give grant unto my sd. sunn with due 

Respect to the with the under written parcells of 

Land or Lands Imprimis: to all and singular the Land and 
divisions of Land which I bought of John Marshall all of sd. 
Grinwich, which was more particularly described by a seartin 
bill of sale well executed under the hand and seal of John Mar- 
shall to me said Robard Lockwood bearing date April ye tenth 
Ado Que Domini 1716, the which sd. Land or Lands are situate 
& lying in Myanos Neck in sd. Grinwich, I say I give the same 
to my sonn Jonathan to him and his heirs Executors & assigns 
for to have and to hold with all Rights & privileges there unto 
more properly belonging — with the Reserve that If sd. Jonathan 
or his heirs are not dispossessed of sd. Land bought of said Mar- 
shall within ye Compass of two years from the date hereof that 
then my said sonn Jonathan shall have and I do hereby give 
him ye one Equall third part of all Right of Land at Coaks 
purchiss so called Lying in sd. Grinwich but in Case my sd. 
sunn Jonathan shall be dispossest of sd. land in Myanos Neck 
above sd. that then I give him my sd. sunn the whole of sd. 


Eight at Coacks purchiss as allso one Equall Third part of the 
money I give sd. John Marshall for sd. Land in sd. Myanos 
neck as also Researving the benefit of timber & fiar wood to my 
two sonns David & Sarauell Lockwood's particular use for the 
full space of seven years of what timber is on sd. Land I bought 
of sd. Marshall. I further give unto my aforesaid sonne Jona- 
than a Thurty one pound Right in the Land now lying in Com- 
mon undevided on the East side of Myanos River in sd. Grinwich 
the which severall Rights, Tracts or Mesiges of Land or Lands, 
I do fully freely and absalutly give to my sd. sonn Jonathan 
with dew Respect to the Researves for him his heirs & assigns 
for to have & to hold with all Rights & privalidges there unto 
belonging, to him his heirs & assigns to have & to hold with all 
Rights & privlages thearunto belonging, to him said Jonathan 
and only porcession & benefit forever, fully aquitted & Dis- 
charged of & from all and all other former gifts, grants, morgiges, 
Jointars, Dowries, Interest or Intangallments of the Law of what 
nature so ever or cind so ever by me mead or Dun or suposed to 
be Done before the day & date heareof, and for the confirmation 
of this my Deed of gifts to my sd. sun Jonathan Lockwood, I 
said Robert Lockwood Do hear unto sett my hand & seale this 
6th day of July Anno Que Domini 1727. 




Signed Sealed & delivered in presants of us 


July 10 Anno Quoi Domini 1727 

Then personally apeared Robert Lockwood the donar of the 
above written Instrument and acknalidged before me 


Entered aprill ye 4 day 1728 



13. Gershom Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan^), born in Green- 
wich, Conn., son of Jonatlian and Mary (Ferris) Lockwood, 
married Hannah . 


53. Jaeez Lockwood, born January 18th, 1702, 1703, a baclielor. 

54. Nathan Lockwood, born July 28th, 1704, m. Sarah . 

55. Hezekiah Lock-wood, born June 9th, 1706, m. Euth . 

56. LiBXi Lockwood, born May 30th, 1703. 

57. Hanxah Lockwood, born September 20th, 1710. 
5S. Maey Lockwood, born November 6tli, 1712. 

59. Gekshom^ Lockwood, born m. twice. 

60. Theophilus Lockwood, born m. Hannah Close. 

61. David Lockavood, born 


was admitted a freeman February 7th, 1697, he was at tliis time 
21 or more years old. 

May, 1726. — He was Deputy for Greenwich to the Colonial 
Assembly of Connecticut. 

February 27th, 1733, 1734. — His son, Jabez Lockwood, a 
bachelor, made his AVill, in it he says: 

" Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my honoured and indigent 
father, Gershom Lockwood, and mother, Hannah Lockwood, 
during tlieir natural lives, all my estate in Lands, and at their 
decease to be distributed equally unto my living Brothers, their 
heirs and assigns forever." 

Gershom Lockwood was Executor of said Will. 

May, 1735. — Gershom Lockwood and others, of Greenwich, 
of the East Society, the charge of building their meetinghouse 
proves exceeding hard and heavy for them, pray this Assembly 
for some relief in the matter. 

March 22d, 1762. — Gershom Lockwood' comes into Court, 
Coram Judice, before Judge Jonathan Hoit, Esq., and says that 
his father, Gershom Lockwood, appointed Executor of his brother, 
Jabez Lockwood's, estate, 28 years ago, is now dead, and asks 
for a distribution of the late Jabez's estate. 

P. 1710. Gershom Lockwood was a representative or deputy 
for Greenwich. 


Gershom Lockwood was a Justice of the Peace for Fairfielt'!, 
app'->inted by the Assembly, May, 1726, 1727, and 1728. 

Gershom Lockwood was a Deputy for Greenwich, 1749 aiiJ 

P. 5.50. May, 1735. " Upon petition of Gershom Lockwood 
and four others, in behalf of themselves and the rest of the in- 
habitants in the East Society of Greenwich, shewing to this As- 
sembly the charge of building their meetinghouse proves exceed- 
ing hard and heavy on them, praying this Assembly for some 
relief in that matter." The Assembly grants to the Society of 
Greenwich aforesaid the sum of £50, etc., etc., etc. 

Tol. 8. May, 1752. " Upon the memorial of Abraham 
Higgins, Jr., of Fairfield, administrator of the estate of Gershom 
Lockwood, late of Norwalk, in the County of Fairfield, deceased, 
shewing to this Assembly that the debts due from the estate of 
said deceased surmount the moveable estate the sum of £93 lis. 
and 7d., old tenour, and praying for liberty to sell real estate, etc., 
etc." ." The adm'r. was authorized to sell, etc." 

14. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan^), born 1675, in 
Stamford, Connecticut, admitted a freeman February 7th, 1697, 
died 1759, aged 84 years, at Poiindridge, Westchester County, 
New York, where he resided from 1743; son of Jonathan and 
Mary (Ferris) Lockwood, married 1st, May 19th, 1698, Elizabeth 
Ayres; she died in childbed, December 16th, 1715 ; married 2d, 
August 10th, 1716, Margery "NVcbb, born October 4th, 1683; 
died January 2d, 1736, 1737 ; daughter of James and Hannah 
(Scofield) Webb. 


Firzi iri/e's: 

62. Joseph Lockwood, Jr., born March loth, 1699, m. Sarah Hoyt. 

63. Ha>->-ah Lockwood, born March 24th, 1701, m. David Danu. 

64. John- Lockwood, born September ISth, 1703, in. twice. 

65. Nathakiel Lockwood, born April 1st, 1706, died young. 

66. Elizabeth Lockwood, born May 15th, 1708, m. Job Hoit. 

67. Israel Lockwood, born June 4th, 1710, m. Susannah Smith. 

68. Mary Lockwood, born m. James Jump. 

69. Reitbex Lockwood, born December loth, 1715, m. twice. 


Second Wife's: 

70. Nathaniel LocK-n'OOD, born May 20th, 1717, m. Mary Patcliin. 

71. Nathan Lockwood, born Marcli 2otb, 1719. 

72. James Lockwood, born July ISth, 1722, m. Mary Norton. 

Stamford Registration. 

History Stamford, 163. 
Stamford Land Evidence, Book C, pp. 489-514. 
Book D, pp. 18S-496. 
Book E, p. 335. 

15. Still John Lockwood (Robert/ Jouathan'), born about 
1674, in Greenwich, Connecticut, died 1758, aged 84. Son of 
Jonathan and Mary (Ferris) Locliwood. He was their fifth and 
youngest son ; was a minor in 1688, when his father's property 
■was divided. He was a widower, as no wife was mentioned when 
his property was distributed in 1758. The names of his thirteen 
children are mentioned in the distribution. 


73. John Lockwood, oldest son; executor of his fatlier's estate ; double 

74. Gilbert Lockwood, m. Mercy . 

75. Robert Lockwood, 1714, m. Rachel Stevens. 

76. Caleb Lockwood, 

77. Jonathan Lockwood, 1719, m Mercy . 

78. Abraham Lockwood, 

79. William Lockwood, 

80. Abigail Lockwood, 

81. Elizabeth Lockwood, 1707, m. John Mead. 

82. Mary Lockwood, 

83. Susannah Lockwood, m. Capt. John Johnson. 

84. Ann Lockwood, 

85. Deborah Lockwood. 

Still John Lock wood's ear mark : 

" A crop on ye top of j-e off ear, and 
Slit on ye top of ye near ear." 

Recorded, June 10th, 1711. 

Greenwich Records. 

Still John Lockwood sells 1st and 2d dividend of estate of 
Joseph Lockwood to Samuel Palmour, March 3d, 1709. 

Still John Lockwood on property list 1714, taxed on £50. 

Still John Lockwood, May 17th, 1706, deeds land to his 
brother, Robert Lockwood. 

•£ .E ^ 

5 o 

£ Mo ^ S i;? "g '-c 

5 -I 'o " S "r I- '^ '-5. 

^ "o JE 

"5 ^ -1 5° 

- - n ^ 

-g ^ Q J 

I ^ 

_ ■- 4i ul 

-g .£ o _>, !; I- -g 

J, _ -O O (J 


5 H 

-^ -= 

5 .E - c ; 
S 5 2! oi 1 


E 5 ^ . ;^ 2 5 2- S i 

S ^ g -g ;5 7, "-= 

o ^ "? I - 

o o 'jH ::: £ 

o S — o « 

c ^^ i 

o "73 c 


Second Wife's : 

70. Nathaniel Lockwood, born May 20th, 1717, m. Mary Patchin. 

71. JsATHAN LocKWOOD, born March 2.5th, 1719. 

72. James Lockwood, born July ].5th, 1722, m. Mary Norton. 

Stamford Registration. 

History Stamford, 163. 
Stamford Land Evidence, Book C, pp. 489-514. 
Book D, pp. 188-496. 
Book E, p. 335. 

15. Still John Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan^), born about 
1674, in Greenwich, Connecticut, died 1758, aged 84. Son of 
Jonathan and Mary (Ferris) Lockwood. He was their fifth and 
youngest son ; was a minor in 1688, when his father's property 
was divided. He was a widower, as no wife was mentioned when 
his property was distributed in 1758. The names of his thirteen 
children are mentioned in the distribution. 


73. John Lockwood, oldest son; executor of his father's estate ; double 

74. Gilbert Lockwood, m. Mercy . 

75. Robert Lockwood, 1714, m. Rachel Stevens. 

76. Caleb Lockwood, 

77. Jonathax Lockwood, 1719, m Mercy . 

78. Abraham Lockwood, 

79. William Lockwood, 

80. Abigail Lockwood, 

81. Elizabeth Lockwood, 1707, m. John Mead. 

82. Mary Lockwood, 

83. Susannah Lockwood, m. Capt. John Johnson. 

84. Ann Lockwood, 

85. Deborah Lockwood. 

Still John Lockwood's ear mark : 

" A crop on ye top of j-e off ear, and 
Slit on ye top of ye near ear." 

Recorded, June 10th, 1711. 

Greenwich Records. 

Still John Lockwood sells 1st and 2d dividend of estate of 
Joseph Lockwood to Samuel Palraour, March 3d, 1709. 

Still John Lockwood on property list 1714, taxed on £50. 

Still John Lockwood, May 17th, 1706, deeds land to his 
brother, Robert Lockwood. 


Abralum Davcnporl who wrote and signed this "Distribution." was born in 1715. and was sent to the 

the officers appointed by the Asscmbfy," was one of the Committee of Safety of Conn in 1777, and of him 
it is rcfated "The 19th of May, 1780. was a remartiably darlc day, candles were lighted, the birds were 

prov.iifed ttiat the D,iy nf Jiidcrment w.ns .nl hand " The House of Representatives adjourned, and a 
proposition W.1-. iii.ide to .idiouiii tlie Council, wlicn Abraham Davenport replied:' 


born in 1724, and was sent to Ticonderoga by the Continental Congress in 1775, and distinguished him-, 
self a' the battles of While Plains and White Marsh, in 1776 and 1777. 


Still John Lockwood, June 26th, 1721, deeds to his cousin, 
Joseph Lock wood, Jr. 

From life and letters of Jolm AVinthrop, by R. C. ^Yinthrop, 

" Adam Winthrop, 1574, married Alice Still, daughter of 
William Still and sister of Dr. John Still, master of Trinity 
College, Cambridge, and afterwards Bishop of Bath and Wells, 
and the name of Still has been preserve^I in the Winthrop family 

Note. — Robert Lockwood carae over with the Winthrop 
Fleet, and it' is probable that his son, Jonathan, named his 
youngest son, " Still John," after the brother-in-law of Adam 
Winthrop. The Welsh and English practice of reversing family 
names is a well-known fact. F. A. H. 

At a Court of probate held in and tor the District of Stamford, 
on Dec. 2 1st, 1758, Jonathan Hait, Esq., Judge, present: Then 
John Lockwood administrator on the E^state of Still John Look- 
wood late of Greenwich, deceased, having made a clear estate 
moved to this Court for an order of distribution of said estate, 
and it appears to this Court that there is dividable clear estate 
which is all real, of the said deceased £93,18s. lawful money, 
including £10,10s. which some of the children had received 
before, which this Court orders shall be distributed to and among 
nine of the children of ye said deceasid, there being no iddow : 

To John, being the eldest son, a double share or portion which 
is £18,15s.7d 

To Gilbert, William, Abigail, Elizabeth, Mary, Susannah, 
Ann and Deborah, to each a single share or portion which is 

First to Gilbert £9,7sM.2qr. ; to William £9,Ts.9d.2qr. ; to 
Abigail £8,5s.Sd.2qr., she having received £l,2s.6d. of her fother 
in his life time. 

To Elizabeth £S,7s.9d.2qr., she having received £6 of her 
father in his life time. 

To Mary £7,2s.dd:2qr., she having received £2.5s. of her father 
in his life time. 

To Susanna £8,5s.od.2qr., she having received £l,2s.6d, of her 
father in his life time. 


To Ann £9,7.s.9r/.2r/r. 

To Deborah £9,7s.9(1.2qi:, and Jonathan, Robert, Caleb and 
Abraham, the othas of the children of the said deceased, having 
receive.! of their father their full portions of his estate in liis 
life time by deeds of Gift, so nothing is ordered to them of said 
E-tate ; and this Court does appoint, desire and fully Impovi-er, 
Abraham Davenport, Esq., jSIessrs. Charles Webb and Joseph 
Heusted, all of said Stamford, to distribute said clear Estate 
according to the above order of the Court. 


Estate of Still John Lockwood, late of Greenwich, both Real 
and Personal. Inventory £130,15s.4f?. April 11th, 1759. 

Accepted May 3d, 1759, on the oath of John Lockwood sole 
Executor. Certified to by 



May, 1758. Upon the memorial of John Lockwood of Nor- 
Vv'alk, administrator on the estate of Still John Lockwood late 
of Greenwich, deceased, shewing this assembly that the debts 
due from said estate surmount the personal estate the sum of 
£18,lo.s.8|fZ. lawful money, there being no movable estate or 
assets to pay the same; praying this Assembly that he may be 
appointed and impowered to sell so much of the real estate of 
the said deceased as shall raise the sum aforesaid, &c. : Resolved 
by this assembly, that the aforesaid John Lockwood be ap- 
pointed and he is hereby impowered, to make sale of so much of 
the real estate of the said deceased Still John Lockwood as shall 
raise the sum of £18,15s.8|cZ. lawful money with the incident 
charges arising thereon ; taking the direction of the court of 
probate in the district of Stanford therein. (P. 157, vol. xi.. 
Conn. Col. Rec.) 

Oct., 1758. Upon the memorial of John Lockwood of Nor- 
walk, administrator on the estate of Still John Lockwood late 
of Greenwich in Fairfield Co., deceased, shewing to this assembly 
that there were more debts brought in against the estate of the 
said Still John Lockwood, amounting to the sum of £o,12s.2d. 


lawful mouey; praying to this assembly for liberty to sell so 
much of the real estate of the said deceased as will be sufficient 
to pay said sum, &c. : Eesolved by this assembly, that the said 
John Lockwood have power, and he is hereby impowered, to sell 
so much of the real estate of the said deceased as will ans. and 
satisfy the sum of £o,12s.2d, lawful money with the charges 
arising thereon ; taking the direction of the court of probates in 
the district of Stanford therein. (P. 197 & 198, vol. x\., Conn. 
Col. Rec.) 

Know all j\[ea bv these presents that I, Still John Lockwood 
inhabitant of the Town of Greenwich in the County of ti-tirfield 
in her IMajesties Colony of Connecticut have for and in Consider- 
ation of an acre of Land bought of my brother Robert Lockwood 
of the same place County and Colony, have sold and do by these 
presents sell alienate assigne aud Sett over from me said Still John 
Lockw^ood my heirs and Assignes Executors &g. for ever. I say 
the one half of that lyeth on the west side of Long Meadow 
Brook said lottraent was formerly given by the Town unto my 
Brother, Jonathan Lockwood deceased, said half lying on the 
south side, being in quantity by estimation two acres (be it more 
or less) it is bounded as followeth : Easterly bounded by the 
great Cleft of Rocks ; Westerly by the Town Land ; Southerly 
by the Town Laud and Marked trees; and Northerly by the 
said Robert Lockwood's part of said Lott. I say sold with the 
rights aud privileges thereto appertaining for him said Robert 
Lockwood his heirs assignes Exectr &c. To have and to hold, 
occupy possess and improve for his own proper use and benefit 
forever; hereby ingaging to Warrant and defend the sale of the 
abovesaid part of said Lott or Lands from all former bargains. 
Sales, Gifts, Grants, Mortgages, Taxes, Rates or Incumbrances 
of what nature or Kind soever made, had or contracted before the 
day and date hereof for the confirmation of which I said Still 
John Lockwood do hereunto sett my hand and scale in Greenwich 

Anno 1702. 


Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us Witnessing 


This bill of sale aoknowleilgecl by the Grantor, Still John 
Lockwood in Greenwich the dare thereof; to be his act and deed. 
Before nie 


Justice of the Peace. 
Entered December 28th daye 
1724 per mee 



Know all men by this present that I, William Randall of the 
town of Greenwich in the County of ftliirfield in his majestie's 
Collony of Connecticut have for the consideration of several 
parcells of land made over to me by Still John Lockwood of the 
same plase County and Collony as by bill of Sale from said Still 
John Lockwood may appear, have bargained and sold and do by 
these presents bargain, sell, alienate assign and sett over, sur- 
render and Confirm from me the abovesaid William Randall my 
heirs, executors, administrators forever. 

Said parcells of land now sold are lying and being in the limitts 
of the town of Greenwich abovesaid. I say I have sold them to 
the said Still John Lockwood to him his heirs Executors, Admin- 
istrators or Assigns ffor? To have and to hold, to occupie possess 
and fully to Injoy to his the said Still John Lockwood his heirs 
Executors or assigns proper u^e and benefit with all rights and 
priveleges properly belonging forever. Said lands situate and 
being as followeth (viz.) one parcell lying in Myanos Neck con- 
sisting of twenty acers (more or less) bounded Easterly by the 
land which was Jonathan Randalls, and "Westerly by the Sea, 
tind jS'ortherly by Jonathan Jessup's land and by Randall's 
Stony Lott, and bounded Southwardly by Joseph Mead, and 
Thomas Marshall and Robert Lockwood their land. 

The other parcell of land is Scituate near the Esassuko lands, 
consisting of two acres and is bounded by Common land. East, 
West, North and South, as also a lottment of meadow lying in 
the hassurk medow which said lottment was formerly Jonathan 
Randall's, Sr., meadow which said meadow is bounded Easterly 
by Joshua Randall, Westerly by Common Land, Northerly by 


Joshua Randall's, and Southerly by Joshua Randall's, as also a 
thirty and two pound right in on the East side of 

Myanos River. I say Sold with all the privileges thereto be- 
longing with fence and fruit trees thereon, hereby declaring 
myself said William Randall to be proper owner of all the afore- 
named parcells of Laud and said jNIeadowandto have full power 
within myself to make sale of the same and every part thereof, 
hereby Ingaging to "Warrant and defend the abovesaid parcells 
of Land and every parcell thereof abovementioned from all and 
every person and persons legally laying Claim to the Same or 
any part thereof, hereby ingaging to warrant and defend the 
premises from all former bargains, Sales gifts, grants, mortgages. 
Taxes, Rates, or incumbrances of the law of what nature or 
kind soever before the day and date hereof. 

In Confirmation of the above written Sale I the said William 
Randall do hereunto sett my hand and scale in Greenwich this 
twentieth day of March Anno Doi 1716-17 in the third year of 
our Soverign Lord George by the grace of GOD King of Great 


Signed sealed and delivered in presence of 


Acknowledged before 



Know all men by these presents yt. I Jonathan Loekwood 
of ye town of Greenwich in ye County of Fairfield and Colony 
of Connecticut, do for and In ye Consideration of ye sum of six 
pounds money to me in hand paid by my honoured father Still 
John Loekwood of Greenwich aforesd. have bargained sold and 
by these presents bargain sell alien, Convey and confirm for me my 
heirs and assigns forever unto my sd. father and his heirs forever 
tivo acl-ers of Land in ye bounds of Greenwich foresd. which Land 
is adjoining to my sd. father's home Lott and is yt. which my 
Baid father Give to me by Deed of gift and is bounded East by 


ye highway, north and soutliwest by my sd. father's o->yu 

I say I do by these presents requitt, exonerate my father from 
my Claim or Demand forever and hereby Given Granted and 
Bargained all ye Right title and Interest I have In and unto ye 
premises, and I Do Declare ye same to be free and clear of all 
incumbrances or intangle of any Kind and yt. I have Good 
Eight and Lawful athority to sell and dispose of ye same in 
manner and form as abovesd. 

To have and to hold all ye abovegramed, bargained, and 
Demised premises, with all ye appurtenances and privileges ye 
same belonging or any wise appurtaining unto him my si. 
father and his heirs and assigns forever to his and their only 
profitt benefitt and behoof forever. 

In AVittness where of I have hereunto sett my hand and 
seal this Eighth day of March, A.D. 1737-38. 


Signed sealed and delivered In ye presents of 


Acknowledged before 


Jus Peace. 

From Greenwich, Conn., Records. 

To all people to whom these presents shall come, Greet- 
ing know ye that I Jonathan Reynolds of Greenwich in ye 
County of fairficld in ye Colony of Connecticut Yeoman for 
and in consideration of ye sum of one hundred pounds to me 
in hands paid in current money of ye Colony abovesd. before 
ye ensealing and delivery hereof by Still John Lockwood of 
ye town and county abovesd. ye Receipt whereof I DO acknowl- 
edge and myself fully satisfyed. Contented and paid and of every 
part and parsell thereof to fresh water. Aquitt and Discharge 
ye said Still John Lockwood his heirs Execu. Admin, forever by 
these presents have granted bargained and confirmed and ijy these 


presents do absolutely graut bargain sell and confirm unto him 
ye said Still John Lockwood his heirs and assigns forever one 
messuage or tract of Land situate Lying and being in ye town and 
county and Colony abovesd. beginning at a corner East and by 
^vhich ye town Lott intersects with J. Lockwood's land, thence 
north, forty five degrees west, to heap of Stones for a corner, in 
Capt. Caleb Knaj)p'.s line thirty eight Rods, thence North, seventy 
degrees East, in said Knapp's line to his corner abovesd. to stone 
in ye swamp — thence Northerly on or by sd. Swamp in sd. 
Knapp's line to his other corner or where two fences meets or 
intersect and also ye corner of John Marshall and Gershora 
Lockwood's land, thence easterly untill it comes to said Still 
John Lockwood's own land, thence easterly by sd. Lockwood's 
Land to ye first mentioned corner, bounded south on ye town 
Lott and Azzariah Wiuchel's Land, Northerly on Capt. Caleb 
Knapp's Land, Northeasterly on John ^Marshall, Moses Smith 
and Joseph Lockwood's Land, East on Still John Lockwood's 
own Land containing Eight Eacres of Laud by estimation. 

To have and to hold sd. Granted and bargained premises with 
all ye appurtenances and priviledges to ye same belonging or in 
any wise appertaining to him ye sd. Still John Lockwood his 
heirs and assigns forever, to his and their use and behoof and yt. 
forever — and I ye sd. Jonathan Reynolds for me, ray heirs and 
assigns and every, Do covvenant premise and Grant to and with 
ye sd. Still John Lockwood his heirs and assigns yt. before ye 
ensealing hereof I am ye only owner of ye above premises and 
am lawfully possessed of ye same in my own proper Right as a 
good and absolutely Estate of Inheritance in fee simple and have 
myself good Right and lawful athority to dispose of ye above 
bargained premises in form and manner as abovesd. and that ye 
said Still John Lockwood his heirs and assigns may and shall at 
all times forever hereafter by virtue of these presents peasably 
and Quiettly possess ye Demisd premises with all ye appurten- 
ances freely and clearly acquit from all other and former gifts 
Leases, ]Mortgages and Incumbrances whatsoever. 

Furthermore I ye sd. Jonathan Reynolds for myself my heirs 
Execrs. Admin. Do "Warrant and Defend ye above Demised 
premises to him ye sd. Still John Lockwood his heirs and assigns 


against ye Lawful claim of any person or persons whatsoever 
forever hereafter. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my seal this thirty 
first day of March Anno Domini 1738. 


Signed sealed and Delivered In ye presents of 


Entered ye 12th Jan'y, 1739. 

Acknowledged before 


Justice of Peace. 

Know all men by these presents That I, Gershora Lockwood 
of Coscob, in Greenwich in the County of ffairfield and in his 
Majesties Colony of Connecticut fFor and in Consideration of 
three pounds, eleven shillings which I have received of my 
brother Still John Lockwood of the same place County and Colony 
abovesaid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge myself 
satisfyed, Contented and paid, have given, granted bargained and 
Sold and do by these presents fully, freely and absolutely give 
grant bargain Sell Assigne and Settover from me, my heirs 
assignes. Executors or Administrators forever unto the abovesaid 
Still John Lockwood his heirs assignes, Executors or Adminis- 
trators forever a Certain parcell of Land within the bounds of 
Greenwich, lying Situate and being on the East side of Myanos 
River which is a Seventy-one pounds right in all the undivided 
land between the main County Road between Stamford west 
bounds eastwards and Myanos River AVestwards according to the 
Town grant upon Greenwich List taken in the year 1714. I 
say sold from me and mine to him and his forever, with all the 
rights privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging. To 
have and to hold possess and improve as his own proper right 
title and Interest forever, and do hereby bind my Self my lieirs 
Executors or Administrators forever to AVarrant and defend the 
al)ovesaid right of land freely and Clearly acquitted and dis- 
charged of and from all manner of fformer bargains, Sales, Rates, 


Taxes or Incumbrances of the Law made or Contracted before 
the day and date hereof, as Witness my hand and seal in Green- " 
wich December 31st, 1717. 


Signed Sealed and delivered in the presents of 


The above written bill of sale is acknowledged by the grantor 
Mr. Gershom Lockwood to be his act and deed in Greenwich the 
date thereof before mee. 


Justice. 114618. 

Entered December ye 23 daye 1724 per mee 



16. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan^), born 

died daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Ferris) Lock- 

wood, m. June 19th, 1707, ^lichael Lounsbury, he died January 
20th, 1730-31, " m. by Capt. Selleck, Justice of the Peace." 
In 1702, Michael Lounsbury bought land on "Pepper Ridge 
near Taunton." 

January 8th, 1739-40, Edmund Lockwood, brother of Sarah, 
made his will, and gave her £500. 


86. Elizabeth | Lounsbury, born Jane 13th, 1708. 

87. Saeah j Lounsbury, born June 13th, 1708. 

88. Michael Lounsbury, born January 23d, 1709-10, died November IGth, 

89. Jemima Lounsbury, born March 17th, 17 — . 

90. MuRMURTH Lounsbitry, born December 20th, 17 — , in Stamford. 

91. Joshua Lounsbury, born July 1st, 1716. 

92. Abigail Lounsbury, born September 11th, 1719. 

93. Nehemiah Lounsbury, born December 23d, 1717. 

94. Jonathan Lounsbury, born October 20th, 1721. (Hy. Stamford, p. 
188, Stamford Reg.) 

17. Abigail Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^AbigaiP). Know 
all Men by this present writing that I, Abigail Lockwood 


daughter unto Lieutenant Jonathan Lockwoofl, deceased, of the 
town of Greenwich in his Majesties Colony of Connecticut, being 
of age according to law to make demand and receive my portion 
given me by my honored fother abovesaid, which said portion 
was delivered unto my loving brother Gershom Lockwood, as by 
writ appeareth bearing date 1696 June 24th, wherefore now 
Know ye, that I the abovesaid Abigail Lockwood, do hereby 
acknowledge to have received of my brother Gershom aforesaid, 
all and every part or parcel, sum or suras of money, or other 
estate, which was my portion of my honored father's estate accord- 
ing to the several particulars specified and priced, as they were 
delivered unto him said Gershom by my honored mother, as doth 
or may appear. I do hereby fully and freely quit, eschonorate 
and discharge my brother aforesaid from any demand of any 
part or particular of said portion ; I say, I discharge him, his 
heirs, assigns, executors and administrators forever. 

As witness my hand and seal in Greenwich, Anno 1697 Sep- 
tember 13th day. 




Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us "Witnesses 

* * * PECK, 

* * * FERRIS. 

18. Joseph Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Joseph'), born in Fair- 
field, Ct., son of Joseph and (Beacham) Lockwood. 


"Joseph had a son Jonx, July 1st, 1713, and this Johk was nephew of 
Robert and of Fairfield." (Fairfield Eecords.) 

95. John Lockwood, born July Ist, 1713, in Fairfield Ct., m. Abigail 

96. Abigail Lockwood, born m. Samuel Dans. 

97. Joseph Lockwood, born in Fairfield, Ct., m. Agnes Money. 

98. Nathan Lockwood, born March 25th, 1719, died March 25th, 1731, 
aged 12 years. 

99. EzEKiEL Lockwood, 1710 ? m. 

" Josepli and Robert were brothers; they transferred lands 1699 and 1713." 
(Fairfield Records.) 

OF vrxjERJOwy:, Massachusetts. 37 

Col. Rec. CouQ., p. 35, Oct., 1707. ''Cost allowed Joseph 
Wakeman, agent for Fairfield, for his attendance on this Court 
upon the citation of Joseph Lockwood, is fourteen shillings." 

Col. Rec. Conn., p. 36S. " Upon the petition of Samuel Cooly, 
contra Joseph Lockwood, to have a cause removed out of the com- 
mon pleas as not triable there, it being a matter of equity ; It is 
considered and resolved, that the petition be not granted, because 
by the record of the case as defending in the common pleas, it did 
not appear but that the original plaintiff's replication to the plea 
of the defendant may bring it to an issue as will be triable in the 
common pleas. Cost allowed Joseph Lockwood, abovesaid, 
^IjlOs.llcZ. Execution granted May loth, 1716." 

Col. Rec. Conn., p. 433. " The assembly granted petition of 
Samuel Cooly, who had bought land and a house in Milford of 
Joseph Lockwoodj and paid £40 for the same;" the assembly 
ratifying the said lands to him. 

Col. Rec. Conn., p. 140, Oct. 1727. " Upon the memorial of 
John Silliman, of Fairfield, guardian to Joseph Lockwood, of said 
Fairfield, minor, shewing to this assembly the circumstances of 
said Lockwood and praying the assembly, that there may be a 
disposal of the part of the lands of said Lockwood, to the value 
of sixty pounds to defray the charge of said Lockwood's sickness 
and d&siring that a committee may be appointed to dispose of 
said lands." "This assembly have granted the prayer of said 
petition and that Capt. Moses Dimon and Mr. Andrew Burr be 
impowered and are hereby impowered, with the direction of the 
Court of probate in Fairfield County to execute deeds of convey- 
ance of lands prayed for." 

"May 1728. The assembly on a memorial showing the 
impotent estate and condition of Joseph Lockwood, Jr., of said 
Fairfield, appoint persons to sell so much of said Lockwood's 
lands as will amount to the sum of £30,17s.4d, to defray the 
charge that has arisen in supporting the said Lockwood." 

19. Robert Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph'), born in Fairfield, 
Connecticut; son of Joseph and (Beacham) Lockwood. 



"Eobert and Joseph, Jr., of Fairfield Ct., transfer lands 1699 
and 1713." (Fairfield Records.) 

''Joseph had a son John, July 1, 1713, and this John was 
nephew of Robert and of Fairfield." (Fairfield Records.) 

21. John Lock wood (Robert,^ Joseph') was probably son of 
Joseph Lockwood, whose wife was a jNIiss Beacham. He was 
one of the vestry who signed a petition of the Church Wardens 
and Vestry of The Church at FairfieLd, Connecticut, which was 
made May 15th, 1727, to the General Court of Connecticut, 
stating that they had built a church, and ask to be Excused from 
paying " any discenting minister," or towards building " any 
discenting meeting-house," that ten of them had " lately been 
imprisoned for taxes and had money taken from them, by dis- 
traint contrary to the Governor's advice, and they ask that the 
money be restored to them, and upon this petition the General 
assembly enacted that the tax collected was to be paid to the min- 
ister of the Church of England," etc., and " excused them from 
paying taxes for building meeting-houses for the non-established 
churches of the Colony ; " and again on May 9th, 1728, the 
Vestry file another long petition on the workings of the order of 
the Assembly, and John Lockwood signed this also. (Protestant 
Episcopal Church Documents of Connecticut, vol. 1, pp. 124-30. 
Edition 1863.) 

John Lockwood, of Fairfield. 

"John Lockwood, of Fairfield, was a deputy Oct. 1726." 
Oct. 1734. "On the petition of the common and undivided 
lands of the town of Fairfield vs. John Lockwood of Fairfield, 
the question was put, whether the pleas offered in bar of the 
said petition as sufficient, and resolved by this Assembly in the 
affirmative." (R 54 and p. 534.) 

23. Richard Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph'), born about 1678, 
and was probably son of Joseph Lockwood, of Fairfield County, 
Connecticut, whose wife was a Miss Beacham; m. Mary Aydlock 
or Aydlott. 


They settled in "Worcester County (Eastern Shore), Maryland, 
about A.D. 1700. 


100. Armt\-ell Lockwood, born December ITtli, 1799; m. Mary H.^lland. 

101. John Lockwood, born 

102. Benjamin Lockwood. 

103. Samuel Lockwood. 

25. Daniel Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Daniel^), born in Fair- 
field, Connecticut, in 1669 ; died " 1698." (Savage Biog. Dic'y.) 
Sou of Daniel and Abigail ( ) Lockwood; m. Abigail 

Burr, daughter of Daniel Burr, of Fairfield, whose estate was 
divided in October, 1697. (Col. Rec. Conn., 3, 232.) He died 
at 29 years of age, and "left a large estate for so youug a man." 
(Savage, Biog. Dic'y.) 


104. Ann Lockwood. 

105. Sakah Lockwood, m. John Taylor, Jr. 

Note. — Mr. Daniel Lockwood was "late of Norwalk, de- 
ceased" when his daughter Sarah was married November 6th, 
1723. Daniel Lockwood* was deceased before May, 1714. (Hy. 
Norwalk, 220.) 

Daniel Lockwood, and Abigail {Burr) his wife. 

"Nathaniel Burre, jun'r, of Fairfield, as Attorney for Daniel 
Burre, and Daniel Lockwood and Abigail his wife, children of 
Daniel Burre, late of Fairfield deceased — petitioned this court to 
grant him liberty to contest a certain will made or pretended to 
be made by the said Daniel Burre deceased, and formally approved 
in the Court of assistants ; the said Will not appearing this Court 
referred the matter to a hearing in October next." 

May 13, 1697. (Col. Rec. Conn., vol. 3, p. 205.) 

"At this Court Nathaniel Burre, jun'r of Fairfield as attorney 
for Daniel Burre, and Daniel Lockwood and Abigail his wife, 

* Col. Rec. Conn., 4, 423. 


children of Daniel Burre late of Fairfield, deceased presented bis 
petition," etc., etc., when " this Court doth now order that two- 
thirds of such estate as remains yet undisposed of by the said 
will, shall be distributed to the eldest sone, and one-third part to 
the eldest daughter of the said Daniel Burre deceased." 
Oct. 14, 1697. (Col. Rec. Conn., vol. 3, p. 232.) 

28. John Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim'), born March 19th, 
1665-66, in Norwalk, Connecticut; son of Ephraini and Mercy 
(St. John) Lockwood. 

January 3d, 16S7, he drew Lot No. 28. (Hy. Norwalk, p. 83.) 

Estimated his estate £50. in 1687. (Hy. Norwalk, p. 83, 

on the town lot.) 

29. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim^), born August 
13th, 1668, in Norwalk, Conn., made his will March 3d, 1741- 
42, and probated December 4th, 1744.* December 4tli, 1694, 
on list of voters at town meeting. Son of Ephraim and Mercy 
(St. John) Lockwood, married November 30th, 1702, Charity 
Clements, daughter of Rev. William and Elizabeth Clements. 
His will was probated at Stamford. 

Pounder for the Southfield, March 5th, 1700, authorized to 
impound lawless cattle.f 

Jiinuary, 1701, tax, £3S,2sM.X 


106. Daniel Lock'wood, bom December 13th, 1703, m. twice. 

107. Deborah Locxwood, born February 23d, 1705-6, m. Nathaniel Webb. 
lOS. Jonathan Lockwood, born November 24th, 1707, m. Freelove Wright. 

109. Ebenezer Lockwood, born February 2d, 1710, died May 17th, 1730, 


110. Edmund Locstxood, born November 11th, 1717, m. three times. 

111. Abigail Locetwood, born August 31st, 1721, "last day of August," m, 

Samuel Penoyer. 


In the Name of God, Amen. The 3d day of March, A.D. 
1741-42. I, Daniel Lockwood of ye town of Stamford, in 

* Hy. Norwalk, p. 87. f Hy. Norwalk, p. 172. 

t Hy. Norwalk, p. 175, Stamford Registration, 67. 


Fairfield County, and Colony of Connecticut, in New England 
in America, Laboring under bodily indisposition, but of sound 
mind and memory for which Almighty God be thanked, and 
knowing yt. it is appointed for man once to die, and not knowing 
when it shall please God to call me hence. Do now declare my 
mind in this my last Will and Testament — as followeth : 

I give ray Soul into ye Hands of God my Creator, and the 
Lord Jesus Christ my all-sufficient Redeemer, and my body to 
the Earth decently to be interred according to ye discretion of 
my Executor hereafter named, having hope in ye Resurrection 
of ye Just, and touching ye "Worldly Estate which ye Divine 
bounty hath been pleased to lend me, my last W^ill and meaning 
is yt. first my just debts and funeral expenses being paid. 

Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife 
Charity Lockwood the ^ of my personal estate to be her own 
forever, and ^ part of my Real Estate during her natural life, 
and also my wife to have ye J of my dwelling house. Cellar and 
Barn, and which | she pleaseth during her natural life. 

Item. I give unto my loving son Daniel Lockwood that house 
where my said son now liveth, which I partly built, and ye lot 
where tiie house stands, with that lot adjoining called "Deborah's 

Also I give to my said son all my land lying in ye Northfield, 
also I give him a little belt of land of about Two acres and 
a hundred Rods. Also I give to my said son part of that 
land yt. lieth up by ye meadows or Xor-west from Jonathan 
Clason's to say ye one equal half of yt., that remains after 
Jonathan's Ten Acres is measured of which I shall after 
mention, to him, and also I give to my said son ye one-third of 
my Salt Meadow that lyeth in ye east field, and near a place 
called Lyon's Point ; and to give a more particular account of 
yt. piece. Before mentioned, to say ye Two Acres & Hundred 
Rods it lyeth adjoyning to ye Northeast Corner of my Home 
Lot & is Bounded East on the field fence. West on John Scofield's 
lot, North on Buxston's and South in part on ray lot and partly 
on Benj. Green's lot; all the above raentioned pieces of land and 
meadow, and House, with all the Rights, priviledges and appur- 


tenances thereunto Belonging, after my wife's decease, given to 
my said sou Daniel Lockwood, I say to him and his forever. 

Item. I give unto my loving son Jonathan Lockwooi.l, all my 
Land & Swampe up at Rattle Snake Eock, there being about 40 
acres, and also I give to my said son Ten acres of land at a place 
called up by ye meadows, on Norwest from Clasons. I say my 
said son shall have all ye Plow land, yt. is what has been plowed 
and so in ye East part : Eastward to ye highway, to make the 
Ten Acres. 

Also I give to my said son the \ of my Salt Meadows in the 
Eastfield near Lyon's Point so called ; and the reason why I do 
not mentiou that Land where my son liveth and that adjoyning, 
is because I have given him that already by deed of sale: this I 
give to my said son Jonathan Lockwood, I say to him and his 

Item. I give unto my loving son Edmund Lockwooil all my 
land and meadow in ye South field and also all that Land that 
came to me of Brother Edmond's Estate, and I give to my said 
son my new dwelling House, home lot & Barn after my wife's 
decease to have the whole, I having given the one- half to my 
wife during her natural life. Also I give my said son the one- 
third of my Salt Meadow in the East field at or near a place 
called Lyon's point, I say I give it to my said son Edmund 
Lockwood to him and his forever. Also I give to my said son 
the one equal half of that Land or Swamp yt. lyeth up by ye 
Meadows after Jonathan's Ten Acres are measured off. 

Item. I give unto my loving daughter Deborah now Deborah 
Webb, in addition to what I have already given her to make up 
the sum of £210, money, I say to her and hers forever. 

Item. I give unto my loving daughter Abigail Lockwood 
£210, money, I say to her and hers forever. 

Further My Will is yt. after my decease the f of my personal 
Estate that I have said nothing of: Now say yt. it shall go to 
make what I have given to my daughters, and if the f should 
make more than the £420 with what my daughter Deborah hath 
had already, that then the remainder shall be divided equally 
between my two daughters, and Further my Will is yt. if the f 
of my personal Estate should not make what I have above given 


to my two daughters : My Will is yt. ray son Daniel Lockwood 
do pay to ye ^ part, and my son Edmund Lockwood do pay ye 
other I part till it makes to my two daughters as aforesaid — and 
that if either of my sous Daniel or Edmund should refuse or 
neglect more than two years after my decease and not satisfy or 
secure their sisters, Then my Will is yt. my Executor dispose of 
so much of ye land I have willed to him or them, yt. shall not 
comply with my Will herein to make up as above mentioned to 
my said two daughters. 

And lastly — I do nominate constitute and ordain my said 
loving wife Charity Lockwood to be my sole Executx. of this 
my last Will'and Testament hereby revoking and disannulling 
all and every former Will and Testament by me made, Confirm- 
ing and Eatifying This and no other to be my last Will and 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal ye 
day and year above said — 


Signed, sealed, published pronounced & declared by ye said 
Daniel Lockwood ye testator to what is contained on ye preced- 
ing page, and on this page, to be his last Will and Testament in 
l)resence of us subscribers. 


The above AYill of Daniel Lockwood, and Court doings 
thereon was recorded per me 



30. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim'^), born November 
3d, 1670, in Norwalk, Conn., died , daughter of 

Ephraim and Mercy (St. John) Lockwood, m. in May, 1695, 
John Piatt, Jr., of Norwalk, Conn., born in June, 1664. Son of 
Deacon John (Senior) and Hannah (Clark) Piatt. 



112. Sar.vh Platt, Jr., born March 30th, 1697. 

113. Elizabeth Platt, born June 11th, 1699. 

114. John- Platt, Jr., born April 2J, 1702. 

115. Abigail Platt, born Febru.arr 12th, 1707-8.— Savage, Gen'I Dic'y, vol. 

3, p. 444. 

" John Platt, Jr., of the towne of Norwalke, tooke to wife 
and was married unto Sarah Lockwood, the daughter of Ephraim 
Lockwood, of Norwalke, in jMay, in the yeare of our Lord one 
thousand six hundred and ninety-five." (Hall's Hy. Norwalk, 
p. 193.) 

31. Ephraim* Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Ephraim^), born May 
1st, 1673, in Nor walk. Conn. Son of Epliraim and Mercy (St. 
John) Lockwood. I do not know his wife's name. 


116. Dakiel Lockwood, m. Thankful Richards. 

32. Deacon Eliphalet" Lockitood (Robert,^ Ephraim'), 
born February 27th, 1675-1676, in Norwalk, Conn., died Oc- 
tober 14th, 1753, buried at Xorwalk, Conn. ; son of Ephraim 
and Mercy (St. John) Lockwood. Married October 11th, 1699, 
Mary Gold, born about 1673, daughter of John Gold, of Stam- 
ford ; he died 1702; she died March 6th, 1761, in the 89th 
year of her age ; buried at Norwalk, Conn. "Was representative 
from Nor walk to General Assembly in May, 1724. 


117. Hannah Lockwood, bom July 2Sth, 1700, died July 16th, 1712. 

118. Dajiaris Lockwood, born November 7th, 1701, m. John Bett^, Jr., 
April 17th, 1722. 

119. A SON Lockwood, born November 2Sth, 1703, died December 20th, 1703. 

120. Mary Lockwood, born November 4th, 1704. 

121. Eliphalet Lockwood, born June 24th, 1706. 

122. John Lockwood, born January 8th, 1707-1708, died October 17th, 

123. Mercy Lockwood, born April 11th, 1709, died October 1st, 1712. 

124. Peter Lockwood, born March 16th, 1710-1711, m. twice. 

125. Hannah Lockwood, born July 12th, 1712, died October 27th, 1713. 

126. Abigail Lockwood, born October 17th, 1716. 

* Children's names and dates from History Norwalk, p. 201. 




"Here lies buried the body of Mr. Eliplialet Lockwood, 
who depar:fd this life in the 78th year of liis age, October 
14th, 17o3." 

" Iq memory of Mrs. Mary Lockwood, relict of Mr. Eliphe- 
let Lockw.3c.d, who dec'd. Mar. ye 6th, A.D. 17G1, in tlie 
89th year of her asre." 


In the name of God — Amen — Twenty sixt day of December, 
1719 — I Eleplielet Lockwood of Norwalk within the County of 
Fairfiekl ; being very sick and weak in Body but of perfect 
Mind and Memory; Thanks be given unto God Therefor,, call- 
ing unto mind the mortality of my Body And knowing that it is 
appointed for all men once to dye, Doe make and ordaine this 
my last will and Testament that is to say principally, and first 
of all, I give & Recommend my Soule into the Hands of God 
■who gave it, And my Body I Recoraend to the Earth, to be 
Buried in Decent Christian Burial, att the discretion of my Ex- 
ecutors; nothing donting but att the General Resurrection I 
shall recieve the same again by the mighty power of God, And 
as toucliing such Worldly Estate wherewitli it hath pleased God 
to bless me in this Life, I give demise and dispose of the same 
in the following manner, Imprimis — I give and bequeath to 
Mary my dearly loved wife (after all my Just Debts are payd) 
one third part of all ray ^lovable Estate; forever; And the one 
half of my house & barn, & the half of my Home Lott taking 
of it att the North end, and my Swamps called Pye Swamps, 
and half my Lot of land Lying between James St. John & 
danll st John on the West rocks to have it att the east end. And 
ten acres of Land at Horse Swamps of that Land that has been 
in part improved and one third part of all my Salt Medow, and 
my Wife is to have the Above mentioned Land & Medow house 
& barn (keeping them in good repair) During her nateral Life, 
and my Will is that ray Wife shall have the use & improvement 
of my Son Eliphalets Land untill he arive to the full age of 
twentieth one years; and also Peters Land until he arive at the 
same age (if in they live until then) and my wife to bring 


up Abigail my dafter & to have the comand of her untill she is 
of ye Age of 18 years, and my sons Eliphelet & Peter to be under 
the Government of their Mother ; my wife, Except she sees Cause 
for to put either of them out to printice thera to be put out to 
trades. I give and bequeath unto ray Son Eliphelet Lockwood 
to him, to his heirs, & assigns forever, the one half of my house 
and Home Lott ; to have the South end ; of sd Lett, and all my 
Land in the Indian Field ; and one third part of all my Salt 
Medow ; and one half of my Land att Horse Swamps ; after ten 
acres are sett out to my "Wife, as above Sd, and one half of my 
Commonage ; And also ten acres of land lying easterly of Betts 
pond near the plains — to recieve the above mentioned parcels of 
land when he is twentieth one years of age ; and att his Mothers 
decease to have the other half of my house & barn and Home 
Lott ; and Pye Swamp ; and half of that ten acres sett out to 
my Wife att Horse Swamp ; and half of ye Salt Medow, given 
to my Wife during her life ; and I give him my Musket ! I 
give and bequeath unto my son Peter Lockwood, to him, to his 
heirs and assigns forever my Lott upon Stickey Plains and my 
Paster called liattle Snake Paster ; and ten acres of land lying 
westerly of Betts Pond near the Plains and one third part of all 
my Salt Medow, & half my Lott lying between danll St John & 
James St John and land on the AYest rocks to have the AVest 
end; & one third part of all my Salt Medows and half my Com- 
monage to recieve the above parcels of Land att the Age of 
Twentieth one years, and att his IMothers decease to have the 
other half of the Lott lying between James & danll st John, half 
of the Salt Medow given to his Mother for her Life time, and to 
have the one half of my land at Horse Swamp, and also I give 
him my fire lock — I give to Damaris my Dafter; and to Mary 
my Dafter, five pounds — and all the Remainder of My Movable 
Estate I give to my three Dafters ; Damaris Mary & Abigail ; 
to be equally devided between them ; and if it plea.3 God in his 
providence that either of my Sons depart this Life before he is of 
Age yt is 21 years, then the Surviving brother shall have half of 
his Lands & Medows & the other half be devided Equally be- 
tween the Surviving Sisters — and I doe make and constitute my 
beloved wife for to be my sole Executrix ; of this my last will 


and Testament ; disalowing all former "Wills and Testaments, 
ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and 
Testament — In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my Hand 
and Seal the day & Year above written. 

My Last Will 

My Will 

My Will 

33. Deacon Joseph^ Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim'), born 
April 1st, 1680, in Norwalk, Conn., where he died November 
23d, 1760, in 81st year of his age (Gravestone); son of Ephraim 
and Mercy (St. John) Lockwood, m., August 14th, 1707, Mary 
Wood, of Stamford, Conn., daughter of John Wood ; she died 
June 2d, 1736. They had 8 children — i sons and 4 daughters. 


127. Ephraim Lockwood, born August 23d, 170S, m. Thankful Grimiiian. 

128. Joseph Lockwood, bom November 23d, 1710, m. Rebecca Eogers. 

129. Ruth Lockwood, born July 17th, 1714, m., January 5th, 1735-1736, 
David Hoyt. 

130. Daniel Lockwood, born December 5th, 1716, m. 

131. Mary Lockwood, born March 7th, 1719-1720, m. Nathaniel Benedict, 
and she died January 12th, 1763. 

132. Elizabeth Lockwood, born May 23d, 1721, m. Nathan Hoyt.* 

133. Sar.vh Lockwood, born November 2Sth, 1723, died February 1st, 

134. Is.v,\c Lockwood, born December 24th, 1726, m. Rutli Whitney .f 

f Deacon Joseph Lockwood, who departed this life November 
Gravestone. < 

[ 23d, 1760, in ye 81st year of his age- 

34. Lieut. James Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim-), born 
April 21st, 1683, in Norwalk, Conn. ; son of Ephraim and 
Mercy (St. John) Lockwood ; m., October 23d, 1707, Lidia 
Smith, daughter of Samuel and Rachel (Marvin) Smith, of Xor- 

* Names of above six children History Norwalk, pp. 194-195. 
t Names of above two children History Norwalk, p. 206. 


walk; grauddaughter of Matthew and Elizabeth ^Marvin, of 

jSTote. — Eachel Marvin, born at Hartford December 30tb, 
1649. (N. E. His. Reg., xvi., 251.) 


135. LiDiA. LocKWOOD, born December 17th, 1710, died June 18th, 1712. 

136. Hannah Lockwood, born October 23d, 1713, m. Dr. Uriah Rogers. 

137. James Lockwood, Rev., bora December 20th, 1714, m. Mary Dickin- 

138. LiDiA LocKwooD, born Janiuirv 10th, 1716-17. 

139. Job Lockwood, born July 13ih, 171S, m. Rachel ■. 

140. John Lockwood, born February Sth, 1719-20, m. Mn.ry Keeler. 

141. Samuel Lockwood, Rev., born November 30th, 1721, m. Anne May. 

All born in Norwalk, Conn. 

James Lockwood was a representative from !N^orwalk to the 
General Assembly of Connecticut from 1721 to 1751, inclusive. 
(Bouton, His. Dis., p. 56.) 

Conn. Colonial Records, p. 233, 304, 411, 483, and others. 

James Lockwood was appointed Justice of the Peace for jSTor- 
walk, by the General Assembly, from 1744 to 1756. 

P. 46. Major James Lockwood was a representative from 
Norwalk in 1746, 1748, and 1749. 

P. 251, October 9th, 1729. " This Assembly do establish and 
confirm Mr. James Lockwood, of Xorwalk, to be ensign of the 
north Company or train band in the town of Norwalk, and order 
that he be commissioned accordingly." 

P. 349, October 14th, 1731. "The assembly establish and 
confirms him (?) to be Lieutenant of the Second Company or 
train band in the town of Xorwalk, etc." 

35. Edjiuxd Lockwood (Robert,' Ephrainr), of Stamford, 
Conn., son of Ephraim and Mercy (St. John) Lockwood, appears 
to have been a bachelor, Herewith is a copy of his Will made 
January Sth, 1739-1740. He died February 8th, 1739-1740. 

Probated March 4th, 1739-1740. 

His bequests amount to £3700. 

P. 128. " May 12th, 1670, Edmund Lockwood propounded 
for Freeman at Hartford." 



In ye name of GOD. Amen Jany ye 8th day 1739-40. 

I Edmund Lockwood of Stamford in ye County of Fairfield 
in His Majesty's Colony of Connecticut Being sick & weak in 
body, but of sound mind and memory, and calling to mind ye 
mortallity of ye Body and Knowing yt. it is appointed for all 
men once to die, do now make this my last will and Testament 
in manner and form as is hereafter Exprest. 

Tmprimh : I give and bequeath after my decease, unto my 
Brother Daniel Lockwood of said Stamford the just sum of £800 
to be paid to him by my Executors in money, Goods, or Land 
out of my Estate at ye discretion of my Execr. 

2dly I give and bequeath unto my brother Joseph Lockwood 
of said Stamford the full and just sum of £400, to be paid to 
him by my Execrs out of ray Estate in money, Goods, or Chattels, 
or Lands at ye discretion of my Executors. 

3dly I give and bequeath unto my three sisters, Yit 
^lary Garnsay 
Abigail Cook & 

Sarah Lounsbury to each of them 
£500 to bo paid to them out of my estate by my Executor, in 
^loney. Goods, Chattels or Lands, at ye discretion of my Execu- 
tor, it is to be Xoted that all the legacies above Exjiyrest — to my 
Brothers & Sisters, I give it to them, their Heirs & Assigns for- 
ever, this is my will. 

4th I give and bequeath unto ray cousin Edmund Lockwood, 
son of my Brother Daniel Lockwood — and to my cousin Deborah 
"Webb daughter to ray brother Daniel Lockwood, and wife to 
Nathaniel Webb — of said Stamford to each of them £500 to them 
their Heirs & Assigns forever, to be paid by my Executor out of 
my Estate in Mouey, Goods, Land or Chattels — this is ray Will. 
5thly My Will is & ray desire that my cousin Edmund 
Lockwood & ray Cousin Xathaniel Webb above Exprest shall be 
my Executors to this ray Will, and to pay all my just debts and 
funeral Expenses, and receive ray Credits and distribution as 
above exprest, & in Case ray estates be more than I have given, 


Each Legatee to have proportionable thereof; and if less Each 
legatee to deduct proi)ortionable to his legacy, this ray will. 

Signed Sealed published and declared by Edmond Lockwood 
the Testator of ye within written will, yt this is his last Will & 
Testament in ye presence of us witnessing, the day within ex- 





36. Mary Lockwood (Robert,* Ephrainr), born in Norwalk, 
Conn., daughter of Ephraina and Mercy (St. John) Lockwood; 
m., March 2d, 1692-1693, Joseph Garnsey, born June 30th, 
1662; son of Josepli and Rose (Waterbury) Garnsey. 

She received £500 by the will of her brother, Edmund Lock- 


142. Mary G^uiksey, born September 8th, 1693. 

143. Joseph Garnsey, born April 23d, 1695. 

144. John Garnsey, born May 23d, 1697. 

145. Rose Garnsey, born April 11th, 1699. 

146. Jonathan Gaensey, born November 14th, 1701. 

147. Hannah Garnsey, born January 27th, 1702. 

148. Debro Garnsey, born September 10th, 1704. (Hy. Stamford, p. 159.) 

38. Gersiiom Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,* Gershonr), born in 
Greenwich, Connecticut ; son of Gershom and Ann (Millingtou) 

Was taxed £47 in 1694-95. 

He was admitted a freeman of the Colony Feb, 7, 1693-94. 
(Col. Rec. Conn.) 

"In A.D. 1687 Gershom Lockwood and Willir.m Lockwood 
his brother, agreed during this year to build a bridge across 
Myanos river at Dumpling pond, and receive in payment ' what- 
ever the Toicn should see fit to give, aftei' the loorh was clone.' A 
good way to insure good workmanship, and at the present day 


most builders would shrink from such a test." (Hv. Greenwich, 
p. 70.) 

His wife was named Mary . 


149. GEKSHOix LocKwoOD, 1703, m. Marv Ferris. 

150. Axx LOCKWOOD, 1713, m. Samuel Ferris. 

151. Peter Lockwood. 

152. Elizabeth Loceiwood, m. Silas Belts. 

153. yATHA>"iEL Lockwood, m. Eutli Knapp. 

154. James Lockwood, m. Sally Ferris. 

155. Moses Lockwood. 

156. JoxATHAi,- Lockwood, 1710, m. Eliz. Close. 

Gershom L., of Greenwich, protests Mar. ye 18, 1708, against 
Eev. Mr. Morgan running a saw-mill. 

40, Joseph Lockwood (Eobert,' Gershom'), born in Green- 
wich, Connecticut. He died between December 16th, 1748, aud 
January 2d, 1749. 

Will Dec. 16th, 1748. Inventory £12,052, 11, 0. Son of Ger- 
.shom and Ann (Millington) Lockwood. "Will proved Jan. 2d, 

1748-49, — 17 days after it was made; m. . His wife is not 

named in his will — he was probably a widower in 1748. 

(Mentioned in his will.) 

157. Daxiel Lockwood, born 1725; m. twice. 1 Executors of 
15S. Joseph Lockwood, born 1727; m. Charity Knapp. j their father. 

159. Eliphalet Lockwood, a bachelor. 

160. Sarah Lockwood, m. ^lead. 

161. Abigail Lockwood, m. Adams. 

162. Elizaeeth Lockwood, m. Epenetus Webb. 

163. IXanxah Lockwood, born about 1733, — all the Pewter and Brass, — 

ni. Titus Palmer. 


In the name of GOD, amen I 

December the 16th, A.D. 1748. 

I Joseph Lockwood of Greenwich in the County of Fairfield, 
in the Colony of Connecticut, being in a week and low state of 
Body and daily expecting my death, but of perfect mind and 


memory, thanks be to GOD for the same, do ordain this my last 
"Will and Testament, that is to say, principally and first of all I 
commend my soul into the hand of GOD that gave it, nothing 
doubting but that at the general resurrection I shall be raised 
Soul and Body, Through the Merits of Jesus Clirist to glory, and 
as touching such of my worldly goods wherewith it hath pleased 
GOD to bless me in this life, I give Bequeath and Bestow in 
manner and form as followeth, vizt: after my just debts and 
funeral charges are paid, I give and bequeath my whole estate iu 
the following manner : 

I give to my 3 sons, vizt : Daniel Lockwood, Joseph Lock- 
w^ood and Eliphalet Lockwood all my houses, buildings, lands 
and rights of lands, I have or ought to have in Greenwich afore- 
said and elsewhere, to be by them equally divided, Eespect to 
be had to the quality of the Land each shall have, and he that 
has not so good laud as the other to have it made up in quantity, 
and if either of said sons should die, before he is 21 years of age, 
then ye other two, to have his share, or if two dies before they are 
of 21 years of age then the surviving one to have all my lands, 
and my Will is my said sons should Loveing agree in ye dividing 
my said lands, but if they can't agree, then my Will is that the 
Court of Probate for the district of Stamford, appoint two or 
three able men to divide my lands among my said sons, which 
division shall be binding and entered in the Probate records. 

Item: — I give to my two daughters Sarah Mead and Abigail 
Adams, £10, old Tenor money to be paid by my Executors out 
of my moveable estate. 

Item : — I give to Epenetus Webb, the child which Epenetus 
Webb had by my daughter Elizabeth deceased, £10, old Tenor 
money out of my moveable estate to be paid when the said 
Ejienetus comes to be 21 years of age. 

Item : — I give unto my daughter Hannah all the Pewter and 
Brass in my house, also two beds, and furniture, also 3 good cows, 
also all the money I have in Mr, John Lloyd's hands of Stam- 
ford, to be hers forever. What is due to the said Lloyd, I order 
to be paid out of the other part of my moveable estate, not yet 
disposed of. 

Item: — I give all the remainder of my estate not before dis- 


posed of, to be equally divided between my 3 sons and my daugh- 
ter Hannah Loekwood; And I do appoint my two sons Daniel 
Lockwood and Joseph I^ockwood my Executors for my estate, 
and I do hereby utterly revoke all and every other and former 
TTill and Testament, holding this my only Will and Testament. 
In Witness wliereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal ye 
dav and vear before expressed. 


Signed, Sealed, premised and Delivered to be the last Will and 
Testament of the said Joseph Loekwood in presence of 

Said Joseph Lockwood's will was proved by the Hon. Jona- 
than Hoit, Judge of Probate, January 2d, 1748-49. 
The inventory amounted to £12,052, lis., as follows: 







Eeal estate 

Pei-sonal estate 

Making 12,052 11 

Copied by Fred'c A. Holden, just 130 years after it was 
proved, viz. : Dec. 21st, 1878. By adding 12 days for new style 
it was "as on this day" 130 years ago. 

41. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershonr), daughter of 

Gershom and Ann (Millingtou) Lockwood; born ; died 

May 23d, 1702; m. January 18th, 1693-94, John Bates. 


164. .JoHX Bates, born November 6th, 1694. 

165. Natha>-iel Bates, born October 4th, 1697. 

166. Elizabeth Bates, born December 10th, 1699. 

167. David Bates, born May 23cl, 1702. 

Note.— Mr. John Bates m. Mary Smith December 2Sth, 1702, and had 
Nehemiah, born March 29th, 1704; and Hannah, born May 5th, 1705. (Hy- 
Slamford, p. 156.) 


42. Hannah' Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom-), born 1667, iu 
Greenwich, Connecticut, and died December 28th, 1745, seventy- 
eight years old ; daughter of Gershom and Ann (Millington) 
Lockwood; m., 1st (about 1686), John Buncell, soon after his 
arrival in America, from the parish of Bovingtou, Hemel 
Hempstead, England. He settled in Greenwich, Connecticut. 
He died May 1st, 1690; m., 2d (about 1692), Thomas Hanfonl, 
(born 1668). He was school-master in Greenwich, February 
21st, 1692, and received £l,10s. per mouth for teaching. He 
was born July 18th, 1668,* and died June 7th, 1743, aged seventy- 
five years. Son of Eev. Thomas and Mary Hanford, of Norwalk, 
Connecticut. This Mary was widow of Jonathan luce, of New 
Haven, Connecticut. 

(First husband's.) 

168. Haxnah Burwell, born March 30th, 1687 ; m. John Betts. 

169. A daughter, died young. 

I have no record of any children by her second marriage. 

The following article from the Brooklyn World, April 25th, 
1888, is given in full. 



Important Link in the Chain of Evidence Which is Expected to 
Help in Restoring English Property to the Heirs of Hannah 
Betts — Its Ovtnership to be Contested in Court To-Day. 

The old tombstone, which about a month ago was unearthed 
by some laborers who were digging for drainage connection in 
the rear of Thomas Sisk's saloon, at No. 224 Franklin street, 
Greenpoint, and which excited so much wonder and curiosity at 
the time and still more interest later when an inkling of its history 
was revealed, is now to appear in an important role in a history 
which, if fully written, would read like a novel. 

* Hy. Norwalk, 187. 



The ^YoRLD has already printed the inscription in fnll, but 
so important a part does it play in -^-hat has since become known 
that a cut of the stone iiself and the inscription thereon is here 



Herp Ve^ thp P"^Jy of Mr? H\|> 


Mdrch?oU> |687cjnd> Jjif^ 

As to how the stone came to be in this place, where no ceme- 
tery ever existed, and how, instead of marking a grave it filled 
a grave itself, numerous theories were advanced, but the true 
story which will presently appear has not before been given. 

When Mr. Sisk had deciphered the letters on the stone he 
came to the conclusion that he had a very valuable relic and 
placed it on exhibition in his saloon. Soon the little saloon was 
besieged with sight-seeing customers. Before many days one cus- 
tomer offered §55 for the tombstone, and a museum proprietor 
was willing to give $100 for it. But the possessor refused to 
part with it. Then Mr. William B. Winslow, Jr., of No. 172 
Fort Greene place, visited the saloon, and told Mr. Sisk that he 
was a descendant of Hannah Betts, and that the stone was an 


importaut link in the chain of evidence which it was hoped 
would y..!: re^'ore to her lieirs a large estate in England. Mr. 
Winslow^aid that he would like to have the stone and would call 
again to arrange for its purchase. But just then he was called 
away to Philadelphia on business, and during his absence another 
heir of Hannah Betts, who had noticed the newspajser reports, 
decided to secure possession of the stone. 

This was Mrs. Mary Field, an elderly lady, living at the 
corner of Greene and Clinton Avenues, who is a granddaughter 
of Hannah Betts's third son, Joseph. She applied to Lawyer 
E. F. Eiley, whose office is in the Garfield Building, and strategy 
was resorted to by which possession of the stone was obtained. 
Certain other heirs, whose names are as yet withheld, signed 
over to ^Irs. Field their interest in the stone, which they claimed 
belonged to the estate and not to Sisk, and then Mr. Riley took 
a mortgage on the stone from Mrs, Field for $50, payable on 
demand, and on the day following demanded the money. It 
was, of course, not paid, and Mr. Riley foreclosed. Constable 
Lyons then seized the stone, and despite the remonstrances of 
Mx\ Sisk carted it away to Kerrigan's auction room, where it 
still remains awaiting the result of the legal fight which was at 
once begun by Mr. Sisk, through his attorney, W. F. Courtney. 
An action of replevin before Justice Courtney resulted in the 
stone being replevied. Mr. Sisk then offered bonds to secure Mr. 
Riley, and to-day proceedings will be heard before the Justice to 
prove the security. Bonds will probably be accepted, and then 
counter-bonds will be offered by Mr. Riley to secure Sisk and 
thus keep the stone where it is. The trial to determine the 
ownership will probably not take place till next week. 

It has been claimed that Mr. Sisk is backed by certain heirs 
opposed to those who are represented by Mr. Riley, but anything 
definite on this score cannot be ascertained, though the history of 
the family, their fortune, and the tombstone suggests that there 
is a wheel within a wheel somewhere. 

John Burwell came to this country from the parish of Boving- 
ton, Hemel Hempstead, in Hertfordshire, England, about the 
year 1685, and settled in Milford, Conn. His father had died 
in 1670, leaving him sole heir of large and valuable landed 


estates in Hemel Hempstead, and when John came to thi^ coun- 
try he left his extensive possessions in charge of his sL-^ter, Maria 
Burwell, who also lived in Bovington. Not long after he came 
to this country he fell in love with Hannah Lochioard — now 
spelled Lochcood — who lived with her father, Gershoin Loehwood, 
in Norwalk, and married her. Tlien he purchased souie prop- 
erty in Greenwich, built a house and settled down. Two little 
girls were born to them. In 1689 he returned to England, tak- 
ing his family with him, to see after his estate. In the spring of 
the following year he again sailed for America. This time mis- 
fortune overtook him. The vessel in which he took passage was 
wrecked and one of his children was lost, while he and his wife 
and the other little girl, Hannah, were saved. He returned to 
Greenwich, but shortly after, while on a business visit to Xew 
York, was taken ill with small-pox and, returning to his home, 
died from the malady on May 1st, 1690. His wife survived 
him and afterwards married a Mr. Hanford. The little girl 
Hannah now became the sole heir to the English estates, but the 
death of the father while the child was so young left no person to 
look after them, and they have never been recovered from their 
wrongful owners by the legal heir of John Burwell. 

On April 15th, 1708, when Hannah had attained to woman- 
hood, she was married to John Betts, of Norwalk, in which place 
they continued to live, and here nine children were born to them. 
They were John, Burwell, Joseph, Silas, Sarah, Abraham, 
Hannah, Timothy and Gideon. Nearly all of the children 
eventually married, and some of them had large families. Bur- 
well Betts, the second son, was married twice and had thirteen 
children. Sarah had nine children and John also had nine, one 
of whom, Elizabeth, became the mother of eight children. It 
will be seen from this that the heirs to-day must be quite 
numerous. The grandchildren numbered over fifty and the 
great-grandchildren over a hundred. 

John Betts died in 1745, six years before his wife Hannah, 
whose tombstone forms the subject of the present controversy. 

It appears that from time to time, ever since the death of 
Hannah Betts, in 1751, efforts have been made by the American 
heirs to secure their inheritance, but thus far without substantial 


results. One heir, an old lady now dead, once wrote to Queen 
Victoria, and received a reply from the Home Omce saying that 
if the claim could be proved the heirs here would receive their 
rights. In the course of every twenty years, too. advertisements 
have appeared in American papers calling for the heirs of John 
Burwell and stating that an estate of several millions of dollars 
awaited them, but responses to these advertisements were never 
answered, and it was thought that the Englis!; holders sought 
only for information of the American heirs, the better to hold 
them off. At times the heirs here seemed to have labored under 
greater disadvantages because of forces at work among them 
which they could not overcome or quite place rheir hands on. 
It is said that certain heirs or representatives who went abroad 
at one time, returned well' satisfied with their vi.-ir, but not in- 
clined to push matters further, while the expenses of their trip 
seemed to have made no apparent impression on their resources. 

In 1861 unusual steps were being made for the recovery of the 
property, and it was then that the tombstone was. first brought 
forward in the proceedings. The body of Mrs. Betts was buried 
near jSTorwalk, but the report that the stone was stolen from there 
and that the body and the foot-stones are also missing turns out 
to be untrue. It w-as decided in the course of the proceeding 
that the headstone would be a valuable piece of evidence in 
proving the claim of the American heirs in England, and accord- 
ingly the stone was taken up, boxed for shipmtrat and sent to 
New York. It was temporarily placed in the store of one of 
the heirs, Mr. Nathaniel Hillyer, now of No. 428 Broadway, 
but from here it mysteriously disappeared, and all search for it 
was unavailing. Again it appeared that English agents were at 
work. Twenty-seven years passed by, aud not till the other 
day, when the digging laborers again brought the stone to light, 
was it heard of. Strange enough, only a few days before, an 
advertisement, such as had from time to time been published, 
appeared in one of the New York papers. It is understood that 
a great-great-grandson of Hannah Betts now lives in England 
and is interested in the estate, but in just what minuer cannot be 

Owing to the general reticence observed on the part of all the 


heirs and those concerned who have been found, it has been im- 
possible to learn just how many heirs there are at present, who 
they are, where they live or what relations they bear one another, 
either in kin or as regards the estate proceedings. In addition 
to those spoken of there is a ]Mrs. Peacock, an old lady who lives 
near AVestern Bay, L. I. ; another old lady, ninety years of age, 
who lives up in the State somewhere; a young man who lives on 
Long Island, and an old gentleman who takes a great interest in 
the genealogy of his old family, but whose name or home has not 
yet been discovered by the World reporter. There are also a 
number of heirs to the name of Burrell, Burwell and Beits. 
The name Betts appears to have been spelled at certain periods 
as thuugh it were Beets, and this may account for the different 
spellings which occur on the tombstone. Among the Bettses are 
Mr. George Betts, of iS'ew York, and Fred, and Samuel Betts, 
both of the law firm of Betts, Atterbury, Hyde & Betts. 

In connection with the tombstone the question which remains 
still unsolved, and which will probably remain so, is, how it came 
where it was found. At the time of the finding, no one in the 
neighborhood knew anything about it, and the oldest inhabitants 
were sure that there had never been a graveyard on the spot, 
and they did not remember ever having heard of any one by the 
name of Betts or Burwell as having lived in the county. It took 
only the newspaper notices of the affair to bring forward num- 
bers who knew all about the stone previous to its disappearance 
from the New York storehouse. Mr. Sisk's friends now claim, 
however, according to ]\Ir. Eiley, that some sis years ago the 
stone was left on the sidewalk of the property on which the 
saloon is located, and that after lying there some time it was 
buried in the backyard to get it out of the way. This story is 
scouted, and the explanation which seems most plausible is, that 
when the stone was so mysteriously made off with, it was thrown 
into the pond which in those days covered the ground in which 
it was found. 

Its finding now undoubtedly means a renewal of the efforts on 
the part of the heirs to recover their English estates, and if re- 
ports be true, and their chances are what they appear to be on the 
surface, they will be abundantly repaid, even though they num- 


ber among the hundreds, for the wealth of the English estates is 
rated to be almost fabulous. No figures are definitely stated, but 
one interested party volunteered to say, " Pretty close ou to 
$90,000,000 I guess." 

43. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom'), born about 1669, 
in Greenwich, Conn. By her father's will, made November 22d, 
1692, she received "a. certain Negro girl being now in my 
possession." Daughter of Gershom and Ann (Millington) Lock- 
wood ; m., January 2oth, 1699-1700, Nathaniel Selleck ; son of 
John and Sarah (Law) Selleck; grandson of David and Susanna 
( ) Selleck, from England. 


170. Daniel Selleck, born December 23d, 1700.* 

171. Sarah Selleck, born August 14th, 1702. 

172. Nathaniel Selleck, born October 9th, 1704. 

173. .John Selleck, born January 3d, 1706-1707. 

174. Martha Selleck, born April 19th, 1710, died August 8th, 1712. 

44. Abraham Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom'), of Greenwich, 
Conn., born about 1669, died June, 1747, aged 77. He was a 
" twin brother to his sister Sarah." He removed to and resided 
in Old Warwick, Rhode Island, and was sou of Gershom and 
Ann (Millington) Lockwood; m., about 1693, Sarah "NYestcott, 
born 1 673, daughter of Amos and Deborah (Stafford) Westcott ; 
m. June 9th, 1670, granddaughter of Stukeley and Deborah 
( ) Westcott, granddaughter of Thomas and Elizabeth 
( ) Stafford. 


175. Deborah Lockwood, m., November 29th, 1725, Nathaniel Cole. 

176. Amos Lockwood, m., December 23d, 1725, Sarah Utter. 

177. Adam Lockwood, m., December 24th, 1734, Sarah Straight. 

17S. Sarah Lockwood, m., June 16th, 1728, Abel Potter, per John Wicks, 

178". Abraham Lockwood, Jr., whose wife was named Mary . 

(Warwick, K. I., Rec.) 

Abraham Lockwood " presented the petition of Mrs. Deborah 
AVestcott, widow of Stukeley Westcott, concerning a controversy 

* Hy. Stamford, p. 165. 


raised concerning the estate of Mr. Stukeley "Westcott, late of 
Warwick, deceased, which estate the said widow hath been 
peaceably possessed on several years past." 

The Town Council of Warwick, at this meeting, February 15th, 
1696-1697, at the house of Captain Peter Greene (a member of 
said Council), acted upon this petition. 

Samuel Stafford, who joined him in " presenting the petition," 
m. Mercy Westcott, daughter of Stukeley and Deborah. 

Samuel Stafford was about 62 years old at this time. 

Abraham Lockwood's wife, Sarah Westcott, was daughter of 
Amos and Deborah (Stafford) Westcott, and granddaughter of 
Stukeley and Deborah Westcott. Stukeley Westcott, born 1592, 
died January 12th, 1677, aged 85. As Stukeley Westcott had 
been dead 20 years at the time of the above Town Council meet- 
ing, it was certainly true that " the said widow hath been peace- 
ably possessed on seveyxcl years past." jNIrs. Abraham Lock- 
wood's mother and jjrandmother were both named "Deborah." 


New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Eeg., vol. 12, p. 307. The report 
of the towne Couusill of Warwick being assembled the loth of 
ffebruary 1696-1697 at the house of Capt Peter Greene upon 
the application by petition presented unto us by Samuel Stafford 
and Abraham Lockwood in behalf of the widow Deborah AVestcot 
concerning a controversie raised concerning the estate of Mr. 
Stukely Westcot late of Warwick is given in full on the case and 
signed by John Greene, Dop Govr Randall Holden, and 5 others. 

47. Jonathan Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Rot^ert'), 
born in Greenwich, Conn., March 9th, 1696, son of Robert and 
Mary ( ) Lockwood ; m., December 12th, 1746, Widow 

Hannah Press, per Nathaniel Peck. 

Jonathan Lockwood's ear mark is a slit on the under side of 
each ear. 

Recorded, May 2 2d, 1719. 

Greenwich Rec. 


48. jMary Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Robert'), born 
February 8th, 1698, daughter of Robert and Mary ( ) 
Lockwood ; m. Nathaniel AViatt. 

179. Henry "Wiatt, bom 1726. (Hy. Stamford, p. 195.) 

49. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert'), born 
1700, in Greenwich, Conn.; died November 16th, 1787, aged 
87 years (gravestone), in Greenwich. He made his will Janu- 
ary 12th, 1774 ; probated December 7th, 1787. Son of Robert 

and Mary ( ) Lockwood ; ra. Mary , born 1719, 

died April 19th, 1799, aged 80 years (gravestone), in Green- 
wich, Conn. ; daughter of 

ISO. Samuel Lockwood, Jr., born November 20tli, 1737, m. Letitia Davis. 

181. Philip Lockwood, born February 28th, 1750, m. twice. 

182. David Lockwood, m. Mary . 

183. Katherine Lockwood, born m. Joseph Mead. 
183^. Gilbert Lockwood, b. 1747, d. Aug. 9th, 1836. 


January 12th, 1774. Probated December 7th, 1787. 

]\Iy wife Mary Lockwood 

" Son Samuel 

'' " Philip 

51. Captain David Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan/ Robert^), 
born in August, 1707, in Greenwich, Conn. ; died December 4th, 
1755; son of Robert and Mary ( ) Lockwood; m. April 

9th, 1728. (No name of wife given in the record.) 


184. David Lockwood, born December 27th, 1729, m. Hannah . 

185. Enos Lockwood, born May 30th, 1731, m. Elizabeth . 

186. Stephen Lockwood, born June 26th, 1734, diwl December 4th, 1734. 

187. Timothy Lockwood, born October 26th, 1735, m. Abigail . 

ISS. Abigail Lockwood, born August 2d, 1737, died young. 

189. Ephkaiji Lockwood, born February 24th, 173S-1739. 


190. Philip Lockwood, born J:inu;v.y 29tli, 1740-1741, died December 3d, 

191. JosHrA LocKWoOD, born September '2i3th, 1743. 

192. S-iEAH LocKwooD, born Ai^gnst 20th, 1745, lu. Silas Hoyt. 

J^OTE. — This Family Eecord I found in a very oid book, 
with heavy leather covers, showing great age, and it ^Yas -^vritten 
in it that it " belonged to Jonathan Lochcood in 1687." Lieut. 
Jonathan Lockwootl was grandiather of Capt. David Lockwood, 
and died in 1688. F. A. H. 


" This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Daniel (?) Lock- 
wood, of Greenwich, to be Lieutenant of the east company or 
train band in the town of Greenwich, aforesaid, and order that he 
be commissioned accordingly.'"' (Conn. Col. Rec, 7, 430.) 

"David Lockwood was a representative from Greenwich, Oc- 
tober, 1745." (P. 163.) 

" This Assembly do establis.h and confirm Mr. David Lock- 
wood to be Captain of the 1st Company or train band in the 
town of Greenwich, and order that he be commissioned accord- 
ingly, iNIay, 1752." (P. 96.) 

" David Lockwood, of Greenwich, against Eebekah Rundow, 
widow, and others, shows that ' he had been obliged to pay large 
sums of money recovered against him by the executors of the last 
named will of Captain .John Lyon, late of Rye, in said Province, 
decea.sed, on a bond given by the Petitioner to indemnify him 
with respect to certain moneys by the said deceased Abraham 
Rundow, and said Clauson borrowed of said Lyon, etc., etc.,' and 
prays for relief and that commissioners may be appointed to en- 
quire and report, etc., October, 1755." (Vol. 10, p. 428.) 

"The commissioners reported in May, 1756, etc., etc. 'Re- 
solved and decreed by this Assembly that the said Enos Lock- 
wood, administrator (with the ^^'ill annexed) on the estate of the 
said David Lockwood, deceased, shall have and recover, etc., the 
sum of j£140, New York money, for damages in the case re- 
ferred to,' etc." 

Execution granted June 29th, 1756. (Vol. 10, p. 508.) 

His estate was appraised at £1753, 10s. Qd. 


His will was made November 29th, 1755, and probated De- 
cember 9th, 1755. Sons David, Enos, and Timothy had three 
lots of land, and must pay the others £15 each. 

Son Ephraim £15 in money, son Joshua £15 in money, when 
they come to ago of 21 years; daughter Sarah £15, when she is 
18 years old. That all the wearing apparel belonging to my 
deceased wife be given my only daughter, Sarah, whensoever my 
son David's wife, Hannah, shall think fitting to let her have 
them. Son David to have £10, as administrator. 

His wife was dead when he made his will, and no mention is 
made of her name in his family record or in his will. 

F. A. H. 

52. Deborah Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Eobert^), born 
in Greenwich, Connecticut ; daughter of Robert and ^Nlary ( ) 
Lockwood; m., September 16th, 1732, Eliphalet* Peek, of Green- 
wich, Connecticut; son of Samuel,^ son of Rev. Jeremiah,' sou 
of William^ Peck, who was born in London, England, in 1601, 
and came to this country in the Ship Hector, arriving in Boston 
June 26th, 1637.* 


193. Deeorah Peck, born April 30th, 1733. 

194. Eliphalet Peck, Jr., born April 2Sth, 1734. 

195. Abigail Peck, born April 6th, 1736. 

196. Jajies Peck, born March 16th, 1738. 

197. Susannah Peck, boi-n February 2Sth, 1739. 
193. Pheee Peck, born Jane Sth, 1742. 

199. Mary Peck, born January 2Sth, 1743-44. 

200. Caleb Peck, born September 30th, 1745. (Greenwich EecorcL) 

53. Jabez Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,- Gershom'), born 
January 18th, 1702-3, Greenwich; died 1734. Son of Gershom 
and Hannah ( ) Lockwood; was a bachelor, and gave his 
property to his brothers and sisters after the death of his parents. 

Real estate £1090, 15.s. Personal £230, 8s. lOd. 
Belov/ is a copy of his will and the action of the Probate 
Court thereon : 

* Peck Genealogy, pp. 390-91. 


File with V. 2;eneration. 

His Will was Probated April 2(1, 1734. 

The Will of Jabez Lock wood, dated Feb. 27th, 1733-34, wa~ 
Probated April 2d, 1734. Jabez's five brothers receipted for their 
respective shares Oct. 18th, 1763. 


In the name of GOD, Amen. February ye 27th day anno 
Doni. 1733-4. I Jabez Loekwood of the town of Greenwich in 
ye County of Fairfield in ye Colony of Connecticut Yeoraan, 
being now very sick and weak of body, but in perfect mind and 
memory, blessed be GOD for it, and calling to mind the mor- 
tality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once 
to die, do ordain, make and appoint this my Last Will and testa- 
ment, that is to say, first and principally of all, I bequeath and 
recommend my soul into the hands of GOD that gave it, my 
body to ye ground, to be buried in a Christian-like and decent 
manner, at ye discretion of ray Executor, nothing doubting but 
I shall receive ye same again at ye general resurrection l)y ye 
Almighty power of GOD, and as for what earthly goods it has 
pleased GOD to give me in this life, 1 give bequeath and dispose 
in manner following to wit: Alter ye payment of my just debt> 
which I order to be paid out of my lands. 

Imprimis: I give and bequeath to my honoured and inder^ent 
father Gershom Loekwood, and mother Hannah Loekwood, 
during their natural lives, all my estate in Lands — and at their 
decease to be distributed equally unto my loving Brothers, their 
heirs and assigns forever. 

Iteji : 1 give and bequeath unto my loving si-ters all my 
estate in movables, to be equally distributed to them. 

And I do hereby ordain, constitute and appoint my Honoured 
father Gershom Loekwood my Sole Executor of this my last 
Will and Testament to distribute and dispose of all ye premises 
in manner above, allowing ratifying and confirming this and none 
other to be my Last Will and Testament, utterly revoking and 
repealing all manner and other former Wills, Testaments and 


Leagicies AVhatsocver, made at any other time or times Whatso- 
ever, from ye hoginning of ye world this day, by me. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, ye 
day and date above written. 

JABEZ LOCK^yOOD [seal and wax]. 

Signed, Sealed, delivered, pronounced and acknowledged by ye 
said Jabez Lockwood in ve pre-enoe of us subsribers 

At a Court of probate held in and for the District of Stamford 
on March the 22d, 1762, Jonathan Hoit, Esq., Judge, being 
present, then Gershora Lockwooil brother and one of the heirs of 
Jabez Lockwood of Greenwich, Dec'd moved to this court for au 
order of Distribution of the Real Estate of the said deceased, and 
informed said court that his father Gershom Lockwood who w'as 
appointed Executor of the Estate of said deceased, loas Dead, and 
that he never had his part of the estate of said deceased, and it 
appears to this Court that the Vrill of said deceased was exhibited 
in said Court on April 2, 1734, and said Gershom wdio is since 
deceased, declared his acceptance of said Executorship in said 
Court, aud brought into said Court an Inventory of the Estate 
of said deceased on August the 6th, 1734, amounting to the 
sura of £1090,1 5.S.0C?.— Real Estate; and £230,8s.l0d Personal 
Estate, which Personal Estate by length of time is all wasted 
and gone, and said Executor never brought into said Court any 
a''Count of debts due from the estate of said deceased, which was 
to be paid out of the Real Estate, and it being of so long stand- 
ing that there was a Citation sent to the rest of the heirs to appear 
before this Court for to give reasons if any they had, why distri- 
butors should not be appointed to distribute said Estate, and there 
was one appeared and offered his reasons, which this Court Judged 
insufficient and is of opinion that distributors should be appointed 
to distribute the Real Estate of said deceased, etc., aud this Court 
does appoint, desire and fully impower, Cap't Israel Knap, Peter 


Mead Esq., ami Lieut. John Mead, all of Greeuwieh to distribute 
said Real Estate according to the Will of the te.stator, and above 
order of Court. ^ Test : CHARLES WEBB, 


Jabez's brothers and sisters, children of Gersbora aud 
Hannah : 

Geeshom Lock-u-ood, 3d. 
Hezekiah Lockwood. 
Theophilcs Lockwood. 
]s■atha^' lockavood. 
Dated Lockwood. 

54. Nathan Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Gershom'), 
boru July 28th, 1704, in Greenwich, Connecticut; died July, 
1761 ; son of Gershom and Hannah ( ) Lockwood ; m, 


Made his Will June 11th, 1761, "being advanced in years, 
and bodily weakness." The Will was Probated Aug. 4th, 1761. 


201. Nathan Lockwood, Jr. 

202. Thaddeus Lockwood, m. Sarali 

203. Sarah Lockwood, m. Nathaniel Reynolds. 

204. Abigail Lockwood, m. Mead. 

205. Ruth Lockwood, m. Seymour Sherwood. 

206. Deborah Lockwood, m. Dauielson. 

207. Ann Lockwood, m. Partello. 

208. Rebecca Lockwood. Not mentioned in lier father's will, made June 

11th, 1761. 

All born in Greenwich, Connecticut. 


I give to my loving wife Sarah J of my movable estate to be 
hers and her heirs forever. 

1 give my loving son Nathan my two housen and Barn. 

I give my loving son Thaddeus 4 acres of land. 

My two sons Thaddeus and Nathan shall equally divide aud 


have all my lands "only I reserve 30 acres of land lying east of 
the road " ray daughters Sarah 

Ann the 30 acres to be divided 

between the dgs. 

Had grandson Lebens Sherod (or Sherwood). 
" Being advanced in years and bodily loeakness." 
Tlie above Will ^vas Probated Aug. 4th, 1761. 

16th, 1769, GREENWICH, CONN. 

Gives Son Thaddeus Lockwood 
" " Nathan " 

dg. Sarah Reynolds* 
" Abigail Mead 
" Ruth Sherwoodf 
" Deborah Danielson 
" Anne Partelow 

55. Hezekiah Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,'' Gershom^), 
born June 9th, 1706, in Greenwich, Connecticut; son of Ger- 
shom and Hannah ( ) Lockwood ; m., 1729, Ruth 

October 18th, 1763, he receipted for his share of his brother 
Jabez Lockwood's estate. 


209. Jeremiah LocK-n-ooD, born say 1733, m. Abigail Smith. 

210. Hezekiah Lockwood. 

211. Ruth Lockwood. 

212. Mercy Lockwood. 

213. Isaac Lockwood. 

214. Sarah Lockwood. 
21.5. Samuel Lockwood. 

216. Jo~iAH Lockwood. 

217. Axx Lockwood. 

* Son in Law I^athaniel Reynolds, 
t Son in law Seymour Sherwood. 


59. Geeshom Lockwood, 3d (Robert/ Jonathan,' Gershom'), 
born in Greenwich, Connecticut; son of Gershom and Hannah 
( ) Lockwood; m. l,Mary ; m. 2, don't know name- 

Mch 22, 1762. Then Gershom Lockwood, brother and one 
of the heirs of Jabez Lockwood, of Greenwich, Ct., moved in the 
Probate Court, for an order of distribution of Eeal Estate, etc., 
and receipted for his share Oct. 18th, 1763. 

First Wife's; 

218. MiLxixcTON Lockwood, born ; m. Sybil Wood. 

219. Maey Lockwood, born February 24tli, 1742. 

220. Hannah Lockwood, born April 16th, 1744. 

221. Abigail Lockwood, born April 16th, 1746. 

Second Wif^s: 

222. Gershom Lockwood, born February 9th, 17.53. 

223. Eli Lockwood, born 1757. 

224. Abram Lockwood, born October 6th, 1759. 
22-5. John Lockwood, born 1762. 

226. Sakah Lockwood, born July 8th, 1764. 

227. Elizabeth Lockwood, born September 24th, 1763. 

(Greenwich Records.) 

60. Theophilus Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Gershom'), 
born in Greenwich, Ct. ; son of Gershom and Hannah ( ) 
Lockwood; m., December 17th, 1749, Hannah Close. 

Inventory of his estate, taken January 13th, 1764, amounted 
to £649, lis. llfd 





October 18th, 1763, he receipted for his share of his bachelor 
brother Jabez's estate. Six children are mentioned in the settle- 
ment of his estate. John, oldest son," to have a double share or 


228. Hannah Lockwood, born August 26th, 1750, m. M. William Hendrie. 

229. Ruth Lockwood, born April 4th, 1752. 

230. John Lockwood, born April 26th, 1754. 


231. Israel Lockwood, born November 28th, 1755. Enlisted May 12th, 

1775, in Capt. Thomas Hobby's Company, and was discharged December 
8th, 1775. 

232. TiiKOPHiLUS LoCKWOOD, Jr., born February 6th, 1759, m. twice. 

233. Thomas Lockwood, born January 22d, 1761. Probably died young, as 

lie is not mentioned in the settlement. 

234. David Lockwood, born February 18th, 1763. 

Theophilus Lockwood and Hannah Lockwood. 

Memorial of Hannah Lockwood, administratrix of Theophilus 
Lockwood, late of Greenwich, showing £94, 2s. due, and per- 
mission given to sell real estate to pay it. (Vol. 12, p. 407.) 

Memorial of Hannah Lockwood, administratrix of Theophilus 
Lockwood, late of Greenwich, deceased, showing more debts 
amounting to £28, 9s. Iff?., and permission given to sell real 
estate to pay it, May, 1772. (Vol. 13, p. 627.) 

62. Joseph Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph'), 
born March 15th, 1699, at Stamford, Conn., removed with his 
father to Poundridge, New York, in 1743, where he died June 
15th, 1757, aged 58, 2, 20. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Ayres) Lockwood; m. Sarah Hoyt, born 1st April, 1706, and 
died in 1790, daughter of Joshua and Mary (Pickett) Hoyt. 

Mr. Hoyt was one of the proprietors of the Stamford Patent 
which was granted in A.D. 1685. (Hoyt Family Hy., p. 333.) 


235. Eliakiji Lockwood, born February 28th, 1728-29, died 1737. 

236. Joseph Lockwood, bom June 30th, 1731, m. Hannah Close. 

237. Elizabeth Lockwood, born March 7th, 1733, m. Nathaniel Waring. 

238. Gilbert Lockwood, born , 1736, died 1740. 

239. Ebexezer Lockwood, born March 31st, 1737. A patriot of the Revo- 


240. Rachel Lockwood, born January 19th, 1739, m. Ebenezer Wood. 

241. Mercy Lockwood, born , m. David Dan. 

242. Hezekiah Lockwood, was killed by a fence-rail, aged 7 years. 

243. Prudence Lockwood, born , m. Elijah AVeed. 

63. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ Joseph'), born 
March 24th, 1701, in Stamford, Conn.; daughter of Joseph and 


Elizabeth (Ayers) Lock wood ; m., September 17th, 1724, David 


244. Haxxah Daxx, born September 23d, 1725. 

245. Elizabeth Dajs'x, born July 23d, 1727. 

246. Deborah Daxx, born June 13th, 1729. 

247. David Danx, born July 9th, 1731, died young. 
24S. Silas Danx, born October 7th, 1733. 

249. David Dax>-, born May 11th, 1739. 

250. Sakah Da>-x, born February 23d, 1740-41.^ 

64. John Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Joseph^), born Sep- 
tember 18th, 1703, in Stamford, Conn., died there 1776; son of 
Joseph and Elizabeth (Ayre.s) Lockwood ; m. 1, April 8th, 1737, 
Sarah Seofield, daughter of Daniel Scofield, m. 2, Abigail, she 
was baptized September 23d, 1750. 


251. JoHX Lockwood, Jr., born January 10th, 1737-38, m. Hannah Hoit. 

252. JojIAH Lockwood, born September 25th, 1741, died s. p. 

253. Recben Lockwood, born July 3d, 1743, m. Lydia 

254. Ezra Lockwood, born , baptized August 17th, 1748. 

255. Abigail Lockwood, born July 25th, 1750, m. James Lounsbury. 

256. Sarah Lockwood, born , m. Scofield. 

The v.ill of John Lockwood, of Stamford, Conn., was ap- 
proved Jidy 23d, 1776. Amount £245. He mentions wife and 
daughters Sarah Scofield and Abigail Lounsbury, and sons John 
and Reuben. These two sons were his executors. 

John Lockwood, Senior's, distribution at Stamford, jNIay 4th, 
1780. (Stamford Probate Records, vol. 2, pp. 102, 105.) 

66. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Josei)h'), 
born May 15th, 1708, in Stamford, Conn.; daughter of Joseph 
and Elizabeth (Ayers) Lockwood; m. , Job Hoyt, 

born January 22d, 1703-4, sou of Joshua and Mary (Pickett) 

Note. — His " ear-mark " was recorded at Stamford, March 
30th, 1724. (Hoyt Gen'y, p. 332.) 



2o7. Thaddeus IIoYT, born May Sth, 1729, m. Del->orah Scofield. 

258. Jehiel Hoyt, born November llth, 1730. 

2-59. John- Hoyt, born March 25th, 17.3.';, m. Bethiah Jones. 

2r.n. Sarah Hoyt, baptized May 2il, 17.36. 

261. Gideon Hoyt, baptized March 20th, 1737, m. Elizabeth Weed. 

2iJ2. Silas PIoyt, baptized March 25th, 1739, was blind. 

203. Lydia Hoyt, baptized May 24th, 1741, in. Gideon Scofield. 

264. jEiSE Hoyt, baptized April 24th, 1743, m. Lydia Ferris. 

265. Abigail Hoy't, baptized ^Vlarch 24th, 1745, m. Gilbert Weed. 

266. ^Iercy' Hoyt, , m. Ebenezer Jones, Jr. 

267. Gilbert Hoyt, baptized February 23d, 1719, m. Hannah Bishop. 
263. .Sy'lvanvs Hoy't, living in "Old Poundrido-e" in 1773. 

XoTE. — Joshua Hoit, Sr., gave to his son Job land in Stam- 
ford, near "ye head of jSToroton River," September 12th, 1726, 
and he bought other land in the same locality, May, 1729. His 
father deeded him two other pieces of land in Stamford, April, 
1736, one of them at Hoit's Ridge, in Xew Canaan Parish; and 
he sold land in Stamford the same month. In 1739 he sold land 
in Stamford to his brother James; and in 1744, Job Hoit, of 
Stamford, sohl other land in Stamford to David ^yaterl^ury. 
He was taxed in New Canaan Parish in 1732. The Church 
was there formed in 1733. His wife, Elizabeth {Lockwood) Hoit, 
was admitted to the N. C. Church, July 21st, 1734, and himself, 
September 7th, 1735, and they had children baptized there from 
1736 to 1745. 

Job Hoit died in North Castle, October 13th, 1754. (Hoyt 
Gen'y, p. 332.) 

67. Israel Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph'), born 

June 4th, 1710, in Stamford, Conn. He died of a camp distemper, 

, 1776. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Ayer.-^) Lockwood ; 

m., September 1st, 1748, Susannah Smith, she died s. p. 1811. 

69. Capt. Reuben Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph^), 
born December 15th, 1715, in Stamford, Conn.; son of Jo.scph 
and Elizabeth (Ayers) Lockwood; m. 1, Sarah Cramp; m. 2, 
Elizabeth Stevens. 


. First Wife's: 
209. Lydia Lockwood. 

270. An>-a Lockwood. 

271. Saeah Lockwood. 
Second Wife's: 

27'2. Eei'bex LocKwoor, Jr., ra. Mary Mead. 

273. Hezekiah Lockwood. 

274. David Lockwood. 

275. Nath.ajj Locirn-ooD. 
27(3. Rebecca Lockwood. 

277. Elizabeth Lockwood, April 6th, 1753, m. Peter Eeynolds. 

278. Jekusha Lockwood. 

Calendar, Historical Manuscripts in English, X. Y., from 
Index on page 123-125, the niuiter roll of Capt. Eeuhen Lock- 
wood's Company of AVestche.^er County X. Y., is given April 
22d, 1758, and en May 1st, 1758, the record of a warrant in 
favor of Capt. Reuben Lockwood for £1,121 hounty for 103 
volunteers from Westchester County. (See p. 151.) 

70. X'athaniel Lockwood (Robert,* Jouaihan,^ Joseph'), 
born May 20th, 1717, in Stamford, Conn.; son of Joseph and 
Margery (Webb) Lockwood; ra., January 2d. 1742-43, Mary 

Children's baptisms copied from Congregational Church 
recoi'ds at Stamford. 


279. Hannah Lockwood, lorn December, 13th 1743, baptized February 

27th, 1754. 
2S0. Rebecca Lockwood, born September 15th, 1745, baptized February 

27th, 1754. 
281. M.,uiTHA Lockwood, bora September 11th, 1747, baptized February 

27th, 1754. 
2S2. Millecent Lockwood, born August 13th, 1749, baptized February 

27th, 1754. 

283. Nathaniel Lockwood, Jr., born July 19th, 1751, baptized February 

27th, 1754. 

284. NATH.AJif Lockwood, born July 17th, 1754, baptized August ISth, 1754. 

285. Jerusha Lockwood, baptized May 8th, 1756. 

286. Mary Lockwood, Jr., born April 24th, 1757, baptized June 12th, 1757. 
237. Rachel Lockwood, born July 2d, 1759, baptized September 23d, 1759. 


2SS. David Lockwood, baptized June 17th, 1761, died 1825. 

289. Lydia Lockwood, baptized March 14th, 1763. 

290. IsKAZL Lockwood, baptized November 17th, 1765. 

Note.— The first " five cliildren were baptized at the same time, making a 
solemn and impressive service." 

72. LiEUT.-CoLONEL James Lockwood (Robert/ Jouathan,- 
Joseph'), born in Stamford, Conn,, July 15th, 1722; son of 
Joseph and ^largery (Webb) Lockwood ; m., September 5th, 
1741, :Mar_v Xorton. 


291. Makt Lockwood, bom March 3d, 1742, m. Nathan Knapp. 

292. James Lockwood, born about 1758, m. 

293. Jacob Lockwood, born m. Mary Pelhnn. 

294. Su?A>'>-AH Lockwood, born m. Ephraim Lockwood. 

295. Thaxktcx Lockwood, born m. James Benedict. 

296. Elizabeth Lockwood, born m. Jacob Wood. 

297. Lydia Lockwood, born m. Elisha Pelhim. 

298. EsTHZP. Lockwood, born m. James Harford. 

Conn. Colonial Record.s, vol. 10, p. 42, October 2d, 1751. 
" This Assembly do appoint Major James Lockwood to be 
Lieutenant Colonel of the 9th regiment of this Colony." 

74. Capt. Gilbert Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Still 
John^), born about 1725, in Greenwich, Conn., and died about 
1804 or 1805, 80 years of age. 

He was ^^ ixrobably the fifth son" of his father. Son of Still 
John Lockwood, of said Greenwich ; m. Mercy .... 

but her surname has not been ascertained. 

Their son, Elnathan Lockwood, was administrator of the 
estate of Capt. Gilbert Lockwood, appointed March 27th, 1805. 
The estate was distributed April 9th, 1805. 

His children were all born in Greenwich, Conn. 


299. Eljtathan Lockwood, lived in New Canaan, Conn. 

300. Amos Lockwood, 

301. Edwap.d Lockwood, m. in 1782 Elizabeth "Wilson. 

302. Solomon Lockwood. " He went West." 

303. Andrew Lockwood, born April 6th, 1762, m. Elizabeth Webb. 

304. Gllbeet Lockwood, Jr., 1768, died unm., April 3d, 1811. 

305. EicHAJiD Lockwood, m. Hannah Daskam. 



^i^'^^^i /^/^w7tJ M<- o^'-^i-/ L, 

't.iCi:<yt.'(t^ ?i'r:>i'/^}~ 




'/Aaj< ^Sf^/^^-nU 


^0«^^.r /% /^^fa^.'.(^'^"-"<^~ 


^'X''/^fr////^ A::^/^/ 

/^^/v .'''■/?>^; ■ .;• 






inrtly loaned Dy R. 

Esq., Stamford, Conn. 

Photographed fron 

2d by R. A, Foidick, Esq., Stamford, Conn. 


306. XoAH LocKAVooD, was twice married. 

307. Tajeor Lockwood, m. Aaron Clark. 
30S. EuTH Lockwood, nnm. 

The following entries %Yere copied in October, 18S8, at Stam- 
ford, Conn., from the original book containing the names of the 
officers and soldiers in Colonel Waterbury's Regiment, at Camp 
Lake George. 

"Lieut. Timothy Lockwood, in battle on ye Sth of July, lost 
ye Government, one bayonet." 

True copy, Lake George, October 4th, 1758. — F. A. H. 

" List of Implements, Gux Roll an'd Accoutrements." 

Gilbert Lockwood, 1 Cutlace. 
Samuel Lockwood, 1 Cutlass. 
Jonathan Lockwood, 3d, 1 Gun. 
Robert Lockwood, 1 Gun. 
James Lockw^ood, 1 Cartorick Box. 
James Lockwood, 1 Gun. 
jNIoses Lockwood, 1 Gun. 
Moses Lockwood, 1 Belt and 1 Hatchet. 
Jeremiah Lockwood, 1 Gun. 

"The above men oicned their Guns and Accoutrements." 

" Abrm. Lockwood received said Guns and Accoutrements." 
(Copied in October, 1888, at Stamford.— F. A. H.) 

There were two captains in the Revolutionary War, named 
Gilbert Lockwood, and they were both born in Greenwich, 
Fairfield County, Conn. The older Gilbert was sometimes called 
"Major," but generally Captain Gilbert Lockwood. 

A letter from one of the older Lockwood's, in the city of Xew 
York, in 1878, informed me that Captain Gilbert Lockwood's 
house stood on or near the boundary line between New York and 
Connecticut; and he was frequently surprised while entertaining 
officers of the American Army, at dinner, etc. 

Mrs. Hester Ferris, since deceased, stated to the writer in 1878 
that she well recollected Captain Gilbert Lockwood, of Green- 
wich, he lived near her father's house, that he stood very erect, 
and was the father of Andy Lockwood. 

Oliver Lockwood Ford w^ent with me into the old burying- 
ground, at Greenwich, on a very cold day, he was then 91 years 


old, and told me anecdotes of Captain Gilbert Lockwood, and 
stated that lie was buried near his son, Andrevr Lockwood ; the 
latter's resting; place is marked by a substantial headstone. 

Neither Captain Gilbert Lockwood, who was buried at Green- 
wich, nor his namesake whose grave is at Olive, Ulster County, 
N. Y., I am sorry to say, have gravestones. — F. A. H. 

Gilbert Lockwood, Greenwich. Coxx. 

" Distribution of the estate of Gilbert Lockwood, late of 
Greenwich, deceased, exhibited at a Court of Probate, held at 
Stamford, in and for Stamford District, April 9th, A.D. 1805, 
accepted and ordered to be recorded." Endorsement on the back 
of the following paper. 

We the subscribers being appointed by the Honorable Court 
of Probate, for the District of Stamford, to distribute and set off 
to the heirs of Gilbert Lockwood, late of Greenwich, deceased, 
their respective shares in said estate, have distributed and set off 
to said heirs in the following manner. 

Distributed and set to ^Mercy Lockwood, widow of said de- 
ceased, five acres and a half of land, together with half of the 
house, being the south part, and the barn standing thereon, 
bounded south by land set to Gilbert Lockwood, son of said de- 
ceased; east by the highway ; iccst by Titus Knajips land ; north 
by land set to Tamor one of said heirs. 

Distributed and set to Richard Lockwood, s^r-n of said deceased, 
3 roods and 22 rods bounded east by highway ; south by land 
sold to pay debts ; loest by Titus Knapps land ; north, by land 
set to Gilliert one of said heirs. 

Di.-tributed and set to Gilbert Lockwood, sod of said deceased, 
3 roods and 22 rods of land bounded east by highway ; south by 
land set to Richard one of said heirs ; west by Titus Knapps land ; 
no)ih by widow's dower. 

Distributed and set to Tamor Lockwood, one of said heirs, 
3 roods and 12 rods of land together with J of the house, bounded 
west by Titus Knapps land ; north by land set to Ruth one of 
said heirs; east by highway; south by the widow's dower.. 

Distributed and set to Ruth Lockwood, one of said heirs, 3 
roods and 12 rods of land together with J of the house, bounded, 
west by Titus Knapps land ; north by land set to Noah one of 


said heirs ; east by highway ; south by land set to Tamer one of 
said heirs. 

Distributed and set to Xoah Loekwood, son of said deceased, 
3 roods and 30 rods of land, bounded, south by land set to Ruth 
one of said heirs, east by highway; north by land set to Andrew, 
one of said heirs; west l)y Titus Knapps land. 

Distributed and set to Andrew Loekwood, son of said deceased, 
3 roods and 30 rods, bounded, loest by Titus Knapp's land; 
south by land set to Noah one of said heirs; east by highway; 
north by land set to Elnathan, one of said heirs. 

Distributed .and set to. Elnathan Loekwood, son of said de- 
ceased, 1 acre and 32 rods, bounded, icest by Titus Knapp's 
land; south by land set to Andrew one of said heirs; east hy 
highway ; north by Philip Lockwood's and Eliakira Ford's land. 
Distril)uted and set to Edward Loekwood, son of said deceased, 
1 acre, 1 rood, and 33 rods of land, lying in Mianuses Neck, 
bounded south by Charles Lockwood's land ; east by the heirs of 
John Loekwood, deceased ; north by land set to Solomon one of 
said heirs; ivest by highway. 

Distributed and set to Solomon Loekwood, son of said deceased, 
1 acre, 1 rood and 33 rods of land, bounded south by land, set 
to Edward, one of said heirs; east by the heirs of John Lock- 
wood, deceased ; north hy land set to Araos one of said heirs ; 
west by highway. 

Distributed and set to Amos Loekwood, son of said decea.scd, 
1 acre, 1 rood, and 33 rods of land, bounded, south by land, set 
to Solomon one of heirs; east by the heirs of John Loekwood, 
deceased, and north by Mercy Loekwood ; west by highway. 
Greenwich the 6th April, 1805. 


Distributors Under Oath. 

October 5th, 1804. Gilbert Loekwood, of Greenwich. 

Inventorv, §1644. 80. 5. 


Appraisers Under Oath. 

Elnathan Lockwood, 



75. Rop.ERT LocmvoOD (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still John'), born 
1714, in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Still John Lock wood ; m., 
in June, 1739, Eachel Stevens. 

Robert had hi.s portion of hi.s fiither's estate by deed of gift 
during his father's lifetime. 


309. Sarah Lockwood, born in Norwalk, Conn., November IStli, 1740. 

310. Lydia Lockwood, born in Norwalk, Conn., February 9t]i, 1741. 

311. Daniel Lockwood, born in Salem, N. Y., June 11th, 1746. 

312. David Lockwood, born in Salem, N. Y-, December 1st, 1748. 

313. Jesse Lockwood, born in Salem, N. Y., November 10th, 1750. 

N. Y. Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, p. 18. 

Robert Lockwood signed the articles of association for New- 
burgh, and in reporting the names of the tories who declined to 
sign he and the other signers say as follows : 

" To the gentlemen of the Provincial Congress now assembled 
at New York : 

"At a meeting of the precinct of New Burgh on Thursday the 
6th of July 1775. In Comphjance with the Resolve of the pro- 
vincial Congress of New York Recjuesting us by the 15th of this 
Instant to make a Return of the associations together with those 
who have not 

"We lament JenUemen that it is our unhappiness that there is 
such a number of the Latter & a number among them who are 
the most daring, Presumtuous Villians often threatening Live, 
properties & Individuals Damning Congresses & Committees De- 
claring they will Join our Enemies if opportunity Presents & by 
the general Spirit they Discover we conceive ourselves exposed 
to their Bloody Principles unless some method be fallen upon 
for the Preventing them in carrying into Execution, their wicked 
design which we submitt to your wisdom conceiving ourselves safe 
under your AVise Protection. 

"Inclosed you have a List of the names of th:jse that have 
associated & those that have not." 

76. Caleb Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Still John'^), born 
in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Still John and 


Had his portion by deed of gift. 
Have not learned the name of his wife. 


314. Caleb Lockwood. 

315. George Lockwood. 

316. Webster Lockwood. 

317. Isaac Lockwood. 

318. Amy Lockwood. 

319. RusHiA Lockwood. 

320. Sarah Lockwood. 

321. Betsey Lockwood. 

From his grandson's letter Benjamin Lockwood, born May 
16th, 1806, in Greenwich, Conn., and resides (1888) at Indian 
Hill, Ohio. 

77. Jonathan Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Still John'), 
born in Greenwich, Conn., in 1719, died- January 24th, 1798, 
aged 79 ; sou of Still John and 

Had his portion by deed. His estate was valued at £362, 
16s. 4d., per inventory taken March 13th, 1798. He made his 
Will July 2d, 1792. 

M. JNIercy . 

He appointed his son, Frederick, his executor. 


322. Jonatiiax Lockwood, born 

323. Frederick Lockwood, bdi-n February 3d, 1763, died February 18th, 

1808, in. Deborah Reynolds. 

324. Mary Lockwood, born ru. Abraham Lockwood. 

325. Mercy Lockwood, born m. Ezekiel Smith. 

326. Sarah Lockwood, born m. James Ferris. 

327. Elizabeth Lockwood, born m. Amos Lounsbury. 

328. Silas Lockwood, born September 3d, 1743, died September 10th, 1768. 

329. Amos Lockwood, bom 

330. Hannah Lockwood, born m. Lyon. 

Inventory of Jonathan Lockwood, March 13th, 1798, £362, 
16s. 4cZ., Greenwich. 


MADE JUL!" 2d, 1792. 

Wife Mercy . 

Son Jonathan 3d 
" Frederick, born February 3d, 1763, died February 18th, 
1808, age 45, 0, 15. Vas his father's Executor. 
Daughter ]Mary 

" Merey rn. Ezekiel Smith 

" Sarah m. James Ferris 

'' Elizabeth ra. Amos Lonnsliury 

My gd.'dg. Mary Lookwood dg. of deceased son Silas Lockwood 

" " " Sarah " " " Amos Lockwood 

Stephen Lyon son of my deceased dg. Hannah. 

81. ErjZABETH LocK^vooD (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John'), 
born in Greenwich, Conn., say about 1707 ; daughter of Still 
John and 

j£3, 7s. del. 2qr. given her in her father's Will, in addition to 
"she having received £6 of her fixther in his lifetime." 

M. John Mead, of Horseneck, Greenwich, Conn., the 5th 
generation of his name. 


331. John ^Fead, born 1727, died Decenibei- 3d, 1790, m. .Mary Bnish. 

332. Nathaniel Mead, bora m. Chasty BrLish. 

333. Seth Mead, born m. Deborah Disbrow. 

334. Matthew Mead, born m. Mary Brush. 

335. Elizabeth Mfad, born ni. James Darrow. 

336. Axx Mead, l)()rn m. Gilbert Baremore. 

83. Susan Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Still John'), born 

£8, 5.S. M. '2qr., she having received £1, 2s. 6d. of her father 
in his lifetime. 

Daughter of Still John and ; m. 

Capt. John Johnson. 
He was lost at sea. 



337. John Johxsox went to Albany, X. Y., was a fanner. 

338. Mary JoHXfON was thrice m. 

339. Linda Johnson died unm. 

95. John Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Joseph'), born July 
1st, 1713, in Fairfield, Conn.; sou of Joseph, Jr., 

m., February 8th, 1730-31, Abiguil Morehouse. 


340. Jabez Lockwood, born Februarr cIlIi, 1732, m. Ruth Underliill. 

341. Anna Locettood, born April ISth, 1734. 

342. John LockWood, born October lith. 1736. 

343. Abigail Lockwood, born Noveml er 7th, 173S. 

344. Ephraim Lockwood, born Januarv 4th, 1741 1 ™' „V o , t 

' ■ ( m. 2(1, Susannah Lock- 


345. Mahy Lockwood, born June 20th, 1743. 

346. Michael Lockwood, born October 2d, 1744, m. Abigail Adams. 

347. Elizabeth Lockwood, bom March 13th, 174S. 

348. Esther Lockwood, born Febniary Och, 1749. 

349. Susanna Lockwood, born January 2d, 1752, m. Thos F. Thatcher. 

350. Gideon Lockwood, born October 23d, 1753. 

351. Eleazer Lockwood, born August 27th, 1755. 

352. Albert Lockwood, born July 10th, 1757. (Fairfield Records.) 

96. Abigail Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Jo.seph"), born 
in Greenwich ; daughter of Joseph ; in., July 
5th, 1742, Samuel Dans. 


353. Nathaniel Dans, born February 2"d, 1743-44. 

354. John Dans, born December 27th, 1745, died November Sth, 1746. 

(Greenwich Rec ) 

97. Joseph LocK^yooD (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph'), 3d gener- 
ation of his name, ; died ; son of 
Joseph Lockwood, Jr., was born in Fairfield, Conn.; m., No- 
vember 1st, 1737, Agnes Money, of Ireland. 


355. Joseph Lockwood, born June 2oth, 1738, m Eleanor . 

356. Sarah Lockwood, born January 24th, 1739-40, m. Jolin Anderson. 

357. "Walter Lockwood, born September 1st, 1741. 

358. Elizabeth Lockwood, born August 24th, 1743. (Fairfield Records.) 


99. Ensign or Lieut. Ezekiel Lockwood (Robert, Moseph/ 
Joseph'), born 1710 (?), in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Conn.; 
son of Joseph. 

Have not been inforcued as to the wife's name. 


3o9. IIexey Lockwood, born .July 25th, 1752, m. at Horse Neck. 

o60 Joseph Lock'W'OOD, Jr., m. Elizabeth Heninge. 

361. Ezekiel Lockwood, Jr., born August 14th, 1767, m. Sarah Beckran. 

Vol. 7, p. 12. "Ezekiel Lockwood appointed En.sign of the 
"SVestermost Company or train band in the town of Greenwich." 

100. Armwell Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,^ Richard'), born 
December 17th, 1709, in Worcester County (Eastern Shore), 
Maryland, removed to Kent County, Delaware; died August 
22d, 1751, aged 41, 8, 5 ; son of Richard and Mary (Aydlock) 
Lockwood; ra., March 19th, 1731, Mary Holland, born April 
12th, 1712. in Somerset County, Maryland ; died February 26th, 
1789, in 77th year ; daughter of Xehemiah and Elizabeth Hol- 
land. She survived her husband almost 38 years. 


"362. Richard Lockwood, born jSTovember 29tli, 1735, died March 21st, 1786. 
363. Armwell Lockwood, born April 2Sth, 173S, died January 30th, 1806. 
.364. .John- Lockwood, born September SOth, 1742, died July 14th, 1773. 

104. Ann Lockwood (Robert,^ Daniel,- DanieP), daughter of 
Daniel and Abigail (Burr) Lockwood. 

Colonial Records of Connecticut, vol. iv., p. 428, May 13th, 

" This Assembly grants liberty and full power to Joseph Loch- 
wood and James Lockwood of Noncalk, guardians of Ann Lock- 
wood dg. of Daniel Lockwood, late of said Xorwalk, deceased, 
who being an infirm and diseased person and so like to continue, 
to sell so much of the lands that by distribution is set out to the 
said Ann Lochcood as her portion in her said father's estate, for 
the payt. of such charges as hath arisen for her cure and that may 
be necessary for her support and maintainance ; always provided 


that they obtain the direction and allowance of the Court of pro- 
bates in the County of Fairfield as to the Quantity of hmd? by 
them to be sold from time to time." 

105. Sarah Lock^vood (Robert/ Daniel," DanieP), liorn 

, died January 24th, 1724-25 ; daughter 
of Daniel and Abigail (Burr) Lockwood ; m., Xovember 6th, 
1723, John Taylor, Jr.* 

.36-5. John Taylok, born August 20th, 1724, died November 27th, 1724. 

106. Daniel Lockwood, jR.f (Robert, i Ephraim,'- DaniePi, 
born December 13th. 1703, Stamford, Conn. In his ^Vill he 
appoints his sons, Daniel and Isaac, executors, August 17th, 
1775. Son of Daniel and Charity (Clements) Lockwood ; m. 1st, 
April 5th, 1734, Mary Webb, born July 28th, 1715, died ^lay 
28th, 1741 ; daughter of Joseph and Mary (Hait) Webb. INI. 2d, 
Mrs. Sarah Stuart, named in husband's Will. 


36G. DA>nEL Lockwood, Jr., born January 5th, 1734-3-5, m. Mary Bellaray. 

3G7. Deborah Lockavood, born December 3d, 173(3, m. Gideon Seeley. 

3G3. Sarah Lockwood, born November 11th, 1738, m. David Hait. 

309. Is.\.AC Lockwood, born M.iy 21st, 1741, ni. Rebecca Seely. 

Wife Sarah. 

]\[eiitions in his Will : 

1. Son-in-law, Charles Webb, Esq. 

2. Daughter-in-law, Mary Clason, widow of Jonathan. 

3. Children of my present wife, James Stuart, Charles Stuart, 

Margaret Austin, wife of David Austin. 

4. The two children of Mary Scofield, the deceased daughter of 

my present wife, viz., Nathaniel and Sarah. 

* The said John Taylor, Jr., January 19th, 1726-27, m. Hannah .Steiiart, 
daughter of Lieut. James Steuarl, of Norwalk, Conn., by whom he had seven 
children. (Hy. Norwalk, 220.) 

t Mentioned in his father's '\Vill,made March 3d, 1741-42. 


5. ]My son Isaac Lockwood. 

6. " daughter Deborali, wife of Gideon Seely. 

7. " daughter Sarah, wife of David Hait. 

8. " son Daniel Lockwood, Jr. 

107. Deborah Lockwood (Kobert,' Ephraim,' DanieP), born 
February 23d, 1705-06, in Norwalk, Conn. She received by 
Will, dated January 8th, 1739-40, £500 from her uncle, Ed- 
mund Lockwood. Daughter of Daniel and Charity (Clements) 
Lockwood ; m., November 24th, 1731, Nathaniel Webb, born 
November 6th, 1700, son of Samuel Webb, of Stamford, Conn. 

She had £210 by her father's Will, made March 3d, 1741-42. 

Nathaniel Webb was one of the executors of Edmund Lock- 
wood's estate. Edmund was uncle to Deborah, wife of Nathaniel 


370. Haxnah "Webb, born June 17th. 1733. 

371. Nathaniel Webb, born February 3d, 1734-35. 

372. Rachel "Webb, born November 11th, 1740. 

373. W'aitstill "Webb, born Januarr Gth, 1742-43, Epiphany, died Novem- 

ber 17th, 1743. 

374. Samuel Webb, born February 20th, 1744-45. 

108. ^Jonathan Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ DauieP), 
born November 24th, 1707, Suimford, Connecticut. Will made 
December 15th, 1781 ; Probate.;l January 10th, 1782. He died 
between these dates. Son of Daniel and Charity (Clements) 
Lockwood; m., November 8th, 1733, Freelove Wright. 


375. Ebenezer Lockwood, born 

376. Jonathan Lockwood, Jk., bom , m. Hannah Smith. 

377. Timothy Lockwood, born (killed in Rev'y War), m. Eliz. Weed. 

378. Hannah Lockwood, born 

379. Charity Lockwood, born , m. Wm. Merritt. 
3S0. Rachel Lockwood, born , m. Squire Dan. 
381. Titus Lockwood, born , in. Hannah Dan. 

110. IEdmuxd Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira,^ DanieP), 
born November 11th, 1717, Stamford, Connecticut; died Sep- 

* Mentioned in his father's will, made March od, 1741-42. 

t Mentioned in his father's will, made March 3d,"1741-42. (Stamford Reg.) 


tember I2th, 1798, aged 81. (Gravestone.) He was buried on 
a hill in Stamford, Connecticut. Son of Daniel and Charity 
(Clements) Lock wood. 

He received £500 from his Uncle Edmund Lockwood, by 
Will dated January 8th, 1739-40. 

1st m. April 26th, 1742, Hannah Scofield, of Stamford, Con- 
necticut; she died September 4th, 1760. (Gravestone.) Was 
mother of all the children. 

2d m. June 25th, 1771, Elizabeth Bishop, of Darien, Con- 
necticut; she died April 8th, 1793, aged 65. (Gravestone.) 

3d ra. Bertha Scofield, from Vermont. 

Edmund Lockwood was executor of his Uncle Edmond 
Lockwood's estate. 

(All by first wife.) 

382. EDMrND Lockwood, Jr., born March 2Gth, 17-13, m. twice. 

383. Ezra Lockwood, born May 30th, 1747, m. 1, Hannah Clasen, m. 2, 

Ann Davis. 

384. Hannah Lockwood, born November 29th, 1750, m. Ebenezer Peck. 

385. Jacob Lockwood, born October 19th, 1753, died April 1st, 1793, unui. 

111. Abigail Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,= Daniel'), born 
August 31st, 1724, 'Mast day of August," in Stamford, Con- 
necticut; daughter of Daniel and Charity (Clements) Lock- 
wood ; m., September 13th, 1744, Samuel Penoyer. 

336. Charity Penoyer, born February 4th, 1746, m. Ebenezer Tuttle, July 
7th, 1765. 

387. Gould Selleck Pesoyer, born January 16th, 1748. 

388. Mellicent Penoyer, born February 5th, 1750. 

389. Isaac Penoyer, born November 28th, 1751. 

390. Samuel Penoyer, born August 24tli, 1754. 

391. Abigail Penoyer, born September 7th, 1756. (TiittleGen'y,p.81.) 

116. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Ephraim^'), 
born in Norwalk, Connecticut, and removed to the State of New 
York ; he appears to have resided in South Salem. Was son of 
Ephraim Lockwood, Jr.; m. Thankful Richards, born June 5th, 
1731 ; she was eighth child of Samuel and Elizabeth (Latham) 


Mr. Kichai-fls came to this country as a 8oldier by voluntary 
enlistment in the time of Queen Ann's War, which closed 
March 31st, 1713, then a young man. His wife, born 1692, died 
1751, was a daughter of John Latham of Xorwalk. (Richards 
Gen'y, pp. 199, 200.) 


392. Hannah Lockwood, born about 1760, in South Salem, New York, ni. 

Hezekiali Ho3't. 

393. Elizabeth Lockwood, born about 17.54, in Salem, ni. Uriah Iloyt. 

394. Martha Lockwood, born about 1765, m. Silas Hoyt. 

395. Daniel Lockwood, born , m. Mary Kellogg. (Hoyt Family, 

pp. 3S0, 384, 3S5, 432.) 

118. Damaris Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Eliphalet'), 
born November 7th, 1701, in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Con- 
necticut ; daughter of Eliphalet and Mary (Gold) Lockwood ; 
ra., April 17th, 1722, John Betts, Jr., ye sou of John Betts.* 
(Hy. Norwalk, 207.) 


396. Thaddeus Betts, born May 3cl, 1724, M.D., Grad. Yale College 1745. 

397. ]\Iaey Betts, bom May 4th, 1727. 

398. Haxn.ah Betts, born May 21st, 1730. 

399. John Betts, born August 11th, 1735. 

121. Eliphalet Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Eli- 
phalet'), born June 24th, 1706, in Norwalk, Connecticut; son 
of Eliphalet and Mary (Gold) Lockwood; don't know name of 


400. Joseph Lockwood, born say 1730 ; m. Rachel Mallery. 

124. Deacon Peter Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Eli- 
phalet'), born March 16th, 1710-11, in Norwalk, Connecticut; 
died in 1775, in Danbury, Connecticut; son of Eliphalet and 
Mary (Gold) Lockwood. 

1st m. September 8th, 1737, Abigail Hawley; she died June 

* Jolin Betts was admitted a planter in Guilford, Connecticut, in 1673, and 
soon after removed to Norwalk. He was born May 10th, 1655. (Hy. Nor- 
walk, 275.) 


6th, 1749; daughter of Rev. Thomas Hawley, of Ridgefield, 

2d m. January 1st, 1750-51, Elizabeth Lambert; boru Feb- 
ruary 17th, 1727-28; daughter of David and Laurana (Bill) 
Lambert, and granddaughter of Mr. John Bill, of Lebanon, 

3d m. Hannah Fitch. 

Deacon Lockwood was a Representative from Xorwalk six 
times between the years 1755 and 1764. 

He was "Deacon" before he removed to Danbury. 

First Wif^s: 

401. Abigail Lockwood, born October 17tli, 173?, m. Benjamin Betts, Jr. 

402. Eliphalet Lockwood, born October 17th, 1741, m. Susannah St. John. 

403. Hakxah Lockwood, born September 23d, 1743. 

404. Mary Lockwood, born August 31st, 1745, m. Nehemiah De Forest. 

405. Dorothy Lockwood, born December 7th, 1747, died June 23d, 1750. 

Second Wif^s: 

406. Lambert Lockwood, born December 14th, 175% died Jan'y 1st, 1754. 

407. Dorothy* Lockwood, born August 10th, 1755, m. 1, Abraham Gregory, 

of Wilton, Connecticut; m. 2, Comfort Hoit. 

408. Lambert Lockwood, born July 17th, 1757, m. Elizabeth Roe. 

409. Gould Lockwood, born , died, s.p., — — . (Hy. Norwalk, pp. 

207, 218, and other sources.) 

In the name of God — amen — this 26th day of August, A.D. 
1775, I Peter Lockwood of Danbury in ye County of Fairfield 
being in a weak and low state of health at this time, hut of a 
sound mind and memory — Thanks be to God therefor — and 
knowing it the Erevocable Decree of Heaven for Man once to 
die and not knowing how soon my Departure out of Time may 
be. Do in ye fear of God make and ordain. This my last Will and 
Te.statnent, and first and Principally I Give and Recommend my 
Precious and Immortal Soul to God who Gave it, and my Body 
I commit to the Earth at Death to be Decently Buried at the 
Discression of ray Executors hereafter Named, not Doul^ting but 
I Shall Receive the Same by ye power of God at the General 
Resurrection, and as touching such Worldly Estate as it hath 


Pleased God to bless me with in this Life, I Give and Bequeath 
in the following Manner and Form : first my "Will is that all ray 
Just Debts and Funeral charges be first Paid out of my Estate, 
as will ye Debt I owe my children for which I have given father 
Lambert a Note, as all the Just Debts, Imprimis. 

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Hannah the use of my 
Negro Man named Jeda on this condition only, that she doth not 
take the Negroes Pomp and Peg, which she once owned, which I 
Give to her over and above the fulfilment of the Jointer agree- 
ment I Entered into with her before Marriage, otherways I Give 
him his Time if he can support himself. 

From all the Eesidue and Remainder of my Estate both Real 
and Personal of whatever nature or kind soever, to my Beloved 
children viz: Eliphalet, Lambert and Gould my sons, and 
Abigale, Hannah, Mary and Dolly my daughters, to be Divided 
among them in the following proportions viz : My said Sons to 
be Equal! Except Eliphalet whom I Give Twenty Five Pounds 
Lawfull iSIoney over an Equall Share with his other Brethren, 
as an acknowledgement of his being ray Oldest Son, and ray said 
Dafters also to be Equal with one another, but ray said Sons 
Each to have Double or Twice as rauch as Either of my said 
Daughters and my Will is that what I have given to any of my 
children, shall be Reckoned and Computed to them as part of 
Portion in my Estate, always Provided and my Will is that my 
Young Sons Lambert and Gould Shall have Four Pounds Each 
in Consideration of Presents made them which I received, which 
I would Have Considered as a Debt Due To Them — and to my 
daughter Dolly the Sum of Ten Pounds in Consideration of the 
Things her Mother Left Over and above her Share. 

and Lastly I Constitute and Appoint my Dutiful! Son Eli- 
phalet Lockwood to be the Executor of this my last Will and 
Testament — In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Sett ray 
Hand and Seal — Day and Year First Before Mentioned. 


Signed Sealed Published and Deliuered in Presents of 


Danburv, November 1st, 1775, Then Personally appeared 
Thaddeus Benedict, Christopher Glover and Jonathan Starr, 
Witnesses to the Within Will, and made Oath that they saw 
Deacon Peter Lockwood the Testator, in his Life Time sign and 
seal the said Will and heard him Publish and Declare the same 
to be his Last Will and Testament; and that they judged him at 
the same Time to be of a sound Disposed Mind and Memory, and 
Being Desired they set their Hands as Witnesses to the same, in 
ye Presents of ye Testator. 

Sworn to ye above testimony, Before ISIe : 


Justice of Peace. 

127. Ephraih Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira,^ Joseph^), born 
in Norwalk, Conn., August 2od, 1708, settled in New Canaan. 
He and his wife joined Congregational Church May 30th, 1736. 
He died in New Canaan February 16th, 1786, in 78th year. Son 
of Deacon Joseph and Mary (Wood) Lockwood, m. October 30th, 
1734, Thankful Grummon, daughter of John Grummon, of Fair- 
field, Conn. She died October 'l9th, 1789. 


410. Sarah Lockwood, born July 23d, 1735, baptized April 11th, 1736. 

411. Nehemiah Lockwood, born May 18th, 1740, baptized May 25th, 1740. 

412. Mary Lockwood, born March 3d, 1741-42, m. Matthew Hoyt, baptized 

April 4th, 1742. 

413. Ephraim Lockwood, Jr., born , baptized April 22d, 1744. 

414. Thankful Lockwood, born , baptized April 27th, 1746. 

415. Samuel Lockwood, born , baptized April 3d, 174S. 

416. Esther Lockwood, born , baptized April 3d, 1749. 

417. EsTHKR Lockwood, born , baptized June 23d, 1751. 

418. Hannah Lockwood, born , baptized June 8th, 1755, died 

May 20th, 1773. (Hy. Norwalk, p. 215.) 

128. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph'), born 
November 23d, 1710, in Norwalk, Conn., died July 20th, 1773, 
in his 63d year. (Gravestone.) Son of Deacon Joseph and 
Mary (Wood) Lockwood ; m. Miss Rebecca Rogers from Hunt- 
ington, Long Island. She died September 23d, 1775, in her 59th 
year. (Gravestone.) 



419. Ebenezer Lockwood, born , m. Mary Godfrey. 

420. David Lockwood, born 1737, ni. jNIartha Trowbridge. 

421. Stephen- Lockwood, born , in. Sarali Betls. 

422. Joseph Lockwood, born , m. Cordelia Filley. 

423. Abram Lockwood, born , m. Anna Hyatt. 

424. Saeah Lockwood, born , m. Col. Ozias Marvine. 

425. Piiebe Lockwood, born 1739, ra. James Lockwood. 

42G. Eebecca Lockwood, born , m. 1, Eliphalet V/heeler, m. 2, 

Abner Osborn. 

427. Ruth Lockavood, born 1741, died iinm. 

428. Anxa Lockwood, born 1743, died unm. 


In inemoty of Joseph Lockwood, who departed this life July 
ye 20. 1773, iu the 63d year of his age. 

Here lies the Remains of Mrs. Rebecca Lockwood, wife of Mr. 
Joseph Lockwood, who departed this life Sept. 23rd, A. D. 1775, 
the 59th year of her age. 

Here lies the remains of Miss Ruth Lockwood daur. of Mr. 
Joseph Lockwood who departed this life Nov. 4th, A.D. 1774, 
iu the 33rd year of her age. 

Here lies the remains of Miss Anna Lockwood daur, of Mr. 
Joseph Lockwood, deed, who departed this life Dec. 3rd, 1774, 
in the 31st year of her age. 

129. Ruth I^ockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph'), born 
July 17th, 1714, in Norwalk, Conn., died July 23d, 1771, aged 
57 years; daughter of Deacon Joseph and Mary (Wood) Lock- 
wood; m., January 5th, 1735-36, " Epiphany Eve," David Hoyt, 
born December 3d, 1710, died October 21st, 1789, son of Caleb 
and Mehitable (Blatchley) Hoyt. David Hoyt and Ruth his 
wife joined the Cougregationalist Church June 26th, 1737, at 
New Canaan, Conn. 


429. Isaac Hoyt, born September 28th, 1736, m. Phebe Mott. 

430. Timothy Hoyt, bom May 29tli, 1739, m. Sarah Benedict. 

431. Ruth Hoyt, born February 14th, 1741, baptized March Sth, 1743. 

432. David Hoyt, born April 2d, 1744, m. Rebecca Webster. 

433. Mary Hoyt, born May 2d, 1748. 


434. Joseph Hoxr, born Xovember 3d, 1750, m. Pliebe BenecHct. 

435. Noah Hoyt, born Nov. 3, 1753, m. 1, Jernsha Abbott, m. 2, Mary Seely. 

436. Caleb Hoyt, born November 23th, 1755, died April 21st, 1776. 

437. EzEKiEL Hoyt, born December 25th, 1758, m. Mary "Weed, baptized at 

New Canaan, Church 1737 to 1758. (Hy. Norwalk, p. 215. Halt or 
Hoyt Family, pp. 347, 383, 384, and Church Records.) 

130. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,'' Jose|)h^), horn 
December 5th, 1716, iu Xorwalk, Conn., died Octol^er 17th, 
1751, in .35th year of his age; son of Deacon Joseph and Mary 
(Wood) Lockwood. Cannot learn the name of his wife. 


438. Da>-iel Lockwood, Jr., born June 21st, 1745. 

NoRWALK Graveyard. 
" Here lies buried the body of Mr. Daniel Lockwood who 
departed this life Oct. ye 17th, 1751, iu ye 35th year of his 
age." (Gravestone.) 

131. Mary LocK\yoOD (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Joseph'), born 
March 7th, 1719-20, in Xorwalk, died January 12th, 1763, 
aged 43 ; daughter of Deacon Joseph and Mary (Wood) Lock- 
wood ; m. Deacon Nathaniel"' Benedict, born 1716, died April 
2d, 1806, son of John^' and Mary ( ) Benedict, 1676, 
grandson of John' and Phebe (Gregory) Benedict, great-grand- 
sou of Thomas'" and Mary (Bridgum) Benedict, 1617, great- 
great grandson of William'" of Nottinghamshire, England, great- 
great-great-grandson of William" of Nottinghamshire, England, 
great-great-great-great-grandson of William' of Nottinghamshire, 
England (1500). 


439. An>-a Benedict, born 1740, m. Seth Seymour. 

440. Molly Benedict, Jr., born 1741, m. Deliverance Bennett. 

44L Nathaniel Benedict, Jr., born March 26th, 1744, m. Anna Raymond. 

442. Joseph Benedict, born 1746, m. Hannah 

443. Esther Benedict. 

444. Isaac Benedict, born 1751, m. Jane Raymond. 

445. William Benedict, born 1753, m. Nancy Fitch. 

446. Sally Benedict, born 1756, m. Nathan Hoyt. 

447. Betty Benedict, born 1761, m. Enoch Scribner. (Hy. Norwalk, pp. 

316, 317, 318.) 




Deacon Nathaniel Benedict. 

"Died in Norwalk, Connecticut, on the morning of the 2d of 
April, 1806, after a shock of the palsy, with which he lingered 
about 12 days, in the 90th year of his age. On the 3d his 
remains were followed to the grave by a large concourse of 
friends and relatives, among whom were his 12 surviving 
children, and many of his more remote posterity. He has left 
91 grandchildren and 88 great-grandchildren, the whole number 
of his descendants now living being (191) one hundred and 

"For about 32 years he sustained the office of Deacon of the 
First Congregational Church in that town. Deacon Benedict 
was one of those venerable personages by whom what remains 
of the pious habits of our forefathers, have been eminently 
exemplary, and years to come will feel its happy influence. 
Every morning and evening witnessed his devotion. His Sab- 
baths were faithfully appropriated to public worship and relig- 
ious family instructions. An amiable, cheerful disposition, a 
sound mind, improved by a good degree of reading and much 
reflection, and adorned with a bright constellation of Christian 
graces, comprised his character. At his funeral an appropriate 
sermon was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Burnett from Prov. xiv., 
32d, 'The wicked is driven away in his wickedness; but the 
righteous hath hope in his death.'' " (Manuscript at the time of 
his death, and Hy. Norwalk, Conn., 316, 317, 318.) 

132. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,- Joseph'), 
born in Norwalk, May 23d, 1721, died ; daughter of 

Deacon Joseph and Mary (Wood) Lockwood ; m., April 9th, 1741, 
Nathan Hoyt, born April 29th, 1718, son of David Hoyt. Mrs. 
Elizabeth (Lockwood) Hoyt died, and Mr. Hoyt married a second 


448. Eunice Hoyt, born July 18th, 1742, m. Samuel Peareall. 

449. Asa Hoyt, born August 23d, 1744, m. Ruth Kellogg. 

450. Saeah Hoyt, born November 12th, 1746, m. Isaac Read. 

451. Ruth Hoyt, born January 17th, 1748, m. Wil Ham Raymond. 


452. Bettt Hoyt, born June 16th, 1751, m. Silvanus Whitney. 

453. Xathax Hoyt, born August 17th, 1754, m. Sarah Benedict. 

454. Mary Hoyt, born October 27th, 1756, m. Thomas Hoyt. 

455. Haxxah Hoyt, born April 28th, 1759, m. Hercules Marriner. 

456. Samuzl Hoyt, born August 14th, 1761. 

457. Grace Hoyt, born September 3d, 1763, m. Walter Hoyt. 

458. Job Hoyt, born September 3d. 1765, m, 1. Anna Raymond, m. 2, Lydia 

Eichardson. (Hy. Norwalk, 224. Hoyt Gen'y, pp. 347, 3S1.) 

134. Isaac" Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph'), born 
December 24th, 1726, in Norwalk, Conn.; son of Joseph and 
Mary (Wood) Lockwood ; m., January 10th, 1755, Ruth \yhitney, 
of Xorwalk Conn., daughter of Hezekiah and Margaret (Harris) 
"Whitney, born January 3d, 1736-37. " Her house in Norwalk 
was burned by the British troops, while General Tryon sat on 
the hill and saw it burn." "She was a strong-roinded go-ahead 
woman," died August 18th, 1828, aged 91 years, 7 months, 3 days. 
(Her grandson Isaac Lockwood's letter March 21st, 1881.) 


459. Hezekiah Lockwood, born November loth, 1755, m. Catharine Seymour. 

460. Mary Lockwood, born July 24th, 1757. 

461. EcTH Lockwood, born April 4th, 1759. 

462. Isaac Lockwood, born December 22d, 1761, m. Aner Nichols. 

463. Jeremiah Lockwood, born March 23d, 1764. 

464. .Jo5iAH Lockwood, born May ISth, 1766, m. twice. 

465. Samuel Lockwood, born January 24th, 1769, m. Sarah J. Canfield. 

466. Sarah Lockwood, born January 21st, 1772. 

467. David Lockwood, born , m. Eunice Baldwin. 

Gravestone at New Milford, Conn. 
" Ruth, wife of Isaac Lockwood of Norwalk, who died August 
11. 1828, aged 91 years." 

135. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^' James'), born 
October 23d, 1713, in Norwalk, Conn.; daughter of James and 
Lidia (Smith) Lockwood ; m. Doctor Uriah Rogers, a physician 
of Norwalk, Conn., and prominent inhabitant of the town, 


468. Haxnah Rogers, born June 7th, 1735, m. Moses Kent. 

469. Lydia Rogers, born December 15th, 1737. 

470. L'riah Rogers, born December 17th, 1739. 


471. James Rogers, born , died. young. 

472. James Rogers, born September 5th, 1742. 
473 John Rogers, born November 3d, 1744. 

474. Esther Rogers, born October 1st, 1746. 

475. David Rogers, born August 21st, 1748. 

476. Abigail Rogers, born October 14tli, 1749. {N. Eng. His. and Gen. Reg., 

vol. 13, p. 61. Hy. Norwalk, p. 213.) 

"His Honor the Governor : 

" At a meeting of the Prime Ancient Society in Norwalk, 
assembled December 25th, 1754, * * The Society by vote mani- 
fest their willingness that his Honor the Governor should choose 
any place in ye meeting house to erect a pew for himself and 
family. Ye Society send 3 men to treat with his Honor in the 

"At the same meeting, ye said Society grants the head of two 
fore seats in the meeting house, on ye women's side, to erect a 
pew for his Honor the Governor to sit in ; which is left to the 
discretion of David Benedict, Doct. Uriah Rogers, and Mr. 
Joseph Piatt, a committee appointed to build said pew at ye 
Society' charge." (Hy. Norwalk, p. 158.) 

137. Rev. James Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,' James'), 
born December 20th, 1714, at Norwalk, Conn.; died July 20th, 
1772, in the 58th year of his age and the 34th of his ministry, 
at Wethersfield, Conn. ; married, November 4th, 1742, to Mary 
Dickinson, daughter of the Rev. Moses Dickinson, of Norwalk, 
Conn.; she died December 23d, 1794, aged 74 years. 

"The Rev. Mr. James Lockwood and Mrs. Mary Dickinson 
were married on the 4th day of November, Anno Domini 1742. 
By ye Revd. William Gaylord." (Wethersfield Record.) 

He was the eldest son of James and Lydia (Smith) Lockwood. 
He graduated at Yale College, 1735, and was chosen tutor in the 
same institution two years afterwards, in which capacity he served 
one year. Having, in the mean time, studied theology and re- 
ceived a license to preach, he was called to succeed the Rev. 
Stephen ]\Iix as pastor of the first church in Wethersfield, 
Conn. He accepted the call and was ordained on the 28th day 
of February, 1739. 


On April ]9th, 1758, the Presideucv of the College of jSTew 
Jersey having been vacated by the death of Jonathan Edwards, 
Mr. Lockwood was chosen to fill the place, but declined the ap- 
pointment. In 1760 he was chosen a Fellow of Yale College, 
and continued to hold the office till his death. After the resig- 
nation of President Clap in 1766, the Presidency of Yale College 
was proffered to him, but he declined this also. The reason 
given for his non-acceptance of the Presidency of both colleges 
was the strong attachment to the people of his charge, and his 
consequent unwillingness to separate himself from them. He 
continued their pastor, greatly respected and beloved, till the 
close of life. He published a sermon on the death of Mrs. 
Jerusha Woodbridge, 1799. 

Rev. Mr. James Lockwood delivered a political sermon to the 
citizens of Lebanon County, Conn., May 10th, 1759. (Conn. 
Col. Rec, vol. xi., p. 247.) 

A Sermon at the General Election in 1754. A Discourse on 
the Death of Hon. Col. AVilliams, 1755. A Sermon at the Or- 
dination of Rev. Eleazar ^lay, 1756, a native of "NVethersfield 
■who graduated at Yale College, 1752. A Sermon at the General 
Election in 176-3. A Thanksgiving Sermon for the Peace with 
France and Spain in 1763. 

Dr. Trumbull mentions him as anaong the ministers most 
favorable to Whitfield's movements, and "Whitfield made several 
visits tlierc. 


477. Martha Lockwood, born September 2S:h, 1743, m. Simeon Belling. 
473. Marv Lockwood, born February 1st, 1744-45. 

479. James Lockwood, born July 9th, 1746, ci. Anne . 

480. Lydia Lockwood, born February 24th, 1747, died 17.50. 

4S1. MosLS •) Lockwood, born September -i:h, 1749, m. Sarah Bnnce. 

482. Sajiuel J Lockwood, born September 26;h, 1749. 

483. AVilliam Lockwood, born August 27th, 1751, died August 12th, 1752. 
484 WiLLiAJi Lockwood, born January 21st, 1753 m. Sarah Sturges. 

485. Anxe Lockwood, born May 30th, 1754. 

486. John Lockwood, born June 13th, 17-6. 

487. Lydia Lockwood, born February 25th, 1759. 

488. Abigail Lockwood, born October 10th, 1760. (Ply Xorwalk, p. 225; 

"VVethersfield Town Eecords.) 


Rev. Moses Dickinson (fatlier-in-law of the Rev. James 
Lockwood) was born in 1696, called from Maidenhead, New 
Jersey, and installed in 1727 ; died May 1st, 1778, in the 83d 
year of his age; having been pastor of the first church in Xor- 
■walk, Conn., nearly 51 years. 

Mr. Dickinson graduated at Yale College in 1717. 



this monumental stone 

lies interred 

the body of the 

Revd. jMoses Dickinson, 

Late pastor of the First Church of Christ 

in Norwalk, 

who departed this life May 1st, 1778, 

in the S3d year of his age 

and 51st of his ministry in sd. church. 

A man of a good understanding, 

well informed by study, 

Chearful in temper, Prudent in conduct, 

he came to his grave in full age 

like as a shock of corn cometh 

in his season. 

Dr. Marsh, who succeeded Rev. James Lockwood in the pastoral 
office at Wethersfield, in the sermon which he preached at the 
installation of his son, pays the following incidental tribute to 
the memory of his father : 

"May you continue throughout the whole course of your 
ministry strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus ; exhibit- 
ing to a great degree of eminence that spirit of wisdom and piety, 
benevolence and fidelity for v/hicli the ascended prophet, your 
excellent fiither, was distinguished. His praise is still in the 
churches and his name remembered in this vicinity with particu- 
lar affection, honor, and veneration." 

Rev. Ezra Stiles, D.D., for many years President of Yale Col- 
lege, wrote thus concerning Mr. Lockwood, (Sprague's Annals, 
vol. 1, p. 413.) 

" He was a man of small stature, a good classical scholar, and 
ingenious in mathematics and philosophy, of a polite taste and a 
ready elocution ; he performed the ofiBce of the ministry in the 
house of God and among his i)eopIe with good acceptance. 


" He ^Yas a man of caution and prudence and avoided intermed- 
dling deeply -with any of the religious controver^^ies. Tliis cau- 
tion and wisdom, together with the goodness of his public per- 
formances, made the world think him a deeper and greater man 
than he really was. He was, however, an ingenious man, was 
formed for usefulness and was an honor to the ministrv. 

" He was a Calvinist, and more lately has been inclined to the 
new Divinity. He was a gentleman of sober deportment, carry- 
ing rather a grave severity in his countenance, and yet far from 
moroseness ; there was vivacity in his manner ; his cheerfulness 
was regulated .by prudence and circumspection. He was one of 
those good-natured persons who, through proper cultivation, soon 
come to maturity. Besides the academic sciences, he applied to 
systematic theology, and Ridgley and AYillard were his favorite 

" He spent his ministerial life in a large parish of perhaps £00 
families, who are said to be as well instructed in religion as any 
church in Connecticut. He has had the prudence to lead that 
flock in great peace and love through his ministry. 

" As a singular fact he preached and printed two election ser- 
mons, both of which I heard him deliver. I was intimately ac- 
quainted with him twenty-four years ago* and occasionally all 
along since." 

P. 15. In the Catalogue of Communicants derived from the 
Records appear from 1694 to 1738, some of them very odd. 

" During the ministry of Rev. James Lock wood, 1739 to 1770. 

1740 Thankful Not 

1741 Honor Wright 
Experience Curtis 
jNIeliitabel Deming 
Keturah Hilborn 
I'rudence Blin 

1768 Mary Lock wood 

and found there when Dr. jNIarch took charge, January 12th, 


M'idow Rev. J. Lockwood 

Anna Lockwood 

* This was written immediately after liis death. 

98 descend axts of robert lockwood, 

From Andrews's Genealogy and History of jSTew 

P. 47. Eeiolution asking "' Eev. James Lockwood, of 
Wethersfield, and other ministers to come into tliis Society and 
hear and consider the circumstances and pleas of the inhabitants 
thereof in relation to the settlement of a minister among us," etc., 
etc., etc. 

(Here follows considerable matter and the decision of Rev. 
James Lockwood and others.) 

Vol. 15, p. 241, N. E. H. and G. R. Names of parties 
married by Eev. James Lockwood November 12th, 1746, in 
Wethersfield, Conn., are given. 

Election- Sermon. 

" Ordered, That John Chester, Esqr., andCol.Elisha Williams 
return the thanks of this Assembly to the Revd. Mr. James 
Lockwood, for his sermon delivered (on the 9th day of May, 
1754, instant) before the Assembly, and desire a copy thereof, 
that it maybe printed." (Pub. Records of Conn., 1751 to 1757, 
vol. 10, p. 244.) 

Annals of Yale College, by E. Baldwin, p. 51. Rev. Mr. 
Lockwood, who delivered a funeral sermon at the death of Pres- 
ident Williams of Yale College, who died July 24th, 1755, says 
of his character, etc., etc., etc. 

51, 55-56. Rev. Mr. Clark set apart for the ministry, the 
Rev. James Lockwood participating. 

P. 70-71, March 6th, 175S. Here follows an account of Ec- 
clesiastical Council at New Britain at which Rev. James Lock- 
wood was scribe, etc., etc., and January 7th, 1768, account of 
" meeting at house of Rev. James Lockwood, at Wethersfield, 
when delegates were apjjointed to General Conference to be held 
in Newark, N. J., in October next." 

History of the College of New Jersey, by John Maclean, 1871. 

"President Jonathan Edwards died 22d of :\rarch, 1758." 

''The Trustees met at Nassau Hall on 19th April, 1758," etc. 

P. 194. "The next meeting of the Trustees took place on 
Wednesday, the 16th of August, A.D. 1758. 


" The definite answer of Rev. Mr. Lockwood, of "Wetliersfield, 
President-elect of tliis college, was read; by which it fully ap- 
pears that the Rev. Mr. Lockwood refused accepting the Presi- 
dentship agreeable to the choice of this Board " 

Vol. 11, p. 247, May, 1759. Ordered, That John Chester, 
Esqr., and JNIr. Elisha AVilliams return the thanks of the Assem- 
bly to the Revd. Mr. James Lockwood, for his sermon before 
this Assembly (on the 10th inst.), and desire a copy thereof, that 
it may be printed. 

Hollister's History of Conn., p. 581. 1766. " The corpora- 
tion now invited Rev. James Lockwood to the Presidency (Yale 
College), but he having declined the Rev. Dr. Daggett was in- 
vested with the authority of President." 

Rev. James Lockwood assisted in " laying on of the hands of 
the Presbytery " ordaining Rev. Samuel Clark, the 14th July, 
1756, at Kensington, Conn. (Andrews, Gen. and Ecc. His- 
tory New Britain, p. 55.) 

Rev. James Lockwood, at an Ecclesiastii'al Council at New 
Britain to gather a Church of Christ there, April 18th, 1758, 
James Lockwood was scribe; and January 7th, 1768, at a meet- 
ing at the house of Rev. Mr. James Lockwood in Wethersfield, 
delegates were appointed to a Convention to be holden in New- 
ark, N, J., in October next. (Andrews, Gen. and Ecc. His- 
tory of New Britain, p. 70.) 

From History of Yale College, by W. L. Kingsley, vol. 1, p. 
94. "On the resignation of President Clap, in 1766, the cor- 
poration chose as his successor the Rev. James Lockwood, of 
AVether.-ficld, aiul on liis declining to accept the office, proceeded 
at once to eltct the Professor of Divinity, the Rev. Xaphtali 
Daggett, D.D., President pro tempore." 

Building Rev. James Lockwood's House by Subscriptiox_ 

Mr. James Lockwood, of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard 
Company, has come into possession of an ancient book, which is 
of special interest to him, as it records the subscriptions ior build- 
ing a in 1767 for his granditither, the Rev. James Lock- 
wood, of Wethcrsfield. The book was recently resurrected 
among papers in the office of the Wethersfield Town Clerk. It 


is made of sheets of paper, legal cap size, ruled with black ink 
(yet of good color) and -with a rough paper cover, upon which 
cover is written " Subscriptions for building an House for the 
Rev'd. James Lockwood." The accounts are in English money 
with regular debit and credit, each person being charged with his 
subscription and credited with cash, articles or work, the latter 
being rated at 94 cents per day. Some are credited with work 
on the building, either by themselves or their employes, includ- 
ing negroes in several instances. Captain Samuel Eose subscribed 
£10, and is credited with £o, ISs. 9d. for 32J gallons rum at 3.?. 
Gd. Captain Rose not having supplied all the rum he had 
promised, Mr. John Smith helped to maintain the spiritual enthu- 
siasm in erecting the building by donating an extra gallon of rum 
— and probably better rum, for the committee gave him credit 
for 4s. for it. A number of the subscriptions were paid in part 
only. The reverend gentleman was a prominent divine in his 
day, and was at one time offered the presidency of Yale College, 
but did not accept. The house was nearly opposite the present 
Baptist church in Wethersfield. (Clipped from a newspaper, 
1888.) |j 

From Prof. F. B. Dexter's biographical sketches of Yale Col- 1 

;Iege, etc., from 1701-1745. | 

P. 538-539. James Lockwood "remained at college after 1 

graduation as a scholar on Dean Berkeley's foundation, and from ' 

September, 1737, to November, 1738, served as tutor." ^ 

" His declination in the latt'jr case was nominally on account ; 

of age and infirmities and the difficulty of release from his '? 

church, but really is, as President Stiles was informed by the Rev. ;' 

George Beckwith, from the want of an assured pecuniary support 
in the Presidency. He died, in office, in 'Wether&field, after a J 

long and painful decline, July 20th, 1772, aged 57J years." 

" He was married November 4th, 1742, to Mary, daughter of 
Rev. Moses Dickinson (Yale College, 1717), of Norsvalk, who 
bore him .'^ix sons and six daughters, and died December 23d, 
1774, aged 53. Two sons graduated at Yale College in 1766 
and 1774, and one daughter married Simeon Belden." (Y. C, 

"His estate inventoried £1,280, and included 118 books 

Yt^s fac-sirQiles of tl^c Subscr-iptior^s ttjat 
follow are talxCQ fr^org tl^e OFi^ii^al Subscrip- 
tion bool^; iQ tl^c possessior} of \TilliarQ y. 
Liocl^vood, Ksq., of Hartford, wl^o l^as lxi:QdlY 
fuPQisl^ed tl^c plates. (See page 99.) 


/ / 

^'^ d^tmjiX'Tri/^n i^dda-Tno 

^^ L^j. 



Lrrj^ t^./ 


OT,e.^^£/r d3iAo ' 


/^^^ {hSi/tCcj d^^/^i^/^.^ 

^ />^t ■J^-ry. J^^t^ C^ 

4^ ^^Otr.-J^i^ 







7^-^- -w^ 


PTia^ _ 








/^V 177 /"^ lA-i^A Oourri/ 







onr. Srnj^ /^i:(^^ 


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fi-m Pi-i) 


i-^^-7iJ.£f.:J .-- .. 




^r. dj 

'Pi m^ c/^ cd^l 

971^ oJerJlpiJj 

^^ J..^Jr^ o.^ ^t atf,^ul^4 





/W^ V JL^p^^ 





oTt: Qnir//fj ad^/jio 

iJs^^ Ae^c/ri 






^ff pQ^ rnr. 

/i W 




^ k>i'./;^ w/j^.cdJ 


v;z^/ir \J ertrOrah 


^Jh -Tn^. ^^'^^c.t ^,.LZ^^-¥ir£t^y^'^ 

4v 33 2^^ .^^& l^t^U/^. 

r ^/ ^^ 


'7 /'^ y^/- 









^y^,^^ !?77«^ . . 

07T.- UUffid CsljrcT-n^J . . . . . 

^V (f^t^-J ^J^ (Xr^/f^. . ... 

<f?>" (%y'r,(',,'//i,/i,.,/ . 






z)e.*i»^ 971c^.^f a<L/em tMff-t ^i'^r^ 




TTT ,£j:^ ^/no^^Uo^^ 

L^ ^c-Ma^n .J/^. _.. 


77r ^Crnu^ ^//e. 








Jx /■ H J / 

a7 "^-^ 

T typi'^p^f} (i^SM^oc-jdo 


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a-pi i^crfir) 

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971^ X.Lu^ ^ 


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/^ . It:! a Tn 11 /^' ^l'(y-e-}i -h ert^yCe^ 

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rnC.^^rfi^^ ^i//S}. _ ^ 







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0V: l{)tnjarm^''~> (ud^aym.f, . . 

7/r rf:>enJP^^mAyn. Jd^l^e^t .... 


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^-»i5^ ^>i oJn. So-t^ q' 

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5$ P ^.,-^V'^^./../'W/J^'-'^/- 

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P /-J^l^yfr/ tC^^^/^ 



/ 7 7 / 

^^ ^.^d.^ ^j^^j^y^ 




f^-r--:- M 

^Z///// ^//.,w ...... .S^ 

5^ -'5 

~ ? /j '3 






crm, Pi^ ^^y/ i c/ -tn ty 


"^.y. ^^^^^ax 

^^ yy^yj ^/.^J- . - 






(among them a copy of Shakespeare of 8 volumes and 104 
He published : 

1. Religion the highest interest of a civil community and the 
surest means of its prosperity. A sermon from 1 Sam. xii. 14. 
Preached before the General Assembly of the Colony on the day 
of the anniversary election, May 9th, 1754. (New Loudon, 
1754, 16 mo, pp. 50.) 

Copies to be found in Connecticut Hist. Society, Hartford ; 
N. Y. Hist. Society, New York; Union Theological Seminary, 
New York; and Yale College Library. In this he recommends 
the College for an appropriation from the Government. 

2. P. 540. " Man Mortal — God Everlasting and tlie sure, 
unfailing Refuge and Felicity of His faithful people in all gen- 
erations. Illustrated in a discourse [from Ps. sc. 1-3], delivered 
at "NVethersfield, July 27th, 1755, being the next Lord's Day 
after the death of Hon. Col. Williams." (N. B., 1756, 8vo. 
48, XV-.) 

Copies at American Antiquarian Society, Worcester ; Boston 
Atheneum ; Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston; New York 
Hist. Society. 

3. " The Duty and Privilege of Gospel Ministers to preach 
among ^lankind tlie unsearchable Riches of Christ. A sermon 
[from Eph. iii. 8]. Delivered at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. 
Eleazer May, at Haddam, June 30th, 1756." (New Haven, 
8vo, p. 34.) 

Copies at Book Publication Society; Connecticut Hist. So- 
ciety; Union Theological Seminary; and Yale College. 

4. " The tears of an affectionate bereaved people, wept over 
their faithful, deceased minister. A sermon [from Acts xx. 38]. 
Preached at Glastenbury, August 7th, 1758, being the day of the 
interment of Rev. Mr. Ashbel Woodbridge " (New London, 

Copies in Boston Atheneum ; Connecticut Hist. Society (im- 

5. "The worth and excellence of Civil Freedom and Liberty, 
illustrated, and a Public Spirit and Love of our Country recom- 
mended. A sermon [from Acts xxii. 28]. Delivered before the 


General Assembly, at Hartford, on the Day of the Anniversary 
Election, May 10th, 1759." (Xew London, 1759, 16mo, p. 36.) 

Copies in American Antiquarian Society ; Connecticut Hist, 
Society ; Yale College. 

6. "A sermon [from Ps. 1. 14-15]. Preached at Wethers- 
field, July 6th, 1763, at a Public Thanksgiving, on account of 
the Peace, concluded with France and Spain." (New Haven 
[1763], 8vo, p. 35.) 

Copies at Connecticut Hist. Society ; Union Theological Sem- 

"Dr. Stiles writes to a friend, in 1767, on hearing that Mr. 
Lockwood was one of the candidates for the Presidency of Yale 

"He exceeds them all in classical learning and is well qualified 
to make a good figure as President." 

" After Mr. Lockwood's death. Dr. Stiles wrote in his diary, 
* He was a man of little stature,' etc." 

New Haven, January 31st, 1888. 

E. Dunbar Lockwood, Esq. 

Dear Sir: You will find in Professor Dexter's "Biograph. 
Sketches and Annals of Yale College," which may be seen at the 
Phi]adGl[)hia and at the Pennsylvania Hist. Society Libraries, 
page 638, a sketch of James Lockwood and a list of his pub- 
lished sermons (6) and the libraries where they may be found. 

We had three of them, but they are bound with other rare 
pam]>hlets and could not be replaced, and we shall not therefore 
feel justified in loaning them. They can of course be freely con- 
sulted here. 

Samuel Lockwood published but one sermon, " Civil Rulers 
an Ordinance of God for Good to Mankind : A [Connecticut 
Election] Sermon, May 12th, 1774." (New London, 1774, Svo, 

This we had, and a second copy is to be found in the library 
of the New York Hist. Society. 

Very truly yours, 

Addison Van Name, 

Librarian, Yale College. 


Library of the College of New Jersey, "I 
Prixcetox. January 31st, 1S8S. ) 

E. DuxBAR LocKWOOD, 251 South 3cl St., Philadelphia. 

My Dear Sir : The passage in Green's Historical discourses 
referred to by W. B. Sprague in his Annals respecting which 
you make inquires is probably this: p. 327. 

It is an extract from the records, dated 19ih April, 1758. 

" The presidentship of the college having become vacant by 
the death of the late president Edwards ; the trustees after 
prayers and deliberate consideration do elect the Rev. Mr. James 
Lockwood, of Wethersfield in the colony of Connecticut to be 
the president of the college; and the clerk is ordered to write a 
letter to the said Mr. Lockwood, informing him of the said elec- 
tion, and recjuesting his acceptance; and Mr. Spencer, one of the 
members of this corporation, is desired to wait on the said Mr. 
Lockwood and deliver him the letter. It is ordered that the 
expenses attending the moving of Mr. Lockwood's family to this 
place, be paid by the treasurer." 

Yours, respectfully", 

Frederic Vinton, 

Librarian, C. N. J. 

Rev. Jame.s Lockwood — 173S-1772. 

Sprague's Annals of the American Pulpit, vol i., p. 413. This 
was written by President Stiles, of Yale College. James Lock- 
wood was the eldpst son of James and Lydia Lockwood (Robert,' 
Ephraim,^ James'), and was born at Norwalk, Conn., December 
20th, 1714. He was graduated at Yale College, in 1735, and 
was chosen tutor in the same institution, two years afterwards, 
in which capacity he served one year. Having, in the meantime, 
studied theology, and received a license to preach, he was called 
to succeed the Rev. Stephen Mix, as pastor of the First Church 
in Wethersfield, Conn. He accepted the call and was ordained 
on the 28th day of February, 1739. 

Mr. Lockwood's settlement occurred just before the commence- 
ment of the great revival of 1740. Dr. Trumbull mentions him 
among the ministers most favorable to Whitefield's movements; 
and there is a tradition at Wethersfield, that the great itinerant 


made several visits there, and that, as the meeting-house was in- 
adequate to contain the multitude who thronged to hear him, he 
held a meeting, at least on one occasion, in the open air. There 
is no doubt that Mr. Lockwood not only fully sympathized with 
him, but co-operated with him to the extent of his ability. 

In 1760, he was chosen a fellow of Yale College, and continued 
to hold the office till his death. In 1758, the Presidency of the 
College of New Jersey, having been vacated by the death of 
Jonathan Edwards, Mr. Lockwood was chosen to fill the place; 
but he declined the appointment. After the resignation of Presi- 
dent Clap, in 1766, the same office was proferred to him in Yale 
College, but he declined this also. The reason given for his non- 
acceptance in both cases, was his strong attachment to the people 
of his charge, and his consequent unwillingness to separate him- 
self from them. He continued their pastor, greatly respected and 
beloved, till the close of life. He died, July 20th, 1772, in the 
58th year of his age, and the 34th of his ministry. 

Mr. Lockwood was married, November 4th, 1742, to Mary, 
daughter of the Rev. Moses Dickinson, of Norwalk, who died 
December 23d, 1774, aged 54. One of his' sons, ""William,'' 
was born January 21st, 1753 ;* was graduated at Yale College, in 
1774, was a tutor in college in 1779 and 1780; was ordained 
pastor of the church at INIilford, March 17th, 1784; was dis- 
missed on account of ill health, April 2Sth, 1796 ; was installed 
pastor of the church, in Glastenbury, in 1797, where he continued 
his labors till 1804, when he v/as obliged again and finally to 
withdraw from the ministry on account of bodily infirmity. He 
passed the residue of his days, at Glastenbury, greatly respected, 
and died, June 23d, 1828. He published a sermon on the death 
of Mrs. Jerasha Woodbridge, 1799. Dr. Marsh, who succeeded 
the Rev. James Lockwood, in the pastoral office, at Wethersfield, 
in the sermon which he preached at the installation of the son, 
pays the following incidental tribute to the memory of the 
father : 

" May you continue, through the whole course of your min- 
istry, strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus ; exhibiting to 

* See Green's History of Princeton College. See Kingsley's History of 
Yale College. 






a great degree of eminence, thiit spirit of wisdona and piety, 
benevolence and fidelity, for which the ascended prophet, your 
excellent father, was distinguished. His praise is still in the 
churches, and his name remembered in this vicinity, with particu- 
lar atfection, honor, and veneration." 

The following are Mr. Lockwood's publications : A Sermon 
at the General Election, 1754. A Discourse on the death of the 
Hon. Colonel Williams, 1755. A Sermon at the ordination of 
Eleazar May,* 1756. A Sermon at the General Election, 1763. 
A Thanksgiving Sermon for the peace with France and Spain, 

From Manual of the Congregational Church, Wethersfield, 
Connecticut. (Hartford, 1860.) 

P. 10. Epitaph on the monument to Rev. James Lockwood, 
in graveyard of the Congregational Church (Wethersfield, 

To the memory 

of the Rev James Lockwood 

Late pastor of the fr^t Church of Christ 

in Wethersfield ; 

"Who, in the 34th year of his niinistry 

and 5Sth of his Age, 

on the 20th of July, 1772, 

Entered into the Joy of his Lord. 

As a Tutor, and afterwards one of ye Corporation 

of Yale College, 

highly venerated and Esteemed ; 

as a minister of the Go-pel, one of whose praise 

is in the Churches: 

Solicited to preside over two of the principal 

Academies in America, 

The Colleges at New Haven and Princeton, 

His Affection for the people of his charge 

did not permit 

His acceptance of either of these honorable stations ; 

But having respect to the Recompense of Reward, 

finished the pious course he early began 

in the Gospel Ministry. 

And here resteth from his Labours 

Through Life exerted ; 

" The Bold to curb, and the Licentious awe 

And Turn the Tide of Souls another way." 

* A native of "Wethersfield, who graduated at Yale College iu 1752, etc. 


139. Job Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira/ James'), born July 
13th, 1718, in Norwalk, Connecticut ; removed to New Canaan, 
Connecticut; son of James and Lidia (Smith) Lockwood ; he 
joined the Congregational Church by letter October 7th, 1744; 
m. Eachel ; she joined Congregational Church 
August 4th, 1745, at New Canaan, Connecticut. 


489. Saeah Lockwood, baptized May 6th, 1745, died young. 

490. James Lockwood, baptized December 7th, 1746, m. three times. 

491. Sakah Lockwood, baptized March 2d, 1749, died unmarried, April 8th, 

1813, aged 64. 

492. Mary Lockavood, baptized June 20th, 1751. 

493. Rachel Lockwood, baptized January 27th, 1754. 

494. Samuel Lockwood, baptized April ISth, 1756. 

495. Job Lockwood, Jk., baptized September 24th, 1758. 

496. Daniel Lockwood, baptized February 8th, 1761. 

140. John Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ James'), born at 
Norwalk, Connecticut, February 8th, 1719-20; son of James 
and Lidia (Smith) Lockwood ; m. April 27th, 1746, Mary Keeler, 
born Jan'y 29th, 3718-19, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Betts) 
Keeler, granddaughter of Samuel and Sarah (Sention) Keeler, 
great-granddaughter of Ralph Keeler, great-granddaughter of 
Mark Sention (called latterly St. John). 


497. Mahy Lockwood, born December 18th, 1748, m. Jedediah Brown. 

498. Lydia Lockwood, born May 22d, 1751, m. Hezekiah Raymond. 

499. Sarah Lockwood, born October 5th, 1755, m. North. 

500. Hannah Lockwood, born June 23d, 1757, m. James Smith. (Hy. 

Norwalk, p. 236.) 

141. Rev. Samuel Lockwood, D.D. (Robert,* Ephraim,^ 
James'), born November 30th, 1721, at Norwalk, Connecticut; 
died Saturday, June 18th, 1791, at New Lebanon Springs, Con- 
necticut, in the 70th year of his age, and the 43d of his ministry. 
Son of James and Lidia (Smith) Lockwood. Not long after he 
settled in Andover, he married at Andover, Connecticut, Anne 
May, of Wethersfield, Connecticut; she died March 7th, 1799, 
in the 76th year of her age. (s. p.) 


Rev. Samuel Lockwood, D.D., of Andover, Connecticut, who 
graduated Yale College, 1745, and died June 18th, 1791. Seven 
others of the name had graduated at Yale in 1826. 

He adopted and educated his nephew, a sou of his brother, the 
Rev. James Lockwood, of Wetherstield. 

An ecclesiastical society in Andover, Connecticut, was formed 
in 1747. In 1748 the parish voted "to hire him to preach as a 
probationer." He was ordained their pastor February 25th, 
1749, O.S. The ordination sermou preached by his brother 
aforesaid, of "Wethersfield. He continued in the faithful dis- 
charge of the duties of his pastoral office for a period of upwards 
of 40 years. In 1790 he received the degree of Doctor of 
Divinity from Yale College. 

He regretted that it had been conferred upon him. He was 
however warmly attached to the college; was one of its Fellows 
from 1777 to 1791, and made a liberal donation in aid of its 
library and philosophical apparatus. In 1774 he preached the 
annual sermon before the Legislature of the state; a judicious, 
patriotic and well adapted discourse, and was printed. 

In 1791 by medical advice he visited a mineral spring at New 
Lebanon, Connecticut, in the hope that the water might prove 
beneficial to him. But in this both himself and friends were dis- 
appointed ; very soon the afflictive tidings came back to his people 
that he was no longer among the living. 

His funeral was attended at New Lebanon, on ^Monday, June 
20th, 1791, by a large concourse of people, including a number 
of the neighboring clergy; and a sermon was preached on the 
occasion by Rev. Mr. Benedict, from 2 Chron. xxiv., 15 and 16. 
His remains were carried to Andover for burial, where they still 
repose, in the bosom of his mouldering congregation. 

The hand of affection hath inscribed on his tomb-stone the 
following epitaph : 

" He was a firm advocate for the doctrines of grace and for 
evangelical purity of religion. He fulfilled the work of ministry 
with ability, zeal and fiiithfulness. To soundness in the faith he 
added exemplary piety and holiness of life." 

It is stated that the Rev. Mr. Colton, a worthy but eccentric 
minister of the neighboring parish of Bolton, Conn., when he 


exchanged with Dr. Lockwood's successor shortly after his settle- 
ment, remarked in his sermon, with more frankness and possibly 
more truth than delicacy, '"'There is not another such minister any- 
where in these parts as the one you have lost." 

Vol. 14, p. 255. Ordertid May, 1774, " That Eliphalet Dyer 
and Phineas Strong, Esquires, return the thanks of this Assembly 
to the Rev. Samuel Lockwood for his sermon delivered before 
the Assembly on the 12th inst., and desire of copy thereof that 
it may be printed." And on p. 192. "In 1789, Rev. Samuel 
Lockwood, D.D., gave ilOO to the college for philosophical ap- 
paratus, and after his death the college received under his will 
£1100, . Dr. Lockwood was a graduate of the class of 1745, and 
a member of the corporate board for fourteen years until his death 
in 1791." And on page 185. "In 1791, Rev. Samuel Lock- 
wood, of Andover, Conn., gave $1122 towards a permanent fund 
for the library." (History of Yale College.) 

"The right hand of Fellowship given by Rev. Dr. Samuel 
Lockwood, A.M., Pastor of the church in Andover, the Lord's 
Day next following the death.of Rev. James Lockwood." (Pam- 
phlets on Conn., in the His. Soc. Phila., vol. 5, p. 27.) 

Mention is made of "a gift by Rev. Dr. Samuel Lockwood, 
of Andover, of £336, l-is., and some time before of £100 to Yale 
College." (Historical account of the City of New Haven, Conn., 
pamphlets published in 1811 in Hist. Soc, Phila., Pa., vol. 4, p. 51.) 

REV. SAMUEL LOCKWOOD, D.D., 1747-1791. 

Sprague's Annals, etc., vol. 1, p. 465. Samuel Lockwood was 
descended from a highly respectable family, and was born at 
Norwalk, Conn., November 30th, 1721. He was the son of 
James and Lydia (Smith) Lockwood. He was graduated at 
Yale College in 1745. He pursued his theological studies under 
the direction of his brother, the Rev. James Lockwood, who had 
at that time been settled for several years as pastor of the church 
in Wethersfield. 

An ecclesiastical society in Andover, Conn., having been formed 
in 1747 from the three towns of Coventry, Lebanon and Hebron, 
Mr. Lockwood, shortly after he was licensed to preach, was em- 

(■,27 } 





G I V £ ;,- 

'X:^- >:^' 


r ^ 

IPastor of the Church in ANDQVER.i 

|/y ION'S KING reigns, lei' the Earth rejoice. He nbt ^ 
l^cl/ only redeemed the church, at the expencc of hil-.-i 

'■■Xivinhlocd, bur has prac 

louliy provi 

ded aj)"d engaged 'fbi-Jt^v 

Jftability,ed!fxcation and comforc. He has faid, thCgate^'f 
^ofheliihall not prevail againft it : J-^\mk\^ 'ii-alkethmv^'^, 
'^idB^of the goldm candlcjiicks, and holds the Jiars^ in>i 
■ ■}tl\2nd. ■ • . '• 


ployed by that society as a candidate for settlement. He com- 
menced his labors there about the beginning of 174S, when the 
parish voted " to hire him to preach as a probationer," they 
passed this additional, and, as it would seem at this day, super- 
fluous vote, that " Mr. Lockwood may change with any orthodox 
minister to preach to us when he shall see cause." Having after 
the manner of those days undergone a long probation among 
them as a candidate, he was ordained as pastor February 25th, 
1749, O. S., the church having been constituted on the preceding 
day. The ordination sermon was preached by his brother the 
minister of \yethersfield. He continued in the faithful dis- 
charge of the duties of his office upwards of forty years. 

As he always lived in a retired country parish, there was little 
of incident in his history, and the little that there was has nearly 
all passed away with the generation that was contemporary with 

In 1 790 he received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from 
Yale College. It is said that he was not flattered, but pained 
by the honor, and that he expressed to some of his friends a deep 
sense of its worthlessness, and his regret that it had been con- 
ferred upon him. He was, however, warmly attached to the 
college, was one of its Fellow's from 1777 to 1791, and made a 
liberal donation in aid of its library and philosophical apparatus. 

In 177-1 he was appointed to preach the annual sermon before 
the Legislature of the State, and though there is nothing in it to 
indicate remarkable powers of mind, it is, nevertheless, a judi- 
cious, patriotic and well-adapted discourse. It is the only 
acknowledged production of his that was ever printed. 

In 1791 an enfeebled state of health obliged him to desist from 
his labors, and by medical advice he visited the mineral springs 
at New Lebanon in the hope that the waters might prove bene- 
ficial to him. But in this both himself and his friends were 
disappointed ; for after he had been there a short time his disease 
assumed an aggravated form, and very soon the afilicting tidings 
came back to his people that he was no longer among the living. 
He died on Saturday the 18th of June, in the 70th year of his 
age, and the 43d of his ministry. His funeral was attended at 
New Lebanon, on the Monday after his death, by a large con- 


course of people, among whom were a number of the neighhbor- 
ing clergy, and a sermon was preached on the occasion by the 
Rev, Mr. Benedict from 2 Chron. xxiv., 15, 16. In a letter 
addressed to his wife a few days before his death, he says, "Be 
not surprised that I tell you that you will see me no more in this 
world. I am very near death ; a day or two more is all I can 
expect; I feel comfortably resigned and hope to sleep in Jesus; 
I recommend you, my dear, to the mercy of God in Christ Jesus 
as the only ground of hope. The Rev, Dr. Williams (of East 
Hartford) has been very attentive and exceedingly kind to me, 
as some little acknowledgement of it, I desire when you see this, 
that you will make him a present of ray best boots and spurs, 
my walking staff and wig. He will pay my debts here, if my 
cash holds out, and take care of the rest I have here. My love 
to my dear people. I hope to meet many of them in Heaven as 
my crown and joy. I hope and trust that you will meet me in 
Heaven and part no more." 

His remains were carried to Andover for burial, where they 
still repose in the bosom of his mouldering congregation. The 
hand of affection hath inscribed on his tombstone, "Pie was a 
firm advocate for the doctrines of grace, and for evangelical 
purity of religion. He fulfilled the work of the ministry with 
ability, zeal and faithfulness. To soundness in the faith he added 
exemplary piety and holiness of life." 

I am not aware that there is any individual now living whose 
recollections of Dr. Lockwood are sufficiently intelligent and 
minute to form the basis of a faithful sketch of his character. 
But, as I was myself a native of the parish which was the scene 
of his labors, as there was an interval of only four years between 
the time of his death and the time of my birth, and as I was 
constantly conversant in the earlier part of my life with those 
who had grown up or grown old under his ministry, I feel that 
I shall be in little danger of mistaking materially in respect to 
the more prominent traits that distinguished him. I have always 
heard him represented as a man of commanding influence in the 
sphere in which he moved. His person, his countenance, and 
especially his piercing eye and strong intelligent expression, 
together with his general bearing in society, were all fitted to 


command respect. Though he was ready enough to unbend on 
all suitable occasions, and at weddings particularly was always a 
most entertaining and welcome guest, yet he never forgot the 
dignity of his ofBce, or suffered his people to forget the respect 
that was due to it. He moved about among them, not only as a 
spiritual guide, but as a father caring for his children. In the 
things of the world — things pertaining to their ordinary vocations 
— he was wiser than they, and it was seldom that they appealed 
from his judgment or acted contrary to it. For their spiritual 
interests he evinced a watchful and exemplary regard. There 
were several seasons in the course of his ministry which were 
marked by special attention to religion and by considerable addi- 
tion to the church, and at the time of his death no ecclesiastical 
society in the country was in a more flourishing state than that 
over which he presided. Without ever taking an active part in 
the political concerns of the country, he was in principle a de- 
cided Whig during the Revolution, and as his manuscript 
sermons still in existence show, preached not unfrequently what 
might be called highly patriotic discourses. 

As a preacher he must have ranked much above mediocrity. 
His manner in the pulpit is said to have been marked by gravity 
rather than vivacity ; and his sermons (as I know from the 
perusal of many of them in manuscript) were distinguislied more 
for clear, strong, and well-digested thought than for beautiful 
conceptions or an attractive style. His own congregation, I be- 
lieve, generally regarded him as scarcely having an equal in the 
pulpit: for I well remember that the highest expression of ap- 
probation that I used to hear from some of the old people in re- 
spect to any minister, was, that he preached almost as well as Mr. 
Lockwood. His orthodoxy was that of the Assembly's Cate- 
chism ; and even the speculations of Dr. Hopkins, which had 
begun to divide the churches in his day, he looked upon with 
strong disapprobation. During the earlier part of his ministry, 
he was accustomed to write his sermons at full length, and read 
them from the manuscript; but after awhile he began to abridge, 
and continued to abridge more and more, until, before the close 
of his ministry, his whole sermon was not unfrequently brought 
within the limits of three or four small duodecimo pages; and he 


used to say that he could produce a sermon more satisfactory to 
himself in four hours, in the later period of his ministry, than in 
four days at the beginning. 

In the neighboring congregations, and in the State at large, 
he had a high reputation, especially for integrity and wisdom ; 
and, as an evidence of it, I remember to have heard that the Rev. 
Mr. Colton, a worthy but eccentric minister of the neighboring 
parish of Bolton, when he exchanged with Dr. Lockwood's suc- 
cessor shortly after his settlement, remarked in his sermon, 
with more frankness and possibly more truth than delicacy, — 
" There i? not another such minister anywhere in these parts as 
the one you have lost." 

Dr. Lockwood was married, not long after his settlement at 
Andover, to Anne May, of "Wethersfield. They had no children. 
He, however, adopted and educated a son of his brother. Rev. 
James Lockwood, of Wethersfield, to whom he had been much 
indebted in the early part of his course. Mrs. Lockwood tlied 
March 7th, 1799, in the 76th year of her age. 

Life, Journals and Correspondence of Rev. Manasseh Cutter, 
vol. 1, 1888, pp. 311-312. From his Diary of July 29th, 1787. 

Sunday, July 29th. — " Dined with Mr. Walker and set out 
immediately for Stratford. Bill at Blackleach's, 2s. 8d. Fer- 
riage at Stratford ferry, 2.s, Barber, Is. Arrived at Stratford just 
as the bell began to ring. Put up my horse at Glinuey's, next 
door to the Meeting House. My classmate, Buckingham, saw 
me as I rode up. He came to me and told me Mr. Lockwood 
was just going into the Meeting House, but he would conduct 
me to the pulpit, and begged I would preach for him. I excused 
myself, and insisted on the favor of taking a seat with him. He 
conducted me into his pew, which was not far from the pulpit, 
while Mr. Lockwood was reading the Psalm. As soon as he 
had done (I took care not to look towards him), but perceived a 
shuffling of his feet, and, casting my eye up, found he was mak- 
ing signs, but I was determined not to regard him, and appre- 
hending I might have no notes in ray pocket, he concluded it 
would be in vain. He did not fail, however, to give me a pretty 
smart scolding after meeting. This is a very large assembly; 
there are two tiers of galleries, and the house was very full. 


The congregation appeared exceedingly well. Mr. liOckwood 
gave us a very pretty sermon. I am pleaded to find that the 
reading the Scriptures as a part of public worship is universally 
practiced in this part of the country, which formerly was not the 
case," etc. 

" After meeting INIr. Lockwood insisted that we should take 
tea with him, but Esquire Buckingham urged exceedingly that 
we should go to his house — however, he dually consented to go 
with Lockwood. We spent a couple of hours very agreeably. 
I then took my leave, though not without being exceedingly im- 
portuned to tarry the night. But I answered them the reason of 
my riding at all on Sunday was the absolute necessity of reach- 
ing home that week, which I could not possibly do unless I went 
as far as New Haven that night." 

149. Gershom Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershnm/ Gershom'), born 
in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Gershom and Mary ( ) Lock- 
wood; m. Mary Ferris, born 1708, died February 9th, 1796, in 
89th year. 


501. Gershom Lockwood, born about 172S, m. Eunice Close. 

502. Moses Lockwood, born 

503. Milton Lockwood, born 

504. Ann Lockwood, boin m. a Je>5np, of Stamford. 
605. A daughter, born m. a Montgomery. 

150. Ann Lockwood (Eobcrt,' Gershom,- Gershom'), born 
about 1713, in Greenwich, Conn, (gravestone); died July 2d, 
1789, aged 76 years ; daughter of Gershom and Mary ( ) 
Lockwood; m. Samuel Ferris, born A.D. 1705, at Greenwich, 
Conn., ''Old Society," called also "Greenwich Point." He 
died April 25th, 1786, aged 81. (Gravestone.) They were in- 
terred in the old burying-grouud. 


506. Japhat Ferris, born May 2J, 17.31. 

507. Samuel Ferrk, born February 18th, 1733. 

508. Joseph Ferris, born March 29ih, 173o. 

509. Jeduthan Ferris, born February 22d, 1737. 

510. Ann Ferris, born January, 1739, ni. Daniel Whelpley. 


511. Stephen FERPas, bom December 27th, 1740, m. Sarah Hanford Lock- 

512. Maey Ferris, born February 2Sth, 1743, m. Capt. George Peck. 

513. Xathaxiel Ferris, born March 27th, 1746, m. Mary (Johnson) (Fer- 

ris Peck. 

514. Haxnah Ferris, bom m. Capt. Henry Waring. 

152. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom/ Gershom'), 
born ; died April 29th, 1759 ; daughter 
of Gershom and Mary ( ) Lockwood ; m., January 15th, 
1743_44^ Silas Betts, per Rev. Abraham Todd. 


515. Elizabeth Betts, born December 6th, 1744, died June oth, 1745. 

516. Elizabeth Betts, born May 26th, 1746. 

517. Havxah Betts, bora February 16th, 1748, died September 10th, 1758. 

518. Lrcr Eetts, born August 17th, 1750, died September 16th, 1752. 

519. Silas Betts, bora September 1st, 1752. 

520. Aap.on Betts, born January 22d, 1755, died April 19th, 1755. 

(Greenwich Eec.) 

153. XATHA^'IEL Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Gershom'), 
born in Greenwich, Conn., made his will May 13th, 1776. 

Estate £155, lis. Od. 

Son of Gershom and Mary Lockwood ; m. Ruth Knapp. 
In his will he gives his " wife Ruth J Real Estate," and 
mentions the names of his children, as follows : 


521. Israel Lockwood, born 

522. Nathaniel Lockwood, born September 2d, 1727, 

m. 1st, Hannah 
, m. 2d, Sarah 

[ Curtis. 

523. Timothy Lockwood. 

524. Eecben Lockwood. 

525. John Lockwood. 
520. Hannah Lockwood. 
527. Sajrah Lockwood. 

154. .James Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Gershom'), born 
in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Gershom, Jr., and Mary ( ) 

Lockwood ; m. Sally Ferris, " of the Old Society," i.e., Green- 
wich, Conn. 



528. Jeremiah Lock-u-ood, m. Eebecca . 

529. Phikeas Lockwood, m. Ann Pellinger in 1763. 

530. Jacob Lockwood, m. Catherine Kuapp. 

531. Eebecca Lockwood, ra. James Sherwood. (Greenwich Eecords.) 

156. Jonathan Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom/ Gershom'), 
born 1710 (?), ia Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Ger^honi and Mary 
Lockwood ; m., June 24th, 1733, Elizabeth Close. 


532. Amea Lockwood, born March 12th, 1734. 

533. Saeah Lockwood, born June 17th, 1735, died young. 

534. Sarah Lockwood, born January i;9th, 1736. 

535. Scsaxxa Lockwood, born April lilth, 1739. 

536. Elizabeth Lockwood, born February 14th, 1741. 

537. Mary Lockwood, born January 13th, 1743. 

53S. JoNATH.iN Lockwood, born August 24th, 1745, died young. 

539. Dorcas Lockwood, born February I9th, 174S 

540. Deboe.-vh Lockwood, born April 6th, 1750, died young. 

541. Joxathax Lockwood, born April 1st, 1751. 

542. Theodosia Lockwood, born May 2Stb, 1753. 

543. Deborah Lockwood, born July 2.Sth, 1755, ni. Plat Soper, 1798. 

544. Edmund Lockwood, born July 6ili, 1757. (Greenwi.h Eec.) 

Note. — Benjamin Close, of Greenwich, had a dangliter, Elizabeth, born 
September 19tli, 1716. 

157. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,^ Genshom,- Jo-eph') was 
one of the executors of his father's estate; born 1725, in Green- 
wich, Connecticut; died August 30th, 17S8, aged 03 (grave- 
stone); resided at ; son of Joseph ; m. 1st, Esther 
Jarvis, sister of Rt. Rev. Abrain Jarvi.s, second Bishop of Con- 
necticut ; uj. 2d, Thankful Peck, of Greenwich, Connecticut, 
sister of Jonathan Peck; she was born 1734, died September 3d, 
1798, aged 04*. (Gravestone.) 

f " Pray look at me as you pass by, 
P' '''' ^ ] As vou are now so once was I ; 

on Gravestone This is to let vou see 

Thankful Lockwood : ^ ^^.j^^^ ^^^.^ ^'^ ^,,,.,^1 1^^^3 j^^^ (.,^^ ^^_, 



First Wife's: 
545. Esther Jarvi3 Lockwood, m. Nathaniel Webb, of Stamford. 

Second Wife's : 
646. John Lockwood, born November 9th, 1757, m. Letitia Lockwood. 
547. Charles Lockwood, born January 14th, 1760. 

Note. — Daniel Lockwood was a man of wealth and impor- 
tance, he owned 1000 acres of land in his native town, his pos- 
sessions extending from river to river. He left the bulk of his 
property to his elder son John. It sounds strangely to say 100 
years after Daniel Lockwood's death that he owned slaves in Con- 
necticut, but such was the case; it is stated on family tradition, that 
one of his slaves tried to get him into a lonely place at night in 
order that he might kill him. 


Daniel Lockwood was a stanch Churchman, and as such 
obeyed the teachings of his mother, the Church, which interpreted 
literally the words "Fear God, honor the King," so when the 
Revolutionary War broke out he remained loyal to King George, 
although he took no active part in suppressing what from his point 
-of view was rebellion. 

His Presbyterian neighbors, however, were not so liberal-minded, 
and drove away his cattle, carried off his handsome looking-glasses 
with other household furniture, and even inflicted personal injury 
■upon him, one of them. Captain Sam. Lockwood, breaking his 
teeth. Charles Lockwood, second son of Daniel, then a lad of 18, 
■resented these indignities, and, arming himself with a stout stick, 
at once repaired to the house of Captain Sam. for satisfaction, and, 
finding him, said, " I have come to get a receipt for your knocking 
my father's teeth down his throat," and raised his club; at which 
the Captain retired behind a chair which he elevated. The de- 
scending club broke the chair into fragments. Then the Cap- 
tain shouted at the top of his voice " murder," which soon brought 
in his Whig neighbors to the rescue. The young avenger of his 
father's wrongs, knowing that they were about to take him prisoner, 
retreated to a corner of the room and said, " Gentlemen, I have no 
wish to harm a hair of your heads, but by the living God the first 


man that lays a hand on me is a dead man ; " at which the men, five 
or six in number, separated on either side and allowed him to pass 
through their midst out of the house unharmed. He soon after 
thought it prudent to go to Long Island, where he remained until 
the close of the war. 

PROBATED SEPT. 26, 1788. 

Wife Thankful 

to Esther Webb wife of Nathaniel Webb jr, 

Charles Lock wood £300. 

John Lockwood "all residue and remainder." 

John Lockwood Exec'r arat £1465, 05. Od. 

158. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,^ Joseph^), born 
in Greenwich, Connecticut, about 1727; son of Joseph and 

m., November 10th, 1751, Charity Knapp, per Rev. Abraham 


548. Elipiialet Lockwood, born March 23d, 1753, Wednesday. 

549. Joseph Lockwood, born January 9th, 1755, Thursday. 

550. Jared Lockwood, born July 7th, 1758, Monday. 

551. Charity Lockwood, born , m. Elijah Cook. (Greenwich Rec.) 

159. Eliphalet Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom,^ Joseph'), 
born ; son of Joseph He was doubtless a bachelor. 
See his will, dated March 16th, 1753; probated April 30th, 
1753. He died between these dates. 


In ye name of GOD. Amen — 

I, Eliphalet Lockwood of Greenwich, in Fairfield County, and 
Government of' Connecticut, being in perfect mind, memory and 
understanding, blessed be GOD for the same, But considering ye 
certainty of death and ye uncertainty thereof. Do make this my 
last Will and Testament in manner following, that is to say: First 
and principally I commit my Soul into ye hands of Almighty 
GOD, hoping thro' ye Merritts, Death and passion of my Saviour 



Jesus Christ, to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all 
my sins, and to Inherrit everlasting life, and my Body I commit 
to ye Earth to be buried. 

And as touching such temporal estate as it hath pleased 
Almighty GOD to bestow upon me, I give and dispose thereof 
as followeth — 

First : I will that all my just debts be fully paid and satisfied. 

Item: I give and devise all my lands and movables to my two 
brothers Daniel Lockwood and Joseph Lockwood, they paying 
out of ye value of said lands to my sister Saraii IMead, ye sum of 
£20, current money of New York. 

Item: I give to Nathaniel Adams aud John Adams, children 
of my sister Abigail ye sum of £10 each when they shall arrive 
at ye age of 21 years, to be paid out of the value of my lands and 
moveables, ye same to be current money of New York. 

Item : I give to my Sister Hannah's first child Nattie which 
she had before she married Titus Palmer, ye sum of £20, York 
money, when he shall arrive at ye age of 21 years to be paid out 
of my lands and movables. 

Also I give to Netus Son of my Sister Elizabeth ye sum of 
£10 ■when he shall arrive at ye age of 21 years to be paid out of 
ray lands aud movables ye same to be York money. 

And all ye rest and residue of ray estate both real and personal, 
I give to my two brothers Daniel and Joseph, and do hereby 
appoint tiiem full and sole Executors of this ray last Will and 
Testament — 

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal 
this 16th March AD 1753 


Signed Sealed published and declared in presence of us 

160. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,' Gershora,'' Joseph'), bora in 
Greenwich, Connecticut; daughter of Joseph and 
m. Mead. 


XoTE. — Sarah Mead, had left her by the Will of her brother 
Eliphalet Lockwood '"' £20, current money of New York." The 
"Will was made March 16th, 1753. 

161. Abigail Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom,^ Joseph^), born 
in Greenwich, Connecticut ; daughter of Joseph and 

m. Adams. 


552. Nathaniel Adams, born 

553. John Adam=, born 

XoTE. — These two sons of Abigail, had left them by their 
Uncle Eliphalet Lockwood, "£10 each, when they shall arrive 
at ye age of 21 years." The ^Y[\l is dated March 16th, 1753. 

162. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,^ Joseph'), 
born Greenwich, Connecticut; died August 15th, 
1740 ; daughter of Joseph ; m., June 28th, 1739, Epenetus 


554. Epenetus Webb, Jr, born August 6th, 1740; an only child. 

(Stamford Reg.) 

December 16th, 1748. Extract from Joseph Lockwood's Will. 

" Item. — I give to Epenetus Webb, the child which Epenetus 
Webb had by my daughter Elizabeth, deceased, £10, Old Tenor 
^loney out of my movable estate to be paid when the said Epene- 
tus comes to be 21 years of age." 

Joseph Lockwootl was gd. fa. of E. W., jr. 

March 16th, 1753. Extract from Eliphalet Lockwood's Will. 

"Also, I give to Netus, Son of my Sister Elizabeth, ye sum 
of £10, when he shall arrive at ye age of 21 years, to be paid out 
of my lands and movables, ye same to be York money." 

163. Hanxah Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Joseph'), born 
in Greenwich, Connecticut, about 1733; daughter of Joseph and 

; married Titus Palmer. Hannah had "all the Pewter 
and Brass," by her father's Will. 


"Feb. 7tb, 1748-49. Hannah Lockwood a minor, 15 years 
of age daughter of Joseph Lockwood of Greenwich, late deceased, 
made choice of John Lloyd for her guardian." (Probate Records.) 


555. Nattie Palmer. 

Nattie had "ye sum of £20, York money" left him by his 
Uncle Eliphalet Lockwood's Will— dated March 16th, 1753. 

168. Hannah Burwell, (Robert,* Gershom,' Hannah^), born 
March 30th, 1687, in Greenwich, Connecticut; died November 
17th, 1751, aged 64 years, 7 months and 18 days; daughter of 
John and Hannah (Lockwood) Burwell ; m., April 15th, 1708, 
John Betts, of Norwalk, Connecticut, where they resided. He 
was born July 7th, 1684, and was a son of Thomas Betts, from 
England, who brought over a quarto Bible, printed A.D. 1591. 
(Hy. Norwalk, 274.) 


556. John Betts, Jb. 

557. BuEWELL Betts. 

558. Joseph Betts. 

559. Silas Betts. 

560. Sarah Betts. 

561. Abr.vham Betts. 

562. Hannah Betts. 

563. Timothy Betts. 

564. Gideon Betts. 

175. Deborah Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,'' Abraham'), 
born in Warwick, R. I. ; daughter of Abraham and Sarah 
(Westcott) Lockwood; m., November 29th, 1725, Nathaniel Cole. 


565. Sarah Cole, born March 26th, 1726-27. 

566. Nathaniel Cole, born "I „ , „, ,„^^ ,,,, . , t, -r -r. v 
^„^ ^ r, , r September 3d, 1/23. (Warwick, R. I., Rec.) 

567. Deborah Cole, born J ^ ' ^ • , / 

176. Capt. Amos Lockwood (Robert,* Gershora,^ Abraham'), 
born about 1695, in Warwick, Rhode Island, died March 11th, 


He was admitted a freeman of the Colony of Ehode Island, 
April 30th, 1723, E. I. Col. Eec, vol. 4, p. 327. Capt. Amos 
Lockwood was deputy from "Warwick, at Newport, May 1st, 1749. 
Son of Abraham and Sarah ("Westcott) Lockwood ; m., December 
23d, 1725, Sarah Utter, born August 1st, 1707, died January 
4th, 1780 ; daughter of "William and Anne (Stone) Utter, of 
Warwick, m. per John Warner, Justice of the Peace. 


568. Amos Lockwood, Jr., born April 2oth, 1727, m. Mary Kuight. 

569. Sarah Lockwood, born January 26th, 1723-29, m. Sion Arnold. 

570. Ann Lockwood, born December 23th, 1730, m. Joseph Arnold. 

571. Eenoney Lockwood, born November 26th, 1733, m. Phebe Waterman. 

572. Alice Lockwood, born October 10th, 1735, m. John Healy. 

573. Marcy Lockwood, born November 26th, 1737, m. Stephen Gr^ne. 

574. Waite Lockwood, born September 2d, 1742, m. William Greene. 

575. Phebe Lockwood, born June 20th, 1744. 

576. Barbary Lockwood, born April 24th, 1747. 

577. Abraham Lockwood, born December 26th, 1748, m. Patience Greene. 

578. Millacent Lockwood, dg., born April 25th, 1750. (Wanvic'k, R. I., 


177. Adam Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Abraham'), born 
Warwick, died 

He was admitted a freeman of Warwick, R. I., April 3d, 1745. 
Son of Abraham and Sarah (Westcott) Lockwood ; m., December 
24th, 1734, Sarah Straight, daughter of Henry Straight, of 
East Greenwich, R. I. 


579. Ann Lockwood, born November 17th, 1735, died April 5th, 1736. 

580. Sarah Lockwood, born January 27th, 1736-37. 

581. Abraham Lockwood, born August 27th, 1738, died young. 

582. Hannah Lockwood, born May 30th, 1740. 

583. Adam Lockwood, born August 12th, 1742, died young. 

584. Deborah Lockwood, born September 15th, 1745. 

585. Almy Lockwood, born February 17th, 1747. 

586. Patience Lockwood, born March 20th, 1749, m. Thomas Anderson. 

587. Adam Lockwood, Jr., born June 10th, 1752. 

588. Abraham Lockwood, born October 5th, 1754. 

589. Benajah Lockwood, bora November 20th, 1757. (Warwick, R. I., 



178'. Abraham Lockwood, Jr. (Robert/ Gershom/ Abra- 
ham'), born in Warwick, R. I., and removed to Cranston, R, I. ; 
son of Abraliam and Sarah (Westcott) Lockwood ; m. Mary 
.... my correspondents have not been able to give her surname. 


5S9^. "Willia:*! Lockwood, born about 1730, in Cranston, R. I. 
589''. Jacob Lockwood, born about 1732, in Cranston, R. I. 
There were several other children who died young. 

180. .Capt. Samuel Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,* Jonathan,' 
Robert,' Samuel*), born jS'ovember 20th, 1737, in Greenwich, 
Conn. He was drowned near Greenwich Point while out fishing, 
August 26th, 1807, in his 70th year. Son of Samuel and Mary 
( ) Lockwood. He was ''Captain" of a revolutionary 

gunboat, and also commanded land forces. October 5th, 1787, 
he was one of a committee to see about building a bridge; m. 
Letitia Davis, born June, 1740, died July 9th, 1797, aged 57.1.0, 
from her gravestone, in Greenwich, Conn. 


690. Oliver Lockwood, born m. Sally 

591. Isaac Lockwood, born died unm. in South America. 

592. Samuel Lockwood, born m. Sally Lockwood. 

593. David Lockwood, born resided in Darien. 

594. Hannah Lockwood, born 1769, m. Deacon Eliakim Ford. 

595. Letitia Lockwood, born June 2Sth, 1771, died October 28th, 1859. 

596. Lucy Lockwood, born December 6th, 1777, m. Eldad Holmes. 

597. Drake Lockwood, born 1763, m. Mary Peck. 

Obtained this information from the following named persons : 
Deacon Oliver Lockwood Ford, in his 91st year, Hon. Joshua 
Beal Ferris in his 74th year, and Mrs. Esther Ferris, in her 87th 

P. 409. On the 25th of April, 1775, the General Assembly, 
of Connecticut, met ; and laid an embargo on the exportation of 
wheat, rye, corn, and a variety of articles ; and in consequence 
of the acts of violence, at Lexington, Mass., passed an act enlist- 
ing the militia of six regiments and companies, of 100 men each 


and appointed officers for the various regiments, with David 
"W^ooster as Major-General Commanding, and Israel Putnam, 
Second Brigadier-General. Samuel Lockwood was appointed 
Second Lieutenant of the 3d Company of the 5th Eegiment, 
commanded by Col. David "NVaterbury. (P. 417, and also Conn. 
in Rev., p. 11.) 

Force's Annals, p. 742. From an article No. 3, an account of 
maneuvres of the army in Canada, under General Montgomery, 
September 10th, 1775. '' Before the council of war. Lieutenant 
Lockwood (probably of Col. Waterbury's Regiment which was 
present) had been ordered down the river to reconnoitre, and just 
now returned with intelligence that the armed vessel of the 
enemy was lying at a point about a mile and a half below, com- 
pletely equipped, etc. 

" P. 742. Camp at Isle-Aux-Noix, September 13th, 1775. 
After General orders, the Schooner will proceed with the Army. 
'Captain Douglass and Lieutenant Lockwood will choose out 
determined volunteer crews, and good rowers for the galleys.' " 
(lb., p. 742.) 

" Lieutenant Lockwood under orders from General Mont- 
gomery, at Isle Aux Noix, selects men to man a vessel." (lb. 
vol. iii., 4th series, p. 1132.) 

"General Richard Montgomery writes to General Schuyler, 
from 'Camp before St. John's, October 20th, 1775,' notifying 
him of the surrender of Chambly, captured by only fifty Ameri- 
can troops, against three hundred Canadians, and says : 

" The commanding officer at St. John's has been so polite as to 
let our batteau pass to the head of the rapids, in order to take in 
the baggage of the Chambly garrison. He behaved very gen- 
teely to Lieutenant Lockwood of ' Waterbury's,' who went in 
with the request from Major Stafford." 

"Appointed Assistant Engineer, November 4th, 1775. See 
Captain Hobby's Company, Waterbury's Regiment." (Taken 
from Conn, in the Revolution, p. 38.) 

Commission as Second Lieutenant, dated May 1st, 1775, in 
Capt. Thomas Hobby's Company. 


Capt. Sajiuel I.OCKWOOD. 

In an account of the death of General Montgomery, at the 
storming of Quebeck, December 31st, 1775, published in the 
New York Gazette, this passage occurs : 

"The firmness of the indefotigable Capt. Samuel Lockwood 
(by whose vigilance both by night and day, with forty men and 
a twelve pounder, in a gondola, eleven armed vessels with 
General Prescott, one hundred and thirty officers and soldiers, 
and one hundred and thirty seamen were taken at Sorel)," etc., 
" has not only crowned tbera with honor as soldiers, but entitles 
them to the applause of their bleeding country," and " among 
those taken prisoners, December 31st, 1775, and not exchanged 
on May 18th, 1776, is Capt. Samuel Lock wood." (From Force's 
Annals, vol. 4, 4th series, p. 70S.) 

Vol. 13, p. 428. "Samuel Lockwood, appointed Junior 
Second Lieutenant of the 3d Company, 5th Regiment. 
Samuel Lockwood, Jr. 
Samuel Lockwood, Sr. 

Vol. 13, p. 525. " This assembly do establish Samuel Lock- 
wood, Jr., to be ensign of the first or eastermost company or train 
band in the town of Greenwich." 

" Capt. Samuel Lockwood belonged to Greenwich, Conn. 
He did excellent service in capturing the fleet of Carleton, at 
Sorel, and was taken prisoner at the storming of Quebec. He 
was afterwards a Captain in Colonel Lamb's Regiment of artil- 
lery." (Invasion of Canada, 1775, by Rev. E. M. Stone, p. 91.) 

TicoNDEROGA, November 6th, 1776. 

Force's Annals (5th series, vol. 3). 

Dear General : I beg leave to recommend to your particu- 
lar notice, the following gentlemen who were taken at Quebec, 
and lately returned on their parole, viz.. Major Lamb and Cap- 
tain Lockwood, of the Artillery, Lieut. Col. Oswald, and Cap- 
tain IMorgan. The two last went with me from Cambridge. 
They have all distinguished themselves for their bravery, and 
attachment to the publick cause, and will, I make no doubt, be 
very useful hereafter and do honour to the commissions they 
may hold. If it is not inconsistent with your engagements, I 


beg they may be among the first who are exchanged. On the 
3d, the enemy began to embark at Crown Point, etc. I am, 
with sentiments of perfect esteem and respect, dear General, your 
affectionate and most obedient humble servent. 


His Excellency, George Washington, Esq., General, and Com- 
mander in Chief of the United States of America, Head 
Quarters, King's Bridge. 

In Force's Annals, p. ]570. At a meeting of the Continen- 
tal Congress, iSTovember 15th, 1776, a memorial was read from 
Samuel Lockwood, and referred to the Board of War (see page 
1577). On November 20th, 1776, the Board of War, to whom 
was referred the memorial from Captain Lockwood and Captain 
Oswald, brought in a report which was taken into consideration ; 
whereupon it was " Resolved, That such parts of the said me- 
morials, as relate to their pay, be referred to the Board of 
Treasury; and on Thursday, November 21st, 1776 (p. 1578)," 
the Committee of Treasury reported that there is due to Lieut. 
Samuel Lockwood, for his pay as Assistant Engineer in the Army, 
in Canada, fi'ora the 5th of November, 1775, to the 18th of 
May, 1776, at 20 dollars per month, 128,60-90 dollars, and from 
the 19th of May, to the 5th of November, at 30 dollars per 
month, 167 dollars: the whole 295-69-90th dollars." 

" IiNVASiox OF Canada, by Rev. Edwin M. Stone." 

Capt. Samuel Lockwood, p. 31, 32, 34, 35, 91, 96. 

From Capt. Thayer's journal, " taken prisoner at Quebec," p. 
31, several times mentioned in this journal. 

In Capt. John Lamb's Company. Prisoner, this was probably 
Capt. Samuel Lockwood, Greenwich, Conn. A sea-captain. He 
was a volunteer in the invasion of Canada. (P. 96.) 

" Capt. Samuel Lockwood belonged to Greenwich, Conn. He 
did excellent service in capturing the fleet of Carleton, at Sorel, 
and was taken jirisoner at the storming of Quebec. He w^as 
afterwards a Captain in Colonel Lamb's Eegiuient of Artillery." 
(P. 91.) 

December 31st, 1775. At 10 o'clock we surrendered. 


In tlie list of " Wounded and taken Prisoners," is Captain 
LOCKWOOD. Canadian expedition. Journal of Capt. John 
Topham. (Cowell's Sp., of ^76, p. 349.) 

Capt. Samuel Lockwood, of the Second Artillery, afterwards 
became captain of a whale-boat, in Long Island Sound. Moses 
Lockwood was a gunner with Capt. Samuel Lockwood, and lost 
his eye by an accident. lie was a farmer from Lower Salem, 
Westchester County, N. Y. ; and granted a pension in 1782. 

"Four transports arrived at Elizabethtown from Quebec, 
October 5th, 177G, with (420) four hundred and twenty Ameri- 
cans who had been prisoners, in Canada, and among the officers 
from Connecticut, was Capt. Samuel Lockwood." (N. Y. Ar- 
chives, p. 244. Hollister's Ily., p. 295, vol. 2.) 

Captain Saiaiuel Lockwood. 

" The Jarvis family were excellent and prominent people here, 
but their aiiections were with their king rather than with his 
rebellious subjects. When therefore it seemed necessary that his 
family should be sent over the line, Capt. Samuel Lockwood, 
of Greenwich, was appointed to execute the order. This he did 
with the ready zeal of a revolutionary patriot; and of course his 
ofificiousness alienated the two families. No royal Jarvis could 
thenceforth endure one of the notoriously rebellions Lockwood 
tribe. But the years roll on and work strange cures as well as 
ao-o-ravate maladies not to be healed. A grandson of the inex- 
orable captain was won to a surrender by the maidenly graces of 
a granddaughter of the courtly royalist, and so ftir, at least, 
the old feud was healed as the family of our worthy citizen, 
Judge Ferris, will attest." (Ily. Stamford, pp. 214 and 215.) 

In vol. 6 of the Rhode Island Historical Collections, Cap- 
tain Thayer, in his journal, says: 

"Among the officers that were taken at Quebec, was Capt. 
Samuel Lockwood ;" and the journal of Col. John Topham says, 
December 31st, 1775, " The names of the officers killed, wounded 
and taken are— Killed : The brave Gen. Richard Montgomery, 
and others. Among the wounded and taken prisoners, Captain 
Samuel Lockwood, remarking, ' and here we spent a solitary 
New Year's Day.' " And subsequently says : 


Captain Samuel Lockwood. 

" January 5th, 1776. Seeing no hopes of relief, "we unani- 
mously resolved to make our escape, if possible ; accordingly, 
we curried the favor of one of the sentinels, who we found will- 
ing to be of our party, having informed us of the situation of the 
garrison, the strength of our forces, and the General's name. In 
consequence, amongst the number of officers. Captain Lockwood 
and myself were pitched upon to make our escape. Accordingly, 
we sounded Joe," etc., who furnished them with clubs and coun- 
tersigns, and they were to pass out of the chamber window, 
four stories high, " by means of our blankets. Mr. Lockwood, 
standing in the gangway to notify me of any persons coming, 
observed the officer on guard advancing towards us " where they 
were all locked in one room, etc., etc., and on the 30th, "to my 
surprise. Captains Lockwood and Hanchet were detected in in- 
quiring of Joe some particulars concerning me and where I was, 
etc. The Captains were sent to accompany me, where we re- 
mained in the most lamentable situation until the 6th of May, 
etc., when they were sent back to their former prison," etc. 

" The prisoners sent a petition to the British General, asking 
to go on Parole on June 7th, 1776, and Captain Samuel Lock- 
wood, of Greenwich, Conn., signed among the others." 

" Xew Haven, November 24th, 1779, Monday, sen' nit (Sun- 
day night), two small privateers of 4 Guns, each commanded by 
Captains Lockwood and Johnson, ran into Oyster Bay under 
British Colors, where were four wood vessels under protection of 
a large 8 Gun Brig, who asked the privateers' where from?' and 
on being answered ' from Xew York,' they were permitted to 
run alongside the Brig unsuspected ; and boarding her, the crew 
were surprised into an immediate surrender without even firing 
a gun, though manned with 20 stout fellows ; on which the other 
vessels also submitted, and were all brought out of port, destined 
for Norwalk or Stamford, but on being pursued by some armed 
vessels from Huntingdon Harbor, the Brig unluckily run on a 
reef of rocks near Xorwalk Harbor, and fell again into the 
enemy's hands, who got her off" and took her away. The other 

128 de3Cexda>:ts of eobert lockwood, 

prizes got safe into port," (H. Onderdonk's Documents and 
Letters of Revolutionary Incidents of Queens Co., New York, 
p. 218.) 

" Before September 14th, 1780, Captain Lockwood took from 
L. I. Cable and Ludlam." (P. 89.) 

"Fishkill, December 9th, 1779. On the evening of Novem- 
ber 4th, about 25 volunteers under Captains Hawley, Lockwood, 
and Jones, Lieutenants Jackson and Bishop, crossed the Sound 
from Newfield (since called Bridgeport) to Stony Brook, near 
Smithtown, and marched to the house of the Hon. Thomas Jones, 
Justice of the Supreme Court of New York at Fort Neck 
(Thomas F. Jones), where they arrived about 9 o'clock on the 
evening of the 6th — hiding in the woods by day. The whole 
distance was 52 miles. There was a ball in the house, and the 
noise of music and dancing prevented the approach of the ad- 
venturers being heard. 

" Captain Hawley knocked at the door, and receiving no 
answer forced it open, and found Judge Jones standing in the 
entry. He told him he was his prisoner, and immediately con- 
ducted him off, and also a young man named Hewlett. A guard 
of soldiers was posted at a small distance from their road. Wlien 
they came near the spot, the Judge hemmed very loudly, but was 
forbidden to repeat it. He did, however, but on being further 
threatened desisted. An alarm arose, which obliged the men to 
retreat rapidly, travelling thirty miles the same night, and to 
secrete themselves the next day, by which time the British Light 
Horse were near. Tiie next evening they reached their boats, 
having taken two prisoners more, and arrived safely at Black 
Eock, Fairfield, Connecticut, on the 8th, excepting six men in 
the rear, who were overtaken and captured by the light horse. 
Judge Jones was taken to Middletown, and "in May, 1780, was 
exchanged for General Silliman, a prisoner at Flatbush. Mr. 
Hewlett was exchanged for the General's son, one Washburn 
being thrown in as a make weight. After the exchange the Judge 
and the General dined together." (H. Onderdonk's Doc. and 
Letters of Rev'y Incidents of Queens Co., N. Y., p. 218 ; also 
Lossing's Field Book of Revolution, p. 852.) 

of -vtatertown-, ilassachusetts. 129 

Capt. Samuel Lockwood Commanded one of these 
Whale Boats. 

The village of Stonybrook has one of the best harbors on Long 
Island. !N'ear the village of Corum the British had accumulated 
a large quantity of forage for the winter of 1780, which was de- 
stroyed by Colonel Tallmadge. The plan of this expedition was 
approved of by a communicatiou from General AVashington. 

"In pursuance of this communication, Major Tallmadge or- 
dered the detachment to repair to Fairfield. Here being met by 
other troops, the party embarked, the 21st of November, 1780, 
at four o'clock p.m., in eight whale boats. The whole number, 
including the crews of tlie boats, amounted to eighty men. They 
crossed the Sound in four hours, and landed at Old Mans at 
nine o'clock. The troops had marched about five miles, when, 
it beginning to rain, they returne-d and took shelter under their 
boats, and lay concealed in the bashes all that night and the next 
day. At evening, the rain abating, the troops were again put in 
motion, and at three o'clock i-a the morning were within two 
miles of the fort. 

" Here he divided his men into three parties, ordering each to 
attack the fort at the same time at different points. The order 
was so well executed that the three divisions arrived nearly at 
the same moment. It was a triangular enclosure of several acres, 
strongly stockaded, well barricaded, houses at two of the angles, 
and at the third a fort, with a deep ditch and wall, encircled by an 
abatis of sharpened pickets, projecting at an angle of forty-five 
degrees. The stockade was cut down, the column led through 
the grand parade, and in ten minutes the main fort was carried 
by the bayonet. The vessels near the fort, laden with stores, 
attempted to escape, but the guns of the fort being brought to 
bear upon them, they were secured and burnt, as were the works 
and stores. The number of prisoners was fifty-four, of whom 
seven were wounded. ^Yhile they were marched to the boats 
under an escort, Major Tallmadge proceeded with the remainder 
of his detachment, destroyed about three hundred tons of hay 
collected at Corum, aud returned to the place of debarkation just 
as the party with the prisonei^ had arrived, and reached Fairfield 
by eleven o'clock the same evening ; having accomplished the 


enterpi'ise, inclucUng a march of forty miles by land and as much 
by water, without the loss of a man. Congress passed a resolve 
complimentary to the commander and troops engaged in this ex- 
pedition, which was said by them to have been planned and con- 
ducted with wisdom and great gallantry by Major Tallmadge, 
and executed with intrepidity and complete success by the officers 
and soldiers of his detachment." (Barber and Howe's His. Coll. 
of Xew York, p. 535.) 

" Pel eg Red field served in the Connecticut Line, from 1780 
until 1782, under Captain LocJcwood, whose company formed 
part of General Waterbury's Brigade. He assisted in what de- 
fense was made to save New Haven from the marauding expedi- 
tion under Tryon and Garth in July, 1779, and saw the flames 
arising from the burning of East Haven. While under Captain 
LochwoocVs command he was one of a detachment which was sent 
out in January, 1780, with orders to cut off Delancy's dragoons, 
and a band of tories under Colonel Hatfield, who had their head- 
quarters at Morrisania. Delancy and his dragoons were absent, 
but Colonel Hatfield and eleven tories were taken after a desper- 
ate resistance, with a large amount of booty. In 1781 his regi- 
ment lay at White Plains, in full view of the allied armies, and 
he saw them strike their tents for the purpose of joining Lafay- 
ette in the siege of Yorktown, while the brigade to which he be- 
longed was ordered back to Connecticut to guard the coast from 
invasion and to watch the movements of the tories."* 
Will dated August 7th, 1827. 
" Probated November 26th, 1831. 
Inventory $3081.12. 

181. Philip Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert,'' Sam- 
uel*), born February 28th, 1750, in Greenwich, Conn.; died 
October 29th, 1831, aged 81 8 0. He lived on the Greenwich 

* This expedition (1780) was sent off during the memorable " cold term " 
which rendered the winter of 1780 pre-eminent. The party was absent thirty- 
six houjs, and in many places had to march through snow three feet deep. 

Mr. Kedtield's foot was frozen on the march, and the effects remained with 
him until his death. (Redfield Genealogy, p. 42, by John H. Kedfield, Edition 


Point road. Son of Samuel and Mary ( ) Lockwood ; m. 

1st, Hannah Clason, born Jnly 15tb, 1750 ; died December 15th, 
1814, aged 64 5 0. (Gravestone.) 

She was the mother of all the children. 

M. 2d, about 1823, Hannah Wickes, •' when she was over 60 
years old;" born March 19th, 1761, died August 18th, 1836, 
aged 75 4 20. (Gravestone.) 

She survived her husband nearly five years. She was sister 
of Henry Wickes, who lived near " Stillwater." 


598. Betsey Lockwood, baptized October 14th, 1775, Cong. Ch. Stamford. 

599. William Lockwood, born August 26th, 1778, died November 26th, 


600. Eliakim Lockwood, 1776, died August 18th, 1825, 

aged 49, m. Sarah MarsIialL 

601. Isaac Lockwood, 1780, drowned unm., June 28th, 

1827, aged 47. 

602. Sally Lockwood, m. 1st, Jessup , m. 2d, 

Waterbury . 

603. Hannah Lockwood, born February 18ih, 1737, m. Enoch Hoyt. 

604. Eliza Locknvood, m. Erastus H. Weed. 

605. Phebe Lockwood, m. Harvey Lockwood. 

16th, 1836. 

Gives Jonathan Scofield $50.00 
Polly " " $50.00 

Phebe Wicks $50.00 Gold Beeds Slk dress 
My niece Polly Scofield 1 Calico dress 

" " Nancy Smith Bedding etc 

182. David Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Eobert,' Sam- 
uel*), born in Greenwich, Conn.; son of Samuel and Mary 
( ) Lockwood; m. 1st, Mary ; 2d, Sarah . 


606. Rebecca Lockwood, born April 8th, 1779. 


Copied from papers in U. S. Pension Office, by F. A. H. 


It appears from a family record and living witnesses in April, 
1818, that he was born June 21st, 1760, and died in New Mil- 
ford, Connecticut, December 24th, 1841. Resided in Greenwich, 
Connecticut, during Revolutionary War. Enlisted by Lieut. 
Henry Waring in February, 1777, for three years, under Capt. 
Samuel Lock wood, who was succeeded by Capt. Stephens in the 
2d Artillery, Xew York Regiment, commanded by Colonel John 
Lamb, and was discharged at Morristown, New Jersey, after three 
years' service. Samuel Lockwood, of New Milford, a son of his 
Captain, was a witness in 1819 when he applied for a pension. 

In July, 1820, his family consisted of his wife, a son, Cliarles, 
aged about 16 years. Has had aid from his relatives, particu- 
larly Roswell Lockwood. Sarah Clason, born January 25th, 
1762, appears to have been his wife. His widow, Sarah, lived 
in New Milford; states that her husband was taken prisoner 
while serving on board a ichale boat, called also a gunboat; he 
was detained about three months, and afterwards served under 
Capt. Henry Waring in several alarms. 

Hannah Ford, in 1844, of Greenwich, aged 75 years, states 
she was a neighbor of Daniel Lock wood's, and when about 11 or 
12 years old, was present at his marriage at the house of Samuel 
Lockwood, his father, by Col. Charles Webb, of Stamford, then 
a Justice of the Peace. Samuel Lockwood, the father of Mrs. 
Ford, had the command of a gunboat stationed at Greenwich 
during the war, and she recollects with great certainty that her 
Uncle David was on a gunboat under Capt. Samuel Lockwood, 
after his marriage, and David was brother to Samuel. 

Mrs. Ford further says : " My uncle, David Lockwood, ac- 
companied mv father, Capt. S:irauel Lockwood, in the gunboat 
across the Sound to Long Island, to get my brother, who had 
been left there, at the time my Uncle David was wounded in the 
thioh bv a nunket ball." 




^y.^T^^UC/A i^ifa^'Y^rz^ ^.<ri/^ 

^^_^ 1-' _^i.-^ ly «^«-'*--y^y v^yyc^iy/ ''4^{/^iyi^ «''»' t^-.-'i^ ^ i.*" ~/^ 

.,ti/^y^ jiy^>co^cs>r-^>i^ — /^c^amJ 


183. Katherine Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Robert,' 
Samuel*), born in Greenwicli, Conn.; daughter of Samuel and 
Mary ( ) Lockwood; m., December 10th, 1755, Joseph 


* From plate kindly furnished by Justin Winsor, Esq., of Cambridge. 
Taken from his " Narrative and Critical History of America," vol. 6, p. 472. 


607. Samuel Mpiad, born September 21st, 1756. 
60S. Joseph Mead, born January 4th, 1758. 

609. Oliver Mead, born March 4th, 1760. 

610. Prudence Mead, born June 19th, 1768. 

611. Catharine Mead, born June 19tli, 1770. 

612. Susannah Mead, born April 19th, 1774. (Greenwich Eec, N. E. H 

and G., vol. 10, p. 130.) 

183a. Captain Gilbert Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' 
Robert,' Samuel*), born 1747, in Greenwich, Conn. ; died 
August 9th, 1836, aged 89; son of Samuel and ]Mary ( ) 

Lockwood; m., 1768, Phebe Hall, born in 1752 and died 
November 8th, 1833, aged 81. Her mother's maiden name was 
Polly Isleton. 


612a. Samuel Lockwood, m. Tallathy Carey. 

612b. Gilbert Lockwood, m. Rebecca Bush. 

612c. Dan Hall Lockwood, m. Polly Van de Bogart, of Woodstock. 

61 2d. "William Hall Lockwood, m. Deborah Van Waggonen. 

612e. Jesse Lockwood, m. Polly Dudley. 

612f. Polly Lockwood, m. Isaac Mabie. 

612g. Anne Lockwood, m. William Lane. 

61 2h. Betsey Lockwood, m. Daniel Turner. 

612i. Katie Lockwood, m. Stoutenburgh. 

Page 158, Calendar of Historical Manuscripts relating to the 
War of the Revolution, in the office of the Sec'y of State, Albany, 
N. Y. ; also same in Bolton's History of Westchester Co., X. 
Y.,p. 20. 

" Fi'om a list of the officers chosen in the several Districts of 
the North Battalion, Westchester Co., N. Y., Manor of Cort- 

"To command in the District late commanded by Jeremiah 
Drake — Cap't Gilbert Lockwood, Commission issued 20th Sep- 
tember, 1775." 

From New York State Archives, New York in the Revolu- 
tion, by Board of Regents, by B. Fernon, vol. 1, published in 
1887, p. 306. 

Captain Gilbert Lockwood was appointed Captain of the 3d 
Regiment of the North Battalion, Westchester Co. 


This 3d Regiment was first commanded by Col. Pierre Van 
Cortlandt until June 25th, 1778, when he was elected Lieut.- 
Governor of Kew York, and Col. Samuel Drake was appointed 
to succeed him. The regiment was called out when Forts. Clin- 
ton and Montgomery were taken, and served from October 3d to 
November 2d, 1777. It was also in active service from August 
15th, 1778, to November 20th, 1781. 

Vol. 1, p. 21, Bolton's History of Westchester Co., X. Y. 
Korth Battalion of Westchester Co. 

" The district late commanded by 
Jeremiah Drake 
Gilbert Lock wood, Captain 

John Drake, 1st Lieut. P'Sf'^ ^^'^ agreement the day he was 
' ( chosen. 

Joshua Drake, 2d Lieut, (the like) 

Peter Carman, Ensign " 

From p. 105 of Westchester Co. during the American Rev- 
olution, by H. B. Dawson, Morrisania, N. Y., August 16th, 

" The eight companies in the r^Ianor of CortlanJt which were 
thus organized (as above), etc., were known as the North Bat- 
talion of Westchester County, and of which soon after Pierre 
Van Cortlandt was made Colonel, and Gilbert Drake Lieut.- 
Colonel," etc. 

Force's Annals, p. 691. Gilbert Drake, Chairman of Com- 
mittee of Westchester Co., N. Y., writes from White Plains, 
September 11th, 1775, to N. Y. Committee of Safety, enclosing 
a list of Field Officers nominated by them, and among them is 
Ebenezer Lockwood, as 1st Major of the 2d Regiment, and for 
Pound Ridge, as Captain in the ^Middle Battalion, Joseph Lock- 
wood, and for the North Battalion, Westchester Co., for the 
district late commanded by Jeremiah Drake, Captain Gilbert 

184. David Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Robert,' 
David*), born December 27th, 1729, in Greenwich, died ; 

son of David and ; m. Hannah ; she 

subsequently married Meriday Bostwick. 



Haunah Bostwick alias Hannah Lockwood, Administratrix 
on the estate of David Lockwood, late of said Greenwich de- 
ceased. Bringing up of two small children. Debts due the 
estate £7, 10s. Debts due from the estate £126, 13s. lO^d. 


At a Court held May 10th, 1758. 

May, 1758. Upon the memorial of i\Ieriday Bostwick, of 
Greenwich, and Hannah, his wife, which said Hannah is Ad- 
ministratrix on the estate of David Lockwood, late of said 
Greenwich, deceased, shewing to this Assembly that the debts 
due from said deceased surmount the estate the sum of £59,8s.3|d 
lawful money ; praying for liberty to sell so much of the deceased's 
estate as to pay the sum, etc. ; Resolved by this Assembly, that 
Samuel Peck, of said Greenwich, have liberty and he is hereby 
impowered, to sell so much of the real estate of said deceased as 
shall amount to said sum of £59, 8s. 3Jc?. with incident charges 
of sale; taking the direction of the Court of Probate for the 
district of Stamford therein. (Conn. Col. Rec, xi., p. 158.) 

May, 1758. " Memorial of Meriday Bostwick, of Greenwich, 
and Haunah, his wife, which said Hannah is Administratrix on 
the estate of David Lockwood, late of said Greenwich, deceased, 
showing debts, etc., surmount £59,8s.3|(i. The Assembly ordered 
Samuel Peck, of Greenwich, to sell enough real estate to pay." 

185. Enos Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Robert,' David*), 
born May 30th, 1731, in Greenwich, Conn., died April 12th, 
1802, aged 70 years (gravestone); son of David and ; 

m. 1, April 7th, 1759, Elizabeth , born 1733; she 

died January 9th, 1787, aged 54 years; m. 2, 


615. Abigail Lockwood, born November 12th, 1759, m. Abel Ferris. 

616. Saeah Lockwood, born September 4th, 1762, m. Joseph Donaldson. 

617. Enos Lockwood, Jr., born March 1st, 1764, m. Sarah Hoit. 


61S. Messenger Lockwood, born August 26th, 1765, m. Sarah Ferris. 

619. Joshua Lockwood, born December 17th. 1766, baptized May 7th, 1767. 

620. Elizabeth Lockwood, born March 13th, 1768, unra. 

621. Eeuben Locktvood, born September 4th, 1771, baptized August 6th, 

1773, died unm. May 21st, 1827. 

622. Mary LocKWOod, born 1773, baptized August 6th, 1773. 

£23. Mahtha Locktvood, born April 4th, 1775, m. Ferris. 

Note. — The three baptisms from Congl. Ch. Rec, Stamford, 

Enos Lockwood was one of a committee appointed April 14th, 
1777, to inspect into and see that the families of those who enter 
the Continental Army, shall be supplied with the necessaries of 
life at prices stated by law. 

187. Timothy Lockwood (Robert,' JonatJian,' E-obert,' 
David'), born October 26th, 1735, in Greenwich, Conn.; sou of 
David ; ra. Abigail , born November 2-ith, 

1740, died November 29th, 1826, aged 86 years, 5 days, she m. 
Samuel Guernsey after the death of Mr. Lockwood. 


Probably a member of the 1st Company of Col. Waterbury's 
5th Regimentof Connecticut troops, and enlisted May 8th, 1775, 
and was discharged October 30th, 1775. Probably a member 
of Capt. Betts' Company of Col. Charles Webb's Regiment, 
January 10th, 1777, for three years. . . . (Conn in the Rev., 
p. 64.) 


" This stone is erected in memory of Abigail wife of Samuel 
Guernsey who died Nov. 29, 1826, aged 86. 0. 5. Also Timothy 
Lockwood her former husband, whose remains are deposited in 
this yard." (Greenwich Cemetery.) 

August 15th, 1844, Mary Winas says her sister Esther Town- 
send, m. 1, Jeremiah Mead, m. 2, Timothy Lockwood by Elder 
Nathan Cole, a Baptist minister, at the town of South East, in 
Dutchess County, now Putnam County, in the State of New 
York. She subsequently m. 3, Levi Miller. 

October 6th, 1844, Esther lived in Macomb County, Michigan, 


in tlie township of "Wa-^hington, aged 83 years and 6 months. 
She was widow of Timothy Lockwood who enlisted in the army 
when about 17 years old. I have heard him often say he was 
in the battle of White Plains (that occurred October 28th, 1776), 
with the army at Valley Forge, and also that he was in a fore 
which was taken by the British (probably Fort Washington, 
which was captured November 16th, 1776) near New York, 
through the treason of the Adjutant of Col. Magaw's Eegiment. 
Mr, Lockwood escaped from the fort and was not taken prisoner. 
I have heard him say that one Samuel Lockwood was his Captain, 
and that my husband lived at Horse Neck. I have heard him 
say that he was a drummer in Washington's Life Guard, and a 
drummer while at Valley Forge. My husband also enlisted in 
the navy sometime during the war, and sailed in the ship Trum- 
bull on her first voyage. The Captain's name was James Nick- 
erson. In the first engagement the ships were both almost 
reduced to wrecks. They separated, and the Trumbull went to 
Boston, I think, to repair; afterwards in that, or some other 
ship, he took two or three prizes. They took the prizes to 
Philadelphia where Mr. Lockwood was taken sick. I have also 
heard him say he was in the service the most of the time for 
seven years. I was married to Timothy Lockwood in January, 
1784, the 13th or 14th day. I then resided in a town called 
Fredericksburg, which lay on Croton River about thirty miles 
above White Plains. My said husband died March 12th, 1813, 
in the town of Ments, Cayuga County, New York. 

At Greenwich, July 18th, 1844, personally appeared Ebenezer 
Jessup in his 80th year, stated he was well acquainted with a 
man by the name of Timothy Lockwood in the time of the 
Revolutionary War, he was a drummer in a company commanded 
by Capt. Samuel Lockwood, and Henry Waring was Lieutenant. 

At Greenwich, July 18th, 1844. Personally appeared Hannah 
Ford in her 76th year, and stated she was well acquainted with 
a man by the name of Timothy Lockwood in the time of the 
Revolutionary War, that he belonged to a company that hei- 
father commanded, viz., Capt. Samuel Lockwood. She thinks 
he served in said company as a drummer. 

Timothy Lockwood, December 26th, 1781, was paid £21,, 


and at that time was iu a compauy commanded by Capt. Daniel 
Williams, Col. Albert Pawlings' Regiment. (U. S. Pension 
Records.) As per ctf. of State Comptrolier, 


Deputy Comptr. 

189. Capt. EpHRAiii LocKWOOD (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert,' 
David*), born February 24th, 17o8-39, iu Greenwich, Conn.; 
son of Capt. David Lockwood. " ^Yas made a Captain of the 

3d Regiment June 25th, 1776." (P. 306.) 

191. Commodore Joshua Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' 
Robert,^ David*), born September 26th, 1743, in Greenwich, 
Conn. ; sou of David Lockwood of said Greenwich. (X. Y. 
Calendar, p. 632.) 

Joshua Lockwood, of Poundridge, was chosen by the free- 
holders and inhabitants of "Westchester County, X. Y., one of 
the committee for said county from the second Monday in May, 
1776, to the second jNIonday in May, 1777. 

In the course of the year 1782 John Matthews, E-^quire, 
Governor of South Carolina, concerted measures with some of 
the citizens of Charlestown who wished to make their peace with 
their countrymen, for sending out of the British lines necessary 
clothing for the almost naked Continentals. 

When their distress had nearly arrival to the point beyond 
which human nature can bear no more, Mr. Joshua Lockwood 
under the direction of the Governor Matthews brought out of 
Charlestown a large quantity of the articles which were most 
needed iu the American Camp. This seasonable supply, though 
much short of their due, quieted the minds of the suifering 

Tranquillity and good order were restored in the Camp and 
duty was cheerfully performed. It is impossible to do justice to 
that invincible fortitude which was displayed by both officers 
and men in the campaigns of 1780 and 1781, etc., etc. (a long 
eulogy follows here of the soldiers and their sufferings). 
(Ramsey's History of South Carolina, p. 440.) 

In a letter from Gen. Francis Marion to Col. P. Horry (Horry, 
MS.) dated Bacon Bridge, May 11th, 1782, he says: 


" I sent you a letter by Commodore Lockwood, informing 
that the British intend to go to Georgetown, under French 
colors and dress : you will I dare say, prevent their deception 
from taking effect," etc., etc. (Gibbs' Documentary History of 
S. C, 1776-1782.) 

"The force opposed to the British fleet was the Bricole, 44 
guns, Providence and Boston, each 32, and 6 others." (Ramsey's 
Hy. South Carolina, edition 1809, vol. 1, p. 323.) 

Note. — Commodore Whipple commanded the American naval 
force in March, 1780. 

Georgetown, June 29th, 1782, in a letter of Col. P. Horry to 
Gen. Marion, he says : Lochvood is here with orders from the 
Governor to load with rice for goods received ; and as you want 
goods and they are present, I wish you may find it convenient to 
take them and make payment agreeably to the adventui-e. The 
boat awaits your answer. The captain has risked these goods 
(and without a pass) to serve us, and is willing to send you any 
quantity you may commission him for. 

I am dear General your obedient servant, 


(Gibbs' Doc'y His. South Carolina, p. 244 ) 

In a letter of Capt. Jacob MilUgan to Gen. 3Iarion, George- 
town, October 31st. 1782, he says: 

" Sir. — I have .^ \ moment been favored with your Excel- 
lency's letter of 28th, instant, in consequence of which have 
made a seizure of a schooner from Mr. Lockwood, in Charlestoicn, 
deeply laden with tobacco, rice, etc., which was discharged from 
the sloop I mentioned to your Excellency I had seized before, 
and which I then cleared upon seeing a passport signed by the 
Governor," etc., etc. 

Commodore Lockwood to Gen. Marion. 

Charlestown, October 31, 1782. 

Dear Sir : 

As it is the Governor's desire for the good of our country, I 
have made it my business to send out whatever I can send them, 
Dorchester way, without a pass, and one with the Governor's pass 


to Georgetown ; but this day Daniel Shields appealed to me for a 
recommendation to von, for a pass to go with his schooner to Mr. 
Sainton's at Wappetaw. I know little of the said Shields, but 
am told he is a good coaster, therefore, must be of service to us, 
and doubt not but you will give him a pass to remain until fur- 
ther orders, as the Governor's passes run. Here is, also, a fine 
Virginia schooner, the Nancy, Capt. John Anderson, which 
wants a pass to Georgetown, and there to remain, which I shall 
be obliged to your Excellency for, by the bearer, as I have no 
opportunity at present to send to the Governor. The troops are 
to embark the loth November, as Leslie says. 

I am with great respect Sir, your most humble servant, 


(Gibbs' Doc'y His. South Carolina, p. 245.) 

192. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Robert,^ David'), 
born August 20th, 1715, in Greenwich, Connecticut; died 1818, 
aged 73 years; daughter of David ; m., November 16th, 

1765, Silas Hoyt, born March 2d, 1738-39; son of Abraham 
and Hannah Hoyt; died January 9tli, 1825. He lived in Stam- 
ford, Connecticut. 

" Silas and Sarah owned Covenant in Stamford Church, Aug. 
5, 1770. He was in tlie Revolutionary army, at New York 
city in 1776, and was also a .scout against the Cowboys." 


624. EzKA Hoyt, horn April 16th, 1766, m. Mercy Jeffry. 

625. Abigail Hoyt, born January 22d, 1767, m. George Mills. 

626. Sarah Hoyt, born March 2Sth, 1771, m. Enos Lockwood. 

627. Polly Hoyt, born May 26th, 1773, m. Asa Ferris. 

628. Silas Hoyt, born November 8th, 1775, m. Charlotte Smith. 

629. Theodojia Hoyt, born April 1st, 1779, m. Stiirgis P. Thorp. 

630. Nancy Hoyt, born June 21st, 1782, m. Y\'illiam Davenport. 

631. Dayid Hoyt, born December 13th, 1784, m. Abigail Knapp. 

632. BENMA^inx Hoyt, born January 16th, 1791, m. Arna Smith. (Stamford 

Keg. Hoyt Family Hy., p. 363.) 

202. Thaddeus Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Gershom,' 
Nathan'), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; made his will May 
30th, 1808; inventory §5,580iVs; son of Nathan and Sarah 
( ) Lockwood; m., about 1740, Sarah 


Thadcleus Lockwood received four acres of land, by the will 
of his father, Nathan Lockwood, made June 11th, 1761. 


633. WiLLTAM LocKWOOD, m. Jemima Loiinsbury. 

634. Amy LocKwooD, m. Armstrong. 

63-5. Isabel Lockwood, m. 1st, Silas Ctiapman; m. '2d, John Janes. 

636. Annie Lockwood, m. Isaac Gale. 

637. Sarah LocK'n'OOD, m. Nathaniel Baxter. 

638. Deborah Locktvood. 

639. Abigail Lockwood, m. William Smith. 

640. Mary Lockwood, m. Nathaniel Briggs. 
64L Thaddeus Lockwood, Jr., m. Sarah Briggs. 

642. Ir.^ Lockwood, m. Clementine Mills. 

643. Edward Lockwood. 

644. Desnison Lockwood, m. Sarah King. 

645. Elizabeth Lockwood, died unmarried, aged IS. Town Records and 

private sources.) 

203. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Gershom,' 
Nathan^), boru in Greenwich, Connecticut; daughter of Nathan 
and Sarah ( ) Lockwood; m. Nathaniel Reynolds. 

Sarah is mentioned in her father's will, made June 11th, 1761, 
and in her widowed mother's will, dated December 16th, 1769. 
In the latter instrument "my son-in-law Nathaniel Reynolds" is 


646. Catherine Rei-nolds, born January 6th, 1783, died October 17th, 1802 ; 

m. William Seymour, born March 20th, 1780. 

647. Deborah Reynolds, m. Frederick Lockwood. 

648. Sarah Reynolds. (Whitney Family, 574.) 

205. Ruth Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Gershom, 
Nathan*), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; daughter of Nathan 
and Sarah ( ) Lockwood; *m., 1762, ^evmour Sherwood. 


649. Lebbeus Sherwood, mentioned in his grandfather's will. 

Nathan Lockwood made his will June 11th, 1761. 

* From names of persons for whom marriage liceoies were granted in the 
State of New York previous to 1784. 


209. Jeremiah Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Gershora/ 
Hezekiah*), born, say 1733, in Greenwich, Connecticut; died 
Kovember, 1786. Will dated October 25th, 1786; probated 
Kovember 30th, 1786. His widow was executrix. Son of 
Hezekiah and Ruth ( ) Lockwood; m., January 8th, 1758, 
Abigail Smith. Was a private in Capt. Throop's Co. of Col. 
Duckees' Reg't. Enlisted September 15tb, 1779. 


650. David Lockwood, born May loth, 1753, baptized November 17th, 1765 ; 

m. Hannah Holly. 

651. Heney Lockwood, born January 30th, 1763, baptized November 17th, 

1765; m. Deborah Sellick. 

652. Jeremiah Lockwood, Jr., born December 24th, 1764, baptized Novem- 

ber 17th, 1765 ; m. Elizabeth Holcraft. 

653. Ebestezer Lockwood, born November 12th, 1766, baptized January 

11th, 1767. 

654. Abraham Lockwood, born August 2Sth, 1770, baptized October 7th, 

1770; m. Mary S. Knapp. 

655. Abigail Lockwood, born June 5th, 1772, baptized July I2th, 1772. 

656. James Lockwood, born April 17th, 1775, baptized June 5th, 1775; m. 

Marilda Ferris. (Children's baptism from the Records of the Congre- 
gational Church, Stamford, Connecticut.) 

210. Hezekiah Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Jonathan,'' Ger- 
shom,' Hezekiah*), born in Greenwich, Connecticut, and removed 
to and settled in Poundridge, New York. Son of Hezekiah and 
Ruth Lockwood; ra. Mary Birdsall. 


657. Mary Lockwood, born August 27th, 1793, at Poundridge, m. Henry 


In 1738 a plea was sent to General Assembly of Connecticut 
risking that the members of the Church of England might be 
excused from paying for support of the Congregational mode of 
worship, and this had 636 Episcopalians signing, and among 
them Gershom, John, Jonathan, Hezekiah and Nathaniel 

213. Isaac Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Gershom,' Heze- 
kiah*), born about 1745, in Greenwich, Connecticut; son of 
Hezekiah and Ruth ( ) Lockwood ; m. 


Isaac Lockwood enlisted in Capt. Billings' Company of Col. 
H. Swift's Regiment on January 14th, 1781, for three years. 


658. John Lockwood. 

659. Abram Lockwood. , 

660. Jacob Lockwood. 

661. Joseph Lockwood, m. Phebe Seely. 

Miscellaneous. — Abraham, Joseph, Jacob and Isaac 

From Calendar of Historical Manuscripts relating to the 'War 
of the Revolution, in office of the Secretary of State, Albany, 
New York, page 188 : 

At a full meeting of delegates from several towns in the 
County of Cumberland and Colony of New York, convened at 
Westminster, June 6th, 1775, six (6) Resolutions were passed 
and signed by 



JACOB LOCKWOOD, \ ^"'' '^^ ''^^^'^ 


The 2d Resolution was: "Resolved n. c. That we will resist 
and oppose the said acts of Parliament (alluding to the cruel, 
unjust and oppressive acts of said British Parliament) in con- 
junction with our brethren in America, at the expense of our 
lives and fortunes to the last Extremity if our Duty to our God 
and our country require the same." 

In the 5th Resolution they ask " for arms and ammunition," 
saying, " AVe have many brave soldiers, but unhappy [f) for us 
we have nothing to fight with." 

218. MiLLiNGTON Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Gershom,^ 
Gershom^), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; son of Gershom and 
Mary ; m. Sybil Wood. 


662. MiLLiNGTON Lockwood, born , died May 20th, 1860 ; m. Jane 

Atkitson Cuisac. 


An Inventory of the Estate of Millington Loekwood late of 
Greenwich, now absconded and gone over to, and joined the 
enemies of the United States. Taken in lawful money accord- 
ing to the price of articles in the year 1774. 

House Barn and 60 acres of Land lying in Mianus neck — a 
place called Horse Point — the widow Mary Lockwood having a 
right to the use and improvement of J part of said lands, during 
her natural life. £600, Os. Od. and about £25 or £30 more in 
small articles. 

Greemvich, April 1, 1780. 

SA:\ILL peck, I appraiser 

CHARLES WEBB, J under oath. 

They reported about £140 of debts. 
N.B. — The first of April is all fool's day. 

228. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Gershom,' 
Theophilus*), born August 26th, 1750, in Greenwich, Connecti- 
cut; died August 23d, 1837, aged 87 (gravestone); daughter 
of Theophilus and Hannah (Close) Lockwood; m. William 
Hendrie, born in the Broom of Moy, Parish of Dike, Scotland, 
on the 11th December, 1745; died in Greenwich, Connecticut, 
October 21st, 1804, in 59th year (gravestone). 


6G3. Mary IlENDiitE, ni. PJiinehas Lockwood. 

664. Jane Hexdrie, ra. "William Reed. 

665. Alexander Hendrie, m. Letitia Ford. 

666. Charles Hendrie, m. Hannah M. Lockwood. 

667. Isabel Hendrie, died young. 

668. Isabel Hendrie, died young. 

669. Ann Hendrie, m. Silas Hobby. 

670. David Hendrie, unmarried. 

I was told there were eleven children in this family : here are the names of 

231. Israel Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Gershom,^ 
Theophilus*), born 1755, in Greenwich, Connecticut; son of 
Theophilus and Hannah (Close) Lockwood. 



State of XE^y York, 
City and County of New York 

On this 28th day of September, 1832. 
Personally appeared Israel Lockwood a resident of said city 
county and State aged 77 years. 

The said Lockwood entered the service of the U. S. May 1, 
1775, into a regiment of N. Y. troops commanded by Col. 
Waterbury, went up North River to Albany, thence to Ticon- 
deroga and constructed batteaux and proceeded down to Lake 

Discharged Dec. 31, 1775, or Jan. 1, 1776. 

Thinks he was about 20 years old when he enlisted. 

232. Theophilus Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Ger- 
shom,' Theophilus*), born February 6th, 1759, in Greenwich, 
Connecticut; son of Theophilus and Hannah (Close) Lockwood ; 
lived near Kinderhook, in Columbia County, New York ; m. 
1st, ; m. 2d, 

First Wife's. 

671. Haxnah Lockwood, bom 

672. Betsey Lockwood, born 

673. David Lockwood, born , m. Chloe Camp. 

Second Wife's. 

674. John Lockwood, born 

675. Warner or Warren Lockwood, born 

676. Harry Lockwood, born 

677. Sarah Lockwood, born (Grandson's letter S. T. L., Feb. 11, 1881, 

son of David.) 

P. 75. Theophilus Lockwood signs articles of association, 
Amenia Precinct, Dutchess County, New York, July, 1775. 

234. David Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,'^ Gershom,^ The- 
ophilus*), born July 6th, 1763, in Greenwich, Connecticut ; son of 
Theophilus and Hannah (Close) Lockwood. 

of watertown, massachusetts. 147 

State of Coxxecticut, 

Fairfield County,. 

Stamford Probate District. 

On this 13th day of June, 1834, Personally appeared in open 
Court before the Court of Probate for said District now sitting — 
David Lockwood, a resident of Greenwich, in said District, 
County and State, aged Seventy years and upwards, who, being 
first sworn according to Law on his oath, makes the following 
declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress 
passed the 7th June, 1S32. That he entered the service of the 
United States until the following named officers and served as 
herein stated, viz. : The fore part of October (he believes the first)? 
1778, he enlisted as a soldier in a company of State Troops, com- 
manded by Capt. Granger, Lieut. Bulkley, for the terra of six 
months and served for the whole time as a Private soldier under 
said enlistment in Fort Sonsence (as it was called by way of de- 
rision as declarant believes). The Fort was situated about three 
miles to the northwest o.f the village of Stamford, General David 
"Waterbury had the command of the Fort at the time. He knows 
no person now living who served with him in the Fort. He was 
dismissed in April, 1779. The declarant was born in said Green- 
wich, July 6th, 1763. He has no record of his age, but takes it 
from his parents as they gave it to him when living:. 


Ira Lockwood was a witness, 

I Samuel Lockwood, Clerk of the Court of Probate for Stam- 
ford District in Connecticut, hereby certify that the foregoing 
contains the original pnxeedings of the said Court in the matter 
of the application of David Lockwood for a Pension. In testi- 
mony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office 
this 15th day of Aug., 1834. 

(y^y^i^^U-trif ^ X 


236. Capt. Joseph Lockwood, Jr. (Robert/ Jonatlian,' 
Joseph/ Joseph*), born June 30th, 1731, at Stamford, Connecti- 
cut (was the 3cl generation of consecutive Josephs) ; died March 
17th, 1792, aged 61 years, at Poundridge, Kew York ; son of 
Joseph and Sarah (Hoyt) Lockwood ; m. Hannah Close ; she 
died December 22d, 1806, aged 66; was daughter of Solomon 
Close, of North Salem, New York. 

After Mr. Lockwood's death, his widow married, as his third 
wife, Capt. James Richards, of New Canaan, Connecticut. He 
died at New Canaan, Connecticut, May 17th, 1810, aged 87; had 
been blind several years. 

"Capt. Richards possessed a very fine property, and knew how 
to keep it without being mean." (Richards Genealogy, p. 201.) 


678. Hannah Lockwood, m. Capt. Philo Lewis, of Patterson. 

679. Sarah Lockwood, born 1761, died September 7th, 1S3S, in 77th year; 

m. Thaddeus Hoyt. 

680. Joseph Lockwood, born December 3d, 1764, m. Mary Drake. 

681. Solomon Lockwood, born August 28th, 1766, in. Mary Close. 

682. Prudence Lockwood, born 1767, died December 28th, 1850, in 83d year; 

m. John Smith, of Poundridge, N. Y. 

683. MiNDWELL Lockwood, died 

684. Mercy Lockwood, m. Jotham Waring. 

685. Matif.da Lockwood, died young. 

686. Matilda Lockwood, m. Seth Kellogg, of New Canaan, Conn. 

687. Nancy Lockwood, m. Henry Jones, of Wappinger's Falls, N. Y. 

Captain Joseph Lockwood. 

Joseph Lockwood was elected Town Clerk of Old Pound- 
ridge, Westchester County, New York, in 1760. (Bolton, vol. 
2, p. 7.) 

Joseph Lockwood, of Poundridge, Westchester County, New 
York, was chosen captain of a military company, and his com- 
mission was issued September 13th, 1775. (N. Y. Calendar, etc., 
p. 159.) 

From Bolton, vol. 2, p. 7, January 14th, 1760. Joseph Lock- 
wood, of Poundridge, was elected clerk of meeting, etc., and in 
1746 he was assessor for the East Patent, and April 20th, 1776, 
he acted as clerk of the town meeting. 

Vol. 2, p. 8. On August 7th, 1776, the East Patent (Pound- 
ridge, Westchester County, N. Y.) was sold, and among the princi- 


pal purchasers were the " Lockwoods," and at a later period 
James Wetmore served a writ of ejectment on the " Lock- 
wood " family. (See foot-note.) 

P. 9. Capt. Joseph Lockwood was unanimously chosen chair- 
man of the fir^t meeting of the congregation of the Prcsbvterian 
Society of Poundridge in 1760. 

Journal Committee of Safety, Xe-^ York, vol. 1, pp. 71-74 : 

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety at the City Hall in 
New York, Tuesday, the 11th day of July, 1775, at 9 o'clock, 
A.M., the P. S. to a letter from tiie Committee of Mirachester, 
Charlotte County, says: 

" If it should be necessary to appoint officers for the armv in 
this part, we think Mr. Gideon Brunsen, and Mr. Potrer, and 
Mr. Joseph Lockwood would be suitable men and will aecept. 

" To Peter Y. B. Livingston, 

President of the Provincial 

Congress of New York." 

An account is given, and names of the men who went, from 
Manchester to Ticonderoga and of the money expended bv Lieut. 
Joseph Lockwood was read and filed in the words following, 
to wit: 

'' Manchester, June 10th, 1775, a list of the men who went 
from Manchester to Ticonderoga under the command of Mr. 
Josepli Lockwood (and then follow the names, etc.). For cost 
paid out for expenses, the sum of £1, 10s. 10c?. 
Commanded by me, 



2.39. Major Ebexezer Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' 
Joseph,' Joseph*), born March 31st, 1737, at Stamford, Conn., 
died July 29th, 1821, at Poundridge, New York, aged 84 years, 
3 months, 16 days; son of Joseph and Sarah (Hoyt) Lockwood; 
m. 1, February 16th, 1761, Hannah Smith, of Stamford, Conn., 
she died May 3d, 1787, aged 45 years; m. 2, Sarah , she 

died March 3d, 1821, aged 67 years. 


688. Betsey Lockwood, born April 4tli, 1762, m. Alsop Hunt. 

689. RuHAMAH Lockwood, born January 22d, 1765, m. Samuel Read. 


600. Haxnah Lockvtcod, born April 8th, 17G8, m. David Osbnrn. 

691. Mary Lockwoc^i. born November 21st, 1769, m. Partridge Thatcher. 

692. Ebenezer Loce;^v,_-iod, born October 27th, 1771. 

693. Clarls-SA Lockw.»1, born December 29th, 1773, m. ], Solomon Cox, m. 

2, Jesse Richanis. 

694. Ezra LocKWOor. born June 27th, 1777. 

695. Horatio LocE^-:oD, born September 6th, 1779, ra. Bethia Lockwood. 

696. Lewis Lockwood. born December 18th, 1783, licensed as attorney 1806, 

and died March 9:h, 1816. 


I, Ebenezer Lockwood, of Poundridge, in the County of 
Westchester and Seate of New York, Esquire, being advanced 
in age, but of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding, 
do this tenth day of August, in the year of our Lord one tliou- 
sand eight hundred and nineteen, make and publish this my last 
Will and Te.stament in manner following that is to say : First. 
I order and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be 
paid and discharged. 

Item. I give, devise and bequeath unto my son Ezra Lock- 
wood, his heirs and" assigns forever, two equal shares or tenth 
parts of all the lands and tenements I may die seized of 

Item. I give, devise and bequeath unto my son Horatio Lock- 
wood, his heirs and assigns forever, two equal shares or tenth 
parts of all the lands and tenements I may die seized of. Item. 
I give, devise and bequeath unto each of my daughters Betsey 
Hunt and Ruhamah Read, one share or tenth part of my real 
estate, lands and tenements, and to their respective heirs and 
assigns forever. Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter 
Hannah Osborn, the use or rents and profits of one share or 
tenth part of my real estate that I may die seized of during her 
natural life, leaving it to the discretion of my executor to give 
her the use or occupancy of said share, or to pay her the rents 
and profits thereof annually, and at her decease I order said 
share or tenth part to be divided among her several heirs or 
children in equal portions, unless it should in the opinion of my 
executors be thought most beneficial to sell the same and divide 
the moneys arising therefrom among her heirs in manner afore- 
said, in which case they are hereby authorized to act as in their 
discretion they may judge best for the interest of said heirs. 
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Thatcher, the 


use or rents and profits of one share or tenth part of my real 
estate (in the same manner and under the like conditions that I 
have given to my daughter Hannah, and at her decease I order 
the same to be divided among the heirs of my said daughter 
Mary in the same manner as herein directed to be divided among 
the heirs of ray daughter Hannah. Item. I give, devise and 
bequeath unto my daughter Clarissa Richards one-tenth part of 
my lands as aforesaid to hold during her natural life, and at her 
decease I give, devise and bequeath the same to her children 
Betsey A. Cox and Ebenezer James Richards, or to the sur- 
vivors of them and to their respective heirs and assigns for- 
ever. Item. I order and direct that my executors hereinafter 
named within some reasonable time after my decease sell and 
convey one equal share or tenth part of my real estate (and to 
dispose of the same at public or private sale at their discretion), 
and the moneys arising from such sn.le I order my executors to 
put at interest on good real security, and to a))ply the interest 
arising from said sum toward the support and education of such 
of the children of my son Ebenezer, deceased, as may be under 
the age of fourteen years, and I do hereby order my executors to 
pay the interest aforesaid annually to Sarah the mother of said 
children, or to my daughter Betsey Hunt whom I hereby ap- 
point the Guardian for the purpose of receiving and applying 
the interest of said infant children for the purposes aforesaid at 
her discretion until the youngest of said children arrives to law- 
ful age, at which time I order the said sum to be equally divided 
among all the children or the survivors of my said son Ebenezer, 
deceased, equally. Item. I order and direct that my beloved 
wife Sarah have a comfortable maintenance out of my estate, 
and that tlie same be furnished by my heirs and legatees in pro- 
portion as they may severally share in my estate, and I do give 
my said wife one cow, one bed and bedding for the same, and 
the use of so much furniture as my executors may judge necessary 
during her natural life in lieu of her dower in my estate. And 
as to all the rest of my estate whatsoever I give and bequeath 
the same in the proportion as they may receive of my real estate 
to my children and grandchildren after the payment of my just 
debts and the expenses of settling my estate. Lastly — I do 
hereby constitute and appoint my said daughter Betsey Hunt 


Executrix, and my said son Ezra Lockwood, and ray sons-in-law 
Samuel Read and Jesse Richards, and my nephew Ebenezer 
Wood, Jr., Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby 
revoking all former Wills by rae made. In witness whereof, I 
have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above 
written. EBENEZER LOCK^yOOD [seal.] 

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Ebenezer 
Lockwood as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence 
of us, who, at his request and in his presence, and in tlie presence 
of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. 

Admitted to Probate by Ebenezer White, Junior, Surrogate 
of Westchester County, August 25th, 1821, and recorded in 
Liber J of Wills at page 200. 

Sketch of Major Ebenezer Lockwood of the Revolu- 
tionary Army. 

By his Sox Judge Ezra Lockwood. Written Previous to the Year 

Ebenezer Lockwocd, late of Poundridge, in Westchester 
County, deceased, was born in Stamford, Conn., on the 31st of 
March, 1737, and was the fourth son of Joseph Lockwood who 
emigrated to Poundridge in the spring of the year 1743, and 
settled in the central part of the town (now village), on a right 
of land belonging to one of the original proprietors of the Stam- 
ford Patent, so called, and which fell within the jurisdiction of 
New York. 

He continued on the farm with his father engaged in agricul- 
tural pursuits during his minority, but soon after engaged in 
various other pursuits of extensive usefulness. 

Soon after the demise of his father, which occurred June 15th, 
1757, the paternal patrimony, consisting of some four or five 
hundred acres, was -divided between his older brother and him- 
self, being the only surviving sons, which still remains in the 
possession of the descendants after the lapse of a century. 

It was the circumstance of a pound being erected on that 




Qjed 8'(; years- ^'''^ 



In the old bury'ng ground at Poundridga N Y 


handsome ridge of land now owned by one of his sons, that 
gave to the town the name of Poundridge. 

At the age of 25 he was engaged iu merchandise, and was 
appointed one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace and one of 
the Qnorum, which offices he held until the commencement of 
the Revolutionary "War. At the breaking out of hostilities, to 
wit, on the 19th of October, 1775, he was commissioned a 
Major in the Eegiment of Westchester County Militia, com- 
manded by Col. Thomas Thomas, and was in active service 
during most of the campaign of '76, when the enemy took pos- 
session of the lower part of Westchester County. 

In the month of May, 1776, he attended the Provincial Con- 
gress then sitting in New York, having been elected to that office 
on the third Tuesday in April previous for one year, and was in 
continued service from that period until, the close of the war, 
either as Major, Member of the Provincial Congress, Committee 
of Safety, and other posts of active duty in favor of American 
Independence, until its final acknowledgment by Great Britain 
in 1783. After the Declaration of Independence he was elected 
a member of the Provincial Convention for forming a constitu- 
tion of Government for the State, and as such aided in the for- 
mation and adoption of the first Constitution and was returned 
as a member of the Legislature for several years after the close 
of the war. Other stations of public employment also engaged 
much of his time and called him from the domestic circle at 
considerable sacrifice of interest and comfort. His unwearied 
zeal and activity in the American cause also was accompanied 
with much pecuniary loss and sacrifice of property. In the year 
1779 when the whole county of Westchester was the theatre of 
blood, rapine and plunder, and life and property endangered 
from foes without and traitors within, his hospitable dwelling 
was opened as a military cantonment and rendezvous of Col. 
Sheldon's regiment of Light Dragoons. The regiment was en- 
gaged in frequent skirmishes with the enemy, and served as a 
protection to the Northern frontier from the incursions of the 
Tories and British from below the lines in the neighborhood of 
North Castle. 

It was for the capture of this regiment that Sir Henry Clinton 


resolved on sending Col. B. Tarleton with a detachment of the 
Royal Dragoons of the 17th Regiment and a detachment of 
about 300 men on the night of July 2d, 1779. 

The precaution of the Committee of Safety had placed a spy 
by the name of Luther Kinnicut in the enemy's camp below the 
lines, who on the day previous gave notice to Col. Sheldon of the 
intended attack in a short time, but did not know the precise 
day. The night proved stormy, and the torrents of rain which 
fell would have retarded the progress of a commander of less 
intrepidity than Tarleton, Sheldon apprehended no danger, on 
account of the storm. Col. Moylan's regiment was daily ex- 
pected tojoin Sheldon, and had the junction been effected before 
Tarleton's arrival, from the well known bravery and courage of 
Moylan and his troops, the fate of Tarleton would not have been 
less disastrous than he received from the old Wagoner at the 

Sentinels were placed about a mile from the Major's on the 
north and south roads leading to Bedford. The sentinels on the 
north road, at early dawn, descried a large body of Dragoons 
under rapid movement, who passed the junction of the road 
leading from Bedford to Poundridge and continued on toward 
Ridgefield. This mistake of the enemy in pursuing the Ridge- 
field road for half a mile or more, gave time for the vidette to 
return and give the notice. Sheldon, supposing that it might 
have been Col. Moylan's regiment who were expected, dispatched 
Major Benjamin Tallmadge with a small detachment to i-econ- 
noitre and bring back intelligence of the true state of things. 
About half way to the junction of the road, as Tallmadge 
ascended a hill where the road turned to the right, from the 
uneveness of the ground, an object could not be seen except at a 
very short distance ahead, and at this place Tallmadge met Tar- 
leton under full charge, wheeled and returned at full si)eed with 
Tarleton at his heels; while Sheldon with his command were 
preparing to mount their horses which were tied to the fence on 
the east side of the road by the meeting-house. A general rout 
ensued, while Sheldon's regiment moved off down the road lead- 
ing to Stamford for about three-fourths of a mile, then separated 
at the junction of the road leading to Canaan, with Tarleton's 


Dragoons harassing his rear, killing, wounding and taking 
prisoners some 18 or 20. The enemy lost one killed, four 
prisoners, and wounded uncertain, one horse killed and four 

Among the prisoners captured by Tarleton was Alsop Hunt, a 
son-in-law of Major Loekwood, who, after being rifled of a gold 
watch, money, and other things of value about his person, was 
carried to K'ew York and lodged in the Provost prison. 

The pursuit lasted about four or five hours, when Tarleton, 
being unable to overtake Sheldon, returned, burnt the Major's 
house with most of its contents, permitting one of his soldiers 
cruelly to cut and maltreat his wife, drove off his valuable stock of 
sixteen cows, burnt the meetiug-houie, and were about committing 
further outrages when the militia, under command of Major 
Leavenworth, began to approach and Tarleton fled with all the 
precipitation he came. 

/Major Loekwood, thus being destitute of a house or home, and 
apprehending further visits from the. enemy, found an asylum for 
his family in the house of a friend in Eidgefield, while he con- 
tinued in active service to his country in various stations of civil 
and military duty to the close of the war. Nothing disheartened 
by this reverse of fortune, he soon returned to his farm, converted 
a barn into a dwelling, was honored with the appointment of first 
Judge of the County Court, frequently elected to the Legislature 
from Westchester County, was intrusted with loaning the 
moneys of the State in the County, and other responsible offices. 

\Ylien peace was established with Great Britain, the County, 

through the villany of Col. ■ , was destitute of a Court 

house and jail. The location of a public building is always 
calculated to excite the interested feelings of different sections of 
the territory to be accommodated, and it was so with Westchester 
County. Judge Loekwood was one of the committee to settle this 
vexed cpiestioii of locality, and through his influence, principally, 
the present arrangement of court houses was effected, which has 
proved to give general satisfaction for more than half a century. 

About the year 1795 he retired from all public employment, 
and spent the remainder of his days in the circle of his family 
and friends until his death, 29th July, 1821, beloved and es- 
teemed by all who knew him. 


Official service of Ebenezer Lockwood, of Poundridge, West- 
chester Co., N. Y., viz. : 

1. Justice of the Peace and one of the Quorum under English 


2. 1st Major 2d Regt. Westchester Co. Militia, Commission Oc- 

tober 14th, 1775. 

3. Member Committee of Safety and N. Y. Provincial Congress 

for ^V'estchester Co. 

4. Member 1st Constitutional Convention for N. Y. 

5. Member 2d Board of Regents of the University of X. Y. 

6. 1st Judge Westchester Co., 1791-1793. 

7. Member of Assembly for Westchester Co., 1778-79 and 


8. Supervisor Poundridge, 1772-79, 1782-86, and 1802-6. 

9. One of Commissioners appointed by Legislature for selecting 

county seat of Westchester Co. 

From Force's Annals, vol. 4, 4th series, p. 423. 
- " On December 18th, 1775, Major Lockwood was appointed 
on the committee to revise and amend the militia laws." 

The Committee of Safety, New York, April 17th, 1776, ap- 
pointed Ebenezer Lockwood and Gilbert Drake, a Committee 
for the County of Westchester, to erect Saltpetre works, and the 
same day Col. Drake informed the Committee, that : 

" John Thomas, Jr., Ebenezer Lockwood, and himself had 
bought one thousand barrels of pork, and six hundred barrels of 
flour." {lb., p. 1447.) 

" At a meeting of the New York Provincial Congress, May 
18th, 1776, Major Ebenezer Lockwood and others filed certifi- 
cates of election, dated April 3d, to represent Westchester County 
in Congress for twelve months." {lb., p. 1310; ib., p. 1357.) 

" The Committee of Safety of New York 
appointed Ebenezer Lockwood, First Major, 
Gilbert Lockwood, Captain, 
and Joseph Lockwood, Captain." (76., 691.) 

From Force's Annals, vol. 4, 4th series, p. 385. 

" To the Honourable the Provincial Congress of the Colony of 
New York. 

We the Committee for the County of Westchester, do 
humbly certify, that, at the election of Delegates to represent the 


said County in the next Provincial Congress, to be held in Xew 
York, the 14th instant, which was held at the Court House of 
the said County, 

Colonel Lewis Graham, Stephen ^Yard, Esq., 

Colonel Joseph Drake, Robert Graham, Esq., 

John Thomas, Esq., Mr. William Paulding, 

Major Ebenezer Lockwood, Colonel Pierre Van Cortlandt, 
and Colonel Gilbert Drake, were duly elected, agreeably to 
the resolves of the Provincial Congress, to represent this County 
until the Second Tuesday in May next, and that it was voted by 
the people that any three of the said Deputies should act for this 

By order of the Committee, 



Dated the 7th day of November, 1775. 

A true copy from the minutes taken by 

Clerk of the Committee." 

Force's American Archives, p. 1563, vol. 1, 5th series. 

The New York Committee of Safety met at Fishkill, Tuesday, 
A.M., September 3d, 1776, Major Ebenezer Lockwood being 
present, at which a letter from Gen. George Washington was 
received, dated September 1st, 1776, in which he asked the Com- 
missary to purchase cattle and aid to defend King's Bridge, when 
it was " ordered, that Major Lockwood proceed imme- 
diately to West Chester County, or elsewhere, and endeavor to 
see Col. Smith and Col. Remsen in order to obtain intelligence 
from them of the state of their respective Regiments, and that he 
be empowered to order the said Regiments to repair to General 
Clinton's encampment, at King's Bridge, in case Col. Smith 
finds it impracticable, from the disposition of his troops or other 
circumstances, to transport them to Long Island, and that he in- 
form Col. Smith, in confidence, that means have been devised, 
and are now actually carrying into execution, to give him assist- 
ance in opposing the enemy on Long Island." 

And Resolved, " That Major Lockwood be empowered to im- 


press horses wherever he may have occasion for the same to ex- 
pedite his journey;" and after other resolutions the following was 
passed : 

"Resolved unanimously, That it be recommended to the Com- 
mittees of West Chester, Horse Neck, Stamford, and Norwalk, 
diligently to watch all boats passing from the main to Long Island, 
and to suffer no soldier belonging to any Regiment in the service 
of this State to pass over to Long Island armed, even though he 
should produce an officer's pass; and that Major Lockwood be 
rec^uested and authorized to forward copies of this Resolve to the 
said Committees respectively, by Express, if he finds that Cols. 
Smith's and Remsen's Regiments are either dispersed or dis- 
banded, and have received no orders to rendezvous on Long 
Island. At the same meeting a letter was received from Philip 
Livingston, Esq., one of the delegates to the Continental Con- 
gress, dated Philadelphia, August 30th, 1776." 

Force's American Archives, p. 1563, vol. 1, 5th series. 

September 3d, 1776. The Committee received a letter from 
General "Washington, dated New York, September 1st, 1776, 
with important suggestions, and as a result thereof, " Major 
Lockwood was ordered to West Chester Co., or elsewhere, to see 
Cols. Smith and Remsen, etc., etc., and empowered to order their 
Regiments to repair to General Clinton's Encampment, at High 
Bridge, etc., etc., in case Col. Smith finds it impracticable to 
transport them to Long Island," etc., etc. 

" Resolved, That Major Lockwood be empowered to impress 
horses, wherever he may have occasion for the same, to expedite 
his journey, and the same day the Committee on Safety received 
information that some of Col. Smith's and Col. Remsen's levies 
had dispersed and disbanded, etc. General Clinton was requested 
to inquire into the truth of such intelligence, etc., and to detain 
such militia, and Major Lockwood was requested to forward 
copies of this Resolve to the Committees of West Chester, Horse 
Neck, Stamford, and Norwalk." 

From p. 202, vol. 3, 5th series. 

The N. Y. Convention and Committee of Safety met Saturday 
morning, September 28th, 1776, Major Lockwood being present 
from West Chester Co., with Cols, Drake and Cortlandt and Mr. 


Tomkins, and, later, Major Lockwood was given leave of absence 
until next Tuesday evening. 

(On page 219.) Die Veneris 

9ho., A.M., October 4th, 1776. 

The Convention met. Major Lockwood representing West 
Chester Co. The Commissary General applied to Congress for 
advice about 1200 Bbls. pork supplied to the Army. The 
matter was referred to a special committee, with Major Lock- 
wood as Chairman, whose very lengthy report is given on page 
220, in which occurs this sentence, "Your Committee, however, 
conceive it beneath the dignity of this State to demand any alter- 
ation respecting the price of said Pork, and have therefore agreed 
to the following Resolution :" "Resolved, That in the opinion 
of this Committee, the Auditor General repair to the Commissary 
General," etc., etc., etc., and then later on, " But as this Conven- 
tion, zealous for the honor of the State and the success of the 
common cause, would carefully avoid every measure which 
might tend to impede the general service, embarrass the Commis- 
sary General in his department, or raise a suspicion that this 
Convention was capable of seeking an unreasonable advantage," 
your Committee, etc., etc., etc., recommend that they " be author- 
ized to settle with the Commissary General on the terms he has 
himself proposed." At the same meeting (p. 221) a representa- 
tion was made to the Convention, " that this State is indebted 
to Nicholas Bayard, Esquire, in the out ward of the City of New 
York, for the use of his House, for the security of the publick 
Records of this State," etc., etc., etc., " now being deprived of his 
whole estate by the enemy, payment thereof ought to be made," 
it was " ordered that Mr. Lockwood, Mr. Dunscomb, and Mr. 
Duane be a Committee to state and report the sum reasonably 
due from this State to Nicholas Bayard, Esquire, on the account 
above mentioned." 

On October 17th, 1776 (p. 255), the Convention, Major Lock- 
wood being present, passed a long resolution with reference to 
the action of the Continental Congress, for the sale and consump- 
tion of Bohea Tea, reciting that "many tea holders did, among 
other things, allege that they were fast friends to the American 
cause, and had been induced to import a more than usual quantity 


of that article, with a view the better to oppose and defeat the 
designs of the Ministry and India Company, in selling Tea in 
the Colonies, subject to duty," etc., etc., etc., " and the Continental 
Congress did grant the prayer of the petitioners," etc., etc., and 
" whereas, certain Tea holders now refused to dispose of their 
stock of Tea on hand, designing to postpone the sale thereof 
until such time as an artificial scarcity shall induce the women 
of this State to tempt them to vend it, by offering exhorbitant 
prices," and others " have sold Tea at double the price allowed 
by the Congress," and " said unjustifiable and mercenary prac- 
tices have brought upon them the resentment of the people, and 
many riotous proceedings," etc., etc., this Convention for the 
reason aforesaid, etc., etc., etc., order the " Committees, etc., to 
take into custody, from every Tea Merchant, Shopkeeper, or 
other person," etc., "all the Bohea Tea found in their possession, 
over and above the quantity of twenty-five pounds respectively, 
and appoint some respectable person or persons to retail the same 
in small quantities, to any person that may apply to purchase 
the same, at the rate of six shillings per pound," etc., which was 
agreed to, and at the same meeting (p. 257) "a letter was read 
from Joshua Ambler, Cliairman of the Committee, of Pound 
Eidge, in West Chester Co., dated the 15th inst., informing that 
there is danger of the prisoners of war going off to the enemy, as 
one of them is already gone to Long Island." 

" Thereupon, Resolved, 'That Major Lockw'ood repair imme- 
diately to Pound Ridge and Bedford, in West Chester Co., to 
inquire into the state of the prisoners of war confined there, and 
if he should find it necessary, that he cause the privates to be 
conveyed under a proper guard to Woodbury, in the State of 
Connecticut,' and that the officers who are prisoners on parole to 
Danbury in the same State." " Major Lockwood to be furnished 
with the blank paroles, to be by him filled up for such of the 
said prisoners as are confined there on parole, the old paroles to 
be cancelled, and that Major Lockwood, at his discretion, settle 
with and advance to the prisoners the rations and other provi- 
sions allowed by the Resolve of Congress, as may appear to have 
been justly due to them." 


Vol. 2, 5th series. Dakbury, October 22(1, 1776. 

Sir: Having received your letter of the 20th inst., with three 
officers, who, you inform us, are prisoners of war, and a copy of 
their parole; likewise we received them into our custody, and 
shall endeavor to conduct towards them, agreeable to the resolves 
of the Continental Congress in such case made and provided. 

By order of the Committee of Inspection, for the town of Dan- 
bury, per Thomas Stevens, Chairman. 

To Esquire Ebenezer Lockwood, at Pound Ridge, West Ches- 
ter County. 

From Force's American Archives, p. 25-1, October 17tli, 1776, 
vol. 3, 5th series. 

The Committee to whom was referred the claim of Mr. 
Nicholas Bayard, etc., reported the following, " that Fifty pounds 
be allowed him." On October 17th, 1776, Col. Lockwood was 
made Chairman of a Committee to which was referred the claim 
of Jeremiah Allen. 

P. 273. On October 28th, 1776, the following is recorded : 

Monday, P.M., October 2Sth, 1776. 

Major Lockwood reports that, pursuant to the resolutions of 
this Committee, on the 8th inst., directing him to proceed to 
Pound ridge and Bedford, in West Chester Co., and give direc- 
tions relative to the prisoners of war at these places, he proceeded 
to Bedford aforesaid, and found it necessary to remove such 
prisoners of war as yet remained there. He then reports in de- 
tail the names of, and disposition of, certain prisoners and further 
that he had advanced monies to certain prisoners, and taken their 
paroles of honour, etc., etc., etc., and ordered the monies refunded, 

P. 275. On Tuesday, October 29th, 1776, the Committee of 
Safety ordered, " That Major Lockwood be requested to proceed 
immediately to West Chester Co., and make inquiry where the 
Records of the Town Clerk's Office of the City and County of 
New York, as also the publick Records of the Loan Offices, and 
Supervisors of the County of West Chester are deposited, and 
that he use his best endeavors to cause them to be safely con- 
veyed to such place of safety as he shall judge prudent; and 


that this Committee will make provision for paying the expenses 
attending the same." 

P. 322. On November 26th, 1776, the Committee ordered 
" that Mr. L'Hommediene and Major Lockwood be a Committee 
to inquire into the cause of the said Connecticut Troops (sick and 
destitute), and if Colonel Welch shall refuse to take charge of 
them, then to give proper orders for their relief." 

And also on page 906, Force's Annals, same volume, the fol- 
lowing letter from Major Lockwood to Pierre V. Cortlandt, 
Vice-President of the Convention : 

" Pound Ridge, November 29th, 1776. 

" Sir: These are to inform you that I have been at Stamford 
this day, and was informed by several gentlemen that might be 
depended on, that there is but a few of the enemy's ships up the 
Sound, and them but small ones, thought to have no troops on 
board of them ; and they think the enemy will not land there 
this year, except it be to plunder off some of their stock that may 
be down on their necks of land. 

"There was landed from a brig and tender this day a number 
of men at Greenwich, a place about two miles below the post 
road, near Stamford, where (as was supposed) they thought to 
liave taken off a number of sheep, but they were disappointed, 
for some boys drove them off, while the inhabitants fired on the 
enemy. The enemy soon returned to their ships. The enemy 
got off only four poor calves under the cover of their cannon. 
A poor bargain. The ships soon went up the Sound, to the 
East, out of sight. The men, both old and young, came down 
in large numbers when they heard the cannon, and from several 
miles back, and seemed to be in high spirits. So, on the whole, 
I think things appear more favorable than I expected in this 

" Mr. Mills is to set out to come to you on Monday next. I 
hope to be with you about the middle of next week. 
From your humble servant, 


Pierre V. Cortlandt, Vice President of the Convention, of the 
State of New York, at the Fishkills." 


On December 11th, 1776, p. 370. General Morris was di- 
rected to repair to Philadelphia, and take his seat in General 
Congress, in order that Philip Livingston, Esq., may be enabled 
to visit his family, and Mr. Robert Harper, Wm. Harper, Major 
Loekv\-ood, and Wm. AVisner be a Committee for the purpose of 
furnishing General George Clinton with ammunition and other 
necessaries for the use of his Brigade. 

P. 371. "The petition of the General Committee of West 
Chester Co., praying for relief that Rogers with his rangers, may 
be drove off, etc., was read and filed." Ordered That the said 
Petition be referred to R. R. Livingston, Major Lock wood, 
General Morris, and Mr. Morris. 

See Calendar of Historical Manuscripts relating to the War of 
the Revolution, in the office of the Secretary of State, Albany, 
Xew York, vol. 1, p. 618: 

Ebenezer Lockwood, 1st Major of the 2d Reg't of Militia in 
West Chester Co., do most humbly certify to the honorable the 
Convention of the State of Xevv York, that in obedience to their 
Resolutions of the 27th of December last, I have administered 
the oatli of allegiance to the following Persons, being Inhabitants 
of the said County, viz.: and then follow 117 names, including 
those of 

Daniel Lockwood, 

Hezekiah Lockwood, 

Nathan Lockwood, 
and I do further certify that in pursuance of the said Resolutions 
of the Convention, I have administered the affirmation of allegi- 
ance to Alsop Hunt and James Hunt (being two of the People 
called Quakers), Inhabitants of the said County. 


P. 169, as above Calendar of N. Y., etc. : 

Ebenezer Lockwood's name appears in the list of field-officers 
for West Chester Co., commission issued and dated October 19, 
1775, as 1st Major of the 2d Regiment. 

P. 188, as above Calendar of N. Y., etc. : 

To the Honorable the Provincial Congress of the Colony of 
New York, we the Committee for the County of West Chester 


do humbly certify that at the election of delegates to represent 
the said County in the next Provincial Congress, to be held at 
New York the 14th, inst., Avhich was this day held at the Court 
House of the said County, Major Ebenezer Lockwood, Col. 
Pierre Van Cortlandt (and seven others) were duly elected 
agreeable to the resolves of the Provincial Congress to represent 
this county until the second Tuesday of May next, and that it 
was voted that any three of the said Deputies shall act for the 

Dated the 7th day of November, 1775. 

By order of the Committee, 


A true copy from the minutes, taken by 


Clerk of Committee. 

P. 564, Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, etc., N. Y. : 
The New York Provincial Congress order "That an expedi- 
tion be made into the County of West Chester, New York, and 
that the Militia of said county be encouraged to join the Troops 
aforesaid with four days Provisions, for which purpose Major 
Lockwood be immediately sent among them and to concert a 
Place of Rendezvous for those who are willing to serve with 
secrecy and Dispatch. That such Militia be allowed Continental 
Pay and Rations; that the Commissary at Peel^kill be requested 
to furnish such Rations, and in default thereof that the said Major 
Lockwood be impowered to appoint a Commissary for the purpose 
aforesaid." "That the said JNIajor Lockwood be ordered to wait 
upon the said Commanding officer at Peekskill with a copy of 
these Resolutions and of the said Petition and also to concert 
measures with the said Stephen Ward and Col. Malcolm, and 
that he be furnished with the sum of five hundred pounds for 
defraying the incidental expenses of the said Expedition, and 
account therefor with this Committee or Convention." 

" That a letter be written to Gen. George Clinton requesting 
the Regiments of Col. Malcolm and Col. Thomas for the pur- 
poses aforesaid, and that Major Lockwood wait upon him with 
the same." (See this letter, Journal Prov. Congress, 1, 749.) 


" That Major Lockwood explain to Gen. Hatch the reasons 
upon which the Convention have formed this expedition," etc., etc. 

" That he endeavor to obtain from Gen. Heath provisions, par- 
ticularly Hard bread and whatever else may be necessary, etc., 
and that he apply to the Quarter Master at Peekskill for aid in 
removing Forage, etc., etc., and to the Commissary to purchase 
Cattle for use of the Army and that " he have power to devise 
and carry into execution any plan for obtaining ammunition and 
to make use of the lead and powder belonging to this State at 
Peekskill or this place." 

" Ordered that the Treasurer of the State advance to Major Ebe- 
nezer Lockwood the sum of five hundred pounds for defraying the 
incidental expenses attending an intende.d Expedition under the 
command of Col. Malcolm against Major Rodgers, his Rangers and 
other the enemy's Troops in West Cliester Co., and for bringing 
off the forage, grain, cattle, etc., from such parts of the said county 
as are most exposed to the enemy, pursuant to Resolutions passed 
this day." 

P. 170, Correspondence Provincial Congress, X. Y. : 

White PLAr>-5, April 9tli, 177t5. 

Gentlemen ; 

I received yours, dated April 1st, and observed its contents; 
shall stop buying myself John Thomas, Jun'r, and Ebenezer 
Lockwood have bought about 1000 barrels of pork, and it is 
repacking; the peas are deliveretl in store at Peekskill, and 
beg you to inform me if you choose the peas to lay in store at the 
landing, or to be carted Ipack in the country. We have also 600 
barrels of flour. 

The pork is stored on Cortlandt's Manor, Bedford and North 


In haste, from your obed't 

To the Committee 

of Safety, New York. 

Journal Provincial Convention, N. Y., vol. 1, p. 521 : 
July 11th, 1776. Major Ebenezer Lockwood was on the Com- 
mittee to inquire into the truth of the charge that the troop of 


lioi'se of Westchester Co. have refused to furnish their quota of 
men to reinforce the Continental Army at Xew York. 

P. 522, July ]2th, 1776. Mr. Jay, Major Lock wood, Col. 
Drake and others were on Committee "to call out the militia, 
sending such expresses to the forts in the Highlands, and all such 
other measures as they shall think necessary." 

P. 529, July 18th, 1776. Col. Hoffman and Major Lockwood 
were a Committee to hear and examine two prisoners later taken 
by Major Graham. 

P. 593. Major Lockwood informed the Committee of Safety 
August 27th, 1776, that the enemy's ships are at White Stone. 

P. 691. Major Lockwood's long report which is given in de- 
tail (October 28th, 1776), relating to the removal of prisoners of 
war from Salera and Poundridge, and a list of cash advances 
made by him with resolutions to reimburse him. 

P. 729, December 2d, 1776. The Committee of Safety 
received "a letter from Major Lockwood, giving intelligence of 
the enemy in the Sound, which was read and filed." 

P. 830, March 11th, 1777. " Major Lockwood, 1st Major of 
the 2d regiment of militia in Westchester Co., delivered in a roll 
the names of the persons in Westchester Co. who have taken 
the oath or affirmation of allegiance before him, in obedience to 
the resolutions of the Representatives of this State of the 27th of 
December last." 

P. 844, March 21st, 1777. "The House having received 
information that a party of the enemy have penetrated into 
Westchester County and taken prisoners and carried off one of 
our advanced guards, and several of the inhabitants of the said 
county, and the members of the said county being desirous that 
Major Lockwood should repair to the said county aud inquire into 
the circumstances of the same. 

'■^Resolved. That Major Lockwood have leave of absence to 
repair to, and to inquire into the state of Westchester County, 
and that he report the same to the House as soon as possible." 

And, also, " That three blank commissions for the subalterns of 
the Poundridge company be delivered to Major Lockwood to be 
by him filled up with names of such persons as shall be chosen." 

Journal Provincial Convention, N. Y., vol. 1 : 


P. 817, March 22d, 1777. The Convention "directed Major 
Lockwood to inform Mr. Leake to withhold the purchasing of 
any more shirts." 

P. 892. Major Ebenezer Lockwood was present in the Pro- 
vincial Convention April 20th, 1777, and voted for the Consti- 
tution or plan of Government of the State of iSTew York, having 
participated previously in the debates on it. 

Mrs. Ebexezer Lockwood. 

The Magazine of American History (1879, p. 685) published 
a history of the Skirmish at Poundridge, Westchester County, 
New York, of July 2d, 1779, when the enemy burned Major 
Ebenezer Lockwood's house and also the meeting-house, and 
would not suffer his family to take anything away. He was 
very obnoxious to the British, and forty guineas had been offered 
for his head. " In this connection the following incident is 
related: The soldiers, upon entering Major Lockwood's house, 
said to his wife in an insolent manner, 'Where is that damned 
rebel?' Mrs. Lockwood, who was a good Christian woman, 
replied, indignantly, 'Rebel! you are the Eebels ; for you are 
rebelling against the King of Kings!'" (Also see Lossing's 
Field Book, etc., p. 831.) 

Bolton's History of Westchester County, p. 10 : 

Major Ebenezer Lockwood was a son of Capt. Joseph Lock- 
wood, one of the first settlers of Poundridge. 

Page 129, vol. 2, Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, etc., 
Albany, ISTew York : 

October 28th, 1776. The Commissioners of Prisoners of War 
report "To cash paid Ebenezer Lockwood, Esq., for the subsist- 
ance and removal of the Prisoners of War in Westchester County 
to , in Connecticut, as per acct's and receipts £ld,5s.4d." 

Page 19, Bolton's History of County of Westchester, New 
York. Ebenezer Lockwood was Judge of Westchester County 
in 1778. 

Page 10. Ebenezer Lockwood died July 29th, 1829, aged 84, 
and was buried in the village grave-yard of Poundridge, West- 
chester County, New York. 

Ebenezer Lockwood was delegate from Westchester County to 


the Convention at Kingston, Ulster County, to frame the Consti- 
tution of the State of Xew York, April 20th, 1777. 

Page 29, Bolton, etc. Ebenezer Lockwood was 1st ]\Iajor 2d 
Regiment, Westchester County, New York. 

Bolton's History of Westchester County, etc., p. 7, vol. 2 : 

" Old Poundridge, April ye first day (1760), at a town meeting 
held at the house of Ebenezer Lochwood, in said Old Pound in 
Westchester County, under the province of Xew York, the free- 
holders, inhabitants and residents proceed as follows, first by major 
vote Joseph Lockwood to be town clerk." 

April 20th, 1776, Ebenezer Lockwood was moderator of meet- 
ing in Westchester County, New York, and Joseph Lockwood 
was clerk. 

Bolton's History of Westchester, p. 12, vol. 2. "July, 1779, in 
a skirmish between the Americans and the enemy under Lieut. 
Col. Tarleton at Poundridge, Major Lockwood's house was 
burned, and it appears that one of the principal objects in this 
sudden foray of the enemy was the surprisal of Major Ebenezer 
Lockwood, for whose head forty guineas had been offered, but a 
spy gave notice of the attack and the Major was on his guard." 

Note. — "The British would not suffer the family to take any- 
thing away." (See N. Y. Journal, Holt's account of the action.) 

From Bolton's History of County of Westchester, N. Y., pub- 
lished in 1881, This later edition has full line of Ebenezer 
Lockwood and some others, a number of pages, and differing 
somewhat from the earlier edition. See, also, p. 109 of the 

Col. Tarleton's attack on Poundridge in July, 1779, had for 
its principal object the capture of Major Lockwood, for whom a 
reward of fifty guineas was offered. 

The British troops went to Major Lockwood's house, and 
meeting his wife, who was a good Christian woman, asked her 
"Where that d — d rebel was?" She replieil, "You are the 
Rebels, for you are rebelling against the King of Kings." 

There were several accounts of the skirmish : 

1. Tarleton's report to Sir Henry Clinton. 

2. Extract from a letter of an officer of Col. Sheldon's Regi- 


3. Holt's account, published at Poughkeepsle, in the iVcic York 
Journal of July 5th, 1779. 

4. Extract from a Journal kept by jNIajor-General "Wra, Heath, 
dated July 2d, 1779. 

5. The sketch of Major Ebenezer Lockwood also contains a 
history of the affair, in Bolton's Second Edition of the History of 
"Westchester County, in the chapter on Poundridge. 

"At the declaration of independence, 4th July, 1776, the 
patriotic fires in the hearts of our fathers was fully kindled ; com- 
mittees of inspection were appointed, gunpowder was carefully 
husbanded, a magazine to keep the warlike stores belonging to 
the town, ordered to be erected, 'on the hill between Eev. Mr. 
Learning's house and Ebenezer Lockwood's.' " (Rev. Mr. 
Bouton's, His Discourse on Nor walk, 1851. From pamphlet in 
Hist. Society, Philadelphia, p. 41.) 

Magazine, 1776. 

" The Selectmen are directed to erect a magazine to keep the 
"warlike stores belonging to the town, and that on the hill be- 
tween Rev. Mr. Learning's house and Ebenezer Lockwood's." 
(Hy. Norwalk, 130.) 

240. Rachel Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph^), born January 19th, 1739 o. s., in Stamford, Conn. ; 
died July 21st, 1825, in her 87th year; daughter of Joseph and 
Sarah (Hoyt) Lockwood ; m. Ebenezer Wood, of Salem. 

Rachel was buried in the Presbyterian Church-yard. 

697. Ebenezer Wood, Jr., born November 21st, 1773 ; m. first, July 6th, 1798, 
Hannah Keeler; she died March 30th, 1799, at South Salem; he m. 
again. (Whitney Family, 430.) 

251. John Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Jo.seph,' 
John*), born January 10th, 1737-38, in Stamford, Conn.; died 
probably about 45 years old ; son of John and Sarah (Scofield) 
Lockwood ; m.. May 31st, 1761, Hannah Hoit,* she died about 
1824. The widow survived her husband 44 years or more. 

John Lockwood's distribution at Stamford, March 29th, 1787, 

* Hoyt's Family History, p. 624 ; and Stamford's First Church Records. 


mentions, " "Widow and Hannah Scofield, Abigail Lockwood, 
Shadrach Lockwood, and Josiah Lockwood." 


698. Josiah Lockwood, m. Olive Searles. 

699. Shadrach Lockwood, m. Pliebe Weed. 

700. Hannah Lockwood, m. Scofield. 

701. Abigail Lockwood, m. Shubael Lockwood. 

December 27th, 1773, the Congregational Society abate rates, 
for 1772. of John Lockwood, Jr., and other Baptists. (Stamford 
Probate Records, 1780, vol. 7, p. 26, 1825; vol. 13, p. 59.) 

John Lockwood was a private in the 5th Eegimeut, of Xew 
York, January 28th, 1777 ; and served three years, and was dis- 
charged January 1st, 1780. (New York Archives.) This was 
Col. Zebulon Butler's Regiment, who commanded at "Wyoming 
massacre. John Lockwood, private in Captain Betts' Company, 
May 10th, 1779, for eight months; di.scharged January 15th, 
1780. (From Hinmau's Hist. Collection, from oflficial Records, 
1842, Conn.) 

P. 624, Appendix. " It appears by petition, of John Lock- 
wood, and 37 others of Norwalk, to the General A.ssembly, in 
December, 1780, that in July, 1779, all the subscribers " were 
burned out of house and home, and stripped and plundered by 
the British of nearly all their household furniture; their barns 
also destroyed by fire, with the greater part of their wheat har- 
vest and English hay, to the very great distress and impoverish- 
ment of the inhabitants, and then follows a long account of their 
suffering, and the Assembly reported, in May, 1781, that the 
State tax of 123 persons, in said Norwalk, on list for 1779 and 
1780 should be abated." 

P. 624, A Historical Collection of the part sustained by Con- 
necticut during 'W'ar of Revolution, Hinman. " John Lock- 
wood and 37 others, petitioned the General Assembly, December, 
1780, that in July, 1779, all the subscribers were burned out of 
house and home, and stripped and plundered by the British of 
nearly all their household furniture, their barns also destroyed 
by fire, with the greater part of the wheat harvest and English 
bay, to the very great distress and impoverishment of the inhabi- 


tants. Many had not sufficient wheat to support their fomilles 
until the next harvest, etc." 

"In all of which with their misfortunes they were obliged to 
suffer with their neighbors, etc. ; in their then distressed situation 
and yet declared they would exert themselves in assisting to dis- 
charge all public demands as far as possible and willingly and 
cheerfully and only regretted that they were not of the same 
ability to do so, as they had been before they were burned out." 

The memorialists closed by asking the General Assembly "to 
abate their State taxes laid on list for 1779 and 1780. A com- 
mittee was appointed to examine into the matter, and they reported 
that the tax should be abated and their report was accepted." 

252. JosiAH LocKWOOD (Robert/ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' John*), 
born September 25th, 1741, in Stamford, Conn.; son of John 
and Sarah (Scofield) Lockwood. He died unm.; was a patriot of 
the Revolution. 

Josiah Lockwood, 5th Regiment, December 26, 1776, served 
three years, and during the war, and was discharged February 
1st, 1777. (Xew York Archives.) 

P, 816. " Josiah Lockwood petitioned for a grant of two rights 
of bounty land." (Calendar New York Colonial Manuscripts.) 

Col. Josiah Starr's Regiment. Josiah Lockwood, private in 
Captain Douglas's Company. Enlisted July 5th, 1780, for six 
months, discharged December 4th, 1780. (U. S. Pension Office 

253. Capt. Reubex Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
John*), born July 3d, 1743, in Stamford, Conn.; enlisted July 
6th, 1775, in the army of the Revolution; son of John and 
Sarah (Scofield) Lockwood ; m. Lydia she died July 
30th, 1773, in childbed. 

702. Ezra Lockwood, born July 27th, 1773, only child. 

Page 685. Capt. Reuben Lockwood's Co., AYest Chester 
County, N. Y. (Muster Roll of Co.) 

A warant was issued to Capt. Reuben Lockwood, for £1121 
bounty for volunteers, West Chester County. 


254. Ezra Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Joseph/ John*), 
born in Stamford, Conn.; baptized August 17th, 1748; died 

1821; aged 73; son of John and Sarah (Scofield) 
Lockwood ; m. 

The widow died 1822, aged 69. (Congregational 

Church Records, Stamford.) 


703. William Lockwood, born June 12tb, 1773 ; m. Abigail Newton. 

255. Abigail Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
John*), born July 25th, 1750, in Stamford, Conn.; daughter of 
John and Sarah (Scofield) Lockwood ; m.. May 5th, 1773, James 


704. Jaeed Lounsbury, born November 6th, 1773. 

705. Isaac Lounsbury, born September 12th, 1776. 

706. Hannah Lounsbury, born September 20th, 1779. 

707. Betsey Lounsbury, born August 21st, 1783. 

708. Samuel Lounsbury, born July 1st, 1787. (Stamford Reg.) 

272. Reuben Lockwood, Jr. (Robert ,' Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
Reuben*), born Stamford, Conn. ; son of Reuben 

and Elizabeth (Stevens) Lockwood ; m., November 5th, 1774, 
Mary Mead. He enlisted July 6tli, 1775, and was pensioned. 
(Hy. Stamford, 239.) 


709. Ruamah Lockwood, bom November 3d, 1776. 

710. Sarah Lockwood, born January 19th, 1778, m. Samuel Lockwood. 

711. Anne Lockwood, born February 5th, 1781. 

712. Lewis Lockwood, born November 14th, 1782. 

713. Polly Lockwood, born December 14th, 1784. 

714. Leander Lockwood, born February 22d, 1787, m. Almira Newcomb. 

715. William Lockwood, born July 31st, 1789, m. Miriam .... 

P. 733. Reuben Lockwood, 1785, petitions for a right of land 
from S. F. Ginnings. (From Calendar New York Colonial 

277. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph/ 
Reuben*), born April 6th, 1753, in Stamford, Conn.; daughter 


of Eeuben and Elizabeth (Stevens) Lockwood ; m. Peter Eey- 
nolds, bom April 1st, 1750. 


716. Elizabeth Rrrs-OLDS, born March 11th, 1787. (Whitney Family, 403. 
Under Pedigree of Eells.) 

283. jSTathaxiel Lockwood, Jr. (Robert/ Jonathan/Joseph,^ 
Nathaniel*), born July 19th, 1751, baptized February 27th, 1754, 
Stamford, Conn. ; son of Nathaniel and Mary (Patchin) Lockwood. 


Nathaniel Lockwood. 

"September 5th, 1788. These are to certify that Nathaniel 
Lockwood is a steady attender to the Baptist meeting, having 
made a public profession of religion in that way, and he doth 
contribute his due proportion for the support of the gospel in 
the Society." (Hy. New Milford, p. 393.) 

Given bv order of the Church and signed by me, 



284. Capt. Nathan Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
Nathaniel), born July 17th, 1754, baptized August 18th, 1754, 
d. Jan. 12th, 1840, Stamford, Conn. ; was a Captain in the Revo- 
lutionary War; resided at Poundridge, Westchester County, New 
York; son of Nathaniel and Mary (Patchin) Lockwood ; m. 1st, 
Rhoda Miller, born in Bedford, N. Y. ; 2d, ISIary 

Nathan Lockwood enters a claim for a right of land purchased 
by him of Nehemiah Sherwood, private in the 2d New York 
Regiment. (From Calendar N. Y. Colonial Manuscripts, p. 


717. Ezra Lockwood, died young. 

718. Samtiel Lockwood, died young. 

719. Nathan Lockwood, m. Mary Miller. 

720. Nancy Lockwood, m. Joseph Hoyt, son of John and Bertha. 


721. Hannah Lockwood, m. Hayes. 

722. Matilda Lockwood, unm. 

723. Hen-ry Lockwood, born July 31st, 17S9. 

724. Stephen Lockwood. All born in Poundridge, N. Y. 

Enlisted in Capt. J. Piatt's Co., in Poundridge, in 1775, for 
9 months. Col. Holmes's regiment, and engaged at taking of St. 
Jolins, Canada, in 1775, and honorably discharged at Ticon- 
deroga. Afterwards enlisted in Capt. S. Delavan's Co. in 1778, 
in Col. Thomas Thomas's regiment, and taken prisoner and con- 
fined in the sugar-house in New York for 13 months. 

Nathan Lockwood, Ensign, Capt. Lewis' Company vice Jehiel 
Boulson, 4th Regiment, April 12th, 1782, moved out of beat. 
(N. Y. Archives.) 

Was sworn by Major Ebenezer Lockwood in 1777 in West- 
chester County, N. Y. (From Calendar Historical Manuscripts, 
p. 618.) 

A Revolutionary Incident. 

"An amusing story is among the traditions concerning one 
Nathan Lockwood, of Poundridge, New York. 

" Nathan was captured by the British, and while in prison was 
taunted by one of his fellow townsmen who was a Tory. In 
due course of time Nathan was released and went home. Instead 
of stopping to see his family, however, at Poundridge, although 
it was in the night time, he went several miles further to the 
house of his Tory friend. He called him up, and after giving 
him a sound threshing went home to see his family." 

Nathan Lockwood was Ensign in 1782, Westchester County, 
New York. 


Cayuga County. 
State op New York 

Benjamin Close, of the town of Genoa, County of Cayuga, 
and State of New York, Being duly sworn, saith that he was a 
soldier in Capt. Jabez Fitch's Company of Independent Volun- 
teers in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and 
eighty-one, and that soon after his enlistment he was cald on an 
expedition, in company with Nathan Lockwood, Junior (his 


- e- ^ 5 2 

■•A..)S g n a- q - D I S ? ? ■ - ^ ^ - 

n ^ 




" i >S-'i- ; s S s 3 - . V S •'■■• 

n Z 




father being then liveing, by the same name), of the Town of 
Grinwich in the State of Canecticut at that time, and further, 
that this deponent was cut down By the enemy and a principle 
part of his comrads slain and that he himself was left on the 
ground for Dead, But fortunately Recovered, and that it was 
reported that the said Nathan Lockwood was wounded and 
taken prisoner, and that he this deponent saw the sd. Nathan 
after his Return, and saw the wound on his head which he the 
said Nathan Lockwood said he Received from the Enemy, By a 
stroke of a Cutlass, and further this Deponent said Not — this 
1st Day of December, 1815. BENJAMIN CLOSE. 

State of New York, ss. 

Nathan Lockwood, of tlie Town of Cairo, in the County of 
Greene, and State of New York, being duly sworn saith that he 
is not nor ever was a pensioner of any State or of the United 
States — that the reason why he hath not before applied for a 
pension was the want of pecuniary means, the remoteness of the 
witnesses necessary to establish this deponent's claim, and his 
ignorance of the manner of making the application. 


Sworn this 25th day of March, 1815, before me, 



State of New York, ss. 

Stephen Lockwood, of the Town of Cairo, in the County of 
Greene, and State of New York, being duly sworn, saith that 
Nathan Lockwood is the brother of this deponent — that he hath 
resided near his said brother Nathan ever since the Revolutionary 
War, that a part of the said time his said brother hath followed 
shoemaking, and a part of the time the business of farming for 
a livelihood; that at the close of the Revolutionary War his said 
brother resided in the Town of Greenwich, in the County of 
Fairfield, and State of Connecticut; that five or six years after- 
wards his said brother removed to the Town of Stamford in said 
County, that after residing three or four years in the said Town 
of Stamford, he removed to the City of New York, that after 


residing in said city about tliree years lie removed to the place 
■where he now resides iu the Town of Cairo, County of Greene, 
and State of New York. 


Sworn and subscribed before me this 25th day of March, in 
the year 1815. SILAS BOWKER, 

Haepeesfield, Delawaee Co., State of New Yof^, March 10th, 1818. 
The Honoeable Sec'y of "War : 

Sir: Sometime in the year 1814, My Brother Xathan made 
application for a pension for wounds received in the Revolu- 
tionary War, through the medium of the War office. Silas 
Bowker who was appointed by his Honor, Judge Talraage to 
take the evidence and transmit the same to the War Department 
in the above case, informed me sometime secce that he had 
executed it. 

That I, or jNIy Brother may be informed in the above case, I 
have thought proper thus to address you. 
Your Humble Serv't, 


Nathan Lockwood of the Town of Poundridge, Westchester 
County, N. Y., May 22d, 1828, is now in his 7oth year. His 
family consists of him.self, his wife and three children, and one 
grandchild. He says he is a cripple and has been so fifteen years. 
He states that he enlisted under Capt. Jonathan Piatt, of Pound- 
ridge, in 1775, for a term of 9 months, in a regiment com- 
manded by Col. James Holmes, in the service of the United 
States. He was present and engaged in the taking of St. Johns 
in Canada, in the fall of 1775. He was honorably discharged at 
Ticonderoga. He afterwards enlisted under Capt. Samuel 
Delavan, in 1778, for 3 months, in regiment under Col. Thomas 



Thomas, in United States service. He was taken a prisoner by 
the British commanded by ]Major Campbell (who was killed in 
the engagement at Eastchester, in "Westchester Co.), and taken to 
New York and put into a sugar house, amongst other American 
prisoners, and kept there 13 months. (United States Pension 
Office Eecords, No. 20,524.) 

Nathan Lockwood, pensioner under Act of 1832, §57.66 per 
annum, died September 26th, 1844, paid to his death. F. Bush, 
Third Auditor, United States Treasury, on file in United States 
Pension Office, Interior Department. 

State of New York, 1 
County OF Greene, j**' 

Olford Lockwood, being duly sworn, says that he resides in 
the town of Cairo, of Greene Co., State of New York. 

May 16th, 1854, he was 63 years old; says his father died 
September 26th, 1844, he was executor of Nathan Lockwood's 
estate, who was his father. 



His father told him he was a Revolutionary soldier four or 
five years. That he obtained a pension for wounds received 
while in the army. He was badly wounded, and taken prisoner 
by the British troops to New York and was there imprisoned 
three or four months and exchanged. Have heard my father 
say that he served one or two years guarding military stores near 
Peekskill, that he served at White Plains, Bedford, Horseneck 
and Rye; he always understood that most of his father's service 
was in New York State. 

Mary Lockwood, widow of Nathan Lockwood, is his second 
•wife, and stepmother of this deponent. 

The signature of Mary Lockwood, widow of Nathan Lockwood. 

289. Lydia Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan^ Joseph,' 
Nathaniel*), born or baptized March 14th, 1763, in Stamford, 
Conn. ; daughter of Nathaniel and INIary (Patchin) Lockwood ; 
m., June 8th, 1784, Lynde McCurdey, at the Second Presbyterian 
Chui-ch, in Philadelphia, Pa. ; he was born April 4th, 1755, at 
Lyme. (Pa. Mag., vol. 9, 1579. Hyde Gen'y, p. 160.) 

291. Mary Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' James*), 
born March 3d, 1742, Stamford, Conn.; died ; 

daughter of James and Mary (Norton) Lockwood; m., January 
22d, 1770, Nathan Knapp, born , died Janu- 

ary 27th, 1797. 

724^ Adam Kxapp, born January 31st, 1771. 

725. Noah Kxapp, born December 5th, 1773, died May 24th, 1777. 

726. Abel Knapp, born June loth, 1776, m. Charity Judson.* 

727. Noah Knapp, born May 1st, 1781. 

728. Mary Sacket Knapp, born March 28th, 1785. 

* Stamford Register, Tuttle Genealogy, p. 112. 


292. James Lockwood, Jr. (Robert/ Jonathan,^ Joseph, 
James*), born in Stamford, Conn., about 1758 ; long a merchant 
of Albany, Is^'ew York ; died August 23d, 1823, aged 65; son 
of James and Mary (Norton) Lockwood ; m. 
have not learned the name of his wife. 


729. James Lockwood, m. Prudence Trvon. 

730. Nancy Lockwood, m. Allen Brown. She was a widow, died at Ithaca, 

New York, aged 82. 
" Dr. Xott married Allen Brown to Miss Lockwood on her 16ih birthday, 
who was through life a superior woman." 

Slie had been married 66 years when she died. 

Allen Brown was one of the founders of the Xew York State 
Bank, Trustee 2d Presbyterian Church, Trustee of Albany In- 
surance Company, President of the Committee for the Celebra- 
tion of the opening of Erie Canal, and the intimate friend of 
Governors Tompkins, Clinton, and Yates, and died April 22d, 
1852, aged 74 years. (Miinsell's Collection of History of Albany, 
Xew York, vol. 3, p. 351.) 

Lieutenant James Lockwood. 

State of Connecticut, 1 
County of Litchfield, j ^^' 

February 27th, 1856, personally 
appeared Betsey Blackman, aged 55 years, a resident of the 
town of New Milford, and being sworn, declared she was the 
oldest child of James Lockwood, late of New Milford, deceased, 
and Ann Lockwood, his wife; that said James Lockwood, as 
she verily believes, and as she always understood, enlisted as a 
private soldier in the Revolutionary "War, in the spring of the 
year 1777, and continued a private in Capt. Scofield's Co., Col. 
Enos's Regiment, during the campaign of that year, a period of 
8 or 9 mos. That he afterwards entered the service in successive 
campaigns and was promoted to the rank of Lieut. I have heard 
him say that he was at Horse Neck when Putnam made his es- 
cape ; at that time I think he was acting as a coast guard. I 
heard him say that he was present at the execution of INIajor 
Andre, and was in the battle of White Plains, and was at Dan- 
bury when General Wooster was killed. He was married to my 
mother (who never had any pension) by one Reuben Warner, a 


Justice of the Peace, and they lived together till his decease, 
which took place in this town in April, 1807 or 1808 ; and that 
his widow, Ann Lock wood, remained single and unmarried till 
her death, which took place in this town, November 17th, 1852, 
leaving the following children then surviving, 

viz : 
Betsey Blackman, aged 56, December 15th, 1856. 
Mary McKenuy, aged 54, February 15th, 1856. 
There were two other children, younger — Anna and Clarinda — 
who have been absent and unheard of for a period of more than 
14 years. Their ages, if living, would have been, respectively, 
about 49 and 52. 

Record of marriage : 

November 20th, 1796, James Lockwood published to Anna 
Perry, by Rev. S. Griswold. 

November 26th, 1796, James Lockwood married Anna Perry, 
by R. Warner, Jr., Jus. of the Peace, and pd. $1 fee. 

I certify that I am a daughter of Reuben "Warner, Jr., de- 
ceased, and that I knew James Lockwood and Anna, his wife. 


of lawful age. 

293. Jacob Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Joseph,' James*), 
born in Stamford, Conn., he appears to have removed to New 
Canaan, Conn. ; sou of James and Mary (Norton) Lockwood ; 
m. Mary Pellum. 


731. James Lockwood, born at New Canaan, Conn. 

732. John Lockwood, born 

He joined the Shakers at Lebanon, Conn., and was appointed one of their 
Elders, which office be held until his death. 

295. Thankful Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
James*), born 1747, died January 26th, 1826, aged 79 ; daughter 
of James and Mary (Norton) Lockwood ; m., May 25th, 1763, 
James^ Benedict, born December 25th, 1743, died June 17th, 
1838, aged 94 ; 1709, son of Caleb' and Mehitable (Hoyt) Bene- 
dict; 1676, grandson of John^ and Mary ( ) Benedict; 
great-grandson of John^ and Phebe (Gregory) Benedict ; great- 


great-grandson of Thomas* and Mary (Bridgura) Benedict; 
William/ William/ AVilliam/ Xottingharashire, England, 1500. 
Both joined Cong. Ch. December 27th, 1772. 


733. ^N'ehemiah Bexedict, born April 16th, 1764, died young. 

734. Xeheiilajh Benedict, born December 29th, 1765, m. Hannah Benedict. 

735. James Benedict, born November 24th, 1767, m. Sarah St. John. 

736. EcTH Ben-edict, born Mav 2>th, 1769, died young. 

737. Matthe-r- Benedict, bora October 29th, 1770, m. Anna St. John. 
73S. David Benedict, born September 22d, 1772, died young. 

739. DA^^;D Benedict, born April 7th, 1774, ra. Hannah Fitch. 

740. Billy Benedict, born Mirch 7th, 1777, m. Anna Eells. 

741. LoCKWooD Benedict, born March 29th, 1779, m. Betsey Weed. 

742. Thankful Benedict, born July 10th, 1781, m. Joseph B. Hoyt. 

743. Caleb Benedict, born July 6th, 1783, m. Alice St. John. 

744. Euth Benedict, born May 17th, 1785, m. Jacob Eeed. (Hy. Norwalk, 


299. Elxathan Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Still John,' 
Gilbert*), born 1752, in Greenwich, Conn., resided at New- 
Canaan, Conn., died November 3d, 1830, aged 78 ; son of Gilbert 
and Mercy ( ) Lockwood ; m. Betsey Claw'son ; she joined 

Congl. Ch., Xew Canaan, August 11th, 1791, by profession of 
faith, died March 19th, 1812. 

" He enlisted May 6th, 1775, in Capt. Thomas Hobby's 
Company, was dischargeil October 30th, 1775." (Conn, in the 
Revolution, p. 66.) 


745. Shadrack Lockwood, born in Xew Canaan, m. Betsey Tuttle. 

746. Betsey Lockwood, born m. 1st, Mr. Murray ; m. 2d, 

Deacon Smith, both of Xew York. Xo issue. 

747. Hannah Lockwood, born m. John Bates, of Darien, Conn. 

748. Sally Lockwood, born 

749. Harriet Lockwood, born 

750. Polly Lockwood, bom m. George Beechum. He went to 

sea and was killed. 

302. Solomon Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Gilbert*), born about 1757, in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Gilbert 
and Mercy ( ) Lockwood. " He went West," as it was 

then called, and settled on the Kayaderosseras Creek, near the 
village of Ballston Spa, Saratoga County, New York, where he 
died. M. 1st, a Quaker lady, named " Hull," in New York 


City, who had brothers named John and Oliver, wealthy drug- 
gists. Their names are perpetuated in the grandchildren. M. 
2d, a widow, Sally Lockwood, formerly of Old Greenwich, Conn., 
whose first husband was Capt. Oliver Lockwood, a successful 
"West India sea captain. 


751. Stephen Lockwood, born August 9th, 1778. 

752. Joseph Lockwood, born 

753. John Lockwood, born settled in Lansingburgli, N. Y. 

754. Kebecca Lockwood, born died at Albany, N. Y. 

755. Abby Lockwood, born died at Albany, N. Y. 

756. Penelope Lockwood, born died at New York City. 

757. Benjamin Lockwood, born located at Albany, N. Y. 

758. Cary Lockwood, born lived in New York City. 

759. George Lockwood, born lived at Ballston Spa and after- 

wards at Rochester, N. Y. 

303. Andrew Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,* 
Gilbert'), born April 6th, 1762, at Greenwich, Conn. ; died 
August 12th, 1834, at Greenwich, Conn., aged 72, 4, 6 (grave- 
stone), buried at Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Gilbert and Mercy 
( ) Lockwood ; m. 1st, in 1788, Esther Nash, born in 

1765, and died June 4th, 1795, in Greenwich, aged 30 (grave- 
stone); m. 2d, in 1798, Elizabeth Webb (Robert,' Gershom,* 
Joseph,' Elizabeth," Epenetus Webb,' Elizabeth Webb"), born 
March 16th, 1771, died May 9th, 1860, aged 89, 1, 23, at Ash- 
tabula, Ohio ; 1740, daughter of Epenetus, Jr., and Sarah (Jud- 
son) Webb, m. May 30th, 1762 ; granddaughter of Epenetus and 
Elizabeth (Lockwood) Webb, m. June 28th, 1739. 

Andrew Loekwood's estate was appraised April 29th, 1835, at 

Alexr. Hendrie and Cornelius Ford, Appraisers, and Joshua 
Beal Ferris, Admr. — now (1880) living at Stamford, Conn. 

First Wife's. All born in Greenwich, Conn. 

760. Susan Lockwood, born June 15th, 1789, m. Amos Lockwood. 

761. Jacob Lockwood, born October 27th, 1791, m. 1st, Hanford ; m. 

2d, Polly Lockwood. 

762. Hester Lockwood, born February 17th, 1793, m. David Nash Camp. 

763. Andrew Lockwood, Jr., born May 7th, 1795, died young. 


Second Wife's. 

764. Benjamin Eideidge Lockwood, born January 2d, ISOO, m. Harriet 

Ann Gary. 

765. Isaac LocKWOOD, born January 17th, 1S02, m. 1st, Mary Brown Smith ; 

2d, Laura Maria . 

766. Epexetcs Webb Lockwood, born January 12th, 1S05, m. Elizabeth 


767. Oliver Ford Lockwood, born April 26th, 1807, m. Hannah Maria 


768. Maria Jane Lockwood, born November 22d, 1S09, m. Elon Dunbar. 

769. Eheua Webb Lockwood, bom February 7th, 1812, m. Leander Hall. 

Of Mrs. Elizabeth ("Webb) Lockwood, who died at Ashtabula, 
Ohio, May 9th, 1860, aged 89, 1, 23, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth 
(Lockwood) Strong, her granddaughter, writes from Millington, 
Tuscola Co., Michigan, February 16th, 1888. 

" I have her, that she said was her grand- 
mother's. All who have owned it, except my father, were named 
Elizabeth. I think Colonel Webb was her brother, instead of 
her cousin. I remember she told me that she saw her brothers 
pursued by the British troops into a field of grain, whither they- 
went to hide from the sight of their pursuers. Whenever the 
Red Coats found a man they cut him down with their swords. 
Her brothers escaped, as they were not discovered by the enemy. 
I was a little child when she told me this story, but it made a 
deep impression on my mind." 

General Samuel B. Webb 
was cousin to Elizabeth Webb, wife of Andrew Lockwood, whose 
great-uncle, Joseph Lockwood, married Margery Webb. 

General Samuel B. Webb was wounded at the battle of Bunker 
Hill, June 17th, 1775 ; was aid-de-eamp to General Israel Put- 
nam, 1775; aid-de-camp to General George Washington, 1776; 
wounded at White Plains, New York ; commended for gallant 
conduct at Trenton, New Jersey ; Colonel the Third Connecticut 
Regiment, and one of the sixteen founders of the Society of the 

In a postscript to a letter of Major Ebenezer Huntington to 
Colonel Samuel B. Webb, 13th June, 1779, from Tiverton, Rhode 
Island, he says : " I wish you to bring with you the amounts of 
money rec'd. from Mr. Lockwood, due to the soldiers," etc. 

James Barrell wrote from Boston, 12th August, 1779, to Col. 


S. "Webb, addressing him a? '' My dear Brother," saying, " I shant 
write Bro. Joe by this Post, as I wrote fully yesterday by Mr. 
Lockwood, tho' I observe what he says in his favor of the 9th," 

In the list of names invited to a turtle feast at AVethersfield, 
August 26th, 1779, given by Colonel S. B. Webb and others, 
Mr. James Lockwood was an invited guest. 

Major Benjamin Tallmadge, from Wethersfield, in a letter to 
Colonel S. B. AVebb, says, March 6th, 1780, '' Since you left us 
we had an agreeable hop at Mr. Lockwood's. A choice collec- 
tion of ladies attended. As usual, the number was rather too 

In Lieut.-Colonel Ebecezer Huntington's letter to General 
Webb, dated "August 30th, 1780," from "Camp Ten Eyck, 
four miles from Hackensack, two from New Bridge, opposite 
Fort Washington," after relating the particulars of a foraging 
party of the right wing of General Greene's army, and describing 
how the army was starving, etc., says : " Make my love to Mr. 
Webb and family, Peter Colt, etc., James Lockwood, etc., and 
believe me to be yours, etc., 


(J. Watson Webb's Reminiscences of General Samuel B. Webb, 
of Connecticut. X. Y., 1882, pp. 199, 210, 295, 371, and 381.) 

304. Gilbert Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Still 
John,' Gilbert*), born 1768, in Greenwich, Conn.; died (and 
was buried) in Greenwich, Conn., April 3d, 1811, in 44th year ; 
son of Gilbert and Mercy ( ) Lockwood. 

The date of his death was taken from his gravestone. He ivas 
a bachelor. Inventory, 82074.17. Gave his property to his 
brothers and sisters, and mentions in his Will 
bro. Richard 
" Andrew 
" Noah 
sister Tamor Mrs. Clark 
" Ruth 


Administrator or Executor. 
Probate Court, August 4th, 1812. 




306. Noah Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still John/ 
Gilbert*), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; son of Gilbert and 
Mercy ( ) Lock wood ; m. 1st, ; m. 2d, 


770. Amos Lockwood, born 17S2, died May 11th, 1864, aged 82; m. his cousin, 

Susan Lockwood. No. 760. 

771. Hekry Lockwood, born , lived in N. Y. ; m. a French lady ; had 

one daughter. 

772. Thomas Lockwood, born , m. Ammermon in N. Y. 

773. Hannah Lockwood, born , m. Nathan Scofield. 

774. Pbiscilla Lockwood, born , m. James Alfred Wilmot. 

775. Walter Lockwood, born , died unmarried. 

776. Noah Lockwood, born , m. Minor, near Norwalk. 

312. David Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' Still John/ 
Robert*), born at Salera, New York, December 1st, 1748 ; son of 
Robert and Rachel (Stevens) Lockwood ; have not learned the 
name of his wife, if any he had. 

"David Lockwood was a private soldier in Captain Lockwood's 
Company, of the New York line." 

Records U. S. Pension Office, AYashington, D. C. He applied 
for a pension — No. 11,001. 

313. Jesse Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,'' Still John/ 

July 1776, Cortland t's Manor. 

Jesse Lockwood and others ask the representatives of New 
York, for two brass field pieces, for their defense, in order to 
assist the militia of this manor and to form a company of artillery 
on our own expense. (Force's Annals, vol. vi., 4th Series, p. 

Jesse Lockwood served as orderly sergeant in the Continental 
line in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Delavan's Company, and 
in Gen'l Wayne's Division. 

Jesse Lockwood was born July 2d, 1745, and died January 
13th, 1823, aged 77.6.11. 

Mary Lockwood his wife, whose name before marriage was 


Mary Plawes, was joined in holy matrimony by the celebrated 
Rev. George Whitefield ; she died May 23d, 1818, agpd 68.7.2. 

Their son Ichahod died in Genoa, New York, February 18th, 
1852. He had a daughter Sarah, who was born in Westchester 
County, New York, in the year 1786, and married a Mr. Miller. 

This Sarah Miller applied for a pension ; it was rejected. 

314. Caleb Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Still John,* 
Caleb*), born at Greenwich, Connecticut; son of Caleb Lock- 
wood; ra, Sarah Finch, of Greenwich, Connecticut, daughter of 
"William and Sarah (Johnson) Finch. 


777. BENjAmN Lockwood, born May 16tla, 1806, in Greenwich, m. Julia 


778. William Lockwood, i . born in Greenwich, m. Margaret Mahon. 

779. Edwin Lockwood, J ' " " died of cholera. 

780. Henry Lockwood, born May 6th, 1814, in Greenwich; m. Margaret 


781. Eliza Lockwood, born , m. 1st, Jonathan Waring; m. 2d, Oliver 


315. George Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Still John,* 
Caleb*), born , Greenwich, Connecticut; son of Caleb 
Lockwood; m. Sarah 


.782. George Lockwood, Jr. 
.783. Betsey Lockwood. 
784. Caleb Lockwood. 
.785. S/-RAH D. Lockwood. 

786. Jeeusha Lockwood. 

787. AsiET Lockwood. 

788. David Lockwood. 

789. Webster Lockwood. 

State op New York, \ 

Ctty and County of New York, j 

On the 2d January, 1838, personally appeared in the Marine 
Court of the City of New York, George Lockwood, now of 
said city and late a .resident of Greenwich, Fairfield County, 


Connecticut, aged 86 years, and stated that he was born in Green- 
wich. In 1775 enlisted in an artillery company. He remembers 
the following persons in said company, to wit : Millington Lock- 
wood, Heth Peck, Timothy Knapp, and Elnathau Lockwood. 

He remembers that Millington Lockwood had belonged to the 
same company with him in the early part of the war, but that he 
afterwards deserted and went to the enemy, and that by acting 
as leader to parties of the enemy who made incursions at various 
times, he occasioned very great mischief in and about Green- 
wich. That said Millington owned a house on Mianus Xeck, 
where his family resided after he went to the enemy, and he used 
occasionally to visit his family by means of boats from Long 
Island. That on one occasion information was given that said 
Millington was at his house, and declarant with others of his 
company went over to the Neck to take him, but some of said 
Millington's party got off in two boats before declarant's party 
reached the shore. That the boat in which said Millington was, 
not having escaped beyond gun-shot, was fired on by declarant's 
party, and said Millington received a severe wound in the head, 
from which he never wholly recovered, and fell as if dead. 
That his boat's crew then surrendered and were taken prisoners, 
and declarant helped to guard them all night after they were taken 
at the house which had belonged to said Millington and where his 
family resided, but which declarant purchased, the same having 
been confiscated. 

That at the time when General Putnam escaped down the great 
hill at Horse Neck from a party of the enemy, declarant was under 
arras about two miles eastward of the Hill, and deponent saw him 
pass on towards Stamford, where he obtained recruits and returned 
in about two hours with some very rough recruits, some of whom 
were old men, and some boys, and some very indifferently mounted. 
That on the return of General Putnam declarant and his party 
ascended the Hill, and made a charge on the enemy, who con- 
tinued skirmishing until they were driven to Bryam Bridge; it 
then rained hard and was very muddy, and orders were given to 
return to Horse Neck — that a number of prisoners were taken, 
and some deserted on that day from the enemy, and some of the 
enemy were found very drunk. 


That declarant was one of a body that attacked a party of De 
Lancey's Corps, which went as far as Captain Isaac Lockwood's 
in Stamford, and took a great many cattle and some prisoners — 
that his party drove the enemy down as far as Byram Bridge and 
got some of the cattle back — he thinks he was then under Captain 
Timothy Lockwood. 

317. Isaac Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Caleb''), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; died Served 

during Revolutionary War under General Washington. Son of 
Caleb Lockwood. He located in Marlborough, Ulster County, 
New York, where he married Susannah Wygant. 


790. Robert Lockwood, m. Miriam Gardner. 

Robert G. Lockwood, grandson of Isaac, writes : " Isaac came 
from one of the eastern States; he located in Marlboro', N. Y., 
and there married ; he served during the Old War under Gen'l 

323. Frederick Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Still John,' 
Jonathan*), born at Greenwich, Conn., February 3d, 1763 ; died 
February 18th, 1808, aged 45. 0. 15. Gravestone. He was 
executor of his father's estate, in 1798. His own will was dated 
September 25th, 1803. Inventory April 26th, 1808. He was 
son of Jonathan and Mercy Lockwood ; m. Deborah 

Reynolds, born May 24th, 1766, died May 15th, 1857, aged 
90. 11. 21. Gravestone. Daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah 
(Robert,^ Jonathan,' Gershom,' Nathan,* Sarah*) (Lockwood) 


791. Seymour Lockwood, born 

792. Frederick Lockwood, born February 3d, 1788; m. Mary Ann Jessup. 

793. EzEKiEL Lockwood, 

794. Alfred Lockwood, 

795. Luke Lockwood, 


796. Uriah Lockwood, m. Rebecca Smith. 

797. Lot Lockwood, 

79S. A^"A^^AS Lockwood, m. Nancy Hanford Lockwood. 

799. Sally Lockwood, 

800. FA^-^•T Lockwood, born April, 1790 ; died unm., October 17th, 1825. 

801. Deborah Lockwood, born August 1st, 1795; m. Charles Lockwood, Jr. 

Fredeeick Lockwood, September 25th, 1803, made his will 
in Greenwich, Conn. (All these names are mentioned in his 

"Wife Deborah Lockwood. 

LrKE Lockwood. 

Heir Uriah Lockwood. 

Second son, Frederick, Jr., born February 3d, 1788. 

Eldest son, Seymour Lockwood. 

Third son, EzEKiEL Lockwood. 

Heir Lot Lockwood. 

Fotirth son, Alfred Lockwood. 

Ananias Lockwood. 

Heir Sally Lockwood. 

Heir Fanny Lockwood. 

Heir Deborah Lockwood. 

327. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Still John,^ 
Jonathan*), born mentioned in her father's 
will, July 2d, 1792; daughter of Jonathan and Mercy ( ) 
Lockwood ; ra., June 14th, 1781, Amos Lounsbury, of Stamford, 


802. Elizabeth Lounsbury, born March 30th, 1782. 

803. Deborah Lounsbury, born March 7th, 1784 ; m. William Keeler. 

804. Hexry Lounsbury, born January loth, 1786. 

805. Amos Lockwood Lounsbury, born September 28th, 1787. 

806. Sally Lounsbury, born July 22d, 1790. 

807. RuFUS Lounsbury, born January 16th, 1795. 

808. SA3tuEL Lounsbury, born October 3d, 1797. (Stamford Reg.) 

328. Silas Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ Still John,' Jona- 
than'j, born September 3d, 1743, in Greenwich, Conn.; sou of 
Jonathan and Mercy Lockwood ; m. do not know 
the name of his wife. 


He was mentioned as " deceased " when liis father made his 
will, July 2d, 1792. 

Tombstone in graveyard, First Reformed Dutch Church, at 
Fislikill, ^"ew York. 

" Here I^yes the Body of Silas Lockwood Borne Sep. 3. 1743. 
Died Sep. 10. 1768 aged 25 years 7 days." 


809. Silas Lockwood, Jr., born 

810. Mary Lockwood, born (mentioned in her grandfather's will, made 

July 2d, 1792. 

811. Stephen Lockwood, born m. Sarah Ingersoll. 

329. Amos Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,'^ Still John,^ Jona- 
than*), born in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Jonathan and Mercy 
( ) Lockwood, 


812. Sarah Lockwood, was mentioned in her grandfather's will. Jonathan 

Lockwood's will was made July 2d, 1792, in it reads: "Sarah, daughter 
of Amos Lockwood." 

330. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Jonathan*), born in Greenwich, Conn., was dead when her father's 
will was made July 2d, 1792; daughter of Jonathan and Mercy 
( ) Lockwood; m. Lyon 


813. Stephen Lyon, was mentioned in his grandfather's will ; Jonathan Lock- 

wood's will was made July 2d, 1792, and in it reads: "Stephen Lyon, 
son of my deceased daughter Hannah." 

General John Mead (Robert,' Jonathan,- Still John,' 
Elizabeth*), born 1727, at Horse Neck, Greenwich, 

Conn,; died December 3d, 1790, aged 63; was the sixth con- 
secutive generation of John Heads; son of John and Elizabeth 
(Lockwood) Mead ; m. first, 1752, Mary Brush, daughter 

of Benjamin, a Scotch family of Huntington, on Long Island, 
New York; born 1730, died 1785, aged 55; they 

were both buried in the old graveyard at Horse Neck ; m. second, 
Mrs. Peck, widow of Jonathan Peck. 



First Wife's. 

814. John Mead, m. Polly Coe. 

815. Benjajiix Mead, 

816. Ann Mead, 1 ^^.^, m. John Eels. 

817. Mary Mead, J * m. Levi Hanford. 

818. Elizabeth Mead, m. Hezekiah Hobbie. 

819. Maey Ann Mead, m. John Sniffen. 

820. Alan Mead, m. Polly Smith. 

821. Seth Mead, m. Elizabeth Hobby. 

822. "VValtek Mead, m. Hsa Mulna. 

Second Wife's. 

823. Mehetable Mead, m. Marshel. 

General Johx Mead, of Greentvich. 

Son of John and Elizabeth (Lockwood) Mead. 

He spent his early life with his father on the farm. Before 
the Revolutionary War, he was commissioned " in good old 
Colony times," and had command of a company. After the war 
had commenced, he was promoted to Colonel, and for three years 
commanded the American lines at Horseneck, and for several 
miles either way from it, saw some active service. He was with 
our troops when New York was given up, and his regiment was 
the last to leave the city. He was subsequently promoted to be 
Brigadier-General. He was short of stature, and very fleshy. 
After the close of the war, he was employed a greater part of the 
time in public matters. He built several vessels, some of which 
were purchased by the Government for war-ships. He was for 
nineteen consecutive years, and to the close of his life, a member 
of the Connecticut Legislature, and was at the time of his death 
Judge of the Court of Probate. 

338. Mary Johnson (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,' Susan*), 
born died ; daughter of Capt. John 

and Susan (Lockwood) Johnson ; married first, Joshua Ferris ; 
married second, Thomas Peck ; married 

third, Nathaniel Ferris, born March 27th, 1746, in Greenwich, 
Conn. ; sixth son of Samuel and Ann (Lockwood) Ferris, grand- 
son of Gershom and Ann (Millington) Lockwood, great-grand- 
son of Robert and Susannah ( ) Lockwood. 



First Husband's. 

524. Joshua Ferris, m. Mrs. Letitia Lockwood. 
S2o. Mary Ferris, m. Gideon Kimberly. 

Second Husband' s. 

526. Susan Peck, 

527. Thomas Peck, 

Third Husband's. 

525. Ann Ferris, born July 7th, 1785 ; m. Andrew Ferris, cousins. 

529. John Ferris, born March 27th, 1787 ; m. Ruth Knapp. 

530. Elizabeth Ferris, born jNIarcli 24th, 1789 ; m. David Kimberly. 

831. George Ferris, born March 4th, 1791 ; m. Sally Peck. 

832. Esther* Ferris, born October 12th, 1792 ; m. Samuel Ferris, cousins. 

833. Gideon Ferris, born January 13th, 1795 ; m. Caroline Betts. 

It is probable, Samuel Ferris was born in the same place his 
son Nathaniel was, " Greenwich old Society," the location was 
called Greenwich Point. Nathaniel Ferris often told his chil- 
dren that his grandfather was brother to the Ferris that settled 
Throg's Neck ; that he visited his brother coming all the way on 
the ice when the Sound was frozen ovei\ 

The title of the Ferris of Throg's Neck was direct from the 
Crown, George II. (so said). Samuel Ferris and his wife Ann 
are interred in the old burying-ground, marked by tombstones. 

Ann Ferris died July 2d, 1789, aged 76. Samuel Ferris died 
April 25th, 1786, aged 81. 

Nathaniel Ferris married the widow Peck, whose maiden name 
was Mary Johnson. 

340. Jabez Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,' Joseph/ John*), 
born February 6th, 1732, in Fairfield, Conn.; removed to 
Poundridge, Westchester County, N. Y. ; son of John and 
Abigail (Morehouse) Lockwood, of Fairfield, Conn. ; m. 
Ruth Uuderhill. 


834. Abram Lockwood, born at Poundridge, N. Y. 

835. Isaac Lockwood, m. Phebe Walters. 

Note. — John M. Lockwood, of Evansville, Indiana, who was 
born April 24th, 1809, received, the month he was 27 years old, 

* I saw her December 20th, 1878. She gave me the names of these 


a letter from New York, dated April 6th, 1836, written by 
Townsend N. Underbill, who claimed to be related to Mr. Lock- 
wood. He said, " My grandfather Underbill bad a sister Ruth, 
who married Jabez Lockwood ; they had two sons, viz. : Abram 
and Isaac, and that Isaac was your father." 

342. John Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,* John*), born 
October 12th, 1736, Fairfield, Conn.; son of John and Abigail 
(Morehouse) Lockwood ; m. 


836. Reuben Lockwood, born April 17tli, 1762, in Weston, Conn. ; m. Eliza- 

beth Raymond. 

344, Ephraim Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,' John*), 
born January 4th, 1741, in Fairfield, Conn., removed to New 
York State ; son of John and Abigail (Morehouse) Lockwood ; 
m. 1st, cannot ascertain the wife's name; m. 2d, 

Susannah Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Joseph,' James,* 
Susannah'), born in Stamford, daughter of James and ^Mary 
(Norton) Lockwood. 

First Wife's. 

837. David Lockwood, born , m. Rebecca Thomas. 

838. Jacob Lockwood, born 

Second Wife's. 

839. William Lockwood, born , m. Sarah Hall. 

840. Elizabeth Lockwood, born 

841. Rachel Lockwood, born , died young woman. 

842. Joshua Lockwood, born 

346. Ensign Michael Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,' 
John*), born October 2d, 1744, in Fairfield, Conn. ; went to 
Weston, then removed to Wilton, and subsequently to South 
Salem, New York ; son of John and Abigail (Morehouse) 
Lockwood, m. Abigail Adama. 


843. Abigail Lockwood, born May 12th, 1769, m. Abel Bennett. 

844. Michael Lockwood, bom March 13th, 1771, m. Joanna Rusco. 

845. Dr. Ebenezer Lockwood, bom June 3d, 1773, m. Carman. 



846. Gershoji Lock'wood, born September 17tli, 1776, m. Hannah Seymour. 

847. ScsAXNAH LoCKWOOD, born September 17tb, 17S0, m. N. S. Comstock. 

848. Elizabeth Lockwood, born May 22d, 1782, died unm. 

849 Samuel Lockwood, born September Stli, 17S5, m. Nancy Finch. 
850. Esther Lockwood, born August 3d, 17SS, m. Smith Fancher. 
8-51. John Lockwood, born February 23d, 1791, m. Sally Tuttle. 

852. David Adams Lockwood, born September 21st, 1795, m. Delia Eellg. 

853. Sabah Lockwood, born January IStb, 1797, m. R. K. Olmsted. 

"Michael Lockwood, established as Ensign, etc., in Norfield 
in the 4th Regiment of this Colony, October, 1773." (Vol. 14.) 

349. Susannah Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John*), 
born Norwalk, Conn., January 2d, 1752; daughter of John and 
Abigail (Morehouse) Lockwood; ra., March 28th, 1790, Thomas 
Fitch Thatcher, born June 16th, 1769, son of Joseph and Mary 
(Fitch) Thatcher. He was named in honor of Gov. Thomas 
Fitch, of Conn., who "fell asleep, July 18th, A.D. 1774, in the 
75th year of his age." (Hy. Norwalk, 243.) 

355. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph*), 
fourth consecutive generation of the same name, born June 25th, 
1738, in Fairfield, Conn. ; son of Joseph and Agnes (Money) 
Lockwood; m. Eleanor 


854. Henhy Lockwood, born April 3d, 1762, m. Letitia Pearson. 

357. Walter Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,^ Joseph,' Joseph*), 
born September 1st, 1741, in Fairfield County, Conn., resided 
in Beekman, Dutchess County, N. Y.; son of Joseph and Agnes 
(Money) Lockwood ; wife's name unknown. 


855. Joseph Lockwood, bom in Dutchess County, N. Y., m. Mary Hammond. 

856. Reuben Lockwood, m. Abbey Knapp. 

857. Daniel Lockwood, m. Sallie Glass. 

359. Henry Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,' Joseph,' Ezekiel*), 
born July 25th, 1752, Horse Neck; son of Ezekiel Lockwood. 

This Henry Lockwood is said to have had four wives, but no 
one can inform me of any of their names ; a letter from his great- 
grandson, dated September 10th, 1888, the very last letter re- 
ceived, so states. (From O. F. Lockwood, Saratoga Springs.) 



SoS. Zephaniaii Lock'«"00d, born November 2d, 1772, ra ^Mary Wortnjan 

in Dutchess County, now part of Putnam County, N. Y. 
85SJ. Eleiztje Lockwood, bom October 16th, 1774. 

Henry Lockwood came from Counecticnt. Moved to Dutchess 
County, afterwards to Steuben or Yates County in the western 
part of the State of New York, where he married hh fourth wife, 
by whom he had one son named James Lockwood. This James 
was born about 1795, is about two years younger than my father 
(James Lockwood, born 1793, and living 1888). He was living 
somewhere in Allegany County about a year ago (say ^larch, 
1887). (Letter of Oscar F. Lockwood, April 3, 1888.) 

"Samuel Devine was charged witli ill conduct, and among the 
affidavits filed with the Committee of Safety of New York was 
the following, 'Ulster County, Henry Lockwood, of full age, 
being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist, this 4th day of Janu- 
ary, 1776, saith that on his way from Newburgh homeward he 
met with some persons, among whom was a certain Samuel De- 
vine, who then asked him if he did not know there was a reward 
for taking up a Committeeman and sending him on board a man 
of war ; who then threatened to take said defendent, he being 
of the Committee of New Marlborough precinct, and that he 
could have £40 in cash or fifty acres of land for delivering a 
Committeeman on board the man of war, and further saith not.' 

"A true copy of the oaths, given under my hand, 


Henry and Joshua Lockwood were among the voluntary 
signers to the Association in New Marlborough, New York, for 
defense, etc. 

"New York, Congress, Juxe 3d, 1776. 
" A certificate was filed of Henry Lockwood and D. Ralge, Sr., 
two of the Committee of New Marlborough precinct, certifying 
to the ekction of David Ostrash as 2d Lieutenant." (From 
Force's Annals, vol. vi., 4th series, p. 1357.) 


360. Joseph Lockwood, Jb. (Robert/ Joseph,' Joseph/ 
Ezekiel*), born Greenwich, Conn., died in the fall of 1786 ; "son 
of Ezekiel late of Greenwich;" made his will February 28th, 
1786; inventory, April 6th, 1787. "His widow, Elizabeth 
Heniuge, Right of Dower." 


859. "1 eight years old, born 1778. 

860. " 1 four years old at the death of ye fiither, born 1782. 

861. "1 wanted one month of two years old, born 1784. 

862. "Ye fourth born four months after ye deatli of, born 1787, Joseph Lock- 

wood. Ye last has been very feeble and not able to go alone till two 
years old." 

Note. — Ezekiel named his son Joseph, "Junior," in honor of 
Ezekiel's father, Joseph Lockwood, of Fairfield, grandson of 
Robert. (Greenwich Record.) 

361. Ezekiel Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Joseph,^ Joseph,' 
Ezekiel*), born August 14th, 1767, in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of 
Ezekiel Lockwood ; m. Sarah Bockran. 


863. Sally Lockwood, born April 20th, 1791, died July 18th, 1>01. 

864. Polly M. Lockwood, born April 22d, 1792, m Matthew Saxe. 

865. James H. Lockwood, born December 7th, 1793, m. Julia Warner. 

866. John Sheerod Lockwood, born August 2oth, 1795, m. 1, Margaret 

L. Miller, m. 2, Hannah R. Morev. 

867. Sally Lockwood, born June 22d, 1797, m. Jacob William Morse. 

868. Henrietta Lockwood, born March 7, 1799. 

869. Ezekiel Lockwood, Jr., born August 22d, 1802, m. 1, Nancy Warren, 

m. 2, Belva A. McNall. 

870. Samantha Lockwood, born December 29th, 1806, m. Mr. Churchman. 

871. Mary Ann Lockwood, born June 19th, 1808, m. Rev. J. R. Goodrich. 

872. Eliza Ann Lockwood, born September 4th, 1810, m William Saxe. 

362. Richard Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,^ Richard,' Arm- 
well*), born November 29th, 1735, in Kent County, Delaware, 
died March 21st, 1786, son of Armwell and Mary (Holland) 
Lockwood, m. Margaret Jackson, born February 8th, 1737, 
died July 4th, 1814, aged 77 years, 4 months, 26 days. 


873. Armwell Lockwood, born April 29th, 1757, died September 25th, 1787. 

874. John Lockwood, born October 15th, 1759, died October 8th, 1811. 




IJ-\_i.' rng :tb an ASi of liemral Affckbly of* 
f-^ ' ■ 

\'P/^\\thi'faid State.' mad! in the. Year "ojyf^ {> 
i{ ( C f.our Lord Oni IhcuJ'aHd SfVM HuadnA I <Zt 
^l}^'fa.d Sever.- ' '• ' ifCg 

\"^V '/;-/•*•• Dat~ // ^ ^,'? // 2, ^^ 

1-777. ^ 


875. Elizabeth Lockwood, born January loth, 1762, m. Eev. John Patten. 

876. Maey Lock-wood, born October 18th, 1763, died February, 1S19, m. 


877. Sakah LocETvroor, born August oth, 1765, died December Sth, 1763. 
873. Maegaezt Lockwood, born February 13th, 1767, died June 7th, 1790, 

m. Munsey. 

879. EiCHARD LocK-svooD, born September 4th, 1763, died November 16th, 

830. Sarah Lockwqod, born September ISth, 1769, died November 24th, 

1787, m. Bagger. 

831. ^s'ancy LocErn-ooD, born July 2l5t, 1771, died September ISth, 1303, 

m. Dycui. 

832. WrLLiAM LocEWooD, born July 23d, 1773, m. Phebe Dingle. 

833. Leticia Locktvood, born July 26th, 1775, died October 16th, 1734. 
884. Caleb LocKtvooD, born January 27th, 1777, died October 2oth, 1355. 

835. David Locktvood, born May 30th, 1779, died October 1st, 1315. 

836. Eebecca Lock^ood, born October 24th, 1733, m. Latchum. 

P. 1040. "Eichard Lockwood was Justice of the Peace, 
December 5th, 1771, and March Sth, 1777, and was among the 
last appointed under the authority of the Duke of York (in 
1771), as the territory soon after passed to Penn." (Seluirf's 
Hist, of Del., ISSS.) ' 

Scharf's History of Delaware, 1888, vol. 1, p. 235. Richard 
Lockwood, of Kent County, was a member of the Convention 
which assembled at Xew Castle, August 27th, 1776, "to order 
and declare the future form of Government for this State," and 
each member took an oath to "support and maintain the inde- 
pendence of this State, as declared by the honorable the Conti- 
nental Congress," and also as follows: "I do profess faith in 
God the Father and in Jesus Christ his only Son, and in the 
Holy Ghost, one God blessed forevermore; and I do acknowl- 
eilge the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be 
given by Divine inspiration." 

Richard Lockwood was also present at the Council held October 
29th, 1777 (p. 247), when but few members were present because 
of the alarming condition of affairs, when it was decided " to raise 
six hundred militia to defend the State." 

Page 1663. The first church owned by the Methodists in 
Dover cost 82,000, and the lot of ground was donated to Trus- 
tee.?, of whom Richard Lockwood was one, on June 1st, 1782. 
(Scharf's Hist, of Del.) 


" The Historical Society of Delaware was presented with 
three Contineutal notes," which were issued according to an act 
of the General As-enibly of the State of Delaware, made in the 
year 1776, and bearing date May 1st, 1777, and signed 


(N. E. Hist, and Gea. Register, vol. 29, p. 123.) 

The Pennsylvania Historical Society in 1888 also had a Con- 
tinental note signetl by Richard Lockwood. 

363. Armwell Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Josei)h,^ Richard,' 
Arm well^), born April 28th, 1738, died January 30th, 1806; son 
of Armwell and Mary (Holland) Lockwood ; ra., January, Sth, 
1761, Gertrude Mousey, born January 4th, 1743, died February 
5th, 1818 ; daugliter of " Thomas Mousey, who came from Long 
Island, in the State of New York, and settled in Kent County, 
State of Delaware; he died in 1802, in the 86th year of his age." 
Mrs. jNIonsey's maiden name was Eunity Luwber. 


887. Thoma-S Lockwood, born April 12th, 1762, died April 9th, 1824, m. 

Eunity Virden. 
8SS. Isaac Loce:wood, born February 4th, 17C4, died December 30th, 1814. 
839. Richard Lockwood, born 17(36, died young. 

890. Armwell Lockwood, July 22d, 1768, died August 8th, 1795. 

891. Mary Lockwood, born November 26th, 1770, m. Simmons. 

892. Levi Lockwood, born January 13th, 1773, died January 12th, ISOS. 

893. Jonx Lockwood, born May 30tli, 1775, died April 19th, 1833. 

894. Eunity Lockwood, born November loth, 1777, m. Jackson. 

895. Gertrude Lockwood, born December 27th, 1781, died October 5th, 1819, 

m. Hanson Corse. 

896. Margaret Lockwood, born February Sth, 1785, died August 19th, 1833, 

m. Rev. John Derbrough. 

364. John Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,^ Richard,^ Armwell*), 
born September 30th, 1742, in Kent County, Delaware. He 
appears to have resided for a time in Virginia, and had several 
daughters and perhaps only one sou. He died July 14th, 1773. 
Was son of Armwell and Mary (Holland) Lockwood, both of 
whom were born in Maryland. I have not been able to ascertain 
the name of John's wife. 



Several daughters whose names were not sent me. 
897. Benjamin Lockwood, born about 1770, in Virginia. 

I find the following notices of him ; he had six children. 

Captain Benjamin Lockwood, 1797. 

"Benjamin! Lockwood was a Lieutenant of Capt. Alexander 
Gibson's rifle company, under the command of Gen'l Anthony 

In 1794 was in the campaign to operate against the Indians 
at Fort Pitt, on the Ohio River, and at Hamilton, on the Miami 
River, and elsewhere, which company was ordered " to proceed 
in advance and protect the road-cutters," and was promoted to 
the rank of Captain 10th of July, 1797. 

He died at Fort Adams, on the Mississippi River below 
Natchez, in 1807, and his widow, Mrs. Mary Anne Lockwood, 
afterwards married Capt. John Clercs Symmes, the author of the 
theory of " Concentric Spheres." He had at that time (f. 241) 
five daughters and one son. 

They were brought up and educated by Capt. Symmes as his 
own family, and were all married from his house except two, who 
remained single. 

Capt. Lockwood was a Virginian by birth ; entered the army 
in 1792 as Lieutenant, and owned a section of land in Brown 
County when he died, which was taken care of, taxes paid, etc., 
by Capt. Symmes, and at their maturity was turned over to his 

Capt. Symmes lectured in the Eastern States with his step-son 
Anthony W. Lockwood in 1825, on his theory of "Concentric 
Splieres." (McBride's Pioneer Biography, vol. 2, p. 139.) 

Benjamin Lockwood, of Virginia, was Ensign of Faulkner's 
Company in Gibson's Regimental levies of 1791, under General 
St. Clair, against the Indians on the Miami. Was Lieutenant of 
Infantry 7th March, 1792; and in 4th Sub-legion in December, 
1792; was in 4th Infantry November, 1796; Captain, July, 


1797; retained April, 1802; Captain 2d Infantry; transferred 
September, 1802, to 1st Infantry; died 29th July, 1807, at Fort 
Adams, Mississippi. (Gardner's Directory of the Army of the 
U. S. 1853.) 

Benjamin Lockwood (Virginian) Ensign Faulkner's Company 
of Gibson's Regiment levies of 1791, under Major-General St. 
Clair, against the Indians on the Miami; Lieutenant of Infantry 
March, 1792; in 4th Sub-legion December, 1792; in 4th Infan- 
try, 1796; Captain July, 1797; retained April 12th; Captain 
2d Infantry; transferred September 12th to 1st Infantry; died 
July 29th, 1807, at Fort Adams, Mississippi. (Gardner's 
Directory of the Army.) 

366. Deacon Daniel Lock-r-ood, Jr. (Robert,^ Ephraim,'' 
Daniel,' Daniel*), born January 5th, 1734-35, Stamford, Con- 
necticut; the 3d generation of same name; died Xovember 28th, 
1807, in 73d year; appointed executor of his father's will; 
son of Daniel and Mary (^Webb) Lockwood; m.,-March 17th, 
1754, Mary Bellamy, died 1810, acred 73. 

See Will. 

He joined the Congregational Church in 1774, and the records 
of the baptisms of each of his ten children are found in Stamford. 


898. Sakah Lockwood, born February 27th, 1755, m. Ebenezer Jones. 

899. Maky Lockwood, born May 6th, 1759, m. Daniel Smith. 

900. Abigail Lockwood,* born March 27th, 1761, died young, unmarried. 

901. Martha Lockwood, born March 17th, 1763, m. Dr. "Walter Hough. 

902. Abigail Maey Lockwood,* born April 5th, 1765, m. Samuel Hutton. 

903. Samuel Lockwood,* born December 6th, 1766, unmarried; killed in 

sham fight. 

904. Daniel Lockwood, born January 21st, 1769. The 4th consecutive Daniel. 

905. Elizabeth Lockwood,* born March 7th, 1771, m. Stephen Frost. 

906. Rheua Lockwood,* born April 30th, 1773. 

907. Nancy Lockwood,* born March 7th, 1778, died March, 1796. 

* These six children are not mentioned in Deacon Daniel Lockwood's will, 
made August 26th, 1806. (Stamford Reg.) 


25th august, 1806. 
Probated February 2cl, 1808 ; distributed January 16th, 1809. 
Son Daniel Lockwood 3rd, 

]\Iy wife Mary 

My dg. Sarah, wife of Ebenezer Jones, . . §1000 
" "^ Martha, " " Walter Hough, . . 1000 
" " Mary, " " Daniel Smith, . . lOOO 
"gfV Betsy, " " Joseph Chapman, . . 250 
and dg. of my dg. Abigail Hntton, . . . 250 
My gd. dg.Deborah Frost, dg. of my dec'd dg. Eliza- 
beth, "... 250 

Amounting to 86,456.93. 

367. Deborah Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' 
Daniel*), born December 3d, 1736, in Stamford, Connecticut; 
she received £50 by her father's will, made August 17th, 1775; 
daughter of Daniel and Mary (Webb) Lockwood ; m., July 11th, 
1755, Gideon Seely. (Cong. Ch. Rec, Stamford.) 


908. Betsy SEEi.Y,born September 12th, 1756. 

909. Hexey Seely-, born December 7tb, 1758. 

901. Abigail Seely, born March 20tli, 17G0. (Stamford Eeg.) 

368. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,^ Daniel,' Daniel*), 
born November 11th, 1738, in Stain ford, Conn. ; died October 
5th, 1776, in 38th year. 

She received £50 by her father's will, made August 17th, 1775. 
Daughter of Daniel, Jr., and Miwy (Webb) Lockwood; m., 
March 16th, 1758, David Hait, Jr., born February 21st, 1730- 
31 ; died June 23d, 1800, aged 69 years. 

David and Sarah owned covenant, in the Stamford Church, 
February 11th, 1759. Admitted to the Church, 1770. His 
will was dated, February 13th, 1800, and proved September 2d, 


911. Hannah Hait, born April 30th, 1760, died iinm. April 13th, 1837. 

912. Jacob Hait, born April 8th, 1762 ; m. first, Sarah Kellogg; m. second, 

Nancv N. Twitchell. 


913. Sarah Hait, born July 16tli, 1764; died June 12th, 1791. 

914. Mary Hait, born June 14th, 1767; m. Ebenezer Smith. 

915. Naxcy Hait, born November 1st, 17G9 ; baptized December 17th, 1769.* 

916. David Hait, born February 13th, 1772. 

917. Alpheus Hait, born April 6tli, 1774. 

918. Shadrach Hait, born May 7th, 1776 ; m. Hannah Shaw. 

Note. — David Halt's second wife was named Plannali (Hoyt 
Family History, pp. 362, 398, 399). 

369. Capt. Isaac Lockwood (Robert," Ephraim," Daniel,' 
Daniel*), born May 21st, 1741, in Stamford, Conn., and died iu 
1816, aged 75 years. He was appointed executor of his father's 
will. Son of Daniel and Mary (AVebb) Lockwood ; m., April 
16th, 1762, per Rev. Doctor Wells, Rebecca Seely, born Feb- 
ruary 9th, 1738-39, daughter of John and Abigail Seely. 


919. Isaac Lockwood, born November 4th, 1762 ; unm. 

920. Mary Lockwood, born November 11th, 1763; m. Peter Selleck. 

921. Frederick Lockwood, born December 18th, 1765 ; died young. 

922. Ebenezer Lockwood, f born May 20th, 1768 : unm. 

923. Abigail Lockwood, | born May 20th, 1768 ; m. Frederick Hoyt. 

924. Betsey Lockwood, born February 7th, 1770 ; m. Eev. Samuel Sturges. 

925. Peter Lockwood, born August 11th, 1772; m. Betsey Kirby. 

926. Eebecca Lockwood, born July 24th, 1774; m. Thad. Hoyt, Jr. 

927. Augustus Lockwood, bom November 24th, 1776 ; m. Elizabeth Peck. 

928. EuFUS Lockwood, born September 9th, 1778 ; died young. 

929. Frederick Lockwood, born July 23d, 1780; unm. 

"As Isaac and Eebecca gave a pattern chaste and kind. 
So may this married couple live and die in friendship joined." — Watts. 

Captain Isaac Lockwood, of Stamford, Conn.; born 1741; 
died 1816 ; aged 75. 

Was a prominent and leading man iu the community. His 
will was dated May 9th, 1805, then 64 years of age. His estate 
was valued at §20,508.67. He appointed his two bachelor sons 
" executors of his last will and testament." He owned 5000 

* Nancy died at the age of seven years, and was interred in the same grave 
with her mother. 


acres of land in Harrison County, Va., and 2000 acres in Ohio 
County, now both counties are in "West Virginia ; and divided 
these 7000 acres of land among all his children. He was a 
widower, hence no wife's name is mentioned. He mentions his 
children in his will as follows : 

'' My son Peter, land in Charlton, N. Y., and Saratoga, X. Y,, 
and $500.00 in money. 

" My son Augustus. 

" My son Frederick, my son Isaac, executors. 

" My daughter Mary, wife of Peter Selleck. 

" My daughter Abigail, wife of Frederick Hoyt. 

" My daughter Betsey, wife of Rev. Samuel Sturges. 

*• My daughter Rebecca, wife of Thad. Hoyt, Jr." 

Capt. Isaac Lockwood joined the Congregational Church, in 
1769 ; on June 4th, 1769, his oldest five children were baptized, 
and the others in infancy. 

"Isaac Lockwood and others, selectmen of Stamford, Conn., 
claim that Stamford has been overcharged in the number of sol- 
diers assigned to their quota." 

Stamford, February 16th, 1778. (Hinman, p. 603.) 

Speaking of the fight at Horseneck, Greenwich, Conn., when 
General Israel Putnam rode down the hundred steps, on i\Iay 2d, 
1779, says : " that the enemy came some distance past the place 
now occupied by Dr. Samuel Lockwood," and "the party, etc., 
drove off forty head of cattle belonging to Capt. Isaac Lockwood. 
They entered his house, broke furniture, emptied feather beds, 
and thus wantonly destroyed what they could not carry away." 

" Capt. Isaac Lockwood was in commau'l of the Town Guards, 
and was frequently out on scouting parties." 

Connecticut Pamphlets, vol. 3, No. 10; Historical Address, in 
First Congregational Church, Stamford, Conn., December 22d, 
1841, by Rev. I. \V. Alvord, pp. 34, 37. 

376. Jonathan Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Jonathan*), born in Stamford, Conn. ; son of Jonathan and 
Freelove (Wright) Lockwood; ra., January 8th, 1784, Hannah 



930. Charlotte Lockwood, born May 20tli, 1784. 

931. Isaac Lockwood, born April 3d, 178G. 

932. Smith Lockwood, born May 10th, 17S9. (All born in StaaiforJ. Stam- 

ford Eeg.) 

377. Capt. Timothy Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraira," Daaiel/ 
Jonathan*), born in Stamford, Conn. ; son of Jonathan and 
Freelove (Wright) Lockwood ; m., February 6th, 1767, Elizabeth 

He served 176 days, in the year 1776, in the Revohxtionary 


933. David Lockwood, born October 10th, 1767 ; m. Sarah Tryon. 

934. Timothy Lockwood, Jr., born 

93.5. Samuel Lockwood, born January 14th, 1773. 
936. Deeoraii Lockwood, bom 

'"^''"5' /^^-^^ 

.Note. — Timothy Lockwood was shot by the " Cow-Boys," 
while he was on guard, in the western part of the town of 
Stamford, Conn., during the Revolutionary war. 

Note. — Mr. Timothy Lockwood was made 2d Lieutenant in 
Capt. David Waterbur/s Company, a division of the Second 
Regiment, who went to Canada, via Crown Point, March, 1758. 
(Conn. Col. Rec, vol. xi., p. 98.) 

Timothy Lockwood of Greenwich, 1st Lieutenant with Capt. 
Reuben Ferris, May, 1759. (Conn. Col. Rec, vol. xi., p. 254.) 

Timothy Lockwood, 1st Lieutenant with Capt. Thomas Hobby, 
March, 1760. (Conn. Col. Rec, vol. xi., p. 254.) 

This Assembly do establish Mr. Timothy Lockwood to be 
Captain of the eastermost company or train band in the town of 
Greenwich, May, 1761. (Conn. Col. Rec, vol. xi., p. 508.) 


! . >JI/!U • 

.Jaaa^: j/^/// Coy. j 

-7 O/ 


^ /■• 


7/!: cj /(?<-. Uc. 

^y..y/Mc ^' 


ifiij.i y/c/.'C/i^ 

^7s /fcfjUat 



<iyt(.i Z^?-(.<^>iC . 



O-K t 



September 1st, 1758. 

A Muster Roll of Captain David Waterbury's Company, 
in the 4th Connecticut Regiment, commanded by Col. David 
"Wester, Esq. : 

Timothy Lockwood, Lieut. 

Abraham Lockwood, Serj't. 

Moses Lockwood, Corp'll. 

" Camp Lake George." 
(Original Muster Roll in possession of R. A. Fosdiok, Esq., 
Stamford, Conn., October 2d, 1888, and fac similes of three pages 
of this work.) 

380. Rachel Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Daniel,' Jona- 
than*), born in Stamford, Conn.; daughter of Jonathan and 
Freelove (Wright) Lockwood; m., June 18th, 1778, Squire Dann. 


937. SiLVANUS Daits-, born October 2oth, 177S. 

938. Polly Dann, born June 19th, 1780. 

939. Nancy Daxx, born August 4th, 1782. (Stamford Reg.) 

381. TiTDS Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' Jona- 
than*), born in Stamford, Conn., probably died about January 
1st, 1816; son of Jonathan and Freelove (Wright) Lockwood; 
m,, February 13th, 1769, Hannah Dann. 

Titus Lockwood's will was made Xoveraber 30th, 1815. In- 
ventory February 24th, 1816. Estate $5,737.25. Daniel and 
Ebenezer, executors. 


940. Betsey Lockwood, born April 21st, 1770. 

941. Peter Lockwood, born February 28th, 1772, m. Hannah 

942. SiLVANUS Lockwood, born March 1st, 1774. 

943. Isaac Lockwood, 

944. Ebenezer Lockwood, 

945. Daniel Lockwood, 

946. Clarissa Lockwood, 

Note. — Titus Lockwood enlisted, July 12th, 1775, in 4th 
Company, 7th Regiment, Col. Charles Webb, and was discharged 
December 24th, 1775; and, after the murder of his brother 


(Timothy Lockwood of Stamford, Conn.), by the '' Cow-Boys," 
was the inexorable avenger of every injured patriot. 

A child of Titus Lockwood died May 10th, 1794; Congre- 
gational Church Eeeords, Stamford. (Stamford Reg.) 

Titus Lockwood's will, November 30th, 1815, mentions — 

Wife Hannah. 

Four sons. 





Daughter Clari-.-a. 

Daniel and Ebeaezer, executors. 

Inventory February 24th, 1816. Estate $5,737.25. 

382. Edmuxd Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Ephraim/ Daniel,' 
Edmund*), born March 26th, 1743, in Stamford, Conn. ; died 
i\Iarch 11th, 1807, aged 64 years; son of Edmund and Hannah 
(Scofield) Lockwood; m. first, Abigail she died August 
5th, 1766; m. second, Susannah she died November 
2d, 1788, aged 39. 


947. Edmuxd Lockvtood, born November 24th, 1769, m. twice. 

948. Abigail Lockwood, born September 18th, 1773, m. Stone. 

949. Drake Lockwood, born December 13th, 1776, m. Rebecca Plickox. 

950. Hanxah Lockwood, born died unm., May 31st, 1786. 

383. Ezra Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' Edmund*), 
born May 30th, 1747, Stamford, Conn., where he died ^larch 
8th, 1821, aged 74 years. Fie went to the defense of New York, 
in 1775. Son of Edmund and Hannah (Scofield) Lockwood ; 
first m., May 4th, 17G9, Hannah Clauson, per Rev. Ebenezer 
Davenport ; second m., Ann Davis, in Waterbury, Conn. ; she 
died June 22d, 1822, aged 72 years. 

First Wife's. 

951. Ezra Lockwood, born November 14th, 1769, m. Hannali Peck. 

952. RuFUS Lockwood, bom May 21st, 1771, unm., died December 1st, 1828. 

953. Hannah Lockwood, born September 8th, 1773, died May 10th, 1786. 

954. William Lockwood, born May 28th, 1775, m. Hannah Lockwood, died 

May 5th, 1S37. 


955. PoiLY LOCKWOOD, born Mav 2Stb, 1777, m. David Bunnell, died January 

2d, 1S42. 

956. Elizabeth Lockwood, born September 27tli, 1779, m. Charles Knapp. 

Second Wife's. 

957. Jacob Lockt\-ood, born June 10th, 17S5, unm., died July 6tb, 1799. 
9oS. Samuel Lockwood, born July 2Ist, 17S7, m. twice, died ^larch 10th, 

959. Lewis Lock'Wood, born September 27th, 1790, m. Priscilla Mead, died 

September 9th, 1824. 
9o0. Davis Lockwood, born March 11th, 1795, m. Rebecca Waterbury, died 

April 7th, 1844. 

Ezra Lockwood enlisted at Stamford, Conn., and served eight 
days at the time of the Lexington alarm, April, 1775, in Capt. 
Joseph Hoit's Company. (Connecticut in Eevolution, p. 22.) 

A Story of the Revolutionary War. 

We find the following incident of the Pouudridge fight, of 
1779, related in a manuscript memorandum book, kept by Ezra 
Lockwood, of Poundridge. 

" Jared Hoyt, a brave soldier, in the rear of Sheldon's com- 
mand, was hard pressed by Tarletou's advance and within strik- 
ing distance of his assailant, received a blow from the heavy 
cuthT^s of his pursuer on the head. The blow only cleft the skin 
and hair from the side of his head. Hoyt instantly returned the 
blow back-handed, which struck his assailant directly in the 
mouth, nearly separating the top of the head from his body." 

"Jarcd Hovt was born May 20th, 1762." (Hoyt Genealogy, 
p. 439.) 

384. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund*), born November 29th, 1750, in Stamford, Conn.; 
daughter of Edmund and Hannah (Scofield) Lockwood; m. 
Ebenezer Peck. 

961. Hansah Peck, m. Ezra Lockwood. (See No. 951.) 
They were cousins-gerraan. 

392. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,^ Ephraim,' 
Daniel*), born about 1760, in South Salem, X. Y. ; died in 
iNLarch, 1826, aged 66; daughter of Daniel and Thankful 
(Richards) Lockwood ; m. Hezekiah Hoyt, born July 20th, 1758, 


in Norwalk, Conn.; died in May, 1826, in South Salem, X. Y. 
He was son of Caleb and Hannah Hoyt. Was a fanner. We 
find his ear-mark, at South Salem, in 1774. His name in the 
records is spelled " Hoyt," and " Hait." (Hoyt Genealogy, p. 

393. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Ephraim,' 
Daniel'), born about 1754, in Salem, N. Y. ; she resided in Xew 
Canaan and South Salem; died in 1826; daughter of Daniel 
and Thankful (Richards) Lockwood ; ra., January 31st, 1774, 
Uriah Hoyt, who was baptized February 6th, 1749 ; died in 
1830. He was a soldier of the Revolution. When ra. he lived 
in New Canaan, Conn., but was a farmer in South Salem, N. Y., 
most of his life. 


962. Samuel Hoyt, bom in South Salem, m. Betsey Brown. 

963. Elizabeth Hoyt, born in South Salem, m. Nathan Hoyt. 

964. Matthew Hoyt, born July 31st, 1780, m. Elizabeth Brown. 

965. Thankful Hoyt, boin m. James Raymond. 

966. Uriah Hoyt, born 

967. Ly'dia Hoyt, born m. D. Miller, of Poundridge. 

968. Hezeon Hoyt, born m. Abigail Beers. (Hoyt Family 

History, pp. 380, 432.) 

394. Martha Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Ephraim,' 
Daniel*), born about 1765, in South Salem, N. Y. ; resided in 
Tompkins County, N. Y. ; was daughter of Daniel and Thank- 
ful (Richards) Lockwood ; m. as his second wife Silas Hoyt, born 
February 21st, 1763, in Norwalk, Conu., son of Caleb and 
Hannah Hoyt. He was a farmer, lived in Tompkins County, 
N. Y., and died there June 3d, 1848, aged 85. 3. 13. (Hoyt 
Family History, p. 385.) 

395. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Ephraim,' 
Daniel'), born in South Salem, N. Y. ; son of Daniel and Thank- 
ful (Richards) Lockwood ; m. Mary Kellogg. 


969. Elizabeth Richards Lockwood, born October 17th, 1811, at New- 

Canaan, Conn. She m., October 23d, 1831, Lewis Seymour Steele, born 
at Walton, N. Y., November 19th, 1807, lived 1874 at Walton, where 
he was a merchant and Justice of the Peace. (Whitney Family, p. 406.) 






396. Dr. Thaddeus Betts (Robert/ Ephraim,' Eliphalet/ 
Damaris*), born May 3d, 1724, at ISTorwalk, Conn. He graduated 
M.D., Yale College, 1745. He was a truly patriotic physician, 
and a prominent person in the Revolutionary war. He was son 
of John and Damaris (Lockwood) Betts, and grandson of John 
Betts, of Norwalk ; m. first, Mary Goold, November 8th, 1752; 
the said Mary died the 20th day of the same month ; m. second. 
May 15th, 1754, Elizabeth Maltby ; m. third, Mrs. Eleanor* 
(Fairchild) (Benedict) Lyman, born 1731, died 1825. 

All Second Wife's. 

970. Sabah Betts, born March 7th, 1757, m. Stephen Lockwood, April 14th, 


971. AYiLLiAii Maxtby Betts, born January 4th, 1759, died in 1332. 

972. Mary Betts, born July 14th, 1761. 

"June 27th, 1780, Dr. Thaddeus Betts, chosen Moderator." 
(History Norwalk, pp. 138, 207, 208, 226.) 

400. Joseph Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,^ Eliphalet,' 
Eliphalet*), born in Norwalk, Conn., say 1730 ; son of Eliphalet, 
Jr. ; ra., March 2d, 1758, Rachel Mallory. 


973. Josiah Lockwood, born December 23d, 175S.t 

974. Abraham Lockwood, settled in New Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

975. Ebenezer Lockwood, 

976. Joseph Lockwood, m. Isabel Hyatt. 

402. Captain Eliphalet Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraira,' 
Eliphalet,' Peter*), born in Norwalk, Conn., October 17th, 1741, 
died March 19th, 1814, son of Peter and Abigail (Hawley) 
Lockwood ; m., January 8th, 1766, Susannah St. John, daughter 
of Joseph St. John. 

* " Eleanor Fairchild was the daughter of Jonathan and Eleanor Fairchild. 
Her first husband was Seth Benedict, son of Thomas and MiUisson Benedict, 
with whom she lived ten years. After his death, about the year 17G8, she had 
married to Daniel Lyman, Esq., of New Haven. After his death she married 
Dr. Thaddeus Betts, of Norwalk. She died March 23d, 1825, in the 95th year 
of her age. She was a member of the church 61 years." 

t History Norwalk, p. 222. 



Eliphalet Lockwood enlisted in the 1st Company of Col. 
Charles Webb's 7th Connecticut Regiment July 12th, and was 
discharged December 24th, 1775. (Conn, in Rev., p. 79.) 

" He represented Norwalk seven times in the General Assembly 
of Connecticut." (Pamphlets in His. Soc, Philadelphia.) 

"On July 21st, 1778, he gave his bond for $5000 as security 
to Henry Laurens, Esq., President of the Continental Congress 
or his successor in office, for faithfully executing the office and 
trust of an Assistant Commissary of Issues in the American 


977. "William LocKWOod, born May 12th, 1768, m. Hannah Selleck. 

978. SrsANXA Lockwood, born April 1st, 1767, died young. 

979. Susanna Lockavood, born May 28th, 1771, died December 18th, 1793, 


980. Buckingham St. John Lockwood, born December 23d, 1774, m. Polly 

E. St. John. 

981. Abigail Lockwood, born July 15th, 1776, died November 16th, 1794, 


982. Eliphalet Lockwood, Jr., born December 17th, 1778, died unmarried. 

983. Hooker St. John Lockwood, born April 8th, 1782, died September 2d, 

1798, unmarried. 


" In memory of Susannah eldest daughter of Eliphelet and 
Susannah Lockwood who departed this life 18th December, 
1793, aged 21 years." 

" To the memory of Abagail Lockwood daughter of Eliphalet 
and Su?annah Lockwood who departed this life November 16th, 
A.D. 179i, in the 18th year of her age." 

"In memory of Hooker Lockwood son of Eliphalet and 
Susannah Lockwood who departed this life the 2d day of Sep- 
tember, 1798, aged 16 years, 4 months, and 25 days." 

Depreciation of Continental money. 

Third Monday in .June, 1779, at 4 o'clock. 

"Col. Thomas Fitch, Capt. Eliphalet Lockwood, and Samuel 
C. Silliman, Esq., were chosen Committee to meet a County 
Convention at Fairfield, to consult the address from the Conti- 
nental Congress respecting the depreciation of the Continental 
Currency, etc." (Hy. Norwalk, p. 137.) 

<-^' t^^A/L 



,yj^£ ^'Atc/^/ii 



cA. ', '//ijj, ^y^//tt. .a^^cJ 

- ^*«^^,<i/t i/cy4^a/.r/!. ^cA^J'i>jC^ ^A^cf t^e^7 (t f^rt^y £^ti^^/^ 

.V ^V'c 



XoRWALK, May 7th, 1775. 
" AYe the subscribers do fully approve of Mr. Goddarcl's plan 
for establishing a constitutional pc'St-oflBce, in America, do there- 
fore recommend Mr. John Berts, of Norwalk, to receive and 
forward all letters until the business of the post-office shall 
be regulated by the Continental Congress." (Journal Provl. 
Convn., New York, vol. 2, p. 52.") 



Eliphalet Lockwood, Ebenezer Lockwood and others, memo- 
rialize the General Assembly of Connecticut on October 14th, 
1777, from Xorwalk, "that the enemy's shipping that cruise in 
the sound" plunders them, "cross the sound and come upon us 
and take away our stock and plunder us," etc., etc. "Come in 
the night up our harbors, and fired upon our houses, which 
causes frequent alarms and cre-ate; great consternation among the 
women and children," etc., etc., and so ask for "an armed Sloop 
of about 6 or 8 guns, to cruise in the Sound for the protection 
of the western shores in the .State." Norwalk, the 14th day of 
October, 1777. (Hinman, p. 59S.) 

Eliphalet Lnckwood was a member of the 1st Company of 
Col. Charles "Webb's 7th Regiment of Connecticut troops, and 
enlisted July 12th, 1775, and was di.seharged December 24th, 
1775. This regiment was as.-igned to Gen. Sullivan's Brigade 
on Winter Hill, and afterwards adopted as a Continental regi- 
ment. (Conn, in the Revolution, p. 79.) 

404. Mary Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,' Eliphalet,' Peter*), 
born August 31st, 1745, Xorwalk, Conn., died ; daughter 

of Peter and Abigail (Hawk-y; Lockwood; m. Xehemiah De 
Forest, born 1743, of Huntington, Conn. 

984. William De Forist, born 177.3. 
98-5. Lockwood De Forest, born Ma.'ch bth, 177.5, m. Mehitable Wheeler. 

986. Philo De Fore.5T, born 1779. 

987. Delawzitm De Forest, born 

988. Charles De Forest, born (From Descendants of John 

Dwight, vol.2, 1112.) 


407. Dorothy Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Eliphalet/ 
Peter*), born August 10th, 1755, in Norwalk, Conn., died June 
10th, 1801, aged 45 years and 10 months; daughter of Deacon 
Peter and Elizabeth (Lambert) Lockwood ; m. 1, Abraham 
Gregory, of Wilton, Conn., m. 2, January 16th, 1793, Comfort 
Hoyt, and was liis second wife. He was born May 4th, 1751 ; 
son of Comfort and Anna Hoyt, Lived in Danbury, Conn. ; 
died March 11th, 1836; was called " Esquire." She was ad- 
mitted to First Church, February 1st, 1794. His tax was the 
largest on the list for 1793. 

. CHILDREN VI. GENERATION. (Among them was) 

989. Charlotte Gregory, m. William Selleck.* 

"Comfort Hoyt's second wife was widow Doll ary Gregory, 
and daughter of Deacon Peter Lockwood, of Norwalk, Conn., 
to whom he was married January 16th, 1793." (Hoyt Gene- 
alogy, p. 373.) 

408. IjAmbert Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Eliphalet,' 
Peter*), born 1757, in Norwalk, Conn., died February 11th, 
1825 ; son of Deacon Peter and Elizabeth (Lambert) Lockwood ; 
m., December 5th, 1793, Elizabeth Roe, born March 1st, 1771, 
died February 3d, 1846, almost 75 years old; daughter of Rev. 
Azel Roe, D.D,, of Woodbridge, New Jersey. They resided 
at Bridgeport, Conn. 


990. Rebecca Roe Lockwood, born 1794. 

991i Frederick Lockwood, born April 7th, 1796, m. Rebecca R. Schermer- 
horn, died February 7th, 1824. 

992. Peter Lockwood, born Febru.iry 9th, 1793, m. Matilda Davenport. 

993. Roe Lockwood, born 1800, m. Julia G. Gouge. 

994. Elizabeth Lockwood, born 1802, m. Frederick T. Peet. 


History of Stratford and Bridgeport, Connecticut. 
P. 495. "In 1794, Lambert Lockwood, merchant, came from 
Wilton, Conn., to Bridgeport, Conn., and lived on the north side 

* William Selleck was brother of Hannah Selleck who married William 
Lockwood. (See No. 977.) 


of State Street. He was of full stature, fine presence and affable 

P. 507. " Lambert Lockwood was first clerk of the Bridge- 
port and Stratford Burying Ground Association in 1811." 

P. 592. " Lambert Lockwood and J. S. Cannon built a store 
and wharf at Bridgeport, about 1792, and had a dry-goods and 
general store, and ran a packet sloop the ' Juba,' to Xew York, 
sailed by Capt. John Brooks, Senior." 

P. 597. "The Bridgeport Bank was incorporated in 1806, 
and Lambert Lockwood was a subscriber, and elected a Director 
February 3d, 1807." 

P. 602. " Lambert Lockwood was a public-spirited man, con- 
nected with the Congregational Church. His house was a home 
for visiting clergymen. He was a pew-holder in the old church 
in 1835. Rev. Peter Lockwood, a Presbyterian Minister, and 
Roe Lockwood, of New York were his sons." 

Lambert Lockwood. 

"The enemy entered the town of Danbury, Connecticut, on 
Saturday the 26th of April, 1777, at about three o'clock in the 
afternoon; about 2000 men from New York under Gov* 
Tryon. Nineteen dwelling-houses, a meeting-house, twenty- 
two stores and barns with all their contents were consumed. 
From the best information which can be obtained, there were 
3000 barrels of pork, more than 1000 barrels of flour, several 
hundred barrels of beef, 1600 tents, 2000 bushels of grain, and 
other articles of value were burned amounting to £15,862, 9s. 7fZ. 
lawful money. 

" Col. Cook appears to have been in the command at Danbury 
at the time it was burnt. Receiving some notice of the landing 
or approach of the enemy, he immediately dispatched a messen- 
ger by the name of Lambert Lockwood v/\th a letter to Gen. Silli- 
man, informing him that there was no ammunition in the place, 
and requesting orders. The messenger, before he was aware of 
it, came up with the British troops in the vicinity of Reading 
Church, about eight miles below Danbury. He attempted to 
flee, but was fired upon, wounded, and taken prisoner. 

" Tryon, it appears, had, a few years previous, broke down in his 


carriage while passing through Xorwalk. Mr. Lockwood, being 
then a clerk in a store in that place, rendered Tryon some assist- 
ance, and being recognized bv him, on account of his services on 
that occasion, Tryon, on his leaving Danbury, intended to give 
him a furlough ; while he was writing it, one of Tryon's officers 
came in, exclaiming, 'The d — d rebels are upon us, we must be 
off!' Tryon threw down his pen, and left his prisoner to take 
care of himself." (Barber's His'l Collections of Connecticut, 
pp. 365, 366.) 

British attack on Danbury, Connecticut, April 26th, 1777 : 

"On hearing of the approach of the enemy Col. Cook sent to 
Gen. Silliman for arms and ammunition. The messenger was 
Lambert Lockicood, who, coming suddenly upon the British 
troops near Reading Church, was made a prisoner. Governor 
Tryon at once recognized him as a young man who had given 
him aid when his carriage broke down while passing through 
Norwalk, and on that account took Lockwood under his protec- 
tion, but in his hasty retreat from Danbury left him to take care 
of himself. Tryon was writing a protection for him when he 
heard that the Americans were coming, when the Governor 
dropped his pen and seized his sword, and the protection 
remained unwritten." (Lossing's Field Book of the Revolution, 
vol. 1, p. 403.) 

Captain Lambert Lockwood was Assistant Deputy Quarter- 
master General in the Revolutionary War. He was of Bridge- 
port, Conn. His widow applied for and received a pension at 
the rate of §600 per annum. She stated, March 1st, 1843, on 
oath that she was aged 72 years. 

Her autograph. 

Autograph of their son Roe. 

^^i:Zy <^^^/^^0// ^^^^-^x^^^^r^^ 

of "u-aterto'^vx, massachusetts. 215 

State of Coxxecticut, 
Fairfield County. 

XoEWALK, November 22d, 1839. 

At a Court of Probate holden at Xorwalk within and for the 
District of Norwalk, in said County and State, being a Court of 
Record : personally appeared before said Court Daniel Hoyt of 
said Norwalk, who being duly sworn according to law, deposes 
and says that he is (80) eighty years of age, was well acquainted 
with Lambert Lockwood, who formerly resided in said Xorwalk; 
and is now deceased, and well remembers that on the first day of 
N'overaber, 1775, said Lambert Lockwood entered the service of 
the United States in said Norwalk, in Capt. Matthew Mead's 
Company, in Col. David "NVaterbury's Regiment, and was 
marched to the city of New York under General Lee, and was 
there stationed, and was in said service in heaving up breast- 
works and forts until the middle of April, 1776; the deponent 
belonged to the same Company and ivas in the same service at the 
time said Lockwood served as a private. 

The deponent also remembers that said Lambert Lockwood, 
on the 1st of ^lay, 1776, entered the service of the United States 
in said Norwalk with Lieut. James Betts, under Genl. "Water- 
bury, and was marched to the North, and was gone, according to 
his best recollection, six months. The deponent also remembers 
that said Lambert Lockwood was wounded and taken prisoner 
in the battle when Danbury was taken and burnt by the enemy 
in the year 1777, after which said Lockwood entered into the 
Commi.ssary or Quartermaster's Department. 


410. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Ephraim'), born July 23d, 1735, in New Canaan, Connecticut; 
baptized April Uth, 1736; daughter of Ephraim and Thankful 
(Grummon) Lockwood; m. Joseph Stevens, July 10th, 1760. 


995. Sarah Stevens, baptized January 24th, 1762. 

996. Joseph Stevens, baptized February 12th, 1764. 

997. Elisha Stevens, baptized July 13th, 1766. 

998. Samuel Stevens, baptized December 14th, 1768i 


999. Lydia Stevexs, baptized A[arch 17th, 1771. 

1000. Sarah Stevens, baptized June 7th, 1772. 

1001. Elizabeth Stevens, baptized January 30th, 1774. 

412. Mary Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph,* 
Ephraim*), born March 3cl, 1741-42, in Norwalk, Connecticut; 
baptized April 4th, 1742; she died December 1st, 1814, in her 
73d year; daughter of Ephraim and Thankful (Grummon) 
Lockwood; m., January 21st, 1761, Matthew Hoyt, born May 
6th, 1741 ; lived at ISTew Canaan, Connecticut. He died April 
14th, 1821, aged 80 years. 

Will dated May 13th, 1819; proved May 3d, 1821. 

Matthew and Mary owned the Covenant October 4th, 1761, 
and were admitted October 31st, 1773, to New Canaan Church. 
He was a farmer, and lived in Norwalk, New Canaan Parish; 
son of Ezra and Phebe Hoyt. (Hoyt Gen'y, pp. 378, 427, 428; 
Whitney Family, p. 150.) 


1002. Annah Hoyt, born July 22d, 1761, ra. Abraham St. John. 

1003. Thaddeus Hoyt, born November 21st, 1763, m. Jermima Benedict. 

1004. Meecy Hoyt, born August 17th, 1765, m. Silas Benedict. 

1005. Thankful Hoyt, born March 4th, 1767, m. Selleck St. John. 

1006. Maey Hoyt, born April 30th, 1769, m. William Piatt. 

1007. Matthew Hoyt, born February 18th, 1772, m. Mary Keeler. 

1008. Phebe Hoyt, born October 4th, 1773, died young. 

1009. Ephraiji Hoyt, born May 2d, 1775, m. Anna Langford. 

1010. Phebe Hoyt, born February 21st, 1777, m. John Piatt. 

1011. Esther Hoyt, born December 14th, 1778, m. Jonathan Waring. 

1012. LiFFE Hoyt, born August 15th, 1780, m. Mary 

1013. Samuel Hoyt, born May 6th, 1782, m. Abigail Benedict. (Hy. Nor- 

walk, 296, 297.) 

413. Capt. Ephbaim Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Ephraim,' 
Joseph,' Ephraim*), born in Norwalk, Connecticut; baptized 
April 22d, 1744; joined Congregational Church May 27th, 
1781, New Canaan, Connecticut; died December 25th, 1829, 
aged 87 ; lived in New Canaan, Connecticut ; died very aged and 
infirm. Son of Ephraim and Thankful (Grummon) Lockwood. 

1st m., March 7th, 1770, Sarah Slawson ; she joined church 


May 27th, 1781; she died March 2d, 1788, at New Cauaan, 

2d m., October 26th, 1788, Sarah Waring, died February 2d, 

First Wife's. 

1014. Nehejiiah Lockwood, born January 3d, 1771, died January 21st, 

1847 ; m. Mary Waring. 

1015. Elias Lockwood, born May loth, 1773, died young. 

1016. Nathan Loce.wood, born May 9th, 1775, died March 6th, ISoS; a 

bachelor Quaker. 

1017. Elias Lockwood, born October 15th, 1778, died January 2Sth, 1S57 ; 

m. twice. 

1018. Saeah Lockwood, born March 18th, 1783. 

1019. Esther Lock^vood, born March 1st, 1788. 

Second Wifei's. 

1020. Alfeed Lockwood, born May 1st, 1795. (Hy. Norwalk, 284.) 

Vol. 1, p. 22, " Bolton," etc.. Council. Ephraim Lockwood 
was Captain 1778 in Westchester Co., N. Y. (See Council 

414. Thankful Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Ephraim*), baptized April 27th, 1746, in the Congregational 
Church at New Canaan, Connecticut; daughter of Ephraim and 
Thankful (Grummon) Lockwood ; m. William Shuit. 


1021. Claea Lockwood Shuit, m. February 23d, 1815, Thomas Newcomb. 

(Newcomb Gen'y, p. 338.) 

41 5. Lieut. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Ephraim*), born in Norwalk, Connecticut, April 3d, 1748; died 
December 6th, 1^5, aged 77.7.23; son of Ephraim and Thank- 
ful (Grummon) Lockwood. He went through the woods by 
marked trees from Norwalk to New Canaan, Connecticut; 
m. Jemima Northrup. 

They both joined Congregational Church April 28th, 1781, at 
New Canaan, Connecticut ; born 1750, died September 5th, 
1833, aged 83. 

Samuel Lockwood enlisted in the 3d Company of Col. I. 


Huntington's 8th Connecticut Eegimeut July 12th, and was dis- 
charged December 18th, 1775. 

Was Lieutenant, January 1st, 1777, and resigned January 
13th, 1778, in Col. Philip Burr Bradley's Regiment. (Conn, in 
Rev., p. 194.) 

1022. Samuel Lockwood, Jr., born 1781, m. Deborah Raymond. 
lOi'S. Jesse Lockwood, born baptized July 27th, 1783, m. Lucretia 


1024. Thankful Lockwood, born November, 1775, baptized January 7tli, 

1776; m. Ebenezer Ayers. 

1025. Dinah Lockwood, born m. Jared Ayers. 

1026. NoRTHRUP Lockwood, born January 5th, 1786, m. Phebe Conklin. 

1027. Hannah Lockwood, born m. Amos Ayers. 

1028. Harvey Lockwood, born baptized October 24th, 1794 ; m. Susan 

Nash, born 1794. 

417. Esther Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Ephraim*), born baptized June 23d, 1751, in infancy ; 

died November 16th, 1786; daughter of Ephraim and Thank- 
ful (Grummon) Lockwood ; m., November , 1773, Joseph 


1029. Sarah Everett, born January 13th, 1775. 

Note.— Mr. Everett married May 3d, 1787, Hannah St. 
John, and by her had six children. (Hy, Norwalk, 267.) 

419. Ebenezer Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph*), born in Norwalk, Connecticut; died in 1821 ; son of 
Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) Lockwood; m., May 23d, 1776, 
Mary Godfrey ; died aged 80 years. 


1030. Benjamin Lockwood, born September 18th, 1777, m. Betsey Kellogg. 

1031. Mary Lockwood, Jr., born November 12th, 1779, died unmarried. 

1032. Charles Lockwood, born January 24th, 1782, died unmarried. 

1033. Ebenezer Lockwood, born November 3d, 1783, died unmarried. 

1034. Nathan Lockwood, born September 12th, 1785; m. 1st, Ann Benedict; 

m. 2d, Betsey (Mather) Bell. 

1035. Asa Lockwood, born May 24th, 1788, m. Charlotte Fairweather. 

1036. James Lockwood, born April 26th, 1791, died unmarried. 


1037. Joseph Lockwood, born December 22d, 1792, died unmarried. 
103S. Polly Lockwood, born August 13th, 1795, died unmarried. 

1039. Alfred Lockwood, born May 6th, 1797, m. Anna Walton. 

1040. Edwix Lockwood, born September Stli, 1799, m. twice. 

1041. Saeah Lockwood, born 1803, m. Joseph Warren Hoyt. (Hy. Nor- 

walk, 260 ; Whitney Family, 437.) 

420. David Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ Joseph*), 
born about 1737, in Norwalk, Conn.; died July 6th, 1789, in 
his 52d year ; son of Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) Lockwood ; 
m. Martha Trowbridge, born about 1743, died May 24th, 1815, 
age<l 72 years. (Gravestone.) 

David Lockwood enlisted in Colonel Waterbury's 5th Conn. 
Regt. May 9th, and was discharged October 8th, 1775. (Conn. 
in Rev., p. 64.) 


1042. John Lockwood, born 

1043. David Lockwood, born August 8th, 1778, m. Sally Lockwood. 

1044. Ruth Lockwood, born m. John Bolt.* 
1045.. Silas Clark Lockwood, born 

(All born in Norwalk, Conn.) 

Gravestone in Norwalk : " In memory of Mr. Divid Lockwood, who died 
July 6th, 1789, in the 52d year of his age." 

Gravestone in Norwalk : " Martha, relict of Mr. David Lockwood, who died 
May 24th, 1815, aged 72 years." 

421. Stephen Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraira,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph*), born in Norwalk, Conn. ; was a private in Captain 
Mill's Company, enlisted March 1st, 1777, for three years; 
represented Norwalk in General Assembly of Connecticut in 
1807 ; son of Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) Lockwood ; ra., 
April 14th, 1782, Sarah Bctts, born March 7th, 1757 (Robert 
Lockwood,' Ephraim Lockwood,^ Eliphalet Lockwood,' Damaris 
Lockwood,* Dr. Thaddeus Betts,' Sarah Betts') ; daughter of 
Dr. Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Maltby) Betts ; granddaughter of 
John and Damaris (Lockwood) Betts, of Norwalk, Conn. ; great- 
granddaughter of John Betts. 

Note, — Stephen Lockwood was second cousin to his father- 
in-law, Dr. Thaddeus Betts. 

* John Bolt, born January 18th, 1758 ; son of William (born November 7th, 
1713) and Lydia (Fitch) Bolt; grandson of John and Elizabeth (Clemraons) 
Bolt, who were m. November 20th, 1C94. (Hy. Norwalk, 203, 231, 266.) 



1046. Sarah Lockwood, born December 9th, 1782, m. Asa Marvin. 

1047. Ralph Lockwood, born July 9th, 1787, m. Esther Antoinette 


1048. Stephen Lockwood* bom July 1st, 1789, m. Sally Richards. 

1049. Elizabeth Lockwood, born March 24th, 1791, m. Daniel Gibbs. 

1050. George Lockwood, bom July 29th, 1793, m. 1st, Mary Cannon ; m. 

2d, Jane Osborn. 

1051. Henry Lockwood, born May 11th, 1795, m. Amelia Chichester. 

1052. Esther Lockwood, born July 13th, 1797, m. Rev. Stephen Saun- 


1053. Mary Betts Lockwood, born April 17th, 1799, m. Rev. Henry 


(All born at Norwalk, Conn.) 
(Hy. Norwalk, pp. 226, 291 ; Richards Genealogy, p. 103.) 

422. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph/ Joseph'), 
boru ill Norwalk, Conn.; son of Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) 
Lockwood ; removed to Rochester, New York ; m. Cordelia 


1054. Laura Lockwood, born June, 1791, m. Walter Hawley. 

1055. Manley Lockwood, born January, 1793. 

1056. Oliver Lockwood, bom September, 1795, m. Lydia Maynard. 

1057. Bulah Lockwood, born November, 1798. 

1058. Jason Lockwood, born 1800. 

1059. Harlow Lockwood, born June, 1802. 

1060. Eliza Lockwood, bom May 1st, 1805. (Hy. Old Windsor, p. 612.) 

423. Abram LoGKWOOD(Robert,*Ephraim,^ Joseph,Moseph*), 
born in Norwalk, Conn. ; died ; son of 

Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) Lockwood ; m. Anna Hyatt. 


1061. John Lockwood, born February 6th, 1785, died December 14th, 1786. 

1062. Anna Lockwood, born August 15th, 1787, died January 25th, 1855. 

1063. RicHAED Henry Lockwood, born September 22d, 1789, died March 

3d, 1870, m. Sarah Wallace. 

1064. Maky Lockwood, bom October 4th, 1791, died October 15th, 1837. 

Graduated at Yale College in 1807. 


1065. JoHX Hyatt Lockwood, born December 15tb, 1793, m., November 

1st, 1S20, Cornelia Frost. 

1066. ABEA:ii LocKwoOD, born August 31st, 1796, died December ISth, 1797. 

1067. AsEAii LocKWOOD, born May 27th, 1799, died April 5th, ISoO. 

1068. Jesse LocKWOOD,bom November 11th, 1S02, died JuIt 10th, 1S34. 

424. Sarah LoCKWOOD (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ Joseph*), 
born at Xorwalk, Conn. ; died ; daughter 

of Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) Lockwood ; m., November 26th, 
1761, Colonel Ozias Mei-wine, born January 29th, 1737 ; died 
in April, 1806 ; son of Matthew and Elizabeth (Clark) Menoine. 


1069. Ozias Merttine, Jr., born February lOih, 1763. 

1070. nA>->-AH Merwixe, born October 7th, 1764. 

1071. Elizabeth Mervtint:, born November 21th, 1766. 

1072. Sarah Merwixe, born June 21st, 176S. 

1073. Esther Merwine, born June 12tb, 1770. 

1074. Joseph Lockwood Merwixe, born December lltli, 1774. 

1075. Claek Merwine, born October 13th, 1776. 

1076. Asa MER■s^^XE, born October 13th, 177S, m. Sarah Lockwood. 

1077. Polly Merwine, born June 9th, 17S1. 
'1078. Silas Merwi>-e, born March 1st, 17S4. 

1079. Charles MERWI^^;, born February 2Ist, 17S6. (Hy. Norwalk, p. 242.) 

438. Daniel Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Ephraira,' Joseph,' 
Daniel*), born June 21st, 1745 ; son of Daniel ; m., June 
21st, 1774, Mrs. Tabitha Selleck, widow, born July 12th, 1747. 

1030. Esther Lockwood, born January 21st, 1777. 

1081. Lewis Selleck Lockwood, born September 3d, 1779, m. Hannah Jones. 

1082. James Pierce Lockwood, born August 26th, 1781. 

1083. Phebe Lockwood, bom December 8th, 1783. 

1084. Joshua Squlre Lockwood, born February 14th, 1787. (Stamford Reg.) 

439. Betty Hoyt (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Joseph/ Elizabeth*), 
born June 16th, 1751, at Norwalk, Conn. ; died December 8th, 
1808, at Carleton, New Jersey ; daughter of Nathan and Eliza- 


beth (Lockwood) Hoyt ; m., September 30th, 1772, at Norwalk, 
by Eev. Jeremiah Leaming, D.D., of St. Paul's Parish, Protes- 
tant Episcopal Church, Sylvanus Ji^itney, born February 3d, 
1748, at Stamford, Conn. ; settled at Fairfield, Conn. 

Mr. Whitney m. a 2d wife February 21st, 1810, at Carleton. 
(Whitney Family, p. 106.) 

He was a loyalist, see Sabine, vol. ii., pp. 425, 426. 

459. Hezekiah Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim," Joseph,' 
Isaac*), born in Norwalk, Conn., November 15th, 1755; died 
July, 1816, in 61st year; son of Isaac and Ruth (Whitney) 
Lockwood ; m., January 25th, 1776, Catherine Seymour, born 
August 10th, 1759, died June 10th, 1827, aged 67. 10. 0. ; dg. 
of Daniel and Ann ( ) Seymour. 

lOSo. Hannah Lockwood, born January 12th, 1777, m. William Haines 

1086. Lewis Lockwood, born February 2.5th, 1780, m. Esther Whitney. 

1087. Betsey Lockwood, born February 15th, 1781, m. Robert Cameron. 
1083. Sally Lockwood, born July 27th, 1784, m. David Lockwood. (Hy. 

Norwalk, p. 282.) 

From Calendar N.Y. Colonial Manuscripts, p. 618. 
Was .sworn by Major Ebenezer Lockwood in Westchester Co., 
N. Y., in 1777. 

In memory of Hezekiah Lockwood, who died July, 1816, in the 61st year of 
his ajre. " Yea! though I walk thro' the valley of the shadow of Death, I will 
fear no evil. Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me." 

In memory of Catherine Lockwood, relict of Hezekiah Lockwood, who died 
June 10th, 1827, aged 67 years and 10 months. 

Oh, Jesus I if this be Thy will. 

That suddenly I should depart ; 
Thy counsel of mercy reveal. 
And whisper the call in my heart. 

462. Isaac Lockwood, Jr.* (Robert,^ Ephraira,' Joseph,' 

* " He was a Revolutionary soldier, enlisted when only 17 years old, and 
served until the close of the war." ■ His son Isaac Lock wood's letter, April 17th, 



Isaac*), born in Norwalk, Conn., December 22c], 1761;* died 
December 16th, 1838; resided in Brookfield, Conn.; son of 
Isaac and Euth (Whitney) Lockwood ; m., April 28th, 1784, 
Aner Nichols, born at Pequanoc, September 10th, 1758, near 
Bridgeport, Conn. ; daughter of Gideon Nichols, who removed 
to New Milford, Conn., before the French War ; she died Decem- 
ber 27th, 1844. 


10S9. Hannah Lockwood, born February 1st, 1785, died Julj 19th, 1856, m. 
John "Welch. 

1090. Patty Lockwood, born June 17th, 1786, 1 died January Ist, 1816. 

1091. Polly Lockwood, born June 17th, 1786, j died October 24th, 1815, m. 


1092. Hanfoed Xichols Lockwood, born April 17th, 1788, died April 27th, 

187-5, m. Rachel "Wildman. 

1093. Sally Lockwood, born March 18th, 1790, died January 19th, 1794. 

1094. Ruth Lockwood, born December 12th, 1791, died June 14th, 1845, m. 


1095. Homer Lockwood, born November 17th, 1793, died February 12th, 

1875, m. Sally Benedict. 

1096. Sally Lockwood, born September 12th, 179-5, died December 5th, 1819, 

m. Elias Briald Sanford. 

1097. A son Lockwood, born August 17th, 1797, died not named. 

1098. Lucy Lockwood, born December 6th, 1798, died July 22d, 1848, m. 

Amos Hubbell. 

1099. Isaac Lockwood, Jr., born December 9th, 1803, m. Olivette Dunning. 

"Isaac Lockwood, 1787." "I. Lockwood was a subscriber 
to the Library at New Milford, Conn., February 18th, 1796." 
(Hy. New Milford, p. 262.) 

464. JosiAH Lockwood (Eobert,* Ephraim,^ Joseph,' Isaac*), 
born May 18th, 1766, in Norwalk, Conn. ; resided in New Mil- 
ford, Conn.; died October 8th, 1828, aged 62.4.20; son of 
Isaac and Ruth (Whitney) Lockwood, of Norwalk, Conn. ; m, 
1st, September, 1784, Molly Dickinson, born 1765, died No- 
vember 14th, 1807, aged 42 years; m. 2d, April 21st, 1808, 
Abigail Wilkinson. 

N.B. Isaac Lockwood was born on the annivereary of the Landing of the 



1100. SuKEY LocKWOOD, bom March 7th, ITSo, died Jan. 17th, 1786. 

1101. Maecus Lock'u-ood, born December 29tb. 17S6, died October 18th, 

1843, m. Marcy . 

1102. Anna Lockwood, born July 9th, 1791. 

1103. Stanley Lockwood, born November 4th, 17?9, in Xew JNIilford, Conn., 

m. Louisa Seymour. 

1104. Chables Lockwood, born November 27±. 1S02, died in Eochester, 


1105. Geoege 

1106. William m. Laara Chester. 

1107. Edmund S. ■ Hv. New Milford ; Records 

of New Milford burial place, and other sources.) 

Josiah Lockwood, one of the persons seated in the Presbyterian 
Meeting House, April, 1802, with their tax list, §984. (Hy. 
New Milford, p. 262.) 

465. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,' Joseph,' Isaac*), 
born January 24th, 1769, in Norwalk, Conn. ; died October 9th, 
1837, aged 68.8.15, in New Milford ; «^Dn of Isaac and Ruth 
(Whitney) Lockwood; m. Sarah J. Cantield, born 1773, died 
May 4th, 1848, aged 74 years. They resided in New JNIilford, 
Litchfield Co., Conn. 


1108. HoEACE F. Lockwood, born 1787, died December 9th, 1830, aged 43; 

he married Eliza Starr, daughter of Eli Starr ; she died February 
11th, 1833, aged 34. 

1109. Ashee Lockwood, born 1789, died July 2Sth, 1851, aged 62. 

1112. Samuel A. Lockwood, bom 1799, died January 17th, 1835, aged 35. 

1113. Saeah M. Lockwood, born 1805, died March 27th, 1874, aged 6S ; she 

m. George W. Gill, who was buried in Piiiladelphia. (From Records 
of New Milford burial place.) 

Samuel Lockwood on the list of persons seated in the Presby- 
terian Meeting House, April, 1802, with their tax list, $889. 
(Hy. New Milford, p. 262.) 

"In 1813, Samuel Lockwood and his son, Horace Lockwood, 
bought the store, and continued to keep it until 1830." (Hy. 
New Milford.) 

of watertown, massachusetts. 225 

" Ball. 

" The pleasure of Miss Caroline Boardman's company is re- 
quested at Mr. Lyman Keeler's Assembly Eoom, on Friday 
Evening, 3d July next, at 6 o'clock p.m. 


New Milford, June 15th, 1818." 

On May 26th, 1819, Miss Mary Ann Boardman is invited to 
a quarter ball, by S. Lockwood and others, committee. (Hy. 
New Milford, p. 289.) 

Samuel Lockwood. 

" Nov. 17th, 1803, at a meeting of the Society of Bridgewater, 
Samuel Lockwood was elected Treasurer, and also one of the 
agents to treat with the first Society, and they met at Samuel 
Lockwood's house ; and warnings of meetings were also set up 
at his and three other houses." (Hy. New Milford, p. 397.) 

''The first bell placed in the Episcopal Church at New Mil- 
ford, was in 1815, it being procured by Samuel Lockwood, and 
not being large enough to be heard at a distance in the lointer, 
it was called ' Samuel Lockwood's Summer Bell.' It was ex- 
changed after ten years' use." 

Samuel Lockwood came from Greenwich about 1790, and 
commenced a store on the road northwest of the centi-e, and in 
1800 went to New Milford. (Hy. New Milford, p. 475.) 

''April 18th, 1803, Samuel Lockwood gives §120.00 to the 
Ecclesiastical Society, and he was made Treasurer." (Hy. New 
Milford, p. 289.) 

467. David Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Joseph,' Isaac*), 
born ; died ; 

son of Isaac and Ruth (Whitney) Lockwood ; he was " of New 
Milford when he married;" m. Eunice Baldwin, daughter of 
Theophilus Baldwin 3d. 

After the death of Mr. Lockwood his widow married again. 



1114. Julia Lockwood, m. John Buel, settled at Hume, N. Y 

1115. Henrietta Lockwood, m. Wing (in 1874), of Franklinville, 

N. Y. 

1116. Mattie Lockwood, m. Bennett Dean, of Bristol, Vt. 

1117. Jerusha Lockwood, m. John Wooster, born 1790, son of Peter, born 

1762, son of Jabez and Betsey Canfield, 1787, and Lieut. Jabez 
Wooster, son of Timothy, Jr., born 1728. (Hy. New Jlilford, p. 429.) 

David was taxed in Apl., 1802, on §676, — and seated in 
Presbyterian Meeting House. (Hy. New Milford, p. 262.) 

David Lockwood was of Bridgewater, 1804, ib. (Baldwin 
Geu'y., p. 544.) 

468. Hannah Rogers (Robert,' Ephraim,^ James,' Hannah*), 
born June 7tb, 1735, in Norwalk, Conn. ; daughter of Dr. 
Uriah and Hannah (Lockwood) Rogers ; m. ]\Ioses Kent, Esq., 
a graduate of Yale College, was a lawyer, and for some time 
surrogate of Rensselaer County, New York ; son of Rev. Elisha 
Kent, whose family was early established at Suffolk, Conn., be- 
came in 1740 the Presbyterian clergyman of Philippi. 


1 118. Hon. Moses Kent, Jr., graduate of Yale College, member of New York 

State Senate, Register of the Court of Chancery, and a member of the 
Congress of the United States. 

1119. Hannah Kent, m. William Pitt Piatt, of Plattsburgh, New York. 

1120. Hon. James Kent, LL.D., bom July 31st, 1763, at Philippi, author of 

Commentaries on American Law. (Amn. Cyclop., vol. ix. ; New Eng. 
His. and Gen. Reg., vol. 13, p. 61.) 

477. ]\Iartha Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ James,' Rev. 
James*), born September 28th, 1743, at Wethersfield, Conn. ; 
died December 6th, 1830, in her 88th year; daughter of Rev. 
James and Mary (Dickinson) Lockwood; m., November 3d, 
1765, Simeon Beldiug, born February 24th, 1737; third son of 
Thomas Belden (spelled several ways), graduated at Yale College 
in 1762. 



1121. Simeon Beldixg, Jr., born April 27th, 1769, settled in Favetteville, K". C. 

1122. Charlotte Beldixg, born December 24th, 1770, ra. Hon. Lewis B. 

Sturges, of Fairfield. 

1123. Martha Beldixg, born December 1st, 1772, m. De Witt, of 


1124. Jajies Lockwood Belding, born October loth, 1774. 

1125. Joseph Belding, born December 29th, 1776. 

1126. Mary Mix Belding, born August 9th, 1783, m. Barzillai Deane Buck, 

of Wetherstield, was a merchant and deputy sheriff; he died October 
29th, 1820. (Hinman's Catalogue of First Puritan Settlei-s of Connec- 
ticut, vol. 1, p. 196; N. E. His. and Gen. Reg., vol. 15, p. 297.) 

479. Brigade-^Iajor James Lockwood (Robert,'Ephraim/ 
James/ Rev. James*), born July 9th, 1746, at AVethersfield, 
Conu. ; son of Rev. James and Mary (Dickinson) Lockwood ; 
m. Anne . 

Appointed Secretary to General Wooster, May 1st, 1775; 
continued with him through the year, being at headquarters — 
Montreal. He served as Brigade-Major, who then performed the 
duties of Assistant Adjutant-General on Brigade staff. 


1127. James Lockwood, born February 9th, 1778. (N. E. His. and Gen. Reg., 

vol. 19, p. 318.) 

In the Diary of Christopher Marshall, kept by him in Phila- 
delphia and Lancaster during the American Revolution, the 
original of which is in the Historical Society, Philadelphia, 
and extracts from which were published in 1877 by William 
Duane, is pasted an original printed copy of an " Extra " pub- 
lished in Philadelphia, and another copy of this Extra is in the 
Ridgway Branch of the Philadelphia Library,- which reads as 

follows : 

Philadelphia, April 26th, 1775, 

Wednesday, 12 o'clock. 

By an express just arrived, we have the following: (P. 19.) 
(Then follows the letter of James Lockwood hereafter given 
in full.) A first express had reached Philadelphia from "Water- 
town on April 24th, so that the letter of James Lockwood was 
the 2d Express. The Extra issued in Philadelphia immediately 
after receiving the letter, is on a sheet of paper about size 3x5 


From the original papers, owned by Dr. R. W. Gibbes, of 
Columbia, S. C, published in 1885 in the Documentary History 
of the American Revolution, pp. 82 to 91 inclusive. Hon. Wm. 
A. Courtenay, of Charleston, S. C, writes E. Dunbar Lockwood 
in February, 1888, that this paper was burned in February, 1865, 
when Dr. Gibbes' house was destroyed by fire at Columbia, S. C. 

Wallingfobd, Monday morning, April 24tli, 1775, 

Dear Sir. — Col.* Wadsworth was over in this place most of 
yesterday, and has ordered twenty men out of each company in 
his regiment — some of which have already set off, and others go 
this morning. He brings accounts, which come to him authen- 
ticated, from Thursday in the afternoon. The King's troops 
being reinforced a second time, and joined, as I suppose, from 
what I can learn, by the party who were intercepted by Colonel 
Gardner, were then encamped on Winter Hill, and were sur- 
rounded by twenty thousand of our men, who were entrenching. 
Colonel Gardner's ambush proved fatal to Lord Percy and 
another general oflBcer, who were killed on the spot at the first 
fire. To counterbalance this good news, the story is that our 
first man in command (who he was I know not) is also killed. 
It seems, they have lost many men on both sides. Colonel 
Wadsworth had the accounts in a letter from Hartford. 

The country beyond here are all gone off and we expect it will 
be impossible to procure horses for our waggons; as they have 
or will, in every place employ themselves all their horses. In 
this place, they send a horse for every sixth man, and are pressing 
them for that purpose. I know of no way, but you must imme- 
diately send a couple of stout able horses, who may overtake us 
at Hartford possibly; where, we must return M. Noy's and 
Meloy's, if he holds out so far. Remember, the horses must be 
had at any rate. 

I am in the greatest haste, your entire friend and humble 


* The photographic copy of the Express, issued in Philadelphia and here 
inserted, reads Col. Wo'xlworth, and the wording is slightly different. 


• ■'mdntfiio); 12 o'Ciaei, ' . - . 
Sj an Exfre/s jujl erri-jidj ZL-e harve the fa^t^uu^, 
Wallingforrij Monday moraing, April %j^VJ'}^- 
Dear Sir, J ' . - ": " -^ 

COL. Woodworth wai over in this place yefterday, 
and hai ordered 26 men from each company in 
his regiment, feme of which have already fet aW, and; 
oAers go this morcing. lie brings accoantt which 
came to him authenticated as Ute ss Thar<3*y afters-' 
noon. The king's troops being reinforced' » fecood 
tirDe, and joined as I foppofe from what I can learn by 
the party who were intercepted by Col. Gardiner, were, 
then encamped onWinterhill, and were furrcundcd by 
20,oco ol Our men, who were entrenching. . ; 

Colonel Gardiner's ambufh proved fatal K> Lord 
Piercy, and one other General Officer, who were killed 
on the fpot thefirft fire. — To counterballance this good 
rews, tee fiory is, that qur fi.-ft man in cpmnund. 
(who he is 1 know not) is alfo killed-- It feems they^ 
have lofl many men on both fides. — CoL Woodworta' 

Lad the account in a letter from Hartford ~., ^ 

The country beyond here, are all gone off, and we 
expeft it will be impoffible to procure horfis for our' 
waggon:, as they have or will in every place emplo/ 
■ their borfes lijemfelves. In thi: pjace they fend an 
Eorfe foF"cvery~TJxth man, and are prTfling thelii for 
that purpofe. 1 know of no way but you lau.l fend im- 
mediatdy a Cfupic of able borfes who rr:ay overtake us 
at Hartford pcflibly, where wc muil return 'Mr. Noy's 
and Meloy's, if they hold out fo far. Remember tie 
horfes mult be had at any rate. I am in great hailc. 
Your entire friend, and humble fcrvant, 


P. S. Col. Gardiner took 9 prifoners, and 12 clubed 
their firelcck;, and came over to our party .--Colonel 
Gardiner*; party ccnf lied of 700, and the Regulars of 
i?oo indead ct' i:30, 2s v. e heard before.- -They have 
feet a vefiel up MyiMck ri\er a; far as Temple's Farm, 
which is about half a mile from Winicrhill. — Thcfe 
accou.-.ts b«ir:g true> all the King's Troops, except 
4 or 500, mu?. be encamped on Wip.teihilL At the 
infiance of'the g^atlemen of Fairfield iuft dep artcd, 
ihij copy is taken verbatim from th: orii'ical, to be 
forwarded to that town. ISAAC BEARS. 

The alcove L copied and authenticated by the feveial 
Committees, through Conneflicur, New- York, ar.d^_ 
New jcrfey. , * 

•,• m»itr.Hilliiahvtt^*miU!fr<,mB»jlan. WmlU 
ingsjlrd ti foartftn wtiUsfrem NttfHaiiev. 

t.ic'.id bj Vt^."7od 1^~ J6 R A p f O a D* 


N. B. — Col. Gardner took nine prisoners, and twelve clubbed 
their firelocks, and came over to our party. Colonel Gardner's 
party, consisted of seven hundred, and the regulars eighteen 
hundred, instead of twelve hundred, as we heard before. They 
have sent a vessel up Mystick Eiver as far as Temple's Farm, 
which is about half a mile from Winter Hill. These accounts 
being true all the King's forces, except four or five hundred, 
must be encamped on Winter Hill. At the instance of the gen- 
tlemen of Fairfield, just departed from hence, this is copied ver- 
batim from the original, to be forwarded to that town. 


New Haven, April 24th, half-past 9 o'clock, forenoon. 


Fairfield, April 24th, 3 o'clock, afternoon. A true copy, as 
received per Express. 


Norwalk, April 24th, 7 o'clock, afternoon. A true copy, as 
received per Express. 


Greenwich, April 25th, 3 o'clock, morning. The above is 
forwarded to the Committee of Correspondence, at New York. 


A true copy, received in New York, 2 o'clock, P.M., Tuesday, 
April 25th, 1775.* 

* No signature appears here for New York, and it is accounted for in this 
manner. Mr. Lockwood's letter, and all the signatures after it down to Balti- 
more, are written in one handwriting on a sheet of paper; hence it is probable, 
the papers with the original subscribers, were withholden at Baltimore, and 
were copied thereon that sheet of paper; in doing which, they omitted insert- 
ing the subscribers at New York. From Baltimore, inclusive, the subscriber's 
names to the papers are in their own handwriting. 


A true copy, received at Eliz-Town, 7 o'clock in the evenino- 
Tuesday, April 25th, 1775. 


Chairman of the Committee, 



A true copy, received at Woodbridge, 10 of the clock, in the 
evening, Tuesday, April 25th, 1775. 


Three of a Committee. 

The above received at New Brunswick, the 25th April, 1775, 
12 o'clock at night. 



A true copy, received at Princeton, April 26th, 1775, half-past 
3 o'clock, in the morning. 


Members of Committee. 

The above received at Trenton, on Wednesday morning, about 
half after 6 o'clock, and forwarded at 7 o'clock. 


Three of the Committee. 

Philadelphia, 12 o'clock, Wednesday, received, and forwarded 
at the same time by 


Committee for the City of Philadelphia. 


Chester, 4 o'clock, Wednesday, P3I., received and fof^s•a^ded 


New Castle, 9 o'clock, "Wednesday evening, received, and 


Wednesday night, Christeen Bridge, 12 o'clock, forwarded to 
Col. Thomas Couch, Esq., who received it this moment, and he 
to forward it to Tobias Rudulph, Esq., Head of Elk, in Mary- 


Night and day to be forwarded. 

27th April, half-past 4 o'clock, A.M., received, and forwarded 
to Patrick Hamilton, Esq., in Charlestown, by 


Baltimore, April 27th, 1775, received 10 o'clock, P.M. 


Clerk of Committee. 

A true copy, received in Annapolis, Friday, April 2Sth, 1775, 
half after 9 o'clock, A.M., and forwarded, at 10, per Express. 
CH. CARROLL, of Carrollton, 


Committee of Correspondence for Maryland. 


Alexandria, Friday, 8 o'clock, P.M. 
We received the enclosed from Annapolis, at 6 o'clock. Please 
forward it to Fredericksburgh. I am for self and the Commit- 
tee of Correspondence, in this place. 

Gentlemen, your hum. serv't, 


To the Committee of Correspondence in Dumfries. 

Gentlemen. — The enclosed came to hand this morning, about 
10 o'clock. In one hour, I hired the bearer to convey it to your 
place, to the different Committees. 

For self, and the Committee of Correspondence in this place, 
I am, gentlemen, your most ob't hum. serv't, 


Dumfries, April 30th, Sunday. 
To the Committee of Correspondence at Fredericksburgh. By 


Fredericksbuegh, Sunday evnning, half-past 4. 

Gentlemen. — The enclosed arrived here, about an hour ago, 
and is forwarded to your Committee by your very hum. serv'ts, 



King William, May 1st, 1775. 
Gentlemen. — The enclosed arrived here to-day, and is for- 
warded to your Committee by your most ob't serv't 


Surry County, May 2d, 1775. 
Gentlemen. — The enclosed arrived here this evening, and is 
forwarded by your most ob't hum. serv't, 



Wnxi-iiiSBCKG, 2d May, 1775. 
Gentlemen. — The enclosed is this monent come to hand, and 
I forward it to you by Express, with the request, of the Com- 
mittee of Williamsburg that you will be pleased to forward the 
papers to the Southward, and disperse the material passages 
through all your parts. 

I am very respectfully, gentlemen, your mo. ob. serv't, 


Smithfield, May 3d, 1775, 5 o'clock, the morning. 
The enclosed arrived here this morning, and is forwarded to 
your Committee of Correspondence by your humble ser'ts, 
To the Committee of the County of Nancimond, or any of them. 
An Express from Boston. 

Gentlemen. — The enclosed is this moment come to hand, and 
we forward it to you by Express, with the request of the Commit- 
tee of Nancimond, and you will be pleased to forward them to 
the Southward. 

I am, gent., your mo. ob. ser't, 

Nancimond, May 3d, 1775. 
To the Committee of Chowan, North Carolina. 

Gentlemen. — The enclosed papers we have just received, and 
forward them by Express to you. To be sent to the Southward. 
We are, gentlemen, your ob't ser.. 

The Committee of the County of Chowan. 
May 3d, 1775. 
To the Committee of Correspondence for the town of Edenton. 
By Express. 

Edentox, May 4th, 9 o'clock, 1775. 

Gentlemen. — The enclosed is this moment come to hand, and 
we forward to you by Express, with the request, that you will be 


pleased to forward the papers to the Committee of Craven County 
immediately, and disperse the material passages, through all your 

We are, gentlemen, your obt. humb. serv'ts, 



To the Committee of Beaufort County. 

Beaufort County, May 6th, 1775. 
Gentlemen. — The enclosed is this moment come to hand, and 
we forward to you by Express, with the request, that you will 
forward the different papers to the Southward immediately. 
We are, gentlemen, your obt. hum. ser'ts, 

To the Committee of Craven County. 

Bath, 6th Maj, 1775. 
Dear Sir. — In haste have sent to request you will peruse the 
enclosed papers; and that you will do, by opening the packet 
herewith sent, the moment it comes to your house. Get three or 
four of your Committee to write a line, and send the whole 
enclosed to the next southward Committee, with the utmost 

We are, dear sir, with regard, your most humb. serv'ts, 


To Abner Nash, Esq., or either of the Committee for the 
County of Craven. Per Express. 


Xew Been, 6th of Mar, 1775. 
Gentlemen. — The enclosed arrived here about an hour past, 
and is forwarded immediately to you ; and desire you will keep 
a copy of James Lockwood's letter. And send them on as soon 
as possible to the Wilmington Committee. 
We are, gentlemen, your obt. serv'ts, 


X. B. — We have enclosed our last paper, which gives an 
account of the first beginning of the battle ; which please to send 
to Wilmington, etc., and send all the bundle of papers forward 
as soon as possible you can. 

To the Committee of Onslow County. 

Onslow, Sunday Morning, 10 o'clock. May 7th. 

Gentlemen. — About an hour past, I received the enclosed 
papers. Disperse them to your adjoining county. Keep a copy 
of James Lockwood's letter. And pray write us, what to do. 
We are for Onslow. WM. CRAY, 


Inclosed is the last Gazette for Brunswick. 
To the Wilmington and Brunswick Committees. 
For Cornelius Harnett, Esq., Col. John Ash, or any one of the 
Committee for Wilmington. Express. 

Xew River, May 7th, 1775. Received and forwarded by 


Dear Sir. — I take the liberty to forward by Express, the 
enclosed papers, which were received at 3 o'clock this afternoon. 
If you should be at a loss for a man and horse, the bearer will 
proceed as far as the Boundary-house. You'll please direct to 
Mr. INIarion, or any other gentleman to forward the packet im- 
mediately to the southward, with the greatest possible dispatch. 
I am with esteem, Dear Sir, your most ob. ser't, 


Wilmington, May Sth, 1775, 4 o'cLx-k, afternoon. 
P. S. For Godsake send the man on without the least delay ; 
and write to Mr. Marion to forward it by night, and by day. 
To Richard Quince, Esq., Brunswick. 

Brunswick, May Sth, 1775, 9 o'clock in the evening. 

Mr. Isaac Marion : 

Sir. — I take the liberty to forward by Express, the enclosed 
papers, which I have just received from Wilmington. And I 
must entreat you to forward them to your Coramitte-3 at George- 
Town, to be conveyed to Charles-Town, from yours with all 
speed. Inclosed is the newspaper, giving an account of the 
beginning of the battle, and a letter of what happened after; 
pray don't neglect a moment in forwarding. 

I am your humb. ser't, 

To Isaac Marion, Esq., at the Boundary. 

Dear Sir. — Though I know you stand in no need of being 
prompted when your country requires your service; yet, I cannot 
avoid writing to you, to beg you to forward the papers contain- 
ing such important news. And pray order the Express you 
send, to ride night and day. I am, dear sir, in the greatest 
haste, your most ob. servt. E. HOWE. 

Sth May, 1775. 
Isaac Marion, Esq., Boundary. 

Boundary, May 9th, 1775, Little Kiver. 
Gentlemen of the Committee. — I have just now received 
Express from the Committees of the northward Provinces, de- 


siring I would forward the enclosed packet to the southern Com- 
mittees. As yours is the nearest, I request for the good of your 
country, and the welfare of our lives and liberties, and fortunes, 
you'll not lose a moment's time ; but dispatch the same to the 
Committee of George-Town ; to be forwarded to Charles-Town. 
In the mean time, am gent'n, Your oblg. hum. ser., &c., 


To Danness Hankins, Josias Alison and Samuel Dwight, Esquires, 
and Messrs. Francis and John Allston, gentlemen of the Com- 
mittee for Little River. 

Gentlemen. — The enclosed papers were just now delivered 
to me, by an Express from Little River. I make not the least 
doubt, but you will forward them with the utmost dispatch, to 
the General Committee at Charles Town. 

I am, gent'n, your very hum. ser't, 


Wednesday, 1 o'clock, 10th May, 1775. 
To Paul Trapier, Esq., Chairman of the Committee at George- 
Gentlemen. — "We have received your letter, and shall be 
careful to execute with all the diligence in our power, whatever 
you have recommended. We send you by Express, a letter and 
newspaper, with momentous intelligence this instant arrived. 
We are your humble servants, 


Half past 6, Wednesday evening. 
The Committee of Intelligence in Charles-Town, to the care of 
the Honorable William Henry Drayton, Esq. Per Express. 

In a letter of General David Wooster to General Schuyler, 
dated at Montreal, January 14th, 1776, he says: 


" The four fusils taken by Major Lockwoocl, are put up in a 
box according to capitulation and are now at St. John's ready to 
he sent over the Lakes." (lb., p. 852.) 

In another letter from Gen. Wooster to Gen, Schuyler, from 
Montreal, January 27th, 1776 (lb., p. 869), he writes: 

"Major Lockwood and Capt. Rensselaer desire me to present 
their respects to you," 

The following spicy correspondence appears in a letter from 
Gen, Wooster to Gen. Schuyler, dated Montreal, January 19th, 

"Major Campbell told Capt. Benedict at Chambly, that I was 
a damned old scoundrel, and had broke faith with him for that 
he was promised both by Gen. Montgomery and me, that he 
might remain in this town through the winter. Truth is, that 
Gen. ]\Iontgoraery just before he left this town made out an 
order for Major Campbell and some other prisoners to leave the 
town immediately, which order he gave to Major Lockwood to 
see executed," etc. (lb., p. 1004.) 

" As I find the return of stores which has been made from St. 
John's is an imperfect one, I shall to-morrow send Major Lock- 
wood to St. John's in company with Major Ogden," etc. (lb., 
vol. vi., 4th serie.s, p. 454.) 

" Camp before Quebeck, ss. 

"At a Council of War, held at head-quarters May 5th, 1776, 
present — 
Major General Thomas, President, 

Brigadier General Wooster, Lieut. Col. Irvine, 

Col. Campbell, Lieut. Col. Brown, 

Col, Maxwell, Lieut. Col, Shreve, 

Col. Porter, Lieut. Col, Wait, 

' Col, JS'icholson, Major Morris, 

Col, Elmore, Major Lockwood. 

Agreed unanimously 
"That, considering the- strength of the garrisons of Quebeck, 
and the considerable force that is probably in it ; considering 
also the state of the Continental Army, before the city, not ex- 
ceeding two thousand in number, a great proportion of which 


1 ^ 

£^,^^ i-f ^/p^/i^ 


" The four fusils taken by Major Lockwood, are put up in a 
box according to capitulation and are now at St. John's ready to 
he sent over the Lakes." (lb., p. 852.) 

In another letter from Gen. Wooster to Gen. Schuyler, from 
Montreal, January 27th, 1776 (lb., p. 869), he writes: 

"Major Lockwood and Capt. Rensselaer desire me to present 
their respects to you." 

The following spicy correspondence appears in a letter from 
Gen. AVooster to Gen. Schuyler, dated Montreal, January 19th, 

"Major Campbell told Capt. Benedict at Charably, that I was 
a damned old scoundrel, and had broke faith with him for that 
he was promised both by Gen. Montgomery and me, that he 
might remain in this town through the winter. Truth is, that 
Gen. Montgomery just before he left this town made out an 
order for Major Campbell and some other prisoners to leave the 
town immediately, which order he gave to Major Lockwood to 
see executed," etc. (lb., p. 1004.) 

" As I find the return of stores which has been made from St. 
John's is an imperfect one, I shall to-morrow send Major Lock- 
wood to St. John's in company with Major Ogden," etc. (lb., 
vol. vi., 4th series, p. 454.) 

" Camp before Quebeck, ss. 

"At a Council of War, held at head-quarters May 5th, 1776, 
present — 
Major General Thomas, President, 

Brigadier General Wooster, Lieut. Col. Irvine, 

Col. Campbell, Lieut. Col. Brown, 

Col. Maxwell, Lieut. Col. Shreve, 

Col. Porter, Lieut. Col. Wait, 

Col. Nicholson, Major Morris, 

Col. Elmore, Major Lockwood. 

Agreed unanimously 
"That, considering the- strength of the garrisons of Quebeck, 
and the considerable force that is probably in it ; considering 
also the state of the Continental Army, before the city, not ex- 
ceeding two thousand in number, a great proportion of which 





y^ l./.T^^. -^^^.i^. ^^.^^ i^^^^i^. 

^ A-^^^ /^^/ r^^c^,^^.^^ 

L. ^. ^ 

6. ^ "^ 


^/ - 







being confined with the small pox, it is not prudent to attempt 
the city by escalade." 

Agreed unanimously 
"That it is necessary for the safety of the invalids in camp, that 
they be removed immediately to the Three Rivers." 

Agreed unanimously 
"That the cannon at Point Levi and other posts be embarked iu 
the boats as soon as possible and removed to some tenable place 
up the river." A true copy. Attest, 



Copy of letter photographed from the original, loaned E. 
Dunbar Lockwood by Jeremiah Colburn, Esq., of Boston. 

Letter of Brigade Major James Lockwood, who was Military 
Secretary to ^lajor General David Wooster. 

Camp before Quebec, April 25th, 1776. 
Dear Sir. — I have just received your favour of yesterday & 
say in answer — The Genl. (Wooster), thinks it will be better 
that Mr. Lizott should be sent by Water than through the 
Country — with regard to the two vessels Capt. Tenyck who 
takes command of Pepper's Schooner, has Orders to take up all 
suspected Vessels & boats & those two, have been mentioned to 
him, he will stop at Point au Tremble, the General therefore 
desires you to direct him, at any rate to secure those vessels, he 
will receive proper information from you concerning them — 
remember me affectionately to your family and believe me your 
most obed't servt. JAMES LOCKWOOD. 

To Capn. Hector McNeil, 
Port au Tremble. 

Copy of letter photographed from an original, loaned by 
Jeremiah Colburn, Esq., of Boston, jNLiss., the body of which 
was written by Major James Lockwood, Military Secretary to 
Gen. "Wooster. 

Camp before Quebec, April 2Gth, 1776. 

Dear Sir. — I am much obliged to you for the information 
you give me in yours of yesterday which I have received and 


say in answer — I shall write Geiil. Arnold concerning the Acadian 
and also to arrest Palmer. 

I have ordered four Barl. Pork to be sent you from here should 
be glad you would send two of them to Capn. Scott if you can 
possibly procure flour at Point au Tremble I hope in a few days 
to be able to replace Cash for it. I am informed that Mr. Cole 
with a large sum was left at Crowupnint and was every hour 
expected at Montreal. 

With regard to the Gaspie please to procure a Pilot and put 
some hands on board of her from Capn. Church's party and 

send her to Jackes Cartier with orders to be ashore there. 

Let Mathewman follow his Capn, The articles for the Maria 
with a Gunner were sent from this place yesterday. 

I have sent for Capn. Goforth from Three Rivers a very good 
man to take charge of her. 

Prince, Pepper's Mate I shall send after immediately. Give 
me leave to congratulate you upon the Good News from Boston 
and believe me most affectionately. Your very 
H'ble Servt., 

My Comp'ts to your family, 
Capn. McNeil. 

(On back,) 
" On the service of the United Colonies. To 

Capn, Hector McNeil 
per Express "i at 

D. Wooster J Point au Tremble." 


James Lockwood, Secretary and Brigade Major, born July 9th, 
1746, at "NVethersfield, Conn., where his father, Rev. James 
Lockwood, class of 1735, was pastor. 

He was a merchant of New Haven, On the Lexington 
alarm he appeared to have gone in some capacity to the Boston 
Camp. Later he became Military Secretary to General \Yooster 
and accompanied him to Canada with Montgomery, who ap- 
pointed him a Brigade Major " in the northern array." He was 
at the capture of St. John, at Montreal and at Quebec in April 
and May, 1776, 









i' ^ 










say in answer — I shall write Genl. Arnold concerning the Acadian 
and also to arrest Palmer. 

I have ordered four Barl. Pork to be sent you from here should 
be glad you would send two of them to Capn. Scott if you can 
possibly procure flour at Point au Tremble I hope in a few days 
to be able to replace Cash for it. I am informed that IMr. Cole 
with a large sum was left at Crownpoint and was every hour 
expected at Montreal. 

With regard to the Gaspie please to procure a Pilot and put 
some hands on board of her from Capn. Church's party and 

send her to Jackes Cartier with orders to be ashore there. 

Let Mathewman follow his Capn. The articles for the Maria 
with a Gunner were sent from this place yesterday. 

I have sent for Capn. Goforth from Three Rivers a very good 
man to take charge of her. 

Prince, Pepper's Mate I shall send after immediately. Give 
me leave to congratulate you upon the Good News from Boston 
and believe me most affectionately. Your very 
H'ble Servt., 

My Comp'ts to your family. 
Capn. jNIcNeil. 

(On back.) 
" On the service of the United Colonies. To 

Capn. Hector McNeil 
per Express "l at 

D. Wooster J Point au Tremble." 


James Lockwood, Secretary and Brigade Major, born July 9th, 
1746, at AVethersfield, Conn., where his father. Rev. James 
Lockwood, class of 1735, was pastor. 

He was a merchant of New Haven. On the Lexington 
alarm he appeared to have gone in some capacity to the Boston 
Camp. Later he became Military Secretary to General Wooster 
and accompanied him to Canada with Montgomery, who ap- 
pointed him a Brigade Major " in the northern army." He was 
at the capture of St. John, at Montreal and at Quebec in April 
and May, 1776. 











This seems to have been the extent of his field service. On 
September 24th, 1777, he was appointed recruiting officer of the 
First Connecticut Militia Brigade. After the war Major Lock- 
wood went to Philadelphia and engaged in business. 

He is said to have died in "Wilmington, N. C, August 24th, 
1795. ("Yale in the Eevolution," 18<S8, H. P. Johnson, p. 249.) 

James LocKvrooD. 

(Bookseller) of New Haven, Conn. 

"Among the members of the Governor's Guards" who went 
to Lexington on hearing of the skirmish was Mr. Earl, a por- 
trait painter, and Amos Doolittle an engraver. Mr. Earl made 
four drawings of Lexington and Concord, which were afterwards 
engraved by Mr. Doolittle. The plates were 12 x 18 inches in 
size and executed with great dispatch, for in the Connecticut 
Journal of December 13th, 1775, is the following advertisement: 
" This day published 

"And to be sold at the store of Mr. James Lockwood, near 
the College in Xew Haven, four different views of the battles of 
Lexington, Concord, &c., on the 19th of A])ril, 1775. 
Plate I. The battle of Lexington. 
Plate II. A view of the town of Concord, with the ministerial 

troops destroying the stores. 
Plate III. The battle at the North Bridge, in Concord. 
Plate IV. The south part of Lexington, when the first detach- 
ment was joined by Lord Percy. 

" The above four plates are neatly engraved on copper, from 
original paintings taken on the spot. 

"Price: six shillings per set for plain ones, or eight shillings 

"A copy of this print is on p. 524 of Lossing's Field Book, 
etc., vol. 2." (Field Book of the Eevolution, Lossing, vol, 1, 
p. 421.) 

"From 1768 until about the year 1775, James Lockwood 
dealt largely in books, at New Haven, Conn." (Amu. Anti- 
quarian Soc, vol. 6, p. 234.) 

"James Lockwood, of the Class of 1 766, served in the Revolu- 
tionary Army." (Hy. Yale College, p. 206.) 


" T\ heu the news of tlie Lexington affair reached New York 
(April 2od, 1775) through James Lockwood's letter, measures 
for stopping all vessels in the harbor sailing for Quebec and 
other ports where there were British troops, were taken." (Dun- 
lap's Hy. New York, edition 1840, p. 215.) 

"On June 21st, 1775, a communication was received from the 
Provincial Congress of New York, dated New York, 17th of 
June, 1775, and signed by Peter V. B. Livingston, President, 
and certified as follows : 

"The above is a true copy of a letter just received from the 
Provincial Congress of New York and forwarded by Express." 
(Jour. Prov. Cong., Mass. edition, 1838, p. 373.) 



Note. — This express was forwarded from New York to 
Massachusetts on the day of the Battle of Bunker Hill, and of 
course they knew nothing of it in New York. 

Note. — " Capt. McNeil took command of the Frigate Boston, 
24 guns, in 1777." (Life of Commodore Samuel Tucker, p. 51.) 

This was Cap'n Hector McNeil, who was officially addressed 
the previous year by Major James Lockwood. 

" From the original, in the collection of Jeremiah Colburn, 
Boston, Mass., Col. James Lockwood." (N. E. H. and G. Reg., 
vol. 30, p. 333.) 

The James Lockwood second express, first appears in " Docu- 
mentary History of the American Revolution," from- originals 
in the possession of the editor and other sources by R. W. Gibbs, 
M.D., published by Appletons, 1855; some others are given in 
Drayton's Memoirs and will be deposited in Archives of South 
Carolina by A. R. Drayton, President Charleston College. 

Note. — No signature appears for New York and it is accounted 
for in this manner. Mr. Lockwood's letter and all the signatures 
after it down to Baltimore, are written in one handwriting on a 
sheet of paper ; hence it is probable, the papers with the original 
subscribers, were withholden at Baltimore, and were copied there 
on that sheet of paper; in doing which, they omitted inserting 


the subscribers at Kew York. From Baltimore inclusive, the 
subscribers' names to the paper are in their own handwriting. 
(P. 84.) 

Abstract of a letter of Robert Crafton, to Franklin, from 
Montreal, January 8th, 1776. 

" Last week our troops under General Montgomery and Col. 
Arnold, attempted to storm Quebec, etc. The city was alarmed, 
etc., and General Montgomery killed, and his aid de camp, and 
Captain Cheeseraan wounded ; Captain Lamb wounded and 
a prisoner, with most of the party, ^younded Colonel Arnold 
in the leg, and killed and wounded 150 of his riflemen, and 
taken about 500 of his men prisoners, etc. Major Lockwood 
is likewise a prisoner." (Mass. His. Soc. Coll., vol. 10.) 

" The General Assembly had directed that a recruiting officer 
to enlist men for the Continental Army and to take up and se- 
cure deserters should be appointed in each of the Brigades of 
Militia in the State; and the Governor and Council appointed 
Major James Lockwood, for the First Brigade, September 24th, 
1777." (Rev. R. B. Hinman, His. Coll. of the part sustained 
by Connecticut during the Revolutionary War, p. 489.) 

"May 2d, 1778. This assembly do appoint Thomas Fitch, 
Jr., Esq., to be Lieutenant-Colonel of the 9th Regiment, in this 
Colony, in the room of Lieutenant-Colonel James Lockwood." 
(Vol. 13.) 

48L Moses Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ James,' Rev. 
James*), born September 2Gth, 1749, at Wethersfield, Conn.; 
son of Rev. James and Mary (Dickinson) Lockwood ; m., Sep- 
tember 9th, 1773, Sarah Bunce, per Rev. Burrage Merriam. 
Moses Lockwood enlisted in the 2d Company of Colonel Hunting- 
ton's 8th Connecticut Regiment, July 12th, and was discharged 
December 10th, 1775, and was in the same regiment, at New 
York, in 1776 (Connecticut in Rev., pp. 86 and 103); he also 
enlisted in Captain Lee's Company, December 16th, 1776, for 
three years, and was discharged Julylst, 1780, being then Ser- 
geant in Col. John Durkee's Regiment. (Pension Office Records.) 



1128. Sarah Lockwood, born June 27th, 1775. 

1129. Samuel LocK-n'OOD, born January 31st, 17S1, m. Eunice Crane. 

1130. William Buxce Lockwood, born June 24th, 1791. (N. E. Hist, and 

Gen. Reg., vol. 19, p. 318, and grandson's letter.) 

484. Eey. William Lockwood (Piobert,' Ephraim/ James,' 
James*), born January 21st, 1753, at Wethersfield, Conn.; died 
January 2.3d, 1828, at Glastenbury, Conn., aged 75. 0. 2. Son 
of Rev. James and Mary (Dickinson) Lockwood. Graduate 
Yale College, 1774. Tutor there 1779 and 1780. Chaplain 
First Massachusetts Brigade (Paterson's) 1783. Ordained pastor 
of the church, at Milford, JNIarch 17th, 1784, was dismi.ssed on 
account of ill health, April 2Sth, 1796 ; was installed pastor of 
the church in Glastenbury in 1797, where he continued his 
labors till 1804, when he was obliged again and finally to with- 
draw from the ministry on account of bodily infirmity. He 
passed the residue of his days at Glastenbury, where he died, 
greatly respected. M., December 16th, 1784, Sarah Sturges, of 
Fairfield, who died in Glastenbury, August 31st, 1834, daughter 
of Hon. Jonathan and Deborah (Lewis) Sturges. 


1131. Ann Lockwood, born October 5th, 1785, m. George Plumer, May 7th, 


1132. Sarah Lockwood, born April 4th, 1787, m. Joseph Wright, November 

24th, 1807. 

1133. Samuel Lockwood, born January 6th, 17S9, merchant in Glastenbury. 

1134. William Lockwood, born September 9th, 1792, m. Mary Ann Sturges, 

died December 6th, 1827. 

1135. Priscilla Lockwood, born November 21st, 1796. 


Rev. Dr. Marsh, who succeeded the Rev. James Lockwood, in 
the pastoral office, at Wethersfield, Conn., in the sermon which 
he preached at the installation of the Rev. William Lockwood, 
pays the following incidental tribute to the memory of his father, 
Rev. James Lockwood : " jNIay you continue through the whole 
course of your ministry strong in the grace which is in Christ 


Jesus; exhibiting, to a great degree of eminence, that spirit of 
wisdom and pietv, benevolence and fidelity, for which the ascended 
prophet, your excellent father, was distinguished. His praise is 
still in the churches, and his name remembered in this vicinity 
with particulap affk-tion, honor, and veneration." 

He published a sermon on the death of Mrs. Woodbridge, in 
1799. (Am. 2 R., 4, 308, 311.) 

P. 153. " The mortality of Glastenbury Society was noted in 
a private journal, and also copied from the annual sermons of 
Mr. Lockwood, which gives deaths as follows," etc. 

P. 154. "The journal says, that in 1796, August 30th, Mr. 
Lockwood installed — audience crowded." 

Rev. William Lockwood, Chaplain. 

P. 387. From memorials of the Society of the Cincinnati of 
Massachusetts, by F. S. Drake, published for the Society, in 1873. 

Rev. William Lockwood, born at Wethersfield, 21st January, 
1753, died at Glastenbury, Conn., 23d Jan., 1828 ; was a tutor 
at Yale College, in 1779-80, and chaplain of the First Massa- 
chusetts brigade (Paterson's) 1783, pastor First Church, Milford, 
1784-96, and of Glastenbury, 1797-1804. 

His widow, Sarah (Sturges), died Glastenbury, 31st August, 

They had: Ann, 5th October, 1785; ra. George Plumer, 7th 
May (?), 1807 ; .Sarah, 4th April, 1787, m. Joseph Wright, 24th 
November, 1807; Samuel, 6th January, 1789, merchant, Glas- 
tenbury; William, 9th September, 1792, died 6th December, 
1827;'Priscilla, 21st November, 1796. 

A J'ac simile of William Lnekwood's signature is given on p. 
244, as attached to the original paper of signatures. 

P. 311. William Lockwood, licentiate, June, 1777. William 
Lockwood was missionary to New York, and Pennsylvania, do. 
at Church, East Lyme, 1817 ; do. settled at Milford, March, 1784, 
dismissed April, 1796, died Jan., 1828. 

Extract from Society Records, of First Congregational Church. 

''September 5th, 1783, desired the committee to invite Rev. 
Mr. William Lockwootl, to preach in the Society." (History 
Norwalk, 165.) 


P. 171, Spmgiie. Rev. William Lockwood, 1817, Church 
East Lyme and Milford, 1784, di.smi,<sed 1796, and died 1828. 

P. 342. "Dr. Lockwood (of the church in Andover), 1749, 
was a firm advocate of the doctrines of grace, and of evangelical 
purity of religion. He fulfilled the work of the ministry with 
ability, zeal and faithfulness." 

Rev. William Lockwood, Chaplain, Etc. 

William Lockwood, Chaplain, Continental Army, afterwards 
pastor at Milford and Glastenbury, Conn., born Wethersfield, 
January 21st, 1753. 

Referring to him in a letter dated October 27th, 1780, Presi- 
dent Stiles says, "I received a letter from Mr. Tutor Lockwood, 
from the army dated 14 inst., wherein he informs that he has 
accepted a Chaplainship in the army in Gen. Nixon's (Mass.) 
Brigade and asks to resign the Tutorship." 

Mr. Lockwood continued in the service to the close of the war, 
being stationed generally along the Hudson. In 1783, he was 
Chaplain of Paterson's First Massachusetts Brigade. He died 
at Glastenbury, January 23d, 1828, aged 75. 0. 2. He was a 
member of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati. 

" Yale in the Revolution," 1888, Johnson. 

486. John Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,- James,' Rev. 
James^), born June 13th, 1756. Son of Rev. James and Mary 
(Dickinson) Lockwood. Was paymaster in Col. Samuel B. 
Webb's Connecticut Regiment, discharged May 1st, 1778. (Rec- 
ords U. S. Pension Office.) 

490. Sergeant James Lockwood (Robert," Ephraim,^ James,' 
Job*), born in New Canaan, Conn., October 25th, 1746. He 
joined Congregational Church, November 6th, 1768, by profes- 
sion in early life ; died of old age, October 30th, 1833, aged 87. 
Son of Job and Rachel Lockwood ; first m., December 30(:h, 
1767, Phebe Lockwood, born 1749 (Robert,' 

Ephraim,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Phebe^). She joined Congrega- 
tional Church, by profession, the same day her husband joined. 
She died March 5th, 1773, aged 24, of consumption. She 
was daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) Lockwood ; 


granddaughter of Deacon Joseph and Mary (Wood') Lock- 
wood ; great-granddaughter of Epliraim and Mercy i St. John) 
Lockwood; great-great-granddaughter of Robert and Susannah 
Lockwood, being second coitsin to her husband; second m., 
JS"ovember 9th, 1774, Abigail De Forest, born 1750, died 
May 8th, 1786, of pleurisy, aged 36 years; third m. Mrs. 
Elizabeth (Waring) Richards, widow of Samuel Richards, and 
daughter of Nathan Waring; born in December, 1755, joined 
the Congregational Church, by letter, June 13th, 1790; died 
October 23d, 1835, aged 79 years. 

First Wife's. 

1136. Job Lockwood, born September 13th, 176?, m. Sarah Hickox. 

1137. James Daniel Lockwood, born May l?t, 1770, died Janurv 2Sth, 


1138. Asa Lockwood, born February 10th, 1772, died January Ihli, 1774. 

Second Wife's. 

1139. Lemuel Lockwood, born April lltli, 1779. 

1140. David Lockwood, born January 31st, 17S2. 

1141. Samuel Lockwood, born April 30th, 17S6, died May, 17S6. 

Third Wif^s. 

1142. Phebe Lockwood, born January 29th, 1791, m. David Chichester. 

1143. Sarah Lockwood, born October 23th, 1793, m. Lewis .Stel-bins, of 

Ithaca, N. Y. (History Norwalk, 266. Richards Genealogy, 202.) 

Vol. 12, p. 16, May, 1762. " James Lockwood, to be ensign 
of the eastermost company, or train band, in the town of Green- 

October, 1764, p. 303. " Jaoies Lockwood, to be ensign" of the 
eastermost company, or train band, in the town of Greenwich." 

State of Connecticut, 
County of Fairfield, 

Probate Court, District of Norwalk, May 1st, 1833. 

Personally appeared the within named James Lockwood, and 
being duly sworn in open court, according to law, depose and 
say, that in explanation of his declaration herein set forth, that 
on the first of October, 1776, I inlisted as herein stated, under 
Cornet Caleb St. John (the Captain of the Company, Samuel 

* Lieutenant, orig. file. 


Belden, beiug a Torv, we would not serve under him), Major 
Starr, Colonel Silliman, and was marched to Coventry, in this 
State, and was on guard and in active service over two mouths. 
Our Company was immediately ordered, and we marched under 
General Wooster to Fort Independence, near King's Bridge, 
State of New York, and was then on guard, and in active and 
constant service three months. 

On the first of March, 1777, I inlisted as sergeant in the afore- 
said Company, under Capt. Caleb St. John, Major Starr, Colonel 
Silliman, and was in the battle when Danbury was burnt, and at 
Ridgfield and near General Wooster when he was killed, and 
was on guard, at Xorwalk, and on the lines at Horse Neck, until 
the first of December next following, in actual service nine 
months. In February, 1778, was ordered on guard at Norwalk, 
under Capt. Caleb Sr. John, and was guard at Norwalk, and on 
the lines at Hor^e Neck, Rye and at Fishkill under General and General Poor, and was on constant and active ser- 
vice as sergeant, eleven months. 

On the first of March, 1779, I continued in the same service, 
in the same Company, under Capt. Caleb St. John, was in the 
bMtles when Fairfield and Norwalk was burnt, and was on guard 
at Norwalk, Horse Neck, and at Bedford, and was in constant, 
continual service as sergeant, nine months. 

On the first of March, 1781, I again entered said Company 
and served as a sergeant under Capt. Abraham Gregory, Col. 
Stephen St. John, General Silliman, and on guard at Norwalk, 
and on the lines, and actually served for more than six months. 

^i^orvu^ ^Jk. 

do- ^ cr- 

Sworn and subseri'ued in open court, the day and year aforesaid. 

I was born in said town of New Canaan, on October 25th, 
1746, recorded in my father's bible, and the record produced in 
court, and have always lived in said town, never received any 
written discharge and have no documentary evidence. 



494. SAiiUEL LoCKWOOD (Robert/ Ephraina,' James/ Job*), 
born , died May 22d, 1821; son of 
Job and Eaeliel ( ) Lockwood, who removed from Nor- 
walk, Conn. ; baptized April 18th, 1756 ; m. Betty Hayes in 
1781 ; she subsequently m. Amon Marshall. She was a resident 
of Lewisboro', formerly South Salem, Westchester Co., JN". Y. 


He enlisted in Captain Pardee's Company of Colonel Crane's 
Eegiment, X. Y. line, and served 13 mos. 27 days. (U. S. 
Pension Records.) 

495. Job Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ James,^ Job'), born 
at New Canaan, ; died March 20th, 1841, 
at Dauby, Tompkins Co., jS". Y. ; son of Job and Rachel 
( ) Lockwood, who removed from Norwalk, Conn. ; bap- 
tized September 24tli, 1758 ; m., January 2Gth, 1790, at Schen- 
ectady, N. Y., by a Dutch clergyman, Irena , born Jan- 
uary 5th, 1770. 


Lucy Dawson, born August 2oth, 1792. 

The names of the other eight children have not been furnished us. 

Enlisted in 1781 in Captain Thomas Hunt's Company of 
Colonel Wisenfelt's Regiment of N. Y., and again in 1782 from 
Lower Salem, Westchester Co., jS". Y. 

Job Lockwood. 

Irena Lockwood, widow of Job Lockwood, April 28th, 1848, 
says she is aged 80 years ; she resides at Spencer, Tioga County, 
State of New York. Her husband was a pensioner at §30 per 

On July 5th, 1844, she resided in the town of Danby, County 


of Tompkins, State of New York, and had lived there 10 years. 
Born January 5th, 1770, aged 74 years in February, 1844 ; m. 
Job Lockwood, January 26th, 1790 ; Job Lockwood died March 
20th, 1841 ; Job and Irena were ra. at Schenectady, N". Y., by a 
Dutch clergyman ; Lucy Dawson, daughter of Job and Irena 
( ) Lockwood, born August 25th, 1792 ; nine children ; 

all but 3 of the 9 children are living— February 16th, 1844; 
Job Lockwood died at Lucy Dawson's house in Danby, Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y. 

Job Lockwood, of Lenox, Madison County, jSl'. Y., aged 70 
years (June 16th, 1834), says in summer, 1781, he enlisted for 
three or four months, under Captain Thomas Hunt, in Regt. 
of Colonel's Wisenfelt's, of N. Y. In cold weather the Company 
went to Peekskill and left for Albany, whence they marched to 
Saratoga, where he was discharged. In 1782 he enlisted for 9 
mos., and served the time out. He was in the town of Lower 
Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y. He was never in any battles. 
They rendezvoused in Bedford, N. Y. , ^ 

496. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim," James,^ Job*), 
born February 8th, 1761, in New Canaan, Conn. ; son of Job 
and Rachel ( ) Lockwood, who removed from Norwalk, 
Conn ; m. 

He removed to, and lived in, Marlborough, Ulster Co., New- 
York, where he died, aged 35 years, in A.D. 1796. 


1144. Lewis Dubois Lockwood, born December 17th, 1794, at Marlboro', N. 

Y. ; an only child. 

497. Maey Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ James,' John*), 
born in Norwalk, Conn., December 18th, 1748; daughter of 
John and Mary (Keeler) Lockwood; ra., November 13th, 1768, 
Jedediah Brown. 


1145. StJKEY Brown, born July 4th, 1769, m. Jehiell Raymond. 

1146. Samuel Bkown, born June 26th, 1771, died young. 

1147. Sally Brown, born January 15th, 1774, m. Andrew Benedict. 


114S. VioLETTE Ero-^vn, born March 2d, 1776, ni. Keiiben Smitli. 

1149. Jedediah Browx, Jr, born July 31st, 1778, m.Eebecca Dikeman. 

1150. Polly Brown, born April 1st, 1781, m. "William "Wood. 

1151. Kathari>'E Brown, born June 5th, 1783, died February 19th, 17S5. 

1152. Katharine Brown, born February lotli, 1787, m. Nathan Godfrey. 

1153. Xaxct Bro's\'n,* born May 22d, 1789, m. Martin Habirshaw. 

1154. Samuel Brown, born December 1st, 1791, m. Maria Crosby. (Hy.Xor- 

walk, p. 249.) 

498. Lydia Lockwood (Robert/ Epbraim,' James/ John*), 
born in Xorwalk, Conn., May 22cl, 1751 ; died j 

daughter of John and Mary (Keeler) Lockwood ; m., October 
19th, 1769, Hezekiah Raymond. 


1155. John Lockwood Raymond, born July 22d, 1770. 

1156. Lewis Raymond, born September 8th, 1772. 

1157. Hezekiah Raymond, born February 13th, 1775. 

1158. James Raymond, born April 19th, 1777. 

1159. Waters Ray-mond, born September 29th, 1779, 

1160. Lydia Ray'mond, born September 9th, 1781. 

1161. Asa Raymond, born December 20th, 1783. 

1162. Francis Raymond, born September 13th, 1786. 

1163. Benjamin Raymond, born April 27th, 1789. 

1164. Sally Raymond, born September 17th, 1794, m. David Kellogg Nash. 

(Ily. Norwalk, p. 258.) 

500. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim/ James,^ John*), 
born ; died ; daughter of 
John and Mary (Keeler) Lockwood ; m., September 14th, 1780, 
James Smith. 


1165. James Smith, Jr., born July 5th, 1785. 

1166. John Smith, born November 5th, 1787, Gunpowder Treason Day. (Hy. 

Norwalk, p. 285.) 

501. Gershom Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom,^ Gershom,' 
Gershora*), born about 1723, died of dropsy, 1798, at Stauwich, 
in the town of Greenwich, Conn. His will is dated February 

* Was alive August 19th, 1880, when I was at Mary Webb's, Stamford, Conn. 

F. A. H. 


9th, 1796. Buried in Greenwich. Son of Gershom and ^lary 
(Ferris) Lockwood ; m, Eunice Close, of Horse Neck Parish, 
Greenwich, Conn. ; she died 1808, aged 80 years. Buried in 

Sons Nathaniel and James were appointed sole executors. 


1167. Moses Lockwood, born m. Hannah Brush. 

1168. Gershom Lockwood, Jr., born m. Polly Waring. 

1169. NATHA>fiEL Lockwood, born 1756, m. 1st, Elizabeth Ellison ; 

m. 2d, Rebecca Raymond. 

1170. James Lockwood, born ra. Cynthia Matterson. 

1171. Joseph Lockwood, born November 13th, 1769, m. Sarah Slawson. 

1172. Edward Lockwood, born m. Lydia Hobby. 

1173. Eunice Lockwood, born m. Alexander McDougalL* 

1174. Lydia Lockwood, born m. Heckle. 

1175. Mary Ann Lockwood, born m. Alexander McDougall.* 

1176. Elizabeth Lockwood, born m. 1st, Joseph Lockwood, 

of N. Y. ; m. 2d, Jolin Hennings. 

1177. Sarah Lockwood, born m. Lockwood. 

502. Moses Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,^ Gershom,' Ger- 
shom*), born ; lived near what is called 
the " great hill," between Longridge and Bedford ; sou of Ger- 
shom and Mary (Ferris) Lockwood. 

:^opC ^c/yi/T^^ 


1178. Moses Lockwood, Jr., called Young Moses. 

1179. Mercy Lockwood,! m. Daniel Miller. 

Moses Lockwood enlisted in Captain Bulkley's Company, of 
Colonel S. B. Webb's Regiment, August 18th, 1780, for 6 mos. 
John Gibson took his place, the records say " in his room." (U. 
S. Pension Office Records.) 

* He m. two sisters, then m. a 3d wife in Redding, Conn, 
f Her son, Daniel Miller, Jr., m. Elizabeth L., daughter of Hezekiah of 


611. Stephen Ferris (Eobert/ Gershom,' Gershom/ Ann*), 
born December 27th, 1740 ; son of Samuel and Ann (Lock wood) 
Ferris; m. Sarah Hanford Lock wood. 


1180. Samuel Feheis. 

1181. Stephen Ferris, Jr. 

1182. Ha>-nah Ferris. 

1183. Polly Ferris. 

522. Nathaniel Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Gershom,' Ger- 
.shora,' Nathaniel*), born September 2d, 1727, Greenwich ; died 
December 22d, 1757, in Slst year (gravestone) ; son of Nathaniel 
and Ruth (Knapp) Lockwoixl; m.lst, Hannah Mead ; she died 
November 9th, 1749, per Rev. Abraham Todd ; m. 2d, October 
8th, 1750, Sarah Curtis. 

{AU hjj second wife.) 

1184. Sar.\.h Lockwood, born February 16th, 1752. 

1185. Ruth Lockwood, born Mjr 16th, 1754. 

1186. Jerusiia Lockwood, born December 12t)i, 1756. (Greenwich Rec.) 

523. Capt. Timothy Lockwood (Robert,^ Gersliom,' Ger- 
shom,' Nathaniel*), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; son of 
Nathaniel and Ruth (Knapp) Lockwood. 

He was married. I cannot learn the name of his wife. 


1187. Timothy Lockwood, Jr., born December 21st, 1749, m. Suscannah 

528. Jeremiah Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,^ Gershom,'* 
James*), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; died early in 1787; 
son of James and Sally (Ferris) Lockwood; m. Rebecca 

; she sui'vived her husband. 


1188. Stephen Lockwood, bora June 24th, 1760, m. Elizabeth 

1189. Elizabeth Lockwood, bora January 17th, 1763, m. Silleck. 

1190. Solomon Lockwood, bora m. C. M. Beasley. 


1191. Samtuel Lockwood, born 

1192. Eebecca LocKWOOD, born m. Sherwood. 

1193. Amos Lockwood, born (Greenwich Rec.) 

Jeremiah Lockwood, Greenwich. 
Will dated August 21st, 1786, in it he mentions 
My Son Amos, 

" Wife Rebekah, 
My Sons Solomon, 
" '' Samuel, 
" *' Stephen, 
" dg. Rebecca Sherwood, 
" " Betsey Si Heck, 
My Wife and Jonathan Finch — Blacksmith — 

£. s. d. 

1105 18 

43 3 4 

55 4 1 

Ani't e.state, 1204 5 5 
Probated May 21st, 1787. 

530. Sergeant Jacob Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,' Ger- 
shom,' James^J, born in Greenwich, Connecticut ; son of James 
and Sally (Ferris) Lockwood ; m., July 28th, 17G5, Catharine 
Knapp, daughter of Timothy. 

Jacob Lockwood was formerly of Greenwich, but died in 



1194. Charles Lockwood, born May 8th, 1766, m. Elizabeth Waterbury. 

1195. Shubael Lockwood, born December 21st, 1708, m. Abigail Crawford. 

1196. PniNEAS Lockwood, born November, 1769. 

1197. Catherine Lockwood, born August 17tli, 1771. 

1198. Annie Lockwood. 

1199. Polly Lockwood. (Greenwich Rec.) 

" Jacob Lockwood was Sergeant and had papers for Bounty." 
(P. 245.) 

Sol. Rebecca Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,'^ Gershom,' 
James*), born ; daughter of James and Sally (Ferris) 

Lockwood; m., December, 1767, James Sherwood. 



1200. Mart Sherwood, born September 11th, 176S. 

1201. Ha^ey Shekwood, born October 7th, 1770. 

1202. Jared Sherwood, born February 1st, 1772. (Greeawicli Eec) 

541. Jonathan Lockwood (Robert/ Gershoiu/ Gershora/ 
Jonathan*), of Greenwich, Connecticut; born April 1st, 1751, 
died about 1st May, 1812, aged 61 years; son of Jonathan and 
Elizabeth (Close) Lockwood ; m. Amelia Perrot, horn 176S, 
died 1831, in Q\th year ; daughter of John and Hannah ( ) 


Distribution of his estate April 23d, 1812. Probated May 
5th, 1812. 


1203. Nancy Haxford Lockwood, m: Ananias Lockwood (Robert/ Jona- 

than,^ Still John,' Jonathan,* Frederick,* Ananias^ j. 

1204. David Lockwood. 

1205. Hannah Lockwood. 

1206. Clabissa B. Lockwood, m. James Holt Ailman. 


"Amelia wife of Jonathan Lockwood 
dg. of Jolin and Hannah Perrot. Died 
Feb. 6, 1S31, in her 64th year." (.Greenwich Cemetery.) 

545. Esther Jarvis Lockwood (Robert,' Gershora,^ Joseph,^ 
Daniel'), born in Greenwich, Connecticut; daughter of Daniil 
and Esther (Jarvis) Lockwood; ra., June 1st, 1781, 2sathaniel 
Webb 3d, of Stamford, Connecticut. 


1207. Samuel Jabvls Webb, born March 3d, 17S2. 

1208. Polly Webb, born July 14th, 1783. 

1209. Henry Webb, born September 14th, 17So. 

1210. Alanson Webb. 

Nos. 1209 and 1210 were merchants in Baltimore, Md. (Stamford Reg.) 

547. Charles Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,^ Joseph," 
Daniel*), born at Greenwich, Connecticut, January 14th, 1760. 
died September, 1832, in 73d year; son of Daniel and Thankful 
(Peck) Lockwood. 


Charles received £300 by his father's will, made August 
12th, 1788. 

1st m., 1782, Lydia Pattersou, of "Wethersfield, Connecticut; 
born May 2d, 1762; she died May 2d, 1816, aged 54 years. 

2d. m., 1818, Widow Mary Dickerson, of Bedford, New 
York, who survived Mr. Lockwood. 

(All born in Greenwich, Connecticut.) 

1211. THANKFrL Lockwood, bora March 16th, 17S3, in. Rnfiis Webb. 

1212. Harvey Lockwood, born ITSo, m. Piiebe Lockwood. 

1213. Sally Lockwood, born September 10th, 1793, m. Stephen C. Morris. 

1214. John Holme.s Lockwood, born February 9th, 179o, ni. Mrs. Polly 

Newman, s. p. 

1215. Charles Lockwood, born April 13th, 1797, m. 1st, Deborah Lock- 

wood; ni. 2d, Betsey Bennett. 

1216. Israel Lockwood, born November 3d, 1801, m. Sally Scofield. 

1217. Daniel Lockwood, born August 13th, 1S04, died unmarried, aged 

23. 1.21, October .5tii, i'?27 (gravestone^. 

All the children were by first wife Lydia. 

548. Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom,'' Joseph,' 
Joseph'), born Wednesday, March 23d, 1753, in Greenwich, 
Fairfield County, Connecticut; son of Joseph and Charity 
(Knapp) Lockwood ; m., January 16th, 1776, Prudence Skelding. 

121S. Catharine Lockwood, born in Greenwich, Connecticut, m. Hon. Simeon 
Hinman Minor. 

Was Sergeant in Capt. Halt's Company in Col. Bradley's Regi- 
ment, February 6th, 1777, and discharged February 6th, 1780. 
(Stamford Reg. ; Conn, in Rev., p. 144.) 

549. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Josci)h,^ Joseph*), 
born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Thursday, January 9th, 1755, 
and died at an advanced age, in Cazenovia, New York ; son of 
Joseph and Charity (Knapp) Lockwood; m.iNIargiret Matthew- 

" He enlisted in Capt. Thomas Hobby's Company, June 30th ^ 
1775, and was discharged December 13th, 1775." (Conn, in the 
Revolution, p. 66.) 



1219. Matthewsok Bzeteaed Lock'^'Ood, m. Lucy Gilbert. 

1220. Marvin Lockwood. 

1221. Margaeet Lockwood, m. Horace Bills, Rochester, New York. 

1222. Sarah LocK\rooD, m. Milo Hough, Cazenovia, New York. 

1223. George Gileette Lockwood, m. Olive Elmira Merchant. 

All the children were dead in 1SS6. 

550. Sergeant Jared Lock^vood (Robert/ Gershom,' 
Joseph,' Joseph*), born Monday, July 7th, 1758, in Greenwich, 
Conn. ; son of Joseph and Charity (Knapp) Lock^yood ; m., Decem- 
ber 23d, 1780, Betsey Skelding, by Charles Webb, Justice of the 
Peace at Stamford, Conn. "He enlisted May 5th, 1775, in Capt. 
Thomas Hobby's Company, and was discharged June 30th, 1775, 
and again enlisted July 12th, 1775, in the 1st Company of Col. 
Charles "\Yebl)'s 7th Connecticut Regiment, and was discharged 
December 10th, 1775." (Connecticut in Revolution, p. 66 and 
79.) ^Yas in the battles of Flatbush, and Brooklyn, and "White 
Plains in 1776, Monmouth in 1778. Was Orderly Sergeant in 
the Artillery under Capt. E. Stevens of Col. Lamb's Regiment 
of Connecticut troojjs, and discharged 1780. Was also on boats 
on Long Island Sound and the East River, and also engaged at 
Horse Neck and Stamford. (Stamford Reg.) 


1224. "Orice" Lockwood, born December loth, 1782. 

1225. Naxcy Lockwood, bom January 12th, 1785. 

1226. Samuel Mills Lockwood, born January 2Sth, 1787. 


State of New York, 

Albany County. 

On the 7th December, 1836, personally appeared Betsey Lock- 
wood, of the City of Albany, aged 72 years, doth declare that 
she married Jared Lockwood, at Stamford, Connecticut, where 
they then resided, in December, 1780; that her husband fought 
in the battles of Flatbush and Brooklyn, when the British Army 
advanced on New York, 1776, and at the battle of White Plains 
in the same year. That he fought at the battle of Monmouth 
in June, 1778. The 3 years preceding the summer of 1780, 
he had been Orderly Sergeant in the Artillery Company under 


Captain Ebenezer Stevens, Col. Lamb's Regiment of troops raised 
by the States of Connecticut and New York, attached to, and 
forming a part of the regular Army of the Uuitetl States. He 
was discharged in the summer of 1780. Subsequent to our 
marriage my husband was constantly engaged in various war 
services: in cruising in the government arms boats in Long 
Island Sound, and the East River, reconnoitering within the 
enemies lines, and in communicating with our friends within 
the enemies posts. He was in an engagement at a place called 
Horse Xeck. He was in a battle in the eastern part of the Town 
of Stamford, That he was engaged with a party of the enemy, 
who in the summer of 1782, having landed and secreted them- 
selves, surrounded on a Sunday aft£ruoon the Meeting House in 
which the Rev. Moses Mather was preaching, and took ^linister 
and Congregation prisoners. She also declares that Betsey Skeld- 
ing mentioned in the annexed marriage certificate is one and the 
same person with Betsey Lockwood the deponent. And that she 
has resided at Albany ever since the death of her husband. 
Generally called Betsey, though now written Elizabeth. 

Jared Lockwood and Betsey Skelding were married by Charles 
Webb, Esq., Justice of Peace for Fairfield County on December 
23d, 1780. The foregoing is a true copy of Record, 

Certified by SEYMOUR JAR VIS, 

Town Clerk of Stamford, Conn. 

551. Charity Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom," Joseph,' 
Joseph*), born ; daughter of Joseph and Charity (Knapp) 

Lockwood ; ra. Elijah Cook, son of Jared and Ruth (Hutchison) 
Cook, grandson of Jedediah Cook. 

1227. Elizabeth Cook, born January, 1787, m. Joseph Perkins, November 
19th, 1806, died January 31st, 1849, at Rome, N. Y. Their daughter, 
Mary J. Perkins, ni. John \V. Dinwiddie, August 19th, 1844. Their 
son, Oscar Dinwiddie, born September 2d, 1845, m. February 2d, 
1874, Mary Joan Robertson.* 

* Mrs. Elizabeth (Cook) Perkins died in June, 1887, aged 100 years and 5 
months, in full posse-ssion of her faculties. Her mother's maiden name was 
Charity Lockwood- 


554. Epenetus Webb, Jr. (Robert/ Gershom/ Joseph,' 
Elizabeth*), born August 6th, 1740, at Greenwich, Conn., "an 
only child ;" son of Epenetus and Elizabeth (Lockwood) Webb ; 
ra., May 30th, 1762, Sarah Judson, born December 18th, 1741, 
died April 26th, 1787. 


1228. Seth Webb, born March loth, 1763. 

1229. Ebexezer Webb, born May 27th, 1764. 

1230. Jared Webb, born August 21st, 1766. 

1231. Epexetus Webb, born March 28th, 1763. 

1232. Sarah Webb, born June 19th, 1769. 

1233. Elizabeth Webb, born March 16th, 1771, m. Andrew Lockwood. 

1234. Frederick Webb, born March 2.Sd, 1773, m. Nancy Smith. 

1235. Judson Webb, born April 11th, 1775. 

1236. EuAH Webb, born July ISth, 1777. 

1237. Eebecca Webb, born March 15th, 1782. (Stamford Register, Tuttle 

Gen'y, p. 112.) 

568. Amos Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,* Gershom,' Abraham,' 
Amos*), born April 25th, 1727, in AVarwick, R. I.; son of Amos 
and Sarah (Utter) Lockwood; m,, ^Slarch 14th, 1756, jNIary 
Knight, of Warwick, 

per JOHN WARNER, Jr., 

Ju3. Peace. 

1238. Mary Lockwood, born May 21st, 1756. 
1239 Ann Lockwood, born M.ay 22d, 1760. 
1240. Amos Lockwood, born December 9th, 1770. 

(P. 349, as above, Rhode Island Col. Record.) In 1776 
among the bills paid was one to Amos Lockwood for £9, 7s. 5d. 
for sundries to troops at Warwick Neck, R, I. (Warwick, R. I., 

571. Capt. Bexoni Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom,' Abraham,' 
Ames*), of Cranston, Rhode Island, was born November 26th, 
1733, in Warwick, R. L, and died February 19th, 1781, in his 
48th year ; son of Capt. Amos (late of Warwick, deceased) and 
Sarah (Utter) Lockwood ; m., April 5th, 1772, Phebe Waterman, 


per Elder Charles Holden, a Baptist Minister of Old Warwick.* 
She was born April 11th, 1748, and died October 19th, 1808, 
aged 60. 6. 8, or 60. 5. 17, as she was born over 4 years before 
time was computed as "new style;" she was daughter of Re- 
solved and Sarah (Carr) Waterman. After the death of Capt. 
Lockwood, his widow married Moses Brown, who died in 1836. 


1240». Sarah Lockwood, born April 24th, 1773, m. Bates Harris. 
1240". Avis Lockwood, born December 7th, 1774. 

1241. Benoxi Lockwood, born April 2d, 1777, m. Phebe Greene. 
1241a. Phebe Lockwood, born December 9th, 1778. 

577. Captain Abraham Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,* 
Abraham,' Amos*), born December 26th, 1748, in Warwick, 
died November 11th, 1790, in 42d year; son of Amos and Sarah 
(Utter) Lockwood; m., December 24th, 1775, Patience Greene 
(per Charles Holden, Elder), born March 21st, 1753, died De- 
cember 1st, 1838, aged 85. 8. 10, daughter of Capt. James and 
Patience (Waterman) Greene, of Warwick. 


1242. Thomas Lockwood, born October 5th, 1776, m. Sarah Barton. 

1243. Amos Lockwood, born August 9tli, 1780, m. Nancy Westcott. 

Note. — "Capt. James Greene's Will, dated September 14th, 
1799, gave his daughter Patience Lockwood, wife of Abraham 
Lockwood, his State securities, certain sums of money, household 
articles, etc., with various bequests to his grandchildren. His 
wife had died about 5 years previously." (Fuller's Hy. War- 
wick, R. I.) 

(See Rhode Island Colonial Record, vol. 7, p. 349.) Abraham 
Lockwood was Captain of 1st Company of trained band of the 
Colony at Warwick, R. I., in 1775, and admitted a freeman of 
Colony of Rhode Island, 5th May, 1734. 

(Cowell's Spirit of '76.) Abraham Lockwood was a member 
of Col. Robert Elliott's Regiment and had £12, 8s. Id. due him. 

* Warwick, R. I., Records. 


(From Spirit of '76 in R. I., by B. Cowell, p. 37.) Abraham 
Lockwood was a member of Capt. Fenner's Company, September, 

586. Patience Lockwood (Robert,^ Ger.shora,^ Abraham,' 
Adam*), born March 20th, 1749; she was called of Smithfield, 
R. I., when she was married ; daughter of Adam and Sarah 
(Straight) Lockwood, of Warwick, E.. I. ; m., August 4th, 1774, 
Thomas Anderson, per Ichabod Comstock, Justice. (Xarragan- 
sett His. Reg., vol. 2, p. 41.) 

587. Lieut. Adam Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Gershom,^ 
Abraham,' Adam*), born June 10th, 1752, in Warwick, Rhode 
Island ; son of Adam and Sarah (Straight) Lockwood. 

(Rhode Island Records, vol. 10, p. 27.) May 1st, 1784, the 
General Assembly of Rhode Island appointed Adam Lockwood, 
of Warwick, Lieutenant of the first company. 

589. Bexajah Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom/ Abraham,' 
Adam*), born November 20th, 1757, in Warwick, Rhode Island ; 
son of Adam and Sarah (Straight) Lockwood. 

(Cowell's Spirit of '76, p. 77.) Benajah Lockwood had £18j 
15.S. and M. due him as a member of Col. Robert Elliott's Regi- 
ment, in 1766. 

589\ Jacob Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,^ Abraham,' 
Abraham*), born about 1732, in Cranston, R. I. ; went to Spring- 
field, Vermont, in 1778, settled just below the North Village; 
son of Abraham and Mary Lockwood ; he died August 31st, 
1809, aged 77 years. "He had 3 wives and raised up quite a 
family. At one time it was said that there were 40 families in 
the town of Springfield by the name of Lockwood." 

The following inscription is on a gravestone in North Spring- 
field, Vermont : 

"Anna 2d wife of Jacob Lockwood, 
died March 29th, 1816, aged 79 years." 



1243'. Abraham Lockwood, died April 21st, 1831, aged 70; m. Bethiah 
Field, sister of Esther, wife of Jacob, cousin to Abraham. 

1243^ Amos Lockwood, who died March 18th, 1873; he had 3 wives, viz., m. 
1, Elizabeth Lee, April 10th, 1788 ; m. 2, Martha Lewis, who fell from 
Skitchenug Mountain and was killed ; m. 3, Lucy Sears, who survived 
her husband, and subsequently m. Jonathan Allen. 

Jacob Lockwood, of Springfield, Vt. 
WoodstocI:, Verviont, Records. 
Joseph Parkhurst deeded to Jacob Lockwood, of Spr'mgfield, 
Vt., April 25th, 1810. 

John D. Powers deeded to Jacob Lockwood, of Springfiekl,Vt. 

589a. William Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom,^ Abraham,' 
Abraham*), born about 1730, in Cranston, R. I., went to Spring- 
field, Vermont, in 1772 ; son of Abraham and Mary Lock- 
wood ; m., in Rhode Lsland, Sarah White, who survived him. 
In 1772, he bought the site where Springfield Village now is. 
It is said he first built a log cabin near the falls, where the hotel 
now stands, subsequently a block house on the hill, and later a 
frame house which was standing in 1880. He was a large real 
estate owner, and died aged 70, in 1800. 


1243a. Abraham Lockwood, born about 1752, in Cranston, R. I. 
12436. Isaac Lockwood, born about 1754, died in the war. 
1243c. Jacob Lockwood, born October 15th, 1756, m. Esther Field. 
1243d. Benoni Lockwood, born February 26th, 1764, m. Mary Williams. 

I am told there were several daughters, but I have not been able to obtain 
their names. 

590. Capt. Oliver Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert,' 
Samuel,* SamueP), born about 1770, in Greenwich, Fairfield 
County, Conn., and died in Derby, New Haven County, in the 
same State; son of Capt. Samuel, Jr., and Letitia (Davis) 
Lockwood ; m. Sally 

1244. A daughter who married a Mr. Bunce and had two children. 


My correspondent says : " Capt. Oliver Lockwood was a Con- 
necticut sea-captain, carried horses to Jamaica, and did quite a 
business in that traffic in the "West Indies." 

592. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Robert,' Samuel,* 
SamueP), born in Greenwich, Conn., in 1778, died in Stamford, 
April 12th, 1826, in 49th year; he lived in Stamford, Conn.; 
son of Capt. Samuel, Jr., and Letitia (Davis) Lockwood ; m., 
September 9th, 1798, Sally Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' 
Joseph,' Reuben,* Reuben^), born January 19th, 1778, died 
November 23d, 1859, aged 81. 10. 4. Daughter of Reuben and 
Mary (Mead) Lockwood. 


1245. Ezra Lockwood, boi-n June 1st, 1799. 

1246. Oliver Lockwood, born died nnm. 

1247. Henry Lockwood, born died unm. 
1247a. Samuel Lockwood, born Januarr 24tb, 1S03. 

593. David Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Robert,' Samuel,* 
Samuel"), born resided in Middlesex, Darien ; 
son of Capt. Samuel, Jr., and Letitia (Davis) Lockwood. 


1248. James Lockwood, born rn. Clarissa Jones, moved to Indiana. 

1249. Dajjiel Lockwood, born m. Elizabeth Lounsbury, moved 

to Indiana. 

1250. Jared Lockwood, born was a private in Col. Charles Webb's 

Regiment from July r2tb, 1775, to December lOtb, 1775. (Conn, in 
Rev., p. 79.) 

1251. Sally Lockwood, born ro. Seth Hoyt. 

1252. Cynthia Lockwood, born went out west. 

594. Hannah Lockwood (Rol^ert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert,' 
Samuel,* SamueP), born in Greenwich, Conn., November 6th, 
1767, died November 27th, 1858, aged 91. 0. 21. (Gravestone.) 
Daughter of Capt. Samuel, Jr., and Letitia (Davis) Lockwood ; 
m. Deacon Eliakim Ford, born October 23d, 1758, died Sep- 
tember 1st, 1840, aged 81. 10. 8. He was a "Deacon " of the 
Baptist Church, (Gravestone.) 



1253. Samuel Ford, born June 25tli, 17S6, died August 25th, 1795, of yellow 


1254. Oliver Lockwood Ford, born .July 22d, 1788, died February 1879. 

1255. Letitia Ford, born February 15tli, 1792, m. Alexander Ilendrie. 

1256. Sarah Ford, born August 22d, 1794 ; m. first, Abel Ferri.s ; m. second, 

Henry Waring; died July 20th, 1866. 

1257. Lucy Ford, born December 2d, 1795, m. Peter Quintard. 

1258. Isaac Ford, born April Sth, 1801, m. Amanda Keeley. 

1259. Samuel Colyer Ford, born m. Susan Thomas. 

1260. Cornelius Ford, born m. first, Jane Huested ; m. second, 

Sarah Jane Rockefeller. 

1261. Benjamin Ford, born m. Harriet Purdey. 

595. Letitia Lockwood (Robert/ Jonatlian/ Robert/ Samuel/ 
Samuel, Jr.^), born June 28th, 1771, in Greenwich, Conn. ; died 
October 28th, 1859, aged 88. 4. 0, buried in Greenwich (grave- 
stone) ; daughter of Captain Samuel, Jr., and Letitia (Davis) 
Lockwood ; *m. first, January 1st, 1793 (Robert,^ Gershom/ 
Joseph/ Daniel,* John^), John Lockwood, f born November 9th, 
1757, died May 9th, 1794, aged 36. 6. 0, buried in Greenwich 
(gravestone), son of Daniel and Thankful (Peck) Lockwood, 
grandson of Joseph, great-grandson of Gershom, great-great- 
grandson of Robert; m. second, Joshua Ferris, of Greenwich, 
Conn., son of Joshua and Mary (Johnson) Ferris. 


First Husband's. 

1262. Hannah Maria Lockwood, born November 29th, 1793, died March 

19th, 1849. 
Second Husband's. 

1263. Joshua Beal Ferris, born 1805. 

596. Lucy Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Robert/ Samuel,* 
SamueP), born December 6th, 1777, in Greenwich, Conn.; died 
January 12th, 1814, aged 36. 1. 6, in the city of New York; 

* Inventory of John Lockwood's estate, exhibited June 28th, 1794, by 
Letitia Lockwood, administratrix, amounting to £1588, 15, 1. Distribution, 
exhibited, May 24th, 1796. Recorded June 7th, 1796. 

t John Lockwood, private in Captain Lee's Company, Fifth New York 
Regiment, enlisted February 20th, 1777, for three years. (United States Pen- 
sion OfSce Records.) 


daughter of Captain Samuel, Jr., and Letitia (Davis) Lockwood ; 
m. Eldad Holmes, of New York. 


1264. Sarah Holmes, in. Trad Hollv. 

1265. jAjrES Holmes, was twice married. 

1266. Hannah PIoLiiES, m. Oliver Ferris. 

1267. Lucy Cordelia Holmes, m. Henry Brooks. 

1268. Cordelia Holmes, died unm. 

1269. AfADisoN Holmes, m. Lucy Ferris. 

1270. Letitia Holmes, died unm. 

A virtuous wife, a mother kind, 

A saint indeed, a friend sincere ; 

In this cold mansion lies enshrined, 

Remembered often with a tear. 

Her soul prepared, to God is fled, 

Her flesh in dust resides alone ; 
Till Christ shall raise it from the dead, 

A glorious body like His own. 

These remains were removed from the First Baptist Church 
burying-ground, in Gold Street, New York, the 20th March, 

597. Drake Lockwood (Robert,' Jonatlian,' Robert,' Samuel,* 
SamueP), born in Greenwich, Conn., August 10th, 1763, died 
March 7th, 1839, iu 76th year. (Gravestone.) Will made 
January 12th, 1832. Frederic and John Lockwood executors. 
Son of Capt. Sanuiel, Jr., and Letitia (Davis) Lockwood ; m. 
Mary Peck, she died ^lay 30th, 1841. 

(Gravestone) Will made January 27th, 1840, and probated 
June 21st, 1841. 





1271. Letitia M. Lockwood, born September 2d, 1792, died September 29th, 

1864, aged 72. 0. 27 ; wife of Rufus Peck, 21S3. 

1272. Charlotte Lockwood, born m. George Whitefield Peck. 


1273. Mary Lockwood, born ISOO, died April mH, 1839, nged 39. 

1274. Angeline Lockwood, born October 12th, 1807, died October 2d, 1861, 

53. 11. 20. 

1275. Eliza Lockwood, born January 3d, 1810, died November 26th, 1874. 

1276. Lucy Lockwood, born 1797, died July 4:h, 1S12, aged 15. 

1277. Samuel W. Lockwood, born March, 1812, died September 22d, 1813, 


The above facts were gathered from their \Yills and gravestones. 

Drake Lockwood ^vas a soldier iu the Town or Coast Guards, 
at Greenwich, with Enos Lockwood, as he testifies, in a company 
commanded by Capt. Timothy Lockwood, of ?aid Greenwich. 
Enlisted about April 1st, 1780, for nine montlts and served that 
terra. Subsequently re-enlisted, and thinks for two enli.straents, 
and for different terms. 

600. Eliakim Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Robert,' 
Samuel,* Philip'), born 1776. Greenwich; died August 18th, 
1825, in 49th year; son of Philip and Hannah fClason) Lock- 
wood; m. Sarah INIarshall, born March 15th, 17S2; died Feb- 
ruary 6th, 1861, aged 78. 10. 22 (gravestone) ; she was daughter 
of Andrew and Elizabeth jNIarshall. 


1278. Elethea Lockwood, m. Hitchcock. 

1279. Julia Ann Lockwood, tn. Coolr. 

1280. Philip Lockwood, died unm. 

603. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Robert,' 
Samuel,* Philip*), born in Greenwich, February 18th, 1787; 
died April 20th, 1847, aged 60. 2. 2; daughter of Philip and 
Hannah (Clason) Lockwood ; m., July 20th, ISOo, Enoch Hoyt, 
born July 8th, 1771, baptized September loth, 1771, died 
April 8th, 1819 ; son of Peter and Sarah Hoyt. He was a 
farmer and lumber dealer, lived in Stamford, Conn. ; ear-mark 
recorded in 1802. 


1281. Sarah Hoyt, born June 20th, 1806, m. Samuel Fullerton, resided in 

Ne\v York City, and then in Stamford, Conn. 

1282. Rev. Philip Lockwood Hoyt, born November 30ih, 1309, m. Nancy 

Webb, September 18th, 1831, daughter of Frederick Webb. He was 
a Methodist clergyman, joined the New York Conference in 1834. In 
40 years it is thought he was instrumental ingathering into the Church 
nearly 2000 souls. Had 5 children. 


12S3. Eev. "William Clasin Hoyt, born January 25th, 1811, m. Betsey 
Wardwell, May 7th, 1S38, daughter of Isaac Wardwell. Had 4 chil- 
dren. He was one of the principal originators of the " Hoyt Gather- 
ing;" when the great family met he made the address of Welcome, 
closing thus : " We cordially welcome you to our town, to our churches, 
to our lionies, and to our heaets." 

1284. John Peter Hoyt, born March 31st, 1S16, m. Jane Wentworth ; lived in 

Janesville, Wisconsin, and died there June 16th, 1862. "Widow living 
(1871) in Maine, s. p. (Hy. Stamford, p. 460; Hoyt Gen'y., pp. 401- 

604. Eliza Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Eobert/ Samuel,* 
Philip^), born in Greenwich, died ; daughter 

of Philip and Hannah (Clason) Lockwood ; m., January 31st, 
1816, Erastus H. Weed. 


1285. William He>'ey "Weed, born June 9th, 1817. 

1286. Hannah Elizabeth Weed, born May 1st, 1819. 

612". Samuel Lock'Vvood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Robert," 
Samuel,^ Gilbert*), lived near Liberty, and then at Shandakin, 
Michigan; son of Gilbert and Phebe (Hall) Lockwood; m. 
Tal lathy Carey. 

1286*. Samuel Lockwood, m. Judy Swartwout. 
1286*. Daniel Lockwood, unm. ; was a Baptist minister. 
1286°. John Lockwood, unm. 
1286*. Sally Lockwood, unm. 
1286». Mary Ann Lockwood, m. Isaac Swartwout. 
1286'. Betsey Lockwood, m. Rev. Caleb Bush. 

612\ Gilbert Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Robert,' 
Samuel/ Gilbert'), son of Gilbert and Phebe (Hall) Lockwood; 
m. Rebecca Bush. 

1286'. John Lockwood, unm.; was a tanner, lived in Woodstock, N. Y. 
1286''. Isaac Lockwood, m. a Ludlow or Ludington. 

1286'. Frederic Lockwood, m. Schutt. 

1286J. Dan Lockwood, unm., died of consumption. 

1286\ Mary Ann Lockwood, m. Olwell, of Harlem, N. Y. 


61 2^ Dan Hall Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan/ Robert,' 
Samuel,' Gilbert'), born March 16th, 1783, in Danbury, Conn. ; 
died January 4th, 1833 ; son of Gilbert and Phebe (Hall) Lock- 
wood ; m., October 17th, 1805, Polly Van der Bogart, of "Wood- 
stock, N". y., born October 30th, 1786, died July 27th, 1857, 
daughter of Peter Van der Bogart,* from Holland, whose wife 
was a Buzee of French descent. 

12S6'. Peter Van der Bogart Lockwood, born September 16th, ISll, m, 

Sarah Osborn. 
12S6". Philip Van der Bogart Lockwood, born October Sth, 1812. 
12S6°. James H. Lockwood, born June 10th, 1815, died August 2oth, 1834. 
1286°. Gilbert Iselton Lockwood, born June 6th, 1817, m. Kate Augusta 

Coons, October 4th, 1859. 
12S6p. Hannah Lockwood, bora November 24th, 1803, died January 23d, 

12861. Catharine Lockwood, born January 26th, 1810, m. Andrew Bostwick. 
1286'. Lany Ann Lockwood, born August 9th, 1819, died December 7th, 1851. 
1286". Hannah M. Lockwood, born September 2.3d, 1820, died October Sth, 


612'*. William Hall Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' 
Robert,' Samuel,* Gilbert'), born in Peekskill, N. Y., 1785; 
died in Olive, N. Y., Tuesday, September 30th, 1862 ; son of 
Gilbert and Phebe (Hall) Lockwood ; m. Deborah Van Wag- 
gonen ; daughter of Abraham AVaggonen; she was brought up 
by her uncle, Christopher Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood 
were m. by Rev. Mr. MacFarland, of Marbletown; Mrs. 
Deborah Lockwood died November 27th, 1875. 


1286'. Christopher Lockwood, died 9 days old. 

1286". Deborah Lockwood, born January 2Sth, 1820, m. David Bevier. 

1286'. Jacob Snyder Lockwood, born May 4th, 1824, m. Rachel Jane Trap- 

1286'. Christopher Snyder Lockwood, born 1826, m. Catharine Du Bois. 
1286'. Catharine Lockwood, born 1828, m. Charles Akin. 
1286^ Gilbert Cyrus Lockwood, born 1830, died young. 
1286'. Jane Lockwood, born 1832, m. Hiram Everett. 

* Note. — Peter Van der Bogart, from Holland, came over with Chancellor 
Livingston, and settled at " Tanchconic" in Livingston Manor. 


612°. Jesse Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Robert/ Samuel/ 
Gilbert^), died Friday, September 8th, 1865 ; son of Gilbert and 
Phebe (Hall) Lockwood ; m. Polly Dudley. 


1286 &. Valentine Lockwood, m. and lived in Binghamton, N. Y. 

1286 &'. Abraham Lockwood, m. Eandall. 

1286 &^. WiLLiAJi H. Lockwood, m. Mary Le Dew. 

1286 &'. John Lockwood, m. Dunnigan. 

1286 &*. James Lockwood, m. Charlotte Traphagen. 

1286 &^ Susan Lockwood, m. James Lamson. 

1286 &^. Jeanette Lockwood, unm. 

1236 &'. Maria Lockwood, died unm., a young woman. 

616. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert/ David/ 
Enos^), born September 4th, 1762, in Greenwich, Conn. ; died 
July 4th, 1805; daughter of Enos and Elizabeth ( ) 
Lockwood ; m. Joseph Donaldson. 

''Sarah, dg. of Enos Lockwood and Elizabeth, his wife, and 
wife of Jo.seph Donaldson, died July 4th day, 1805, she being 
in the 43d year of her age." (Gravestone.) 

617. Enos Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Jonathan,' Robert,' 
David/ Enos'), born March 1st, 1763, in Greenwich, Conn.; 
died June 22d, 1837, aged 73. 3. 22 (gravestone). The grave- 
stone is in error one year. Son of Enos and Elizabeth ( ) 
Lockwood; m., September 15th, 1793, Sarah Hoit, born March 
28th, 1771, baptized April 28th, 1771. 


1287. Maurice Lockwood, born April 6th, 1794. 

1288. Enos Bennett Lockwood, born Friday, October 26th, 1798. 

1289. Beal Burr Lockwood, born May 26th, 1807. 

Note. — Enos Lockwood was chosen, July 4th, 1818, a dele- 
gate to Constitutional Convention at Hartford, to be held in 
August, 1818. 

Enos Lockwood, of Greenwich, was a delegate to the Conven- 
tion of Connecticut, which formed the State Constitution, at 


Hartford, August, 1818. (Hollister, Appendix, vol. 2, p. 615; 
Hoyt Gen'y., p. 401.) 

State of Connecticut \ 
County of Fairfield, j 

Probate District of Stamford. 

On the 30th day of August, 1832, personally appeared, in open 
Court before the Court of Probate for said District, now sitting, 
Enos Lockwood a resident of Greenwich, in the County of Fair- 
field, and State of Connecticut, aged sixty-nine years, who being 
first sworn according to law, doth, on his oath, make the follow- 
ing declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Con- 
gress, passed June 7th, 1832 : That he entered the service of the 
United States under the following named officers, and served as 
herein stated, viz.: In the year 1780 and in the month of March 
as he thinks he enlisted in a company of Connecticut State troops 
called Town Guards or Coast Guards in said Greenwich, com- 
manded by Capt. Timothy Lockwood, and Lieutenant Oliver 
Jervis, both of whom are now dead, enlisted for nine months and 
served the whole nine months in said Greenwich in doing guard 
duty. His enlistment was either the last of March or first of 
April. During the time we had a clever skirmish with a party 
of the enemy one night. They had landed on the point below 
us, and had taken three of the guard prisoners, which we retook. 
Drake Lockwood of said Greenwich was in this service, though 
he was not in this skirmish. After this and until the conclusion 
of hostilities declarant was, with the exception of nine months, 
constantly in service in said guards under the Land Officers men- 
tioned above and under enlistment, but he cannot now recollect 
the times of his enlistments, nor any particular circumstances 
connected with them. In said term of nine months Capt. Harry 
Waring, now deceased, had command of said Guards in Green- 
wich, and declarant during this period did not belong to them — 
but all the rest of the time from the expiration of his said first 
enlistment as aforesaid while hostilities continued he belonged 
to the guards as aforesaid and constantly did duty therein. 
Declarant cannot say from his recollection with certainty how 
much time State services amounted to ; but he thinks to a little 


more than two years including his first enlistment, for he received 
according to his recollection forty shillings Connecticut currency 
(-S6.67) per month, and that his whole pay for services was fifty- 
one or fifty-two pounds Connecticut currency — from which his 
services must have been twenty-five or six months. He has had 
in his possession papers showing this amount of pay, and kept 
them for many years, but they have been lost for some years. 
The time when Capt. Waring had charge of the guards, com- 
menced as declarant thinks about April, 1 782. He feels confident 
that after his first enlistment, he enlisted twice, and could a few 
years ago have told the particulars ; but they are gone from his 
memory now, and he cannot state the particulars now, but he 
thinks one enlistment was a longer time than the other — one 
duty was in guarding the sea-coast and repelling petty invasions 
and incursions which were very frequent — we lived in a region 
greatly exposed and harassed by the enemy. 

Declarant was born in said Greenwich, March 1st, 1763, his 
age is recorded in a book which declarant received from his 
father, and which has for several generations been used as a 
family record — re<ided in said Greenwich at all times when he 
entered the service, and has ever resided there up to this time; 
enlisted voluntarily — cannot state the names of either officers or 
regiments, or the circumstances more particularly than he has 
done, to any useful purpose. General John Mead (formerly Col. 
Mead) had command on the lines — one company of guards was 
not embodied with any other to declarant's knowledge — declarant 
was out in his company against the enemy when thev came to 
Horse Neck and a-sisted in driving them back. 

Declarant has on other occasions been in skirmishes with the 
enemy — never received a written discharge. Said Oliver .Tervis 
used to be our paymaster. There has not been for many years 
past a settled clergyman in that part of said Greenwich where 
declarant resides — only occasional preaching — and he can find 
no clergyman who knows anything of his services or that he is 
reported to have been a soldier of the Revolution — he therefore 
refers to the persons whose depositions accompany this applica- 
tion, to prove his character for truth and their belief or knowledge 
of his services as a soldier of the Revolution. Upon further 


reflection thinks that a small portion of what pay he received as 
aforesaid (possibly three or four pounds) was a commutation for 
rations — but his services according to his recollection and what 
has ever been his impression, covered altogether about two years. 

The said guards were not of the regular militia of the State, 
but distinct separate corps. 

The said Enos Lockwood hereby relinquishes every claim 
whatever to a pension or annuity, except the present, and declares 
that his name is not on a pension roll or the agency of any State. 

Sworn to, and subscribed, the day and year aforesaid. 



And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion, after the 
investigation of the matter, and after putting the interrogatories 
prescribed by the War Department, that the above named appli- 
cant was a Revolutionary Soldier, and served as he states. And 
the Court farther certifies, that it appears to them that Messenger 
Lockwood and Drake Lockwood who have signed the preceding 
certificates or depositions are residents in the town of Greenwich 
in Connecticut and are credible persons and that their statement 
is entitled to credit. 



I, Samuel Lockwood, Clerk of the Court of Probate for the 
district of Stamford, in Connecticut, do hereby certify, that the 
foregoing contains the original proceedings of the said Court in 
the matter of the application of Enos Lockwood for a Pension. 

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
of office, this 30th August, 1832. 


of watertown, massachusetts. 273 

State of Coxxecticut, \ 
County of Fairfield, y'^' 

Probate District of Stamford. 

On this .30th Day of August, A.D. 1832, personally appeared 
before the Court of Probate in and for said District, Messenger 
Lockwood of Greenwich, aged sixty-seven years, who being first 
duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath in open Court 
depose and say that he well knows Enos Lockwood who has 
subscribed and sworn to the foregoing declaratious — his age is 
sixty-nine years — his character for truth is good — in the Revolu- 
tionary War in the year 1780 deponent well knows that said 
Enos was an enlisted soldier of said county in a company of 
Town guards or Coast guards in said Greenwich, commanded by 
Captain Timothy Lockwood and Oliver Jervis Lieutenant, both 
of whom are dead. He enlisted in the early part of the season, 
but cannot tell the precise time — he served the season through as 
much as nine months as deponent thinks. Deponent did not at 
this time belong to said guards but he lived then on the spot and 
knows the facts above stated. 

Deponent also well recollects that said Enos was an enlisted 
soldier and did duty in said guards from this time till the guards 
were disbanded on the cessation of hostilities, except that deponent 
believes he was not in the guards for a time while Capt. Waring 
had command, for he lias no recollection of his being in the guard 
then. Deponent entered said guards in the spring of 1781, and 
continued in service in them till the company was disbanded and 
drew wages and provisions. 

And on the same day before said Court personally appeared 
Drake Lockwood of Greenwich in said district, who being first 
duly sworn doth on his oath in open Court depose and say that 
lie well knows Enos Lockwood of said Greenwich, who has sub- 
scribed and sworn to the foregoing declaration, believes his age to 
be sixty-nine years — his character for truth is good. In the Rev- 
olutionary War in the year 1780, Deponent and said Enos were 


both enlisted soldiers iu a company of Town Guards (Con- 
necticut State Troops) iu said Greenwich, commanded by Capt. 
Timothy Lockwood now deceased and Lieut. Oliver Jervis now 
deceased ; one enlistment was for nine months, and began not far 
from the first of April ; we both served the whole term of nine 
months, one in said Greenwich iu doing guard duty and occasion- 
ally had small skirmishes with the enemy. 

General John Mead of said Greenwich (long since dead) had 
command along the lines; after this and till Capt. Harry Waring 
now deceased took command of the guards in Greenwich, said 
Enos and this deponent continutd under fresh enlistments iu said 
guards under the same officers. Waring took the command as 
deponent thinks in the spring of 1782. After the first enlist- 
ment stated above there was as deponent thinks, two enlistments 
and for different terms, but deponent cannot state the particular 
times and lengths of these enlistments. He well recollects the 
first of these; afterwards he and said Enos were constantly in the 
service in land guards, till the time when Waring took command 
as aforesaid, making two years in the whole. Deponent in the 
year 1782, served nine months under Waring, but said Enos did 
not serve then. During all the time aforesaid Enos as deponent 
well knows was constantly in service as aforesaid — during the 
whole war petty invasions and incursions were very frequent in 

Sworn and subscribed by the said Messenger Lockwood and 
Drake Lockwood respectively, the day and year abovesaid. 




Most respectfully, your obt. sevnt, 


618. Messenger Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert," 
David,* Enos^), born August 26th, 1765, in Greenwich, Con- 


necticut; died January 29tli, 1849, aged 83.5.3 (gravestone); 
son of Enos and Elizabeth ( ) Lockwood ; ra., October, 

1796, Sarah Ferris, daughter of James Ferris, by Charles Webb, 
Justice of the Peace at Stamford, Connecticut, born 1770, died 
February, 1863, aged 93 years. 

The following " sere and yellow " piece of paper is the original 
record of the children filed in the United States Pension Office as 


Messenger and Sarah (Ferris) Lockwood. 

]289». Shadrach Lockwood, was born June ICtli, 1798. 
1290. AIessekger Lockwood, was born June lltli, 1800. 
1290'. Hannah Lockwood, was born November 16tli, 1802. 
1290^ Maeia Lockwood, was born May 31st, 1804. 
1290«. Elizabeth Lockwood, was born September 18th, 180G. 
1290'*. John Noys Lockwood, was born January 2t)th, 1810. 
1290°. Abba Cecilya Lockwood, was born July 16th, 1811. 

ME.SSENf;i.r., discest the IGth July, aged 13 mos. and 5 days, 1801. 
Abba Cecilya, discest the 30th December, aged 2 years, 5 mos. 1803. 
Egbert was born August the 1st, 1845, a grandson. 

The above record is from an old leaf taken from their family 
Bible — it is an original record. F. A. H. 

We Shadrach Lockwood and Abigail Lockwood, both of 
Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut, depose and say that 
we are well acquainted with Sarah Lockwood, the foregoing 
applicant for a pension, and know that the foregoing signature 
purporting to be hers is her own handwriting and signature, and 
that she is the identical person who made the same and is now 
making this application for a pension. 

^^-^ <U^O ^^^ 


]\Iessenger LockwoocF" entered the Town or Coast Guards at 
Greenwi(!li, about January, 1781 (Capt. Timotliy Lockwood 
commander), and again for nine months ending April 1st, 1782, 
and was employed guarding homes and towns from the British 
and Tories. 

Testified September 9th, 1833, in addition to his oath of 
August 30th, 1832, that he has recently conversed with his 
brother Enos Lockwood and others who were with him in the 
service and from their recollection and his own, is well satisfied 
and therefore testifies that his first enlistment in 1781 was for 
only a part of a six-months terra of duty, which commenced about 
the 11th January of that year. He again enlisted in the guards 
for nine months ending April 1st, 1782, or within a day or two 
of that date; and he faithfully served out both enlistments. 
These guards were regularly enlisted troops, ordered into the 
service by the public authority of Connecticut. His officers were 
Capt. Timothy Lockwood and Lieut. Oliver Jervis. 

During all this time declarant was in service in the field in 
guarding the homes and towns from the British and Tories who 
molested that quarter from Long Island and the mainland con- 
stantly, as declarant's services were rendered in the immediate 
vicinity of his home, he could occasionally do a little chore at his 
home; but was constantly under arms, on duty. 

The service in Greenwich was extremely harassing. 

He was pensioned §30 per aiinum. 


Sarah Lockwood aged 84 — appeared September 15th, 1854, 
before the Probate Court, widow of Messenger Lockwood, late 
of Greenwich, Connecticut, who served in the Revolutionary 
War. She married Messenger Lockwood in October, 1796. 
That she was married by Col. Charles Webb, of Revolutionary 
memory, who was a Justice of the Peace and resided in Stamford 
near her father's residence. That her marriage took place at the 
house of her father, James Ferris, in said Greenwich. 

I, Peter Lockwood, of the Town of Greenwich, in the County 
of Fairfield, and State of Connecticut, do testify and say that I 
was 84 years old on the 12th day of instant September, 1854. 


I always well knew the late Messenger Lockwood of said Green- 
wich now deed, having daring ray whole life lived in the Society 
of Old Greenwich, in said Town of Greenwich in which he lived 
and died, and I have always known his wife, now his widow — 
her maiden name was Sarah Ferris, daughter of James Ferris, 
who lived and died in said Society in said town ; a great part of 
ray life I have lived within one raile of them all, indeed, within 
half a raile of them, and have never lived at a greater distance 
from them than about one mile. I have known said Messenger 
and his said wife from my youth up, at all times until said Mes- 
senger died and have well known his widow since. She now 
lives in said Society where her husband died. I recollect well 
the marriage of said Messenger and Sarah. They were married 
by Col. Charles ^yebb, who was also a Justice of the Peace. He 
married me also to my wife. They always at all times sustained 
tlie best of characters for virtue and correct deportment. Soon 
after their marriage they came and lived in my fiimily for some 
three or four months while said Messenger was building his 
house. He was older than myself, but I was married before he 
was. My family Bible records ray own marriage, August 15th, 

621. Reuben Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,- Robert,' David,* 
Enos*), born September 4th, 1771, in Greenwich, Conn.; bap- 
tized August 6th, 1773 ; died May 21st, 1827, unm., 55. 8. 17 ; 
son of Enos and Elizabeth ( ) Lockwood. 

He ajipears to have been a bachelor. His property was distrib- 
uted April 28th, 1828, to his brothers and sisters, 
viz : Enos Lockwood, 

Sarah Lamb, deceased, 
Messenger Lockwood, 
Martha Ferris, 
Abigail Ferris, 
Elizabeth Lockwood. 

(Greenwich Records.) 


"Reuben Lockwood died May 21st, 1827, aged 55 years, 8 
months and 17 days." (Gravestone.) 

633. William Lock^^ood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Gershom, 
Nathan,* Tiiaddeus^), born August 15th, 1753, in Greenwich, 
Conn.; died February 13th, 1837; son of Thaddeus and Sarah 
( ) Lockwood. He was a farmer, moved from Connecticut 

to Sullivan County, New York, shortly after the Revolutionary 
War; m., January 27th, 1780, Jerairaah Lounsbury, born June 
12th, 1760; lived at Maraakating, Sullivan County, N. Y. 
The original family record, cut from the family Bible, is on file 
in U. S. Pension office. Case No. 20,521. 


1291. William Lockwood, Jr., born March 26th, 17S2, m. Elsie Crance, 

March 1st, 1804. 

1292. Allan Lockwood, born July 14th, 1784, m. Elizabeth Rogers, March 

25th, 1807. 

1293. Heney Lockwood, born August 21st, 1786, died September 20th, 1793. 

1294. Alfred Lockwood, born September 8th, 1788, m. Lucy Bristol, October 

2Uth, 1810. 

1295. Elizabeth Lockwood, born August 2Sth, 1790, m. Timothy Collard, 

January 6th, 1808. 

1296. Anxie Lockwood, born December 24th, 1792, m. Sylvanus Loud, Jan- 

uary 1st, 1815. 

1297. Jemijiaii Lockwood, born October 28th, 1797, unai. 

1298. Thaddecs IjOCKwood, born November 26th, 1799, m. Annie Carpenter, 

November 7tli, 1824. 

1299. jMargaret Lockwood, born September 20th, 1804, m. Hymen Smith. 

Enlisted at Greenwich, Conn., in Captain Webb's Company, 
of Colonel Sullivan's Regiment, in N. Y. line; was in the en- 
gagement at riatbush, L. I., and subsequently, in 1780, served 
in the whale and gunboat service, under Captain Jabez Fitch, of Neck. Pensioned §80 per annum as a Revolutionary 

William Lockwood. 

Jemima Lockwood was his widow; he died February 13th, 
1837, of Sullivan County, New York ; was in a Company com- 
manded by Captain Webb, of the Regiment commanded by Colonel 


Sullivan, New York line; 11 months, pension $80 per annum, 
as a Eevolutionary soldier. 

William Lockwood was formerly of Greenwich, Conn. Phile- 
mon Smith testified, September 3d, 1832, that he was 72 years 
old; that he was a Revolutionary soldier in 1776, and that 
William Lockwood, now (1832) of the town of Mamakating, 
Sullivan County, N. Y., then (1776) resided in the town of 
Greenwich, Fairfield County, Conn. ; not more than three-quarters 
of a mile from where Smith then lived in the town of Stamford, 
in Fairfield County ; that Smith served as a fellow soldier with 
William Lockwood, under Colonel Sullivan, Lieut.-Colonel 
Chandler, Major Matthew Mead, Captain Abraham Mead, and 
Lieutenant Henry Waring, in New York line. I was with said 
William Lockwood in the engagement at Flatbush, Long Island, 
and the said Lockwood, on all occasions, was a brave and active 
soldier; said Lockwood and said Smith were discharged together 
at New Castle. 

And said Smith further says — that in 1780 he served for 3 
months with sd. Wm. Lockwood, in the whale and gunboat ser- 
vice, under Captain Jabez Fitch, of Horse Neck, in Fairfield 

634. Thaddeus Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Gershom,' 
Nathan,* Thaddeus^), born in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Thad- 
deus and Sarah ( ) Lockwood. 


Lydia Lockwood, born December 17th, 1792, died June 26th, 1888, m. Rans- 
furd Avery Ferris, born September loth, 1786. 


PRtTDEXCE Emily Ferris, born June 1st, 1812, m. Jesse W. Reed. 

Lydia Elizabeth Ferris, born May 7th, 1833, m. George E. Scofield. He 
was born February 4tli, 1831, resides in Stamford, Conn., and was son 
of James Bell and Betsey Ann (Raymond) Scofield. 

Note. — It is remarked that 21 years difference in the births 
of two sisters, Prudence and Lydia, is worthy of mention. 


635. Isabel Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,- Gershom/ 
Nathan/ Thaddeus'), born , died 

; daughter of Thaddeus and Sarah 
m. 1st, Silas Chapman ; ra. 2d, John Janes or Jahne. 

First Husband's. 

1300. Charlotte Chapman. 

1301. Sarah Chapman. 

Second Husband's. 

1302. Morris Jahne. 

1303. Abbey Jahne. 

636. Annie Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Gershom,' 
Nathan,* Thaddeus^), born in Greenwich, Conn. ; daughter of 
Thaddeus and Sarah ( ) Lockwood; m., July 4th, 1779, 
Isaac^ Gale, of Stamford, Conn. ; he was born November 17th, 
1760; m. by Rev. William Seward; son of AVilliam^ and 
Rebecca (Jagger) Gale. Joseph,* John,'.Abel,'^ Edmond' Gale, 
of Cambridge, Mass. 


1304. Josiah Gale, born March 18th, 1780. 
130.5. Rebecca Gale, born April 6ih, 1782. 

1306. Amy Gale, born August 13th, 1784. 

1307. Seymour Gale, born July 1st, 1787. (Gale Genealogy, pp. 210-219; 

Stamford Reg.) 

637. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ Gershom,' 
Nathan,* Thaddeus^), born in Greenwich, Conn. ; daughter of 
Thaddeus and Sarah ; ra. Nathaniel Baxter. 


1308. Electa Baxter. 

1309. Marcus Baxter. 

1310. Rebecca Baxter. 

1311. Martha Baxter. 

639. Abigail Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,- Gershom,^ 
Nathan,* Tiiaddeus*), born , died 

; daughter of Thaddeus and Sarah ; 

m. AVilliam Smith. 



1312. Morris Smith. 
1313 William Smith. 

1314. Harriet Smith. 

1315. Hymen Smith, m. Margaret Lockwood. 

1316. Edmund Smith. 

1317. Washington Smith. 

1318. Merritt Smith. 

640. Mary Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,- Gershom, 
Nathan,* Thaddeus^), born , died 

: dauehter of Thaddeus and Sarah 


1319. Nathaniel Briggs. 

1320. John Briggs. 

642. Ira Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Gershom/ Nathan/ 
Thaddeus^), born in Greenwich, Conn. ; so'n of Thaddeus and 
Sarali ( ) Lockwood ; m. Clementine Mills. 


1321. Hanford Lockwood. 

1322. Ralph Lockwood. 

644. Dennison Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Gershom/ 
Nathan,* Thaddeus^), born in Greenwich, Conn., removed to Red- 
ding, Conn.; son of Thaddeus and Sarah ( ) Lockwood.; 
ra. Sarah King. 


1323. William Lockwood. 

1324. Stephen D. Lockwood, born June 10th, 1S0.5, m. Marv Elizabeth Dann. 

648. Sarah Reynolds (Robert/ Jonathan,' Gershom,' Na- 
than,* Sarah*), of Stanwich, Greenwich, Conn., was daughter of 
Nathaniel and Sarah (Lockwood) Reynolds. 

282 descendants of robert lockwood, 

An Anecdote of the Revolution. 

"During the Revolutionary War, the British with their Tory 
friends, went to the home of Mr. Nathaniel Reynolds, in Stan- 
wich, within the township of Greenwich, Conn., near Long 
Island Sound, to drive away his cattle, when his daughter Sarah, 
unterrified by the presence of marauders, ran out of the house and 
drove the cattle back to their quarters. In a few days the enemy, 
having apparently recovered their courage, made another raid 
upon the cattle, when the dauntless girl, Sarah, again came to the 
rescue, whereupon the leader of the band commanded her to leave 
or he would fire upon her. 'Fire then ! ' replied the Connecticut 
girl, when he turned to his men and said, ' Let her have them.' 
Her courage and intrepidity having secured her father's property 
from further molestation." (Contributed by Miss E. Frances 
Lockwood, Norwalk, Conn.) 

650. Dav-id Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Gershora,' Heze- 
kiah,^ Jeremiah*), born May 15th, 1758, baptized November 17th, 
1765, died September 6th, 1825; son of Jeremiah and Abigail 
(Smith) Lockwood ; m., November 7th, 1779, Hannah Holly, by 
Rev. Moses Walter, at Stamford, Conn. She was born about 


1325. Sally Lockwood, born December 8th, 1782. 
132(5. Hannah Lockwood, born September 2d, 1787. 

David Lockwood, enlisted in the 5th Regiment, Colonel Water- 
bury's. May 8th, 1775, and was discharged December 13th, 
1775 [Connecticut in Rev., p. 64], and afterwards served in an 
Artillery Company and also in Captain Keeler's Company. 
(Stamford Reg.) 

P. 618. From Calendar, New York Colonial Manuscripts. 
David Lockwood, Hezekiah Lockwood, Nathan Lockwood. 
Westchester County, 1777. 

Sworn by Major Ebenezer Lockwood. 

of watertowx, massachusetts. 

State of Conxecticut, 
Fairfield Couxty, 

Stamford, October 18th, 1819. 

I, S. H. Minor, Judge of the Court of Probate, for Stamford 
District, do certify that the proceedings and testimony had taken 
before me, on the application of David Lockwood, for a pension 
under the act of Congress, of the 18th of March, 1818, appear 
at large on this and the following pages of this sheet. 


State of Connecticut, 
Fairfield County, 

Stamfonl, October 18th, 1819. 

Personally appeared before me, S. H. Minor, Judge of the 
Court of Probate, for Stamford District, David Lockwood, of 
said Stamford, who doth on oath declare, that in the spring of 
the year 1776, he enlisted into a Company commanded by Cap- 
tain Keelor, in Colonel Bradley's Regiment, in the Connecticut 
line on the Continental establishment, for the teem of nine 
months — that he served out his time faithfully, engaged against 
the Common Enemy, when he was honorably discharged, but 
what has become of his discharge he cannot tell — that he is a 
resident citizen of the United States, in said Stamford, where he 
has resided from his birth, except about four years, at different 
times within the last ten years he has resided in the State of Xew 
York. That from his reduced circumstances in life, he needs 
the assistance of his country for support. 

(^lcu3nP 4xr0^uW^ 

Certified by 


State of Connecticut, 
Fairfield County, 

Stamford, October 19th, 1819. 

Personally appeared before me, S. H. Minor, Judge of the 
Court of Probate, for Stamford District, Ebenezer Hantbrd, Jr., 
and Thaddeus Hasted, and made oath, that in the spring of the 


year 1776, they inlisted as soldiers into a Company commanded 
by Captain Keeler, in Colonel Bradley's Regiment, in the Cou- 
necticLit line, on the Continental establishment for the term of 
nine months, and were discharged at the expiration of their term, 
in the State of Pennsylvania. That David Lockwood, of said 
Stamford, signer of the foregoing declaration, was a soldier in 
the same Company for the same terra and as they ever under- 
stood and verily believe was honorably discharged at the end of 
the term of his inlistment. 


Certified by . , - 


State of Coxxecticut, ) 
Fairfield County, )^' 

Stamford, October 19th, 1819. 

Personally appeared, Hon. James Stevens, of said Stamford, 
and made oath that he is well acquainted with David Lockwood, 
signer of the foregoing declaration, and that the said Lockwood 
is a resident citizen of the United States, in the Town of Stam- 
ford, Fairfield County, in Connecticut, where he has resided for 
the last forty years, except a short time say four or five years 
within the ten last years, when this deponent understood the said 
Lockwood was living in the State of New York, and that the 
said Lockwood from his reduced circumstances in life needs the 
assistance of his country for support. 


Certified by 


State of Connecticut, 
Fairfield County, 

Stamford Prol)ate Office, October 19th, 1819. 

I, S. H. Minor, Judge of the Court of Probate, for Stamford 
District, do certify that it appears to my satisfaction, that David 
Lockwood, signer of the foregoing declaration, served in the 
Revolutionary War, against the Common Enemy as stated in said 


declaration, that Ebenezer Han ford, Jr., Thaddeus Husted, and 
the Hon. James Stevens, signers of the foregoing depositions, are 
personally known to me, and that they are credible witnesses, and 
that the said David Lockwood, from his reduced circumstances 
in life, is in need of the assistance of his country for support. 

In TESTixroNY whereof, I have subscribed the same, and 
affixed the seal of said court, 

S. H. ^^nxoR. 


David Lockwood, A Wonderful Historical Affidavit. 

State of Connecticut, 
County of Fairfield, 

Stamford. Be it known that on this 20th day of February, 
A.D. 1837, before me, Simeon H. Minor, a Notary Public, in 
and for said State and County, personally appeared William 
Waterbury, of said Stamford, who being first duly sworn on his 
oath, says : That he is 70 years of age, and is only child left by 
the late Brigadier-General David Waterbury, deceased, late of 
said Stamford, that his father, the s;iid David Waterbury, at his 
death, left, in the possession of this deponent, many of his 
military documents, which this deponent still retains. He has 
his commission dated the first day of May, 1775, signed by 
Jonathan Trumbull, Governor of the State of Connecticut, and 
countersigned by George Wyllys, Secretary, by which his said 
father was appointed, and made Colonel of the 5th Regiment, of 
the inhabitants enlisted and assembled for the special defense, 
etc. He has also his said father's " orderly book of 1775," on 
wliich are the muster rolls of the ten companies belonging to his 
regiment. The Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Major, each, 
had his company with subalterns under him. 

His late father's muster-roll embraced himself as Colonel ; 
Sylvanus Brown, as Captain-Lieutenant; Jonathan Whiting, 
Lieutenant; Samuel Halt, Ensign; Charles Webb, Adjutant; 
one clerk, four sergeants, four corporals, and eighty-six privates, 
and amongst the latter are the names of David Lockwood, Jr., late 
of Stamford, deceased, and Squire Dan, who is still living iu said 
Stamford. This deponent well knew said David Lockwood, who 


after the Eevolutionaiy War, lived in a part of Stamford, called 
New Field, where he carried on the trade of a blacksmith. 

y^/^^^^a^tzyrw -^^V*S^^ 

David Lockwood. 
Hannah Lockwood was his widow, of Stamford, Conn. 

State of Connecticut, "1 
Fairfield County, \^^' 

Be it known that on January 26th, 1837, personally appeared 
Hannah Lockwood, of Stamford, and states under oath, that she is 
in the 78th year of her age. That she was born in Stamford, 
and has ever resided there; that November 7th, 1779, she was 
lawfully married to David Lockwood, of said Stamford, who 
was then David Lockwood, Jr., by the Rev. Mr. Moses Mather, 
a Presbyterian minister, in Middlesex, then a part of the town 
of Stamford. That said David was in the service of the United 
States, before and after their intermarriage. That he served 
under Captain Brown for three months. Her husband enlisted 
into a Company of Artillery, .stationed at Stamford, and served 
nine months. That said David Lockwood, died in said Stam- 
ford, September 6th, 1825. 


December 9th, 1836, Squire Dan says, he enlisted April 15th, 
1775, in a Company commanded by Col. David Waterbuiy ; 
Capt. Sylvanus Brown; Lieut. Jonathan Whiting; and Ensign 
Samuel Hait; that with this Company, deponent went to the 
northward, and served through the season, at least seven months, 
and was present at the taking of St. John's ; after which he went 
to Montreal; and was there discharged. This deponent knows 
well that David Lockwood who afterwards pursued the trade of 
a blacksmith, in a street called Newfield, in said Stamford, was a 
regular enlisted soldier in said Company, and served therein seven 
months, and was discharged at ^lontreal, and then returned to 
his home in Stamford. 


I ^Ya3 one of the persons employed to take said David Lock- 
wood across the lake on their return hoine. 


David Lockwood. 

Xoveraber 29th, 1836, Samuel Dean says under oath, before 
the Hon. Simeon H. Minor, that he was well acquainted with 
David Lockwood, late of said Stamford, deceased, and with his 
wife Hannah Lockwood, who is an applicant for a pension. 

Said David Lockwood served 7 months or more, at the North- 
ward, under Capt. Sylvanus Brown, in the year 1775. David 
AYatei'bury was the Colonel of the Regiment, and the succeed- 
ing year, was appointed a Brigadier-General. 

In 1776, another Company was raised, and David Lockwood 
and myself served seven months in it ; during this latter period 
of this service, David Lockwood was in the engagement at 
White Plains. 

In 1780, on the first January, said David Lockwood joined the 
Company, of which this deponent was a member. "We were 
messmates. We were on the lines at Horseneck, and By rams. 

In the course of the winter, Captain Keeler commanded a 
Company, that went into the enemy's camp and took off Colonel 
Hatfield, and all his officers and made them prisoners. This de- 
ponent and David Lockwood were of this party. 

David Lockwood afterwards joined an Artillery Company, iu 
said Stamford, and served six months therein. 

sa:\iuel deax. 

David Lockwood and Hannah Plolly, were married by Rev. 
Moses Mather, on November 7th, 1779. 
The above is certified by 


Town Clerk. 

David Lockwood. 

Comptroller's Office, Hartford, Conn., June Sth, 1837. 

I certify that the name of David Lockwood, Jr., appears on a 
pay roll, in this office, headed as follows, to wit: 

"Pay Roll of Col. David Waterbury's Company in the 


Regiment of forces of the United Colonies under command of 
Col. David Waterbury, raised in the Colony of Connecticut, 
commencing on the day in which they entered said service and 
ending with the time of their dismission, including time for the 
discharge to get home," and he is credited for service from May 
3d, to December 13th, a period of 220 days. 

The name of David Lockwood, further appears on a return of 
Colonel Waterbury's Company, for back rations commencing 
26th June, 1775, and ending 29th November following, and he 
is named as being discharged November 28th. 



651. Henry Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Gershom,' Heze- 
kiah,* Jeremiah^), born January 30th, 1763, baptized November 
17th, 1765, in Stamford, Conn.; son of Jeremiah and Abigail 
(Smith) Lockwood ; m. Deborah Sellick, of Darien, Conn., 
daughter of Nathan and Sarah Sellick, who were members of 
the Congregational Church at that place when it was organized. 

1327. Sellick Lockwood, born 
132S. Delevan Lockwood, born 

1329. John Lockwood, born , ni. Bathsheba Maibee. 

1330. Jane Lockwood, born , ni. Odell. 

1331. Mary Lockwood, born , m. Osburn. 

1332. Deborah Lockwood, born , m. a German. 

1333. Martha Lockwood, born , m. Moses Knapp. 

652. Jeremiah Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Ger- 
shom,' Hezekiah,* Jeremiah^), born December 24th, 1764, bap- 
tized November 17th, 1765, in the Congregational Church, 
Stamford, Conn., died in Stamford in 1822; son of Jeremiah 
and Abigail (Smith) Lockwood ; m,, August 7th, 17 Si, Elizabeth 
Holcraft at Poundridge, New York. 


1334. Sarah Lockwood, born June 14th, 1785, baptized December 17th, 1786. 

1335. Henry Lockwood, born August 20th, 1786, died December 2;st, 1786. 

1336. Betsey Lockwood, born November 8th, 1787. 

1337. Abigail Lockwood, born February 15th, 1789, died October 24th, 1807. 

1338. Jeremiah Lockwood, born August 18th, 1791. 


1339. Jony LocErn-eoD, born December 2-5th, 1793, "Christmas day." 

1340. Polly Lockivood, born February 27th, 1796. 

1341. Eb. Lockwood, born October 20th, 1799. 

1342. JcxiA Ayx Lcckwood, born Angust 7th, 1802, m. William Thorn, May 

18th, 1828, he b. October 10th, 1800, s. p. 

1343. Sally Axn Lock^ood, born August 7th, 1802, died March 24th, 1803. 

1344. Geokge Lockavood, born February 24th, 1805, died young. (Stam- 

ford Eeg.) 

653. Ebe>,-ezer Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Gershom,' 
Hezekiah/ Jeremiah^), born November 12th, 1765-6, baptized 
January llth, 1767, died January 3d, 1839; son of Jeremiah and 
Abigail (Smith) Lockwood; m. Ann . Enlisted in 1780 

in Capt. Scoville's Company of Col. Campbell's Regiment in the 
Connecticut line, and served 15i months, and served at Stanwich, 
Bedford, North Street, Horse Neck and other places. AVas pen- 

Ebe>.-ezer Lockwood, 

of Florida, New York, a private soldier in Capt. Scoville's 
Company, Col. Campbell's Regiment in the Connecticut line, 
served 15J months. 1832, September 19th, — Ebenezer Lock- 
wood, a resident of Florida, Montgomery County, — aged 62 
years. Pie was born at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, 
November 12th, 1765; he has a record of his age in a Bible 
which he kept for more than forty years. 

Ebenezer died in Florida, Schenectady County, N. Y., Janu- 
ary 3d, 1839. He resided in Stamford until he enlisted in the 
fall or winter of 1780. He served in the Revolutionary "War at 
Stanwich, Bedford, North Street, Horse Neck, and did guard 
duty among what were called Refugees and Tories. He was 
pensioned §51.66 per year. 

Ann Lockwood, of Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, N. Y., 
widow of Ebenezer Lockwood. 

September 6th, 1855, Ann Lockwood was aged 70 years. 


654. Abraham Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,* Gershom,' 
Hezekiah/ Jeremiah"), born August 28th, 1770, baptized October 
7th, 1770; son of Jeremiah and Abigail (Smith) Loekwood; m., 
June 23d, 1803, Mary Sackett Knapp. 


1345. Adam Kxapp Lockwood, born January 31st, 1S05, in Greenwich. 

1346. Lewis Lockwood, born March 29th, 1807, in Greenwich. 

1347. Abraham Lockwood, Jr., born February 21st, ISIO, in Stamford. 

1348. Nathan LocK-n-ooD, born August 13th, 1813, in .Siamfonl. 

1349. Noah Lockwood, born May 1st, ISlo, in Stamford. (Stamford Eeg.) 

656. Capt. James Lockwood (Eobert,' Jonathan,' Gershom, 
Hezekiah,* Jeremiah'), born April 17th, 1775, just two days 
before the battle of Lexington ; was baptized June 5th, 1775, 
only twelve days before the battle of Bunker Hill; in Stamford, 
Conn. He removed when he became of age to Madison County, 
New York, the year this new county was formed, and named in 
honor of James Madison, President of the United States. Son 
of Jeremiah and Abigail (Smith) Lockwood, m. November 9th, 
1797, at Lebanon, Madison County, New York, llarilda Ferris, 
born July 26th, 1781, daughter of Enoch ]M. Ferri,s, of Green- 
wich, Connecticut. He resided at Lebanon, N. Y., was a Cap- 
tain in the War of 1812, and died that year aged 37. 


1350. Ambrose K. Lockwood, born December 9th, 1793, m. Sally Brown. 

1351. Marilla Lockwood, born April 17th, 1801, m. Jacob Schuyler. 

1352. Daniel H. Lockwood, born January 20th, 1803, m. Hannah Tater. 

1353. Sylvan Ferris Lockwood, born August 3d, 1S05, m. Nancy Dolbear. 

1354. Sylvester Lockwood, June 6th, 1807, m. Angeline Johnson. 

1355. Alanson Ingham Lockwood, born August 20th, 1609, m. Phehe Susanna 

Watkins. All born at Lebanon, New York. 

661. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Gershom,' 
Hezekiah,* Isaac'), born , died , sou of Isaac, m. 

Phebe Seely. 

About 1806 or 1808, Joseph and Phebe joined the Shakers, 
at Union Village, Warren County, Ohio. Joseph was a carpenter 
(like Joseph of old) and built houses for the " United Society of 


Believers in Christ's Second Appearing,'' as the Shakei-s call 
themselves. In 1888, an old Shaker lady, 87 years of age, said 
"Joseph was a carpenter, and was noted for the excellency of 
liis work, and the Shakers were glad to have him locate with 
them on that account as well as for other reasons. He was a 
sober, industrious man." He removed to Indiana where he died. 


1356. Geoege Lockwood, born in Union Villnge, Ohio, died unm. 

13-57. Sherman Lockwood, born in Union Village, Ohio, died in Indian.i. 

1358. Eaksom Seely Lockwood, born in Union Village, February lo:h, ISIO. 

The Name of Seeley. 

'' Obadiah Seeley was early a resident here, as several entries 
in the records show. In 1G51 he acknowledged payment of a debt 
due him from John Lareson. He died in 1667, and his inventory 
taken December 24th, 1667, by William Xewman and Robert 
Usher, mentions his widow Mary and his sons Obadiah, Corne- 
lius and Jonas. His widow Mary had been the widow also' of 
John Miller, of Stamford. He was probably a son of Robert 
Seeley, of Watertown, who settled afterwards in Wethersfield, 
and became quite famous as a Lieutenant in the Pequot War, 
and still later of the New Haven force under Sedgwick and 
Leverett against the New Netherlands. This name has been 
well represented in all its generations in the town." (Hy. Stam- 
ford, Connecticut, p. 61.) 

662. MiLLiNGTON Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Jonathan,' Ger- 
sliom,' Gershom,* Millington*), born , died May 20th, 

1860; son of Millington and Sybil ("Wood) Lockwood; m. Jane 
Atkitson Cuisac, died May 19th, 1830. 


1359. Fanny Narox Lockwood, born , m. Edmund B. Child. 

1360. Catharine Forsytiie Lockwood, born , m. 1, Benjamin 

Stiles, m. 2, Ebenezer Perkins. 
13G1. Millington Lockwood, born , died iinm. 

1362. Jane Lockwood, born , died young. 

1363. Sarah Lockwood, born , died young. 


1364. Eembeandt Lockwood, born 1815, m. Sarah Ursule Despeaux. 

1365. Eev. JosHt^A Bradley Lockwood, bora , died unm, ; a Baptist 

1866. John Atkitson Lockwood, born , m. Adelaide Shepherd. 

1367. Jane Elizabeth Lockwood, born December 17th, 1826, m. AVilliam 


673. David Lock'\tood (Rohert,i Jonathan/ Gershom/ 
Theophiliis/ Theophilus'), born in Dutchess County, New York; 
son of Theophilus; m. Chloe Camp, born in "Wethersfield, Conn., 
daughter of Moses and Chloe (Stoddard) Camp. 


1368. LrciA Haeriet Lockwood, born August 15th, 1818, m. "VVm. Monroe. 

1369. Elizabeth Eleanor Lockwood, born September 11th, 1820, m. Wm. 

J. Thayer. 

1370. Louisa Ann Lockwood, born November 14th, 1823, m. Obadiah W. 


1371. Mary Chloe Lockwood, born February 19th, 1826, m. Wm. Munson. 

1372. Levi Camp Lockwood, born May 23d, 1827, m. Augustus Stevens. 

1373. Marcus Willard Lockwood, born May 8th, 1 829, died young. 

1374. Sarah Adahne Lockwood, bofn November 14th, 1831, ni. Edwin 


1375. Samuel Theophilus Lockwood, born April 23d, 1834, m. Juliet 


679. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Joseph^), born 1761, Poundridge, N. Y., died September 7th, 
1838, in 77th year; daughter of Capt. Joseph, Jr., and Hannah 
(Close) Lockwood ; m. (as his 2d wife) Thaddeus Hoyt, born 
January 26th, 1742-43, son of Abraham and Hannah Hoyt. 
He lived in Stamford, Conn., and died October 3d, 1826. Ear- 
mark at Stamford May 25th, 1767. (Hoit or Hoyt Gen'y, p. 
363.) He was in the Revolutionary War, became a man of in- 
fluence and wealth. 

" Thaddeus Hoyt was in the Revolutionary Army in New 
York City in 1776. Was on a committee to supply the Com- 
missary with clothing in December, 1777, and was quite noted 
as a scout against the Cow-boys. He became a man of influence, 
and, for the age iu which he lived, of quite considerable wealth." 
A foot-note is given about "Uncle Thad." Tells of his athletic 
frame, and reckless and successful daring, and his active patriot- 


ism. He was so much hated by the Tories, and so much exposed 
"was he in his house by night, that he often retired in the evening 
witli his gun and blanket to a neighboring clump of cedars which 
afforded him safer shelter ; and a description then follows, of 
how Sam. Lochvood, a Tory neighbor, was a leader in these 
depredations, and how once he grappled with him, etc., etc. He 
was too much for Samivel. (Hoyt Gen'y, p. 363.) 

680. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Joseph"), born December 3d, ] 764, at Poundridge, N. Y., died of 
yellow fever, October 25th, 1799, at Poundridge (was the fourth 
consecutive generation of Josephs) ; son of Joseph and Hannah 
(Close) Lockwood ; m., October 9th, 1788, Mary Drake, born 
September 8th, 1765, daughter of Col. Samuel Drake. Mrs. 
Mary (Drake) Lockwood m., September 27th, 1800, Duncan 
McCall as her second husband; she died May 2d, 1819, aged 
53. 7. 24. 


1376. Samuel Drake Lockwood, born August 2d, 1789, at Poundridge, N. Y. 

1377. Jesse Close Lockwood, born January 7th, 1791. 

1378. Rebecca Ann Lockwood, born March 2.5th, 1792, m. December 3d, 

1809, Jacob Potts, Victoria, Canada, died June 5th, 1827. 

1379. Cornelius Lockwood, born November, 1793, died October 23d, 1799. 

681. Solomon Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Joseph,' 
Joseph/ Joseph'), born August 28th, 1766, at Poundridge, N. Y., 
died March 9th, 1841, aged 74. 6. 9; son of Joseph and Hannah 
(Close) Lockwood; m. Mary, of Greenwich, Conn., born 
April 16th, 1770, died May 6th, 1848, aged 78. 0. 20, daughter 
of Odle Close. 


1380. Bethia Lockwood, born June 2l9t, 1791, m. Hon. Horatio Lockwood, 

died May 14th, 1863. 

1381. Odle Lockwood, born May 4th, 1793, died August loth, 1873. 

1382. Leander Lockwood, born November 21st, 1794, died March 22d, 1795. 

1383. Joseph Lockwood, born September 23d, 1796, died February 2Sth, 1820. 

Drowned in the Alleghany River the last day of winter. 
1334. Hannah Lockwood, born March 9th, 1793, died February 21st, 1868. 
1385. William Lockwood, born September 14th, 1800, died November 15th, 


1386. Catharine Mary Lockwood, born October 13th, 1802, ra. Jobn L. 

Silliman, died April 17tb, 1879. 

1387. Sarah Elizabeth Lockwood, born September 10th, 1805, m. Francis 

K Murray, died June 30th, 1884. 

1388. Nancy Lockwood, born November 4th, 1807, died November, 1807. 

1389. Solomon Lockwood, born September oth, 1810, died September 22d, 


688. Betsey Lockwood (Robert/Jonathau/ Joseph/ Joseph/ 
Ebenezer^), born April 4th, 1762, at Poundridge, Xew York ; 
died February 14th, 1848; daughter of Major Ebenezer and 
Hannah (Smith) Lockwood; m., February 16th, 1777, Alsop 
Hunt; he died June 16th, 1816. (Hunt Genealogy, p. 164.) 

"Alsop Hunt, a son-in-law of Major Lockwood, was captured 
by Tarleton and lodged in Provost prison July 2d, 1779." 

689. RuiiAMAH Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezer"), born January 22d, 1765, at Poundridge, 
New York, died October 3d, 1825; daughter of Major Eljenezer 
and Hannah (Smith) Lockwood; m., 1786, Samuel Read, born 
at Reading, 1763, son of Zalmon Read 1st. 

He settled in Woodbridge, New Jersey, where he died, in 
October, 1834. 


1390. Charles Read, born 

1391. Hannah Read, born (Read Family, p. 21G.) 

691. Mary Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph/ Joseph,* 
Ebenezer^), born November 21st, 1769, Poundridge, New York; 
died May 1st, 1828; daughter of Major Ebenezer and Hannah 
(Smith) Lockwood ; m. Partridge Thatcher ; he died 

September 8th, 1845. 

(All born at Poundridge, New York.) 

1392. John Thatcher. 

1393. Stephen Thatcher. 

1394. George Thatcher, m. Julia 

1395. Philo Thatcher, ra. Cynthia Lockwood. 


1396. Betsey Ann Thatcher, m. Albert Lockwood. 

1397. Maeia Thatcher, unmarried. 

139S. Hasxah Thatcher, m. Capt. John Gurrell. 

1399. Clarissa Thatcher, m. "William L. Smith. 

1400. Sarah Thatcher, m. Eev. Wm. Patterson. 

1401. Catharine Thatcher, m. Linus Olmsted. 

1402. A SON, Thatcher. 

The following epitaph oa the gravestone of the grandfather of 
Mr. Thatcher is found in the graveyard in Central Village, New 
Milford, Connecticut. It is quaint and original and worth pre- 
serving : 

"Sacred to the memory of Partridge Thacher, Esq., 
who departed this life Jan. 9th, 1786, in the 72d. 
year of his age. — Composed by the deceased 
P. Thacher, Esq. ; Rest here, my body, 
till the Archangel's voice, more sonorous 
far than nine-fold thunder, wakes the sleeping 
dead ; then rise to thy jnst sphere, and be 
mv house immortal." 

(Barber's Conn. His. Coll., p. 4S1.) 

692. Ebenezer Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Jonathan,- Joseph/ 
Joseph,* Ebenezer'), born October 27th, 1771, at Poundridge, 
New York; died July 5th, 1811, aged 40 years; son of Major 
Ebenezer and Hannah (Smith) Lockwood; m. Sarah Olmsted; 
she died 1845. 


1403. Ebenezer Lockwood 3d, born May 13th, 1791 ; lived in Olean, New 

York, and in Burlington, Iowa, where he died. 

1404. Eliza Lockwood, born May 25th, 1793. 

1405. RcHAMAH Lockwood, born April 13th, 1795. 

1406. Caroline Lockwood, born January 23d, 1797. 

1407. Nathan Olm.sted Lockwood, born January 2d, 1799. 

1408. Thomas Lockwood, born January 8th, 1801. 

1409. George W. Lockwood, born December 13th, 1802. 

1410. Amy Lockwood, born January 6th, ISOo, " Epiphany." 

1411. Sarah Ann Lockwood, born February 9th, 1807. 

1412. Hannah Lockwood, born July Otli, 1S09, m. Mr. Garvin, Meadville, 


1413. Clarissa Lockwood, born December 4th, 1811. 

693. Clarissa Lockttood (Robert,' Jonathan," Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezer'), born December 29th, 1773, Poundridge, 


New York; died October, 1854, aged 81; daughter of Major 
Ebenezer and Hannah (Smith) Lockwood ; m. 1st, 
Solomon Cox, who died about the year 1808 ; m. 2d, October, 
1814, Capt. Jesse Richards, born July 24th, 1763, died Decem- 
ber 18th, 1839, on his father's homestead, Xew Canaan, Con- 
necticut; son of Capt. James and Hannah (Waring) Richards, 
grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth (Latham) Richards, great- 
grandson of John Latham, of Norwalk, Connecticut. 


1414. Ebenezer James Richards, born April 3d, 1816, resided unmarried in 

New Canaan. (Richards Genealogy, p. 205.) 

694. Hon. Ezra Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Joseph/ 
Joseph,* Ebenezer'), born June 27th, 1777, at Poundridge, New 
York, died May 29th, 1853 ; resided all his life at Poundridge, 
New York ; son of Major Ebenezer and Hannah (Smith) Lock- 
wood; was Surrogate of Westchester County, New York, and was 
appointed by His E.xcellency Martin A'^au Buren, then Gov- 
ernor of the State of New York, Judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas, for said County ; m. Sally Weed, born August 14th, 

1779, died January 30th, 1857, daughter of David and Rebecca 
(Brown) Weed, of Stamford, Connecticut; David died May, 
1814, and Rebecca died March, 1797. 


1415. Albert Lockwood, born January 23d, 1799, died January 5th, 1868. 
141G. Lewis Lockwood, born September 5tli, 1804, died February 11th, 1870. 

Hon. Ezra Lockwood, who filled the offices of Supervisor, 
Justice of the Peace, member of the Legislature, Surrogate and 
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, was a brother of Horatio. 
They were very unlike, however. Ezra was a man of studious 
habits and well educated, but he lacked the elements of popu- 
larity, which his brother possessed. He was an ardent Whig, 
and at times party spirit ran so high that the two brothers would 
not speak, although they lived opposite to each other. 

Ezra Lockwood, son of Major Ebenezer Lockwood, was born 
at Poundridge, Westchester County, New York, June 27th, 


1777. He married Sally, daughter of David and Eebecca 
(Brown) Ti'eed, of Stamford. He lived in the village of Pound- 
ridge during his whole life, occupying a residence directly oppo- 
site to the old homestead where he was born. 

Ezra was well educated, and was of a studious disposition. 
For some years he taught a private school at Poundridge. He 
was a Justice of the Peace of his town and represented it in the 
Board of Supervisors from 1807 to 1819. He also represented 
Westchester County in the State Legislature in the year 1806, 
and was Surrogate of the County 1808-10, and 1811-13. He 
was also for many years one of the Judges of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas for Westchester County. 

695. B.OS. Horatio* Lockwood (Robert,Mouathan,- Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezer^), born September 6th, 1779, at Ridgefield, 
Connecticut, and died in Poundridge, Westchester County, New 
York, November 5th, 1853, aged 74. 2. 0; son of Major Ebenezer 
and Hannah (Smith) Lockwood ; he was for several terms a 
member of the General Assembly of the State of New York, 
1833-1842; m., March 25th, 1808 (Robert,^ Jonathan," Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Joseph,* Solomon,' Bethia'), Bethia Close Lockicood, 
born June 21st, 1791, and died May 14th, 1863, aged 71. 10. 23, 
daughter of Solomon* and Mary (Close) Lockwood, granddaugh- 
ter of Capt. Joseph, Jr.,' and Hannah (Close) Lockwood, great- 
granddaughter of Joseph* and Sarah (Hoyt) Lockwood. Horatio 
was cousin to his wife's father. 

Joseph,' Jonathan,^ Robert.^ (Same as above.) 


1417. Mary Lockwood, born April 9th, 1809, m. Horace Reynolds. 

1418. Jaxe Lockwood, born October 22il, 1810, m. Alanson Raymond. 

1419. Sophia Lockwood, born September •2Sth, ISI'2, m. Phllo Lockwood. 

1420. Alsop Hu>-t Lockwood, born September 17th, 1814, m. Mary Eliza 


1421. Amelia D'AuTREMENT Lockwood, born Deceraberllth, 1819, m. James 

Belts, of Stamford, Connecticut. 

1422. Eetjey Hr>-T Lockwood, born May 7tli, 1816, died May 10th, 1820. 

1423. Solomon Read Lockwood, born December 9th, 1817, unmarried. 

1424. Catharlse Lockwood, born February 20th, 1823, m. Le Grand W. 

Keeler, of Wilton, Connecticut. 


Hox. Horatio Lockwood. 

The suliject of this sketch, was the son of Major Ebenezer 
and Hannah (Smith) Lockwood. On the 3d of July, 1779, a 
detachment of British troops, under the command of Col. Tarle- 
ton, made a sudden descent upon the village of Poundridge, 
Westchester County, New York. One of the objects of the at- 
tack was the capture of Major Ebenezer Lockwood, for whom a 
reward of forty guineas had been offered. During the skirmish 
which followed, the house of Major Lockwood was burned, and 
his wife sought a refuge at Ridgefield, Connecticut; about nine 
miles distant. While thus temporarily^ at Ridgefield, Horatio 
was born, on the 6th of September, 1779. It was this circum- 
stance of Tarleton's raid which was the cause of his being born 
away from his father's home. ]\Iajor Lockwood's family soon 
returned to the homestead in Poundridge, where Horatio lived 
during the rest of his life. He was named after General Horatio 
Gates, but he never used the name Gates. When he became a 
man, lie succeeded to a portion of the large estate owned by his 
father, and lived in the house which was erected upon the site of 
the one which was burned by the British. He followed the oc- 
cupation of a farmer and a dealer in cattle. Being in comfort- 
able circumstances, and with good family connections, he soon 
acquired a prominent position in his town and county. 

He represented the town of Poundridge in the Board of Super- 
visors, of Westchester County, during the years 1820-1823 and 
1825-1839. He also represented Westchester County in the 
Lower House of the State Legislature during the years 1833- 
1836, 1841 and 1842. In politics he was a Democrat, but being 
very affable in his manner, and a lover of fun, he was popular 
with all parties. 

He also acquired a considerable reputation as a practitioner in 
the courts of the Justices of the Peace, a position in those days 
which was frequently filled by layman, and one which required 
not such an intricate knowledge of legal lore as of good common 
sense and an ability to impress a jury. 

In his day the periodical circuits of the Supreme Court, and 
the sessions of the County Court, were the occasions of a general 

^^^"^-^^^^^ .-^^^J^wJ'-^r^ 


gathering of the well-known men of the county, as well as of 
members of the bar. 

At such times the General, as he was called, was a conspicuous 
figure, and many anecdotes have been handed down in which he 
was the chief actor. 

On the 10th of August, 1851, while at Ellicottville, Cattarau- 
gus County, New York, where he had gone to purchase cattle 
and horses, Horatio received a stroke of paralysis. 

He was brought home, and although he lived until November 
5th, 1853, he never afterwards engaged in active business. He 
died at the age of seventy-four years, and was buried in the old 
burying-ground at Poundridge. Horatio married Bethia Close, 
a daughter of Solomon Lockwood, of Poundridge, who, with five 
daughters and one son, survived him. 

From Wm. T. L., N. Y. : 

Horatio Lochvood, of Pound Ridge, was, among his other 
professions, quite a j)cUifogger ; was once called to defend a case 
brought before a jury in a Justice's court, and his opponent was 
a lawyer named Reynolds of Sing Sing. After the case had been 
heard and all evidence in. Lawyer Reynolds summed up for his 
side in words of great eloquence. Lockwood arose, bool: in 
hand, saying : If it please your Honor, and gentlemen of the jury, 
the learned counsel having given his views of this case in a very 
able manner, I will now read to you what the law says. After 
apparently reading two or three pages (stating his views), says: 
Now, gentlemen of the jury, I leave the case in your hands, and 
sat down. Up jumps Counsellor Reynolds, saying : If it please 
your Honor, I would like to know ivhcre the learned gentleman 
finds t!ie law he has just read. Lockwood's reply was, tut, tut, 
the J — I, find j/our own law, d — n you; and won his case. 

606. Lewis Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Ebenezer^), born December 18th, 1783, at Poundridge, New 
York, and dieil there March 9th, 1816, in his 33d year; son of 
Major Ebenezer and Hannah (Smith) Lockwood ; was a lawyer 
and licensed as an attorney in 1806. (See Scharf's History of 
Westchester County, New York, vol. 1, p. 541, chapter entitled, 
** Bench and Bar.") He was unm. 


698. JosiAH LoCKWOOD (Robert/ Jonatlian,' Joseph,' John,* 
John^), born in Stamford, Conn. ; son of John and Hannah 
(Hoit) Lockwood ; m. Olive Searles. 


1425. Hervey Lockwood, m. Sally Scofield. 

1426. Therza Lockwood, m. Isaac Knapp. Jr. (Stamford Probate Records.) 

699. Shadrach Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Joseph,' 
John,* John^), born at Stamford, Conn., at a point called "Turn 
of the River ;" son of John and Hannah (Hoit) Lockwood ; m., 
March 20th, 1806, by Rev. Arazi Lewis, at North Stamford, 
Conn., Phebe Weed, born at North Stamford, daughter of Samuel 
and Phebe (Smith) Weed. 


1427. Mary Lockwood, born June 19tb, 1307, died September L3th, 182-5. 

1428. Sally Lockwood, born November Sth, 1809, m. Lvman Lockwood. 

1429. Eliza Lockwood* born June 11th, 1811, m. Samuel Sccith. 

1430. John W. LocKWOod, bora July 6th, 1816, ra. Huldah J. Scofield. 

1431. Harriet Lockwood, born October 11th, 1818, m. Daniel Barton. 
All born at "Turn in the River." 

703. William Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Joseph,^ John,* 
Ezra^), born June 12th, 1773, in Stamford, Conn.; settled in 
Coventry, Chenango County, New York ; son of Ezra Lock- 
wood ; m. Abigail Newton. 


1432. William Lockwood, Jr., born May 24th, 1796, in Watertown, Conn., 

died October 6th, 1863. 

712. Lewis Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Joseph,' Reuben,* 
Reuben^), born November 14th, 1782, in Stamford, Conn. ; son 
of Reuben and Mary (Mead) Lockwood; m., December 15th, 
1805, Sally Lockwood. 

Eliza L. Smith died AprU 30th, 1854. 


1432\ Mary Lockavood, born October 1st, 1806. 
US2\ Isaac Lewis Lockwood j ^^j^^^ ^^^^ j^^^^^^ 23d, 1807. 
1432°. Eebecca Axn Lockwood J 

714. Leaxder Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' Joseph,' 
Reuben,'' Reuben^), born February 22d, 1787, in Stamford, Conn. ; 
son of Reuben and Mary (Mead) Lockwood ; m., in the spring 
of 1837, Almira Xewcomb, widow of Alexander McIS'aughton, 
of New York State, and removed to Burlington, Iowa. (Xew- 
comb Gen'y, p. 295.) 


715. William Lockavood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Joseph,' 
Reuben,* Reuben'), born July 31st, 1789, in Stamford, Conn. ; 
son of Reuben and Mary (Mead) Lockwood; ra. Marium . 


1433. James Harvey Lockwood, born November 10th, 1818, at New York. 

719. Nathan Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
Nathaniel,* Nathan^), born about 1795, at Poundridge, West- 
chester County, New York; resided (1881) at Irvington, New 
York, aged 86 ; son of Nathan and Rhoda (Miller) Lockwood ; 
m. Mary Miller, at Bedford, Westchester County, New York, 
daughter of Hachaliah and Margaret (Runshaw) Miller. 


1434. Elizabeth Ann Lockavood, born November 27th, 1819, m. Samuel C. 

143.5. Electa Jane Lockwood, born May 22d, 1S23, m. George F. Reeve. 

1436. Ezra Lockwood, born Jime 1st, 1825, m. Ret Hains. 

1437. John Runshaw Lockwood, born June 24th, 1827. 

1438. Hachaliah Miller Lockwood, -i . born December 11th, 1829. 

1439. Margaret Miller Lockwood, / '^^'"■^' born December 11th, 1829, 

m. Henry Leffurg. 

1440. Nathan Oscar Lockwood, born August 7th, 1834, m. Sallie Morris. 

1441. Francis Edgar Lockwood, born August 8th, 1838, m. Harriet Kilburn. 

4 born Poundridge, 2 born Hastings, 2 born Dobb's Ferry. 

Nos. 1438 and 1439 were twins, and named for their maternal grandparent . 


723. Henry Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Joseph/ Nathan- 
iel/ Nathan'), born July, 1789, at Poundridge, New York; 
son of Capt. Nathan and Rhoda (Miller) Lockwood ; m., Decern, 
ber 8th, 1810, Mary Lockwood, born August 27th, 1793, at 
Poundridge, "Westchester County, New York, daughter of Hez- 
ekiah (Robert/ Jonathan/ Gershom/ Hozekiah,* Hezekiah') 
and Mary (Birdsall) Lockwood. 


1442. Adelica Lockwood, born October 14th, ISll, m. Elbert A. Dibble. 

1443. Jane Lockwood, born September 30th, 1S13, m. Thomiison Waite. 

1444. Hexey G. Lockwood, born March 19th, 1816, m. Mary Sliepherd. 

1445. Amanda C. Lockwood, born May 27th, 1818, m. 1st, Ira Wood; ni. 2d, 

Oliver Clark ; m. 3d, Charles Harford. 

1446. Samuel B. Lockwood, born June 5th, 1820, m. Josephine L. Hard. 

1447. Hezekiah Lockwood, born July 22d, 1822, died young. 

1448. George Edwaed Lockwood, born November 8th, 1826, m. Lydia 


1449. William Greenleaf Lockwood, born May 9th, 1831, died in Cali- 


1450. Nathan Mielee Lockwood, born February 26th, 1834, died young. 

1451. Maey Birdsall Lockwood, born June 6th, 1837, unmarried. 

729. James Lockwood (Robert,' Jonatlian/ Jose{)li/ James,* 
James^), born in Stamford, and removed to New York State with 
his father; son of James Lockwood; m., August 4th, 1796, 
Prudence Tryon. 


1452. Mary Lockwood, born December 28th, 1796. 

1453. James Lockwood, born about 1798, m. Deborah Lutes. 

(Stamford Reg.) 

731. James Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ Joseph/ James/ 
Jacob^), born at New Canaan, Connecticut ; served in the War of 
1812; lived in Poundridge, Fishkill and Bedford, New York; 
son of Jacob and Mary (Pellum) Lockwood ; m., August 3d, 
1808, at Poundridge, "Westchester County, New York, Nancy J. 
Alh'm, daughter of Jonathan Albin. 


1454. Hannah Lockwood, born June 20th, 1809, m. Aaron Arnold. 

1455. Sidney Lockwood, born February 8th, 1811, m. Polly Arnold. 

1456. Maey Lockwood, born January 10th, 1813, m. Alexander Lounsbury. 


1457. Jeremiah T. Lockwood, born January 7tli, 181-5, m. Jane Sherrager. 

1458. Jacob Moeris Lockwood, born May 13th, 1817, m. Julia M. Stevens. 

1459. Nancy J. Lockwood, born June 7th. 1819, m. David Bishop. 

1460. Geoege W. Lockwood, born March 14th, 1822, m. Betsey J. Saundei-s. 

1461. Eliza Lockwood, born October 26th, 1826, m. David DeForrest. 

1462. John H. Lockwood, born August 3d, 1828, died 11 years old. 

1463. Charles Lockwood, born February 3d, 1831. 

1464. Ann M. Lockwood, born February 6th, 1833. 

Nos. 1454, 1458, 1459 and 1460 were born at Poundridge, Xew York. 
Nos. 1455, 1456 and 1457 were born at Fishkill, New York. 
Nos. 1461, 1462, 1463 and 1464 were born at Bedford, New York. 

745. Shadeach Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,^ Still John/ 
Gilbert/ Eluathan'), born at New Canaan, Connecticut, where he 
resided; son of Elnathan and Betsey (Clawson) Lockwood; m., 
at South Salem, New York, by the Rev. Mr. Saunders, Betsey 
Tuttle, born at Newtown, October 31st, 1795 (alive in 1880), 
daughter of Daniel and Naomi (Stevens) Tuttle. 


1465. "William Augustus Lockwood, born September 7th, 1826, m. Catha- 

rine Emily Kellogg. 

1466. Franxis Edgar Lockwood, born February, 1830, ra. Rebecca Ailcen. 

1467. LuciXD.v Lockwood, born August 25th, 1832, m. Henry Nicholas 

Vanantwerp, all born at New Canaan, Conn. 

747. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Gilbert,' Elnathan'), born in New Canaan, Connecticut; daughter 
of Elnathan and Betsey (Clawson) Lockwood; m. John Bates, 
of Darien, Connecticut. 


1468. William Bates. 

1469. Samuel Bates. 

1470. Betsey B.vtes. 

751. Stephen Lockwood (Robert,i Jonathan,- Still John,' 
Gilbert,* Solomon^), born August 9th, 1778, at Horse Neck, 
Greenwich, Connecticut, died March 20th, 1836, aged 57. 7. 11, 
at Saratoga Springs, New York; son of Solomon Lockwood, 
whose wife was a Miss Hull; m. Catharine Groshon, of New 
Brunswick, New Jersey, born October 9tli, 1776, died June 28th, 
1851, aged 74. 8. 19, in Cincinnati, Ohio. 



1471. Oliver H. Lockwood, born January 23cl, 1806, m. Mary Cook. 

1472. James H. Lockwood, born January 2d, 1807, m. 1st, Eliza Cooper; m. 

2d, Susan Hawkins. 

1473. Mary E. Lockwood, born January 29th, 1809, m. Alfred Collamer. 

1474. George Lockwood, born July oth, 1811, died July 5th, 1837, in New 

York city. 

1475. Caroline LocK^yooD, born November 11th, 1812, died January 19th, 


1476. John Lockwood, born December 3d, 1814, m. Matilda F. Sharpe. 

1477. William B. LocK-n-oOD, born November 22d, 1816, m. Delia Sherman. 

1478. Caroline R. Lockwood, born February 19th, 181 S, m.Sam'l Armstrong. 

1479. Catherine A. Lockwood, born February 22d, 1S22; unmarried. 

758. Gary Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still John/ Gil- 
bert/ Solomon*), lived in New York city; son of Solomon 
Lockwood, whose wife was a " Hull ; " m., June 8th, 1 794, Mary 
Quackenboss, in the First Presbyterian Ghurch. (N. Y. Gen. 
and Biog. Record, vol. 13.) 

760. Susan Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan/ Still John/ Gil- 
bert,* Andrew^), born June 15th, 1789, in Greenwich, Connecti- 
cut, died at Shippen Point, Connecticut; daughter of Andrew 
and Esther (Nash) Lockwood; m. Amos Lockwood, her cousin, 
born 1782, in Greenwich, Connecticut; he died May 11th, 1864, 
aged 82, at Shippen Point; son of Noah. 


1480. Lewis Lockwood, born August 12th, 1817, Shippen Point. 

1481. Mary Esther Lockwood, born m. James McCracken. 

Susan Lockwood received from her brotlier Jacob Lock wood's 
estate §496i^. The estate was settled October 21st, 1837. 

761. Jacob Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Still John/ Gil- 
bert,* Andrew^), born October 27th, 1791, at Greenwich, Con- 
necticut, died 1837, at Darien, Connecticut; son of Andrew and 
Esther (Nash) Lockwood; m. 1st, Miss Hanford, she died of 
consumption about A.D. 1832, a little over 30 yeare old (s. p.); 
ra. 2d, Polly Lockwood, he survived her. She also died without 


Jacob Lockwood, of Greenwich, Conn. His estate was settled 
October 21st, 1837. He gave his sisters Susan Lockwood, wife 
of Amos Lockwood, and Hester Canap, wife of David Xash 
Camp, each S496innr> in wearing apparel, clock, etc., etc. 

762. Hester Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ Still John,' 
Gilbert,^ Andrew^), born February 17th, 1793, in Greenwich, 
Conn. ; daughter of Andrew and Esther (Nash) Lockwood ; m. 
David Nash Camp. 

" David Nash Camp has taken, in the right of his wife Hester, 
the following articles of her brother Jacob Lockwood's estate. 

" "Wearing apparel, clock, etc., §496.33." 

Estate settled October 21st, 1837. 

764. Be>;jamin Eldridge Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ 
Still John,' Gilbert,* Andrew^), born January 2d, 1800, in Green- 
wich, Conn., died ; son of Andrew and Eliza- 
beth (Robert Lockwood,' Gershom Lockwood,'' Joseph Lock- 
wood,' Elizabeth Lockwood,' Epenetus Webb,^ Elizabeth Webb') 
(Webb) Lockwood; m.. May 19th, 1830, Harriet Ann Gary, at 
Hudson, N. Y., born December 20th, 1807, at Taghkanic, 
Columbia County, N. Y., daughter of John and Rebecca (Knapp) 


1482. John William Lockwoop, born July 19th, 1832, in Greenwich, Conn. 

1483. Delia Maria Lockwood, born October 13th, 1835, ni. Pliny Fish 


1484. George ■Washington Lockwood, born February 22d, 1S39, m. Helen 

M. Thornton. 

1485. Mary Alice Lockwood, born June 9th, 1841, ni. Ciiarles H. Remick. 

1486. Harriet Ann Lockwood, born February 23d, 1843, ra. Lewis M. 


1487. Lorenzo Gary Lockwood, born April 2d, 1844, died October 26th, 


1488. Elizabeth Dl^-bar Lockwood, born September 23d, 1847, m. M. D. 

Dean, Chicago. 

1489. Samuel Gary Lockwood, bom September 4th, 1856, died June 26th, 


Note. — The last seven children were born at Ashtabula, O. 


765. Isaac Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still John/ Gil- 
bert/ Andrew^), born January 17th, 1802, at Greenwich, Conn. ; 
died October 24th, 1852, in Ashtabula, O. ; son of Andrew and 
Elizabeth (Webb) Lockwood ; first m., in New York, September 
9th, 1827, Mary Brown Smith, born July 28th, 1805, died 
May 3d, 1849, daughter of Reuben and Violetta (Brown) Smith ; 
second m., in 1850, Laura Maria born 1826, died 

September 12th, 1853. 


1490. Isaac Augustus Lockwood, born June 1st, 1S3I, died November 4th, 


1491. Ja:mes William Lockwood, born November 12th, 1833, died Decem- 

ber 15th, 1853. 

Note. — This whole family of five persons, died in a little over 
five years, and is buried in the family lot at Ashtabula. 

766. Epenetus Webb Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still 
John/ Gilbert/ Andrew'), born Saturday, January 12th, 1805, 
in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Conn. ; died Saturday, Septem- 
ber 30th, 1843, at Ashtabula, O. ; son of Andrew and" Elizabeth 
(Robert Lockwood,' Gershora Lockwood,' Joseph Lockwood/ 
Elizabeth Lockwood,* Epenetus Webb/ Elizabeth Webb") 
(Webb) Lockwood. He was of the sixth generation from 
Robert Lockwood by his father's, and of the seventh generation 
through his mother's line; m., January 4th, 1832, at Ashtabula, 
0., by Rev. John Hall, Elizabeth Smith, born May 19th, 1810, 
at Buffalo, N. Y., daughter of Marshall and Rheuhama (Dun- 
bolton) Smith. 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Smith) Lockwood m. Elon Dunbar, August 
30th, 1845; she died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 
27th, 1884, aged 74. 4. 8. Mr. Dunbar was one of the most 
prominent of the older merchants of Philadelphia, and a man 
of magnificent presence. 




1492. "William Edward Lockwood, born October 7th, 1S32, in Ashtabula, 


1493. Charles Lorenzo Lockwood, born March 30th, 1S35, in Ashtabula, 


1494. Elon DrxBAR Lockwood, born November 26th, 1S3S, in Ashtabula, 

Ohio, unm. 


Epenetds Webb Lockwood. 

In 1887, a few days before his death, Stephen H. Brooke, of 
Philadelphia, requested his former partner, "William L. Rehn, to 
examine a chest of old letters, and destroy those of no value. 
As Mr. Brooke had been a partner of Elon Dunbar, over forty 
years before, Mr. Rehn found, among his papers, some addressed 
to Elon Dunbar. As E. Dunbar Lockwood was Mr. Dunbar's 
executor and trustee, he requested liim to look them over, and to 
his surprise he found among them a letter from his own father, 
dated forty-five years before, and alluding to himself, and one 
from Leander Hall, of Ashtabula O., dated October 1st, 1843, 
announcing the death of Eponetus Webb Lockwood, the father 
of William E., Charles L., and E. Dunbar Lockwood, and one 
of October 19th, 1843, confirming the same. 


The letter from E. W. Lockwootl was dated April 12th, 
1842, and after alluding to a draft enclosed for $227.36, and some 
business matters, says: " Vie are all enjoying good health at this 
time, and trying to do the best I can ; our little Dunbar has been 
very sick with a fever, it was thought for some time that he never 
would be any better, but he is now quite well. We should be 
pleased to see you and your family here this summer, and make 
us a visit. Yours, respectfully, 

The letter from Leander Hall, Esq., announcing the death of 
Epenetus Webb Lockwood, said : 

Ashtabula, October 1st, 1843. 

'' Dear Sir : It is with trembling nerves and aching heart that 
I attempt to communicate to you, the sad and mournful intelli- 
gence of the death of ]\Ir. E. W. Lockwood, who died yesterday 
afternoon, at about half past three o'clock, with that painful dis- 
ease, the dysentery and bilious affection. The case was an ob- 
stinate one, and seemed to defy the power of medicine, etc. 

" His wife was at Buffalo, on a visit (to her mother), when he 
was taken, was sent for, and arrived in time to see him alive and 
in his right mind, etc. 

" It was his last request, that you should come to Ashtabula, 
if you could not stay but two days." 

To Elon Dunbar, Philadelphia, Pa. 

On October 19th, 1843, not having any reply, he again wrote 
to Mr. Dunbar, saying he had not heard from him, and so wrote 

^ ; 1 


f Reproduced :rom a Daguerreotype) w.dow of Andrew Lockwood. IP. 182. 1 


Tol.5- ■•--Ti 3 O:\ru5rreotype (P. 306 1 


From a Photograph, ta.ei December, '8S3, when .n her 74th year. (P. 306,) 


again, and saying his wife '' did not reach home until the Friday 
previous to his death," or the day before. 

;XoTE. — Both Leander Hall's and Elon Dunbar's wives were 
sisters of Epenetus AVebb Lockwood. 

767. Oliver Ford Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Still 
John,' Gilbert,* Andrew^), born April 26th, 1807, 

died July 6th, 1870, buried at Brunswick, Medina County, O. 
He was a member of the Congregational Church. Son of 
Andrew and Elizabeth (Webb) Lockwood; m., September 17th, 
1829, Hannah Maria Finney, born January 12th, 1808, 
daughter of Solomon and Mary (Betts) Finney ; m. in Stam- 
ford, Conn. 

Mrs. Lockwood resided at Brunswick, Medina County, O. 


1495. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born March 2oth, ISP.I. 

1496. Maria Jaxe Lockwood, born September 10th, 1S33, unm. 

1497. Josephine Elizabeth Lockwood, born June 4th, 1840, m. Lewis F. 

Rogers, Strongville, Ohio. 

1498. Epexktus Webb Lockwood, born August Sd, 1843. 

1499. Joiix Addisox Lockwood, born June 27th, 1847. 

768. jNIaria Jane Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,- StiL 
John,' Gilbert,* Andrew'), born November 22d, 1809, at Green- 
wich, Conn. ; died December 14th, 1840, in Philadelphia, Pa., 
and was buried at Laurel Hill, aged 31. 0. 22 ; daughter of 
Andrew and Elizabeth (Robert Lockwood,' Gershora Lockwood,' 
Joseph Lockwood,' Elizabeth Lockwood,* Epenetus AVebb,* 
Elizabeth Webb«)(Webb) Lockwood; m., March 20th, 1831, 
Elon Dunbar, born December 20th, 1801, in Plymouth, Conn., 
died July 31st, 1877, aged 75.7.11, in Philadelphia; son of 
Jonathan and Esther (Bassett) Dunbar. 


1500. Anna Maria Dunbar, born April 15th, 1833, m. Richard Price. 

1501. "William Edward DuKBAR.born June 2Ist, 1834, died one month old. 

1502. Elizabeth Dunbar, died December 8th, 1836, m. Edw.ird Clement. 

1503. Ejima Lucetta Dunbar, died October 29th, 1839, died May 29th, 1342. 


Note. — i\Ir. Dunbar, August 30th, 1845 m. Mrs. Lockwood, 
widow of Mr. E. W. Lockwood; slie died September 27th, 1884. 

" Elon Dunbar died July 31st, 1877, aged 75 years. Pie was 
born at Plymouth, Conn., December 20th, 1801. He came to 
this city about 1830, and engaged in business in Market Street, 
near Fifth, as a dry goods merchant. Pie was afterwards a 
member of the firm of O'Brien & Dunbar, and of Dunbar, 
Brooke & Dunning. After he retired from the latter firm, he 
was out of business for a time, but resumed it as a member of 
the dry goods commission house of Dunbar & Welling. He re- 
tired from active pursuits in 1847. Pie was a leading member 
of St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church, and one of the 
founders of the Holy Trinity P. E. Ciiurch,at 19th and Walnut 
Streets." {Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch, August 5th, 1877.) 

Elon Dunbar. 

*'Mr. Dunbar, whose death at his residence in this city, No. 
1822 Chestnut Street, on Tuesday morning, July 31st, was 
announced in our columns yesterday, was born in Plymouth, 
Conn., December 20th, 1801, and came to Philadelphia more 
than 50 years ago. He was in early life engaged in the dry goods 
jobbing business as a member of the firms of O'Brien & Dunbar, 
and Dunbar, Brooke & Dunning, and then retired from business 
for a few years, when he again went into active life, and, form- 
ing a connection with Mr. Charles H. Welling, established the 
commission house of Dunbar & Welling. 

"This business has since been carried on under successive firms 
for thirty years, and is now conducted by the firm of Coffin, 
Altemus & Co. Mr. Dunbar retired from business altogether in 
the year 1847, with a competence, which has since been largely 
increased by accumulations and investments. He was for many 
years a member of St. Andrew's Church, under the rectorship of 
Rev. Dr. Stevens, and was one of the original members of the 
Church of the Holy Trinity, Nineteenth and ^^'alnut Streets, 
where he had been a constant attendant ever since the opening of 
that church. Mr. Dunbar was a man of untiring industry and 
energy, and of the most urbane disposition and cheerful temper, 
and of the strictest integrity in all his dealings and intercourse 


With his fellow-men. He married for his second wife, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Lockwood, with whom he lived thirty years, and who 
survives him. His own children by his first wife are all dead, 
and he leaves two grandchildren, a son and daughter of the late 
Richard Price, Jr. 

"In his long sickness, Mr. Dunbar was an example of Christian 
patience, never complaining, but always cheerful, and more 
thoughtful of others than of himself" 

769. Rheua Webb Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Still 
John,' Gilbert,* Andrew*), born February 7th, 1812, in Green- 
wich, Conn.; died November 22d, 1880, at Covington, Kentucky, 
in her 69th year; daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Webb) 
Lockwood ; m., September 22d, 1839, Leander Hall, born Janu- 
ary 5th, 1816, son of Joseph Dean and Jerusha (Gillet) Hall. 

1504. George Elon Hall, born March 1st, 1843, m. Ella Dicks, October 21st, 

loOo. Leander Webb Hall, May 2il, 1850, m. Fanny II. Hazard, August 2d, 

1S77. Both sons born at Ashtabula, Ohio. 

777. Benjamin Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Caleb,* Caleb'), born May 16th, 1806, at Greenwich, Conn.; 
resides (1888) at Indian Hill, Ohio; son of Caleb and Sarah 
(Finch) Lockwood; m., in 1835, at Indian Hill, Ohio, by the 
Rev. James Lyon, of Pleasant Ridge, Julia Waring, born July 
25th, 1807, at Indian Hill, Ohio, daughter of Jonathan and 
Abigail (Ferris) Waring. 

loOG. JoxATHAx Lockwood, dead. 

1507. Jane Lockwood, dead. 

1508. Isaac Lockwood, died young. 

1509. Maria Lockwood, born August 8th, 1839, at Indian Hill, Ohio, m. 

Martin Waller. 

1510. Mary Lockwood, born August 28th, 1848, at Indian Hill, Ohio, m. 

John Maxfield. 
loll. Thomas Lockwood, dead. 

1512. Isaac Lockwood, unm., resides with his father. 

1513. Anna Lockwood, dead. 


778. William Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Caleb,* Caleb*), born in Greenwich, Conn,; son of Caleb and 
Sarah (Finch) Lockwood; m. Margaret Mahon. 


1514. Augustus Lockwood, born Cincinnati, Ohio. 

1515. Thomas Lockwood, born Columbus, Ohio. 

780. Henry Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Still John,' 
Caleb,* Caleb*), born May 6th, 1814, at Greenwich, Conn.; son 
of Caleb and Sarah (Finch) Lockwood; m., at Madisonville, 
Ohio, Margaretta Risk, born near Xenia, Ohio. 


1516. TnoJiAS Lockwood, born 

1517. Edwin Lockavood, born 

1518. WiULiAM Lockwood, born 

1519. Alice Lockwood, born 

1520. John "Wesley Lockwood, born May 1st, 1855, in. Sarah Ellen Fisher. 

790. Robert Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Caleb,* Isaac'), born at Marlborough, Ulster County, ]^ew York, 
died May 8th, 1853, in Brooklyn, New York; son of Isaac and 
Susannah (Wygant) Lockwood; ra., December 15th, 1792, at 
Newburgh, New York, Miriam Gardner, born at Newburgh, 
Orange County, N. Y., died there November 7th, 1846, daughter 
of Samuel and Abigail (Weed) Gardner. 


1521. Mary Lockwood, born June 22d, 1794, m. Samuel Quimby. 

1522. John W. Lockwood, born May 20th, 1797, m. Rachel Gardner. 

1523. Isaac Lockwood, born April loth, 1799, ra. Abigail Weed. 

1524. Eliza Lockwood, born April 19th, 1801, m Stephen Halsted. 

1525. Susannah Lockwood, born October 13th, 1803, m. Silas G. Weed. 

1526. Sarah Lockwood, born November 12th, 1806, m. David B. Gardner. 

1527. Catharine Lockwood, born December 19th, 1808, m. Parsons Inglee. 

1528. Fanny Lockwood, born February 2d, 1811, m. William J. Pell. 

1529. Robert G. Lockwood, born January 13th, 1812, m. Lucretia Wing. 

1530. Miriam Lockwood, born December 18th, 1814, unm. 

1531. Almira Lockwood, born January 18th, 1817, m. Jacob Westlake. All 

born at Newburgh, New York. 


792. Frederick Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still John,' 
Jonathan,* Frederick"), born February 3d, 1783, at Greenwich, 
Conn. ; son of Frederick and Deborah (Reynolds) Lockwood ; 
m. Mary Ann Jessup, per Rev. Greenleaf Webb, born October 
3d, 1800, at Greenwich, Conn., daughter of Gershom and Rhoda 
(Knapp) Jessup. 


1532. Althea Lockwood, born July 2d, 1819, died young. 

1533. Ehoba Emily Lockwood, born July 2d, 1S22, m. Stephen Selleck. 

1534. Feaxces Lol'IjA Lockwood, born September 22d, 1323, m. Samuel 


1535. BENjAiiiN Page Lockwood, born December Sth, 1S25, m. Mary Eliza 


1536. Isaac Jessup Lockwood, bom March 27th, 1S2?. 

1537. Joseph Edward Lockwood, born January 4th, 1S30, m. Sarah E. 


1538. Lxjke Adolphcs Lockwood, born December 1, 1333, m. Mary Louise 


1539. Richard Maxette Lockwood, born May 24th, 1S37, m. Emily 


1540. George Merritt Lockwood, born January 22d, 1339, m. Annie Skid- 

more. All born in Greenwich, Conn. 

796. Uriah Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Jonathan,* Frederick'), son of Frederick and Deborah (Reynolds) 
Lockwood; m. Rebecca Smith. 


Joseph Albert Lockwood, bom July Sth, 1843, resides in Mianus, Conn., 
and is Chairman of the Selectmen of said town. He m. 1st, December 1st, 
ISGo, Sarah A. Wescorae, daughter of William B. and Betsey (Bunker) 
Wescome; m. 2d, July 2Ist, 13SS, Mrs. Ida F. Greene, widow of Lucian 
Greene, and daughter of William Snyder. 


First Wif^s. 
1540*. Bertie Lockwood, died January 29th, 1875. 
1540''. "William A. Lockwood, died August 9th, 1S71. 
1540'=. Bessie G. Lockwood. 
1540''. Clarence A. Lockwood. 


798. Ananias Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,^. Still John,' 
Jonathan/ Frederick*), born in Greenwich, 1790; died 1854, 
aged 64 (gravestone); son of Frederick and Deborah (Reynolds) 
Lockwood; m. Nancy Hanford Lockwood, born March 1st, 
1790, died April 1st, 1872, aged 82. 1. (gravestone), daughter 
of Jonathan and Amelia (Perrot) Lockwood. 

803. Deborah Lounsbury (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Still John/ 
Jonatiiau/ Elizabeth'), born March 7th, 1784, at Stamford, Conn. ; 
died July 8th, 1849; daughter of Amos and Elizabeth (Lock- 
wood) Lounsbury; m., December 23d, 1804, William Keeler, 
born October 27th, 1782, at Norwalk, Conn. ; he died December 
3d, 1822; son of Isaac and Deborah (Whitney) Keeler, m. Sep- 
tember 27th, 1781. (Whitney Family, p. 149. Hy. Norwalk, 
p. 303.) 

811. Stephen Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Still John,^ 
Jonathan,*^ Silas'), born about the time his father died; son of 
Silas ; resided at Greenwich, Conn., until March, 

1821, when he removed to Mt. Pleasant, now Ossining, West- 
chester County, New York, where he purchased about 100 acres 
of land about a mile and a half northeast from Sing Sing; this 
land is now (1878) known as the "Lockwood Farm;" m., 
January 1st, 1792, Sarah Ingersoll, daughter of Simon and 
Elizabeth (Scofield) Ingersoll. 


1541. Silas Lockwood, bora October 13th, 1792.* 

1542. Saraii Ann Lockwood, born November 13th, 1794. 

1543. Frances Lockwood, born October 3d, 1796. 

1544. Ralph Ingersoll Lockwood, born July 8th, 1798, died unm., April 

12th, 1858, in N.Y. 

1545. Harriet Lockwood, born July 4tb, 1800. 

1546. Albert Lockwood, born November 18th, 1802, m. Eliza Arthur. 

1547. Eliza Lockwood, born December 30th, 1805. 

1548. MuNSON Ingersoll Lockwood, born July 11th, 1810; twice married. 

* Silas left home for India and South America and has never since been 
heard from. 


817. Mary Mead (Robert Lockwood/ Jonathan Lockwood, 
Still John Lockwood/ Elizabeth Lockwood/ John Mead^), born 
in Greenwich, Conn.; daughter of General John and Mary 
(Brush) Mead; ra., August, 1782, Levi Hanford, of Xorwalk, 
Conn., born September 19th, 1759, died Octol)er 19th, 1854, 
aged 95 years and 1 month ; he was son of Levi= and Elizabeth 
(Carter) Hanford, grandson of Theophilus* Hanford, who was 
great-grandson of Rev. Thomas Hanford,' born in England, 1621, 
preached 40 years in Xorwalk. 

CHILDREN VII. GENERATIOX. (In Hanford, Mead and Lockwood.) 

1549. Mary Hanford, bom February 5th, 17S3, m. March 9th, ISOo, 'Wm. 

F. Stevenson. 

1550. Elizabeth Hantord, born January 26th, 17S5, m. November ISth, 

1810, Obadiah Potter. 

1551. John Mead Hanford, born January 29th, 17S7, m. October 11th, 1S20, 

Polly McCall. 

1552. Ebesezer Hanford, born November 8th, 1789, m. March lotli, 1815, 

Huldah Follett. 

1553. Levi Hanford, born February 15tli, 1792, m. March 17th, 1S17, Cynthia 


1554. Anna Hanford, born August 27th, 1794, m. May 5th, 1822, Anson 


1555. Betsey Lockwood Hanford, born Marcli 27th, 1797, m. March lltli, 

1821, Sheldon Griswold. 

1556. "Walter Hanford, born January 22d, 1800, m. December, 1830, Sarah 


1557. William Brown Hanford, bom May 19th, 1804, m. March 5th, 1S28, 

Eliza Heath. (Hall's Hy. Norwalki 253.) 

Levi Hanford (1759-1854). 

He remained with his father on the farm and in the mill till 
• the year 1775, when he was sixteen years old, the age at which 
young men were subject to military duty. The fighting at Con- 
cord, Lexington, and Bunker Hill roused the public mind to a 
state of great excitement. Young Hanford, moved by the com- 
mon feeling, and stimulated by the impulses of his own i)atriotic 
spirit, enrolled his name in a company of minute men, commanded 
by his maternal uncle, John Carter, Captain. In the spring of 
1776 he volunteered, under General Lee, to defend the city of 
New York, and worked on the fortifications at Governor's Island. 


In October he enlisted in a company of Light Horse, under Cap- 
tain Seth Seymour. March 13th, 1777, he was taken prisoner 
at Old Well and carried to Huntington, L. I., thence to Flushing 
and to New York, where he was incarcerated in the old prison 
and ships, suffering everything but death ; he was finally ex- 

834. Abram Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,- .Joseph,' John,* 
Jabez*), born at Pouudridge, N. Y. ; son of Jabez and Ruth 
(Underbill) Lockwood ; lived a few years since at Croton A^'alley, 
a place ten miles northeast of Sing Sing. About two years ago 
(1834) he got married and moved to Scipio, N. Y. Since that 
he has moved still farther west and is supposed to be now (1836) 
somewhere in the western part of the State of Xew York. 
(Taken from a letter dated New York, April 6th, 1836, written 
by Towusend N. Underbill.) 

835. Isaac Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,^ Joseph,' John,* 
Jabez*), born 1775, at Poundridge, Westchester County, New 
York, and lived there and in New York City until 1818 ; son 
of Jabez and Ruth (Underbill) Lockwood. In the spring of 
1818 be removed to Princeton, Indiana, and died there soon after. 
M., 1797, Phebe Walters, she was connected with the family of 
Mayor Walters, of New York City, she died 1818, was daughter 
of Anthony and Ruth ( ) Walters. 


1558. Ruth A. Lockwood, born m. Reuben Walters. 

1559. Stephen Underhill Lockwood, born 1800, died February loth, 1850. 

1560. James Lockwood, born drowned young, in Missis- 

sippi River. 

1561. John Murray Lockwood, born April 24th, 1809, m. Caroline C. New- 


1562. Edward Burr Lockwood, born May 22d, 1813, left a son, Francis 

Marion L., Newburg, Warwick Co, Ind. 

1563. Anthony Walters Lockwood, born Evansville, Ind., large family. 

Note. — Mrs. Phebe (Walters) Lockwood was sister to Dr. 
Stephen Walters and Dr. Daniel Walters ; also to Ruth Walters, 


who married Dr. Merritt, and to Sarah Walters, who married 
Elias Wheeler. 

Isaac Lockwood 

(son of Jabez) (Robert/ Joseph,' Joseph,' John,* Jabe7/), whose 
father and Dr. Stephen Walters and Elias Wheeler, his uncles, 
removed from New York to Princeton, Indiana, in the spring 
of 1818, going through Philadelphia, over the mountains, to 
Pittsburgh ; thence by flat boat, down the Ohio River, to 
Evansville, Indiana ; thence to Princeton, Indiana. Xot a 
steamboat to be seen on the Ohio from Pittsburgh to Evans- 
ville. His parents and grandparents were Quakers. Mr. 
L. thinks his grandmother was of Westchester County, New 
York, and that he has a number of relatives in New York 
City, descendants of Dr. Merritt and Dr. Walters. Dr. William 
A. Walters, a first cousin, was President of the Medical Board 
of New York about 1840. He has been in the banking business 
since 1864, and is President of the First National Bank of Mt. 
Vernon, Indiana; and on April 24th, 1881, was 72 years of 
age, and had been married 47 years, being 25 years old when 
married. Owing to his father's Bible being burned some twenty 
years ago, he cannot furnish dates. 

836. Reubex Lockwood (Robert,' Jose|)h,' Joseph,' John,* 
John^), born in Weston, Fairfield County, Conn., April 17th, 
1762; died May 11th, 1838 ; sou of John ; 

was a teamster in the Revolutionary war, and then resided on 
his fiirm until he died; m. Elizabeth Raymond, born Novem- 
ber 23d, 1761, died April 25tli, 1847; she was a daughter of 
David Raymond. They were married at Green's Farms, Fair- 
field County, Conn., by Rev. Mr. Graves. 

(All born in Weston, Conn.) 

1564. Albert Lockwood, born May 14th, 1786, ni. Rachel Ogden. 

1565. Abigail Lockwood, born October 11th, 17&7, died December 20tli, 


1566. Reuben Lockwood, born May 16th, 1789, died December 21st, 1794. 

1567. David Lockwood, born April 27th, 1791, m. Abigail Gray. 

1568. Elizabeth Lockwood, born January 26th, 1793, died June 10th, 1873. 

1569. Hannah Lockwood, born June 2d, 1794, died July 2Sth, 1851. 


1570. Ehoda Lockwood, born December 16th, 1795, died September 1st, 1829. 

1571. Eeubex Lockwood, born April 23d, 1797, died Marcli 12th, 1798. 

1572. Sally Lockwood, born Febrnary Sth; 1799, m. David Nash. 

1573. Polly T. Lockwood, born July 10th, 1800, died March 4th, 1855. 

1574. Julia Lockwood, born August 23d, 1802, m. Eev. Wakeman H. Dike- 


1575. Hezekiah E. Lockwood, born August 29th, 1804, m. Polly Olmstead. 

1576. Anson M. Lockwood, born March 7th, 1808, m. Susan Edwards. 
HuLDAH, mentioned by C. "W. L., grandson of Eeuben. 

"It is with much pleasure that I note ray grandfather's re- 
markable piety. He was a Methodist and an active member of 
his church. Some years since I was in the locality where he 
lived, and heard many allusions to his devotion and Christian 
character, -30 years after his death." (C. W. Lockvvood's letter, 
November, 1878, Rockford, Illinois.) 

State of Connecticut, 
County of Fairfield. 

On this 3d day of August, 1832, personally appeared be- 
fore the Court of Probate now in session at Weston in and for 
the District of Weston, in the County aforesaid, in oj)en court, 
it being a Court of record, Reuben Lockwood of the Town of 
Weston in the County and State aforesaid, aged 70 years and a 
few months, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth 
on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain 
the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832, 
namely : 

That in the latter part of the month of August, 1778, he en- 
tered the serviceof the United States under Captain Peter Sturges 
of the Town of Norwalk, in said County as a substitute for one 
Gideon Lockwood of said Weston, in the team service for the 
term of four months, that said Lockwood who is now dead had 
enlisted himself and entered his team and this declarant went 
into the service as his substitute, and actually served four months, 
and was discharged about Christmas following the time he en- 
tered the service ; that he took said Lockwood's team and went 
to Danbury in said County, when the team was apprized by order 
of Major Starr who was over the Commissary department in that 
place : that there were ten teams under the command of said 
Peter Sturges, and the team which this deponent chose and took 


charge of was one of thera, he drew the same pay aud received 
daily the same rations from the public stores as were drawn aud 
received by an enlisted soldier, that he was employed in trans- 
porting provisions for the array. That he, with the team which he 
drove, was chiefly employed in transporting provisions from said 
Danbury to Peekskill on the Hudson or iSTorth River ; when he 
with other teams carried provisions or liquors, they were generally 
allowed a guard, a corporal and six men, one time when he and 
others went to Peekskill they guarded themselves and took their 
turns in standing sentry every night. That during said four 
months service, he and the other teams in said company of teams, 
was ordered to go to Boston to carry clothing for the armv, and 
all the ten teams, including this deponent, started for Boston > 
when we arrived at Hartford in said State we found the array, 
and did not go any further, we remained at Hartford about three 
weeks and carted wood for the army ; the soldiers cut it. Gen- 
eral Gates was at Hartford in command a part of the time, that 
he saw him the morning he started for the south. General Put- 
nam he believes was left in command, though he does not recollect 
of seeing him; after they had been in Hartford about three 
weeks the teams, and the one he drove among the rest, were 
ordered back to Danbury, and we brought back to Danbury 
pressed hay which we took in at Wethersfield near Hartford ; 
soon after our return to Danbury, General Putnam with several 
Regiments came to Redding and went into Winter quarters. 
And he further says that during all the time he served as afore- 
said, he was subject to the orders of said Captain Sturges, and lie 
Sturges received his orders from the aforesaid Major Starr ; that 
at one time when he was in said service, he was ordered to go 
with the team he drove and one other team also with him, after 
a regiment which marched through Danbury towards Peekskill, 
we followed them and overtook them at Pine's Bridge, so called, 
in or near Larned's Town in the State of Xew York, the other 
team which was with him was then unloaded and returned, we 
were both loaded with provisions for the regiment — that he con- 
tinued with the team he drove, on as far as Peekskill, when he 
unloaded ; there were other teams with us, the two referred to 
were taken from the ten which were under Captain Sturges; and 


when he, the deponent, went as last aforesaid, he was put under 
the order of the Captain of the other teams, and when he arrived 
at Peekskill, he well remembers that he was detained about two 
weeks at Peekskill, the Captain to whom he was subject would 
not permit him to return ; that he was much troubled to obtain 
his rations, through the obstinacy of the Captain, he refnsed to 
permit him to have his rations until he threatened to go with his 
complaints to headquarters and then he complied. That in per- 
forming the service aforesaid he was, at all times subject to go 
wherever he was ordered ; and was at all times subject to the 
same punishment for disobedience of orders, as any enlisted 
soldier in the United States service would have been, and it was 
not a service in any sense, under a mere contract, which we could 
have broken at any time, and been subjected to the payment of 
damages only. He could neither abandon his plan nor disobey 
his orders without subjecting himself to a court martial. 

And he further says that after he was discharged from the ser- 
vice aforesaid and when he belonged to a Company of Connecti- 
cut State Militia commanded by Capt. Daniel Godfrey, to wit : 
in the year 1780 (he believes), he was drafted into the service of 
the United States and entered a Company of Connecticut State 
drafted troops to go to Stratford in said County to guard the 
coast ; was drafted for the term of two months and went to said 
Stratford under the aforesaid Capt. Daniel Godfrey, one Odle 
was the Lieut, and Jonathan Squier of said Weston was Ensign ; 
that he accordingly went and served about three weeks at Strat- 
ford aforesaid, and was then ordered to Bridgeport in said County, 
where he served about three weeks more, and then he and the 
rest of the Company to which he belonged were ordered to 
Green's Farm, in said Fairfield, where he serv^ed the residue of 
the two months for which he was drafted as aforesaid. 

That all the time during which he was drafted and served as 
last aforesaid, he was employed in guarding the coast, and that 
he actually served under said draft the term of two months. 

In regard to the aforesaid team service he recollects that when 
his time was out, but order from Major Starr, the team he drove 
was again apprized and valued at $20 less than when it entered 
the service, and this $20 was allowed by the Government to said 


Gideon Lockwood, for whom he served as a substitute; a chain 
was lost during the service and said Lockwood was allowed and 
paid for it by the Government. 

I was born April 17th, 1762, at Weston. 


837. Judge David Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph,' Joseph,' 
John,* Ephraim'), born March 16th, 1762, in New York State; 
removed to Ohio; died November 27th, 1840; son of Ephraim 
Lockwood, by his first wife; m., April 5th, 1792, Rebecca 
Thomas, born April 5th, 1773, of and from Cape Cod, Massa- 
chusetts. The bride was 19 years old; she swore she was 75 
years old in 1848. 

David Lockwood was a respectable Judge, and a good farmer, 
in Belmont County, Ohio. 

1576*. ToMMAS LeWood, born December 15th, 1794. 
1576". Levinah LeWood, born September 3d, 1796, died young. 
1576". Bexjamix LeWood, born June 13th, 1797. 
1576'J. Mary L'Wood, born June 30th, 1799. 
1576". Suzanah Lockwood, born August loth, 1801. 
1576'. Joseph Lockwood, born April 9th, 1804. 
1576s. Jacob Mead Lockwood, born September 25th, 1805. 
157611. Jonathan Hopki>'3 Lockwood, born February 19th, 1808. 
1577. Ephraim Lockwood, born February 24th, 1810. 
1577*. Edmond L'Wood, born September 8th, 1811. 
1577". Rebekah Lockwood, born January 31st, 1814. 
1577°. Levinah Lockwood, born January 27th, 1816. 
1577''. Ann Lockwood, born July 26th, 1818. 

Note. — The above foraily record was copied from the original 
record, a yellow leaf from the old family Bible, filed by the 
widow (Mrs. Rebecca Lockwood) as evidence when she applied 
for a widow's pension, and is now (1888) on file in the United 
States Pension Office, at Washington, D. C. (F. A. H.) 

David Lockwood, Private Rev'y War — in Marine service and 
a Musician, 

Rebecca Lockwoo<l was his widow. 


<P O Oi 

322 descendants of robert lockwood, 

State of Ohio, 
County of Belmont, 

May 29th, 1848, personally a^jpeared 
Rebecca Lockwood, a resident of IMeade Township, County of Bel- 
mont, State of Ohio, aged 75 year? ; she says she is widow of David 
Lockwood, who was a private and marine, he had a pension of 
$59.33. She asks to have her pension sent to Wheeling, Vir- 

David Lockwood was a private and marine in New York line, 
in Capt. Drake's Company in Col. Graham's Regiment. 

State of Virginia, 
County of Ohio, 

December 2d, 1844, personally came 
Rachel Steenrod, resident of Meade Township, Belmont County, 
State of Ohio, and says: I am the sister of David Lockwood de- 
ceased, late a pensioner of the United States. I was present at 
the marriage of my brother David to Rebecca Thomas, who is 
now here present in court with me, and has made the preceding 
election. They were married in Washington County, in the State 
of Pennsylvania, by the Rev'd John McMillan on the 5th of 
April, 1792. I have often seen in their possession the family 
Bible, from which the paper annexed to the declaration of Rebecca 
Lockwood has been this day taken. I know that paper to be the 
genuine and original family record. Tlie names there written 
" David LeWood " and " Rebeka LeWood " are intended for 
David Lockwood and Rebecca Lockwood, the L being an abbre- 
viation of the word Lock, as often used by my brother David. 
My brother David Lockwood died in November, 1840, and 
Rebeka Lockwood, who Las made the foregoing declaration, is 
his widow. 


Sworn and subscribed on the day and year above written before 
the County Court for Ohio County. 




839. "William Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,' Joseph,' John,* 
Ei)hraira'), born 1786, at or near Wheeling, Virginia; son of 
Ephraira and Susannah (she was 2d wife) (Lockwood) Lockwood; 
m. 1813, at Wheeling, Virginia, by Rev. James Laws, Sarah 
Hall, born near Hagerstown, Maryland, daughter of James and 
Mary (Garner) Hall, both of England. 


1578. Elizabeth Lockwood, born April 30th, 1814, at Wheeling, Virginia, m. 

David Sinift. 

1579. Mary Lockwood, born 1816, at Rushville, Ohio, m. John Borer. 

1580. Ephraim Lockwood, born January 18th, 1818, at Eushville, Ohio, m, 

Cinderilla King. 

1581. Sarah Lockwood, born 1820, died young. 

1582. StJSAN Lockwood, born 1822, died young. 

1583. "William Lockwood, Jr., born May 23d, 1825, at Eushville, Ohio, m. 

Sarah Ann Selb}'. 

1584. Lucretia Lockwood, born November 16th, 1827, at Rushville, Ohio, 

m. James Kelly. 

1585. Robert Lockwood, born August 11th, 1830, died 1851. 

1586. James Lockwood, born October 23d, 1832, at Rushville, Oblj, m. Harriet 


842. Joshua Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph," Joseph,' John,' 
Ephraim'), born in New York State; son of Ephraim and Susan- 
nah (Lockwood) Lockwood. He was probably unmarried. 

In the burying-ground adjoining the Presbyterian Church in 
Goshen, Orange County, New York, is a monument with this 
inscription (see Barber and Howe's His. Coll. of N. Y., 418): 

"Erected by tlie inhabitants of Orange County 22d July, 1S22, 
Sacred to the memory of 44 of their fellow-citizens, who fell at the 
battle of Minisink, 22d July, 1779." 

Among the names of the 44 is that of Joshua Lockwood. The 
Americans were attacked by the Tories and Indians under Col. 
Brandt, and a fearful fight took place on the banks of the Dela- 
ware River near Minisink. (Vol. 3, p. 61, and also see History 
of Battle of Minisink, by C. E. Stickney, p. 103-4, N. E. H. 
G. Soc. Reg.) 

In Spoffard's Gazetteer, article " Minisink," is the follow- 
ing: "In 1822 the citizens of Orange County collected the 


bones of the gallant baud who were cut off by the Indians at 
Minisink, and which had been exposed to the suns and snows of 
forty-three years." 

In Stone's life of Braut, pp. 415-419, a full account is given 
of this fight at Minisink, which is about ten miles west of Goshen, 
in the County of Orange, Xew York, on the Narisink River and 
among the Shawaugunk mountains. The Wallkill rises in this 

" 1779, July 22d, a party of sixty Indians and twenty-seven 
whites led by Braut, attacked the Minisink settlement in Orange 
County, New York, burning ten houses, twelve barns, a fort and 
two mills, carrying ofi' cousiderable booty and several prisoners. 

"The remains of forty-four persons were found, and publicly 
interred. The line of procession was led by the Cadets from 
West Point and extended about a mile. 

" Major Poppino, who bore a distinguished part in the battle, 
though at this celebration ninety-six years old, walked in the 
procession and was one of the pall-bearers. 

"In the burying-ground adjacent to the Presbyterian Church 
in Goshen is a monument with this inscription : 

" Erected by the inhabitants of Orange Courty, 22d July, 1822, 
Sacred to the memory of forty-four of their fellow-citizens, 
who fell at the battle of Minisink 22d July 1779." 

The fourteenth name is that of Joshua Lochvood. (N. E. H. 
G. Eeg., vol. 3, p. 61.) 

844. jMichael Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Joseph,' Joseph,' 
John,' Michael'), born March 13th, 1771, died August 8th, 1812, 
aged 41. 4. 26 ; son of Michael and Abigail (Adams) Lockwood; 
m. Joanna Rusco, daughter of John Rusco, of South Salem. 


1587. Cakmi Lockwood. 

1588. Michael Lockwood. 

1589. Eleazer Lockwood. 

1590. Ehuna Lockwood. 

1591. Alva Lockwood. 

1592. Sally Lockwood. 

1593. Clabinda Lockwood. 


846. Gershom Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Joseph/ John/ 
Michael^), born September 17th, 1776; was a farmer; died at 
Lewisboro', October 8th, 1863, aged 87.0.21; son of Michael 
and Abigail (Adams) Lockwood. 

1st ra., ]^Iay, 1798, Hannah Seymour, died March 9th, 1826, 
aged 53 ; daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Rockwell) Seymour^ 
per Rev. Mr. Goodrich. 

2d m., April 21st, 1828, Deborah Sfaples,died September 16th, 
1854, aged 62.1.18; daughter of Walter and Molly (Lord) 
Staples, per Rev. Ebenezer Raymond ; she died at Lewisboro'. 


(All by first wife.) 

1594. Betty Lockwood, born May 28th, 1799, m. Samuel Canfield. 

1595. RuFUS Lockwood, born September 17th, ISOS, m. Sally Raymond. 

850. Esther Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,' Joseph/ John/ 
INIichaeP), born August 3d, 1788, at Lewisboro, New York, died 
December 24th, 1849, at Poundridge; daughter of jNIichael and 
Abigail (Adams) Lockwood; m., January 1st, 1809, Smith 
Fancher, born January 9th, 1789, at Poundridge, New York, 
and married at Lewisboro', died January 19th, 1869, at Pound- 
ridge, Westchester County, New York. 

(All born at Poundridge, New York.) 

1596. Abigail L. Fancher, born December 10th, 1810, m. Edward Sarlea. 

1597. Susan Fanciier, born April 16th, 1814, died November, 1815. 

1598. Alakson D. Fanciier, born May 17th, 1817, m. Lvdia A. Reynolds. 

1599. Mariam I. Fancher, born April 7th, 1820, m. Samuel Holly. 

1600. Sarah E. Fancher, born March 2d, 1823, m. William Holly. 

1601. Louisa J. Fancher, October 22d, 1825, m. David W. Miller. 

1602. Thojias Fancher, born January 7th, 1828, died March, 1829. 

This record was furnished by Mr. A. D. Fancher, April 23d, 

852. David Adajis Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,' 
John,* Michael'), born September 21st, 1705, died in Norwalk ; 
son of Michael and Abigail (Adams) Lockwood ; m. Delia Eells. 



1603. Delia Lockwood, m. L. M. H. Knapp. 

1604. Angeline Lockwood. 

1605. Betsy Lockwood, m. Samuel Phelps, of Hartford. 

1606. Frances Lockwood. 

1607. Mary Lockvtood. 

1608. Emily Lockwood. 

1609. William Lockwood, dead. 

1610. Nelson Lockwood, living. 

853. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph,' Joseph,' John,^ 
Michael'), born January 18th, 1797, died February 
26th, 1854, aged 57.1.8; daughter of Michael and Abigail 
(Adams) Lockwood ; ni.. May 18th, 1825, Rufus Iv. Olmsted, 
born October 27th, 1799, died May 13th, 1873, aged 73. 6. 17. 
He was married in South Salem, N. Y. ; second son of Samuel 
D. and Mary(Keeler) Olmsted; grandson of Samuel and Annie 
(Dunning) Olmsted, of "Wilton, Conn. 


IPll. Ebenezer Olmsted, born March 3d, 1826, died July 2d, 1851. 

1612. Sarah Ann Olmsted, born September, 1831, died April 18th, 183-5. 

1613. Rufus Olmsted, born September, 1831, died Januarr 21st, 1853. 

1614. Mary Elizabeth Olmsted, born September 12th, 1S33. 

Note. — Rufus K. Olmsted m. Betsey Lounsbury, October 
19th, 1854, in Wilton, Conn., as his second wife. 

Note. — Samuel D. Olmsted (the father of Rufus K. Olmsted) 
died December 20th, 1863, aged 88. 2. 3. 

854. Henry Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,' Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Joseph"), born April 3d, 1762, in Fairfield County, Conn. ; son 
of Joseph and Eleanor ( ) Lockwood; m., January 13th, 
1785, Letitia Pearson, born in Massachusetts Bay, both residing 
in Curray's Bos. 


1615. Thomas Lockwood, born January 12th, 1786. 

1616. Jeremiah Lockwood, born October 25th, 1787. 

1617. Elizabeth Lockwood, born September 3d, 1789. 


1618. Henry Lockwood, born September 2oth, 1791. 

1619. Eleanor Lockwood, born October 7th, 1793. 

1620. ACtIGAIl Lockwood, born September 16th, 1795. 

1621. Benjamin Lockwood, born July 27th, 1797. (Genealogies of the 

First Settlers of Schenectady, N. Y., by Pierson, p. 107.) 

855. Joseph Lockavood (Robert/ Joseph/ Joseph,' Joseph/ 
Walter*), born in Dutchess County, N. Y. ; son of 
"Walter Lockwood ; m. ]Maiy Hammond, born in Dutchess 
County, X. Y., daughter of Daniel and Amey (Greene) Ham- 


1622. Daniel H. Lockwood, born June 12th, 1817, at Warwarsink, N. Y. 

1623. Amet Lockwood, born died 

1624. Sarah Lockwood, born July 27th, 1821, at Warwarsink, N. Y. 

1625. "Walter Lockwood, born June otli, 1S26, at New York city. 

1626. Martha Jane Lockwood, born died 

No. 1622 ra. Gabriella F. Mulford. 

No. 1624 ra. James Jarrett, 

No. 1625 m. Margaret S. Scamraor. 

856. Reubex Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph/ Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Walter'), born about 1763, in Greenwich, Conn.; went from 
Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, to Warwick, Orange County, 
N. Y., where he lived and died; son of Walter Lockwood 

m. Abbey Knapp. 


1627. Nathaniel Lockwood, born 

1628. John Lockwood, born at Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y. 

1629. Sarah Lockwood, born 

1630. Hannah Lockwood, born 

1631. Polly Lockwood, born 

1632. Betsy Lockwood, born 

1633. Margaret Lockwood, born 

857. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Walter*), born in Greenwich, Conn., where he resided till 1817, 
and then moved to Dutchess County, N. Y. ; son of Walter 
Lockwood; m. Sallie Glass, of Richmond, Va. 



They " had 12 children, as I am informed by his grandson, Lieut. Daniel 

Wriglit Lockwood, all dead but my father." 
16.34. H.VRRY LocKwooD, born August 23d, 1819, in Dutchess Co., N. Y. ; 

m. Mary J. Van Horn. 

858. Zephaniah Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,' Joseph,' 
Ezekiel,* Heury'), born November 2d, 1772, in Dutchess County, 
N. Y. ; re-sided at Wilton, Saratoga County, N. Y., "ever since 
1794," where he died June 7th, 182-3, in his 51st year; son of 
Henry Lockwood m., about 1791, Mary Wortraan, born 

December 26th, 1769, daughter of John Wortman, of French 
ancestry ; she died December 24th, 1858, aged 89 years. 


1635. James Lockwood, born January 25th, 1793, is (1888) living at Sara- 

toga Springs, N. Y. 

1636. JoNATHAy Lockwood, born March 23d, 1794, M. D. died unm. Feb- 

ruary 11th, 1877. 

1637. Amos Lockwood, born October 23d, 1795, died November 20th, 1825, 

at Tyrone, N. Y. 

1638. Wortman Lockwood, born January 23d, 1797, died July 23d, 1820, at 

Wilton, N. Y. 

1639. Ezekiel Lockwood, born October 2d, 1798, died July 10th, 1828, at 

Lyons, N. Y. 

1640. Zephaxiah Lockwood, Jr., born October 21st, 1800, is (1888) living at 

Geneva, Wis. 

1641. Mary Lockwood, born September 19th, 1802, m. Asa Crandall. 

1642. Major Lockwood, born January 4th, 1806, died October 9th, 1806, in 

Wilton, N. Y. 

1043. Zalmox Lockwood, born February 22d, 1808, died April 13th, 1831, in 
Wilton, N. Y. 

1644. Leonard Lockwood, born December 6th, 1810, living (1888) at Har- 
vard, 111. 

858i^. Eleizur Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,' Eze- 
kiel,* Henry^), born October 16th, 1774, in New York, on the 
Susquehanna River ; son of Henry Lockwood. 

The following statements concerning him are taken from 
" The Fire Lands Pioneer," vol. vi., p. 21, in the Archives of 
the Historical Society, at Norwalk, O. 

of watertown, massachusetts. 329 

Eleizur Lockwood. 

"Eleizur Lockwood, boru October 16th, 1774, was a refugee 
from Canada; who left that province during the war of 1812, 
rather than take the oath of allegiance to the British Govern- 
ment. He left, in 1813 or 1814, and probably came from 
"Winters, and was one of the first pioneers of Perkins, O. His 
daughter, Mrs. Polly Ann Tayler, relates, in 1865: He was 
from New York State, and born on a branch of the Susquehanna 
River, October 16th, 1774, and had three wives, and at fifteen 
years of age, moved to Canada, and had born Eleizur, Amanda 
and Semantha. Amanda died in Sandusky, and Samantha in 
Perkins township. He first settled in Sandusky County, Riley 
township, and there Nancy and Betsy were born. Then moved 
to Bloomingville. By the second marriage he had: William, 
Amanda, James, INIorgan. She died in ten years, and so he 
married for the third time, widow Cannady, and had eight chil- 

1. Polly Ann, m. Lyman Tayler. 
- 2. Robert. 

3. Rusha. 

4. Lucy. 

5. Lucretia. 

6. Bigelow. 

7. Orra. 

8. Amelia. 

"Mr. Lockwood had a farm of 600 acres, or a mile square, was 
a farmer, and great shot, etc., and shot two or three deer before 

Eleizur Lockwood. 

From "The Fire Lands Pioneer," published by the Historical 
S<x;iety, at Norwalk, O., vol. 6, p. 21. 

"As Mr. Eleizur Lockwood was the first settler in Perkins, O., 
a narrative of his pioneer life may be interesting to your readers. 

" I am chiefly indebted to his daughter, Mrs. Polly Ann 
Tayler, for the following facts. He was a native of New York 
State, and born on the Susquehanna River, or one of its tribu- 


taries, which run up iuto that State from Pennsylvania. He was 
born the 16th of October, 1774. He had in all three wives, the 
third is still (1865) living with her daughter in Illinois; she is 
very healthy for an old lady of her age. \yhen he was fifteen 
years of age he moved to Canada, he lived there until he was 
nearly thirty-five. He had born there one son and two 
daughters, viz. : Eleizur, xVmanda, and Semautha. The two 
girls are both dead ; Amanda died in Lower Sandusky, and Se- 
raantha died in Perkins township. When he came to Ohio, he 
first settled in Sandusky County, Riley township, and while there 
had two children born to him, Nancy and Betsey. 

"They then moved to Bloomingville and stayed awhile, and 
then moved to Perkins, on the farm now owned by Charles Con- 
verse. His wife was taken sick in about a week after their re- 
moval, and in a short time died. There was no house on the 
farm, but with the aid of his sons they soon erected a comfortable 
house. The county then was very sparsely settled and neighbors 
few and far between. There was but one building in Sandusky 
and that a log cabin. In a short time he was again married. 
He had by his second marriage four children ; William, Amanda, 
James, and Morgan. He lived with his second wife some ten 
years, and then after a brief illness followed his life partner to 
the last resting place. But as the demands of a large family 
were numerous, and thinking himself incapable of attending the 
place of both father and mother, he again married in about three 

" He married the widow Cannady, after which he was blessed . 
with eight children ; Polly Ann, Robert, Rusha, Lucy, Lucretia, 
Bigelow, Orra,and Amelia. Two of these are deceased (1865), the 
rest are living in different parts of the United States. Polly Ann, 
the eldest daughter, is the only one of the children living in Per- 
kins. She married Lyman Tayler, uncle Joseph Tayler's youngest 
son. They now live on the northwest corner of the old homestead. 
Mr. Lockwood purchased his farm of John Beatty, consisting of 
over six hundred acres, or a mile square. A portion of it was 
prairie, and the rest very heavily timbered. He paid Mr. 
Beatty ten shillings an acre for the land. He was a farmer by 
occupation, but could take his gun and shoot as well, if not 


better, than some of the more experieuced hunters ; he depended 
entirely upon his trusty rifle for the replenishing of his winter 
larder. The woods were nearly an unbroken thicket. Game of 
all kinds was very abundant; bears, wolves, panthers, deer, coon, 
mink, otter, and wild turkey. The de^r were so abundant when 
he first came into the country, that you could almost catch them. 
It was thought nothing strange for a person to go out before 
breakfast and shoot two or three. He went out hunting one 
day, and being overtaken by night, he camped out. He was 
awakened along about midnight, by a rustling among the leaves, 
and looking up saw a couple of lurid spots, and, thinking them 
the eyes of something that had no business there, fired. It 
proved to be an enormous panther just in the act of springing 
upon him as he fired. It sprang forward with a yell and dropped 
dead at his feet. 

''When living in Riley township, Sandusky County, he one 
day went to mill, with a grist, leaving his wife alone with the 

"She was expecting him home at nighfand had prepared a large 
kettle of mush ; it was sitting on the hearth to keep it warm, 
when all at once a huge form darkened the door. 

"It came through a hole in the back part of the chimney which 
Mr. Lockwood had been intending to repair, but had not got 
about it, and, without as much as ' How do you do,' stuck his 
nose into the kettle of hot mush, and be-jin to munch it down. 
It proved to be a bear; he soon devoured the pudding, and then, 
without so much as a look at Mrs. Lockwood, made a hasty 
exit. Mr. Lockwood would often be g-Due a week at a time, at 
a distance of from twenty to thirty miles. 

" One day while on a hunting expedition, he saw a large bear 
running off with a little pig in his mouth. Piggy gave utter- 
ance to his distaste for the whole affair by an occasional squeak 
and spasmodic jerk of the heels; but it was plainly evident that 
Bruin had never heard of the 'golden rule,' as poor piggy's 
weakened tones began to testify. ^Ir. Lockwood immediately 
put a ' quietus ' to the whole affair by sending the never-failing 
lead into Bruin's shaggy sides. 


" When Mr. Lockwood was a babe but two weeks old, his 
mother was taken prisoner by the Indians, but being in poor 
health could not keep up with the long strides of the dusky- 
warriors. Some wanted to kill her, others said she would die 
anyhow if left alone, so they finally concluded to let her go- 
She reached a friendly Dutch settler's cabin, and they kindly 
assisted her in reaching home. 

"Mr. Lockwood sold his farm in 1852, and moved to Illinois, 
and died in Indiana while on a visit. He was eighty-seven 
years old. Thus sank to rest the oldest settler of Perkins town- 
ship, and to whose energy of character, indomitable will and 
Christian example, we of this township owe much." 

Mr. Lockwood* was one of the refugees from Canada, who 
left that province during the war of 1812, rather than take the 
oath of allegiance to the British Government. He left the 
provinces probably in 1813 or 1814. Probably he came from 
Winters. This Eleizur settled in the fourth section in 1810, and 
was doubtless the first settler. 

865. Hon. James H. Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph,^ Joseph,' 
Ezekiel,* EzekieP), born December 7th, 1793, in Peru, Clinton 
County, New York; died August 24th, 1857, at Prairie du 
Chien, Wisconsin; son of Ezekiel and Sarah (Bockran) Lock- 
wood ; m. Julia Warner in the summer of 1824. He was twice 
married, but died s. p. His second wife lived with and was 
cared for in her old age by Mrs. Ralph Smith, whose maiden 
name was Sarah Ann Lockwood, a niece of Hon. James H. 
Lockwood, and daughter of John Sherrod Lockwood. 

Judge James H. Lockwood. 

From M^sconsin State Historical Society's Collections. 

Hon. James H. Lockwood, of Prairie du Chien, Crawford 
County, Wisconsin, wrote an article for the Historical Society^ 
it is 99 pages long and printed in Vol. 2 of that Society's pub- 
lication in 1856, and frequently referred to in the various other 

* Editor Pioneer. 


volumes of the Society's collections, and by a number of later 
writers. It commences on page 98, and is entitled " Early Times 
and Events in Wisconsin," in -which he says, "I was born in 
Peru, Clinton County, Xew York, December 7th, 1793, and 
lived in the woods most of my days. My father being a farmer 
moved to Jay, Essex County, but subsequently, in 1803, got the 
'Ohio fever' and determined to go there, but the later reports 
caused him to change his mind and settle in Champlain, Clinton 
County, IS". Y., in 1805." In Vol. 6, p. 303, he is mentioned 
among " the early settlers who were conspicuous for their intelli- 
gence." His portrait hangs in the picture gallery of the Society. 

Judge Lockwood was a clerk with a sutler in the army in 
1814, and was one of the founders of Green Bay, and Prairie 
du Chien, where he settled in 1819. He then declined a judge- 
ship, was appointed a Justice of the Peace. In 1823 he declined 
clerkship of Court, studied law, and in 1824 was appointed 
Postmaster under President Monroe. In 1826 he erected the 
first framed house in Prairie du Chien; he was subsequently 
appointed Associate Judge, and in 1836 he represented Crawford 
County in the first Territorial Legislature. 

Judge Lockwood gives an account of "Red Bird's" disturb- 
ances; he came to his house with two other Indians, and entering 
the cellar kitchen loaded their guns in the presence of the servant 
girl, and went up through the hall into Mrs. Lockwood's bed- 
room, where she was sitting alone. The moment the Indians 
entered her room, she believed they came to kill her, and imme- 
diately passed into and through the parlor and crossed the hall 
into the store to her brother, a young man of sixteen years, who 
was there with others, and the Indians finally left, etc. 

"The first Sunday-School established w^as by my first wife, 
Mrs. Julianna Lockwood, who was raised among the Presby- 
terians and Congregational ists of New England, and early im- 
bibed the strong prejudices of those people against the Roman 
Catholics, etc., etc., which afterwards wore off." 

" We were married in the summer of 1824 and came to Prairie 
du Chien in the autumn." 

A sketch of Judge Lockwood is published in Vol. 3 of the 
Hi.s. Soc. Coil's, published in 1857, and says he was born De- 


cember 7th, 1793, and was then " the oldest Anglo-American 
settler in Wisconsin," and on p. 508, of same volume, his death 
is announced. He died at Prairie du Chien, Monday, August 
24th, 1857, in the 64th year of his age (63. 8. 17). 

"In 1842 or '43 Mr. Lockwood united with the Episcopal 
Church at Prairie du Chien, of which he coutinued a member 
until his death." 

"On Tuesday his funeral was attended by Rev. Alfred Brun- 
son, who delivered a very feeling eulogy on him," etc. 

Vol. 4, p. 166. "It is stated that he was attorney for the 
plaintiff in the first jury trial at Green Bay, Wis., and gained 
the suit. The defendant in the case was a Frenchman. He and 

his friends were outrageous in their denunciations of the d d 

Yaukee court and jury. He was also the first lawyer that prac- 
ticed west of Lake Michigan" (p. 175). On p. 305, Vol. 4, it 
is stated that " the only house of any pretensions there in 1836, 
was the one occupied by Judge Lockwood." 

(Vol. 2, Wis. State His. Soc.) 

P. 13. Promises his portrait. Vol. 3, 1 6, 1856. They have it. 

P. 33. Donates 3 vols. 

Pp. 98-196. Early Times and Events in Wisconsin. 

Pp. 98-100. Birth and Education. Born Peru, Clinton County, 
N. Y., December 7th, 1793. 

Pp. 100, lOi. In 1814 and 1815 in the army. Goes to ^Licki- 
navv. In 1816 arrives in Green Bay. In 1819 settles at Prairie 
du Chien. Declines a judgeship — appointed Justice of the Peace. 
Aided in erecting saw-mills in 1830. 1823 declines clerkship of 
court and studies law. 1824 appointed postmaster. 1826 erects 
first frame house in Prairie du Chien. 1830 appointed associate 
judge. 1836 member of first Territorial Legislature, and repre- 
sented "Crawford." 

(Documentary His., Vol. 3.) J. H. L., personal narrative of 
Red Bird's disturbances. 

(A^ol. G, His. Soc. Coll., p. 303.) J. H. L. mentioned among 
the early settlers who were conspicuous for their intelligence. 

P. 305. " The ' Xew Town ' contained but few dwelling houses, 
and those of a very ordinary character — the only one of any pre- 
tentions, which I recollect, being that occupied by Judge Lock- 


866. John Sheerod Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Joseph/ 
Ezekiel/ EzekieP), born August 25th, 1795, at Chazy, J^ew 
York; son of Ezekiel and Sarah (Bockran) Lockwood ; m. 1, 
May 7, 1828, at Plattsburgh, New York, by Rev. Mr. Chase, 
Margaret Lucretia Miller, born July 20th, 1803, at Plattsburgh ; 
m. 2, October 12th, 1841, at Poughkeepsie, New York, Hannah 
Rogers Moray. 


First Wif^s. 

1645. Saeah Ann Lockwood, born January 27th, 1829, m. Ralph Smith. 

1646. Hannah Platt Lockwood, born June 19th, 1830, m. John H. Elder. 

1647. Caeoline Miller Lockwood, born July 13th, 1832, m. John S. Proctor. 

1648. James E. Lockwood, born May 26th, 1834, unna. (1881), at Sagnache, 

Colorado. The above 4 children were born in Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
Second Wife's. 

1649. Charles Morey Lockwood, born August 16th, 1842, ra. Helen E. 


1650. Antoinette Matilda Lockwood, born April 2d, 1844, m. James L. 


1651. Margaret Lucretia Lockwood, born January 10th, 1846, died March 

4th, 1849. 

1652. Elizabeth Bogaet Lockwood, born August 7th, 1848, ni. J. Leland 

Fogg. The above 4 children were born at Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

869. Doctor Ezekiel Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Joseph,'' 
Joseph,' Ezekiel,' EzekieP), born August 22d, 1802; died in 
Washington City, D. C. ; he was a dentist, and resided on F 
Street, Northwest; sou of Ezekiel and Sarah (Bockran) Lock- 
wood ; m. 1, Nancy Warren ; ra. 2, Mrs, Belva Ann (Bennett) 
McNall, widow of Uriah McNall, near Lockport, New York ; 
she was daughter of Lewis J. and Hannah (Green) Bennett. 

This lady is a lawyer in Washington, and was a candidate for 
the Presidency in 1884 and renominated in 1888. 


1653. Waeren Lockwood, r. California. 

1654. Julian L. Lockwood, r. Birmingham, Alabama. 

1655. Joseph E. Lockwood, lawyer in Chicago, is dead, was on General 

Pope's staff in the war. 

1656. Mary Lockwood, m. Mr. Brown, they lived and died at Montgomery, 



874. John Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Richard,' Arm- 
well/ Ricliard'), born October 15th, 1759, Kent County, Dela- 
ware; died October 8th, 1811, aged 52 years, and was buried 
near Camden, Kent County, Delaware; son of Richard and 
Margaret (Jackson) Lockwood; m. 1, April 1, 1781, Ann 
Kirkley, near Camden, died July 30th, 1791, only daughter of 
William and Leticia Kirkley; m, 2, March 21st, 1793, Frances 
Cumrains, of Smyrna, died March 25th, 1796, daughter of 
Daniel and Frances Cummins; m. 3, May 13th, 1798, Priscilla 
Blackiston, born August 30th, 1774, died August 13th, 1858, 
aged 84 years, daughter of George and Martha (Coby) Black- 
iston. ]\Irs. Lockwood was buried by the side of her husband, 
whom she survived 47 years. 


First Wife's. 

1657. Leticia Lockwood, born January 3d, 1785, m. Day. 

1658. William Kirkley Lockwood, born October 24th, 1786, died January 

23d, 1872, m. Mary Hayes. 

1659. RicHAKD Lockwood, born April 14th, 1788, died July 1st, 1875, m. 

Mary R. Wilson. 

1660. Samuel Lockwood, born October 15th, 1789, died July 2d, 1791. 

Second Wife's. 

1661. John Cummins Lockwood, born December 2Gth, 1793, died November 

12th, 1794. . 

1662. Daniel Cummins Lockwood, born March 15th, 1796, died 1868, in De- 

catur, Illinois. 

Third Wife's. 

1663. George Lockwood, born January 2d, 1800, died March 29th, 1817. 

1664. Isaac Lockwood, born January 9th, 1802, died June 7th, 1849, m. Ellen 


1665. Martha Lockwood, born March 30th, 1804, m. James Lord, D. C. 

1666. Ebenezer Blackiston Lockwood, born March 29th, 1808, m. 3 times, 


1667. John Caleb Lockwood, born August 25th, 1811, resides at Kirkwood, 


" John Lockwood, my paternal grandfather, was a farmer of 
Kent County, Delaware, in comfortable circumstances, and held 
the oflSces of State Senator and County Surveyor." (Prof. 
Henry Hayes Lockwood's letter from Georgetown, D. C, 1878.) 


875. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,' Eichard,' 
Armwell,* Richard^), born January 15th, 1762, in Kent County, 
Delaware, died ; daughter of Richard and Margaret 

(Jackson) Lockwood; m. Rev. John Patten, born December 
15th, 1752, at Cowmarsh. 


1668. James Patten, born 

1669. EiCHARD Fatten, born 

1670. Margaret Patten, born 

1671. SAiiUEL Patten, (Penna. Mag., vol. 9, p. 205.) 

882. William Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph, ^Richard,' Arm- 
well,* Richard^), born July 23d, 1773, in Daysboro' Hundred, 
Sussex County, Del. ; in 1826 moved to Preble County, O., and 
died there in 1827 ; son of Richard and Margaret (Jackson) 
Lockwood ; m., 1804, Pliebe Dingle, daughter of Edward Dingle, 
and granddaughter of Rev. Edward Dingle, a clergyman of the 
Episcopal Church, who was born in England, and was a protege 
of Dean Swift, by whom he was educated. Mrs. Phebe Lock- 
wood died in 1840. 


1671a. Myra Lockwood, born 1805, died unm. 1879, aged 74. 

16716. Rachel Lockwood, born 1807, m. Jonathan Pottisfield, died s. p. 1880. 

1671c. George W. Lockwood, born 1809. 

1671d. Elizabeth Lockwood, born 1811, ra. William Bain, in 1846, and alive 

1671e. Julia Ann Lockwood, born 1813, m. James Thompson, died 1861. 
1671/. Samuel Lockwood, born 1S15, died young. 
1671^. Daniel Lockwood, born 1817, m. Mary Bain, in 1847, and had nine 


884. Caleb Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,' Richard,' Arm- 
well,* Richard'), born January 27th, 1777, in Kent County, Del., 
died October 25th, 1855, aged 78. 8. 28, in St. Louis, Mo. ; son 
of Richard and Margaret (Jackson) Lockwood ; ra., February 
9th, 1802, Araminta Day, died October 31st, 1829. 



1672. Mary Axx Lockwood, born May 2tl, 1803, died August 19th, 1840. 

1673. RicHAKD John Lockwood, bom September 6tli, 180S, died June 17th, 


1674. Margaretta Lockwood, born August 19th, 1814, died June 24th, 1834- 

1675. Aramixta Lockwood, born July 24th, 1818. 

1675a. John Lockwood, born 1812 ; and five others died in infancy/ 

887. Thomas Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph/ Richard/ Arm- 
well/ Armweir), born April 12th, 1762, in Kent County, Del., 
died April 9th, 1824 ; was named for his grandfather " Thomas '' 
Monsey, " who came from Long Island, N. Y." ; son of Arm- 
well and Gertrude (Monsey) Lockwood ; m. first, Eunity 
Virden, born Saturday, September loth, 1764, died December 
7th, 1802, she was daughter of William and Eunity Virden; 
m. second, May 31st, 1804, Margaret Callahan; ra. third, Ann 
Broadaway, s. p. 

First Wife's. 

1676. James Lockwood, born October 1786, died young. 

1677. Elizabeth Lockwood, born September 27th, 1788, died June 4th, 

1S37, m. Joseph Burchand. 

1678. Richard Lockwood, born March 5th, 1790. 

1679. "William Lockwood, born June 9th, 1792. 

1680. Isaac Lockwood, born May 7th, 1795 ? died November 17th, See 

another below. 

1681. Majiy Lockwood, born October 3d, 1798. 

1682. Thomas Lockwood, born November 2d, 1800. 

1683. El-xity Lockwood, born November 8th, 1802, died June 10th, 1803. 

Second WijVs. 

1684. Edward Lockwood, born March 18th, 1805. 

1685. Isaac Lockwood, born June 17th, 1806, died December 3d, 1878, m. 

January 31st, 1833, Nancy Herron. 

1686. Benjamin Lockwood, born March 5th, 1808. 

1687. Sarah Ann Lockwood, born December 12th, 1809, m. David Marville, 

"Willow Grove, Del. 

1688. Samtel Lockwood, born March 5th, 1812. 

895. Gertrude Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Richard,' 
Armwell,* Armwell^), born December 27th, 1781, died October 
5th, 1819; daughter of Armwell and Gertrude (Monsey) 
Lockwood ; ra. Hanson Corse. 


16SSa. JoHX LocKWOOD Corse. 

898. Sarah Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,^ Daniel/ Daniel,* 
DanieP), born February 27th, 1755, Stamford 
died daughter of Deacon Daniel, Jr., and Mary 

(Bellamy) Lockwood ; she received $1000 from her father, by 
his will probated February 2d, 1808 ; m.. May 14th, 177-4, 
Ebenezer Jones. 


16S9. Rheua Joxes, bora February 27th, 1775. 

1690. RuFTTS JoxES, bora January 9th, 1777. 

1691. Sally Jones, born May 24th, 1783. 

1692. Ebe.sezer Jones, born January 17th, 1783. 

899. ^Iary Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraira,' Daniel,' Daniel,* 
DanieP), born May 6th, 1759, in Stamford, Conn., died 

daughter of D.eacon Daniel and Mary (Bellamy) Lock- 
wood ; received §1000, by her fother's will, dated August 25th, 
1806 ; m., April 12th, 1784, Daniel Smith. 


1693. Abigail Smith, bora March 11th, 17S7. 

1694. Daniel Smith, bora Febraary 19th, 17S9. 

1695. Sally Smith, bora June 23d, 1791. 

1696. Mary Smith, bora March 3d, 1793, died January 11th, 1804. (Stam- 

ford Reg.) 

901. Martha Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,' DanieP), born March 17th, 1763, in Stamford, Conn.; 
daughter of Deacon Daniel and Mary (Bellamy) Lockwood ; 
she received §1000 from her father by his will, probated Feb- 
ruary 2d, 1808 ; m. Dr. Walter Hough. 


1697. John Hough, bora August 17th, 1783, in Stamford, Conn. 



Physicians and Lawyers of Stamford. 
"Walter Hough was stationed here as surgeon during the 
Revolutionary War, having his post at the fort on Fort Hill, on 
the lot which John Clason, Esq., has recently built. He re- 
mained here some years after the war. He married Patty, a 
daughter of Dea. Daniel Lockwood, and lived about a mile 
south of the fort. While here, his son John was born, August 
17th, 1783. After the birth of this son, the family removed to 
Canterbury." (History Stamford, p. 362.) 

902. Abigail Mary Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim/ Daniel,' 
Daniel/ DanieP), born April 5th, 1765, 

died daughter of Deacon Daniel, Jr., and Mary 

(Bellamy) Lockwood ; m. Samuel Hutton. 


1698. Betsey Hutton, m. Joseph Chapman. 

This Betsey had $250 by her grandfather's will. Deacon 
Daniel Lockwood's will was probated February 2d, 1808. 

904. Daniel Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraira,' Daniel,' Daniel,* 
DanieP), born January 21st, 1769, in Stamford, Conn., the 
fourth Daniel in succession, died in Stamford, 1857; 

son of Daniel and Mary (Bellamy) Lockwood ; m. first, May 
9th, 1802, Sally Jessup, born October 14th, 1779, she was the 
mother of ten children, died 1829, daughter of 

m. second, April 11th, 1830, Sally Palmer 
died s. p. ; m. third, Lydia Provost, died s. p. 


1699. Rhexta Ann Lockwood, born April 23d, 1803, m. Josiah Converse, of 

Troy, N. Y. 

1700. RuFus Allen Lockwood, born November 15th, 1804, died unm. 

1701. William Augustus Lockwood, born May 4th, 1806, m. PoUy Hub- 


1702. Daniel Lyman Lockwood, born May 2d, 1808, m. Ruth Ann Selleck. 


1703. Betsey Lockwood, born July 25th, 1810, died August 25tli, ISIO. 

1704. Betsey Lockwood, born May 21st, 1812, m. Josiah Smith. 

1705. Solomon Morgan Lockwood, born March 6th, 1814, died July 11th, 


1706. Solomon Morgan Lockwood, born July 24th, 1818, m. Mary Elizabeth 


1707. Mary Eliza Lockwood, born October 5th, 1820, died young. 

1708. Abigail Jane Lockwood, born January 30th, 1822, m. Malby Smith. 

(Stamford Reg.) 

905. Elizabeth Lockwood (Kobert/ Ephraim,- Daniel,' 

Daniel/ DanieP), born March 7th, 1771, 

died March 21st, 1795, daughter of Deacon Daniel, Jr., and 

Mary (Bellamy) Lockwood; m., January 13th, 1793, Stephen 



1709. Deborah Frost, born June 11th, 1794. 

Deborah Frost had §250 by her grandfather Daniel Lock- 
wood's will, probated February 2d, 1808. (Stamford Reg.) 

919. Capt. Isaac Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Daniel,* Isaac*), born November 4th, 1762, in Stamford, died 
July 31st, 1836, in Stamford ; son of Isaac and Rebecca (Seely) 
Lockwood. Like many others of the sons of the town during 
the last half century, he commenced his life as a seaman. He 
soon abandoned his sea-life, returned to Stamford and settled 
down, on what was then the old turnpike, in the old Lockwood 
homestead. Here he spent the rest of his days. He was soon 
found ready and efficient in aiding forward every needed enter- 
prise of the town, and rose rapidly to his place among the first 
citizens. At the beginning of this century, no man stood higher 
than he in the public esteem. For nineteen years he did good 
service as one of the selectmen of the town, and represented the 
town in eight sessions of the State Legislature. He was charac- 
terized for his promptness and punctuality. It was a proverb 
that Captain Lockwood's rambling pony was the best timepiece 
in the town, never failing to appear with her rider at the post-ofBce 
at the appointed time. Was a worshipful master mason, and 
right worshipful brother and high priest. (History Stamford, p. 


He was interested in the Spanish War, one of the Carlos was 
his champion, he rode daily to the P. O. to get the latest news. 
A short, stout man. Headquarters with Hubbard & Close, where 
the Methodist Church now (1S7S) stands. 

J. L. L. 

State of Connecticut, \ ^,^, 
Fairfield County, j **' 

Stamford Probate District. 

On this 20th day of July, 1832, personally appeared in open 
court, before the Court of Probate, for said district, now in 
session, Isaac Lockwood, Esq., a resident of Stamford in said 
State, county, and district, aged sixty-nine years and upwards, 
who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath 
make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of 
the act of Congress, passed June 7th, 1832, viz.: "That he was 
born in Stamford, in said State, County, and District, on the 
4th day of November, 1762. That his birth is recorded on the 
Town Records, of said Stamford. That on the 1st of April, 
1778, he enlisted into a Company, commanded by Capt. Jesse 
Bell. His Lieutenant was John Barre, who took charge of the 
artillery, for the term of one year, and served out his time and 
was discharged at the Guard House in the village of Stamford, 
on the 28th of July, 1781, he again enlisted into a Company 
called the Town Guards commanded by his father of the same 
name, and served until the 2Sth of August, of the same year, 
when his father sent liim home to take charge of the farm. I 
have always resided in Stamford from my birth, but have been 
many years at sea in the time, my home, however, has at all times 
been at Stamford, that I was living in said Stamford, when I 
enlisted as aforesaid, that the companies to which I belonged were 
attached to no Regiment, they were companies of State troops, 
of the State of Connecticut. That I never received any other 
than verbal discharges, I refer to Simeon H. Minor, Esq., of 
Stamford, Isaac Quintard and Reuben Mead, of said Stamford, 
as persons who well know me, and who can testify to my character 
for veracity and their belief of my services as a soldier in the 


He hereby relinquishes every chiim whatever to a pension or 
annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on 
the pension roll of the agency of any State. 

Sworn to and sub.scribed the day and year aforesaid. 



I, Samuel Lockwood, clerk of the Court of Probate, in and for 
the district of Stamford, in the State of Connecticut, do hereby 
certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of the 
said court and the matter of the application of Isaac Lockwood 
of said Stamford, for a pension. 

In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal of office, this 24th day of July, A.D. 1832. 


923. Abigail Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' 
Daniel,* Isaac*), born in Stamford, Connecticut, May 20th, 1768 ; 
twin sister of Ebenezer Lockwood ; died May 22d, 1838, aged 70 
years and 2 days; daughter of Capt. Isaac and Rebecca (Seely) 
Lockwood; m., ISIay 10th, 1789, Frederick Hoyt, born January 
24th, 1767, baptized November 14tli, 1773, died February 23d, 
1859. He was Selectman in Stamford in 1794. He was son of 
Thaddeus and Hannah Hoyt. He was a farmer, lived in Stam- 
ford (now Darien), Connecticut, and Warwick, Orange County, 
New York. 

(All born in Stamford, and lived in Warwick, Orange County, New York.) 

1710. Augustus Hoyt, born November 24th, 1789, m. Sophia Slason. 

1711. Maurice Hoyt, born February 23d, 1791, m. Julia Sl.ison. 

1712. Betsey Hoyt, born September 16th, 1797, m. Samuel Demorest. 

1713. Hannah PIoyt, born January 9th, 180.'^, m. David D. Demorest. 

1714. Albert Sylve-Ster Hoyt, born September 16th, 1804, m. Martha 

Fancher. (Cong. Church Rec. Stamford ; Hoyt. Gen., pp. 402, 469.) 


925. Peter Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel/ Daniel,* 
Isaac'*), born August 11th, 1772, in Stamford. Received from 
his father, land in Charlton, New York, and Saratoga County, 
New York, and $500 in money. Son of Capt. Isaac and Rebecca 
(Seely) Lockwood ; m. Betsey Kirby. 


1715. Isaac Lockwood, born , m. 

1716. Seth Lockwood, born , in. 

1717. Elihu Lockwood, born , unmarried, a lawyer in Mobile, Alabama. 

1718. Joseph Lockwood, born , m. , lives in New Jersey. 

1719. Harry Lockwood, born , m. , died in California. 

1720. Thomas Lockwood, born , unmarried. 

1721. John Lockwood, born , m. , left 3 children. 

1722. Eliza Lockwood, born , m. John Holmes. 

1723. Rebecca Lockwood, born , m. Low. 

1724. Lucy Lockwood, born , m. Saunders.# 

1725. Elizabeth Lockwood, born , m. Mclntyre. 

1726. Jane Lockwood, born , unmarried. 

Note. — There were 13 children in this family; 1 died young, 
and it is probable they were not born in the order named above. 

926. Rebecca Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraira,' Daniel,' 
Daniel,* Isaac^), born July 24th, 1774, in Stamford, Connecticut, 
died August 1850, aged 76 ; daughter of Capt. Isaac and Rebecca 
(Seely) Lockwood; m., December 13th, 1798, Thaddeus Hoyt, 
Jr., born August 21st, 1772, at Darien, Connecticut, baptized 
November 14th, 1773, died April, 1847, son of Thaddeus and 
Hannah (Holmes) Hoyt, and grandson of Abraham and Hannah 
(Bates) Hoyt. Mr. Hoyt was a farmer, and lived at Darien, 

(All born in Darien.) 

1727. Rebecca Hoyt, born March 1st, 1800, unmarried. 

1728. Matilda Hoyt, born March 6th, 180.3, m. Seymour Comstock. 

1729. RuFUS Hoyt, born May 20th, 1804, m. 1st, Sarah E. Reed; m. 2d, 

Harriet Street. 

1730. Ebenezer Lockwood Hoyt, born December 21st, 1806, died aged 17. 

1731. Charles Hoyt, born October 17th, 1808, m. Phebe Wheaton. 


1732. Mart Hoyt, born February ITtli, 1812, m. 1st, Benjamin C. Eogers; 

m. 2d, Seymour Comstock. 

1733. Isaac Lockwood Hoyt, born May 5th, 1817, m. Biantha Faircliild. 

(Hoyt Gen'y, pp. 402, 470.) 

927. Capt. Augustus Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,' Dan- 
iel/ Daniel/ Isaac^), born November 24th, 1776, in Stamford; 
son of Isaac and Rebecca (Seely) Lockwood ; m., January 1st, 
1808, Elizabeth Peck. 

Augustus Lockwood was special collector, 1807. 


1734. Eliza Lockwood, born December 12th, 1800, unmarried. 

1735. Edmvnd Lockwood, born February 24th, 1803, m. Ann Eliz. Gay. 

1736. Delia Maeia Lockwood, born August lOtb, 1806, m. Henry K. Skeld- 


1737. William Augustus Lockwood, born May 25th, 1810, m. Elvira Van- 


1738. Mary Rebecca Lockwood, born February 25th, 1818, unmarried. 

Church Taxes for Ministerial Support. 

For five years, ending with 1806, quite a list of unpaid taxes 
had accumulated, and the next year Augustus Lockwood is 
appointed a special collector, with instructions forthwith to levy 
upon the estates of such as fjiilcd to meet the arrearages. In the 
prosecution of his duty he seized a horse of Wm. Waterbury ith, 
and sold it under the ordinary warrant. The defendant turns 
plaintiff, and institutes a suit against the collector for the recovery 
of his horse. The society stand by their agent, as appears from 
the following vote of December 6th, 1809: 

"Voted, unanimously, that this society will indemnify Augus- 
tus Lockwood, in the suit that William Waterbury 4th has com- 
menced against him, which is now pending in the Superior Court, 
on account of horse which said Augustus Lockwood took from 
said Waterbury, by virtue of warrants for society taxes, of which 
said Augustus was collector." 

In 1811 we find a heavier tax than usual levied — five cents on 
a dollar — and the excess over the usual rate, which had been 
about two and a half cents only, seems to have been charged to 
the above suit. The vote states that it " is granted for the pur- 


pose of defraying the necessary expenses of the society, and for 
discharging the demand Augustus Lockwood has against said 
society." (Hy. Stamford, p. 304.) 

932. SiEiTH LocKTVOOD (Robert/ Ephraini,' Daniel,' Jonathan,* 
Jonathan^), born May 10th, 1789, Stamford, Connecticut ; son of 
Jonathan and Hannah (Smith) Lockwood ; m., May 14th, 1815, 
Mary Ferris, born February 25th, 1797. 


1739. Michael Boomhoward Lockwood, born January 3d, 1816. 

1740. Betsey Lockwood, born June 9l1i, 1817. 

1741. Nakcy Lockwood, born January 23d, 1822. 

Smith Lockwood. 

Wife Mary Lockwood, requests that Isaac Ferris take out 
letters administration on his estate November 10th, 1828, the 
date that she declined said office. (Stamford Reg.) 

933. David Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' Jona- 
than,* Timothy'), born October 10th, 1767, at Stamford, Con- 
necticut, where he resided until 1816, when he removed to 
Norwalk, and there spent his days ; he died December 4th, 
1835, aged 68.1.25, son of Timothy and Elizabeth (Weed) 
Lockwood ; m., December 15th, 1792, Sarah Tryon, born Janu- 
ary 5th, 1767, in Stamford, died in Norwalk, June 26th, 1860, 
aged 93. 5. 21 ; daughter of Samuel Tryon, who served in the 
French and Indian War, also in the Revolutionary War; was 
with Gen'l Wayne. 


1742. Jacob Lockwood, born January 30th, 1794, in Stamford. 

1743. Saley Ann Lockwood, born October 30th, 1803, m. Mr. Keeler, and 

died June 18th, 1874. 

935. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim," Daniel,' Jona- 
than,' Timothy'), born January 14th, 1773, Stamford, Con- 
necticut, died 1826; son of Timothy and Elizabeth (Weed) 
Lockwood. . 



1744. Ezra Lockwood. 

1745. Horace Lock-wood. 

941. Peter Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,' Daniel,' Jona- 
than/ Titus'), born February 28th, 1772, at Stamford, Connecti- 
cut; son of Titus and Hannah (Dan) Lockwood ; m. Betsey 
Waterbury, born 1771, at Stamford, died June 6tli, 1816, in 
46th year, daughter of David and Elizabeth (Holley) AVater- 


174o. Hannah Lockwood, born July 11th, 1798, died July 31st, 1845, aged 

1747. .^NN Maria Lockwood, born January 5th, 1803, m. Enos B. Lockwood. 
174S. Sally Lockwood, born June 22d, 1796, died June 30th, 1863. 

1749. Peter Lockwood, horn , m. Abigail F. DeForest. 

1750. Timothy Lockwood, born 

1751. Lyman Lockwood, born 1810, m. Sally Lockwood. 

947. Col. Edmukd Lockwood (Robert,* Ejihraim,' Daniel,* 

Edmund,* Edward'), born November 24th, 1769, at Stamford, 

Fairfield County, Connecticut; died January 16th, 1834, aged 

64.1.23, at Sheshequin, Pennsylvania; son of Edmund and 

Susannah ( ) Lockwood; m. 1st, at Stamford, Naucy Jud- 

son; m. 2d, March 13th, 1816, :Mrs. Mary Ann (Gore) Russell, 

born March 8th, 1793, widow of Doctor Russell, daughter of 

Isaac and Sally (Cash) Gore, of Wyoming, granddaughter of 

Judge Obadiah Gore, of Luzerne County Court. Isaac Gore 

died April 12th, 1813; his wife (Sally Cash) died March 22d, 



(All born at Ulster, Pennsylvania.) 
First Wift^s. 

1752. Caroline Lockwood, m. Samuel Simons. 

1753. Charles J. Lockwood, m. Cook. 

Secimd Wife's. 

1754. Edmund Lockwood, born November 12th, 1816, m. Matilda Maryman. 

1755. Abigail Crana Lockwood, born September 14th, 1818, m. Beards- 


1756. Richard Caton Lockwood, born September 19th, 1820, m. Susan 


1757. Mary Ann Lockwood, born November 7th, 1825, m. Daniel Walker. 


1758. Samuel Simons Lockwood, born February 22d, 1823, m. Angeline 


1759. Phebe Maria Locktvood, born March 22d, 1827, m. Henry Segar. 

1760. Charles Huston Lockwood, born March 8th, 1832, died young. 

1761. Francis Lockwood, born , died young. 

Col. Lockwood purchased the " Cash family homestead," in 
Sheshequin, of 412 acres, and took up his residence and there 
ended his days. 

Col. Edmund Lockwood. 

May 19th, 1797, when 27 years of age, he was commissioned 
Captain in the 8th Regiment of Militia by Governor Oliver 

May 28th, 1802, he was promoted to rank of Major by Gov- 
ernor John Trumbull. 

May 10th, 1810, he received his commission as Colonel of same 
regiment from Governor John Treadwell. 

He obtained a contract with other parties in Connecticut, to 
construct a macadamized road from Baltimore to Washington 
City, D. C. While thus engaged he made the acquaintance of 
Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, and was finally persuaded to enter 
his service as practical farmer, superintending his plantation. 
He was soon after appointed agent for the sale of the Carroll and 
Caton lands in Bradford and Tioga Counties, Pennsylvania, and 
Steuben County, New York. While engaged in the sale of these 
lands. Colonel Lockwood formed the acquaintance of his second 
wife. She was granddaughter of Judge Obadiah Gore, who had 
three brothers and two brothers-in-law killed at the Wyoming 
Massacre, July 3d, 1778. (Miner's Hy. Wyoming, pp. 241, 
242, and pp. 45, 46 of appendix.) 

948. Abigail Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,* Edmund^), born September 18th, 1773; daughter of 
Edmund ; m. 1, Stone; m. 2, Merriam, from 

Watertown, Conn. 


First Husband's. 

1762. Harry Stone, born , died in Watertown, Conn. 


949. Drake Lock:vvood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,* Edmund^j, born December 13th, 1776, in Stamford, 
Conn.; died April 6th, 1840; son of Edmund and Susannah 
( ) Lockwood ; m., Mar 24th, 1814, in Watertown, 

Conn., Eebecca Hickox, born in 1795, died November 22d, 
1835, aged 40 vears. 

176.3. EDinryD C. Locetr-ood, born June 16th, 1313, m. Marv Martin. 

1764. Aeigatl Lockwood, bom , m. Mr. Holdridge, and had two 

children, viz., Bvron and Etta. 

951. Ezra Lockwood Jr. (Eobert,^ Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund/ Ezra^j, born November 14th, 1769, in Stamford, Conn.; 
died February 21st, 1822, aged 52. 3. 7;* lived in Watertown, 
Conn.; son of Ezra and Hannah (Clason) Lockwood; m., Oc- 
tober 18th, 1795, Hannah Peck, his oDusin-gerraan, 961, daughter 
of Ebenezer and (Robert,* Ephraim/ Daniel/ Edmund,* Hannah'), 
Hannah (Lockwood) Peck, at Greenwich, Conn.; she died July 
15th, 1854, aged 80 years. 


1765. Hanxah Locktvood, born September 2oth, 1796, m. George Whitefield 

Peck, died January 22d, 1844. 

1766. Ebesezer Lockwood, bom August 27th, 1798, m. Eunice Angeoine. 

1767. Harrt Lockwood, bom October 16th, 1800, nnm., died April 25th, 


1768. Jacob Lockwood, bom October 1st, 1S03, m. Marie Scofield. 

1769. Mary Anxe Lockwood, bom September 29th, 1805, m. Horace Fern. 

1770. Ezra Lockwood, bom September 17th, 1809, died May 9th, 1859, m. 

Julia E. Beecher. 

1771. Celia Maria Lockwood, bom January 2Sth, 1813, m. 1, Nathan N. 

Ekon, m. 2, Harvey Gillett. 

1772. Elizabeth Lockwood, born December 3d, 1814, died April, 1856, m. 

Fred. Shelton. 

1773. Charles Lockwood, bom April ISth, 1318, died July 2d, 1819.t AH 

born in Watertown, Conn. 

954. WiLLTAir Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,* Ezra'), born May 28th, 1775, in Stamford, Fairfield 

* Hia. Sketch, WatertowTi, Conn, pp. 34-5. 
t Hia. Sketch, Watertown, Conn., pp. 34, 35. 


County, Conn., died May 5th, 1837, in Greene County, New 
York ; son of Ezra and Hannah (Clason) Lockwood ; m., August 
16th, 1803, Hannah Lockwood, of said Stamford, Conn. 


1774. WiLLiAJi R. Lockwood, born November 13th, 1805, died young. 

1775. Amanda Malyina Lockwood, born December 18th, 1806, died unm. 

1776. Hiram Lockwood, born , deaf and dumb, died unm. 

1777. Eeeecca Lockwood, born , died unm. 

1778. Caeoline Lockwood, born , m. a Mr. Bingham. 

1779. Eliza Lockwood, born 

1780. Harriet Lockwood, born 

955. Polly Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,' Ezra'), born May 28th, 1777, died ; daughter 
of Ezra and Hannah (Cla.son) Lockwood; m. David Bunnell. 


1781. Lockwood BiraNELL. 

956. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Edmund,' Ezra'), born September 27th, 1779, in Stamford, Conn. ; 
daughter of Ezra and Hannah (Clason) Lockwood ; m., April 4th, 
1804, Charles Knapp, born October 19th, 1779, son of Silvanus 
and Abigail (Weed) Knapp. 


1782. Mary Elizabeth Knapp, born December 28th, 1804, m. Taylor. 

1783. John WiLLiAii Knapp, born September 30th, 1807, m. and died in 

New Orleans. 

1784. Charles Silvanus Knapp, born July 27th, 1816. 

1785. Lorenzo E. Knapp, born January 26th, 1821, m. Ann Maria Waterbury. 

958. Doctor Samuel Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraira,' Daniel,' 
Edmund,* Ezra'), born July 21st, 1787, at Watertown, Conn.; 
died March 10th, 1859, in Stamford, Conn.; son of Ezra and 
Ann (Davis) Lockwood of Stamford, Conn.; ra. 1, April 2d, 
1820, Helen Sheddon in Stamford, per Rev. Mr. Judd, of St. 
John's Church, she was born in 1792 at Falkirk, Scotland, died 


May 13th, 1837, daughter of John and Helen (Hodge) Sheddon ; 
m. 2, Maria Bryant, of "Watertown, Conn. 


1786. Robert Hodge LocK-n-ooD, born July lOth, 1821, m. Mary L. Water- 


1787. John Davis Lockwood, March 14lli, 1823, m. Jennette A. Gray. 

1788. "William Le'U'is Lockwood, March 27th, 1825, m. Frances L. Dodge. 

1789. Ann Elizabeth Lockwood, born January 26th, 1827, died unm. De- 

cember 1st, 1848. 

1790. Francis Tucker Lockwood, born February 20th, 1829, died unm. 

January 19th, 1856. 

1791. Helen Maria Lockwood, born April 14th, 1831, m. Albert Phyfe. 

Doctor Samuel Lockwood. 

His parents had moved to Watertown, where he was born. In 
1801 the family returned to Stamford. After studying medicine 
with Dr. Elton, of Watertown, he graduated at the New York 
Medical College, and soon opened an office in Stamford on the 
north side of Park Place. His practice became quite extensive 
and he at once rose to eminence in his profession. He was also 
much esteemed as a citizen. On retiring from active business in 
1838 he removed to the homestead of his father and grandfather. 
(Hy. Stamford, pp. 365, 366.) 

959. Lewis Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,* Ezra^), born September 27th, 1790, at Stamford, Conn.; 
died September 9th, 1824, aged 34; son of Ezra and Ann 
(Davis) Lockwood; m. September 10th, 1816, Priscilla Mead 
in Stamford, per Rev. Frederic Smith ; she was born April 18th, 
1794, in Stamford, and died March 9th, 1880, in Stamford, aged 
86 years; daughter of Lemuel and Elizabeth (Clark) Mead, 
granddaughter of Ezra and Elizabeth (Sherwood) Mead, from 



1792. Jacob Lewis Lockwood, born June 24th, 1817. 

1793. Ann Maria Lockwood, born April 8th, 1820. 

960. Davis Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,* Ezra*), born at Stamford, Conn., March 11th, 1795, 


where he resided and died April 7tb, 1844 ; son of Ezra and Ann 
(Davis) Lockwood ; m., May 12th, 1816, Rebecca Waterbury; 
born at Darien, Conn., died at Stamford, November 13th, 1869, 
daughter of William and Sarah ("Waterbury) Waterbury. They 
were united by Rev. William Fisher, at Darien. Davis Lock- 
wood was High Sheriif of Fairfield County, Conn. 


1794. Henry Davis Lockwood, born March 2d, 1817, m. Harriet E. Benedict. 

1795. Samuel Lockwood, born September 13th, 1819, m. Sarah E. Leeds. 

1796. William Waterbcby Lockwood, bora August 9th, 1321, m. Nancy 

Jane Slason. 

1797. James Lewis Lockwood, born July Sth, 1824, m. 1, Hannah Maria 

Thompson, m. 2, Mary Anne Pliillips. 

1798. Charles Edward Lockwood, born October 6th, 1S27, died unm. Oc- 

tober 27th, 1872. 

1799. Theodore Lockwood, bora December 6th, 1829, m. Rose E. Willis. 

All born in Stamford. From the Family Bible. 

976. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Eliphalet/ 
Eliphalet,* Joseph^), born in Norwalk, Conn ; son of Joseph and 
Rachel (Mallory) Lockwood; m., October 31st, 1774, Isabel 


1800. Joseph Lockwood, Jr., born October 2d, 1778. 

1801. William Lockwood, born July 23d, 1780, died November 10th, 1797. 

1802. Fanny Lockwood, born June 29th, 1784, m. John Cannon. 

In memory of William, son of Joseph and Isabel Lockwood, 
who died November 10th, 1797, in the eighteenth year of his 
age. (Gravestone ,) (History Norwalk, 238.) 

977. William Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Ellphalet,' 
Peter,* Eliphalet'), born in Norwalk, May 12th, 1768; died 
January 17th, 1843 ; son of Eliphalet and Susannah (St. John) 
Lockwood ; m. first, December 31st, 1796, Hannah Selleck, born 
January 23d, 1778, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Fitch) 
Selleck, she died February 18th, 1817, aged 39.0.16; m. 
second, I have not her name, s. p. 

O^O'^y.^- ^^ro^'^^o^rz^r^i^-' 



1803. '\VILLIA^[ Sellzck Lockwood, born October 1st, 1797. 

1804. Hooker Locktvood, born April 2rl, 1801, died July 5th, 1801. 

1805. SrsAxyAH Locs";vood, born May 31st, 1803, m. George St. John, and 

died September 2od, 1832. 

1806. Chaelotte Selleck LocK-n-oOD, born December 29tb, 1 SOo, m. Leonard 

Bradley. (Hiitory Norwalk, 265.) 

980. Col. Buckingham St. John- Lockwood (Robert/ 
Ephraira/ Eliphalet/ Peter/ Eliphalet^j, born December 23d, 
1774, in Norwalk, Conn. ; died February ]Oth, 1850, aged 75. 
I.IR; son of Eliphalet and Susannah (St. John) Lockwood; 
m. February 17th, 1808, Polly Esther St. John, at Xorwalk, 
per Rev. Rosweli R. Swan. Daughter of "William and Mary 
Esther (Belden) St. John, she was born March 10th, 1783, at 
Xorwalk, died October 20th, 1850, aged 67. 7. 10, 


1807. Julia Abigail Lockwood, born January IStli, 1809, nnm. 

1808. Elizabeth Locucwood, born July 2Sth, 1813, m. Henry Taylor 


1809. Mary E^ter LoirKwooD, born September 25th, 1815, ni. John Prime 

Tread well. 

1810. "William Buck:>-gham Eliphalet Lockwood, born December 20tli, 

1820, died youn^. 

1811. WiLLiAjr BucKi>-GHAM Eliphalet Lockwood, born December 23d, 

1522, m. Mary Maurice. 

1812. Frederick St. Johx Lockwood, born August 23(1, 1825, m. Carrie 


"Col. Buckingham Lockwood says that he always understood 
that tlie meeting-house stood on the corner north of Dennis 
Hanford's house; that is, on the south corner of the lot now 
occupied by Rev. Mr. Ellis. He remembers when the space was 
all open to the common." (History Norwalk, p. 172, edition 

985. Lockwood De Foeest (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Eliphalet,' 
Peter,* ^lary'), born March 5tb, 1775; son of Nehemiah and 
Mary (Lockwood) De Forest. He was a merchant in New 


Haven and New York ; m. July 12th, 1793, Mehitable Wheeler, 
born September 9th, 1777; daughter of Nathaniel Wheeler, of 
Huntingdon County. 


1813. Mary Lockwood De Forest, born February 17th, 1797, she married 

Roger Sherman Skinner. (From Descendants of Jolui Dwight, vol. ii.) 

991. Frederick Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Eliphalet,' 
Peter,* Lambert^), born 1796, Xorwalk ; died Feb- 

ruary 7th, 1824, in 28th year; son of Lambert and Elizabeth 
(Roe) Lockwood; m. September 18th, 1821, Rebecca R. Scher- 


1814. Catharine Lockwood. 

992. Rev. Peter Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Eliphalet,^ 
Peter,* Lambert^), born February 9th, 1798, at Bridgeport, Conn. 
Graduated at Yale College, in 1817, Andover Theological Sem- 
inary, in 1821, ordained in 1821, and labored for a while in 
Virginia. Was settled as pastor at Peekskill, in 1824. The 
Presbyterian Church was organized in 1817, at Binghamton, 
Broome County, New York. Rev. Mr. Niles served until 1828, 
and was succeeded by Mr. Lockwood, who continued his pastoral 
relation till 1833. He died November 16th, 1882, aged 84. 9. 7. 
Son of Lambert and Elizabeth {Roe) Lochicood. He was of 
Bridgeport, and his wife of Stamford, when he married October 
2d, 1822, Ilatilda Davenport, born April 17th, 1798. Youngest 
daughter of Hon. John and Mary Sylvester (Welles) Davenport ; 
granddaughter of Hon. Abraham and Elizabeth (Huntington) 
Davenport; granddaughter of Rev. Noah Welles, D.D., of 
Stamford, Conn., whose wife was Mrs. Abigail Woolsey, of 
Oyster Bay, N. Y". ; great-granddaughter of Rev. John Daven- 
port, second minister of Stamford, and great-great-granddaughter 
of Rev. John Davenport, the father of the New Haven Colony. 
Mrs. Lockwood died Julxj 4th, 1886, aged 88. 2. 18. 



1815. 1 John Davexport Lockwood, born October 9th, 1825, died December 

20th, 1844. 

1816. 2 Theodoke Lock-svood, born June 30th, 1S27, died 'May Sth, 1S31. 

1817. 3 Radcliffe Bookman Lockwood, born May 6th, 1829. 

1818. 4 James Booemax Lockwood, born May 31st, 1831, died June 3d, 1831, 

1819. 5 Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born February 2Sth, 1S35. 

1820. 6 Annie Matilda Locktvood, born October 1st, 1837, m. Josiah S. 


1821. 7 Theodosia Davenport Lockwood, born July 23th, 1839, m. Rev. H. 

H. Jessup, D.D. 

jSTote. 1 and 2 born iu Stamford ; 3, 4, 5 and 6 born iu Bing- 
haraton ; 7 born in Cortlandt, X. Y. 

Eey. Peter Lockwood 

and ]Matilda, his wife, celebrated their golden wedding, October 
2d, 1872, at Binghamton, N. Y. (History Stamford^ pp. 369, 
370; Huntington Genealogy, p. 97; Stoddard Family, pp. 145, 
185; Barber's Historical Collections, Connecticut, pp. 403,404, 
and other sources.) 

Rev. Peter Lockwood, born February 9th, 1798, at Bridge- 
port, Conn., was the third of five children, of Lambert and 
Elizabeth (Roe) Lockwood. 

He told a story as told by his mother, of the escape from 
Ireland, in 1641, of John Roe, one of his ancestors, whoni they 
hid in a closet with soiled clothes, etc. He married October, 
1822, Matilda, daughter of Hon. John Davenport, of Stamford, 
and settled as pastor, at Peekskill and Binghamton, X. Y., and 
Cortlandt, X. Y., and Berkshire, Tioga County, and died in 
Binghamton, X^'ovember 16th, 1882, aged 85. 

Rev. J. P. Gulliver, D.D., his successor, writes : 

" I had always regarded Mr. Lockwood, since I knew him, as 
a very remarkable man. His force of character seemed to press 
up into view on all occasions and in all directions, as if from an 
inexhaustible fountain. His simplicity and artlessness were even 
more remarkable, as it seemed to me. Happy shall we be if we 
can bear such a record." (P. 895.) 


993. Roe Lock\vood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Eliphalet/ Peter,* 
Lambert^), born ISOO, in Bridgeport, Conn.; moved 
to New York. He died 1871. Son of Lambert and 
Elizabeth (Roe) Lockwood ; married Jnne 19th, 1821, Julia G. 
Gouge, of Bridgeport, Conn. 


1322. George Roe Lockwocp. born March 31st, 1822. 
182.3. Frederick LocK"n"OOP, lorn died young. 

1824. Catharine G. Lockvtoop, born August 31st, 1825, m. William M. 


1825. JuEiA LocKWOOD, born January 19th, 1828, m. Rev. Samuel Penniman 

182G. Elizabeth Roe Lockvcood, born December 25th, 1839, m. Charles F. 

1827. Louisa Matilda Locs'wood, born February 17th, 1841, m. "William 

Seward, Jr. All bom in the City of New York. 

994. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,'' Eliphalet,' 
Peter,* Lambert^), born 1802, in Bridgeport, Conn. ; 
daughter of Lambert and Elizabeth (Roe) Lockwood ; married, 
.^larch 12th, 1822, Frederick T. Peet, of Brooklyn, X. Y. 


1828. William Peet,* born December 4th, 1822, ra. Martha Isabel IJomans. 

1829. Rebecca Lockwood Peet, born October 27th, 1824. 

1830. Elizabeth Roe Peet, born October 4th, 1S2G, m. John T. Terry, of 

New York. 

1831. Robert Baefe Peet,-!- torn January 19th, 1831, m. Julia A. Dickinson. 

1832. Maria Peet, born December 14th, 1832, died March 20th, 1835. 

1833. Julia Maria Peet, born February 27th, 1834, m. Enos N, Taft, of 

New York. 

1534. Harriet Cutler Peet, born July 20th, 1839. 

1535. Frederick Toiiles'Sox Peet, born August 7tli, 1841. 

101-1. CoL. Nehemiah Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraiai,'' 
Joseph,' Ephraim,* Ephraim^), born January 3d, 1771, in jSTor- 
walk, June 29th, 1801, was elected Fence Viewer, in New 
Canaan, Conn., where he resided, and died January 21st, 1847, 

* William Peet, graduate Y'ale, Class 1847; lawyer in New York. 
t R. B. Peet was living in 1S63, at Wilkins, Pa. 


aged 76. 0. 18. Son of E]>hi'aim and Sarah (Slawson) Loekwood ; 
married December 17tli, 1795, Mary Waring ; born in yorwalk, 
in 1774, die<:l in New Canaan, September 2oth, 1853, aged 79. 
" Was buried on Parade Ground. ""^ 

Lieutenant-Colonel Nehemiah Lock wood, 34th EegLment, 
September 8-13th, 1813. 


1836. Elizabeth Lockwood, born January 24th, 1797, died iinm. May 13th, 

1n32, aged 35. 

1837. Ernp.Aijt Lockwood, born January 2oth, 1799, died unru. February 7th, 

1S49, aged 50. 
1S3S. Nathan Lockwood, born February ISlli, ISOl, died uum. November 
13th, 1838, aged 37. 

1839. Lev.-is Lockwood, born February loth, 1803, m. first 'Weed ; 

ni. second Mary Jane Everitt, s. p. 

1840. Mary Axn Lockwood, born March 30th, ISOo, m. Richard Peuoyer. 

1841. Juliette Lockwood, born .January ISth, 180S, m. Thaddeus Crawford. 

1842. Phebe Lockwood, born December 13th, 1812, m. Joseph Stebliins. 

1843. Chaeles Henry Lockwood, born December 1st, 1815, died unm. 

March 16th, 1857, aged 41. 

1844. "William Lockwood, bom January 19th, 1819, died summer 1878. 

War of 1812. "The enemy appearing hostile in the .«ound, 
by the verbal order of Nehcmiah Lockwood, Esq., Lieutenant- 
Colonel Com'g, I called the Company into service on the 
8th of September, 1813, and on the 13th by his verbal order 
di>;mi.ssed them." (Plistory Norwalk, 284.) 

1017. Elias Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Ephraim,* Ephraira'), born October 15th, 1778, at Xew Canaan, 
Connecticut, where he lived; died January 28th, Ibbl, aged 
78.3.13; son of Ephraim and Sarah (Slawson) Lockwood; m. 
1st, November 26th, 1804, Lucretia Whitney, born August 6th, 
1783, died September 19th, 1818; they were married by Eev. 
]Mr. Andrus, a Presbyterian minister; she was daughter of 
Stephen and Esther (Jarvis) Whitney, and granddaughter of 
John and Catharine (Raymond) Jarvis; m. 2d, June 21st, 1821, 

Capt. Stephen Hoyt, History Stamford, 354. 


Hetty Hoyt; she joined Congregational Church, New Canaan, 
Connecticut, October 7th, 1821 ; died September oth, 1849. 


1S45. Baezillai Watson Lockwood, born November 9tb, 1S06. 

1846. Catharine Jane Lock-wood, born October 20th, 1S03. 

1847. George Lockwood, born September 30th, 1810. 

1848. Mary Esther Lockwood, born January 26th, IS 13. 

1849. Welliam Henry Lockwood, born September 13th, 1815, died unn., 

June 5th, 1839. 

1850. LucRETiA Lockwood, born July 2d, 1818, ni. Samuel Smith Osbora; 

she died March 16th, 1863; lie was born March, 1819. 

(Whitney Family, vol. 1, 53, 422, 612 ; Hy. Norwalk, 227.; 

1022. Samuel Lockwood, Jk. (Robert,* Ephraira,^ Jo.-eph,' 
Ephraim,* SamueP), born 1781, New Canaan, Connecticut; died 
June 15th, 1859, aged 78. He was a fiirmer; joined the church 
January 26th, 1817. Son of Samuel and Jemima (Nortbrup) 
Lockwood ; ra. Deborah Raymond, daughter of John Rtiymond. 
She joined Congregational Church June 23d, 1816 ; died October 
14th, 1838. 


1851. Edmund Waring Lockwood, baptized June 23d, 1816. 

1852. Chauncey Raymond Lockwood, baptized June 23d, 1816, m. P^l'iv 

Ann Terrill. 

1853. John William Lockwood, baptized June 23d, 1816, m. Denvilla 

Pardii ; died June 26th, 1862. 

1854. Polly Lockwood, baptized June 23d, 1816, m. Thomas Anthony Cvm- 


1855. Samuel Edwin Lockwood, baptized June 23d, 1816. 

1S56. Uareiet Lockwood, born November 10th, 1816, died September 11th, 

1837, joined the church April 10th, 1837. 
1857. Francis Henry Lockwood, bora May 2Sth, 1820. 

Note. — The same day that Mrs. Lockwood joined the church 
five of her children were baptized. 

1023. Jesse Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Ephraim,* SamueP), son of Samuel and Jemima (Northrup) 
Lockwood ; m. Lucretia Jarvis. 


(Live at Auburn, New York.) 

1S58. Mima Ann Lockwood. 

1859. Philo Lockwood, m. daughter of Horatio Lock wood, Auburn. 


1861. Alexander LocKwooD. 

1024. Thankful Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ 
Ephraim,* SamueP), born November, 1775, in IS^orwalk, died 
March 3d, 1817; daughter of Samuel and Jemima (Xorthrnp) 
Lockwood; m., jSTovember 5th, 1794 (Gunpowder Treason day)j 
Ebenezer Ayres, born July 21st, 1772. 


1862. Alvah Ateks, born May 8th, ]79.i, died September 10th, 1845. 

1863. William Ayees, born March 31st, 1797. 

1864. Matilda Ayers, born January 4th, 1799. 

1865. Hezron Lockwood Ayers, born May 10th, ISOl, m. Sally Brown. 

1866. George Ayers, born April 3d, 1803. 

1867. Amzi Ayers, born April 21st, 1S0.5, m. Hoyt. 

1868. Samuel Ayers, born May 17th, 1S09. 

1869. Eliza Jane Ay'ers, born October 17th, 1811, m. Vincent St. John. 

1870. Julia Ann Ayers, born January 17th, 1814, ni. Josiah M. Carter. 

1871. Ebenezer Ayers, born February 24th, 1816, died 

1872. MiNOT Chahncey Ayeks, baptized October 7th, 1821, m. Sarah J. 

Weed. (Hy. Norwalk, 268.) 

1026. NoRTHRUP LoCK^\T)OD (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Ephralm,* SamueP), born January 5th, 1786, at Norwalk, Con- 
necticut, died Wednesday, ]\Iay 2d, 1877, aged 91.3.27; son of 
Samuel and Jemima (Northrup) Lockwood; ra. 1809, Phebe 
Conklin, at South Salem, New York, where she was born August 
4th, 1792; she died August 13th, 1869, aged 77.0.9; she was 
daughter of David and ( ) Conklin, 


1873. Thomas Gilbert Lockwood, born January 17th, 1810, in Ridgefield, 


1874. Elias Bates Lockwood, born May 30th, 1S12, in New Canaan, Con- 


1875. Julia Ann Lockwood, born December 16th, 1814, in New Canaan, 

Connecticut, died October 20th, 1833. 


1876. Nelsox Conklix Lockwood, born April 4tli, 1820, in New Canaan, 

Connecticut, m. Sarah Clark. 

1877. Andrus Bouton Lockwood, born September 22d, 182.3, in New Canaan, 

Connecticut, m. Eosanna Gould. 

1878. Jaued Ayrej Lockwood, born October 6th, 1826, in New Canaan, Con- 


1879. MixOR Lockwood, born November 13th, 1827, in New Canaan, Con- 

1380. Varela Lockwood, born August 4th, 18.33, in New Cannan, Connecti- 
cut; blind. 

1028. Harvey Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Ephraim/ SamueP), born in Xew Canaan, Connecticut, died of 
jaundice, Febrnary 17tb, 1865; son of Samuel and Jemima 
(Northrnp) Lockwood; ra. Su.san Nash, born 1798; joined Con- 
gregational Church, June 2.3d, 1816; died October 14th, 1838, 
aged 40. 


1881. Mary .Jane Lockwood, baptized October 12th, 1823. 

1882. Ann Amelia Lockwood, baptized December 8th, 1825. 
1SS3. Eliz. Holmes Lockwood, baptized September 30tli, 1831. 

1030. Benjamin Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraira,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezer*), born September 18th, 1777, in Norwalk, 
Connecticut, died January 1st, 1852, in Brooklyn, Long Island. 
He resided in his native town about thirty years after his mar- 
riage, when he removed to New York City, where his elder sons 
had preceded him. Son of Ebenezer and Mary (Godfrey) 
Lockwood; m. February 9th, 1803, in Norwalk, Elizabeth Kel- 
logg, of Norwalk, by Rev. Doctor Burnett, of whose church they 
were members. She was born February 25th, 1785, in Norwalk, 
Connecticut, died in September, 1>!53, in New York City, in her 
69th year. She was daughter of Jarvis and Hannah (Meeker) 
Kellogg. They had five sons, and no daughters. 


1884. Frederick Lockwood, born November 30th, 1803, m. Olivia Meeker. 

1885. MoxsoN Lockwood, born February 13th, 1806, ra. Charlotte Whitney. 

1886. Benjamin Lockwood, Jr., born September 10th, 1808, m. Rebecca Seely, 

1887. Charles Street Lockwood, born June 11th, 1812, m. Polly Ann 


1888. LeGrand Lockwood, born August 14th, 1820, m. Anna Louise Bene- 



1034. jSTathak LocivWOOD (Robert/ Ephraim,' Joseph/ 
Joseph/ Ebenezer'), bora September 12th, 1785, in Norwalk, 
Connecticut, died January 3d, 1826 ; son of Ebenezer and Mary 
(Godfrey) Lockwood ; ra. Ist, Marcli 22d, 1818, Ann Benedict, in 
Norwalk, born July, 1783, died May 17th, 1820, daughter 
of "William and Nancy (Fitcli) Benedict; m. 2d, March 4th, 
182], Mrs'. Betsey (Mather) Bell, in Darien, Connecticut; widow 
of Jonathan Bell, who died January 26th, 1819. She was born 
March 24th, 1794, is now (1888) "living in good health," aged 
94 years. Daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Scott) Mather, grand- 
daughter of Rev. Dr. Moses Mather, first pastor of the Congre- 
gational Church in Darien ; m. 2d, by Rev. Mr. Eaton. 


Fir.ll Wifcs. 
1S89. Francis William Lockwood, born July 1st, 1S19, in Norwalk, m. 
Sarah B. Gray. 

Second Wijes. 
1890. Ann Elizabeth Lockwood, born March Sth, 1822, in Norwalk, unm. 

Mrs. Lockwood was living in good health in " the old Mather 
homestead, in Darien, Connecticut, in Septeral)er, 1888, where she 
was born and married, and was 94 years old March 23d, 1888." 
(Hy. Norwalk, p. 240.) 

Mrs. Lockwood was pensioned August 24th, 1888, by special 
Act of Congress. (File No. 29,690.) 

Rev. Moses Mather, D.D. 
The most extensive invasion of the town of Stamford, Connec- 
ticut, by the British and their loyal abettors, occurred Sunday, 
July 22(1, 1781. The service had commenced. Rev. Dr. Moses 
Mather was in the pulpit which he had occupied for nearly forty 
years, and it was undoubtedly his earnest patriotism which had 
led to this attack. Its object was to capture that fearless preacher 
of treason. Suddenly the house was surrounded and the sum- 
mons to surrender was issued, in the well-known voice of their 
tory neighbor, Captain Frost. The men and older youths of the 
congregation were drawn up two by two in marching order, and 
tied arm to arm. Tlie pastor was ordered to the front, alone, to 
lead the march. 


Dr. D\vio;ht's Travels has the following account of the suffer- 
ings to which Rev. Dr. Mather was suhjected during his imprison- 
ment : 

" This venerable man was marched with his parishioners to the 
shore, and thence conveyed to Lloyd's Neck. From that place 
he was soon marched to New York and confined in the Provost 
Prison. His food was stinted and wretched to a degree not easily 

" His lodgings corresponded with his food. His company, to a 
considerable extent, was made up of a mere rabble, and their 
conversation, from which he could not retreat, composed of pro- 
faneness and ribaldry. Here, also, he was insulted daily by the 
Provost-Marshal, whose name was Cunningham — a wretch re- 
membered in this country only with detestation. This wretch, 
among other kinds of abuse, took a particular satisfaction in 
announcing from time to time to Dr. Mather that on that day, 
the morrow, or some time at a little distance, he was to be exe- 
cuted. But Dr. Mather was not without his friends, however, 
who knew nothing of him, except his character. A lady of dis- 
tinction, having learned his circumstances, and having obtained 
the necessary permission, sent to him clothes and food, and com- 
forts with a liberal hand." (Hy. Stamford, pp. 210-212.) 

Rev. Dr. Mather was grandfather of the venerable Mrs. 
Nathan Lockwood, whose portrait is given in this work. She is 
now (1888) living, and well, in Darien, Connecticut, in the 95th 
year of her age, and 63cZ year of her loidowhood. 

1035. Asa Lockw^ood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Ebenezer^), born May 24tb, 1788, in Norwalk, Conn., died 

son of Ebenezer and Mary (Godfrey) Lockwood ; 
m. Charlotte Fairweather, born 1792, in 

Norwalk, Conn., died in February, 1879, at Racine, Wis. She 
was an adopted daughter of Dr. Jonathan Knight, of Norwalk. 


1891. James Edwin Lockwood, born August 26th, 1S18, at Norwalk. ' 

1892. George Augustus Lockwood, born 1820, at Norwalk. 

1893. Maey Louisa Lockwood, bora died unra., about 22 years old. 


and dai. ;;-:;- ot Re*. Mo^es Mat,,ar, D.O. 
r, iSSe .v-e- -n ler gJth year. 


1039. Alfred Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ Jo- 
seph/ Ebenezer^), born May 6th, 1797, in Xorwalk, Conn., died 
1844, in New York. Resided in New York from 1816 
to 1844, was a jeweller. Son of Ebenezer and Mary (Godfrey) 
Lockwood ; m. November 12th, 1817, in the City of New York, 
by Rev. Mr. McLelland, Anna Walton, born September 24th, 
1798, at Monmouth, N. J. Daughter of Thomas and Catharine 
(Furman) "Walton. 


1594. RoswELL Ebexezer Lockwood, born November Htli, ISIS, m. Ann 

Augusta Smith. 

1595. Mary Catharine Lockwood, born March 26th, 1821, died July 25th, 


1896. Thomas Walton Lockwood, born May 9th, 1S24, ni. Charlotte 


1897. Azelia Ann Lockwood, born August IGth, 1826, died September 19th, 

1803. Emily Augusta Lockwood, born November 1st, 1S2S, m. ^Varren G. 

1899. Alfred Lockwood, born July 21st, 1831, ni. Maria Louise Wade. 

1900. Sakvii Maria Lockwood, born October 30th, lS33,died September 3d, 


1901. Egrert "Wasuinoton Lockwood, born June 2oth, 1837, ni. Har- 

riet .... 

1040. Edwin Lockwood (Robert,' Epliraira,= Joseph,' Jo- 
seph,* Ebenezer'), born September 8th, 1799, in Norwalk, Conn., 
where he resided; died October 14th, 1878, aged 79.1.6. He 
was several years President of the Norwalk & Danbury Railroad 
Company. Son of Ebenezer and ]Mary (Godfrey) Lockwood ; 
m. first, October 22d, 1829, Emily Ives, of New Haven, Conn., 
born March 27th, 1807, died December 4th, 1830, aged 23. 8. 7. ; 
she was the only sister of Mr. Ives, the artist in Rome ; ra. 
second, August 2d, 1832, at Norwalk, Emily Olnistead, of 
Ridgefield, Conn. ; daughter of Plenry and Eleanor (Burr) 
Olnistead ; born December 22d, 1810, died January 4th, 1868, 
aged 57.0.13. Her birthday was the 190th anniversary of 
"The landino- of the Pilgrims." 



First WljVs. 
19C2. Emily Ives Lockwood, bom October r2ch, ISSO.died May 14tli, 1841. 
Second Wife's. 

1903. Elizabeth Augusta Lockwood, born April ilOth, 1833, died Feb- 

ruary 27 th, 1S3S. 

1904. Edwin Fitch Lockwood, born .June 14tli, 1S34. died March 7th, 1S38. 

1905. Eliza Jane Lockwood, born December 12:h, 1S36, died June 17th, 


1906. Ebenezee Lockwood, born November 23d, lSo7, died January 26th, 


1907. Ch.vp.les Edwin Lockwood, born June Ist, ISil, m. Mary Amelia 

Smith, s. p. 

1908. Ellen Elizabeth Lockwood, born August oth, 1S46, died November 

2Sth, 1847. 

1909. Elvira Lockwood, born March 17th, 1849, die! February 19th, 1858. 

All born in Norwalk, Conn. (From Miss E. F. Lockwood, and 
"Whitney Genealogy, 1079.) 

]S"oTE. — Eleven names in this record begin wirh an "E." 

Edwin Lockwood lived in the old homeitead, in Norwalk, 

" I have heard Uncle Edwin Lockwood in Xorwalk say (who 
lived in the old homestead), ' that place had been in the Lock- 
wood family several generations back.' " 

"The place w^as very dear to us all." (Mi-s Ann Elizabeth 
Lockwood's letter, from Darien, Conn., dated March 26th, 1888, 
daughter of Nathan Lockwood.) 

104L Sarah Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph,' Jo- 
seph,* Ebenezer^), born 1803, in Norwalk, Conn., 
died August 9th, 1838, aged 35; daughter of Ebenezer and 
Mary (Godfrey) Lockwood; m. February 26th, 1828, Joseph 
Warren Hoyt, born December 8th, 1797, in North Stamford, 
Conn. Lived in Eosedale, Wis.; Sarah Lockwood was Mr. 
Hoyt's second wife. 

Mrs. Hoyt died and " left two children, the father and boys 
went west soon after her death, and we have no knowledge of 
them.". (Mrs. W. G. B.'s letter, Hoyt's Genealogy, 478.) 


1042. John Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ Joseph/ 
DavicP), born in Xorwalk, Conn. Lived in New 

York ; died in New York City. Sou of David and Martha 
(Trowbridge) Look wood. 


1910. George Lockwood, born 

1911. Feancis Locktvood, born 

1912. James Lockwood, born 
1213. JoHX Lockwood, born 

1914. A daughter. 

1915. A daughter. 

1043. David Lockwood, Jr. (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ 
Joseph/ David^), born August 8th, 1778, in Norwalk, Conn., 
died June od, 1818, in his 40th year; son of David and Martha 
(Trowbridge) Lockwood ; m. December 18th, 1800, Sally 
(Robert,' Epin-aini/ Joseph,' Isaac,* Ilezekiah/ Sally^) Lockwood, 
born July 27th, 1784, in Norwalk; died June 3d, 1856, at 
Riverhead, N. Y., 38 years after David's death. Daughter of 
Hezekiah and Catharine (Seymour) Lockwood. Sally liOck- 
wood m. first, David Lockwood; m. second, Phinehas Hill; ni. 
third, Thomas Stocker. 

*' My grandfather David Lockwood was a soldier in the war 
of 1812, and while on sentinel duty in Norwalk, Conn., took 
cold from the effects of which ho died." (Rev. George Augustus 
Lockwood's letter, April 9th, 1888, Kennebunk, Maine.) 


1916. Charles Lockwood, born August 23d, 1801, m. Emeline Brown. 

1917. Clark Lockwood, born June 21st, 1805, m. Harriet F. Seymour. 

1918. David Lockwood, born March 4th, ISOS, m. Eliza Pierce. 
1918^. Eliza Lockwood, born June 2-5th, 1810, m. Samuel W. Hill. 

1919. Ann Augusta Lockwood, born April 20th, 1812, m. Christopher V. 


1920. Amelia Lockwood, born October 17th, 1813, m. Stephen Van Rensse- 

laer Balcer. 

1921. John Freeborn Lockwood, born December 4th, ISlo, m. Eliza 


1922. Jane Lockwood, born June 15th, 1818, died October ISth, 1819. 

1923. Also an unnamed infant. All born in Norwalk, Coun. 





Joseph.* Brothers. Isaac* 
David.^ Cousins, Hezekiah.^ 
David. ^ Second Cousins. Sally.® 

XoTE. — David^ and Sally^ were second cousins. Above can 
be seen their lines. They had a common ancestor in their great- 
grandfather, Joseph^ Lockwood. 

1044. Ruth Lockavood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ Joseph/ 
David^), born in Norwalk, Conn.; daughter of David and 
Martha (Trowbridge) Lockwood ; m. John Bolt, 

born January 18th, 1758.; son of William and Lydia (Fitch) 
Bolt, grandson of John and Elizabeth (Clemraons) Bolt, 


1924. Jaxthe Bolt, born May 16tL, 1808, m. Pelatiah Strong. (History 
Norwalk, Conn., pp. 231, 266. Strong Genealogy, p. 465.) 

1046. Sarah Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,- Joseph,' Jo- 
seph,* Stephen / Robert Lockwood/ Ephraim Lockwood,' Eli- 
phalet Lockwood/ Damaris Lockwood,* Dr. Thaddeus Betts,' 
Sarah Betts"), born December 9th, 1782, at Norwalk, Conn., 
died ; daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Betts) 

Lockwood ; m. Asa Marvin (Robert Lockwood,^ 

Ephraim Lockwood,'' Joseph Lockwood,' Joseph Lockwood,* 
Sarah Lockwood/ Asa Marvin^), born October 13th, 1778, at 
Norwalk, son of Ozias and Sarah (Lockwood) Marvin, or 
Mervine (this name is s elled three or four ways in the same 
volume), grandson of Joseph and Rebecca (Rogers) Lock- 

Asa and Sarah were cousins german, (History Xorwalk, p. 


1047. Ealph Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ Jo- 
seph/ Stephen^), born July 9th, 1787, at Xorwalk, Conn. ; died 
October 28th, 1838, at Milan, O. ; son of Stephen and Sarah 
(Betts) Lockwood ; m. Esther Antoinette Gregory, born 
October 5th, 1795; daughter of Moses and Esther (Hoyt) 


1925. Francis Gregory Lockwood, born April 6th, 1S16, in Xew York 


1926. Elizabeth Shaw Lockwood, born April 18th, ISIS, in Xew York 


1927. Stephen AooLPHrs Lockwood, born June 11th, 1820, in Xorw.ilk, 0. 

1928. William Eli Lockwood, born August 17th, 1822, at Milan, O. 

1929. Augusta Antoinette Lockwood, born December 25th, 1S25, in !Milan, 

0. ; died October 17th, 1826. 

1930. Ealph Lockwood, born December 5th, 1830, in Milan, 0. ; iinni. 

1048. Stephen Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Stephen^), born June 1st, 1789, at Norwalk, Conn. ; 
residence New London; died 1827. He lost his life by the 
bursting of the boiler on the steamboat Oliver Ellsworth, on the 
Connecticut River in 1827. Graduated at Yale in 1807. Son of 
Stephen and Sarah (Betts) Lockwood (Robert Lockwood/ Eph- 
raim Lockwood,'^ Eliphalet Lockwood/ Daraaris Lockwood/ 
Dr. Thaddeus Betts/ Sarah Betts^) ; ni., September 5th, 1811, 
Sally Richards, born 178G ; daughter of Guy and Hannah (Dol- 
beare) Richards. 


1931. Adelaide R. Lockwood, num., lives at New London, Conn. 

1932. James Lewis Lockwood, died at the soutli. 

1933. Harriet L. Lockwood, died young. 

1934. Harriet L. Lockwood, 

1935. Mary J. Lockwood, unm., resides in New London, Conn. 

''The larger part of the names in the preceding Chapter (V.) 
have been drawn from a Genealogical Chart, prepared by the 
late William H. Richards, Esq., and kindly furnished by Mrs. 
Sally (Richards) Lockwood, who holds it as a precious memorial 
of his reverence for ancestry, affection for relatives, and benevo- 
lence for the race." (Hy. Xorwalk, p. 291 ; Richards Family, 
pp. 103, 104.) 

368 descendants of robert lockwood, 

" Stephen Lock-wood, 
son of Steplien Lockwood, worthy son of a worthy father, was 
also a graduate of Yale College in 1807, was a highly respected 
citizen of Xew York City, and an elder in the church of Doctor 
Spring. He came to a sudden and mournful death by the 
bursting of the boiler of the steamboat Oliver Ellsworth, on 
Long Island Sound, in 1827." (Rev. Mr. Bouton's His. Dis. 
in 1851, p. 59 ; a pamphlet in the library of Philada. His. Soc.) 

1049. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Stephen^), born March 24th, 1791, in Norwalk, Conn. ; 
daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Betts) Lockwood ; m. Daniel 
Gibbs, of Norwalk, Conn.; June 12th, 1815, started for Noi'- 
walk, Ohio. (His. Soc. Norwalk, O., vol. 1, p. 29.) 

1936. Daniel Gibbs, Jr., born December, 1816, Xorwalk, Ohio. 

" From Personal Memoirs written by Mrs. Daniel Gibbs, of 
jSTorwalk, Ohio, she says she left Norwalk, Conn., January 24th, 
1816, and reached our habitation in the wilderness April 30th, 
being over three months' travel," " Eight of us were leaving 
good homes for a home in the far west; a home procured by our 
father, who had been on before us." " My brother Henry, his 
wife and their little Henry, my husband, self, and our Eliza (of 
five years), and David (three years), with Mr. L. Keeler, who 
drove our baggage wagon, composed our company," etc., etc. 

" ]\Iy father, S. Lockwood, accompanied us ten or twelve miles 
at the start." " It was our determination not to travel on the 
Sabbath." " Our own ' home,' the7i, was a substantial wagon, 
covered with oil cloth, lined with blankets, carpeted, s})ring 
seats, very comfortable and decent, and drawn by heavy bays. 
We had every article of clothing comfortable for the season 
(winter), blankets (our cloaks with hoods were lion skin cloth, 
except that no such thing as buffalo or lion robes were known) 
and furs and foot stoves to warm us, so that with our ' provision 
chest' containing chickens, hams, hard biscuits, pies, doughnuts 
by the bushel, tea, coffee, pickles, dried fruit and preserves, and 


all necessary articles, we were ' well to do ' in the world. At 
Clinton we spent a week with a sister, Mrs. Mason, etc. 

" My brother's child, of eighteen months, died on the way, 
and ' our little D./ died, after lingering twelve days." ('' The 
Fire Lands Pioneer." bv the Hist. So. at Xorwalk, Ohio, vol. 
1, pp. 25-29.) 

1050. George Loce:wood (Robert/ Ephraitn,- Joseph,' 
Joseph/ Stephen^), b'-'rn July 29th, 1793, in Xorwalk, Conn. ; 
died July 6th, 1860 : son of Stephen and Sarah (Betts) Lock- 
wood ; m. 1st, 1813, Mary Cannon, born February 6th, 1792, 
died 1835; m. 2d, 1S35, .Jane Osborn, born July 2'd, 1810; she 
is alive (1888) in gocd health. 


Fint Wifr-S. 

1937. James Cannon Lc<kwood, born 1814, m. Louisa Choate, living at 

Milan, 0. 

1938. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born 1818, died 1828. 

1939. Geoege LockwoC'D, born 1821, died 1825. 

1940. Maltby Betts Lockwood, born 1824, died 1825. 

1941. Sarah Lockwqup. tnrn 1826, rn. Steplien A. Loclcwood. 

1942. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born 182S, m. James D. Smith. 

1943. George ^Maltby L<X'Kwood, born 1832, died 1835. 

1944. Frederick Lockivojd, born 1835, died 1835. 

Second WijVs. 

1945. Jane Eliza Lock-"- ,od, born 1838, died 1850. 

1946. Harriet Antoinette Lockwood, born 11840, m. Sylvanns J. Eev- 


1947. Helen Augusta Lvckwood, born 1843, died 1849. 

1948. George Osborn Lcckwood, born 1847, died 1852. 

1949. P'rederick Parsons Lockwood, born 1849, died 1850. 

1950. Helen Lockwood. l-jrn 1849, died 1849. 

1951. John Rogers Lockwood, born 1851, died 1876. 

1952. Anna May Lock^t.v.d, born 1854, died 1859. 

1051. Hexry Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Stephen^), born May 11th, 1795, in Norwalk, Conn. ; 
died ; son of Stephen and Sarah (Betts) Lockwood ; 

m. Amelia Chichester. 

" His father gave him and his brothers George and Stephen 
the portion of ' Fire Lands ' granted to him by the general gov- 


eniment for losses incurred daring tlie Revolutionary "War, and 
the three brothers settled on them and founded the towns of 
Milan and Norwalk, Ohio." 


1953. Alfred Chichester Lockwood, born at Milan, Ohio. 

1954. Henry Lockwood, 

1955. Theodore Lockwood, 

Henry Lockwood, sou of Stephen and Sarah Lockwood ; m. 
Amelia Chichester, and their children are first Henry and a 
Theodore besides several other boys, these two Henrys father 
and son are both deceased. They lived in Milan, Ohio; some of 
them are in Illinois. 

Henry Lockwood. 

Henry Lockwood writes an article on Norwalk, Ohio, pub- 
lished in " The Fire Lands Pioneer," saying he came to Norwalk 
Township, with his family, April 29th, 1816. His father and 
brother-in-law, Daniel Gibbs, started from Norwalk, Fairfield 
County, Conn., June 12th, 1815, and Stephen Lockwood ac- 
companied them, and they went via New York, Newark, Mor- 
ristown, Easton, Reading, Harrisburg, Carlisle, Strasburg, Bed- 
ford, Chambersburg, and Pittsburg, Beaver, New Lisbon, 
Wooster, Mansfield, and New Haven, Huron County (here 
follows a very long account of his trip and trials). In Sep- 
tember Charles R. Sherman, a lawyer of Lancaster, of Fairfield 
County, formerly from Norwalk, Conn., came in with the judges 
of the Supreme Court. He was the father of the Hon. John 
Sherman, etc. The first birth was Stephen H. Lockwood, born 
December 3d, 1816, and a few days after Daniel Gibbs, a sou of 
his sister, was born. 

1053. jNIary Betts Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph,* Stephen'), born April 17th, 1799, in Norwalk, Conn.; 
of New York when she m. ; died ; daughter 

of Stephen and Sarah (Betts) Lockwood ; ra., 1823, Rev. Henry 
Benedict, born January 22d, 1796, in Norwalk, Conn.; son of 
John, Jr., and Jane (Raymond) Benedict, ra. April 4th, 1792 ; 
grandson of Nathaniel and Hannah (Hawley) Benedict. 


iSl^OTE. — Rev. Henry Benedict graduated at Yale College in 
1822. He died July' 18th, 1868, aged 72. 5. 26. (Hy. Xor- 
walk, pp. 253, 318 ; N. E. His. and Gen. Reg., 29, p. 184.) 

Note. — Nathaniel Benedict's first wife was Mary Lockwood. 

1056. Oliver Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Jo.seph'), born September, 1795^ at Danville, Cone; 
he resided in Worthington and Milford, Ohio ; son of Joseph 
and Cordelia (Filley) Lockwood; m. Lydia Maynard, born in 
"NVestfield, Massachusetts; m. by Rev. James Kill)ourn, at 
Worthington, Franklin County, Ohio; she was daughter of 
Stephen and Elizabeth (Wright) jNIaynard. 


1956. Eliz.v Lockwood, born 1817, m. Joseph Swearingen. 

1957. Lyman Hall Lockwood, born 1S21, m Thirza Ann Tait. 

1958. Harvey Israel Lockwood, born 1S25, m. Delia Ingliam. 

1959. Henry Hobart Lockwood, born 1829, m. Josepliine Cover. 

1960. Horace Lincoln Lockwood, born 1832. 

1961. James Ross Lockwood, born December 20tli, 1335, m. Catliarin-^ Dovle. 

1063. Richard Hexry IjOCkwood (Robert,* Ejihraim,^ 
Joseph,' Joseph,* Abram"), born September 22d, 1789 ; died 
March 3d, 1870, aged 80. 5. 9 ; son of Abram and Anna (Hyatt) 
Lockwood ; ra. Sarah Wallace. 

19G2. Abram Lockwood, born April 5th, 1822, died April 27th, 1S72 

1065. John Hyatt Lockavood (Rol)crt,> Ephraim,'' Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Abram*), born December 15th, 1793; died 

; son of Abram and Anna (Hyatt) Lockwood; m., 
November 1st, 1820, Cornelia Frost, born January 18th, 1797. 


1963. Malvena Lockwood, born 

1964. Francis Day Lockwood, born December 9th, 1823. 

1965. Caroline Lockwood, born May 20th, 1831, died :March 2M, 1??1, m. 

George F. Kohler, April 15th, 1857. 

1966. Martha Ann Lockwood, born December 9th, 1835, m. George Barlow, 

October 20tli, 1858. 


1081. Lewis Selleck Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira/ 
Joseph,^ Daniel,* DanieP), born September 3d, 1779, in Stam- 
ford, Conn.; died December 21st, 1853, at "Wilton, Conn. ; son 
of Daniel, Jr., and Tabitha ( ) (Selleck) Lockwood ; m., 

November 17th, 1800, Hanuah Jones, born 1782, died 1867, 
daughter of Isaac Smith Jones. 


1967. George WAsnrNGTOx Locktvood, born October ISth, 1801. 
1963. Sally Ann Lockwood,* born July 18th, 1803, died 1843. 

1969. William Ls^ns Lockwood, born 1815, died 1846. 

1970. Phebe Lockwood,! born 1S06, died 1886. 

1085. Haxxah Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Isaac,* Plezekiah^), born January 12th, 1777, in Norwalk, Conn. ; 
died ; daughter of Hezekiah and Catharine (Seymour) 
Lockwood ; m. William Hapies Fitch, born August 21st, 1772, 
son of Haynes and Ann (Cook) Fitch, who were married Sep- 
tember 23d, 1770. (Hy. Xorwalk, Conn., p. 252.) 

1086. Lewis Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,- Joseph,' Isaac,* 
Hezekiah^), born February 25th, 1780, in Norwalk, Conn. ; died 
in Carmel, Putnam County, N. Y. ; he appears to have resided 
in Reading, Conn., and Carmel, N. Y. ; son of Hezekiah and 
Catharine (Seymour) Lockwood; m. 1, November 29th, 1798, 
Esther "Whitney, daughter of Timothy Whitney ; she was born 
at Norwalk, June 25th, 1775, and died at Reading, Conn., June 
11th, 1826; m. 2, 1839. 


1971. Faxny Lockwood, born March 15th, 1800. 

1972. Ann Janette Lockwood, born December 23d, 1801, died December 

1st, 1823. 

1973. Sally Lockwood, born August 15th, 1804, died February 22d, 1824. 

1974. Hezekiah Lewis Lockwood, born November 12ih, 1807, died January 

7th, 1844, unm. 

1975. William Rodney Lockwood, born August 31st, 1810. 

* No. 1963 m. Augustus Osborne. 

t No. 1970 m. John M. Ketchum. (Stamford Reg.) 


1976. Mart Esthee Lockwood, born January 13th, IS 13, died September 

17th, 1819. 

1977. Hauriet Ann Lockwood, born September 10th, 1815, died March 21st, 

1816. (Whitney Family, pp. 141, 393, 394, and other sources.) 

1087. Betsey Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraira,^ Joseph/ Isaac,* 
Hezekiah^), born February 15th, 1781, in Xorwalk, Couu.; died 

; daughter of Hezekiah and Catharine (Seymour) Lock- 
wood; m. Robert Cameron. 


1978. Jaxe Cameron, born 1802, died November 13th, 1826, aged 24. Feb- 

ruary 3d, 1824, she m. Joseph "Warren Hoyt, born December Sth, 
1797, son of Melancthon and Betsey Hoyt. Mr. Hoyt married for his 
2d wife Sarah Ann Lockwood, born February 9th, 1807, died August 
9th, 1838, daughter of Ebenezer, Jr., and Sarah (Olmsted) Lockwood. 
(Hoyt Family Hy., p. 478.) 

1088. Sally Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim/ Joseph,' Isaac,* 
Hezekiah^), born July 27th, 1784, in Norwalk, Conn.; died 
June 3d, 1856, at Riverhead, New York; daughter of Hezekiah 
and Catharine (Seymour) Lockwood; ra. 1, December 18th, 1800, 
her second cousin, David Lockwood, Jr., No. 10-13, son of David 
and Martha (Trowbridge) Lockwood; he was born August 8th, 
1778, and died June 3d, 1818, in Norwalk, Conn. ; see his record 
of nine cliiklren, Nos. 1916 to 1923; m. 2, Fhinehas Hill, and 
had five cliildren; m. 3, Thomas SlocJxr, no issue. 


Sticond Husband's. 

1979. George Hill, born January 15th, 1821, m. Betsey Ann Albertson. 

1980. Julia Ophelia Hill, born March 4th, 1822, m. Silas Jones Vail. 

1981. Francis Constantine Hill, born April 14th, 1823, m. Sarah Baker, 

of New York City, August 4th, 1825. 

1982. Edward Bingley Hill, born May 14th, 1825, m. twice; m. 1, Margaret 

Squires, m. 2, 

1983. Lester Seymour Hill, born March 27th, 1S27, m. Ursula Wells, of 

Riverhead, N. Y. 

1089. Hannah Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Isaac,* Isaac*), born February 1st, 1785, in Brookfield, Conn.; 


died July 19th, 1856; daughter of Isaac and Aner (Xichols) 
Lockwood ; m. John Welsh, per Parson Brooks, of Brookfield, 


1984. WiXLiAM Welch, born 1803, in New Milford, Conn., m. 1, Abigail 

Smith, m. 2, Cynthia Blackmer. 
198-5. Cakolixe Welch, born 1807, m. Charles Perkins. 

1986. Abigail Welch, born 1810, ra. Joseph Wightman. 

1987. Lauka Welsh, born 1812, m. Lewis Phelps. 

1988. Samuel Welch, born 1814, m. Delia Lord. 

1989. Sarah Welch, born 1816, m. Harvey Beach. The last four were born 

at Lebanon, New York. 

1092. Hanford Nichols Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ 
Joseph,' Isaac,* Isaac^), born April 17th, 1788, in Brookfield, 
Conn.; died April 27th, 1875, aged 87 years; he lived in Troy, 
New York ; son of Isaac, Jr., and Aner (Nichols) Lockwood ; 
m. September 26th, 1810, Rachel Wildman, at Danbury, daughter 
of Thomas ^Yildman, of Mirabrook, Danbury, Conn.; she was 
born November 13th, 1790.* 


1990. Thomas Wildmax LocK\^'0OD, born August Sth, 1811, m. Mary S. 


1991. Maky Martha Lockwood, born July 7th, 1816, died young. 

1992. Charles Nichols Lockwood, April Sth, 1820, m. Elizabeth Fry. 

1993. Mary Martha Lockwood, October 7th, 183-5, m. John B. Pierson. 

1095. Homer Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' Isaac,* 
Isaac^), born in Brookfield, Conn., November 17th, 1793, moved 
to Cato, N. Y., July 22d, 1817; died at Victory, New York, 
February 12th, 1875; son of Isaac and Aner (Nichols) Lock- 
wood; ni. October 2d, 1816, Salhj Benedict, at Ridgefield, Conn. ; 
born October 27th, 1795; died August 24th, 1877; daughter 
of Thaddeus and Huldah (Marvin) Benedict. It is noticed that 
Mr. and JNIrs. Lockwood each died in their 82cZ year. 


1994. George Benedict Lockwood, born August 26th, 1818, died July 23d, 


1995. Samautha Lockwood, born April 16th, 1821, died October 22d, 1850, 

m. William M. Mead. 

* Whitney Family, p. 584. 


1996. Eleanor Lockwood, born November 24th, 1822, died June 5th, 1SS5, 

m. Lacy Riimsey. 

1997. Hanford Xichols Lockwood, born December 27th, 1827, died July 

2Sth, 1844. 
1993. Isaac Lockwood, born September 2oth, 1830, died March oth, '8(34. 

1999. Homer Xichols Lockwood, born June 23d, 1833, living (1S8S) in New 

York City. All born at Victory, N. Y. 

Note. — "Homer Lockwood and wife resided over half a cen- 
tury on the same farm in Cayuga County, Xew York ; they went 
into a wilderness, cleared up a form of several hundred acres of 
heavy timber, and lived to see it and the country about them 
under a high state of cultivation. They aided to build the first 
church, the first school-house, the first academy, and wei-e fore- in building up good society, and inculcating wholesome 
Christian New England habits." (Extract from his son George 
B.'s letter, May, 1878.) 

1099. Isaac Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph,' Isaac/ 
Isaac'), born December Oth, 1803 (alive, 1888, in 85th year)* ; 
the third generation of the same name ; resides at Brookfield, 
Connecticut, "in his father's old home;"* son of Isaac and 
Aner (XicIioLs) Lockwood; ra. November 12th, 1826, OUvclte 
Dunninf/, born August 2-lth, 1807 ; daughter of AshjK-l Dunn- 
ing, of Brookfield, Conn. ; she died May -ith, 1873. They were 
married by Rev. Abner Brundige. 

Note. — The town of Brookfield is said to have been named 
from the first minister settled there, Rev. Thomas Brooks, 
ordained September 28th, 1758. 


2000. William Henry Lockwood, born August 2Sth, 1827, m. Sarah M. 

Alderton, died May 22d, 186G. 

2001. Homer Nichols Lockwood, born December 4tli, 1829, m. A. A. Holmes. 

2002. Herman S. Lockwood, born May 2d, 1831. 

2003. Charles H. Lockwood, born April 5th, 1835, died September 9th, 

1857, m. Su.«an Taylor. 

2004. George H. Lockwood, born March 5th, 1838, died October 27th, 1854, 


2005. Clark H. Lockwood, born January 19th, 1840, now in Waterbnry, Ct. 

2006. Isaac Lockwood (the 4th consecutive Isaac), born March 14th, 1847, 

now in Waterbury, Ct. 

* From his nephew's letter, February 11th, 1888. 


1101. Marcus Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Joseph/ 
Isaac,* Josiah*), born in New Milford, Conn., December 29th, 
1786; died October 18th, 1843, aged 57 years. (Gravestone.) 
Soi. of Josiah and Molly (Dickinson) Lockwood; m. Marcy 


2007. STA^•LEY Richmond Lockwood, died January, 1843, aged 6 years. 

1103. Stanley Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Isaac,* Josiah^), born November 4th, 1789, in New Milford, 
Conn.; d. ; son of Josiah and Molly (Dickinson) Lock- 

wood. He lived several years in New Milford and Bridgeport, 
Conn., and subsequently removed to Painesville, Lake County, 
Ohio, in 1835. He is said to be named for Rev. Stanley Gris- 
wold, who preached an historical sermon in 1801, when the town 
of New Milford, Conn , had been settled (93) ninety-three years ; 
m. February 9th, 1823, Louisa Seymour, born May I2th, 1801 ; 
daughter of Moses Seymour, Jr., of Litchfield, Connecticut, and 
granddaughter of Major Moses Seymour, a Captain in Col. Shel- 
don's Horse Regiment at the surrender of Burgoyne near Sara- 
toga in 1777. 


2008. Stanley Seymour LocKWOod, bora July 2d, 1829, died April 27tli, 

1833, in Bridgeport, Conn. 

2009. George Dickerson Lockwood, born October 26th, 1830^ 

2010. Louisa Lockwood, born April 7tb, 1832, m. Enoch Molin. 

2011. John Seymour Lockwood, born April 17th, 1831, at Painesville, Ohio. 

2012. Stanley Boardman Lockwood, born January 18th, 1840. (Ily. of 

Elder J. Strong, of Northampton, Mass., vol. 2, 1039-40 ) 

" Stanley Lockwood bought out Elijah Board man's store in 
1819." (Hy. New Milford, Conn., p. 496.) 

" Elijah Boardman, born in New Milford, Connecticut, March 
7th, 1760, and became a successful merchant. He was frequently 
a member of the Legislature, member of the Council, and a 
Senator in Congress from 1821 to 1823. He died in Boardman, 
Ohio, October 8th, 1823." (Lanman's Dic'y of Congress.) 

1107. Edmund S. Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Isaac,* Josiah^), son of Josiah and Abigail (Wilkinson) Lock- 
wood ; m, Mary A. Newman. 



2013. Jesse H. Loceiwood. 

2014. E. W. LocEiwoOD, clergyman, Otsego Cov.nty, Xew York. 

2015. A. N. LOCKWOOD, Graphic. 

2016. F. D. LocKwooD. 

1120. Hon. James Kent, LL.D. (Robert Lockwood/ 
Ephraim Lockwood/ James Lockwood,^ Hannah Lockwood/ 
Hannah Rogers^), born July 31st, 1763, in Frederickstown,* 
Putnam County, State of Xew York, among the Highlands of 
the Hudson, near the borders of Connecticut. He died at Xew 
York, December 12th, 1847, aged S4. 4. 12, member of the Prot- 
estant Episcopal Church ; son of Moses and Hannah (Rogers) 
Kent, grandson of Rev. Elisha Kent, a clergyman from Con- 
necticut, grand.son of Dr. Uriah and Hannah (Lockwood) Rog- 
ers; m. 1785, Elizabeth Bailey, born 1768. 

Note. — Mr. Chancellor Kent's full-length portrait is in vol. 
11, p. 39, of the American National Portrait Gallery. 


2017. William Ke>-t, born in 1802, was prominent as a lawyer and judge in 

New York, and in lS4iJ--17, was rrofesoor of Law in Harvard Uni- 
versity. He died in Fislikill, New York, January 4tli, 1861. 

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New York, and for 
nine years Chancellor of that State, and author of the celebrated 
Commentaries on Americau Law. '"For a long series of years 
he was the unquestioned head of American Jurisprudence, and 
in private and dome-tic life noted for all those qualities which 
characterize the Christian gentleman." 

A reply to an inquiry, kindly furnished by his son, Hon. 
Judge "William Kent, of New York, mentions memoranda 
among his father's papers, in which the Chancellor says that, 
" When he was five years old, he was sent to Norwalk to school, 
and lived with his grandfather Rogers four years, going to an 
English school during that time." He adds, " The government 
of my grandfather was pretty strict, and the manners of his 
family were orderly, quiet, and religious." (New Eng. His. and 
Gen. Reg., vol. 13, p. 61.) 

* Frederickstown was subsequently called " Kent." 

378 descendants of robert lockwood, 

Chancellor James Kent. 

Born July 31st, 1763, married April, 1785, Miss Elizabeth 
Bayley. In an article published years ago, it is stated that 
" Chancellor Kent enjoyed for the last 25 years of his life a sort 
of intellectual and moral supremacy in this our republic rarely 
paid to any man, and never, as one of his personal friends writes, 
' was any one so wholly unspoiled by it.' 

"His remains were followed to the tomb on December loth, 
1847, by perhaps the largest assembly of men of intellect and 
learning ever witnessed in that city " (New York). (National 
Portrait Gallery, p. 13.) 

Chancellor Kent, the Nestor of the American Bar. 

In a letter from Chancellor Kent to a friend, October 6th, 1828, 
telling the story of his life (he was then 65 years old), he says : 

" I was educated at Yale College, and graduated in 1781," etc. 
" I was admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court in January, 
1785, at the age of 21, and then married without one cent of 
property ; for my education exhausted all my father's resources 
and left me in debt $400, which it took me two or three years to 
discharge. Why did I marry? I answer, at the farmer's house 
where I boarded, one of his daughters, a little, modest, lovely 
girl of fourteen, gradually caught ray attention, and insensibly 
stole upon my affections; and before I thought of love, or knew 
what it was, I was most violently affected. I was 21 and my 
wife 16, when we married; and that charming and lovely girl 
has been the idol and solace of my life, and is now with me in 
my office, unconscious that I am writing this concerning her," 
etc., etc. " We have three children, one son and two daughters," 
etc. (New Eng. His. Gen. Reg., vol. 3, p. 1.) 

Hon. James Kent, LL.D. 
An American jurist, born in Philippi, Putnam County, New 
York, July 31st, 1763, died in New York, December 12th, 1847. 
His grandfather, the Rev. Elisha Kent, whose family was early 
established at Suffolk, Connecticut, became in 1740 the Presby- 
terian clergyman of Philippi. His father, Moses Kent, Esq., 
was a lawyer, and for some years Surrogate of Rensselaer 


County. His maternal grandfather was Dr. Uriah Rogers, 
whose wife was Hannah LocJcwood. 

James Kent graduated at Yale College in 1781, studied law, 
was admitted in 1785 as an attorney, and in 1787 as a counsel- 
lor, and commenced the practice of his profession in Pough- 
keepsie. He soon became remarkable for his legal learning and 
literary attainments. Mr. Kent became an active and leading 
federalist, attracting the notice and confidence of Hamilton and 
Jav. He served in the legislature of N"ew York. Gov. Jay 
nominated him in 1798 a Judge of the Supreme Court of Xew 
York. He was Chief Justice from 1804 to 1814; in the latter 
year he was appointed Chancel lor. " His Commentaries on 
American Law " have passed through many editions, and have 
acquired a world-wide celebrity. The work has assumed in the 
United States the position long held in England by Blackstone's 
''Commentaries on the Laws of England." (Extracts from 
Am'n Cyclopfedia, vol. ix., pp. 794-796.) 

1129. Capt. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' James,' 
Rev. James,* Moses*), born January 31st, 1781, at 'Wethersfield, 
Connecticut. He was a sea captain, and died of yellow fever in 
the East Indies ; son of Moses and Sarah (Bunce) Lockwood ; m. 
September 12th, 1810, at Wethersfield, Eunice Crane, daughter 
of Abraham and ^Mary (Robbins) Crane. 


(All born in Wethersfield, Connecticut.) 

2018. James Lockwood, born October 2otli, 1813, m. Charlotte H. Chamberlin. 

2019. Nancy Lockwood, born , died young. 

2020. Nancy Lockwood, bom March 13th, 1815, m. Arnold Bailey. 

2021. Henry Lockwood, born June 1st, 1818, m. Rebecca E. Griswold. 

1133. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,^L^mes,' James,* 
William'), born January 6th, 1789, " Epiphany," at Milford, 
Connecticut; son of Rev. William and Sarah (Sturges) Lock- 
wood; was a merchant in Glasteubury, Connecticut; m. Miss 
Delavan, of Albany, New York. 


2022. A SON, Lockwood. 



1134. William Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Ephraiin/ James,' 
Rev. James,* Rev. William'), born September 9th, 1792, at Mil- 
ford, Connecticut, died December 6th, 1827, in New York City; 
son of Rev. William and Sarah (Stiirges) Lockwood; graduated 
at Yale College, 1815, was a tutor in the family of Josiah Stur- 
ges, who was uncle to his wife; after marriage he settled in the 
city of New York, and was subsequently in business there with 
Ebenezer P. Cady; m. April 22d, 1818, Mary Ann Sturges, his 
cousin german, born July 15th, 1792, in Southport, Connec- 
ticut, died February 13th, 1850, in Xew York; daughter of 
Barnabas L. and Mary (Sturges) Sturges, granddaughter of 
Hon. Jonathan (LL.D.) and Deborah (Lewis) Sturges. She 
was sister of Jonathan Sturges, of New York. 

Note. — Sarah Sturges, William Lockwood, Jr.'s, mother, was 
sister to Barnabus L. Sturges, his wife's father. 


2024. LoTHEOP Lockwood, born January 2tih, 1S19, died April 14th, 1854, 


2025. William Henry Lockwood, born Septeciber 13th, 1820, died January 

23d, 1826. 

2026. Josiah Moktimer Lockwood, born August 12th, 1822, died May 12th, 

1853, unmarried. 
2027i. George Edward Lockwood, born December 28th, 1825, died April 
10th, 1859. (His grandson's letters of April 14th, 1881, and April 2d, 
1888, and April 10th, 1888.) 

1. Hon. Jonathan Sturges, born August 23d, 1740, died October 4th, 1819, 

in his 80th year; m. Deborah Lewis, bora 1742, died April 1st, 1832, in 
her 90th year. 

2. Barnabas L. Sturges, died September 2Sth, 1831, aged 62 years; m. Mary 

Sturges, died June loth, 1840, in her 69th year. 

3. Mary Ann Sturges, 1792, 1850 ; m. William Lockwood, Jr., 1792, 1827. 

1136. Job Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,^ James,' Job,* 
James'), born in Norwalk, Connecticut, September 13th, 1768; 
son of James and Phebe (Lockwood) Lockwood; m. June 12th, 
1791, Sarah Hickox. 


2028. Abigail Lockwood, born October 13th, 1791. 

2029. Hannah Lockwood, born July 1st, 1793. 

2030. Polly Lockwood, born September 28th, 1795. (Hy. Norwalk, 246.) 


1140. David Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ James/ Job/ 
Jaraes^), born January Slst, 1782, in Xorwalk, died January, 
1857, aged 75 years ; son of James and Abigail (DeForest) 


2031. James AY. Lockwood, bom >Larcli, 1815. 

2032. Samuel Kellogg Locewood, born March 10th, 1S20. 

David Lockwood was called "Bull's Eye." "His eye was 
big as an English watch." (Capt. Stephen Hoyt, December 23d, 
1878, in Xew Canaan, Conn., post-of6ce.) 

1142. Phebe Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ James/ Job/ 
James^), born January 29th, 1791, in Xorwalk, Connecticut; 
died ; daughter of Capt. James and Elizabeth ( Waring) 

{Richards) Lockwood ; m. David Chichester. 


2033. James Lockwood Chichester, born February 27th, 1821, in Norwalk;" 

m. December 24th, 1844, at Rochester, New York, where his parents 
lived, Lanah Whitney, born in Warwick, New York, October 26th, 
1819. (Whitney Family, 509.) 

1144. Lewis Dubois Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,- James,^ 
Job,* DanieP), born December 17th, 1794, at Marlboro, Ulster 
County, New York. He was an only child, son of Daniel and 
; m. August 15th, 1826, Mary Amanda Belknap, born 
September 28th, 1806, at Xewburgh ; daughter of Joseph and 
Sarah (Clements) Belknap, son of Joseph,'"* of New "Windsor, 
New York, son of Thomas,'^'*' of Wol)urn, Massachusetts, son of 
Abraham Belknap, from England, 1637. (As informed by C.L.) 


2034. Charles Lockwood, born May 4t]i, 1827, at Newbiirgh, New York. 

2035. Sakah Lockwood, born March 15th, 1829. 

2036. Margaret Dubois Lockwood, born February 21st, 1832. 

2037. William Lockwood, born July 24th, 1834. 

2038. Harriet H. Lockwood, born November 19th, 1843. 

1167. Moses Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom/ Gershora,' Ger- 
shom,* Gershoru^), born After the Revolutionary War, he 


went to Nova Scotia; son of Gershom and Eunice (Close) Lock- 
wood; m. Hannah Brush, of Stan wich, Connecticut. 


2039. Jessup Locewood. 

2040. Lucy Axn Lockwood, m. Jonah Knapp. 

1168. Corporal Gershom Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,' Ger- 
shom,^ Gershom,' Gershom,* Gershom^), born in Greenwich, 
Conn.; died in Stanwich, Conn., 1816; son of Gershom and 
Eunice (Close) Lockwood ; m. Polly Waring, of Greenwich, 

"Gershom Lockwood enlisted May 11th, 1775, and was ap- 
pointed Corporal in 3d Company, Capt. Thos. Hobby's." (Conn, 
in the Revolution, p. 66.) 


2041. Samuel Lockwood, born 

2042. William Lockwood, born m. Hannah Avery. 

2043. Gekshom Lockwood, born went to New Jersey. 

2044. John Lockwood, born November 15th, 1787, m. Mercy Weed. 

2045. Andrew Lockwood, born well-to-do builder, N. Y. 

2046. Alexander Lockwood, born October 11th, 1782, m. Catharine Bost- 


2047. Polly Lockwood, Jr., born m. Walter I^Iorrill. 

2048. Electa Lockwood, born unm. 

1169. Nathaniel Lockwood, "Senior" (Robert,' Ger- 
shom,^ Gershom,' Gershom,* Gershom^), born 1756, was of Stan- 
wich; lived subsequently in Bedford; son of Gershom and 
Eunice (Close) Lockwood; ra. 1st, 1784, Elizabeth Ellison, 
daughter of Timothy Ellison, of North Castle, Westchester 
County, New York ; m. 2d, Rebecca Raymond, of Bedford, New 



First Wif^s. 

2049. Joseph Lockwood, born April 24th, 1786, at Stanwich. 

2050. Ellison Lockwood, born died in Baltimore. 

2051. Sarah Lockwood, born m. Smith Westcoat. 

2052. Elizabeth Lockwood, born ni. James Miller. 

2053. Maey Ann Lockwood, born m. John Ilalstead. 

2054. Nathaniel Lockwood, Jr., born June 15th, 1798, m. 1st, Polly Curtis^ 

m. 2d, Hannah Everett. 


1170. James Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom,' Gershom/ Ger- 
shom/ Gershom^), born in Stanwich, Conn. ; sou of Gershom 
and Eunice (Close) Lockwood ; m. Cynthia Matterson, of Ar- 
lington, Vermont, daughter of David. 


20o5. Eunice Lockwood, m. Hiram Ferris, of Stanwich, 

2056. Maey Ann Lockwood, died at Manchester, Vt. 

2057. Clarissa Liickwood, m. Snaith Harpending, of Ky. 
205S. Harriet Lockwood, m. Isaac Dean, of North Stan- 

2059. Amanda Fox Lockwood, m. Andrew Burtis, of New- 


2060. Charles Matterson Lockwood, m. Phebe W. 

Todd, of Long Ridge. 

2061. Alvah Matterson Lockwood, m. Sarah Ann 


2062. Caroline Lockwood, died unm. 

2063. Fanny Lockwood, ni. Capt. Westly Totten, of Staten 

Island, N. Y. 

2064. Edward Alonzo Lockwood, ' m. Rutli A. Ciirts, of 

Hannibal, Mo. 

1171. Joseph Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom,' Gershom,' 
Gershom,* Gershom°), born November 13th, 1769; lived iu 
North Stamford, Conn., most of his life. The last years he spent 
iu New York City, where he died. Son of Gershom and Eunice 
(Close) Lockwood; ra. Sarah Slawson, of Stanwich, Coun. 


2065. Gideon Weed Lockwood, born February 27th, 1793, at North Stam- 


2066. Andrew Lockwood, born 

2067. Matilda Lockwood, born 

2068. Maria Lockwood, born 

2069. Sarah Lockwood, Jr., born ISOl, m. John Pierson. 

2070. Cynthia Lockwood, born m. Philo Thatcher. 

2071. Joseph Lockwood, Jr., born died young. 

2072. Joseph Lockwood, Jr., born 

2073. Edward Lockwood, born 

2074. Silas Lockwood, born 

2075. Odle Lockwood, born 


1172. Edward Lockwood (Robert/ Gershora/ Gershom/ 
Gershom/ Gershoni*), born ; 
" was ])artially an invalid ;" son of Gershom and Eunice (Close) 
Lockwood ; m. Lydia Hobby of North Castle, N. Y. ; " daugh- 
ter of Col. Hobby, of Middle Patent, of Revolutionary memory;" 
she died between 1819 and 1823, at Stanwich, Conn. 


2076. Alexander Lockwood, born 

2077. Edward Lockwood, Jr., born m. Martha Hobby. 

2078. A daughter (lives in South Norwalk), m. Peck. 

1173. Eunice Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,^ Gershom,' 
Gershom,* Gershom^), born ; she died 
between 1819 and 1823 ; daughter of Gershom and Eunice 
(Close) Lockwood ; ra., in New York, Alexander McDougall, a 
Scotchman. After Eunice died, Mr. McDougall m. her sister, 
Mary Ann Lockwood ; she died and he m. a third wife in Red- 
ding, Conn. Mr. McDougall built himself a house near where 
his father-in-law, Gershom Lockwood, lived. 


2079. Alexander McDougall, 
20S0. James McDougall, 

2081. George McDougall, 

2082. Eunice McDougall. 

1176. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,^ Gershom,' 
Gershom,* Gershom^), born at Stanwich, in the town of Green- 
wich, Conn. ; died ; daughter of 
Gershom and Eunice (Close) Lockwood ; m. 1st, Joseph Lock- 
wood, of New York City ; m. 2d, John Hennings, of New York. 


First Husband's. 

2083. Lydia Lockwood, born 

2084. Eunice Lockwood, born 

2085. Polly Lockwood, born 

Seco7id Husband's. 

2086. John Hennings, Jr., born died in New York City in 1797. 


1177. Saeah Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom/Gershom/ Ger- 
shom/ Gershora"), born ; died about 1790 ; 

daughter of Gershom and Eunice (Close) Lock\YOod ; m. 

Lockwood, of New York. 


2087. A^■DRI^^v Lockwood, died aged about 12 years. 

1179. Mercy Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom/ Gershom/ Ger- 
shom/ Mose.~'), born , of '■' Great Hill /' 
daughter of Moses and ; m. Daniel Miller. 


20SS. Da>-iel Millek, .Jk., m. Elizabeth Lockwood, who lived 

at Poundridge, daughter of Hezekiah Lockwood, of Poundridge. 

1187. Timothy Lockwood (Robert/ Gershom/ Gershom/ 
iS'athaniel,* Timothy^), born December 21st, 1749, was a farmer ; 
son of Captain Timothy Lockwood, of Greenwich, Conn. ; m. 

Susannah , born January 10th, 1754. They lived and 

died at Plattekill, Ulster County, New York. His wife sur- 
vived him. He was a patriot of the Revolution, received a pen- 
sion ; after hi- death his widow drew it. 


20S9. AxDREw A. Lockwood. 

There are faid to be six sons and two dnugiiteis in this family. 'We liave 
only one son. 

" This family are noted for longevity, industry, and good 
morals. All of medium height, high foreheads, dark eyes and 
hair ; are firm, determined, peaceable, cautious." 

1188. Stephen Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom/ Gershom/ 
James,* Jeremiah^), born in Greenwich, Conn., June 24th, 1760; 

son of Jeremiah and Rebecca Lockwood ; m. Elizabeth ; 

she was born March 31st, 1769 ; died October 15th, 1831, aged 
62. 6. 15. Her will was dated September 16th, 1826, and her 


estate was settled up November 2cl, 1831, then called " Widow 
of Stephen." 


2090. Oliver Lockwood, was administrator of his mother's estate. 

2091. Henry LocKwooD. 

2092. Stephen Lockwood, m. Betsey M. Lockwood, May 20th, 


2093. Elizabeth Lockwood, m. Enos Knapp. (Stamford 



Elizabeth Lockwood. Will, dated September 16th, 1826, 
settled November 2d, 1831, mentions — 
My son Oliver 
" " Henry 
" " Stephen 

" dg. Elizabeth Knapp — wife of Enos Knapp. 
Son Oliver, Adm. 

1190. Solomon Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom,' Gershora,' 
James,* Jeremiah'), born in Greenwich, Conn., about 1767 ; died 
son of Jeremiah and Rebecca Lockwood ; m. 
Catharine Mary Beasley. 


2094. Robert Lockwood, born about 1793, m. Mrs. Mary Porteus Bowen^ 

nee Alexander. 

2095. Shadrach Lockwood, bora June 16th, 1796, m. Abigail L. Rich. 

1194. Charles Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,' Gershom,' 
James,* Jacob'), born May 8th, 1766, in Greenwich, Conn. ; died 
August or September 13th, 1834; son of Jacob and Catharine 
(Knapp) Lockwood ; m. Elizabeth Waterbury, by Rev. Freeborn 
Garretson, November 25th, 1789, at Stamford, Conn. 

Mrs. Garretson was a sister of Chancellor Livingston, of New 

He enlisted for nine months in 1782, in Capt. Henry Waring's 
Company, and again enlisted under Gen. David Waterbury, when 
he went to Morrisania and Mamomonk. 



2096. Makia Lockwood, born April 22d, 1790, died unm. 

2097. Catharine Lockwood, born December 7tli, 1792, died unm. 

2098. Haxkah Lock-stood, born August 30th, 179-1, m. Wilbur Reed. 

2099. "William Lockwood, born July 30th, 1795, m. Ann Collins. 

2100. Mary Ann Lockwood, born August 30th, 1797, m. Stephen Smith. 

2101. Naxcy Lockwood, born July 24th, 1799, m. Jacob Little. 

2102. PHI^^:As Lockwood, born October 5th, 1S03, died unm. 

2103. David Lockwood, born August 7th, 1806, m. Frances Wheeler. 

2104. Jaeed Lockwood, born January 13th, 1810, m. Eel-ecca Holmes. AH 

born in Stamford. (Stamford Reg.) 

Charles Lockwood, born May 8th, 1766 (he died September 
13th, 1834), and Elizabeth Waterbury were married by Rev. Mr. 
Garretson, a Methodist preacher, Xoveniber 25th, 1789 ; certified 
by Edwin Scofield, Jr., Town Clerk of Stamford, Conn. 

'^/W o^A^3Q~^ 


1. Maria Lockwood, born April 22d, 1790. 

2. Catharine Lockwood, born December 7th, 1792. 

3. Hanxah Lockwood, born August 30th, 1794. 

4. William Lockwood, born July 30th, 1795. 

Certified by Edwin Scofield, Jr., Town Clerk. 

Copied in U. S. Pension Office, by F. A. H. The above, put 
in evidence to show that Betsey Lockwood, called also Elizabeth, 
was entitled to a pension, being widow of Charles Lockwood. 

Abram Clock, of Darien, Fairfield County, Conn., born April 
13th, 1792, testified in Court, at Stamford, September 28th, 
1848, that the abovenamed Charles and Elizabeth (^Yaterbury) 
Lockwood " had other children with whom he was acquainted," 

5. Mary Ann Lockwood. 

6. Xancy Lockwood. 

7. Phineas Lockwood. 

8. David Lockwood. 

9. Jared Lockwood. 


Before Jiulti-e William T. jMinor, who has since been Governor 
of Connecticut. (U. S. Pension Office Records, F. A. H.) 

Charles Lockwood, born May 8th, 1766, died September 13th, 
1834, or August 23d, 1834. 

I find two dates among the papers, I think August 23d, 1834, 
is correct. 

Being quite voung, he was accepted in the Town Guards, of 
Greenwich, Conn. ; enlisted for nine months, in 1782, under 
Capt. Henry Waring, of said Greenwich. Charles Knapp was 
sergeant; Oliver Ferris was quarter-master; John Hensted was 
steward, and dealt out the rations. His enlistment expired about 
Christmas ; was then discharged. He again enlisted, joined 
regiment under Gen. David Waterbury ; went to Morrisania and 
as far as Mamoraonk, where we were ordered to return. 

State of Conxecticdt, 
Fairfield County, 

Darien, August 11th, 1849. 
To J. L. Edwards, Esq., Commissioner of Pensions. 

Sir : Your petitioner, having obtained the necessary papers to 
receive her pension as the widow of the late Charles Lockwood, 
made payable at Hartford, State of Connecticut, requests you to 
transfer the payments to be made in the city of New York, for 
the following reasons, she is very old and decrepit, is unable to 
travel and lives within two and a half hours ride of New York, 
where her son-in-lav: Stephen Smith resides, to whom she has given 
full power of attorney to receive her pension by making the 
necessary qualifications, to be delivered to the pension agent (Mr. 
Hart) in the said city. You will confer an obligation on your 
petitioner by granting the request. 




Witnesses, Alvah Waterbury ; Lewis Waterbury. (Copied 
from files, U. S. Pension Office, F. A. H.) 


CouxTY OF New York, 
City of New York, 
State of New York, 

Know all men, that David Lockwood, of said city, personally 
appeared and said: That on the 12th day of July, 1848, I 
called on the pastor of the Methodist Society, at Rhiriebeck, in 
this State, and by him was instructed to call on Mrs. Garretson, 
widow of the late Freeborn Garretson, the minister who married 
Charles Lockwood to Betsey Waterbury (now the widow of said 
Charles Lockwood); that she (Mrs. Garretson) informed me that 
she was the sister of the late Chancellor Livingston of this 
State; that her husband was a minister of the Methodist persua- 
sion, that she is now (96) ninety-six years of age, and resides at 
Rhinebeck, aforesaid. 


Sworn to before me this 13th July, 1848. 


Alderman of loth ward. 

1195. SiiuB.\EE Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Gershom,' 
James,' Jacob^), born December 21st, 17G8, in Greenwich, Conn.; 
son of Jacob and Catharine (Knapp) Lockwood ; m., Octol>er 
11th, 1792, Abigail Crawford. 

2105. C'ath.vuine Knapp Lockwood, born July 1793. 

1206. Clarissa B. Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,- Gershom,' 
Jonathan,* Jonathan^), born daughter of Jona- 

than and Amelia (Perrott) Lockwood ; m. November 27th, 1828, 
James Holt Ailman, born August 18th, 1801, at Newport, R. I. 
1777 son of John and Sarah (Holt) Ailman ; 1744 

grandson of William and Sarah (Few) Holt; great-grandson 
of Benjamin and Jane (Hammet) Holt ; 1691 great-great- 

grandson of Benjamin Holt, of Newport, R. I.; 1647 great- 


great-great grandson of Nathaniel and Rebecca (Beebe) Holt; 
1610 great-great-great-great-grandsou of William and Sarah 
Holt. (Holt Genealogy, p. 281, etc.) 
Had two children, Seventh Generation. 

1211. Thankful Lock-\vood (Robert,^ Gershora,^ Joseph,' 
Daniel,* Charles*), born March 16th, 1783, in Greenwich, Conn.; 
daughter of Charles and Lydia (Patterson) Lock wood ; m., 
April 13th, 1806, Rufiis Webb, of Stamford, Conn. 


2106. S'i'LVESTER L'HojiMEDiEU Webb, born January 2Sth, 1S07, died s. p. 

2107. Augusta Webb, born June 21st, 1808. 

2108. Charles Lockwood Webb, born December 24th, 1S09, died s. p. 

2109. Cornelia Webb, born October 17th, 1811. 

2110. Harvey Patterson Webb, born November 19th, 1816, in New York. 

2111. Phebe Elizabeth Webb, born December 11th, 1819, in New York. 

No. 2107 m. Gould Stevens, and lives in Port Chester, N. Y. 

No. 2109 m. Mallory, of Bridgeport, Conn. - 

No. 2111 died young. (Stamford Reg.) 

1212. Harvey Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Joseph,' 
Daniel,* Charles'), born 1785, in Greenwich, Conn., 
went to Indiana, died son of Charles 
(Robert,^ Gershom,' Joseph,' Daniel,* Charles') and Lydia 
(Patterson) Lockwood; m. first, in Indiana, Phebe Lockwood 
(Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Robert,' Samuel,* Philip*), daughter of 
Philip and Hannah (Clason) Lockwood, formerly of Greenwich, 

"Harvey Lockwood's ftither gave him 160 acres of land in 
Indiana, to which he emigrated in his youth." M. second, 
Elizabeth Thorp. 


2112. Charles Lockwood, he removed to Indiana, where he had two 

daughters, one named Elizabeth. 

1 213. Sally Lockwood (Robert,* Gershom,' Joseph,' Daniel,* 
Charles*), born September 10th, 1793, in Greenwich, Conn., died 


in Lansingburgh, New York ; daughter of Charles and Lydia 
(Patterson) Lockwood ; m. Stephen Camp Morris, of New 
Haven, Conn. 


2113. Maky Moreis, m. Mr. Skinner, of Troy, N. Y. They had two 

daughters, viz. : Harriet Lockwood Skinner, m. Theodore Bulkley ; 
and Sarah L. Skinner, m. Thomas Strong; and the latter had a son 
named John Holmes Strong, m. Polly Newman, s. p. 

1215. Charles Lockwood, Je. (Eobert,'Gershora,^ Joseph,' 
Daniel,* Charles'), born April 13th, 1797, in Greenwich, Conn., 
died September 28th, 1852, aged 55.5. 15 (gravestone); son of 
Charles and Lydia (Patterson) Lockwood ; m. first, November 
27th, 1821, Deborah (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Still John,' Jonathan,* 
Frederick,' Deborah') Lockwood, of Greenwich ; daughter of 
Frederick and Deborah (Reynolds) Lockwood; she was boru 
August 1st, 1795, and died September 15tl), 1840, aged 45. 1. 14 
(gravestone) ; m. second, April 3d, 1842, Betsey Bennett. 


2114. Charles Alfred Lockwood, born June loth, 1823, m. Marion Evans. 

2115. Cordelia Frances Lockwood, born November 27th, 1824. 

2116. Mary Jane Lockwood,* born March ISth, 1827, m. Frederick A. 


2117. Deborah Ann Lockwood, born October 14th, 1829, died unm. May 9th, 


2118. Hannah Amelia Lockwood, born March 1st, 1832, living 1878, at De 

Witt, N. Y. 

2119. Laura Wooster Lockwood,* born August 2oth, 1834, m. Frederick A. 


2120. Benjamin Franklin Lockwood, born December 10th, 1836, died unm^ 

He wa.s impressed into the rebel service during the war, and is sup- 
posed to have died there. 

1216. Israel Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,^ Joseph,' Daniel,* 
Charles'), born November 3d, 1801, at Greenwich, Connecticut; 
resides at Norwalk, Connecticut (1888); son of Charles and 
Lydia (Patterson) Lockwood; m. January 20th, 1828, at Stam- 
ford, Connecticut, by Rev. Daniel Smith, pastor of theCongrega- 

* Frederick Alonzo Ferris married two sisters, viz. : Mary Jane Lockwood, 
and Laura Wooster Lockwood. 


tioiial Church of Stamford, Connecticut, Sally Scofield, born May 
20th, 1803, at Stamford ; daughter of Robert and Hannah (Bell) 
Scofield, and granddaughter of Thaddeus Bell, of Darien, Con- 
necticut. Mrs. Lockwood died July 10th, 1883, aged 80. 1. 20. 
Mr. and Mrs. Israel Lockwood celebrated their golden wed- 
ding January 20th, 1878. 


2121. Helen Amelia Lockwood, born in Norwalk, unmarried. 

2122. Eliza Frances Lockwood, born in Nor\valk, unmarried. 

1218. Catharine LocK\yooD (Robert,^ Gershom,' Joseph,' 
Josoi)h,* Eliphalet^), born in Greenwich, Connecticut, died March 
29l:h, 1819, in Stamford, Connecticut ; daughter of Eliphalet and 
Pradeuce (Skelding) Lockwood; ra. May 31st, 1812, Hon. Simeon 
Hinraan Minor, born in Woodbury, Connecticut, in 1777, died 
in Stamford, August 2d, 1840. He descended from an ancieut 
English family, which dates back about 550 years. 


2123. James Hinjian Minor, born November 17th, 1813. 

2124. William Thomas Minor, born October 3d, 1815. 

2125. George Albert Minor, born June 19th, 1817. 

The name of Minor was first borne by Henry the miner, who 
lived in the reign of Edward III., of England, at Mendippe 
Hills, Somersetshire, England, and died A.D. 1359. The name 
was given by the King with, a coat of arms, thus honoring his 
trade or occupation by making it a surname, in acknowledg- 
ment of his loyal service and prompt efficiency in furnishing him 
an escort, as he embarked on that famous invasion of France, ia 
which he won the battle of Crecy, against so great odds. 

Hon. Simeon Hinman Minor, born in 1777, at Woodbury, 
Connecticut. He descended from the above-named Henry, who 
died in 1359, through that Thomas Minor, born at Chew Magna, 
England, April 23d, 1608, and came to New England in 1630- 
He settled in Stamford, Connecticut, in 1831, was admitted to the 
bar, and resided there until hi.s death, August 2d, 1840. He held 
a prominent position at the Fairfield County bar. 


The Stamford Advocate, printed at the time of his death, paid 
a high tribute to his professional ability: 

"Possessed of a strong mind, and sound, legal judgment, no 
member of the Bar commanded a larger share of practice, until 
his health began to fail him, than he. For fourteen years he dis- 
charged the duties of the office of State's Attorney. 

" He represented his town six sessions of the Legislature, and 
was Judge of Probate several years. In the discharge of all his 
official duties, he was prompt and efficient." (Stamford Advo- 
cate, August, 1840; Stamford Register; Hy. Stamford, pp. 370, 
371 ; Hy. Woodbury, p. 1443.) 

1219. Matthewson Bertrard Lockwood (Robert,^ Ger- 
shom,' Joseph,' Joseph,* Joseph^), born in Providence, Rhode 
Island, died August 26th, 1834, at Dover, Ohio; sou of Joseph 
and Margaret (Matthewson) Lockwood; ra. July 16th, 1812, at 
Smithfield, New York, by Rev. Paul Mayne, Lucy Gilbert, born 
November 3d, 1786, at Middletown, Connecticut, died August 
10th, 1875, at Eder, Illinois; daughter of Jonathan and Thank- 
ful (Wetmore) Gilbert. 


2126. Leonora Luzette Lockwood, born Marcli 20th, 1814, in Sullivan, 

New York, died August 22d, 18.35, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

2127. Maria Antoinette Lockwood, born November 3d, 1817, in Pcterboro, 

New York, died August 5th, 1823, in Roche.ster, New York. 

2128. EcfiENE De Alton Lockwood, born April 17th, 1819, in Cazenovia, 

New Y'ork, m. Susan Manville. 

2129. Matthewson Bertrard Lockwood, Jr., born July Sth, 1823, in 

Rochester, New York. 

2130. Vernette Le Roy Lockwood, born December 12tli, 1S25, in Roches- 

ter, New York. 

2131. Chevelier De Marion Lockwood, born January 21st, 1830, in Roch- 

ester, New Y''oik, died June 1st, 1833, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

1223. George Gileette Lockwood (Robert,^ Gershom," 
Joseph,' Joseph,* Joseph^), born July 15th, 1823, died 1886, in 
San Francisco, California; son of Joseph and Margaret (Mat- 
thewson) Lockwood ; went to the Pacific Coast ; m. in May, 1844, 
at Cazenovia, New York, Olive Elmira Merchant. She was born 
August 8th, 1826, at Fenner, Madison County, New York, and 


was daughter of "William Henry Merchant, whose wife was a 

(All born in Cazenovia, New York.) 

2132. William Henry Lockwood, born January 16th, 1S46, m. Laura Cook. 

2133. MAiHE Elizabeth Lockwood, born September 16th, 1848, m. J. H. 


2134. Georgie Cornelia Lockwood, born July 3d, 1851, m. Joel S. Josselyn. 

1234. Frederick Webb (Robert Lockwood/ Gershorn Lock- 
wood/ Joseph Lockwood,' Elizabeth Lockwood/ Epenetus Webb, 
Jr/), born March 23d, 1778; son of Epenetus, Jr., and Sarah 
(Judson) Webb; m. Nancy Smith. 


2135. Majry "Webb, Stamford, Connecticut, unmarried. 

1241. Capt. Benoni Lockwood (Robert/ Gershorn,* Abra- 
ham,' Amos,* Benoni'), born April 2d, 1777, in Cranston, Rhode 
Island, died April 26th, 1852 ; son of Benoni and Phebe (Water- 
man) Lockwood ; m. April 29th, 1798, Phebe Greene, daughter 
of Rhodes and Phebe (Vaughan) Greene. 

"Benoni Lockwood, in earlier years, was a sea captain; later, 
a civil engineer." 


2136. Rhodes Greene Lockwood, bora , died young. 

2137. Phebe Greene Lockwood, born 

2138. Sahah Lockwood, born 

2139. Mary Lockwood, born 

2140. Benoni Lockwood, born April 26th, 1805, m. Amelia Cooley. 

2141. Rhodes Greene Lockwood, born , m. Sally M. Davidson. 

2142. Avis Waterman Lockwood, born , m. Rhodes B. Chapman. 

2143. Amos De Forest Lockwood, born October 30th, 1811, m. Sarah F. 


2144. Anna Tucker Lockwood, born October 13th, 1813, m. James Dennis. 

2145. Moses Brown Lockwood, born 

2146. Dorcas Brown Lockwood, born 

"Dan'l Arnold left legacies to the Shaworaet Baptist Church, 
which has brought to light the existence of a few members who 
claim to be the church; their names are Benoni Lockwood, 


Amelia Weaver, Lncy A. Lcvckwood aud Eliza T. Lockwood." 
(Hist, of Warwick, R. I., p. 311.) 

1242. Thomas Lockwood (Robert,' Gershora,' Abraham/ 
Amos,* Abraham*), born October 5th, 1776, in Warwick, Rhode 
Island, died January 24th, 1833, aged 56.3. 19; son of Captain 
Abraham and Patience (Greene) Lx-kwood ; he lived in the Red 
House, near Hon. John Robinson Waterman's, Warwick, Rhode 
Island; ra. December 14th, 1800, Sarah Barton, per Sara'l Lit- 
tlefield Elder, born February 8th, 1781, died June 13th, 1858; 
daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Hall) Barton. 


2147. Robinson Lockwood, born June 9th, 1801, m. Amey Youno;. 

2148. Mary Ann Lockwood, born September oth, 1805, m. Thomas Holden 


2149. Sarah Barton Lockwood, born September 21st, 1811, died Marcli 9th, 

1866; 1st m., 'William Weaver, 2d m., Varnura Bailey. 

2150. Eliza Thomas Lockwood, bora September 5th, 1817, unmarried. 

(Warwick, R. I., Rec.) 

1243. Amos Lockwood (Robert,' Gershora,' Abraham,' Amos,* 
Abraham"), born August Oth, 1780, in Warwick, Rhode Island; 
son of Captain Abraham and Patience (Greene) Lockwood ; m. 
Nancy Westcott, daughter of Xathan and Lydia (Arnold) 
Westcott. (Warwick, R. I., Rec.) 


1243*. Abraham Lockwood (Robert,' Gershora,' Abraham,' 
Abraham,* William'), born about 1752, in Cranston, Rhode 
Island. "Was a man grown when he went with his father to 
Springfield, Vermont, in 1772." Son of William and Sarah 
(White) Lockwood ; m. 1st, Lydia Pollard, who had three 
children ; m. 2d, Miss " Sastivel or Sastelle," who had one son, 
named David, who was living in 1886, in Springfield, Ver- 
mont. Abraham Lockwood died, aged about 80 years, in 1832. 


1243°. Jacob Lockwood (Robert,' Gershom,' Abraham,' 
Abraham,* William'), born October 15th, 1756, in Cranston, 


Ehode Island; went with his father to Springfield, Vermont ; 
son of William and Sarah (White) Lockwood ; m. June 1st, 
1777, Esther Field (she was sister to Bethia Field, who married 
Abraham Lockwood, Jacob's cousin) ; Jacob died July 27th, 
1819; Esther died February 21st, 1832, aged 72 years. He 
bought land on both sides of Block River, two miles south of 
Springfield Village; built on the west side of the river; had 15 
children; 12 lived to grow up, of whom 9 sons, most of them 
settled in the town of Springfield, Vermont. 
Have not learned their names. 

1243'\ Benoni Lockwood (Robert,* Gershora,' Abraham,' 
Abraham,* William^), born February 26th, 1764, in Cranston, 
Rhode Island ; went with liis father to Springfield, Vermont ; 
son of William and Sarah (White) Lockwood; m. Mary Wil- 
liams, born September 5th, 1768. 

2150'. Reuben' Lockwood, born January 9tli, 1783. 
. 2150'". Smith Lockwood, born January 17th, 1785. 
2150°. Bexoxi Lockwood, born November 12tli, 1786. , 

2150". Timothy Lockwood, born July 28th, 1788. 
2150°. James Lockwood, born October 13th, 1790. 
2150^ Hanxah Lockwood, born June 24th, 1792. 
2150«. Esther Lockwood, born February 4th, 1794. 
2150'>. ]Maey Lockwood, born October 23d, 1795. 
2150'. Polly Lockwood, born May 4th, 1797. 
2150'. Damaris Lockwood, born December 10th, 1799. 
2150''. Stephen Lockwood, i , ^ , , „ 

2150'. Caleb Lockwood, } ^^■^"^' ^°™ ^''''^'' ^od, ISOl. 
2150"". (not named) Lockwood, born November 30th, 1803. 
2150°. Rhoda Lockwood, born November 27th, 1804. 
2150°. Aakon L. Lockwood, born January 14th, 1807. 
2150P. MiCAH O. Lockwood, born May 12th, 1809. 
21501. ipj^ E. Lockwood, born February 2d, 1811. 

1245. Ezra Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Robert,' Samuel,* 
Samuel,^ Samuel"), born June 1st, 1799, in Stamford, Conn. ; 
son of Samuel and Sally (Lockwood) Lockwood (Robert,' Jona- 
than,' Joseph,' Reuben,* Reuben,' Sally'); m., October 12th, 
1823, at Stamford, Eliza Soofield, by Rev. Daniel Smith ; she 
was daughter of Robert and Plannah (Bell) Scofield. 



2151. SAiiTEL LocK-R-ooD, born August 19th, 1S24, m. 1st, Pliebe Seelv, 

2<J, Emily F. Barlow. 

2152. Saeah Lockwood, born October 24th, 1826, m. "William Hay. 

2153. George Lockwood, born June 7th, 1831, died April 21st, 1S58. 

2154. Emixy Lockwood, born January 14th, 1845, m. "Walter "W. Salter. 

All born in Stamford, Conn. 

1254. Oliver Lockavood Ford (Robert/ Jonathan,- Robert/ 
Samuel/ Samuel/ Hannah*), born July 22cl, 1788, at Green- 
wich, Conn.; died there February, 1879, in his 91~t vear ; son 
of Deacon Eliakim and Hannah (Loekwood) Ford ; m. Ist, 
Elizabeth Bayeaux ; m. 2d, Hannah Ferris. 

The venerable Oliver Lockwood Ford, in his 9l5t year, went 
with the writer, on a cold day in October, 1878, to the old 
Greenwich graveyard and pointed out Gilbert and Andrew Lock- 
wood's and other graves, and told the maiden names of many of 
the wives. He gave invaluable information on that occasion, 
and died within four months thereafter. 

His mother died at 91, his father at 82, and himself in the 
91st year of his age. 

1255. Letitia Ford (Robert/ Jonathan/ Robert/ Samuel/ 
Samuel,^ Hannah*), born in Greenwich, Conn., February loth, 
1792; daughter of Deacon Eliakim and Hannah* (Lockwood) 
Ford ; m. Capt. Alexander* Plendrie ; son of AVilliam (born 
December 11th, 1745, died October 21st, 1804, in 59th year) and 
Hannah' (born August 2Gth, 1750, died August 23d, 1807, aged 
87) (Lockwood) Hendrie (Robert,^ Jonathan,- Gershora/ Theoph- 
ilus/ Hannah'). 

XoTE. — It is worthy of remark that both the r/mndmothers of 
the following children had the maiden name '^ Hannah Lock- 


2155. William Hendrie, born drowned, 3 years old. 

2156. Charles HEXDRiE.born m. 1st, Mary Ana Beard, 

m. 2d, Josenliine Loraine. 

2157. Hannah Lockwood Hendrie, born ni. Edward 

Nye, Marietta, 0. 


2158. William Alexander Hendrie, born m, 1st, 

Maria Whiiaker, m. 2d, Martha Cobb. 

2159. Jane Hendrie, born m. William Vinton. 

2160. Sarah Ford Hendkie, born Februarv 12th, 1823, m. Daniel B. Gill. 

2161. Samuel Collyer Hendrik, born died aged 16 years. 

2162. James Skelding Hendrie, born m. Mary McLen- 


2163. Isaac Ford Hendrie, born ni. Ann Eliza Barber. 

2164. Susan Ann Hendrie, born m. Charles W. Jewell. 

2165. Mary Letitia Hendrie, born March 24th, 1836, m. Enos Beal Lock- 


1262. Hannah ^Iaria Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' 
Robert,' Samuel,* Samuel,' Letitia'), of Greenwich, Conn., born 
November 29th, 1793 ; died March 19th, 1849, aged 55. 3. 18 
(gravestone) ; daughter of John* and Letitia (Lockwood) Lock- 
wood (Robert,' Gershom,' Joseph,' Daniel,* John'); grand- 
daughter of Daniel' and Thankful (Peck) Lockwood ; great- 
granddaughter of Joseph,' Gershom,' Robert' ; m., November 
16th, 1818, Capt. Charles Hendrie, born August 26th, 1790; 
died October 8th, 1873, aged 83. 1. 12 (gravestone) ; son of 
William and Hannah (Lockwood) Hendrie. They lived in 
Stamford, Conn. 


2166. Letitia Lockwood Hendrie, born October loth, 1819, died September 

12th, 1836. 

2167. John William Hendrie, born November ISth, 1821, unm. 

2168. Hannah Hendrie, born November 20th. 1823. 

2169. Amelia Ann Hendrie, -v born April 6th, 1826, m. George D. Louns- 

l bury. 

2170. Emily Jane Hendrie, J born April 6th, 1826, 

2171. Charles Hendrie, born May 8th, 1828, m. Caroline Eliz. Ferris. 

2172. Joshua Beal Hendrie, born April 19th, 1830, m. Sarah Eliz. Newman. 

2173. A son Hendrie, bom November 14th, 1832, not named. 

2174. JxyiES Albert Hendrie, born May 31st, 1834. 

Note. — Capt. Charles Hendrie subsequently (October 12th, 
1850) married a second wife, Sarah Ann Lounsbury, born Decem- 
ber 10th, 1818; died September 25th, 1875, aged 56. 9. 15 (grave- 
stone). This family has a beautiful monument at Greenwich, 


1263. Hox. Joshua Beal Ferris (Robert,' Jonathan/ 
Robert,' Samuel,' Samuel,' Letitia'j, born in Greenwich, Conn., 
1«05; graduate of Yale, 1823; resided in Stamford, Conn. ; son 
of Joshua and Letitia (Lockwood) (Lookwood) Ferris; grand- 
son of Joshua and Marj (Johnson) Ferris; m., 1823, Sally 
Hannah Peters; daughter of "William B. Peters, Esq.; grand- 
daughter of Rev. Dr. Peters, of Hebron, Conn. 


2175. Harriet Ferris, born died young. 

2176. Samuel J. Ferris born lost at sea. 

2177. IsADORE W. Ferris, bom 

2178. Joshua B. Ferris, born who was drowned. 

2179. Elizabeth J. Ferris, l>orn m. William K. Fosdick, 

at Stamford. 

2180. Mary L. Ferris, born ni. Rev. E. O. Fl.igg, of New 


2181. Samuel P. Ferris, bom M.ijor U. S. .\. 

2182. Henry J. Ferri.s, bom Insurance in New York. 

Hon. Joshua Beal Fekris 
commenced life in Stamford as a teacher, and afterwards, when 
admitted to the bar, opene<l here an office. He has been siic- 
ces.sful in his profession, taking high rank as an advocate among 
our Connecticut lawyer;. He has reprcsentetl the town in the 
State Legislature and his district in the Senate. He wa.s for 
years Jutlge of Probate and State's Attorney. (Hy. Stamford, 
p. 376.) 

1271. Lktitia M. LocKWOon (Rol)ert,' Jonathan,' Robert,' 
Samuel,* Sanuiel,* Drake'), lx»rn September 2d, 1792, in Green- 
wicli, Conn.; dieil September 29th, 1864, age«l 72. 0. 27; 
daughter of Drake and Mary (Peck) Ix)ckwood ; m. Rufus Peck. 


2183. Edwin Peck, resides at West Haven, Conn. 

2184. Charles Peck, resides at Bethlehem, Conn. 

2185. Sasford Peck, dead. 

1286°. Philip Van i>er BooARTLorKW(X)D (Robert,' Jon- 
athan/ Robert/ Samuel/ Gilbert/ Dan Hall'), born October 8th, 


1812, at jNIarbletowu, a portion of the present town of Olive, 
Ulster County, New York ; he resides (1888) in Kingston, X. 
Y. ; son of Dan Hall and Mary (Van der Bogart) Lockwood ; 
m., May 9th, 1833, Ann Elizabeth Ladew, born August 12th, 
1815; clied January ISth, 1870, aged 55. 6. 24; daughter of 
Abraham D. and Leah (Davis) Ladew. 


2185'. Cliild I'orn January 28th, 1834, died same day. 

2185*. Augustus Lockavood, born August 16th, 1835, died September 23d, 

2185°. Abraham Ladew Lockwood, born January 17th, 1837. 

2185''. Augustus Lockwood, born April 20th, 1839, died May 9th, 1840. 

2185'. Maky Ellen Lockwood, born March 15th, 1841. 

2185'. James H. Lockwood, born August 2d, 1843. 

2185'. Leah Ladew Lockwood, born March IStli, 1846, died March ISth, 

2185''. Charles Stocking Lockwood, born October 19th, 1848, died Decem- 
ber 19th, 1864. 

2185'. Anx Augusta Lockwood, born June 25th, 1851, died February 1st, 

2185^'. Ida Lockwood, born August 26th, 1854, died August 26th, 1856. 

2185''. Lizzie Ladew Lockwood, born April 18th, 1859. 

1286\ Jacob Snyder Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ 
Robert,^ Samuel,* Gilbert,^ \Yilliam Hall'), born May 4th, 1824, 
in the town of Olive, Ulster County, ISTew York, where he now 
(1888) resides; P. O. address, Brodhead Bridge, Xew York; 
son of William Hall and Deborah (Van Waggonen) Lockwood ; 
m., September 18th, 1847, at Winchell's Falls, in Olive, New 
York, by Martin Schutt, a Justice of the Peace, Rachel Jane 
Traphagen, born April 20th, 1828, at Marbletown, Xew York; 
daughter of Tjerck and Catharine (Bastin) Traphagen. 


2185'. Deborah C. Lockwood, born June 21st, 1848, m. James Du Bois. 

2185". Emma Lockwood, born 1853, m. Aaron Bishop. 

2185°. Alice Lockwood, died young. 

2185°. Snyder Lockwood, born Marcli 4tli, 1859, m. Sadie Molyneaux. 

2185". Elizabeth Lockwood, died young. 


Note. — Jacob Snyder Lock wood resembles his grandfather, 
Capt. Gilbert Lockwood, who died in Olive, IST. Y., in 1836, as I 
was informed by two of his cousins. F. A. H. 

1287. Maurice Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Robert,* 
David," Enos,'* Enos'), born April 6th, 1794, in Greenwich; 
died October 5th, 1819, aged 25. 6. 0. " In the midst of life we 
are in death " (gravestone). Son of Enos and Sarah (Hoit) Lock- 
wood ; m. Hobby. 


2186. William Maueice Lockwood, m. Ann Ferris. 

1288. Enos^ Bennett Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonatlian,- 
Robert,^ David,' Enos,^ Enos^), born Friday, October 26th, 
1798, in Greenwich, Conn.; died November 6th, 1870, aged 72. 
0. 11 (gravestone); son of Enos and Sarah (Hoit) Lockwood ; 
m. Ann Maria'' Lockwood, born January 5th, 1803 ; died Janu- 
ary 11th, 1836, aged 33. 0. 6 (gravestone); daughter of Peter 
and Hannah ( ) Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Daniel,^ 
Jonathan,* Titus,' Peter'). 


2187. Sarah Elizabeth Lockwood, born May 4th, 182S, died November 

25th, 1852. 

2188. Elathea Lockwood, born October 1st, 1830, died March lOtb, 1844. 

2189. Exos Beal Lockwood, born Novemljer 30th, 1833. 

2190. Ann Maria Lockwood, born October 3d, 1835, died July 2d, 1846. 

1289. Beal Burr Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Robert,' 
David,* Enos,' Enos"), born in Greenwich, Conn., May 26th, 
1807; died January 3d, 1866, aged 58. 7. 8 (gravestone); son 
of Enos and Sarah (Hoit) Lockwood ; m., November 4th, 1834, 
on the bride's birthday, Susan Ferris, born November 4th, 1811 ; 
daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Waring) Ferris. 



2191. Reuben Benson Lockwood, born August 27th, 1835, m. Lucy Quintard. 

2192. WiLLiAJi BuER LocKWOOD, born December 12th, 1837, m. L. M. Ford. 

2193. Saeah Amanda Lockwood, born February 10th, 1840, m. twice. 

2194. Ends Lockwood, born February 7th, 1343, died September 19th, 1856, 

aeed 13. 7. 12. 

1292. Allen Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Gersliom,' 
Xathan/ Thaddeiis/ William^), born July 14th, 1784; died 
April 7th, 1838 ; son of "William and Jemima (Lounsbury) 
Lockwood; m., March 25th, 1807 (the first day of the year, old 
style), Elizabeth Rogers. 


1294. Alfred Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Gershom,' 
Nathan,' Thaddeus,' William'), born September 8th, 1788 ; died 
February 28th, 1845; son of William and Jemima (Lounsbury) 
Lockwood; m. October 20th, 1810, Lucy Bristol ; born April 
13th, 1788; died February 28th, 1842. 


2195. David Lockwood, born August 3d, 1811, died March 2Gth, 1831, unra. 

2196. William Lockwood, born January 11th, 1816, died February 12th, 

1836, unm. 

2197. Allen Lockwood, born July 24th, 1819, twice married. 

2198. Sajiuel B. Lockwood, born January 31st, 1825, m. Martha Steele. 

2199. Hester Lockwood, born November 20th, 1812, m. David Lewis. 

2200. Sarah Lockwood, born August 18th, 1S17, in. John Uptegrove. 

2201. Letitia Lockwood, born June 17th, 1821, m. William Skinner. 

2202. Margaret Lockwood, born August 30th, 1823, died March 30th, 1850, 

m. November, 1849, James Van Iraorgen. 

2203. Catherine Elizabeth Lockwood, born December 15th, 1828, m. 

Michael McConnin. 

1295. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Gershom,' 
Nathan,' Thaddeus,Myilliam*), born August 28th, 1790; died 
October 24th, 1863; daughter of William and Jemima (Louns- 
bury) Lockwood; m. January 6th, 1808 (" Epiphany"), Timothy 
Collard ; born January 2d, 1786 ; died August 24th, 1863. 



2204. He>-rt Collard, born April 27th, 1809. 
220-5. Eliza Collard, born January 20th, 1811. 

2206. James Collard, born March 9th, 1814. 

2207. Charlotte Collard, born November 13th, 1816, died October 26th, 


2205. Jtlix Collard, born September 25th, 1823. 

2209. Mary Collard, born June 25th, 1826. 

1296. Annie Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' Gerehom/ 
Xathan/ Thaddeus," William*), born December 24th, 1792; died 
September 22d, 1866 ; daughter of William and Jemima (Louns- 
burr) Lockwood; m. January 1st, 1815, Sjlvanus Loud; born 
February 27th, 1791; died June 18th, 1858. 


2210. Samtel Lockwood Loud, born November IGth, 1816. 

2211. Esther Ann Loud, bom August 17tli, 1820. 

2212. Elizabeth M. Loud, born November 23th, 1822. 

2213. Alpiieus D. Loud, born January 7th, 1827. 

2214. Charlotte Loud, born July 12th, 18.34, died August 31st, 1334. 

1299. Margaret Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,' Gershom,' 
Nathan,' Thaddeus," William"), born September 20th, 1804; 
died ; daughter of William and Jemima (Lounsbury) 

Lockwood; ra. Hymen Smith, her cousin german ; son of William 
and Abigail (Lockwood) Smith; grandson of Thaddeus and 
Sarah Lockwood. 


1324. Stephen D. Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Gershom,' 
Nathan,' Thaddeus,' Dennison"), born June 10th, 1815, at Red- 
ding, Conn., removed to South Norwalk, Conn. ; son of Denni- 
son and Sarah (King) Lockwood; ra. September 11th, 1837, 
Mary Elizabeth Dann ; born September 26th, 1818. 


2215. Stlvester Beers Lockwood, born June 21st, 1833, m. Emily Frances 


2216. Wellia-ai Edgar Lockwood, born June 27th, 1840, m. Margaret Lay- 

hey, April 27th, 1863, s. p. 


2217. Fraxcis Hentiy Lockwood, born January Stli, 1842, m. twice. 

2218. Charle-s Melville Lockwood, bom August 22a, 1845. 

2219. Mary Melissa Lockwood, born August 7th, 1848, m. John Walter 


2220. Frederic Stephen Lockwood, born January 5th, 1855, died January 

1st, 18G1. 

2221. AitT Frances Lockwood, born July 9th, 1859, m. Saranel F. Coles, 

March 9th, 1880, and she died November 5th, 1882, s. p. All born 
in South Norwalk. Conn. 

1329. John Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' Gershora/ Heze- 
kiah/ Jeremiah,^ Henry"'), born in Darien, Conn., and removed 
to the State of New York ; he died aged 74 years ; son of Henry 
and Deborah (Sellick) Lockwood; in. Bethsheba Maihee, of 
Canada; she died aged 88 years. "Her father was born_ in 
France, fought in the American Revolution, married at York- 
town, New York ; died leaving landed estates." (Communicated.) 


2222. Hannah Lockwood, m. Jeremiah Ogden, of Poughkeepsie. 

2223. Abraham Lockwood, m. Lounsbury, died at Yorktown. 

2224. Hester Ann Lockwood, m. Daniel Fields, died at Yorktown. 

2225. Mary Lockwood, m. John J. Wagoner, of Amsterdam. 

2226. Amanda Lavinia Lockwood, m. Daniel Ogden, died at Poughkeepsie. 

2227. John Ashley Lockwood, born 1823, m. Hannah E. Mott. 

2228. Elizabeth Lockwood, m. David Birdsall, died at Red Mills. 

2229. Jane Lockwood, m. John Munsterman, Hollander. 

2230. Elijah Lockwood, m. Emily Birdsall, Red Mills. 

2231. Sarah Lockwood, unm. (The family records were destroyed, and the 

person who sent the above record could not give dates fur that reason.) 

1339. John Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Gershom,' Heze- 
kiah,* Jeremiah,^ Jeremiah"), born December 25th, 1793, being 
Christmas Day, in Stamford, Conn. ; died Resided 

in Hunter, N. Y. Son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Holeraft) 
Lockwood ; m. September 16th, 1814, Sibyl Beach, of Winchester, 
Conn., born January 1794. Daughter of Adna and Mary 

(Stanley) Beach. 


2232. Harriet Lockwood, m. Charles Beach. 

2233. Elizabeth Lockwood, m. Alfred Green. 


2234. Maky LocK-n-ooD, ra. Dr. Robinson. 

2235. HoEATio LocKwooB, ra. 

2236. JoHX LocKWoOD. (Boyd's Annals, Winchester, Conn., 1S7.) 

In tbi.s work (Boyd's Annals) allusions are made to the Lock- 
wood farm and lots sold from it, in 1782, and "the Lock wood 
house at the top of the hill in sight of the west village" (pp. 
25, 286, 303). 

1347. Abraham Lockwood, Jr. (Robert/ Jonathan,- Ger- 
shom,^ Hezekiah,* Jeremiah,^ Abraham^], born February 21st, 
1810, in Stamford, Conn.; son of Abraham and Mary Sackett 
(Knapp) Lockwood ; m. Jane Ireland. 


2237. Philip E. Lockwood, born 1S36, m Emma Grnndie. 

2238. Caroline I. Lockwood, born m. W. A. Gatchell. 

2239. Abeauam Lockwood, born June lOtli, ISiS, m. Foot. 

1350. Ambrose K. Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Gershora,' 
Hezekiah,* Jeremiah,^ James^), born December 9tli, 1798, at 
Lebanon, X. Y. In 1832, moved to Solan, O. ; died 

1846. Son of James and Marildah (Ferris) Lockwood ; m. 

Sally Brown; she died in 1833; was daughter of 
Charles Brown, of Auburn, X. Y. 


2240. Daniel H. Lockwood, born li%-ed in Ohio. 

2241. Charles Brown Lockwood, born May 1st, 1829, in Mexico, Oswego 

County, New York. 

2242. JuDSON A. Lockwood, died in Nevada. 

2243. Clark I. Lockwood, lives in Illinois. 

1351. Marilla Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Gershom,' 
Hezekiah,* Jeremiah,^ James^), born April 17th, 180], at Leb- 
anon, X. Y. ; daughter of James and Marildah (Ferris) Lock- 
wood ; m. Jacob Schuyler, born April 17th, 1796.; 
son of Samuel Schuyler. 



2244. Walteb Schttyler, 

2245. James Schuyler, and seven daughters, names not 

given. (From "Colonial New York," "Philip Schuyler and his 
Family," by George W. Schuyler, 18S5, p. 432.) 

1353. Sylvan Ferris Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,- Ger- 
shora,' Hezekiah,* Jeremiah,' James^), born August 3cl, 1805, at 
Lebauou, X. Y. Resided at Palermo, Oswego County, X. Y. ; 
died in Christian County, 111., about 1870. Son of James and 
Marilda (Ferris) Lockwood ; m. Xancy Dolbear ; born 1804, in 
Templeton, "Worcester County, Mass. ; died 1870, within about 
a fortnight of her husband's death. Daughter of Humphrey 
and Sally (Smith) Dolbear; granddaughter of Benjamin and 
Hepzibah (Pearce) Dolbear. 


2246. James Lockwood, he died about 1871. 

1355. Ala'nson Ingham Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,'' 
Gershom,' Hezekiah,* Jeremiah,' James*), born August 20th, 
1809, at Lebanon, X. Y., resides at Bedford, O. Son of James 
and Marildah (Ferris) Lockwood ; m. April 9th, 1836, at 
Charlton, X. Y,, by Rev. Seymour Coleman, Phebe Susannah 
Watkins, born September 6th, 1817, at Charlton, X^. Y. ; 
daughter of Joseph and Katharine (Larison) Watkins. 


2247. Jaxe Anx Lockwood, born April 2oth, 1837, m. John R. Sheets. 

2248. Kate Elida Lockwood, born May 1st, 1839. 

2249. Jason Lee Lockwood, born April 18th, 1841, m. Jennie L. Price. 

2250. Helex Marild.vh Lockwood, born December 17th, 1849, m. John W. 


2251. Feaxk Caxxon Lockwood, born September 11th, 1856, m. Mary A. 


2252. Carrie Estella Lockwood, born November 28th, 1858, m. Pelham W. 


1357. Sherman Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,'^ Gershom,' 
Hezekiah,* Isaac,* Joseph*), died 1884, at an advanced 

age ; son of Joseph and Phebe (Seely) Lockwood ; m. 


Ross P. Lockwood, of Franklin, O., writes March 26th, 18S8, 
about his uncle, Sherman Lockwood : 

" Uncle Sherman had a son named Samuel D. Lockwocd, who 
lives (or did) at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, lud., a 
small town near Rising Sun, Ind. This is all obtainable on that 

1358. Raxsom Seely Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Ger- 
shom,^ Hezekiah,* Isaac,' Joseph'), born February 13th, 1810, 
at Union Village, "V\^arren County, O. Son of Joseph and 
Phebe (Seely) Lockwood. He resides at Franklin, \yarren 
County, O. (1888) ; m. at Franklin, Hannah Maria Ross, who 
was born March 6th, 1814, at Indian Hill, Hamilton County, 
O., and was daughter of Xathaniel Ross. Mr. Lockwood is a 
Justice of the Peace, in Warren County, O. 

2253. Lauea Lockwood, born July ISth, 1841, m. first, George F. Deru ; m. 

second, George C. Gibbs. 
2'2o4. Roi?s P. Lockwood, born December 2oth, 1844, m. Laura Gillraore. 
22oo. Hope Debolt Lockwood, born June 19th, 1846, m. Sally "Witberby. 
2256. Clara Bell Lockwood, born May 20th, 1848, m. J. S.Stoutenborough. 

All living (1888), all born in Franklin, Ohio. 

Ransom Seely Lockwood was born at Union Village, Warren 
County, O., February 10th, 1810, and raised amongst the 
Shakers. He lived with them until 1833, when at the age of 23 
years he left them, and has lived in the same County and State 
ever since. AVas elected a Justice of the Peace, and re-elected 
for thirty-eight consecutive years, and in all his legal decisions, 
he never had a judgment reversed by a higher court. Was ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1848 (forty years ago), has always been a 
strictly total abstinence man, eschewing even the use of tea and 

1364. Rembrandt Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Gershom,' 
Gershom,* Millington,* Millington*), born in 1815, 
son of Millington and Jane A. (Cuisac) Lockwood ; m. . 

Sarah Ursula Despeaux, born in 1820; she was daughter of 


2257. Helen Maria Lockwood, born May 2Sth, 1844. 
22-58. Claude Millingtox Lockwood, born 1S47. died young. 

2259. Eugene MiLLiNGTOx Lockwood, born 1S51. died young. 

2260. FK^VifCES IsAEELL LocKwooD, born June 23tli, 1;54, m. William 

Tyson Bnindage. 
226L Frederick Eugexe Lockwood, born ISoo. m. Sarah . , . 

Rembrandt Lockwood was an ai'chitect and artisr. He painted 
" The Last Judgment," a work of nine years, which was com- 
menced in Germany, where he resided four years, and completed 
in Newark, N. J. The first colored sketch of this large paint- 
ing is now in the possession of Courtland Parker, Esq. The 
picture was injured by fire in New York. 

1366. John Atkitson Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Ger- 
shom,^ Gershom,* Millingtou,^ Millington^), born ; died 

; residence, Buffiilo, New York; son of Millington and 
Jane Atkitson (Cuisac) Lockwood ; m. Adelaide Shepherd. 


2262. Millington Lockwood. 

2263. Howard Lockwood. 

2264. Adelaide Lockwood. 
2285. Jane Lockwood. 

1367. Jane Elizabeth Lockwood (Roljerr,' Jonathan,' 
Genshom,' Gershora,* Millington,^ Millington^), born December 
17th, 1826, at Albany, New York; died January 7th, 1884, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; daughter of Millington and Jane Atkitson 
(Cuisac) Lockwood; m. January 23d, 1856, at Buffalo, N. Y., 
by the Rev. H. K. Green, William Hurtin Haumer; born Feb- 
ruary 15th, 1821, in New York City; son of John and Harriet 
(Stimetz) Hanmer. 


226G. William Lockwood Hanjfer, born February 9th, ISoS, m. Mabel 
Gardner ; was born in New York City, an only chi:d. 

1375. Samuel Theophilus Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' 
Gershom,' Theophilus,' Theophilus," David"), born April 23d, 


3834, at Hastings, Oswego County, X. Y. ; resides at Chicago, 
Illinois (1880) ; son of David and Chloe (Camp) Lockwood ; 
m. December 31st, 1856, at Burlington, "Wisconsin, by the Rev. 
Philo C. Pettibone, Juliet Paddocl; born July 29th, 1835, in 
Onondaga County, N. Y. ; daughter of Aaron Burr and Susan 
Maria (Norton) Paddock. 


2267. Flora Eugenia Lockwood, born May 11 th, 1859, died May 26th, 1S73. 

2268. Erxest Herbert Lockwood, born ^Marcli 21st, 1861, at Prescott, Wis. 

2269. Edna May Lockwood, born April 20th, 1SG9, at Chicago, 111. 

2270. Samuel Pearl Lockwood, born March 12th, 1871, at Chicago, III. 

1376. Hon. Samuel Drake Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan," 
Joseph,' Joseph,' Joseph,* Joseph*), born August 2d, 1789, at 
Poundridge, N. Y. ; died April 23d, 1874, at Batavia, Illinois, 
aged 84. 8. 21 ; son of Joseph and Mary (Drake) Lockwood ; ra. 
October 3d, 182G, :Mary Virginia Stella Nash ; daughter of John 
Nash, of Prince Edward County, Virginia; born June 30th, 
1800; she died at Batavia, 111., March 27th, 1875. 


2271. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born Springfield, 111., May ISth, 1828, m. 

June 29th, 1847, William Cofhn, at Jacksonville, 111., died at Batavia, 
111., June 23d, 1877. 

2272. Susan Ellex Lockwood, born October 10th, 1830, at Jacksonville, 111., 

ni. September 1st, 1864, Charles Wendell Porter. 

2273. Martha Ann Lockwood, born February 14th, 1833, at Jacksonville, 

m. March 31st, 1853, John Scott Officer, died March 13th, 1864. 

2274. Redecca Anm Lockwood, born June 7th, 1838, at Jacksonville, m. July 

7th, 1857, at Batavia, 111., Rev. William E. Merriman, of Batavia, 
subsequently President of Ripon College, Wisconsin. 


Hon. Samuel Drake Lockwood was born in Poundridge, ^yest- 
chester County, N. Y., on the 2d day of August, 1789. 

When he was ten years old his father died, and his mother was 
left with three young children and with but slender means for 
their support. By this event his plans for a liberal education 
were broken up and he was thrown very much upon his own 


In 1803 he went to Waterford, K Y,, to live with his uncle 
Francis Drake, a lawyer in that place, and remained in his family 
as errand boy and law student until February, 1811, when he 
was licensed to practice law, and opened an office in Batavia, 
jSI". Y. The next year he removed to Auburn, and continued in 
the practice of law tliere till the fall of 1818, holding during a 
part of that time the office of Master in Chancery. At that 
time his constitution (never very strong) seemed so broken down 
by disease and constant application to business that his physician 
advised him to give up his profession and engage in some out- 
door employment, as the only way of regaining even his former 
degree of health. 

This advice, together with the glowing accounts of the great 
"far west" then prevalent, induced him to change his residence 
and seek his future home in the new State of Illinois. On Oc- 
tober 19th of that year, in company with the late William H. 
Brown and others, he started on his western trip. 

At Olean Point, N. Y., they purchased a flat boat, on which 
they floated down the Allegheny and Ohio rivers to Shawnee- 
town, reaching that place on December 15th, and making the 
trip in fifty-seven days. 

After remaining a few days in Shawneetown, Lockwood and 
Brown started for Kaskaskia on foot, a walk of 120 miles. The 
next year Mr. Brown was appointed Clerk of the United States 
District Court, and their arrangement for a law partnership being 
thus broken up, Mr. Lockwood removed to Carmi as a more 
favorable point for the practice of his profession. 

At the second session of the Illinois Legislature, which was 
held at Vandalia in 1821, Mr. Lockwood was elected Attorney- 
General of the State, and his acceptance of this office rendering 
another change of residence necessary, he chose Edwardsville for 
his future home. 

In 1823 he was, very unexpectedly to himself, nominated by 
Governor Cole to the office of Secretary of State, but soon after 
accepting that office he was greatly surprised by receiving from 
President Monroe a commission appointing him receiver of public 
moneys at the land office in Edwardsville. This commission was, 
in itself, as undesired as it was unsought, the salary of Secretary 


U'' \' wSp^^^ 

Mri ^<0^cy^6ir^J^ 


of State was small and payable in depreciated currency, while 
the salary of receiver was liberal and payable in gold, and had 
attached to it a percentage on receipts. These considerations 
induced him to resign the office of Secretary and accept that of 

At the next session of the State Legislature, 1824-5, he was, 
against his expressed wishes, elected Judge of the Supreme Court, 
which office he accepted and held until the State Constitution of 
1848 went into operation, under which new judges were elected 
by the people. 

In 1826 he was married to Miss Mary Virginia Nash, of St. 
Louis County, Mo., the amiable and excellent wife that now 
mourns for him, and whom we have so long loved and admired. 

In 1829 he removed from Edwardsville to Jacksonville — in 
1853 from that place to Batavia, Kane County, where he died. 
He was sent from Morgan County as delegate to the Constitutional 
Convention of 1848, and in that convention was chairman of the 
committee on the executive. 

In 1851 he was appointed by the Legislature trustee of the 
land department of the Illinois Central Railroad, which office he 
held at the time of his death. 

The position which he has held in the history of our State is 
indicated by the offices which have been conferred upon him. 
Having a natural distaste for everything like office-seeking, and 
never putting himself forward for any official position, he has 
still been kept in offices of high position and trust for over fifty 

In the anti-slavery controversy over the question of a State 
convention in 1823, he took an active part and contributed 
materially to the support and editorial efficiency of the Edwards- 
ville Spectator, oue of the two papers that took decided ground 
for freedom in this State. 

Though never an active partisan, he was fully identified with 
the Whig party till 1855, when he with most of that party helped 
to form the Republican party. Many of the offices he has held 
were conferred upon him by administrations with which he was 
not in political sympathy. 

In Gov, Ford's History of Illinois are found the following 


notices of Judge Lockwood : In 1820 was fought the first 
and last duel in Illinois. One of the parties fell mortally 
wounded, the other was tried and convicted of murder and 
suffered the extreme penalty of the law by hanging. Judge 
Lockwood was then the Attorney of the State and prosecuted 
in the case. To his talents and success as a prosecutor, the 
people are indebted for this early precedent and example which 
did more than is generally known to prevent the barbarous prac- 
tice of duelling from being introduced into the State. 

In 1826-7 Judges Lockwood and Smith presented to the 
Legislature a revision of the laws of the State, prepared by them 
in accordance with the instructions of the preceding Legislature, 
and these laws have been standard laws in every revision since. 

In his chapter on a somewhat bitter controversy that occurred 
between the executive and judicial departments of the State in 
1840, Gov. Ford says : " It is due to truth to say that Judges 
Wilson and Lockwood were in every respect amiable and ac- 
complished gentlemen, and commanded the esteem and respect of 
all good men for the purity of their conduct and their probity in 
official station." 

Judge Lockwood was an excellent lawyer, a man of sound 
judgment, and his face indicated uncommon purity, modesty and 
intelligence, together with energy and strong determination. His 
face was the true index of his character. Any account of Judge 
Lockwood's services to the State which should fail to notice his 
connection with its educational, benevolent and religious interests, 
would come far short of doing him justice. As early as his resi- 
dence in Auburn, he was so identified with the religious interest 
there as to be appointed one of the trustees of the Presbyterian 

In 1815 was formed the Cayuga County Bible Society, the 
first organized in the State of jSTew York, two years before the 
organization of the American Bible Society, and Judge Lock- 
wood's name appears as one of the originators and directors of 
that organization. Of the twenty-four first directors of that 
society, he was the last survivor. The stand he thus took, as 
indicated by these incidents, he maintained through life. 

Judge Lockwood, with others, started in this State the move- 


ment which resulted in the establishment of the Illinois College. 
His influence and liberality secured its location in Jacksonville, 
and while able to attend to the duties he held the position of 
president of its board of trustees. 

He took an active part in planning and organizing each of the 
three State institutions now located in Jacksonville, the A?_vlum 
for the Deaf and Dumb, the Blind and the Insane, and was on 
the first board of trustees of each of those institutions. And in 
every place where he has resided in the State his influence has 
been a strong, steady and reliable power for good, always on the 
side of freedom, temperance, morality and Christianity. 

For the last twenty-one years Judge Lockwood has had his 
residence in Batavia, in an honored old age enjoying his quiet 
home on the pleasant bank of our river, and rejoicing in every- 
thing that tended to advance the material or moral prosperity of 
the State he had loved so long and served so faithfully. On the 
23d of April, 1874, he passed away from us in a death as quiet 
and peaceful as his life with us has been. 

Hon. Samuel Drake Lockwood. 

From tlie letters of Governor Xinian Edwards, of Illinois, we 
learn that Judge Samuel D. Lockwood was proposed for Unite-I 
States Senator from Illinois, in 1822, and in a letter from Gov- 
ernor Edwards, dated September 17th, 1822, he speaks in the 
highest terms of Judge Lockwood, " whom he esteems very 
highly." And on December 8th, 1822, John Reynolds al?o 
alludes to liim in a published letter, saying, "Some members 
want Lockwood to offer for Senator. I want to harmonize with 
Lockwood and his friends." There are also a number of other 
references in the book, giving the details of the fight for United 
States Senator, and alluding to Judge Lockwood. (The Edwards 
Papers, of Xinian Edwards, Governor and U. S. Senator, by Hon. 
E. B. Washburne; edition 1884, p. 192, etc.) 

There are eleven references to Hon. S. D. Lockwood in the 
Third Volume of the Chicago Historical Society Collections. 

Samuel D. Lockwood signed a commission as Secretary of the 
State of Illinois. (Sketch of Enoch Long, p. 64.) 

Hon. Samuel D. Lockwood presided at a meeting of citizens at 


Vandalia, Illinois, February 4th, 1837, to hear a lecture on the 
early Indian History of Illinois. (American Pioneer, vol. i., p. 

1377. Hox. Jesse Close Locewood (Robert,' Jonathan,' 
Joseph,' Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph^), born January 7th, 1791, at 
Poundridge, New York, died June loth, 1847, aged 56.5.8; 
son of Joseph and ]\Iary (Drake) Lockwood ; m. January 7th, 
1816, Elsia Runion Bartholomew, born January 14th, 1795, died 
April 2d, 1857, aged 62. 2. 19. They removed from New York 
to Illinois about 1820, and settled at McLeansboro', Hamilton 
County, where at an early day he held four county offices at one 


2275. Samtiel Dkake Lockwood, bom May 5th, 1817, died April 16th, 1843. 

2276. Mahy McGail Lockwood, born June 2Sth, 1819, died September 24th, 

1858 ; m. John W. Marshall. 

2277. Francis Duncajn Lockwood, born March 15th, 1821, died August 22d, 


2278. Rebecca Potts Lockwood, born-June 5th, 1823, died November 10th, 

1877 ; m. Joseph O'Neal. 

2279. Albert Sloan Lockwood, born December 4th, 1824, died November 

25th, 1847. 

2280. John B. Lockwood, born August 3d, 1826, m. Sarah Flint. 

2281. Joseph Lockwood, born November 23d, 1828, died August 1st, 1853. 

2282. Elsie Lockwood, born September 19th, 1830, m. January 31st, 1847, 

James M. Blades. 

2283. Jesse Close Lockwood, Jr., born July 18th, 1834, died January 3l3t, 


Hon. Jesse Close Lockwood. 

His daughter, Mrs. James M. Blades (Elsa Lockwood), of 
McLeansboro', Illinois, says : 

" He came to Hamilton County, Illinois, in the latter part of the 
year 1820, he was commissioned Clerk of the Circuit Court of the 
county by Judge "William AVilson, on" the 10th INIarch, 1821. 
He was appointed County Clerk by the County Commissioners, 
April 9th, 1821 ; appointed Notary Public by Governor Bond, 
February 18th, 1821; appointed Probate Judge by Governor 
Bond, February 13th, 18^1 ; appointed Postmaster at McLeans- 
boro', Illinois, by Hon. John McClain, Postmaster-General, under 


President James Monroe, January 5th, 1824; he was elected 
Probate Judge and commissioned by Governor Coles, June 18th, 
1825; elected Justice of the Peace and commissioned by Governor 
Xinian Edwards, September 6th, 1827 ; appointed by Thomas C. 
Brown, Judge of the Supreme Court, to the office of Circuit 
Clerk, October 7th, 1833; commissioned Justice of the Peace by 
Governor Joseph Duncan, August 30th, 1835; received his com- 
mission from Governor Duncan as Eecorder of Deeds, August 
21st, 1835, re-elected Recorder and received his commission from 
Governor Ford, August 11th, 1845. He assisted in organizing 
the County of Hamilton, and held all of the offices for twenty 
years, with honor and credit to himself and many friends. 

1381. Odle Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,'"' Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Joseph,' Solomon'), born May 4th, 1793, at Poundridge, Xew 
York, died August 15th, 1873, in JS'ew York city; son of 
Solomon and Mary (Close) Lock wood ; m. July 11th, 1820, at 
Jamaica, Xew York, Maria Barnum, born in Daubury, Connec- 
ticut, July 1st, 1796, died in the city of Xew York, January 20th, 
1851, aged 54. 6. 19 ; daughter of Justus and Mary (Benedict) 
Barnum, granddaughter of Joseph and Kezia Barnum, grand- 
daughter of Samuel and Phebe Benedict. 


2284. Joseph Barxcm Lockwood, born October 27th, 1822, at Jamaica, Xew 

York ; office. No. 52 Wall Street, New York. 

2285. Mary Jaxe Lockwood, born December 5th, 1825, in New York citv, 

died, unmarried, July 24tli, 1873. 

2286. "\Vm. Christmas Lockwood, born May 14th, 1830, in New York city, 

died August 6th, 1834. 

2287. Caroline LocK-n-ooD, l .. born February 13th, 1832, in N.Y. city. 

2288. Angelin-e Lockwood, ) " '"^' born February 13th, 1832, in N. Y. city, 

died, unmarried, August 13th, 1854. 

1385. William Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Joseph,' Solomon®), born September 14th, 1800, at 
Poundridge, Westchester County, Xew York; he resided at 
Bedford, Xew York, where he died in November, 1880; son of 
Solomon and Mary (Close) Lockwood. 

1st m., December 6th, 1826, by the Rev. Daniel Crocker, 


father of tlie bride, INfaria J. Crocker, born at New Haven, 
Connecticut; she died December 14th, 1843; daughter of Rev. 
Daniel and Anna (Austin) Crocker. 

2d ra., April 29th, 1847, Jane Raymond, of Bedford, Xevr 
York, by the Right Rev'd William Heathcote De Lancy, D.D., 
LL.D., D.C.L., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of 
Western New York; she died January 25th, 1858; daughter of 
Joshua and Reuhuma Raymond. 

3d ra., January 2d, 1860, Rebecca Raymond, of Bedford, New 
York, by the Rev. Peter B. Henry; she died September 9th, 1875 
(s. p.); daughter of Uriah and Sarah Raymond. 


(All born at Poundridge.) 

First TJ-'j/e's. 

2289. Emely Ckocker Lockwood, born October 14th, 1827, died, unmarried, 

August 6th, 1852. 

2290. "William Tompkins Lockwood, born February 2d, 1S30, m, Mary E. 

Second Wife's. 

2291. Theodore Raymond Lockwood, born January 16th, 1848, m. Rose J. 


2292. Electa Rayjiond Lockwood, born February 15th, 1850, unmarried ; 

resides at Bedford. 

1406. Caroline Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Joseph,' 
Joseph,^ Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer^), born January 23d, 1797, daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer, Jr., and Sarah (Olmsted) Lockwood; m. William 



2293. Susan Stillwell, m. Smith; lives at Franklinville, New York. 

2294. Caroline Stillwell, ra. Gleason, lives at Clean, New York. 

2295. Lewis Stillwell, lives at Franklinville, New York. 

2296. Horatio Stillwell, lives at Franklinville, New York. 

2297. Jared Stillwell, died in Burlington, Iowa. 

1408. Thomas Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Joseph, 
Joseph,* Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer^), born January 8th, 1801, at 
Poundridge, Westchester County, New York; he resided at 
Olean and Hinsdale, New York; son of Ebenezer and Sarah 
(Olmsted) Lockwood; m. Fannie Frantz, born in Ross Town- 


ship, Pennsylvania; daughter of Peter and INIargaret (Silfese) 
Frantz. They were married at Olean, Cattaraugus County, 
New York, by Judge Cornelius Brooks. 


2298. Thomas Jefferson Lockwood, born April 16th, 1827, m. Ann Baxter. 

2299. Sarah A. Lockwood, born March 26th, 1829, m. Josiah Batty. 

2300. James M. Loce.wood, born May 23d, 1S32, m. Cora Hall. 

2301. Margaret F. Lockwood, born March 20th, 1835, m. Henry Baum. 

2302. Virginia E. Lockwood, born April 9th, 1837, m. Henry Kitterman. 

2303. Fannie A. Lockwood, born January 3d, 1840, m. Levi W. Howe. 

2304. Charles F. Lockwood, born August 16th, 1842, m. Carrie 

2305. Catharine A. Lockwood, born May 6th, 1845, m. Eansom McNall. 

2306. George N. Lockwood, born November 10th, 1847, unmarried ; lives at 

Des Moines, Iowa. 

2307. Peter F. Lockwood, bom September 27th, 1851, unmarried ; is in the 


2308. Mary R. Lockwood, born February 27th, 1854, died, unmarried, Sep- 

tember 17th, 1874. 

All born in Olean, New York, except James M. and Mary R., wlio were born 
at Hinsdale, New York. 

Sarah Batty lives at ShefBeld, Illinois.' 

James ^[. Lockwood lives at Hinsilale, New York. 

Margaret F. Brown lives at Lenox, Iowa. 

Virginia E. Kitterman lives atTiskilwa, Illinois. 

Fannie A. Howe died in San Francisco, California, in 1863. 

Charles F. Lockwood lives at Port Jcrvis, New York. 

Catharine A. McNall lives in Des Moines, Iowa. 

George N. Lockwood lives in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Peter F. Lockwood lives in the far West. 

Mary R. Lockwood died at Buda, Illinois, September 17th, 1874. 

1411. Sar.\h Ann Lockwood (Robert,* Jonatlian,^ Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezcr,' Ebenezer"), born February 9th, 1807, died 
August 9th, 1838, aged 31.6.0; lived in New York city; 
daughter of Ebenezer, Jr., and Sarah (Olmsted) Lockwood ; m. 
February 26th, 1828, Joseph Warren Hoyt, bom December 8th, 
1797, and was his second wife. He was .son of Melancthon and 
Betsey Hoyt. (Hoyt Family Ply., p. 478.) 

Note. — Mr. Hoyt's first wife was Jane Cameron (No. 1978), 
who died November 13th, 1826, aged 24 years. She was 
daughter of Robert and Betsey (Lockwood) Cameron (No. 1087.) 


1415. Albert' Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,' Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezer,'* Ezra'), born January 23cl, 1799 ; died Jan- 
uary 5th, 1868 ; son of Hon. Ezra and Sally (Weed) Lockwood ; 
m. Betsey Ann Thatcher, died about 1876; daughter of Part- 
ridge and Mary (Lockwood) Thatcher (Robert,^ Jonathan,' 
Joseph,' Joseph,* Ebenezer,' Mary,' Betsey Ann Thatcher'); 
granddaughter of Major *Ebenezer and Hannah (Smith) Lock- 
wood. Albert and Betsey Ann were cousins. 


2309. Sarah :Maria Lockwood, died 21 years old. 

1416. Lewis Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Joseph,' Joseph,* 

Ebenezer,' Ezra'), born September 5th, 1804; died February 

11th, 1870; son of Ezra and Sally (Weed) Lockwood; resided 

at Poundridge, New York ; ra. Mary Potts, daughter of Thomas 



2310. Fanny Lockwood, m. Mr. Weed. 

2311. Ezra Lockwood, m. Miss Bishop, daughter of Seth Bishop. 

2312. Cornelia Lockwood, ' 

2313. James Lockwood, 

1417. Mary Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Joseph,* 
Joseph,* Ebenezer,^ Horatio'), born April 9th, 1809, at Pound- 
ridge, New York ; she died January loth, 1885, aged 73 years ; 
daughter of Hon. Horatio and Bethiah (Lockwood) Lockwood ; 
ra. October 31st, 1838, Horace Reynolds, born December 21st, 
1813, in North Salem ; son of David and Amy (Smith) Reynolds ; 
m. November 20th, 1802; David was born July 20th, 1777; 
died January 3d, 1857, in 80th year, at Bedford ; Amy was born 
April 14th, 1787 ; died in January, 1873, in 86th year, at North 

Note. — Horace Reynolds was born in North Salem. He went 

to California in 1850, never returned, and the date of his death 

is unknown. 


2314. SorniA Reynolds, born died in childhood. 

2315. Bethia C. Reynolds, born 1843. 

2316. Horace S. Reynolds, born June 24th, 1845, " St. John's Day." 


1419. Sophia Lockwood (Robert/ Jonatlian,^' Joseph/ 
Joseph/ Ebenezer/ Horatio*), born September 28th, 1812, at 
Poundridge, New York ; daughter of Hon. Horatio and Bethia 
(Lockwood) Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Joseph,^ Joseph,* 
Joseph,^ Solomon,'' Bethia^) ; m. Philo' Lockwood, 5th cousins ; 
born resides (1878) at Auburn, Cayuga Co., 
Xew York; son of Jesse* and Lucretia (Jarvi.s) Lockwood ; 
grandson of SamueP and Jemima (jSTorthrup) Lockwood ; great- 
grandson of Ephraim* and Thankful (Grummon) Lockwood ; 
great-great-grandson of Joseph^ and ]Mary (Wood) Lockwood ; 
great-great-great-grandson of Ephraim^ and Mercy (St. John) 
Lockwood; great- great-great-great-grandson of Robert and 
Susannah Lockwood. 


Note. — Both Sophia's parents were Lockwoods and she 
married a Lockwood. 

1420. Hon. Alsop Hunt Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ 
Joseph/ Joseph,* Ebenezer/ Horatio*), born September 17th, 
1814, at Poundridge, Westchester Co., N. Y. ; was sheriff of 
Westchester Co., N. Y., 1853-56; member of the General As- 
sembly, 1864 and 1865; died 1874; son of Hon. Horatio and 
Bethia (Lockwood) Lockwood ; m., November 22d, 1836, at 
River, AVestchester Co., N. Y., by the Rev. Reuben Frame, 
Mary Eliza Reynolds, born February 13th, 1815, at Cross River ; 
daughter of Gideon and Betsey (Reynolds) Reynolds. 


2317. Joseph Alsop Lockwood, born November 5tb, 1847, at Poundridge, 

N. Y. 

2318. James Betts Lockwood, born July 18th, 1849, at Poundridge, N. Y. 

2319. De "VVitt Clinton Lockwood, born July 9th, 1851, at Poundridge, 

N. Y. 

2320. HoKATio Lockwood, born July 8th, 1853, at White Plains, N. Y., and 

died Septenaber 3d, 1877. 

He was named after Alsop Hunt, who married his father's 
sister, Betsey, 

Alsop was married November 22d, 1836, to Mary E. Rey- 


nolds, daughter of Gideon Reynolds, of Cross River, N. Y. 
AVhen about 21 years of age he engaged in the mercantile business 
at Poundridge, which he continued until about the year 1853. 
He took considerable interest in military matters, and was Colonel 
of the 38th Regiment Infantry (X. Y. State Militia), receiving 
his commission from Governor William L. Marcy in 1836. He 
was also Supervisor of Poundridge, 1844-1853 and 1856-1868. 
In the fall of 1852 he was elected Sheriff of Westchester County, 
which office he held three years. At the termination of his ser- 
vice as Sheriff, he settled upon the old homestead at Poundridge, 
having acquired the same from the other heirs of his father and 
having retired from business as a merchant. In 1864 and 1865 
he was elected to the State Legislature from Westchester County, 
serving two terms. With the Hon. William N. Robertson he 
was also a Commissioner, representing Westchester County, in 
the construction of the bridge over the Harlem River, at the 
terminus of Third Avenue; it being the first iron bridge erected 
across the Harlem River. 

In 1871 he sold the old Lockwood homestead, which had been 
in the possession of his family since the first settlement of Pound- 
ridge — early in the eighteenth century. 

Alsop died in New York City December 8th, 1874, and was 
buried in the White Plains Rural Cemetery. 

He left surviving his wife and four children, Joseph, Alsop, 
James Betts, Dewitt Clinton, and Horatio. His wife died at 
White Plains, N. Y., December 11th, 1886. 

1421. Amelia D'Antremoxt Lockwood (Robert,' Jona- 
athan,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Ebenezer,^ Horatio^), born December 
11th, 1819, at Poundridge, Westchester County, N. Y. ; daughter 
of Hon. Horatio and Bethia (Lockwood) Lockwood ; m. James 
Betts, of Stamford, Conn. 


2321. Sylvester Morris Betts. 

2322. Mary Amelia Betts, m. J. Harvey Cummings. 

2323. Harriet Cook Betts, m. Rev. Robert R. Kendall. 

2324. William James Betts, 

232-5. Alsop Lockwood Betts, dead. 


2326. Lettis Huelbutt Betts, 

2327. Charlotte Elizlibeth Betts, dead. 

232S. JoHX Sa>toed Betts. (Stamford, Conn, Eecords. Furnished the 
writer bv George E. Scofield, Esq.) 

1424. Catharine Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,^ Joseph/ 
Joseph/ Ebenezer/ Horatio^), born February 20th, 1823 ; 
daughter of Hon. Horatio and Bethiah (Lockwood) Lockwood ; 
m., September 17th, 1844, Le Grande T\'. Keeler, of Wilton, 
Conn. ; son of Isaiah and Lucy (AVatrous) Keeler. 


2329. Samuel Keeler, born November 22d, lS45,m. Arvilla P. Bailey, Feb- 

ruary 8th, 1SS6. 

2330. Edward L. Keeler, born October 29th. 1S47. 

2331. Egbert Wellington Keeler, born September otli, 1S53, m. Bertie 

Raymond, September, 1S76. 

2332. Cathares-e Keeler, born February ISth, lSo6. 

2333. William Keeler, born February, 1861. 

1425. Hervey Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
John,* John,^ Josiah'j, born in Stamford, Conn.; liyed at "Turn 
of the River" and " Roxbury," suburban places to Stamford; 
son of Josiah and Olive (Searles) Lockwood ; ra. Sally Scofield. 

23.34. John Lockwood, born died l'?S7. 

2335. Lorenzo Lockwood, born m. Mary P. Walsh. 

2336. Philo Lockwood, born 

2337. Martha Lockwood, born m. Joseph Knapp. 

1430. John W. Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Joseph,' 
John,* John,* Shadrach'), born July 6th, 1816, at "Turn of the 
River," Stamford, Conn. ; son of Shadrach and Phebe (Weed) 
Lockwood ; m., at " Hunting Ridge," Stamford, May 13th, 
1849, by Rev. Walter W. Brewer, Huldah J. Scofield, boru at 
Hunting Ridge, August 28th, 1820; daughter of Hezron and 
Phebe (LColly) Scofield, of Stamford. 


2338. Elbert Jarvts Lockwood, born March IStb, 18-50, died September 1st, 


2339. Theodore Willis Lockwood, bom September 10th, 1854, m. Cordelia 

Scofield, March 1st, 1876. 


1432. "William Lockwood, Jr. (Robert/ Jonathan/ Joseph/ 
John/ Ezra/ William'), bom May 24th, 1796, in Watertown, 
Conn.; died October 6th, 1863; son of William and Abigail 
(Newton) Lockwood ; he was adopted in infancy by Thomas 
Cole, 2d, of Watertown ; m., December 25th, 1815, at Water- 
town, Harriet Leavenworth, born November 19th, 1798, at 
Waterbury ; died July 17th, 1880; daughter of Joseph and 
Tamar (Pritchard) Leavenworth. 


2340. Chaits-cey Ajcdeews Lockwood, born July 22d, 1819, died November, 


2341. Mjlry Rebecca Lockwood, born May 1st, 1823, unm. 

2342. Thomxs Cole Lockwood, born July 29th, 1825, unm. 

2343. ■\ViLLiAii Newton Lockwood, born June 7th, 1832, m. Jane L. Alfred, 

at New Britain, Conn., deceased November 8th, 1877. (Leavenworth 
Gen'y., p. 274.) 

1433. James Harvey Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan/ 
Joseph/ Reuben/ Reuben/ William^), born November 10th, 
1818, in New York ; died August 28th, 1884, at Cold Spring ; 
son of William and Marium Lockwood ; ra., September 8th, 
1842, by Rev. James McDougal, Matilda Rogers ; daughter of 
Obadiah and Emma (Conklin) Rogers, at Cold Spring Harbor, 
Long Island, New York. 


2344. WiLLL.^.M Thomas Lockwood, born October 19th, 1843. 

2345. Melinda Jane Lockwood, born January 31st, 1846. 

2346. Maeium Malinda Lockwood, born March 12th, 1847. 

2347. KoiiUTH Bethume Lockwood, born June 25th, 1849. 

All born at Cold Spring. 

1441. Francis Edgar Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ 
Joseph/ Nathaniel/ Nathan/ Nathan^), born August 8th, 1838, 
at Dobb's Ferry, N. Y. ; resides (1881) at Rutherford, California ; 
son of Nathan and Mary (Miller) Lockwood ; m., September 3d, 
1873, by Rev. Richard Miller, of Napa City, California, Harriet 
Kilburn, born April 6th, 1853, at Calistoga, California ; daughter 
of Ralph and Mary (Pope) Kilburn. 


2343. Nathan Lockwood, born May 4th, 1875, at Napa City, Cal. 

2349. Feaxk Ed. Lockwood, born September 1st, 1S77, at Rutherford, Cal. 

2350. Edxa Lockwood, born December 31st, ISSO, at Rutherford, Cal. 

1446. Samuel B. Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Joseph/ 
Nathaniel/ Nathan/ Henry''), born June oth, 1820, at Pound- 
ridge, X. Y, ; died ]March 1888, and was 
buried "Easter day," April 1st, 1888. Son of Henry and 
Mary (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Gershoni,' Hezekiah,* Hezekiah,' 
Mary") (Lockwood) Lockwood; m. November 2d, 1859, at 
Lowell, Mass., by the Rev. Mr. Alden, Josephine Lucinda 
Hard, born in Boston, Mass., April 10th, 182.5. Daughter of 
F. N. and Lucinda (Black) Hard. Mr. Lockwood's residence 
was at Irvington, on Hudson, N. Y. 


2351. Edward H. Lockwood, born December 2t)th, 1860, at Irvington. 
"2352. Harry F. Lockwood, born August Oth, 1862, dead. 

2353. George B. Lockwood, born May 29tli, 1564, dead. 

1453. James Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' Jame,s,* 

James,5 .James''), born about 1798, died 

son of James and Prudence (Tryon) Lockwood ; ni. 

Deborah Lutes, daughter of AVilliam and Huldah (Hopkins) 



2354. Sidney Lockwood, born 

2355. John Lockwood, born February 27th, 1S21, near Bath, N. Y. 

2356. Huldah Lockwood, born 

2357. Henry' Lockwood, born 

2358. Julia Lockwood, born 

2359. Isaac Lockwood, born 

Note. — " My grandfather Lockwood lived in Steuben County, 
New York. I think in the town of Tyrone. 

" My father lives in the town of Burns, Allegany County, N. Y., 
bis P. O. address is Canaseraga ; he is in his eighties, yet he may 
be able to give you an account of his grandparents and the 
Christian name of his father," (From John Lockwood's letter^ 


Note. — Tyrone, jS". Y., was made a town in 1822, was settled 
by emigrants from New England, New Jersey and New York. 
(Barber's His. Coll., N. Y., 532.) 

1455. Sidney Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,' Joseph,' 
James,* Jacob,^ James^), born February 11th, 1811, at Fishkill, 
N. Y., son of James and Nancy J. (Albin) Lockwood ; m. 
Polly Arnold; she was baptized October 18th, 
1846, in Protestant Episcopal Church, at New Canaan, Conn.; 
she died September 19tli, 1866, daughter of Isaac and Phebe 
( ) Arnold. 

1458. Jacob Morris Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,^ Joseph,' 
James,* Jacob,^ James'), born May 13th, 1817, at Pound.ridge, 
Westchester County, N. Y. ; resided (1881) at Ridgefield, Conn., 
son of James and Nancy J. (Albin) Lockwood ; m. March 4th, 
1838, by Rev. Parmelee Chamberlain, at Ridgefield, Conn., 
Julia Maria Stevens, born December 6th, 1820, at Darien, Fair- 
field County, Conn., daughter of Abner and of Abigail (Wilmot) 
Stevens, of Greenwich, Conn. 


2360. Adaline Attgusta Lockwood, born April 25th, 1S40, m. A. V. S. 


2361. Frank Wilmot Lockwood, born March 19tli, 1S42, m. Reba J. 


2362. Emma Lind Lockwood, born June 16th, 1850, m. Randolpli Northrop. 

All born at Ridgefield. 

1465. \YiLLiAM Augustus Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,'' 
Still John,' Gilbert,* Elnathan,°Shadrach^), born September 7th, 
1826, at New Canaan, Conn. ; son of Shadrach and Betsey 
(Tuttle) Lockwood ; m. at Norwalk, Conn., February 14th, 1848, 
Catharine Emily Kellogg, born at Norwalk, January 24th, 1825, 
daughter of John and Sally (Kellogg) Kellogg ; m. by Rev. 
Mr. Hall, of Norwalk. Resides at Stamford, Conn. 


2363. William Henry Lockwood, born December 1st, 1848, ra. Anna 


2364. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born March 12th, 1850. 


2365. A>-XA Eliza Lockwood, born Deceniber ISth, 1S52, m. Richard W. 


2366. Edgar Fra>.-ci5 Lockvtood, born Julv Slit, 1S54, died September 16th, 


2367. EiDiA Jaxe Locktvood, born March 11th, 1S59. 

2368. George WASHrs-GXOX LocK-n-ooD, born June 2Sth, 1861, died Septem- 

ber, 1S63. 

2369. Frederick "Waxter Lockwood, bom January 23d, 1S63. 

2370. Oliver SA^nnsT Locetwood, born October 14th, 1866. 

2371. LiLLiAX LocKWOOD, born December ■I'hh, 1868. 

1471. Oliver H. Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still John/ 
Gilbert/ Solomon/ Stephen*), born January 23d, 180G, died 
July 6th, 1845, at Troy, X. Y. Sou of Stephen and Catharine 
(Groshon) Lockwood ; m. Mary Cook. 


2372. JoHX S. LocEwooD, 

2373. Edward Lockwood, 

2374. Delia Lockwood, m. Browning. 

2375. Malvisa Lockwood, 

1472. James H. Lockwood (Robert/ .Jonathan,' Still .John,' 
Gilbert,* Solomon/ Stephen*), born January 2d, 1807, died 
March 28th, 1878, at Fond du Lac, Wis.; son of Stephen and 
Catharine (Groshon) Lockwood ; m. first, Eliza 
Cooper; m. second, Susan Hawkins. 


2376. Jony R. Lockwood, m. Mrs. Thomxs Williams. 

1473. Mary E. Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John/ 
Gilbert/ Solomon/ Stephen*), born January 29th, 1809, died 
November 7th, 1870, at Paris, 111. ; daughter of Stephen and 
Catharine (Groshon) Lockwood ; m. Alfred Collamer. 





Mart Collamer, 

m. Osman Porter. 


Caroline Collajuer, 

m. Badger. 


George R. Collamer, 

m. Hattie Hill. 


Sarah Collaiier, 

m. Frank Ruds. 


1476. John Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still John/ 
Gilbert/ Solomon/ Stephen"), born December 3(1, 1814, at 
Ballston Spa, N. Y., resides (1888) in New York city, business 
office at No. 52 Broadway ; son of Stephen and Catharine 
(Groshon) Lockwood; Stephen was born in Greenwich, Conn.; 
Catharine was born in New Brunswick, N. J. ; m., at Green- 
bush, N. Y., by the Rev. Dr. Slingerland, of AVynantskill, 
Matilda Frances Sharpe, born June 23d, 1817, at Greenbush, 
N. Y., daughter of Conrad and Margaret (Van Schaick) Sharpe. 


23S1. Geokge Augustus Lockwood, born March 20tli, 1S41, in Troy, N. Y., 
dead. , 

2382. Augusta Lockwood, born June loth, 1842, in Troy, N. Y., dead. 

2383. Augusta Groshon Lockwood, born January 17th, 1844, in Troy, N. Y., 

m. Daniel Van Allen, s. p. 

2384. Emma Lockwood, born September 20th, 1846, in Cincinnati, O., dead. 

2385. Emma FEA^•CES Lockwood, born October 8lh, 1848, in Cincinnati, O., 


2386. Frank Granger Lockwood, born August 12th, 1850, in Zanesville, 0., 

m. Annetta Hart, s. p. 

2387. Charles Augustus Lockwood, born September 16th, 1S51, in Indian- 

apolis, Ind., m. E. W. Baker. 

2388. John Conrad Lockwood, born July 10th, 1854, in Troy, N. Y., unm. 

2389. George William Lockwood, born August 25th, 1858, in Milwaukee, 

"Wis., unm. 

2390. Ella Lockwood, born November 10th, 18G0, in Milwaukee, Wis., dead. 

John Lockwood was born December 3d, 1814, at Ballston Spa, 
Saratoga County, State of New York. He was the son of 
Stephen and Catharine (Groshon) Lockwood and grandson of 
Solomon Lockwood, who with his son Stephen emigrated from 
Greenwich or Horseneck, Conn., settling down in Ballston Sj)a. 

The subject of this sketch spent his minority at the place of 
his birth and at Troy, in Rensselaer County. In 1844, he re- 
moved to Cincinnati, O., and soon thereafter engaged in the 
business of erecting gas works for the purpose of lighting up 
cities and towns with gas, making his headquarters at Cincinnati 
until the year 1852, when he removed to Milwaukee, Wis., for 
the purpose of erecting gas works, and becoming pleased with 
the location and beauty of the place, decided to locate there, and 







investing largely in real estate, soon became interested in the 
welfare of the State, taking quite a prominent part in politics. 
He was elected in 1859 as a member of the Common Council, 
during his term he became satisfied that peculation was being 
carried on by city officials ; he asked for a Committee of Investi- 
gation, and as its chairman succeeded in getting some twenty in- 
dictments for forgery, and embezzlement against the city comp- 
troller and city clerk, placing them both in prison. He was a 
member of the State Central Committee, a member of the Con- 
gressional Committee, President of the Farmers and Millers' 
Bank, of Milwaukee, and in 1861 was appointed postmaster of 
Milwaukee, by President Lincoln. He was a director in the 
Milwaukee & Prairie Du Chien Railroad Co., and was contractor 
for the building or extension of the same road from Madison to 
Prairie du Chien, a distance of 100 miles, costing some §2,500,000. 
He also organized and was President of the St. Croix and Lake 
Superior Railroad Co., with a land grant of about 2,000,000 
acres of land belonging to it. Pie located the line, starting from 
the City of Hudson on Lake St. Croix, thence to Bayfield and. 
Superior City, put the line under contract just in time for the 
panic of 1857 to arrest its progress. Was a Congressional dele- 
gate for the organization of the Texas & Pacific Railroad. 

As a gas and hydraulic engineer, his business has necessarily 
carried him to many parts of the country, as the following list 
of works he has erected will show: 

Frankfort, Ky. ; Dayton, O. ; Columbus, O. ; Zanesville, O. ; 
Sandusky, O. ; Chilicothe, O. ; Newport, R. I.; Dallas, Tex. ; 
New Albany, Ind. ; Madison, Ind. ; jNlilwaukee, Wis. ; Janes- 
ville, Wis. ; Milwaukee South Side, Wis. ; West Troy, N. Y. ; 
Jefferson City, N. O., La. ; Fort Worth, Tex. ; Steubenville, 
O. ; Indianapolis, Ind. ; Kings County, N. Y. ; Staten Island. 

He is now engaged in the City of New York, at a plan for the 
introduction of salt water for fire and sanitary purposes; a few 
extracts from the New York Herald will give somewhat of au idea 
of it. 

From the New York Herald. 

How to fight flames, a ponderous scheme for the protection of 
property. Fire engines displaced. The water comes from a 


tank 350 feet above the ground. The recent disastrous fires that 
have occurred in this city have drawn the attention of the 
Board of Underwriters more closely to the question of the ex- 
tinction of conflagrations by some more efficient means than at 
present in use. But the cost of the present system In tlie in- 
ability to cope successfully with large conflagrations, the conse- 
quent loss of millions of dollars, and the waste of water, ren- 
dered a new plan necessary. At last a plan has been projected 
which it is thought will obviate the defects of the present system 
for extinguishing fires. 

Its originator, a hydraulic engineer (John Lockwood, Esq.), has 
given the subject many years' study, and has at last perfected a 
system which he claims is infinitely better than the present one. 
The specifications and plans are accompanied by a certificate from 
the civil engineer, Mr. J. McAlpin, the most eminent in his pro- 
fession of any in the United States, who says the scheme is the 
best that can be devised. The details of the work to be done are on 
such a gigantic scale that one not acquainted with engineering 
would condemn them at first sight. But every item has been 
carefully figured out by an expert mathematician and the work 
declared to be easy of accomplishment. The first requisite of the 
project is a tower situated in the vicinity of Union Square, 100 
feet in diameter and 350 feet in height above tide water. This 
tower is to support a reservoir containing 2,000,000 gallons of 
water, to be kept full by means of large pumping apparatus, three 
in number and equal to 1750 horse-power. The plan contem- 
plates 4000 fire hydrants and 100 miles of pipe, distinct and 
separate from the present Croton system, 272 streams of three 
inches in diameter can be brought to bear on any fire, witli hose not 
exceeding 1000 feet in length, the motive force of the jet of water 
from the ends of the hose will be simply the tremendous im- 
petus given to the water by its vertical fall of over 300 feet 
in the reservoir tower. The weight of the tower of masonry 
and of the iron reservoir when full of water and the floors and 
roof, will be about 20,000 tons. 

1477. William B. Lockwood (Robert,Monathan,^ Still John,' 
Gilbert,* Solomon,* Stephen*), born November 22d, 1816, died 


September 11th, 1874, at Terre Haute, Indiana; son of Stephen 
and Catharine (Groshon) Lockwood ; m. Delia Sherman. 


2391. James H. Lock-r-ood. 

2392. George Lockwood. 

2393. Charles Lockwood. 

2394. Emma Lockwood. 

2395. Kate Lockwood. 

1478. Caroline R. Lockwood (Robert,^ Jonathan,'' Still 
John,' Gilbert/ Solomon/ Stephen^), born February 19th, 1818, 
died June 2oth, 1851, at Cincinnati, Ohio; daughter of Stephen 
and Catherine (Groshon) Lockwood ; m. Samuel Armstrong. 


2396. Andrew AEM3TR0^"G. 

2397. Cassius Arm.stro.n-g. 

2398. "William Armstrong. 

1480. Lewis Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,- Still John,' Gil- 
bert,* Xoah Andrew,^ Amos,f = Susan), born August 12th, 1817, 
at Greenwich, Connecticut; resided on Shippan Point, Stamford, 
Connecticut, for a number of years; lives (1888) at Riverside, 
Connecticut; son of Amos and Susan (Lockwood) Lockwood, 
grand.son of Noah and , grandson of Andrew- and 

Either (Nash) Lockwood, great-grandson of Gilbert and Mercy 
( ) Lockwood. 

1st m., December 28th, 1840, in New York city, by Rev. 
Hugh Blair, Jane Mackie, born October 30th, 1816, in Aber- 
deen, Scotland, died Saturday, February 13th, 1864, at Shippan, 

2d ra., April r2th, 1865, in New York city, by Rev. John N. 
McLeod, D.D., Mary Jane FuUerton, born March 1st, 1830, at 
Londonderry, Ireland, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Ful- 
larton) Fullerton — no relation. 

First Wijes. 

2399. James Lewis Lockwood, born Sunday, October 30th, 1841, at Shippan. 

2400. Charles Edward Lockwood, born Sunday, May 12th, 1S44, at 



2401. Robert Lockwood, horn Sunday, April 5th, 1846, at Shippan, and died 

September 30th, 1883. 
Second Wif^s. 

2402. A>'NA LocKwooD, born Wednesday, January 17th, 1866, at Sliippan. 

2403. Arthur Fullerton Lockwood, born Thursday, March 7th, 1867, at 


2404. Archibald Lockwood, born Wednesday, August 4th, 1S69, at North 

Stamford, and died August 8th, 1870, in Stamford. 

1482. John William Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still 
John/ Gilbert/ Andrew^ = Robert Lockwood/ Gershom Lock- 
wood/ Joseph Lockwood/ Elizabeth Lockwood/ Epenetus Webb/ 
Elizabeth Webb/ Benjamin Eldridge'), born July 19th, 1832, at 
Greenwich, Connecticut ; resides (1878) at Ashtabula, Ohio ; son 
of Benjamin-Eldridge and Harriet-Ann (Gary) Lockwood. 

1st m., April 25th, 1855, at Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, 
by Rev. Paschall Terry, Sarah Potter, born at Batavia, New 
York ; daughter of Baldwin and Serutia (Whiting) Potter. 

2d ra., June 7th, 1876, at Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio, 
by Rev. S. W. Dickinson, Ellen Lina Mann, born at Plymouth, 
Ohio; daughter of Billby Porteus and Sarah (Upson) Mann. 

(All tliree cliildren born at Ashtabula.) 
First Wife's. 

2405. Elizabeth Ida Lockwood, born September 10th, 1856, died June 4th, 


2406. Nellie Charlotte Lockwood, born September 12th, 1SG5. 
Second Wife's. 

2407. Alice Gary Lockwood, born March 22d, 1S77. 

1483. Delia^ Maria Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,^ Still 
John/ Gilbert,* Andrew,^ = Robert Lockwood,' Gershom, Lock- 
wood,Moseph Lockwood/ Elizabeth Lockwood,* Epenetus Webb,^ 
Elizabeth Webb/ Benjamin Eldridge^), born October 13th, 1835, 
in Ashtabula, Ohio; daughter of Benjamin-Eldridge and Har- 
riet-Ann (Cary) Lockwood; m. July 3d, 1855, Pliny Fish Love- 
joy, born February 17th, 1825, Fredonia, New York. 


2408. Died in infancy. 

2409. Died in infancy. 

2410. Died in infancy. 


2411. Alice Lovejot, born February 5th, 1S60. 

2412. Hattie Lo%tejoy, born May 30th, 1862, died May loth, 1875. 

2413. Albert Marshall Lovejot, born January 11th, 1S64. 

2414. Silas W. Lovejot, born January 10th, 1866. 

2415. Julia Elizabeth Lovejot, born August 14th, 1863. 

2416. Pliny Lovejot, born June 3d, 1373. 

1484. George" Washington Lock wood (Robert,^ Jonathan, - 
Still John/ Gilbert/ Andrew/ =: Robert Lockwood/ Gershom 
Lockwood/ Joseph Lockwood/ Elizabeth Lockwood/ Epenetus 
Webb/ Elizabeth Webb,* Benjamin Eldridge^), born February 
22d, 1839, at Ashtabula, Ohio ; he was born on Gen. Washing- 
ton's birth-day ; son of Benjamin-Eldridge and Harriet-Ann 
(Gary) Lockwood ; m. May 11th, 1864, at Dorset, Ohio, by Rev. 
John Parmer, Helen M. Thornton, born at Linesville, Pennsyl- 
vania, April 20th, 1841. She was daughter of Milo and Xancy 
(Bevere) Thornton. 


2417. Anxa Adelaide Lockwood, born April 26th, 1865, at Dorset, Ohio. 

2418. CuAKLEs Cart Lockv.'ood, born August 26th, 1866, at Ashtabula, Ohio. 

2419. Jennie J. Lockwood, born January 8th, 1S30. 

2420. Harriet Helen Lockwood, born October loth, 1831. 

1485. Mary Alice Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan,'' Still 
John/ Gilbert/ Andrew,^ = Robert Lockwood,' Gersliom Lock- 
wood/ Joseph Lockwood,' Elizabeth Lockwood,' Epenetus Webb/ 
Elizabeth Webb/ Benjamin Eldridge^), born June 9th, 1841, in 
Ashtabula, Ohio, and died September 1st, 1876; daughter of 
Benjamin-Eldridge and Harriet-Ann (Gary) Lockwood ; m., 
1867, Charles H. Reraick, in Chicago, Illinois (s. p.). 

1486. Harriet^ Ann Lockwood (Robert,' Joiiathan,^ Still 
John,' Gilbert/ Andrew,^ = Robert Lockwood,' Ger-hora Lock- 
wood,' Joseph Lockwood/ Elizabeth Lockwood,' Epenetus 
Webb,^ Elizabeth Webb/ Benjamin Eldridge^), horn February 
23d, 1843, at Ashtabula, Ohio; daughter of Benjamin-Eldridge 
and Harriet-Ann (Gary) Lockwood ; m. November 30th, 1883, 
by Rev. H. H. Thomas, in Chicago, Illinois, Lewis M. Dean; 
he died in Auburn, New York, March 1st, 1887. 


1488. Elizabeth' Dunbar Lockwood (Eobert/ Jonathan, 
Still John/ Gilbert/ Andrew/ = Robert Lockwood/ Gershom 
Lockwood/ Joseph Lockwood.' Elizabeth Lockwood/ Epenetus 
Webb/ Elizabeth Webb/ BenjaQiin Eldridge^), born September 
23d, 1847; daughter of BeuJAiuin-Eldridge and Harriet-Ann 
(Gary) Lockwood ; ra., 1868, M. D. Dean, of Chicago. 


2421. LiBBiE Dexs. 

2422. Samuel Dean. 

2423. Cordelia Deax. 

2424. George Dean. 

2425. Eddie De.\n. 

2426. Ida Dean, died young. 

2427. Ray Dean. ' ' 

1492. William Edward Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan/ 
Still John/ Gilbert/ Andrew,* = Robert Lockwood,' Gershom 
Lockwood,^ Joseph Lockwood/ Elizabeth Lockwood/ Epenetus 
Webb,* Elizabeth Webb,' Epenetus Webb"), born October 7th, 
1832, at Ashtabula, Ohio; son of Epenetus Webb and Elizabeth 
(Smith) Lockwood; his residence is at Loch-^rie, Glen-Loch, 
Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

1st m., June 5th, 1860, by Rev. William Ackmau, Louisa 
Virginia Bush, at Wilmington, Delaware ; she was boru August 
21st, 1840, and died May 31st, 1868 ; daughter of George and 
Anna (Steele) Bush. George Bush was President of the Bank 
of Wilmington and Brandywine for many years before his death. 

2d m., February 7th, 1874, by the Rt. Rev. William Bacon 
Stevens, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Pennsylvania, Ella Eby, at 
Philadelphia; daughter of Ephraim C. and Sarah E. (Faunce) 



First Wife's. 

2428. Elizabeth Dxjnbab Lockwood, born June 13th, 1861, at Philadelphia. 

Second Wife's. 

2429. William Edward Lockwood. Jr., born January 27th, 1875, at Phila- 


2430. Edith Eby Lockwood, born July 2oth, 1876, at Glen-Loch. 

2431. Ella Eby Lockwood, born June Sth, 1878, at Glen-Loch. 



Christopher Bush, born in Hanover, a province in Prussia, and came over to 
England with King "William. He married Elizabeth , in Scotland. 

Served as a Eevenue Officer in Dublin, and died there. His descendant, 

1. Charles Bush, married Rebecca Scott, whose son, 

2. Captain Samuel Bush, married A. McKee, whose son, 

3. George Bush, married Anna Steele, whose daughter, 

4. Louisa Virginia Bu;h, born August 21st, 1S40, at Wilmington, Delaware, 

married William Edward Lockwood, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


1493. Charles Lorenzo Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ 
Still John/ Gilbert/ Andrew/ = Robert Lockwood/ Gershom 
Lockwood/ Joseph Lockwood/ Elizabeth Lockwood/ Epenetus 
Webb, Jr./ Elizabeth Webb/ Epenetus Webb^), born March 
30th, 1835, at Ashtabula, Ohio; son of Epenetus Webb and 
Elizabeth (Smith) Lockwood; resides at Philadelphia, Pennsyl- 
vania; ra. December 9th, 1863, by Rev. Samuel Cook, at St. 
Bartholomew's Church, New York city, Charlotte Wheeler, born 
December 5th, 1840, at Seymour, Connecticut; daughter of 


Henry and Nancy (Hotchkiss) Wheeler, granddaughter of John 
C. and Charlotte (Chatfield) Wheeler, granddaughter of Elias 
and Almira (Woodward) Hotchkiss, great-granddaughter of 
John Todd and Sarah (Clark) Wheeler, great-granddaughter of 
Joel and Ruth (Stoddard) Chatfield. 


2432. Fannie Wheeler Lockwood, born September 2d, 1S64, in Nevr York, 

died March 2Sth, 1S66. 

2433. Louise Virginia Lockwood, born December 7th, 1867, in Brooklyn, 

New York, unmarried. 

2434. Bessie Dunbar Lockwood, born March 21st, 1870, in Brooklynj New 

243-5. Mary Wheeler Lockwood, born February 12th, 1872, in Stamford, 

2436. Flora Rosalie Lockwood, born May 25th, 1875, in Washington, D. C. 

1494. Elon Dunbar Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' Still 
John,^ Gilbert,* Andrew^; Robert Lockwood,' Gershom Lock- 
wood,' Joseph Lockwood,' Elizabeth Lockwood,* Epenetus 
Webb,' Elizabeth Webb" = Epenetus Webb Lockwood'), born 
November 26th, 1838, at Ashtabula, Ohio; son of Epenetus 
Webb and Elizabeth (Smith) Lockwood. 

Mr. Lockwood has never sought or desired public office, but 
has been active for the general good, and served in the JoUonnng 
positions : 

In 1864, as an active member of the Committee on Labor, 
Income, and Revenue, of the " Great Central Fair," for the bene- 
fit of the Sanitary Commission during the Rebellion. This 
Committee raised $247,500 of the $1,010,976.88 contributed. 
(The Great Central Fair, C. J. Stille, 1864.) 

One of the Committee of Fifty appointed at a mass meeting, 
held at Independence Hall, Philada., on March 16th, 1874, 
" to raise sufficient money to erect the Centennial Buildings." 
(Phila. newspapers, March r7th, 1874.) 

One of the six representatives from Pennsylvania to the Fifth 
Avenue Conference of Republicans, held in 1876, and presided 
over by Ex-Presideut Woolsey, " of those who desired to bring 


about reformation in national affairs," and among his colleagues 
were the late AYilliam Welsh and Henry Armitt Brown. 

Chairman of the Committee on Membership of the Union 
League of Philadelphia, during 1876 (Centennial Year), 1877, 
and 1878. (Union League Eeports, 1876, 1877, 1878.) 

Originated the movement in the Union League, in March, 
1877, to sustain President Hayes when the U. S. Senate hesitated 
about confirming Messrs. Evarts and Schurz as members of his 

Member of the Committee of Twelve, composed of members 
of all parties, formed by the late "William "Welsh, in February, 
1877, " to assist the proper authorities of the city of Philadel- 
phia, in protecting the ballot-box from frauds, and to aid in 
securing the conviction of every person who may attempt to 
perpetrate such frauds." At this election the jNIayor was a 
Republican and candidate for re-election, and the Sheriff a Dem- 
ocrat, and both had officers at the polls and a collision was feared. 
Mr. Welsh and Mr. Lockwood were the sub-committee that 
looked after the notorious Fourth "Ward on this occasion, where 
most of the disturbances were expected. 

One of the Committee of Six appointed to take charge of Presi- 
dent and Mrs. Hayes, and his Cabinet and their families, during 
their three days' visit to Philadelphia, in 1877, and subsequently, 
a member of the Committee of Five that waited upon President 
Hayes, and presented the name of Hon. John Welsh, as Minister 
to England, which appointment was made shortly afterwards. 

Chairman of the Committee of Citizens opposed to the erection 
of open iron bridges over the streets crossed by the then new ele- 
vated branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad to Broad Street, and 
in favor of brick arches. (Pamphlet of remarks before Com- 
mittees of Councils, September 12th, 1879.) 

Issued the call for a meeting of citizens of Philadelphia to 
form a "Committee of One Hundred," in November, 1880, 
which meeting was held at his office. Was the founder of that 
committee and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee, 
Chairman of the Committee on Xorainations, and a member of 


the sub-committees which investigated and exposed the frauds in 
the Almshouse, Gas Trust, and Tax Office. Also Chairman of 
the committee which represented the Committee of One Hundred 
before the Legislature of Pennsylvania, and secured the passage 
of six of the eight reform bills affecting the city of Philadelphia, 
and is now Chairman of the Committee on the Annual Reunions 
of the Survivors of the Committee (1888). (History of the Com- 
mittee of One Hundred, G. M. Vickers. History of Philadel- 
phia, Scharf & ^yestcott, vol. 3, p. 2006 ; vol. 1, pp. 838, 849, 
850, 852 C. History of Philadelphia, AUinson & Penrose, 
p. 262. Also Ledger, Times, Press, Evening Telegraph, In- 
quirer, Star, and other newspapers, from November 15th and 
27th, 1880, continuously for several years.) 

A member of John C. Bullitt's Committee to prepare "An 
Act for the better government of the city of Philadelphia" (known 
as the Bullitt Bill), which draft, after various amendments, was 
passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1885, and took 
effect in 1887, and under which Philadelphia is now governed. 
(Philadeli)hia from 1681 to 1887, Allinson & Penrose, p. 267.) 

Chairman of the General Mortgage Bondholders Committee of 
the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad during the reorganiza- 
tion proceedings. (See Philadelphia papers, 1885, 1886, 1887, 
and printed paper-book, Robinson vs. Philadelphia & R. R.R. 
Co., U. S. C. C.) 

One of the compilers of the Lockwood Genealogy and Colonial 
and Revolutionary History in 1887-1888. 

INIember of the Union League, Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania, Civil Service Reform Association, Association for the 
Promotion of Social Science, Fairmount Park Association, Sous 
of the Revolution, etc. 

1495. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,^ 
Still John,' Gilbert,* Andrew,^ Oliver Ford"), born March 25th, 
1831, in Stamford, Conn. ; daughter of Oliver Ford and Hannah 
Maria (Finney) Lockwood ; m., December 28th, 1854, Daniel 
Gage Strong, born June 15th, 1824, at Ashtabula, Ohio ; son of 


Samuel and Ruth (Gage) Strong ; resides at Milllugton, Michi- 
gan ; -was married at Brunswick, Ohio, by Rev. G. Strong. 


2437. Nehemiah Lockwood Steoxo, born January Sth, 1856, at Eome,Ohio. 

2438. Maria Ja>-e Steoxg, born December 12th, 1857, at Rome, Ohio. 

2439. Samuel Aethuh Steoxg, born May 23d, 1860, at Eome, Ohio. 

2440. Charles Thoiias Strong, born Angust 9th, 1864, at Strongville, Ohio. 

2441. Abnee Gage Steo>'g, born May 19th, 1870, at Strongville, Ohio. 

(Strong Family, p. 1526.) 

1498. Epenetus ^yEBB LocKWOOD ( Robert,' Jonathan," 
Still John,' Gilbert,' Andrew,^ Oliver Ford'), born August 3d, 
1843; son of Oliver Ford and Hannah Maria (Finney) Lock- 
wood ; m., January 30th, 1868, Myraette E. Doolittle; residence, 
Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio. 


2442. Epexetus Webb Lockwood, Je., born August 3d, 1869. 

2443. Frank Rosel Lockwood, born May 20th, 1871. 

2444. Mirette E. Doolittle Lockwood, born January 4th, 1873. 

2445. Burton Morell Lockwood, born June 7th, 1875. 

1499. John Addison Lockwood (Robert,* Jonathan,^ Still 
John,3 Gilbert,* Andrew,* Oliver Ford'), born June 27th, 1847, 
in Ashtabula, Ashtabula County, Ohio; son of Oliver Ford and 
Hannah Maria (Finney) Lockwood ; ni., November 22d, 1870, 
Mary Jane Moon, born May 11th, 1852, in Liverpool, Medina 
County, Ohio ; residence, Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio ; ni., 
in Brunswick, by the Rev. S. T. Dunbar ; she was daughter of 
Sanford and Eliza (Hancock) Moon ; m. December 23d, 1841. 


2446. Gertrude Louisa Lockwood, born August 13th, 1872. 

2447. Harley Ferdinand Lockwood, born June 1st, 1874. 

2448. Jessie La Verne Lockwood, born June Sth, 1878. 

2449. Lena Grace Lockwood, born December 10th, 1880. 

2450. Ethel Elizabeth Lockwood, born July 30th, 1887. 

1500. Anna MAKiADuNBAR(Robert,' Jonathan,' Still John,' 
Gilbert,* Andrew,' Maria Jane'), born April 15th, 1832, in Phil- 


aclelphia, Pennsylvania; died September 28tli, 1867, in Minne- 
apolis, Minnesota ; daughter of Elon and Maria Jane (Lock- 
wood) Dunbar; ra., April 27th, 1858, I)y the Right Reverend 
William Bacon Stevens, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of the Diocese of 
Eastern Pennsylvania, Richard Price, Jr., of Philadelphia ; he 
died March 2d, 1869, at Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was son of 
Thomas Callander and Sarah Ann (Paul) Price. 

245L Dunbar Price, born March 13th, 1859, m. Sarah Clement Burton, 
Wednesday, January oth, ISSl ; she was born October 14th, 1854 ; 
daughter of George AV. and Josephine (Clement) Burton. 

2452. Richard Price, born February 12th, 1861, died October 6th, 1861. 

2453. Elizabeth Dunbar Price, born June 9th, 1862; died September 26th, 

1883; m., Monday, April 3d, 1883, Harry Connolly Groome. 

2454. Sally Paul Price, born October 29th, 1865 ; died February 24th, 

1866, at Minneapolis. 

2455. Richard Price, born January 18th, 1867, died August 7th, 1867, at 


1504. George Elon Hall (Robert,^ Jonathan,* Still John,' 

Gilbert,* Andrew* ; Robert,^ Gershom,^ Joseph,' Elizabeth,* 

Epenetus Webb,' Elizabeth Webb' = Rheua Webb Lockwood'), 

born March 1st, 1843, at Ashtabnla, Ohio ; son of Leander and 

Rheua Webb (Lockwood) Hall ; m., October 21st, 1868, Ella 



2456. "Willie Leander Hai.l, born August 11th, 1869. 

2457. Mary Rheua Hall, born September 15th, 1876. 

1505. Leander Webb Hall (Robert,* Jonathan,' Still 
John,' Gilbert,* Andrew* ; Robert,' Gershom,^ Joseph,' Elizabeth,* 
Epenetus Webb,* Elizabeth Webb' = Rheua Webb Lockwood'), 
born May 2d, 1850, at Ashtabula, Ohio; son of Leander and 
Rheua Webb (Lockwood) Hall ; m., August 2d, 1877, Fannie 
Hastings Hazard, per Rev. William M. Pettis ; she was born 
April 9th, 1856, at Cincinnati, Ohio, and was daughter of 
William S. and Marion Isabella* (Snelling) Hazard. 

* Note. — Marion Isabella Snelling was born at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, 
December 18th, 1826; was daughter of Col. Josiah Snelling, who was com- 
mander of that fort, which bears his name. His widow is still living, and was 
91 years old on the 23d of January, 1888. 



2458. Marios Snellts-g Hall, born February 4th, 1SS2. 

1520. Eev. John "Wesley Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan," 
Still John/ Caleb/ Caleb/ Henry'), born May 1st, 1855, in 
Madisonville, Ohio ; residence (1888), "Wilmington, Ohio; son 
of Henry and Margaretta (Risk) Lockwood; ra., November 23d, 
1882, at Martinsville, Ohio, by the Rev. Newton "W. Darling- 
ton, of West Union, Ohio, Sarah Ellen Fisher, born at Gains- 
boro', Virginia. 

Rev. John "Wesley Lockwood was a delegate to the General 
Methodist Episcopal Conference held in May, 1888, in New 
York City. 

1529. Robert G. Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ Still .John/ 
Caleb/ Isaac/ Robert'), born January 13tli, 1812, at Newburgh, 
N. Y. ; son of Robert and Miriam (Gardner) Lockwood ; m., 
July 16th, 1831, at Newburgh, N. Y., by Rev. Mr. Silliman, 
Ijacretia Wing, born at Newburgh, September 3d, 1812, daughter 
of Lewis and Penelope (Trovis) "Wing. 


2459. Jacob "\V. LocKTiVOOD, born August 8th, 1832, m. L Mary S. White; 

m. 2. Annie Harkness. 

2460. Charles G. Lockwood, born July 25th, 1834, m. Lydia F. Jacobs. 

2461. Almira Lockwood, born February 22d, 1836, m. John Pryor Rouke. 

2462. WrLLiAM H. Lockwood, born November 17th, 1837, m. 1. Jane A. 

Johnson, m. 2. Mary G. Tobin. 

2463. Penelope Lockwood, born December 5th, 1839, m. Cliarles H. Hyde. 

2464. Sarah E. Lockwood, born October 30th, 1841, m. Harrison Patton. 

2465. Alfred G. Lockwood, born January 13th, 1844, m. 1. Cornelia 

Givens; m. 2. Annie Sheron. 

2466. ARr.ETTA Lockwood,* bom May 21st, 1846, m. John W. French. 

2467. George P. Lockwood, born October Uth, 1848, ra. Bella Moore. 

2468. Annie L. Lockwood, born May 16th, 1850, m. Whitford N. Wear. 

Note. — First six born at Newburgh, N. Y. ; last four born 
at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

* Arietta (Mrs. French) died March 4th, 1868. All the rest were alive 
March 9th, 1881. 


1537. Joseph Edward Lockwood (Robert/ Jonathan/ 
Still John/ Jonathan/ Frederick/ Frerlerick'), born January 4th, 
1830, in Greenwich, Conn.; son of Frederick and INIary Ann 
(Jessiip) Lockwood; ra. December 3d, 1849 (Robert,' Gershom/ 
Gershoni/ James/ Jeremiah/ Solomon/ Shadrach/ Sarah E.*), 
Sarah E. Lockwood, born October 28th, 1828, at Greenwich, 
Conn. ; m. at Sound Beach, Conn., per S. B. S, Bissell ; daughter 
of Shadrach and Abigail L. (Rich) Lockwood. 


2469. Joseph Edward Lockwood, Jr., born Jnnuary 3d, 18-51, at Green- 

wich, Conn. 

2470. George H. Lockwood, born January 27th, 1853, at Greenwich, Conn. 

2471. Mary A. Lockwood, born March 20th, 1855, at Greenwich, Conn. 

2472. Franklin S. Lockwood, born December 10th, 1857, at Greenwich, 


2473. Frederick Lockwood, born July 22(1, 1861, at Stamford, Conn. 
2473'. Basil G. Lockwood, born July 29th, 18G7, at Greenwich, Conn. 

2474. Willie R. Lockwood, born April 18th, 1872, at Greenwich, Conn. 

1588. Luke Adolphus Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan/ 
Still John/ Jonathan/ Frederick/ Frederick'), born December 
1st, 1833, in Greenwich, Conn. ; son of Frederick and Mary Ann 
(Jessup) Lockwood; m., September 11th, 1862, by the Right 
Rev. John Williams, S.T.D., LL.D., bishop of the diocese of 
Connecticut, at Greenwich, Mary Louise Lyon, born at Green- 
wich, March 10th, 1841, daughter of William Lewis and Catha- 
rine (Mead) Lyon. 


2475. Theodora Lyon Lockwood, born January 12th, 1868, at Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 

2476. Gertrude Louise Lockwood, born October 29th, 1869, at Brooklyn, 


2477. Luke Vincent Lockwood, born February 1st, 1872, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2478. "William Frederic Lockwood, born November 12th, 1874, at 

Brooklyn, N. Y , died September 29th, 1875. 

1539. Richard Manetto Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,' 
Still John/ Jonathan/ Frederick,^ Frederick*), born May 24th, 
1837, in Greenwich, Conn.; residence. Riverside, Conn.; son of 


Frederick and ]Mary Ann (Jessup) Lookwood; m., December ISth, 
1860, Sarah Emilie McCombs, born July 17th, 1838, daughter 

of Charles and Sarah Booth (Sanford) McCorabs. They 

were m, in Milford, Pike County, Pa. 

Note. — Charles McCorabs was born in Little Falls, X. Y., 
and died at Utica, N. Y. His wife was born in Poxbury, 
Conn., and died in Utica, X. Y. 


2479. r\lARY As:^f Lookwood, born October 4th, 1S61, m. Ferris G. Sherman.* 

2480. Edith Ieexe Lockwood, born June 11th, 1863, m. Arthur G. Archi- 


2481. James Hexry Hoyt Lockwood, born July 25th, 1865, m. Lizzie 

24S2. Clara Sanford Lockwood, born February 25th, ISoS, died August 

19th, 1868. 
2433. Karl Herkimer Lockwood, born January 26th, 1870. 

2484. Richard Bertram Bell Lockwood, born March 3d, 1874, died Sep- 

tember 12th, 1874. 

2485. JIarcus Yarringtok Lockwood, born Xoveraber 30th, 1S77, died 

August 18th, 1878. All born at Riverside, Town of Greenwich, Fair- 
field County, Conn. 

1546. Hox. Albert Lockwood (Robert,' Jonathan,- Still 
John,' Jonathan,* Silas,* Stephen'), born November 18th, 1802, 
at Sing Sing, N. Y. ; was County Judge of Westchester County, 
in 1850; son of Stephen and Sarah (Ingersoll) Lockwood; ra., 
at Sing Sing, Westchester County, N. Y., Eliza Arthur, 
daughter of Jacob 


2486. Arthur Ingersol Lockwood, bom August 21st, 1835. 

2487. Frederick £. Lockwood, 

2488. IsABELLE B. Lockwood, 
2439. Albert C. Lockwood, 
2490. Theodore Lockwood, 

* Ferris G. Sherman, born June 19th, 1865, at Shelburne Falls, Mass., wa3 
son of George Henry and Sarah Cornelia (McCulloch) Sherman, s. p. 

t Arthur G. Archibald, born April 7th, 1861, in the city of New York, was 
son of .John and Mary Augusta (Saunders) .Archibald, t\ro children. 

X Lizzie Henry, born April 16th, 1867, in Belfast, Ireland, was daughter of 
John and Lizzie (McGuinness) Henry, s. p. 


1548. MuNSON Ingersoi.l Lockvtood (Robert/ Jonathan,' 
Still John/ Jonathan/ Silas/ Stephen"), born July 11th, 1810, 
at Greenwich, Conn., son of Stephen and Sarah (Ingersoll) 
Lockwood ; 1. ra. in New York, August 1st, 1838, by Rev. 
Hugh Smith, Sarah Lewis Smith, born in Xew York, January 
16th, 1817, daughter of Caleb.and Rachel Rnome (Wells) Smith, 
who were m. in New York, April 16th, 1809; m. 2. April 
13th, 1864, Amelia Jane Havell, daughter of Robert and 
Amelia Jane (Edington) Havell, in St. Mark's Church, Tarry- 
town, N. Y., by Rev. Edmund Guilbert, Rector. 


First Wife's. 

2491. Henry Cl.vy Lockwood, born June 21st, 1S39, at Ossining, N. Y. 

2492. Ingersoll Lockwood, born August 2d, 1S41, at Ossining, N. Y. 

2493. Mary Latourette Lewis Lockwood, born March Uth, 1844, at 

White Plains, N. Y. ; m Philip G. Monroe. 

2494. Howard Lockwood, born March 9th, 1846, White Plains, N. Y. 

2495. Catharine Louise Lockwood, born June 14th, 1843, m. Theodore E. 


2496. Fanny Lockwood, born December 28th, 1852, at Ossining, N. Y. 

Second Wife's. 

2497. Robert Havell Lockwood, born May 18th, 1363, at Sing Sing, N. Y. 

1555. Betsey Lockwood Hanford (Robert Lockwood,' 
Jonathan Lockwood,^ Still John Lockwood,^ Elizabeth Lock- 
wood,* John Mead,' Mary Mead^), named after her maternal 
great-grandmother, born at Norwalk, Conn., March 27th, 1797, 
died September 25th, 1858, aged 61 years, 6 months; daughter 
of Levi and Mary (Mead) Hanford; m. March 11th, 1821, 
Sheldon Griswold, who died April, 1872. 


2498. Walter Hanford Griswold, born Cashier, Delaware 

National Bank, Delhi, N. Y. 

2499. Betsey Ann Griswold, born lives in Unadilla, N. Y. 

2500. Elizabeth Griswold, born live in Delhi, N. Y. 

1559. Stephen Underbill Lockwood (Robert," Joseph,* 
John/ Jabez/ Isaac'^), born 1800 ? in New 


York City, died February 15th, 1850, at Fort Branch, Ind. ; 
son of Isaac and Phebe (Walters) Lockwood ; m., February 15th, 
1827, at New York, Phebe Tucker, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
daughter of James and Phebe (Brown) Tucker ; m. per Rev. 
Julius Fields, pastor of AVillett Street Church. 


2501. James Tucker Lockwood, born November 28th, 1828, m. twice. 

2502. Susan Lockwood, born m. Dickinson. 

2503. John Murray Lockwood, Jr., born September 7th, 1834, m. Caroline 


2504. Martha Lockwood, born m. Debruler. 

2505. Sarah Lockwood, born m. Garrison. 

2506. Isaac Alvin Lockwood, born 

2507. Phebe Ann Lockwood, born m. Sherman. 

1561. John Murray Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,' 
John,* Jabez,* Isaac*), born April 24th, 1809, in Westchester 
County, N. Y., resides (1881) at Mount Vernon, Ind., is Presi- 
dent of a bank, and "one of the most influential citizens in 
Southern Ind," ; son of Isaac and Phebe (Walters) Lockwood ; 
m. April 24th, 1834 (the day he was 25 years old), at Evans- 
ville, Ind., Caroline Charlotte Newman, born January 8th, 1818 
(on the third anniversary of the battle of New Orleans), in 
Caroline County, Va., daughter of James M. and Nancy P. 
(Monday) Newman, of Virginia. They were ra. by Rev. 
Robert Parrett, of Evansville, Ind. 


2508. Emily L. Lockwood, born 1339, m. E. W. Rosenkrans. 

2509. RuPHENiE L. Lockwood, born 1842, m. William P. Edson. 

2510. Caroline L. Lockwood, born 1844, m. John Haas. 

2511. Annie P. Lockwood, bora 1852, m. George W. Robertson. 

Three born in Mt. Vernon, one born in Monticello. 

1562. Edward Burr Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,' Joseph,' 
John,* Jabez,^ Isaac'), born May 22d, 1813, in New York City, 
and went to Indiana, in 1818, with his father; son of Isaac 
and Phebe (Walters) Lockwood; m., September 7th, 1836, 
Eleanor Males, born August 8th, 1819, in Gibson County, Ind., 


claugliter of John and Susan (Spain) Males, of Scotland. Mr. 
and Mrs. Lockwood were m. at Princeton, Gibson County, Ind. 


2512. John E. Lockwood, born August 20th, 1837, m. Josephine Earl. 

2513. Isaac N. Lockwood, born May 3d, 1839, m. Hannah Croff. 

2514. Fkancis Marion Lockwood, bom September 11th, 1844, m. Sybil Van. 

2515. RtjTH A. Lockwood, born April 9th, 1846, ni. Clay Van. 

2516. Augustus T. Lockwood, born August 3d, 1849, m. Emma J. "Williams. 

The first four were born at Princeton, Ind. ; A. T. L. was 
born at Evansville, Ind. 

1564. Albert Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,'' Joseph,' John,* 
John,^ Reuben^), born at Weston, Conn., May 14th, 1786 ; son 
of Reuben and Elizabeth (Raymond) Lockwood; m. Rachel 
Ogden, born at Weston ; m. per Rev. Benjamin Noyce ; daughter 
of Joseph and Rachel (Andrews) Ogden. 


2517. Aaron B. Lockwood, born May 22d, 1811, m. Caroline Hale. 

2518. Emeline Lockwood, born October 29th, 1815, m. Aaron Ambler. 

2519. "William F. Lockwood, born September 15th, 1818, m. Mary Wakeman. 

2520. Eachel Lockwood, born June 5th, 1821, m. John Olmstead. 

2521. Albert Lockwood, born April 4th, 1823, m. Augusta A. Finch. 

2522. Elizabeth Ann Lockwood, born March 6th, 1825, ra. James Lobdell. 

2523. Rebecca Jane Lockwood, born January 22d, 1827. 

2524. Joseph Eeuben Lockwood, born March 26th, 1829, m. Ann Eliza 

Reeves. (All born in Weston, Conn ) 

1567. David Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,' John,* 
John,^ Reuben'), born April 27th, 1791, in Weston, Conn. ; died 
December 3d, 1853, aged 62.7.6; son of Reuben and Elizabeth 
(Raymond) Lockwood; m. April 7th, 1821, Abigail G-ray, born 
January 2d, 1802; they were m. in Weston, Conn., by Rev. 
Laban Clark ; she was daughter of Elijah and Lydia (Taylor) 
Clark; Mrs. Abigail (Gray) Lockwood died January 11th, 
1883, ased 81. 0. 9 ; she survived her husband 29. 1. 8. 



2525. Rhoda Ann Lockwood, born April 27th, 1822, in Weston, Conn, m. 

Ezra Winton. 

2526. David Benjamin Lockwood, born January 7tli, 1827, in Weston, Conn. 

m. 1, Caroline Amelia Redfield, m. 2, Lydia Ellen Nelson. 

2527. "Wakeman Dikejian Lockwood, born November 7th, 1S30, in Easton, 

Conn., m. Hannah J. Patchen. 

1575. Hezekiah Reuben- Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ 
Joseph/ John/ John/ Reuben®), born in Weston, Conn., August 
29th, 1804; resides at Easton, Conn.; son of Reuben and Eliza- 
beth (Raymond) Lockwood ; ra. January 13th, 1828, by Rev. 
John Lovejoy, at Weston, Conn., Polly Olmstead, born April 
2d, 1802, in Weston ; she was daughter of John Olmstead whose 
wife was a Miss Robbins. 


2528. Charles "White Lockwood, born September 29th, 1828, at "Weston, m. 

Lucy Bartram. 

2529. Clark Sherman Lockwood, born July 11th, 1831, at Weston, died 

August 13th, 18-58. 

2530. Cornelia Frances Lockwood, born May 29th, 1835, at Easton, m. 

Lewis Phelps. 

2531. Cyrus Bangs Lockwood, born February 1st, 1837, at Easton, died No- 

vember 10th, 1841. 

2532. Cora Amelia Lockwood, born January 31st, 1844, at Easton, m. Austin 


1576. Anson M, Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph/ Joseph/ John,* 
John/ Reuben'), born in Weston, Conn., March 7th, 1808; re- 
sides in Bridgeport, Conn, (alive April 16th, 1888); son of 
Reuben and Elizabeth (Raymond) Lockwood; m. March 30th, 
1834, by Rev. John Tackaberry, in Bridgeport, Susan Edioards, 
born February 13th, 1807, at Stratford, Conn.; daughter of 
William and Hannah (Clark) Edwards. 


2533. Caroline Lockwood, born April 30th, 1835, died September 4th, 1852. 

2534. Susan Lockwood, born June 10th, 1838, m. Charles Adams. All born 

in Bridgeport. 


1577. Dr. Ephraim Thomas Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,' 
Joseph,' John,* Ephraim,* David'), born February 24th, 1810, 
at Dillis Bottom, Ohio; resides at Crystal Springs, Mississippi; 
son of Judge David and Rebecca (Thomas) Lockwood ; m. 
January 3d, 1837, by Rolan Johnson, Esq., of Gallatin, Miss., 
at Shady Grove, Miss., Nancy Maria Cottingham, born May 
12th, 1816, near Savannah, Georgia; daughter of Thomas and 
Nancy (Roe) Cottingham. 


2o3-5. Benson Mott Lockwood, born November 19th, 1837, died iinra. 

2536. Theodore Prentiss Lockwood, born September 11th, 1839, m. 0. 

Emma Patton. 

2537. Jonathan Thomas Lockwood, born July 25th, 1841, died single. 

2538. A DADGHTKR (LocKwoob), born September 1st, 1843, died young. 

2539. William Alfred Lockwood, born September 12th, 1854, died in 1862. 

All born in Copiah County, Mississippi. 

1583. William Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Joseph,' Joseph,' 
John,* Ephraim,^ William'), born May 23d, 1825, near Lancaster, 
Ohio; resides at Massieville, Ohio (1878); son of William and 
Sarah (Hall) Lockwood; m. September 19th, 1850, at Massie- 
ville, Ohio, by Rev. David Smith, Sarah Ann Selby, born at 
Freedom, Maryland, February 16th, 1825; daughter of Larkin 
and Harriet (Randall) Selby, s. p. 

1587. Carmi Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph,' Joseph,' John,* 
Michael,^ Michael'), born ; baptized at New Canaan, 

Conn., March 16th, 1838; son of Michael and Joanna (Rusco) 
Lockwood; m. 


2540. William J. Lockwood. 

2541. Joanna Lockwood. These two children were baptized in the P.E. 

Church, March 16th, 1838, at New Canaan, Conn. 

1594. Betsy Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,' John,* 
Michael,^ Gershom'), born at Lewisboro', May 28th, 1799; 
daughter of Gershom and Hannah (Seymour) Lockwood; m. 
May 1st, 1824, Samuel Canfield, born May 28th, 1800; son of 


Cornelius aud Rebecca (Daun) Canfield; per Walker Wake- 
man, Esq. 


2542. Eli Canfield, born June 8th, 1826, died April 26th, 1829. 

2543. Emily Ca>'pield, born October 7th, 1827, died unm., March 14th, 1854, 

26. 5. 7. 

2544. RuFUS Canfield, born June 5th, 1831, m. Matilda Abigail Brinckerhoff. 

2545. AuGrsTUS Canfield, born January 24th, 1836. 

1595. RuFUS LoCKWOOD (Robert/ Joseph,'' Joseph/ John,* 
Michael,^ Gershora"), born September 17th, 1808; died August 
28th, 1873, aged 64. 11. 11 ; was a farmer, and resided at Lewis- 
boro', N. Y. ; son of Gershom and Hannah (Seymour) Lock- 
wood ; ra. September 17th, 1837, Sally Maria Raymond, at 
Lewisboro', per Rev. Ebenezer Raymond ; daughter of Samuel 
Olrastead and Deborah (Canfield) Raymond; she was born July 
12th, 1819. 


2546. Deborah Frances Lockwood, born January 24th, 1842. 

2547. John Lockwood, born June 10th, 1839. 

2548. Samuel Gershom Lockwood, born October 11th, 1845. 
2-549. Joseph Wilson Lockwood, bom October 13th, 1850. 

1618. Rev. Henry Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Joseph,* Joseph,' Henry''), born September 25th, 1791, in the 
State of New York ; son of Henry and Letitia (Pearson) Lock- 
wood ; m. Cathlina Lansing Dox. 


2550. James R. Lockwood. 

2551. Henry R. Lockwood, m. Ellen Maria Hall. 

2552. Mary Lockwood. 

25.!.3. Edward Lockwood, d. s. ? (From Talcott's Genl. Notes, 170.) 

The Rev. Henry Lockwood (Missionary), 

Who was among the last of those who received the rite of con- 
firmation from the hands of the great Bishop Hobart shortly 
before his death, was encouraged by Doctor, afterward Bishop, 
AVhitehouse to become a clergyman. " In 1831, under the direc- 
tion and encouragement of Bishop Whitohouse, he entered the 


General Theological Seminary in New York. It was during 
his three years' course here, and particularly near the close of it, 
that his mind became strongly influenced on the subject of the 
claims of foreign missions. It was a subject in which many of 
the students felt a considerable interest, and it was increased by 
an association which they formed among themselves for gaining 
missionary information and zeal." (Bishop Smith, in Church- 
man, February 14th, 1880.) 

The Right Rev. William Bacon Stevens, D.D., of Pennsyl- 
vania, wrote an article which is published in the History of the 
Episcopal Church, pp. 245 and 471, as Monograph IV., in which 
he alludes to the fixct that on the 14th of July, 1834, the Rev. 
Henry Lockwood was appointed oNIissionary to China, and the 
following February the Rev. F. R. Hanson was associated with 
Mr. Lockwood in this work, and quotes the following remarks 
of Bishop White, of Pennsylvania, in addressing Rev. Messrs. 
Hanson and Lockwood, the first missionaries of the Episcopal 
Church in China in 1835, when he said : 

"In the tie which binds you to the Episcopal Church, there 
is nothing which places you in the attitude of hostility to men 
of any other Christian denomination, and much which should 
unite you in affection to those occupied in the same cause with 
yourself," etc. (Bishop Perry's Hy. of the American Ep. Ch., 
pp. 245 and 471.) 

1625. Walter Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,^ Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Walter,* Joseph'), born June 5th, 1826, at New York City; 
resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; son of Joseph and Mary (Ham- 
mond) Lockwood ; m. September 21st, 1865, at Yellosv Springs, 
Ohio, by the Rev. S. H. Rosecranz, of Columbus, Ohio, Margaret 
S. Scammon; born May 11th, 1845, at West Point, N. Y. ; she 
was daughter of Eliakim Parker and Margaret (Stebbins) Scam- 


2554. Maey Lockwood, born August 27th, 1866, at Dobb's Ferry, N. Y. 

2555. Helen Lockwood, born June 19th, 18G8, at Orange, N. J. 

2556. Margaket Lockwood, born April 23d, 1870, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2557. Amy Lockwood, born April 6th, 1872, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2558. Mabion Lockwood, born July 12th, 1873, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2559. Walter Lockwood, Jr., born December 21st, 1877, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 



1628. John Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph/ Joseph/ Joseph/ 
Walter/ Reuben*), born in ^yarwickJ Orange County, X. Y. ; 
son of Reuben and Abbey (Knapp) Lockwood; ra. Elizabeth 
Knapp, per Rev. Lebbeus Lathrop ; she was born at Sugar Loaf, 
Orange County, N. Y. ; daughter of Jabez and Hannah (Holly) 


2560. Levi Lewis Lockwood, born Sejitember 4th, 1812, m. Frances E. 


2561. Saeah Jane Lockwood, bom July 7th, 1814, m. Frederick F. Slauson. 

2562. Elizabeth Lockwood, born July 19th, 1816, died unm. 

2563. Deborah Ann Lockwood, born July 13th, 1820, m. William Eankin. 

2564. .Tonx Mapes Lockwood, born September 20th, 1822, died unm. 

2565. William Kxapp Lockwood, born May 4th, 1825, died unm. 

2566. Isaac Towxsend Lockwood, born July 13th, 1831, died nnm. 

2567. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born December 26th, 1833, m. George 

H. Vail. 

2568. Charles B. Lockwood, born February 8th, 1836, m. Elizabeth Donald. 
2569 ELLEJf Augusta Lockwood, bom September 3d, 1839, m. William C. 

Latham. Six born in Goshen, N. Y., and four born in Chester, X. Y. 

1634. Harry Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,^ Joseph/ Joseph/ 
Walter,' DanieP), born August 23d, 1819, in Dutchess County, 
N. Y. ; son of Daniel and Sallie (Glass) Lockwood ; the father 
born in Connecticut, the mother born in Virginia; m. at Xew- 
fane, New York, Mary J. Van Horn ; daughter of Daniel and 
Jane (Taylor) Van Horn. 


2570. James D. Lockwood, born November 24th, 1843, at Wilson, N. Y. 

2571. Daniel Wright Lockwood, boru September 21st, 1845, at AVilson, N. Y. 

2572. Mary M. Lockwood, born August IStli, 1850, at Wilson, N. Y. 

No. 2570 ra. Eva Lockwood. 
No. 2571 m. Edith Lockwood. 
No. 2572 m. Dr. McFadden. 

1635. James Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Joseph/ Ezekiel,* 
Henry/ Zephaniah'), born January 25th, 1793, in Dutchess 
County, N. Y., now called Putnam; he is now (1888) living 
in Saratoga County, N. Y., "in good health/' 95 years of 
age; son of Zephaniah and Mary (Wortmau) Lockwood); m. 



January 29th, 1815, Eimicc Carr* born May 14th, 1794, at 
Wilton, Saratoga County, N. Y. ; she died March 18th, 1877; 
daughter of Stafford and Catharine (Stafford) Carr. 

Note. — Stafford Carr was born July 9th, 1769; Catharine 
Stafford was born June 9th, 1765. 


2573. Julia Emeline Lockwood, born March 13th, 1S16, dieil June 9th, 

1837, unm. 

2574. John Harvey Lockwood, born November 24th, ]*17, ra. Marv M. 


2575. Zephaniah Lockwood, born September 29th, 1819, m. Rachel "Wilson. 

2576. Maey a. Lockwood, born February 19th, 1821, died November 3d, 

1842, unm. 

2577. Clarissa Lockwood, born December 6th, 1822, m. Michael Dowllng, 

January 16th, 1854. 

2578. Stafford Carr Lockwood, born December 10th, 1S24, m. Emily F. 


2579. Catharine Lockwood, born December 25th, 1826, Christmas day, died 

February 12th, 1850, unm. 

2580. Jonathan Lockwood, born December 5th, 1828, died May 29th, 1^39. 

2581. Leonard Neuson Lock^vood, born November 29th, 1S30, m. Cirene 

E. Landes. 

2582. Theodore Lockwood, born October 2d, 1832, died June IPth, 1S3S. 

2583. Andrew J. Lockwood, born August 10th, 1835, m. Sarah McDonnell. 

2584. Oscar F. Lockwood, born April 25th, 1837, m. Adelia Carr. All born 

at Wilton, Saratoga County, N. Y. 

1636. Dr. Jonathan Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Ezekiel,* Henry ,= Zephaniah"), born March 23d, 1794, in Wilton, 
Saratoga County, N. Y. ; died February 11th, 1877, at the house 
of his nephew, Oscar F. Lockwood, at Saratoga Springs, New 
York; son of Zephaniah and Mary (Wortinan) Lockwood; was 
a bachelor. He studied medicine with Dr. Henry Reynolds, of 
his native town; graduated from Fairfield Medical College, and 
settled in Tyrone, Steuben County, N. Y., where he practiced 
until about 1862, when he had a shock of paralysis. 

1639. EzEKiEL Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph,Mo5eph,' Ezekiel,* 
Henry ,'* Zephaniah'), born October 2d, 1798, at Wilton, Saratoga 

* This marriage ceremony was pronounced by Elder Langworthy, at Ballston 
Spa, Saratoga County, N. Y. 


County, IS^ew York ; he died July 10th, 1828 ; son of Zephaniah 
and Mary (\Yortnian) Lockwood; m. Clara Hoag, daughter of 
Samuel Cynthia (Bennett) Hoag. 


2585. Dr. Franklin Moktimee Lockwood, born November 7th, 1S24, at 

Walton, N. Y. 

2586. Caroline Lockwood, m. Thayer. Lives at Warsaw, N. Y. 

1641. Mary Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph,' Joseph,' Ezekiel,* 
Henry,^ Zephaniah^), born September 19th, 1802, at ^Vilton, 
Saratoga County, jST. Y. ; died April 11th, 1885, at Marengo, 
Illinois; daughter of Zephaniah and Mary (Wortman) Lock- 
wood; m. Asa Crandall. 


2587. Sabah Crandall, m. Williams. 

2588. LiBBiE Crandall, m. Cook. 

1649. Charles Morey Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Joseph,' 
Ezekiel,* Ezekiel,* John Sherrod*), boru August 16th, 1842, at 
Prairie Du Chien, Crawford County, \yis., resided at "West 
Union, la. ; son of John Siierrod and Hannah Rogers (jNIorey) 
Lockwood ; m. October 24th, 1868, at "Waukon, La., by Rev. Mr. 
Boyington, Helen Elizabeth McKnight, born April 11th, 1846, 
at Grand Island, N. Y., she was daughter of Alexander and 
Ann Maria (Kirkland) McKnight, Mr. McKnight was killed 
in the Mexican "War. 


2589. John Sherrod Lockwood, born January 8th, 1S70, at Prairie Du 

Chien, Wis. 

2590. Charles Albert Lockwood, born February 13th, 1872, at Lawler, la. 

2591. Frank Harwood Lockwood, born November 30th, 1874, at West 

Union, died September 28th, 1878. 

1658. "William Kirkley Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,^ 
Richard,' Armwell,* Richard,' John') born October 24th,. 1786, 
in Kent County, Del., died January 23d, 1872; son of John 


and Ann (Kirkley) Lockwood ; m. ^Nlaiy Hayes, at 

Dover, Del. ; daughter of Manloar and Zephora (Laws) Hayes. 
W. K. Lockwood, midshipman, 18th ]May,1809; resigned 18th 
December, 1810. 


2592. John Alexander Lockwood, born December ISIl, m. Julia , 


2593. Henry Hayes Lockwood, born August 14th, m. Anna R. Bootli. 

2594. Anne Eliz.v. Lockwood, born 1S16, m Henry M. Godwin. 

2595. Mary Lockwood, born February ISth, 1818, died, 1818, in Dover, Del. 

" j\Lanloar Hayes, my maternal grandfatlier, was a farmer, in 
Sussex County, Del.; removed to Kent County, and became a 
merchant, and raised a large family of children, who were all 
well educated and cultured people." (Prof. Henry Hayes 
Lockwood's letter, 1878.) 

W. K. Lockwood was Eegister of Wills, 1828, and Register of 
the Court of Chancery, and Clerk of Orphans' Court, in 1838, 
and Town Commi.ssioner of Dover, 1829, 1830, and 1834. 

W. K. Lockwood was selected as a director in the Farmer's 
Bank, of Delaware, to represent the State in 1830, 1831, 1832, 
1833, and 1835. (History of Delaware, Scharf & AVestcott.) 

1659. Richard Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,- Richard,' 
Arrawell,* Richard,^ John'^), born April 14th, 1788, at Camden^ 
Del. ; settled in Middletown, in 1809, died July 1st, 1875, aged 
87.2.17. A merchant for over fifty years, and quite a large 
landholder in Delaware and Maryland ; son of John and Ann 
(Kirkley) Lockwood; m. October 28th, 1817, Mary Rothwell 
Wilson, born at Level's, ISTew Castle County, Del., at Wilming- 
ton, Del., by Rev. Thomas Reid, D.D., daughter of Edward and 
Lydia (Rothwell) Wilson. 


2596. Lydia Ann Lockwood, born October 2d, 1819, at Middletown, Del., m. 

Samuel Price. 

2597. Edward Wilson Lockwood, born September 9th, 1821, near Warwick, 

Md., m. Sarah E. Alrich. 

Lyc^^ c^/l 6c^ ^ c^ ^-^^iuJtrzn^' 


2598. Mary EoTHTTELL LocKwooD, born March 27th, 1824, near "Warwick, 

Md., m. John M. Naudain. 

2599. Martha Elizabeth Lockvtood, born March 5th, 1826, near Warwick, 

Md., m. Joshua Clayton. 

2600. William Kirkley Lockwood, born March 31st, 1828, near "Warwick, 

Md., m. Elizabeth Griffith. 

2601. Sarah Frances Lockwood, born September 9th, 1830, near Middle- 

town, Del., m. Cyrus Tatuam. 

2602. Letitia Loos.a Lockwood, born October 10th, 1833, near "Warwick, 

Md., m. A. M. Goldsborongh. 

2603. John Jacksox Lockwood, born January 26th, 1836, near "Warwick, 

Md., m. Hannah S. Merritt. 

2604. EiCHARD Thomas Lockwood, born February 19th, 1S3S, near "War- 

wick, Md., in. Mrs. Anna Wyatt. 

2605. Margaeetta Rebecca Lcckwood, born June 29th, 1841, near War- 

wick, Md., m. Henry Clavton. 

1662. Daniel Cummins Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph/ 
Richard/ Armwell," Richard/ John'), born March 15th, 1796, 
at Smyrna, Del., died in 1868, in Decatur, 111. He lived many 
years in Philadelphia, much respected, and a devout member of 
the Church of the Epiphany, Protestant Episcopal, 15th and 
Chestnut ; son of John and Frances (Cummins) Lockwood ; ra. 
August 8th, 1826, by the Rev. Thomas Sergeant, D.D., Eliztx- 
beth Wakeman Battelle, of Camden, Del., daughter of Corne- 
lius and Elizabeth (Manz) Battelle. 

childeen viil generation. 

2606. George C. Lockwood, born January 26tli, 1827, m. 1. Maria Sanbonrn, 

m. 2. Kate Dawson, siM>:rs. 

2607. Frances E. Lockwood, born January 18th, 1829, m. 1. Charles S. 

Carter, m. 2. William Prather. 

2608. Cornelius B. Lockwood, bom February 2d, 1831. 

2609. Annie B. Lockwood, born March 1st, 1833, m. E. W. Moore. 

2610. Mary PL Lockwood, born February 19lh, 1835. 

2611. John Hughes Lockwood, born March 10th, 1837, m. Ruth Locke. 

2612. William H. Lockwood, born March 1st, 1840. 

The first five children were born in Delaware ; the last two in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

1664. Isaac Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Richard/ Armwell/ 
Richard/ John*), born January 9th, 1802, in Kent County, 


Del., died June 7th, 1849, in St. Louis, Mo., of cholera; son of 
John and Priscilla (Blackiston) Lockwood ; m. January 6th, 1835, 
on the feast of the Epiphany, in Collinsville, 111., Ellen Dooling ; 
she died June 23d, 1849, in St. Louis, Mo., only 16 days after 
her husband's death. 


2613. John Dooling Lockwood, born April 7th, 1836, in (Collinsville, lU., 

died June 3d, 1865, in Fort Madison, la. 

2614. Susannah C Lockwood, born October 20th, 1838, in St. Louis, Mo., m. 


2615. Ellen Puecell Lockwood, born May 15th, 1841, in St. Louis, Mo., 

died August 8th, 1859, in Fort Madison, la. 

2616. Isaac Lockwood, Jr., born November 19th, 1844, in St. Louis, Mo., 

died August 9th, 1846, in Collinsville and there buried. 

2617. Thomas Blackiston Lockwood, born January 31st, 1847, in St. 

Louis, died July 2oth, 1849, at Ft. Madison. 

2618. Priscilla Lockwood, born March 25th, 1849, in St. Louis, died 

August 20th, 1849, at Ft. Madison. 

Note. — The father and mother and youngest two children, 
making four members of the family, died within 74 days. 

1665. Martha Loce:wood (Robert,' Joseph,' Richard,^ 
Armwell," Richard,' John'), born March 30th, 1804, in Kent 
County, Del., resided in Camden, died August 14th, 1885; 
daughter of John and Priscilla (Blackiston) Lockwood ; m. 
December 14th, 1829, James Lord, a merchant, born February 
19th, 1794, died July 18th, 1855; son of Thomas and Anna 
(Sullivan) Lord. 


2619. Priscilla Lord, born October 2Sth, 1830, m. Green. 

2620. Mary Eliza Lord, born August 31st, 1832, m. Graham. 

2621. Martha Ellen Lord,* born April 17th, 1834, m. Beattie. 

2622. Cylinda L. Lord, born April 26th, 1836, died February 16th, 1840. 

2623. Julia Frances Lord, born March 8th, 1839, unm. 

2624. Anna L. Lord, born February 10th, 1841, m. Dr. Cooper. 

2625. James Lord, born May 18th, 1844, iron-master in Pennsylvania. 

* Mrs. Beattie spent twenty years in Syria as a missionary. 


1666. Ebenezer Blackiston Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ 
Richard/ Arinwell/ Richard/ John'), born March 29th, 1S08, 
at Camden, in Kent County, Del. A merchant at Carlisle, III, 
died July 9th, 1881, at Carlyle, 111., aged 73.3.11; son of 
John and Priscilla (Blackiston) Lockwood; m. 1, August 6th, 
1833, Ruby Ann Post, born April 27th, 1816, at CoUinsville, 
111., daughter of Ezra and Patty (Pratt) Post ; m. 2, May 
12th, 1850, Nancy Lemor, born May 5th, 1821, near CoUinsville, 
111., daughter of James Lemor, whose wife was named Ogle ; 
m. 3, April 22d, 1856, Martha Bryan Coicel, born July 23d, 
1813, near Eastou, Pa., daughter of Joseph and Rebecca 
(Morrison) Cowel. 


First Wif^s. 

2626. William Kiekley Lockwood, born November 1st, 1835, m. Sophia 


2627. Malinda Priscilla Lockwood, born June 5th, 1333, died young. 

2628. Malixda Priscilla Lockwood, born January 19th, 1841, m. Samuel 


2629. Mahy Josephixe Lockwood, born December ISth, 1842, m. James 

"W. Peterson. 

2630. Margaretta Lockwood, born June 8tli, 1847, dead. 

2631. Martha Ellen Lockwood, born January 13th, 1845, dead. 

2632. Ruby Ann Lockwood, born August lOtb, lS4S,dead. 

No. 2626 was born in St. Louis, Mo., the rest were born at 
CoUinsville, Ind. 

1667. John Caleb Lockwood (Robert,* Joseph/ Richard,' 
Arrawell/ Richard/ John*), born August 25th, 1811, near 
Camden, in Kent County, Del. ; resided many years at Kirk- 
wood, Warren County, 111.; he now (1888) lives near Garner, 
Boone County, Neb., on a homestead ; son of John and Priscilla 
(Blackiston) Lockwood; m. 1, June 1st, 1835, in Philadelphia, 
Pa., Susanna Wilson Mitchell, daughter of Benjamin and Mar>-^ 
(Carmath) Mitchell, of Maryland; she died January 26th, 1864^ 
at Port Louisa, la.; m. 2, December 5th, 1867, Mrs. Nancy 
A. Coburn, at Burlington, la., of New York, daughter of Jacob 
and Elizabeth (Denicke) Ryder. 



2633. George Lockwood, born January 25th, 1S3G, at Middletown, Del. 

2634. Sarah Matilda Lock^ood, born September 29tli, 1S37, at Middletown, 

Del, m. Henry B. Pad. 
2835. Edwix Janes Lockvt.x-.d. born September 30th, 1839, at Middletown, 
Del., m.MaryC. B.irnes. 

2636. Alfred Oliver Loce^ood, bora December 17th, 1841, at Middletown, 

Del., m. Mary V.BroT^-n. 

2637. Priscilla Blackiston Lockwood, born December 10th, 1845, at Port 

Louisa, la. 

2638. Joiix Mitchell Lockwood, born December ISth, 1847, at Wappello, 


2639. Martha Elizabeth L^'CE-n-ooD, born July 14th, 1850, at Port Louisa, 

la., m. Gould J. Brown. 

2640. Mary LocKwooi),b'i.-n September 2Sth, 1852, at Port Louisa, la., m. 

John Caleb Lockwocxl, son of John Lockwood and Priscilla 
(Blackiston) his wife, grandson of Ricliard Lockwood and 
Margaret (Jackson) his wife, was born in Kent County, Del., 
August 25th, 1811. 

AVhile in his infancy his father died, leaving his mother with 
a large family and limited means. By strict economy she 
managed to provide for their real necessities and gave her chil- 
dren the benefits of a common school education. After an 
apprenticeship of six years in a village store, he pursued the 
mercantile business, first in Middletown, Del., during which time 
he was married June 1st, 1S35, to Susanna \yilson Mitchell, of 
Philadelphia, Pa. Removing west in 1842, he continued the 
same business in Illinois and Iowa. In 1854 he was elected 
from Louisa County as a representative in the Legislature of 
Iowa, on the "Anti-Nebraska" ticket as opposed to the exten- 
sion of slavery in the Territories. In 1855 he was elected by 
the State to the office of Register of the Desraoines River Im- 

In 1862 he enli.sted in the Union army as quarter-master of 
the 30th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and with his son 
Edwin J., of the 11th Iowa, served through to of the re- 
bellion (was with Sherman's army on his grand march to the sea), 
and the " boys " of his regiment bear testimony of having re- 
ceived the benefit of their " savings money," by the issue to 
them of luxuries, sanitaries, etc., not furnished in government 


rations. His first wife died during his absence in the army, 
January 26th, 1864; his second marriage was with Mrs. Nancy 
A. Coburn, at Burlington, la., December 5th, 1867, with whom 
he settled in Kirkwood, 111. 

He united with the M. E. Church in 1829, and served it 
in various official capacities over forty years. 

1671. Geokge W. Lockwood (Robert,^ Joseph,^ Eichard,* 
Armwell,* Richard,^ William'^), born 1809, in 

Daysboro' Hundred, Sussex County, Del. ; son of William and 
Phebe (Dingle) Lockwood ; m. in 1834, at New Paris, Preble 
County, O., v.'here she was born, Belinda Jackson, daughter of 
James and Mary (Marshall) Jackson. 


2640'. William Wirt Lockwood, born December 24th, lS3o, at New Paris, O. 

2640''. George Washixotox Lockwood, born August 17th, 1837, at New 
Paris, O., and died in April, 1862, two days after the battle of Pitts- 
biu-g Landing, in which he was engaged as a member of Company At 
39th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. 

1673. Richard John Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,- Richard,' 
Arm well,* Richard,' Caleb'), born September 6th, 1808, in Del- 
aware ; died June 17th, 1870, in St. Louis, Missouri; son of 
Caleb and Araminta (Day) Lockwood; m. 1st, June 2d, 1845, 
Jane Berenice Morrison, she died July 16th, 1848 ; daughter of 
Major James Morrison, of St. Charles, Missouri; ra. 2d, Decem- 
ber 30th, 1851, Angelica Peale Robinson ; daughter of Archibald 
Robinson, of Jefferson County, Virginia. 

First m/e's. 

2641. William Morrison Lockwood, born July 15th, 1848. 

Second Wife's. 

2642. George Robinson Lockwood, born March 2l3t, 1853. 

2643. Richard Robinson Lockwood, born August 23d, 1854. 

2644. James Yeatman Lockwood, born December 2Sth, 1855. 
2G45. Archie Robinson Lockwood, born February 10th, 1857. 

2646. Jane Morrison Lockwood, born September 20th, 1859. 

2647. Charles Andrews Lockwood, born July 26th, 1861. 

2648. Sarah Bell Lockwood, born February 12th, 1875. 


1675\ John Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Richard/ Arm- 
well/ Ricliard/ Caleb'), born 1812, in Kent County, Delaware; 
son of Caleb and Araminta (Day) Lockwood; m. Ann Slay; 
daughter of John and Mary (Green) Slay. 


2648'. William Henry Lockwood, born m. Mary Travis. 

264S^ John Slay Lockwood, born January 10th, 1839, m. M. E. Clausen. 
2648°. Mary Eliza Lockwood, born m. James VorhelL 

1685. Isaac Lockwood (Robert,' Joseph,' Richard,' Arm- 
well,* Armwell,' Thomas'), born June 17th, 1806, at Willow 
Grove, Delaware; died December 3d, 1878, in Salem, Indiana, 
aged 72. 5. 16 ; he settled in 1832 in New Philadelphia, AVash- 
ington County, Indiana ; son of Thomas and Margaret (Callahan) 
Lockwood; m., January 31st, 1833, at New Philadelphia, In- 
diana, by the Rev. Samuel Huston, Nancy Herron ; daughter 
of William and Margaret (Huston) Herron. 


2649. TnOMAS Lockwood, born December 2d, 1833, m. Sarah L. Bennett. 

2650. William Lockwood, born March 16th, 1835, m. Maggie Sliaw. 

2651. Margaret Lockwood, born September 20th, 1836, died September 23d, 


2652. Samuel Lockwood, born August 28th, 1838, m. Lina Paterson. 

2653. Elizabeth Lockwood, born July 17th, 1841, m. D. W. Peck. 

2654. Mary Ann Lockwood, born August 6th, 1843, died July 10th, 1873, 

at Salem, Ind. 

2655. Benjamin Lockwood, born December 22d, 1846, m. Dora Pound. 

The first six children were born at New Philadelphia, Ind., 
and the last (Benjamin) was born at New Albany, Ind. Samuel 
died at St. Louis, Mo. 

Isaac Lockwood 

came to Indiana in 1832 and settled in New Philadelphia, 
Washington County. He moved to New Albany, Indiana, in 
the fall of 1846, retired from business in November, 1858, and 
removed to Salem, Indiana, where he died December 3d, 1878, 
in the 73d year of his age. 


1686. Benjamin Lockwood (Robert/ Joseph/ Richard/ 
Armwell/ Armwell/ Thomas^), born March 5th, 1808, at or 
near Willow Grove, in Kent County, Delaware ; went to Wash- 
ington County, Indiana, 1831, and settled in New Philadelphia; 
he died September 2oth, 1877, aged 69. 6. 20, at Salem, Indiana ; 
son of Thomas and Margaret (Callahan) Lockwood ; m., Novem- 
ber 20th, 1834, Sarah Huston, born March 16th, 1810 ; daughter 
of Alexander and Margaret (Mitchell) Huston, some of the 
oldest settlers in the county. 


2656. Alexander Lockwood, born August 21st, 1835, died September 14t]i, 

1879, unm. 

2657. Mary Lockwood, born December 27th, 1836, died August SOth, 1837. 

2658. Edward Lockwood, born June 24th, 1838, m. Augusta Durbin, s.p. 

2659. Ellen Lockwood, born October 21st, 1840, unm. 

2660. Caroline Lockwood, born March 24th, 1843, died September 29th, 

1869, unm. 

2661. Alfred Lockwood, born July 18th, 1845, m. Mattie Lockwood. 

2662. Margaret Lockwood, born September 15th, 1847, m. Wellington W. 


2663. Maria Lockwood, born November 15th, 1849, m. Alfred B. Collins. 

2664. Arajiinta Lockwood, born March 25th, 1852, m. James F. Persise. 

Benjamin Lockwood 

went to \yashington County, Indiana, in the year 1831, and 
settled at New Philadelphia. In 1848 he removed to New 
Albany, Indiana, where he amassed a comfortable fortune. He 
was a member of the City Council of New Albany, and was 
identified with the growth and development of the large manu- 
facturing interests of that city. In March, 1873, he retired from 
business and removed to Salem, Indiana, where he died Septem- 
ber 25th, 1877, in the 70th year of his age. 

1688°. John Lockwood Copse (Robert/ Joseph/ Richard,' 
Armwell,* Armwell/ Gertrude^), born son of 

Hanson and Gertrude (Lockwood) Corse. 

2664*. John Murray Corse, born April 27th, 1835. 


1697. Rev. John Hough, D.D. (Robert/ Ephraim,= Daniel,' 
Daniel/ Daniel/ Martha'), born August 17th, 1783, in Stamford, 
Conn. ; died July 17th, 1861, aged 77. 11. 0, at Fort Wayne, 
Indiana ; son of Dr. \VaUeii'- and Martha {Lochcood) Hough. 
"He graduated at Yale in 1802, and commenced the study of 
theology with Dr. Moses C. Welch, of Mansfield, Conn., and 
subsequently studied with Rev. Joel Benedict, of Plainfield, and 
Dr. Hart, of Preston. He was also in the first class of theo- 
logical students under the teaching of Dr. Dwight. He was 
licensed to preach by the Windham Association in 1805, and 
was appointed missionary to Vermont the next year. He was 
ordained in Vergennes, Vermont, March 12th, 1807, where he 
preached until 1812. In November of this year he was ap- 
pointed professor of Greek and Latin in Middlebury College) 
and for 27 years he here made proof of his fitness for teaching 
the classics and theology."* 

" He was eminently successful as an instructoF."t 

" In 1839 he resigned his professorship and went west, where 
he spent the next 10 years in preaching. Losing his sight iu 
1850, he spent the remainder of his life with his sons."* 

He married, November 19tb, 1812, Lucy Leaviff, daughter of 
David, of Bethlehem ; she died February 11th, 1859, at Fort 
Wayne, Indiana. 


2665. John Hough, Jr., graduate Middlebury, 1838. 

2666. David Leavitt Hough, graduated in 1839. 

1700. Rev. Rufus Allen Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ 
Daniel/ Daniel,* Daniel,* DanieP), born November 15th, 1804, 
in Stamford, Conn. ; son of Daniel and Sally (Jessup) Lockwood ; 
graduated at Yale College in 1831, became a minister of the 
Gospel, and settled in Tennessee, where he died unmarried, May 
24th, 1835, in Sparta. He was a clergyman of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church. (Hy. Stamford, p. 460, and letter from Mrs. 
Thos. G. Willson, April 24th, 1888.) 

* Kj. Stamford, p. 394. 

t Congregational Quarterly of October, 1861. 


1701. William Augustus Lockwood (Robert/ Epbraim/ 
Daniel/ Daniel/ Daniel/ DanieP), born May 4th, 1806, at 
Stamford, Conn. ; resided at Fairport, X. Y., and died October 
oOtb, 1864, in Perinton, Monroe County, N. Y. ; son of Daniel 
and Sally (Jessup) Lockwood; m., April 27th, 1831, Polly 
Hubbard, at Stamford, Conn., per. Rev. Piatt Buifet ; daughter 
of Nathaniel and Polly (McCay) Hubbard. Polly Hubbard, 
born October 28th, 1806, at Stamford, Conn., and died October 
19th, 1878, at Fairport, N. Y. 

2667. George Lockwood, born February 23th, 1833, died young. 
266S. George William Lock-u-ood, born May 13th, 1834, at Perinton, X. Y. 

2669. SAiiTEL Allen Lockwood, born 

2670. CoEDEiJA A. LoCKWOod, born August 11th, 1837, m. Homer Bruce 


2671. Theodore A. Lockwood, born December 4th, 1838. 

1702. Daniel Lymax Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraini,'^ 
Daniel/ Daniel/ Daniel/ Daniel^j, the 5th Daniel, born May 2d, 
1808, at Stamford, Conn. ; went to California, where he died ; 
son of Daniel and Sally (Jessup) Lockwood ; m., October 27th, 
1833, Ruth Ann Sellick, born September 13th, 1813, at Green- 
wich, Conn., and died April 7th, 1887, at Stamford, Conn., 
in her 74th year, in the arras of her only surviving child. 


2672. RcFCS Lockwood, born September IGth, 1835, died March 1st, 1836. 

2673. SAiicEL Edward Lockwood, born March 3d, 1839, died February 3d, 


2674. Emily Husted Lockwood, born October 5th, 1S39, died March 24th, 

2675 Charles Morgan Lockwood, born November 20th, 1841. 
All born in New York City. 

1704. Betsey Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim/ Daniel/ 
Daniel/ Daniel/ Daniel'), born May 21st, 1812, in Stamtord, 
Conn.; died March 4th, 1855; daughter of Daniel and Sally 
(Jessup) Lockwood ; m., September 22d, 1830, Josiah Smith, 
born June 20th, 1803 ; son of Josiah and Sarah (Reynolds) 



2676. Charles Josiah Smith, born 

2677. Sarah Elizabeth Smith, born September 4th, 1835, m. Thomas G. 


2678. George Edwin Smith,! 

2679. William Morgan Smith, 

2680. Frank Hawley Smith. 

1706. Solomon Morgan Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira/Dan- 
iel/ Daniel/ Daniel/ DanieP), born July 24th, 1818, at Stamford, 
Connecticut; resides (1879) at New Canaan, Connecticut; son of 
Daniel and Sally (Jessup) Lockwood; m, December 12th, 1850, 
Mary Elizabeth Ayres, born April, 1827; daughter of Jonathan 
E. and Jane (Chapman) Ayres, by Rev. Theophilus Smith, of 
the Congregational Church. 


2681. Mary Bellamy Lockwood, born December 6th, 18ol, died October 

9th, 1814. 

2682. Caroline Alida Lockwood, born September 27th, 1853, m. James B. 


2683. Edward Morgan Lockwood, born September 20th, 1859, baptized 

Jane 20th, 1860, m. Maggie Florence Patterson. 

1708. Abigail Jane Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Daniel/ 
Daniel,* Daniel/ DanieP), born in Stamford, Connecticut, January 
30th, 1832 ; resides on the old homestead, at Stamford, Connec- 
ticut ; daughter of Daniel and Sally (Jessup) Lockwood ; ra. 
Mai by Smith. 

2684. William Morgan Sihth. 

1715. Isaac Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira,' Daniel/ Daniel/ 
Isaac/ Peter^), born in Stamford, Connecticut, 1780, died January, 
1840, in New Canaan, Connecticut (see records deaths in Prot- 
estant Episcopal Church Parish Register); son of Peter and 
(Kirby) Lockwood. 

* Mrs. Thomas G. Willson r. at Portchester, N. Y. 

t George Edwin Smith r. at St. Joseph, Berrien Co., Michigar 


2685. Carlisle Lockwood, m. Mary Ann Chichester. 

1717. Hon. Elihu Lock'Wood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Daniel,' 
Daniel/ Isaac/ Peter^), born in Stamford, Connecticut ; son of 
Peter and Betsey (Kirby) LockwcKxl. Was a lawyer of consid- 
erable eminence; removed to ^lobile, Alabama, where he practiced 
his profession with distinction. He was unmarried. (Communi- 

''Elihu Lockttood, 

of Mobile, was a bachelor. Was returned to the House of 
Representatives of Alabama in 1S47. Was a lawyer, and a 
member of the Judiciary Committee, and introduced the first 
charter of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. He was re-elected in 
1849, and in 1853 was the nominee of the Whig party for Con- 
gress, but was defeatetl by Col. Philips." (Reminiscences of Pub- 
lic Men in Alabama, by Garrett; eilition 1872, p. 504.) 

1733. Capt. Isaac Lockwood "Ho yt (Robert,' Ephraira/ 
Daniel/ Daniel,* Isaac/ Rel)ecca'), born May 5th, 1817, in 
Darien, Connecticut ; son of Thaddeus, Jr., and Rebecca (Lock- 
wood) Hoyt; m. December 6th, 1846, Biantha Fairchild, 
daughter of James and Adaline (Palmer) Fairchild. 

2686. Had three children, bat one survives. (Hoyt Gen'y, p. 470.) 

Capt. Isaac Lockwood Hoyt. 

The son of Thaddeus, Jr., and Rebecca (Lockwood) Hoyt, named 
for his maternal grandfather, Capt. Isaac Lockwood, a leading man 
in the town of Stamford, Connecticut, was born in that part of the 
town which has since been incorporated as Darien. On the 
breaking out of the late war he cheerfully entered the Union 
service, though at great personal sacrifice. 

In his first term of service (three months) he won for himself the 
love and confidence of the entire company. Though not in com- 
mand, it is not too much to say that he was the man in the company 
to whom they had cause to look for advice and help ; and under 


■s\-honi tliey would gladly trust themselves, if the country should 
again call them to the field. 

He accepted the command of a company in the 10th Connec- 
ticut Regiment, was in the famous Burnside expedition into Xorth 
Carolina. But he was not long to command his company. The 
local fever seized upon his healthy frame and he was forced to 
yield. His death occurred on board the New Brunswick, at New- 
bern, Xorth Carolina, March 20tli, 1862. He was buried in the 
pleasant cemetery at Darien, Connecticut. 

This patriot son of Stamford went to his grave amid the 
siucerest tokens of sorrow which a grateful people could pay to 
his honored and cherished memory. (Extracts from His'y Stam- 
ford, Conn., pp. 397 and 398.) 

1735. Capt. Edmund Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Daniel,* Isaac,^ Augustus'^), born February 24th, 1803, at Stam- 
ford, Connecticut, died 1878; son of Augustus and Elizabeth" 
(Peck) Lockwood; m. October 9th, 1832, Ann Elizabeth Gay, 
daughter of Royal Leavens and Sally (Shepherd) Gay. 


26S7. HE^^lY Feanklin Lockwood, born , m. Louisa, Bailey. 

26SS. Sarah Elizabeth Lockwood, born December 22d, 1836, m. Edward 
Smith Keeler; she died September 7th, 1862. 

1736. Delia Maria Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Daniel,* Isaac,' Augustus^), born August 10th, 1806 ; daughter 
of Augustus and Elizabeth (Peck) Lockwood ; m. April 3d, 
1823, Henry Knap Skelding, of New York ; son of James. 

He was in the provision and shipping business with Cuba, Rio 
Janeiro, about 1832. 


26S9. James Augustus Skeldixg, m. Ann M.iria Barstow. 

2690. He>-ry Titl'S Skelding, m. Anne Hobbs. 

2691. Elizabeth Hannah Skelding, m. I. T. Williams. 

2692. William Frederic Skelding, m. Amelia Merritt. 

2693. Francis Edward Skelding, unmarried. 

2694. Thomas Yates Skelding, m. Rosa Cook. 

2695. Anna Skelding, m. Isaac Geerj. 


1737. William Augustus Lockwood (Eobert/ Ephraira/ 
Daniel/ Daniel/ Isaac/ Augustus^), born May 25th, 1810, in 
Stamford, Connecticut; son of Augustus and Elizabeth (Peck) 
Lockwood; ni. Elvira Yanderbilt. 

The house southeast corner of Broad and Front Streets, Xew 
York, where this couple were married, is an old landmark. 


2696. William Dodge Lockwood. 

1742. Jacob Lockavood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Daniel/ Jona- 
than/ Timothy/ David'), born January 30th, 1794, at Stamford, 
Connecticut, died December 26th, 1863 ; son of David and Sarah 
(Tryon) Lock wood ; ra. February 11th, 1822, Fanny Eaymoud, 
born at Darien, Connecticut; daughter of Stephen and Mary 
(Selleck) Raymond. They were married at Darien, Connecticut, 
by Rev. Absalom Day, of Norwalk, Connecticut. 


2697. William Raymond Lockwood, born January 18th, 1S23, in Norwalk. 

1750. Timothy Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,' Daniel,' 
Jonathan/ Titus,* Peter'), son of Peter and Hannah ( ) 


2693. Francis Peter Lockwood, m. Sarah Amanda Lockwood. (See 2193, 

1751. Capt. Lyman Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Jonathan,* Titus,* Peter"), born 1810, at Stamford, Connecticut, 
died April oOth, 1882; lived at Waterside, Stamford, Connecti- 
cut; son of Peter and Betsey (Waterbury) Lockwood; m. 1837, 
at Stamford, by Rev. Nehemiah Sherwood, Sally Lockwood 
(Robert," Jonathan/ Joseph/ John,* John/ Shadrach°), born in 
Stamford ; daughter of Shadrach and Phebe (Weed) Lockwood. 

(All tliree children born in Stamford.) 

2699. Albert Lockwood, born 1838, m. Eliza Marsh. 

2700. Kate Lockwood, born 1843, m. Stiles C. Stevens. 

2701. Mary E. Lockwood, born 1846, m. Stiles C. Stevens. 


1756. Richard Caton Lockwood (Robert/ Epliraim,' 
Daniel/ Edmund,* EdQUind/ Edmund'^), born September 19th, 
1820, at Ulster, Pennsylvania; resides at ^Vellsburgh, New 
York; dealer in lumber; sou of Col. Edmund and Mary Ann 
(Gore) (Russell) Lockwood ; ra., at Wellsburgh, Susan Fishier, 
born January 21st, 1821, at Wallpack, Xew Jersey; m. per 
Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, of Wellsburgh ; she was daughter of George 
and Joanna (Van Scoder) Fishier. 


2702. Ulilla May Lockwood, born June 6th, ISoG, m. Maurice S. Decker. 

2703. EoE Lockwood, born August 4tb, 1857, died December 5th, 1862. 

2704. Edmund Caton Lockwood, born April 3d, lSo4, unra. 

1763. Edmund Charles Lock^vood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' 
Daniel,' Edmund,* Edmund," Drake*), born June 16th, 1816, in 
Watertown, Conn.; died July 2d, 1873; son of Drake and 
Rebecca (Hickox) Lockwood ; m., July 5th, 1845, Mary jNIar- 
tin, born September 19th, 1816, in Wittershnm, County of Kent, 
England; she died February 23d, 1879; daughter of Thomas 
and Lydia (Leavitt) Martin. 


2705. LiLLiE Rebecca Lockwood, born Mav 31;[. l'^46, m. Rev. James Stod- 


2706. Caroline Therza Lockwood, born March 2Sth, 18-18, m. Wright S. 

Travis; she died September 8th, 1871. 

2708. Edmund Chables Lockwood, Jr., born June 16th, 1851, unra., cattle 

ranch, Nebraska. 

2709. Charles Lockwood, born June 16th, 1853, died young. 

All born in Brooklyn, New York. 

Edmund C. Lockwood, June 20th, 1888, writes from Harri- 
son, Nebraska: "I have in ray posses.sion my grandfather's gold 
watch and some letters written in the early part of this century." 
" Plis name was Drake Lockwood." "I have my great-grand- 
father's Bible, also an old gold watch that was my great-graud- 
father's; it has engraved on the back of it 'Edmund Lockwood 


1765. Hannah Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,- Daniel/ 
Edmund/ Ezra/ Ezra^), born September 25th, 1796, in Water- 
town, Conn. ; died .June 23d, 1844, in Sharon ; daughter of Ezra 
and Hannah (Peck) Lockwood ; ra., July 2d, 1818, George 
Whitfield Peck; he died January 25th, 1869; son of Calvin 
and Betsey (Parsons) Peck. 

George Whitfield Peck was born in Sharon, Conn.; he died 
in Greenwich, Conn., surviving his wife almost 25 years. 


2710. Charles ^Morris Peck, born July 29th, 1820, died April 14tli, 1S22. 

2711. Betsey Louisa Peck, born October 31st, 1823, m. James Allen, Jr. 

2712. Eotly Peck, born July 29th, 1826, m. 1st, Sanford Peck; m. 2d, John 


2713. Amabillas Peck, born October 6th, 1828, m. Watson Cartwright. 

2714. John Calvin Peck, born August 25th, 1830, m. Frances Josephine 


2715. Caroline Maria Peck, born June 22d, 1833, died June 13th, 1844. 

2716. Sarah Ann Peck, born April IGtli, 1S3S, m. Roderick B. Judson. 

This family was all born in Sharon, and all married there. (Communicated 
by Mrs. James Allen, April 15th, 18SS, Bethlehem, Conn.) 

Note. — George Whitfield Peck's second wife was Charlotte 
Lockwood, daughter of Drake and Mary (Peck) Lockwood, No. 

1766. Ebenezer Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel/ 
Edmund/ Ezra,^ Ezra^j, born 27th, 1798, at Watertown, 
Conn.; resided at William.ston, Michigan, and in 1880 wrote: 
"My cliildi'on's kindnessand prosperity, with usual good health, 
makes the weight of years rest lightly upon me." Then aged 82. 
He died March 16th, 1881, in his 83d year; son of Ezra and 
Hannah (Peck) Lockwood ; m., June 8th, 1828, Eunice Ange- 
vine, born in Sharon, Conn. ; daughter of Philip Angevine ; she 
was born September 20th, 1799; ra. per Rev. George B. An- 
drews, of Sharon, Conn. ; she died in Barre, Orleans County, 
New York, October 14th, 1868. 

Note. — Eunice was left an orphan at three years of age, and 
was adopted and brought up by Mr. Simeon Blackman, after 
whom she named her youngest son. 



2717. Catharine Lock wood, born June 5th, 1829, at Sharon, Conn., died 

April 20th, 1842. 

2718. Harry Lockwood, born June 28th, 1831, m. Laura M. Angevine. 

2719. Charles Ezra Lockwood, born December 15th, 1833, at Barre, N. Y. 

2720. Simeon Blackman Lockwood, born February 10th, 1841, at Barre, 

N. Y. 

1767. Judge Harry Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim/ 
Daniel,^' Edmund/ Ezra,^ Ezra'), born October 16th, 1800, at 
"Watertown, Conn. ; son of Ezra and Hannah (Peck) Lockwood ; 
he was Judge of the Probate Court for several years, and repre- 
sented the town of Sharon in the Connecticut General Assembly 
twice; he was a bachelor, and died April 25th, 1875. 

1768. Jacob Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,* Ezra,' Ezra'), born October 1st, 1803, in Watertown, 
Conn. ; son of Ezra and Hannah (Peck) Lockwood ; m. Maria 
Scofield, of Watertown. 


2721. Ezra L. Lockwood, born May 16th, 1831, at Watertown, Conn., m. 

Jennie Hall, of Bristol, Vermont. 

1770. Ezra Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,' Daniel,' Ed- 
mund,* Ezra,' Ezra'), born September 17th, 1809, in Watertown, 
Conn, (the third consecutive Ezra) ; died May 9th, 1859 ; son 
of Ezra and Hannah (Peck) Lockwood; m., June 2d, 1851, 
Julia E. Beecher, at Prospect, Conn., where she was born Sep- 
tember 23d, 1824 ; resides (1888) at Watertown, Conn. ; they 
were m. by Rev. Horace Reed, of Watertown ; she was daughter 
of Hezekiah and Temperance (Bronson) Beecher. 


2722. Elxa Maria Lockwood, born March 1st, 1852. 

2723. Charles Lockwood ] born October 23d, 1853, died March 5th, 

I twins, 1854. 

2724. Edmund Lockwood f bom October 23d, 1853, died March 13th, 

J 1854. 

2725. Edson Beecher Lockwood, born September 24th, 1855. 


2726. Charles Ezra Lockwood, born .July 9th, 1S57, m. Ruth M. Atwood. 

2728. A>:na Elizabeth Lockwood, born January 14th, 1859, died September 

22d, 1860. 

1771. Celia Maria Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/- Daniel,' 
Edmund,* Ezra,* Ezra^), born January 28th, 1813, in Water- 
town, Conn. ; died September 4th, 1873; daughter of Ezra and 
Hannah (Peck) Lockwood ; m. 1st, April 17th, 1835, Nathan 
N. Elton, in Watertown, Conn. ; m. 2d, December 27th, 1844, 
Harvey Gillette, in "Watertown, Conn. 


2729. Samuel N. Elton, born March 27th, 1836, Lockport, N. Y., is living, 

1772. Elizabeth Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim," Daniel,' 
Edmund,* Ezra,' Ezra*), born December 3d, 1814, in AVater- 
town. Conn.; died April 7th, 1856, in her 42d year; daughter 
of Ezra and Hannah (Peck) Lockwood; m., October 25th, 1835, 
Frederick Shelton, in AVatertown, Conn. ; he died March 30th, 
1849, aged 42 years. 


2730. James H. Shelton, born October 29tli, 1837. 

2731. John J. Shelton, born July 22d, 1839. 

2732. Frederick E. Shelton, born April 26th, 1842. 

2733. LiDiA E. Sheltox, born March 16th, 1S44, died December 2Sth, 1844. 

2734. David E. Shelton, born January 27th, 1846, died July 13th, 1859. 

2735. George E. Shelton, born October 19th, 1847. 

2736. William A. Shelton, born October, 1849, died August 3d, 1853. 

1786. Dr. Robert Hodge Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' 
Daniel,' Edmund,^ Ezra,' Samuel'), born July 10th, 1821, in 
Stamford, Conn. ; died there April 28th, 1852 ; son of Dr. 
Samuel and Helen (Sheddon) Lockwood ; m. Mary 
Waterbury; daughter of John Waterbury, of Darien, Conn.; 
she resides in Elizabeth, New Jersey. 


2737. Annie Louise Lockwood, bora 1843, died uam. in 1868. 


1787. John Davis Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ Daniel,^ 
Edmund/ Ezra/ Samuel"), born March 14th, 1823, in Stamford, 
Conn., where he resided; died September, 1857; son of Dr. 
Samuel and Helen (Sheddon) Lockwood ; m. A. Jeanette Gray, 
born in Stamford, where she died in 1877 ; daughter of Holly 
Gray, whose wife was a Gorham. 


2738. Antoinette Hecker Lockwood, born December 16th, 1345, m. G. E. 


2739. Helen Sheddon Lockwood, born 

2740. George Francis Lockwood, born November 17th, 1849, m. E. N- 


2741. Emily Jeanette Lockwood, born 

2742. Robert Davis Lockwood, born 

2743. Amelia Hoyt Lockwood, born November, 1857. 

1788. AA^iLLiAM Lewis Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraira,' 
Daniel,' Edmund,* Ezra,^ SamueP), born in Stamford; wholesale 
grocer; died November 17th, 1867; son of Dr. Samuel and 
Helen (Sheddon) Lockwood ; m. Frances L. Dodge. 


2744. Ida Millington Lockwood, born 

1791. Helen Maria Lockavood (Robert,^ Ephraim,'' Daniel,' 
Edmund,* Ezra,' SaraueP), born April 14th, 1831, at Stamford, 
Connecticut ; lives at Yonkers, New York ; daughter of Dr. 
Samuel and Helen (Sheddon) Lockwood ; m. November 2d, 
.1863, Albert Phyfe, born September 30th, 1831, at Hudson, 
New York. 

They were married at Stamford by Rev. F. W. Brathwaite, 
Rector of St. Andrew's Parish, Stamford, Connecticut (s. p.). 

1792. J.\C0B Lewis Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Edmund/ Ezra/ Lewis'), born June 24th, 1817 (St. John the 
Baptist's Day), in Stamford, Connecticut ; has resided at Marion, 
Alabama, for many years ; son of Lewis and Priscilla (Mead) 


Ist m., Xoveraber 24th, 1852, by Rev. James H. De Yotee, of 
Marion, Alabama, Mary Elizabeth Wyune^ born November 4th, 
1829, at Villa Rica, Georgia; daughter of Rev. Miner and 
Eliza (Estns) "Wynne.* 

2d m., October 22d, 1861, by Rev. H. R. Raymond, of 
Marion, Mrs. Eugenia Elizabeth Merrill, born October 25th, 
1828, at Eutaw, Alabama, widow of Leonard Merrill; daughter 
of Charles and Catharine Mason (Davenport) Callaham, grand- 
daughter of James and Mary ( ) Callaham, granddaughter 
of Charles and Elizabeth (Mason) Davenport, great-grand- 
daughter of Col. Mason, of South Carolina, in 1776. 

Mrs. E. E. Lockwood died at Washington, D. C, September 
12th, 1884. 


2745. Sally Catharine ^Ierkill, born May ISth, ISol, m. November 16th, 

1869, b- Rev. C. C. Woods, at "Warrensburg, Missouri, Wm. Funk, 
born Mav 30th, 1S-J2; resides at No. 1242 8th Street, N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; son of Nicholas and Barbara (Dengel) Funk. They 
have named for her great-graudmother one child, Katie Mason Funk, 
born Jn]r loth, 1873. 

2746. Salome Zzgesix Merrill, born .Janiiary 30th, 1853, m. January 20th, 

1S73, by Rev. PI. R. Raymond, of Marion, Alabama, Alfred Lee Sco- 
field, born April loth, 1851 ; resides in Stamford, Connecticut ; son of 
George, who was son of Robert and Hannah (Bell) and Hannah 
August.i (Keeler) Scofield. They have two children; lives at Ship- 
pan Point, Connecticut : 

1. Anne Eugenia Scofield, born March Sth, 1874. 

2. Harry Lewis Scofield, born September 16th, 1877. 

1793. Axy Mari.a. Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Daniel,' 
Edmund,* Ezra,' Lewis'), l)orn April 8th, 1820, in Stamford, 
Connecticut, dietl April 21st, 1882; daughter of Lewis and 
Priscilla (Mead) Lockwood; m. March 24th, 1862, Oliver Sco- 
field, of Stamford, by the Rev. Mr. R. R. Booth, in New York. 
He was born in June, 1808, and died June 26th, 1870, and was 
son of Robert and Hannah (Bell) Scofield, fgrandson of John,* 
and Sarah (Nichols) Scofield, ra. January 14th, 1773. 

* He was a Baptist minister. 

t John' and Hannah (WUls) Scofield, m. March 4th, 1743-44. 

Nathaniel and Elizabeth ( ) Scofield. 

John and Hannah (Mead) Scofield, m. July 12th, 1677. 

Daniel and Mary ( ) Scofield. Will dated September 4th, 1664. 



2747. Hexry Scofield, who died November 6th, 1872. He married Emma 

Louise Hazard, and had two children, viz.: Mary Louise Scofield, 
and Julia Margarete Scofield. 

2748. Robert Beuce Scofield. He married Rosalie Miller ^Vicks, and had 

two children, viz. : Annie Bruce Scofield, and Edith Rose Scofield. 

Note. — Oliver Scofield was uncle to Alfred Lee Scofield, was 
married to a step-daughter of Mrs. Scofield's brother, mentioned 
in the record next preceding this. Hence, Plenry and Robert 
were own cou.sius to Alfred, who resides at Shippan Point, 
Stamford, Connecticut. 

1794. Henry Davis Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Daniel,' 
Edmund,' Ezra,' Davis'), born March 2d, 1817, in Stamford, 
Connecticut; son of Davis and Rebecca (Waterbury) Lockwood ; 
m. April 28th, 1851, Harriet Elizabeth Benedict, by Rev. 
James J. Twiss, of Stamford, Connecticut, born September 11th, 
1830, at Xew Canaan, Connecticut. She was daughter of Caleb 
S. and Hannah-Elizabeth (Crissey) Benedict. 


2749. Anna Lockwood, born July 6th, 1853, m. George W. Dayton. 

2750. Ida May Lockwood, born May 22d, 1355, m. John H. Light. 

2751. Fraxk Henry Lockwood, born September 22d, 1858. 

2752. Minnie Lockwood, bora August 2d, 1S60. 

1795. Dr. Samuel Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^' Daniel,' 
Edmund,' Ezra,' Davis"), born September 13th, 1819; resided in 
Stamford, Connecticut; died March 13th, 1869, aged 49.6.0; 
son of Davis and Rebecca (Waterbury) Lockwood ; m. Septem- 
ber 10th, 1846, Sarah'' Elizabeth Leeds, born June 18th, 1822, 
daughter of John^ (1797) Williams and Eliza (Leeds) Leeds, 
granddaughter of John' (1764) and Honor (Williams) Leeds, 
great-granddaughter of Cary^ (1730) and Mary (Giles) Leeds, 
great-great-granddaughter of Cary' (1690) and Martha (Holly) 
Leeds. This lady is sister to Mrs. Governor Minor. 


2753. Mary Catharine Lockwood, m. John Wattles; one child. 

2754. Cornelia Leeds Lockwood, m. Fred Croswell Sanford. 


2755. Sahah Eliza Lockwood, m. Charles C. Clark. 

2756. Josephine Edna Lockwood, died September loth, 1S62. 

2757. Ed-ward Francis Lock-wood. 

1796. William Waterbury Lockwood (Rober:.' Ephraim,' 
Daniel/ Edmund/ Ezra/ Davis'), born August 9:h, 1821, at 
Stamford, Connecticut ; son of Davis and Rebecca i Waterbury) 
Lockwood; m. October loth, 1846, by Rev. B. B. Hallock, of 
Stamford, Nancy Jane Slauson, born June 29th, l.'^25, at Darien, 
Connecticut, daughter of Lewis and Xancy (Bishop - Slauson. 

(All born in Stamford, Connecticut.) 

2758. Mary Jane Lockwood, born July 2d, 1847. 

2759. Edgar Lock-wood, born February 3d, 1849. 

2760. Jared Lockwood, born August 26th, 1853. 

2761. John Harvey Lockwood, born April 19th, 1856. 

2762. Laura Lockwood, born April 26th, 1868. 

1797. James Lewis Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,* Daniel,' 
Edmund,* Ezra,' Davis'), born July 8th, 1824, at Stamford, Con- 
necticut ; son of Davis and Rebecca (Waterbury) L'X^kwood. 

1st m., April 18th, 1854, Hannah Maria Thomj^ion, born at 
Stamford, December 21st, 1828, died June 6th, 1867, aged 
38.5.16; daughter of Sylvanus B. and Maria (Webb) Thomp- 
son. They were married in St. John's Church, Stamford, Con- 
necticut, by Rev. Ambrose Todd, Rector. 

2d m., April 6th, 1870, 3Iary Anne Philips, born in New 
York, N. Y., January 24th, 1840; daughter of Edward and 
Nancy (Hepburn) Philips, granddaughter of George and Mary 
(Marks) (King) Philips, of France. They were married by Rev. 
Joseph Smith Dodge, Jr. 

(All born at Stamford, Connecticut.) 
First Wife's. 

2763. H.VRRY Thompson Lockwood, bom February 12th, ISoo, unmarried. 

2764. Arthur Davis Lockwood, born January 24th, 1857, married. 

2765. Grace Lockwood, born January 10th, 1859, died February 1st, 1859. 

2766. Bertha Lockwood, born June 5th, 1860, died December 16th, 1864. 

2767. Myra Lockwood, born December 31st, 1862, unmarried. 


1799. Theodore Lockwood (Robert,* Ephrairu/ Daniel,' 
Edmund,* Ezra,' Davis"), born December 6th, 1829, at Stamford, 
Connecticut; sou of Davis and Rebecca (^yaterbury) Lockwood; 
m. October 10th, 1855, at jNIanchester, Connecticut, by tlie Rev. 
F. T. Perkins, Bose E. Willis, born December 25th, 1832, at 
Manchester ; daughter of John and Elizabeth (Cheney) Willis. 

" Theodore Lockwood, a charter-member of Stamford Fire 
Engine Company in 1854." (Hy. Stamford., 


2768. Richard Hart Lockwood, born November 28th, 1860, at Stamford. 

1799\ Robert Smith Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ EH- 
phalet,' Eliphalet,' Joseph,' Josiah*), born 1794; son of Josiah 

His gravestone has the following inscription: 

"Sacred to the memory of Robert S. Lockwood for 
50 years an honored and revered resident of this village, 
who in the blessed hope of a glorious resurrection, departed 
this life Aug. 6, 1873, aged 79 years." 

He resided in Milton, Ulster County, New York ; m. Sarah 
Falconer, born 1796 ; daughter of Jonathan Falconer, born 
February 11th, 1773, died August 29th, 1853, and Nancy 
Stephens, his wife, born January 30th, 1774, died May 4th, 1815. 

On her gravestone it is stated as follows : 

"Sacred to the memory of Sarah Falconer, more tlian 50 years 
the devoted wife of Robert S. Lockwood, called home 
October 23, 1868, aged 72 years." 
" A true and loving wife, a fond and affectionate mother." 

A beautiful memorial window has been placed in the Episcopal 
Church at Milton, New York, for Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Lockwood, 
as a tribute of affection, by one of their daughters. 

2768'. Daniel Lockwood, m. Julia Lewis, Newark, New Jersey. 
2768". Jonathan Lockwood, died young. 
2768°. Sarah Lockwood, m. George W. Sands. 


2768*. Elizabeth Lockwood, m. Andrew Roe. 
2768'. Maey Lockwood, m. John Townshend. 
2768'. JosiAH Lockwood, m. Caroline M. Atherton. 

1799\ Gilbert Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira/ Eliphalet/ 
Eliphalet,* Joseph/ Josiah^), son of Josiah Lockwood. 'Went 
West, and was married. 


2768^ Samuel Lock-svood, married a lady of New York city, and had two 
daughters, but cannot learn their names. 

1800. Joseph Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ Eliphalet,' 
Eliphalet,* Josepli," Joseph^), born October 2d, 1778, in Xorwalk, 
Connecticut; son of Joseph and Isabel (Hyatt) Lockwood. 


2769. William Lockwood ; had several sons. 

2770. James Lockwood. 

1803. AYiLLiAM Selleck Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,' 
Eliphalet,' Peter,* Eliphalet,' "William^), born in Norwalk, Con- 
necticut, October 1st, 1797, where he died (1886) in his 89th 
year ; son of William and Hannah (Selleck) Lockwood ; m. 
October 26th, 1831, Catharine Hawleij, at Ridgefield, Connecti- 
cut, per Rev. Charles G. Selleck, She was born at Ridgefield ; 
daughter of William and Catharine (King) Hawley. 

He represented Norwalk in the General Assembly of Connec- 
ticut in 1845-46. 

(All born at Norwalk, Connecticut.) 

2771. Jane Elizabeth Lockwood, born July 20th, 1839, m. Henry E. Hawley. 

2772. William Augustus Lockwood, born March 26th, 1841, m. Fannie St. 


2773. Charles Edward Lockwood, born December 31st, 1842, m. E. L. B. 


2774. Arthur Hawley Lockwood, bora July 17th, 1844, died June 2d, 1856. 

2775. Hannah Selleck Lockwood, born February 9th, 1846 ; unmarried. 

2776. Henry Buckingham Lockwood, born August 1st, 1847, m. Helen 

Martin. (Hy. Norwalk, 301.) 


1805. Susannah Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraiin,^ Eliphalet/ 
Peter/ Eliphalet/ William'), born May 31st, 1803, in Xorwalk, 
Conn. ; she died September 23d, 1832, aged 29. 3. 23 ; daughter 
of William and Hannah (Selleck) Lockwood ; ra. February 14th, 
1826, George St. John, of Norwalk, Conn. ; he died January 4tb, 


2777. Susannah Lockwood St. John, born February 2d, 1827, died August 

1st, 1832. 

2778. Charlotte Bradley St. John, bom August 21st, 182S, died August 

17th, 1832. 

2779. George Buckinqhaji St. John, born September 14th, 1832, is unnj. 

and resides in Norwalk, Conn. 

Note. — Mr. St. John subsequently m. Mary Lockwood De 
Forest. (Hy. Norwalk, 300.) 

1806. Charlotte Selleck Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,^ 
Eliphalet,' Peter,* Eliphalet,* William'), born December 29th, 
1805, in Norwalk, Conn.; she died April 21st, 1884; -daughter 
of William and Hannah (Selleck) Lockwood; m. June 9th, 
1825, Leonard Bradley; born October 14th, 1797; died June 
24th, 1875, at New Haven, Conn. ; m. by Rev. Sylvester Eaton, 
Pastor of First Church of Norwalk, Conn. ; son of Abraham and 
Mary (Ball) Bradley, who was son of Abraham and Amy (Hem- 
inway) Bradley, who was son of Zebulon and Elizabeth (Hem- 
inway) Bradley, who was son of Samuel and Sarah (Robinson) 
Bradley, who was son of Isaac and Elizabeth Bradley from Bing- 
ley, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. 

The name Bradley signifies " Brad " = Broad, and " Ley " = 
Field (Broadfield). It is said to be Anglo-Saxon. 


2780. Elizabeth Cebra Bradley. 

2781. Susan Lockwood Bradley. 

2782. Leonard Abraham Bradley, Yale College, 1855, lawyer in New 

Haven and New York. 

2783. Mary Louise Bradley. 

2784. William Lockwood Bradley, Yale College, 1860, doctor in New 

Haven. All residing (1888) in New Haven, Conn. (Letter of L. A. 
Bradley, June 2d, 1838. Tuttle Genealogy, p. 287.) 




1808. Elizabeth Lockwood (Eobert/ Ephraim/ Eliphalet/ 
Peter/ Eliphalet/ Buckingham St. John'),born July 28th, 1813, 
at Norwalk, Conn.; died June 15th, 1880, in New York; 
daughter of Colonel Buckingham St. John and Polly Esther 
(St. John) Lockwood; m. November 23d, 1853, Henry Taylor 
Morgan, per Rev. Edwin Hall, D.D., at Norwalk, Conn.; son 
of Arclioppas and Paraelia (Taylor) Morgan ; grandson of Rev. 
Edward Taylor, of Westfield, Massachusetts. Both died, s. p. 

1809. Mary Esther Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraira/ Eli- 
phalet,' Peter,* Eliphalet,' Buckingham St. John'), born Sep- 
tember 2oth, 1815, in Norwalk, Conn. ; died May 11th, 1880, 
in New Milford, Conn. ; daughter of Col. Buckingham St. John 
and Polly Esther (St. John) Lockwood ; m. December 8th, 1841, 
John Prime Treadwell, born October 6th, 1811, at New Milford, 
Conn. ; ra. at Norwalk, per Rev. Edwin Hall, D.D. ; he was 
son of Samuel and Jane (Prime) Treadwell. Both died at New 
Milford, Conn. 


2785. Mary Elizabeth Treadwell, born July 19th, 1843, in New York 

City, unm. 
278G. Julia Abigail Lockwood Treadwell, born December 6tli, 1845, died 

August 7th, 1849. 

2787. Buckingham Lockwood Tread%\'ell, born February 10th, 1850, died 

March 5th, 1851. 

2788. Julia Abigail Lockwood Treadwell, May 14th, 1852, died No- 

vember 8th, 1884. 

2789. John Prime Treadwell, Jr., born August 17tb, 1854, m. M. C. Booth. 

(Hy. Norwalk, 301.) 

1811. William Buckinqhaji Eliphalet Lockwood 
(Robert,' Ephraim,' Eliphalet,' Peter,* Eliphalet,^ Buckingham 
St. John'), born December 23d, J 822, at Norwalk, Conn.; son 
of Col. Buckingham St. John and Polly Esther (St. John) Lock- 
wood ; m. June 12th, 1856, Mary C. Mauice, of New York, 
per Rev. James ]\IcDonald, D.D., of Princeton, New Jersey, at 
Oaklands, Long Island, New York ; daughter of De Forest and 
Catharine (Booth) Mauice; Mrs. Mary C. (Mauice) Lockwood 
died March 10th, 1869, aged 36. 5. 0. 



2790. Mauick De Forest Lockwood, born February 26th, 185S, m. Annie 

C. Lawrence. 

2791. Buckingham Lockwood, born September 19th, 1859, unm. 

2792. "William B. E. Lockwood, Jr, born November 16th, 1862, unm. 

1812. Hon. Frederick St. John Lockwood (Robert/ 
Ephraim/ Eliphalet,'' Peter,* Eliphalet,^ Buckingham St. John'), 
born August 23c], 1825, in Xorwalk, Conn., where he now (1888) 
resides ; Mr. Lockwood is President of Fairfiehl County National 
Bank, at Xorwalk, also of the Danbury Korwalk R.E,. Co. ; sou 
of Buckingham St. John and Polly Esther (St. John) Lockwood ; 
m. Februry 21st, 1866, at West Troy, Kew York, by the Rev. 
Eben Raymond, of Norwalk, Conn., Carrie Ayres, born February 
1st, 1844, at West Troy, N. Y. ; daughter of Frederick Seymour 
and Nancy (Raymond) Ayres; Mr. Ayres was born in New 
Canaan, Conn. ; his wife was born in Lewisboro', New York. 


2793. Elizabeth Lockwood, born July 30th, 1868, in Norwalk, Conn. 

2794. Frederick Ayres Lockwood, born November 18th, 1870, in Nor- 

walk, Conn. 

2795. Julia Beldex Lockwood, born June 30th, 1881, in Norwalk, Conn. 

" In August, 1845, Fred. St. John Lockwood, of Norwalk, 
was captain of the 'Augusta,' an eight-oared, 38-foot boat, bought 
for $170, by a ' 49 Club,' clincher built, of red cedar, with box- 
wood ribs, copper flistened. She could beat any boat in the bay." 
(Hy. Yale College, p. 230.) 

Frederick St. John Lockwood graduated 1849. (Rev. Bouton's 
His. Dis. in 1851, p. 76.) 

August 14th, 1888, Mr, Lockwood stated as follows: 

" Peter Parker, of Boston, Class of 1848, brought from Boston 

the club boat ' Shawmut,' just before I procured the ' Augusta.' 

These boats were the beginning of what is now called the ' Yale 


" I graduated at Yale College in the Class of 1849, A.B. 

1852. Fitted for college at the Grammar School, New Haven, 

(^{y^/^^ Z^^^n::^^^^^^- 


"U'ith Timothy Dwight, now President of the University. A 
farmer, 1849 to 1853, manufacturer to 1859, Bank Commissioner 
1859 to 1862 ; member of the General Assembly of Connecticut, 
1865, 1866, and 1872. Have been President of the Fairfield 
County and Fairfield County National Banks since December, 
1868, and President of the Danbury and Norwalk R.R. Co., 
since 1882." 

Stamford in 1775. 

This year the town was represented in the House bv David 
AYaterbury and Charles "Webb, and in the Senate bv her first 
civilian, the Hon. Abraham Davenport. These gentlemen had 
all seen service during the long struggles of the old French and 
Indian wars. 

"Side by side with them, ready to the utmost of their means 
to sustain any measures which might promise to aid them in 
asserting the rights of the Colonies against the unjust demands 
of the Crown, stood the substantial citizens of the town — the 
Hoyts, and Hollys, and Lockwoods, and Knapps, and Scofields, 
and Webbs, and others" — all related more or less by intermar- 
riages, and all united in their country's cause. (Hy. Sramford, 
pp. 203-5.) 

1815. John Davenport Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ 
Eliphalet,' Peter,' Lambert,' Rev. Peter'), born October 9th, 
1825, at Stamford Conn.; died December 20th, 1844, at New 
Haven, Conn., while at Yale College, and his memoir was 
published by the American Tract Society. His maternal 
ancestors five and six generations ago were each named John 
Davenport, the former of whom has a monument with a coat-of- 
arras upon it at Stamford, Conn. 

His great-grandfather, Hon. Abraham Davenport, resided at 
Stamford, was for a long period one of the Councillors of the 
Colony, and afterwards of the State of Connecticut. He was 
distinguished for a vigorous understanding, uncommon firmness 
of mind, and Christian integrity of character. (Barber's His. 
Coll. of Conn., pp. 403, 404.) 

" John D. Lockwood; son of Rev. Peter and Matilda (Daven- 


port), born in Stamford, October 9th, 1825, died while a member 
of Yale College in 1844." (Memoirs of J. D. Lockwood.) (Hy. 
Stamford, p. 460.) 

1817. Eadcliffe BooRMAN Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' 
Eliphalet,' Peter,* Lambert,' Rev. Peter"), born May 6th, 1829, 
in Stamford Conn., resides (ISSS) at Binghamton, N. Y., at the 
old homestead ; son of Rev. Peter and Matilda (Davenport) 
Lockwood, num. 

1820. Annie Matilda Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,'' 
Eliphalet,^ Peter,* Lambert,' Rev. Peter'), born October 1st, 
1837, at Binghamton, Broome County, N. Y., where she now 
(1888) resides ; daughter of Rev. Peter and Matilda (Davenport) 
Lockwood; m. May 18th, 1865, by Rev. George N. Boardman 
(now Professor of the Theological Seminary, at Chicago, 111.), in 
her native city, Josiah /Salisbury Leveritt, of New York city, 
who was born at "Windsor, Yt., January 24th, 1810; he was 
son of John and Elizabeth (Salisbury) Leveritt. The father was 
born in Boston, Mass., in 1758, and died in Windsor, Vt., in 
1829 ; the mother was born in Boston, in 1773, m. in 1803, and 
died in 1848. He was grandson of Deacon Samuel and Eliza- 
beth (Sewell) Salisbury. 


2796. John Leveritt, born March 4th, 1S66, in New York City. 

2797. Theodoee Lockwood Leveeitt, born October 8th, 1867, in New York 


2798. 'William Josiah Leveritt, born January 11th, 1870, in Binghamton, 

N. Y. 

2799. A^-^-IE Matilda Leveritt, bom October 12th, 1871, in Orange, N. J. 

2800. Mary Elizabeth Leveritt, bom November 26th, 1873, in Orange» 


2801. Samuel Salisbury Leveeitt, born June 4th, 1875, died March 3d, 

1877. All unm. 1888. 

Note. — Only two are now living of the eleven children of 
John Leveritt, viz. : Josiah and his sister Elizabeth, wife of the 
Rev. John S. Davenport, of Hartford, Conn. Both Mr. and 
Mrs. Davenport are now past 80 years. (April, 1888.) 


1821. Theodosia Davenport Lockwood (Robert/ 
Ephraira/ Eliphalet/ Peter/ Lambert/ Rev. Peter'), born July 
28th, 1839, at Cortlandt, X. Y. ; daughter of Rev. Peter and 
Matilda (Davenport) Lockwood, m. July 23d, 1884, Rev. Henry 
Harris Jessup, D.D., at Binghamton, N. Y., per Rev. Gideon P. 
Nichols, D.D. He was born April 19th, 1832, at Montrose, 
Susquehanna County, Pa,, son of ^yilliaru and Amanda (Harris) 
Jessup, of Long Island. Rev. and Mrs. Jessup are missionaries, 
at Beirut, Syria. 

Note. — Rev. Dr. Jessup prepared for college at the Cortlandt 
Academy, in Homer, N. Y., and graduated at Yale in 1851, pur- 
sued the study of theology in Union Theological Seminary, New 
York, graduated there in May, 1855, and was ordained a minister 
in the Presbyterian Church the next fall ; appointed missionary 
under the A. B. C. F. M., and sailed for Syria, December 12th, 
1855, where he has since labored. He has been m. three times : 
m. 1, October 7th, 1857, Caroline Bush, of Branchport, X. Y. ; 
m. 2, October 1st, 1868, Harriet Elizabeth Dodge, of Xew York, 
X. Y. ; m. 3, July 23d, 1884, Theodosia Davenport Lockwood, 
of Binghamton, X. Y. 

1822. George Roe Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraira,' Elipha- 
let/ Peter,* Lambert,' Roe'), l)orn March 31st, 1822, in Bridge- 
port, Conn.; son of Roe and Julia (Gouge) Lockwood ; m. June 
7th, 1848, Mary Elizabeth Bigelow, in Xew York city, born 

1826, in Hartford, Conn.; 1797, daughter of 
Richard and Martha (Smith) Bigelow ; 1772, granddaughter of 
John, Jr., and Clarissa (Hillyer) Bigelow; 1739, great-grand- 
daughter of John and Hannah (Wadsworth) Bigelow; 1702, 
great-great-granddaughter of Timothy and Abigail (Olcott) 
Bigelow ; 1672, great-great-great-granddaughter of Jonathan, 
Jr., and Mabel (Edwards) Bigelow ; 1646, great-great-great- 
great-granddaughter of Jonathan aad Rebecca (Shephard) Bige- 
low ; great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of John. 


2802. Ella Lockwood, born October 2d, 1849. 

2803. Richard Bigelow Lockwood, born December 7th, 1850, m. Helen 

Reed Chapin. 



2304. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, Jr., born May 17th, 1854. 

2805. George Roe Lockwood, Jr., born March 7th, 1S61. (All born in New 

York City.) 

1824. Catharine G. Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim,^ Eli- 
jihalet/ Peter/ Lambert,^ Roe^), born August 31st, 1825, in New 
York city; daughter of Roe and Julia G. (Gouge) Lockwood; 
ni. January 9th, 1856, William M. Leeds, in New York, by 
the Rev. Dr. S. P. Leeds, of Hanover, N. H., brother-in-law of 
the bride, born November 12th, 1829, in New York city, died 
May 27th, 1886, s. p. 

1825. Julia Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Eliphalet,' 
Peter,* Lambert,* Roe*), born January UHh, 1828, in New 
York city, died October 29th, 1874; daughter of Roe and 
Julia G. (Gouge) Lockwood ; m. October 2d, 1849, Rev. Samuel 
Penniman Leeds, D.D., born in November, 1823, in New York 

They were m. by Rev. Peter Lockwood, of Binghamton, N. Y., 
uncle of the bride. Rev. Dr. Leeds resides at Hanover, N. H., 
s. p. 

1826. Elizabeth Roe Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraira,' Eli- 
phalet,' Peter,* Lambert,'' Roe*), born December 25th, 1839, 
"Christmas Day;" daughter of Roe and Julia G. (Gouge) 
Lockwood ; ra. May 23d, 1867, Charles Francis Griffin, in New 
York, by Rev. Samuel P. Leed.s, D.D., of Hanover, N. PL, 
brother-in-law of the bride. He was born March 10th, 1837. 


2806. Lambert Lockwood Griffen, born December 17th, 1871. 

2807. Howard Francis Griffen, born June 30ih, 1873. 

2808. Catharine Griffen, born November 13th, 1875. (All died in infancy.) 

1827. Louisa Matilda Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,' 
Eliphalet,' Peter,* Lambert,' Roe"), born February 17th, 1841, 
in New York city; daughter of Roe and Julia G. (Gouge) 
Lockwood ; m. October 11th, 1864, William Seward, Jr., at No. 
2 West 32d street, where they now (1888) reside, New York. 


He was born August 19th, 1837, at New Hackensack, N. Y. 
They were married by Rev. G. L. Prentiss, D.D., of New York. 


2809. Elizabeth Lockwood Seward, born September 4tli, 1865, m. William 

Burton Madden. 

2810. William Seward, Jr., born April 11th, 1868. 

2811. Louise Roe Seward, born April 16th, 1870. 

2812. Edward Townsend Seward, born February 8th, 1872. 

2813. George Schermerhorx Seward, born August 7th, 1S74, at Xew 

Hackensack, N. Y. 

2814. Julia Lockwood Seward, born January 5th, 1878. (All but George 

were born in New York City.) 

1830. Elizabeth Eoe Peet (Robert,' Ephraim,' Eliphalet,' 
Peter,* Lainbert,^ Elizabeth^), born October 4th, 1826; daughter 
of Frederick T. and Elizabeth (Lockwood) Peet; ra. 
John T. Terry, of New York. 


2815. Frederick Peet Terry. 

2816. Roderick Terry.* 

2317. Elizabeth P. Terry, died young. 

2818. JoHX T. Terry. 

2819. A child, Terry, died young. 

1844. William Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraim,^ Joseph,' 
Ephraim,* Ephraim,^ Nehemiah"), born January 19th, 1819, in 
New Canaan, died 1878, New Canaan, Conn. ; son of Nehemiah 
and Mary (Waring) Lockwood; m. January 27th, 1852, Sarah 
Jane Raymond, of Lewisboro', daughter of Amos and Lucy Ann 
(Abbott) Raymond. She was baptized JNIarch 29th, 1856, in 
the Protestant Episcopal Church. 


2820. A daughter, October 3d, 1854. 

2821. Ida Lockwood, born June 16th, 1857, baptized May 3d, 1874. 

2822. A son, born July 20th, 1859. 

2823. A son, born May 6th, 1861. 

2824. A daughter, born September 15th, 1864. (C. H. St. John's Notes.) 

* Rev. Roderick Terry is now pastor of the Dutch Reformed Chui-ch, 
corner of 5th Avenue and 21st Street, New York City (1888). 


1845. Barzillai Watson Lockwood (Eobert/ Ephraim," 
Joseph/ Ephraim/ Ephraim,^ Elias'), born November 9th, 1806, 
at New Canaan, Conn. ; son of Eh'as and Lucretia (Whitney) 
Lockwood; m. December 28th, 1869, in Russell County, Ala., 
Matilda Ann Sikes, born July 16th, 1836, in Harris County, Ga. 
Lived at Whitesville, N, C, and Opelica, Russell County, Ala. 


2825. Marcellus Whitney Lockwood, born December 30th, 1S70. 

2826. Alfred Jarvis Lockwood, born March loth, 1872 ; born in Russell 

County, Ala. (Whitney Family, vol. i. pp. 53, 422, 1063.) 

1846. Catharine Jane Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' 
Joseph,' Ephraim,* Ephraim,' Elias^), born October 20th, 1808, 
at New Canaan, Conn.; died daughter of El ias 
and Lucretia (Whitney) Lockwood; m., October 2d, 1831, 
Stephen Fancher, born November 4th, 1806 ; moved to ]\Ieri- 
diau. New York, from New Canaan, Conn. ; was elected Sheriff 
of Cayuga County, New York, in November, 1850, and died at 
Auburn, New York, December 5th, 1853, aged 47. 1. 1. 


2827. James Harvey Faxcher, born September 5th, 1832, m. Rosalthe 

Jantha West, May 18th, 1865. 

2828. Jane Elizabeth Fancher, born May 30th, 1837, in South Salem, N. 

Y., m. Charles Addison Bloomfield, born Cato, N. Y., April 7th, 1834. 

2829. Maria Louisa Fancher, born January 4th, 1840, m. Charles H. Hed- 

g^r, September 18th, 1859. (Whitney Family, pp. 422, 6534.) 

1847. George Lockwood (Robert,' Ephraira,^ Joseph,' 
Ephraim,* Ephraim,^ Eh'as"), born September 30th, 1810, at 
New Canaan, Conn. ; son of Elias and Lucretia (Whitney) 
Lockwood; m. 1st, in Troy, New York, Harriet Fairiveather, of 
New Canaan, Conn.; she died May, 1854; daughter of Stephen 
and Sally (Lockwood) Fairweather; settled in Meridian, New 
York; m. 2d, Rosina Vanwie. 

First Wife's. 

2830. William Henry Lockwood, bora September 19th, 1843, m. Sarah 


2831. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood, born October 13th, 1847. 


Second Wife's. 

2532. George 'Watson Lockwood, born December 6th, 1857. 

2533. Lewis Ellswoeth Lockwood, born March 23d, 1864. ("Whitney 

Family, pp. 422, 1063, 6534.) 

1857. Francis Henry Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraim/ 
Joseph; Ephraim/ Samuel,' SamueP), bora May 28th, 1820, in 
Xew Canaan, Conn. ; joined Congregational Church July 7th, 
1844; removed July 5th, 1857; son of Samuel, Jr., and 
Deborah and (Raymond) Lockwood ; m. Sophia Smith, daughter 
of David Smith. 

25.34. Charlotte Sophia Lockwood, baptized May 3d, 1850. 
2S35. Chauncey Lockwood, baptized June 5th, 1855. 

1873. Thomas Gilbert Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraira,^ 
Joseph,' Ephraim,* Samuel," ISTorthrup'), born January 17th, 
1810, at Ridgefield, Connecticut; he resides at Portage, ISTew 
York; son of Northrup and Phebe (Conklin) Lockwood; m. 
October 29th, 1840, at Granger, New York, by the Rev. Dr. 
Dubois, of Hunt's Hollow, New York, Lucy Cornelia Smith, 
born October 3d, 1815, at Marcellus, New York, died February, 
1873. She was daughter of Josiah and Lodema (Andrus) 


2836. GeorgeMerritt LocKwooD,born September 9th, 1841, at Portage, N.Y. 

2837. Sarah Marrilla Lockwood, born March 7th, 1845, at Portage, N. Y. 
2338. Lias R. V. Lockwood, born May 15th, 1849, at Portage, N. Y. 

2S39. Frances Winnifred Lockwood, born August 22d, 1859, at Portage, 

1874. Elias Bates Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Ephraim,' Samuel,' Northrup"), born May 30th, 1812, at New 
Canaan, Connecticut ; son of Northrup and Phebe (Conklin) 

1st m., November 6th, 1833, Keziah Hickok. 

2d m., llai^y Esther Lochvood, born January 26th, 1813, at 
New Canaan, Connecticut; s. p., 1874 ; daughter of Elias and 
Lucretia (Whitney) Lockwood. (Whitney Family, p. 422.) 

Mr. Lockwood and his second wife were second cousins. 


2S40. Thomas Northrup Lockwood. 

2841. Melzae Lockwood. 

Mr. Lockwood's Line. Second Wife's Line. 

L Robert same 1. Robert. 

2. Ephraira same 2. Ephraim. 

3. Josepli same 3. Josepli. 

4. Ephraira same 4. Ephraira. 

5. Samuel brothers 5. Ephraim. 

6. Northrup cousins 6. Elias. 

7. Elias Bates 2d cousins 7. Mary Esther. 

1878. -Tared Ayres Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira/ Joseph/ 
Ephraim/ Samuel/ Northrup^), born October 6th, 1826, at New 
Canaan, Connecticut; resides (1879) at Hornellsville, New York; 
son of Northrup and Phebe (Conklin) Lockwood ; m. September 
15th, 1850, Jane Ann Mapes, born May 5th, 1830, at Angelica, 
New York. They were married at said Angelica, Allegany 
County, New York, by Eev. M. Blair; she was daughter of 
Calvin F. and Dorothy (Armstrong) Mapes. 


2842. Dorothy P. Lockwood, born January 12th, 1852. 

2843. Marcia C. Lockwood, born April 13th, 1854. 

2844. Charles Lockwood, born August 14th, 1857. 

2845. David N. Lockwood, born December 14th, 1858. 

2846. Ella L. Lockwood, born January 4th, 1861. 

2847. Fanny Lockwood, born December 27th, 1863. 

2848. James H. Lockwood, born January 29th, 1867. 

2849. Joe R. Lockwood, born October 13th, 1870. 

1879. Minor Lockwood (Robert,* Ephraira,' Joseph,' 
Ephraim/ Samuel/ Northrup^), born at New Canaan, Con- 
necticut, November 1.3th, 1827; resides (1878) at Ridgefield, 
Illinois; son of Northrup and Phebe (Conklin) Lockwood; m 
October 9th, 1856, at Portage, New York, Belva 31ary Ann 
Button, born April 2d, 1832, at Portage, New York. They were 
married by Rev. Isaac Oaks, of Oakland, New York ; she was 
daughter of David and Permilla (Lumbard) Button. 


2850. Cora Lockwood, born February 4th, 1858, at Portage, N. Y. ; died. 

2851. Clark Lockwood, born November 24th, 1859, at Geneseo, N. Y. 


2852. Elmer B. Lockwood, born October 1.5th. 1S61. at Dorr, Illinois. 

2853. Mart E. Lockvtood, born December 2Sth, 1S6-3, at Dorr, Illinois. 

2854. jAins "\V. Lock-^vood, born January 24th, ISoT, at Dorr, Illinois. 

1884. Frederick Lockwood (Robert/ Ephraira,- Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezer,* Benjamin*), born at Xorwalk, Connecticut, 
November 30th, 1803, died at Greenville, Xew Jersey, May 14th, 
1872; son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Kellogg) Lockwood; m. 
Olivia 31eeker, of Norwalk, Connecticut, in Xew York, by Rev. 
William Adams, D.D. ; daughter of Joseph. 


2855. Frederick Meeker Lockwood, born October 8th, 1839, in New York. 

2856. Louise Lock^ood, born 1841, in New York ; she married C. Henry 


1885. MoysoN" Lockwood (Robert,^ Ephraim,' Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Ebenezer,^ Benjamin*), born February 13th, 1806, at 
Norwalk, Connecticut, died November 21sr, 1885, at Brooklyn, 
New York; son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Kellogg) Lock- 
wood; m. August 19th, 1833, Charlotte ]VJiitney, born October 
12th, 1810, at New Haven, Connecticut; slie died February 29th, 
1888, in Brooklyn, Long Island; daughter of John and Statira 
(Farrel) Whitney. 

Mr. Lockwood died, aged 79. 9. 8 ; Mrs. Lockwood died, aged 



2857. Adelaide Elizabeth Lockwood, born July 13th, 18.34, m. T. A. 


2858. Henry Moxsox, born June 12th, 1837, died September 26th, 1833. 

2859. Charlotte^' Lockwood, bom December 7th, 183S, ni. Rev. 


2860. Emma Whitney Lockwood, born March I2!h, 1841, died July 22d, 


2861. MoNSON Lockwood, born June 2d, 1843, m. Adeline A. Scofield. 

2862. Henrietta Whitney Lockwood, born June 13th, 1845, m. Robert S, 


2863. Caroline Emma Lockwood, born September 18th, 1847, m. F. D. 


2864. Julia Lockwood, bom December 3d, 1849 ; unmarried. 

Nos. 2857, 2858, 2859, 2S60 and 2S63 were born in New York city. 
Nos. 2861 and 2862 were born in Bethel, Conn. 

No. 2864 was born in Brooklyn, N. Y. (Whitney Genealogy, 1493 ; Mrs. 
Painter's letter, March 23d, 1838.) 



was a man whose whole heart and best endeavors were given to 
the building u}) of Christ's kingdom. Wherever he chanced to 
be, he labored to establish mission-schools, and to make the most 
of the Sunday-school, for he loved little children. He was one 
of the pioneers in the starting of mission-schools in the " Five 
Points " of New York, when that famous plague spot was a terror 
to the city, and when a respectable man took his life in his hand 
when he entered its precincts. But although we that loved him 
used to be terror-stricken when he went alone and unarmed about 
his Master's work in that terrible place, he never knew what fear 
was. His life was threatened over and over again, but he never 
flinched nor feared. (His daughter's letter, March, 1888.) 

18S6. Rev. Benjamin Lockwood, Jr. (Robert,^ Ephraim,' 
Joseph,' Joseph,* Ebenezer,^ Benjamin^), born at Norwalk, Con- 
necticut, September 10th, 1808 ; resided at Linden, New Jersey, 
until his death, which occurred September 29th, 1880, aged 72 
years and 19 days; son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Kellogg) 
Lockwood; m. April 10th, 1834, at New York city, Rebe